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Well as you all know I have started the “weekly video blog” on the home page of and so far it’s been a huge success! You are all watching the videos, leaving me comments and in the end staying engaged and motivated to be successful Internet marketers. That’s what this website is really all about at the end of the day. I just wanted to create a place to let people help people like the Live! Community and then also a place that allows me to share insight, knowledge or maybe just one small piece of information that might help keep you motivated each week.

I really believe we have a great thing going here and I am excited to watch as it grows leaps and bounds each and every week. We now have over 500 members to the Live! Community which is simply amazing considering it was only an idea in my head just a few short weeks ago. We have people placing their own blogs and sharing their own stories. It’s going exactly the way I hoped it would go when I launched it. I want to thank all of you for making the Anthony Morrison Live! Community a success. I really hope you are learning from it each and every day and it’s keeping you motivated and inspired to find your own success on the Internet.

Remember success does not come to those who don’t try. In order to be successful you must work hard and remain positive. Watch the weekly blogs and hopefully I can help you stay on the right track week in and week out!

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