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You’re walking along and notice a $5 bill on the sidewalk.  Would you pick it up?  Sure you would!  Would you pick it up if you had to walk a total of 100 feet or so to get around a fence because it’s on the other side?  I bet you would.  Believe it or not, in the time it would take to walk around that fence, you could have made the same $5 easily with our $5 Empire strategies and  Even better, that $5 strategy can also be an introductory offer to a more expensive product or service.

There are a number of strategies and techniques that must come together to create an income in $5 increments, and even at the base level, few of us would turn down $5/day, or $150/month.  However, there’s no one-a-day limit to this income resource, and placing multiple offers and using introductory strategies to more expensive products or services, there’s really no top limit on your $5 Empire.  What are some of the techniques and tools necessary to create this growth business?

  • A product or service to sell for $5, at least at base level on
  • A product or service that you can create or perform very quickly, usually in less than five minutes or so.
  • How to locate products and services that meet the previous two requirements but also will be popular enough to sell well.
  • Creating the right gig that fits all of these characteristics and a marketing pitch for it.
  • Creating marketing strategies, including video, and placing them to link back and promote your gigs.
  • Multiply all of this to more gigs and income streams.
  • Develop your gig, marketing and delivery to climb in the Fiverr rating system for higher placement in searches.

The beauty of this business is that it scales well.  Scaling means that when you get it to work once, you can recreate the strategies again and again, selling more products and services and multiplying your income.  What kind of offers, products or services are selling on Fiverr?  Here’s a screen shot of some of the featured gigs on the front page the day we checked:

$5 Empire Strategies


Opportunity is unlimited, as people will pay $5 for some of the most amazing things, and you’ll find some new ones.  Your income can be as easy to generate as sending an email, as you can see in the gig to get an email Guide to Paris Flea Markets.  We’re talking about less than a minute to put $5 into your pocket.  That’s $300/hour!  Our $5 Empire Course will give you all of the tools, resources and knowledge you need to create this great business.

Get the $5 Empire Course Now!

Get the $5 Empire Course Now!

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