1. Juanita

    Anthony I can honestly say I haven’t taken advantage of your training sessions being a true skeptic I don’t know what’s in it for all involved I truly believe nothing is free This is why I have not taken advantage of your training I have not paid for it Therefore I feel I am not entitled to it Get my drift…

  2. Danielle Roscoe

    Hi Anthony I feel your are a great teacher, you are so devoted to your business and students and all your teaching is so helpful to me as a beginner and even to those who I see have been doing this for along time still want to learn from you. All the work you do that we benefit from is amazing. Your the book of knowledge and it just keeps on giving us more to learn. So I really appreciate all the time you spend on the videos and trainings and I know I will get on the road to success with your help. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  3. Brenda M Outland (TTE)

    Yes Anthony,

    I like you and respect you as a leader in this industry. Any time you present material it is explained thoroughly and it is presented in a very pleasant and important manner. I greatly respect you, Darryl Salkeld, and Dave and Dave, of the Empower Network. You three are genuinely interested in fully instructing and empowering the average person. I thank you also for being a great leader who isn’t afraid of bringing in other “up and coming persons” in the industry like Tim last night.

    Brenda Outland

  4. Greer

    What I like best about you is that you are REAL and Honest! Don’t change! Also you are the only one I can almost follow on videos online as you outline on the whiteboard. Being unable to hear is a challenge but you have enhanced your videos to make things easier for those hard of hearing to also grasp what is being said.



  5. Richie

    Hey Anthony,

    Richie here.

    The information you share with myself and members is great, and I think anyone of us will agree. I purchased the course a couple of months ago and I am still going thru it.
    I attend all of the webinars scheduled and I get a lot from them. I haven’t made any money yet, but that’s OK because I am still going thru the course.
    Here’s a good example of what I mean when I say how valuable the information you share is,
    All my years on the Internet all of the sales pitches to start an on line business never mention advertising, at first. They just say, “Buy My Product And You Will Make XAmount Of Dollars With One Hour Of Work”.
    They never mention traffic, and if they do, they don’t tell you how they get traffic in stead, they get you some out dated method that doesn’t work now anyway.
    So, to sum this up, just so you can know, the information you share is very valuable to me. Oh, the main reason I’m not making any money now is because I just started a few months ago and it is going to take a while for people to get to know who I am and what I’m doing. Unfortunately, I’m in no way as popular as you are so it’s gonna take some time.
    Another thing is, I have to wait every month for my SSD check to come in. When I get my May check, I’m gonna try some PPC or CPL advertisement and see how that turns out.
    Just thought I would fill you in on how I’m doing.
    Thanks Again
    Richie / Member

  6. Maria

    When I received your email asking me if I liked you, I have to admit to you got me there. The first thing that crossed my mind was how could anybody NOT like you. Anthony you are like a breath of fresh air. I love watching you teach because you are honest and caring. Your teaching is candid, yet powerful and very inspiring. I like listening to you and even though I don’t follow you every single week because of my schedule or responsibilities, whenever I do listen to you it is refreshing, motivating and very informative. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and hope that you continue teaching us and encouraging us to pursue our dreams. You are trully an inspiration. God bless you.

  7. Richard Russell

    YES!! I Like and Admire You! Find your center and Pray, See your students as accepting more light daily as a result of your teaching.

  8. Alice Mafabi

    Hi Anthony,
    Yes, I like you for allowing yourself to help us learn how we can improve our lives by using internet. I only ask do not get tired or frustrated is we are not
    taken ourselves off the ground yet. As for me I am learning a lot on how I
    can use internet to save myself financially. I believe I am getting there now that I have gathered there are many choices of programs to choose from.
    In my case, since money to invest has been hard to come by while I have to keep up with bills, I am focusing on programs without websites first.
    i.e. writing a book and sell on ebay. Tim’s webinar of yesterday using YouTube in real estate or other products as affiliates. Then later to engage in websites. That’s my idea. I am looking at making that first dollar and onwards.
    Thank you, you make a good teacher.
    regards, Alice

  9. Rossemary Blum

    You are sooooo funny, yes that line really got my attention, I am still laughing.
    Thanks, that is just what we needed on a dreary cool sort of Spring day. I am however the worlds worst person to comment because I have to confess, and I am sorry to say so but I haven’t been watching, but and I know what you’re going to say, but I save every line You and Adrian have send me. This special file is where i keep every email you both send me so I don’t miss anything. Of course, it is getting pretty large, and in thinking about it that is probably the main reason I get so frusterated trying to work with programs like Empower Network. I need money so instead of sticking with the people I know is going to teach me the good information I need, I go for” quick” or what I think will be a quicker pay back. So far it hasn’t.
    It is like the story of the Turtle and the Hare. Boy, now that you have got me going I could write a whole book on what NOT to do. I’ll blame it on my type A personality but truth is I would have been better off sticking with you and Adrian. Reading and utilizing the information you send me. Your Mom and Dad are two very lucky people. Thanks for the “Happiness Jolt”
    Rosemary Blum

  10. Gary Jensen

    I follow all your free training. I have purchase so much junk and am in debt up to my ears, so now I am afraid to believe anyone that I can do what they tell me to do to make a sale. I have never made a dime on the internet and would love to make that first dollar on line. I have also signed up for a couple of your live training events, the latest which was here in Palm Desert. I had to cancel because of health reasons.

  11. Charlene Citizen

    yes I do like you and I do believe I can make money with your system , but I haven’t even gotten started yet need help please.

  12. Shawn

    Anthony, you are doing just great. You could slip some squeeze page optin deals a little more, but other than that; hell yeah you are doing great. I really appreciate all that your brother, you & Celine are doing. Thank you for the videos. They sre there so I can watch them until it sinks in, and reference them to correct my mistakes up until now. I’m butt naked and starving, and I tired of being broke. With that on my mind 24/7, and your teaching; it is starting to become clearer to me. I just want to work harder at applying what you have been teaching me. If I had the money, I would not be begging you or propositioning you to get the materials, but it is what it is, and I am hungry as ever. I have to make this work. Thanks Shawn.

  13. Robin Harris

    I am super new at this so to me I am learning so much and your teaching has been well rounded….. meaning that I get a little bit on the mechanics of the business to the state of mind needed to run your own business. Since I am so new, I do get a little confused on first steps. However, I am never confused on what you teach!! One of the emails I have received is for your 365 day system which appears to be what a newbie like myself should be starting with! Is that correct? As soon as I can sell enough candy bars I will begin that program…. LOL Obviously I am loving your book!!

  14. Yevonne

    For such a young man, you are a great teacher. You take pride in making sure you are conveying the knowledge that is helpful to everyone. You are kind and we can all tell what a great man you are. No one else even comes close to what you and Adrian are doing.

  15. Humberto

    Absolutely yes,
    thank you Anthony Morrison for been sharing so much of your knowledge and your tips in internet marketing, thank you again and keep up the good work.

  16. Edmund Prouty

    You have a great personality and seem like a good hearted person who likes helping people your are a great guy I have been following you for a couple years now your teachings and products that you promote are the most honest and up-front that I have seen online to date. I am in the process of trying to build a website and promote some affiliate products I am signed up with several networks and have a list of several others I am meaning to sign up with as soon as I am prepared to do so. If I could choose a mentor Anthony it would be you I receive about 30 emails a day about another 1 click wonder software get rich while you sleep over-nite millionaire and I am really struggling to try to become a successful internet marketer this is something means a lot to me! I FEEL DRIVEN TO DO THIS I have my site almost completed I’m getting to old for construction work and need something less physical I am 50yrs old. But anyways the next thing I need to do is upload my files to my hosting company Anthony there’s so much to learn and do its overwhelming for a average person I really appreciate your teachings and have considered traveling to Mississippi to ask you for your help these things that I am struggling with are frustrating to me and I know someone with your experience, knowledge, and know-how could get me on track in no time I know I could be successful If I Just had a little help. Yes Anthony I Appreciate Everything You Have Done For Me Through Your Online Teachings In My Opinion You Are (THE BEST THERE IS) to have you as a mentor would be a (DREAM COME TRUE) but I’m Running out of time work is slow and I’m almost broke pretty soon I may not have internet service anymore and my Dream and everything I learned, all the hard work that I have put into this could come to an END( I know If anyone does understand this being self taught yourself in order to save your family and your home you do) You do a wonderful job at what you do (YOUR A GREAT PERSON ANTHONY)-(KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING IT’S MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!)

  17. jim felsinger

    You are a very down to earth guy witch is what i lick about you it makes it easy to learn more and retain information longer i think so yes i do lick you have a grate day jim

  18. Sandra Fallon

    Hi Anthony
    I really do like your presentations; very natural, clear language and to the point and never assuming that we know this stuff. There is always something else to learn and your provide that, it’s the little details that are very very important.
    The material is varied which is good, this way we can learn ALL areas of the internet business, and not just what we want to do, knowledge is power.
    Mostly, I listen to you because of you, your pleasant disposition, great positive attitude and most of all your intent on helping people to become successful is really what comes out from your videos and courses and that is awesome. Your energy really shows.

  19. Nick Terracciano

    Almost all people begin internet marketing without the knowledge that is required to succeed, to gain that knowledge quickly and accelerate any success that you may have in the future. You need to weed out the good teachers from the bad. Those willing to share with no guarantee of earning anything, and provide great content, that leave the student with one job which is implement what you learn, to gain that extra income. I feel that I have found several great teachers online, including yourself, and after nearly two years am turning a corner, by actually listening, learning and implementing.

  20. Sandra

    You are doing great, but I am so sorry I missed the last two of your webinar. I am trying to get every thing set up with PMI. I have selected a products and Matt is getting things set up and I have got some studing and setting up to do. I’m trying to learn but it is so slow. I hope to not forget the next webinar next week. I was having trouble with my computer yesterday and upset I forgot to log on in time.I am following you on Success Connection and appreciate it very much. Sandra

  21. tony

    i like you just fine you help alot of people but me not so much i cant afford much at all. me and my family are on welfare and its tuff.. but i read your stuff all the time god bless you, your doing good thing………….

  22. Anette Rysgaard

    Anthony the answer is: YES…YES…YES!
    Because, being an almost 70 year “young girl” and first got into computers in my 60’ties, I need “hands on” teaching, which I feel you are getting more and more into and. showing exactly what to do, just like you are doing it. Last night on the live seminar #5 Tim’s teaching was excellent and I am starting to “get it” I have been taking small action steps, but not made a dime yet. With my tenacity, your continues great teaching I should make “it”
    Thrue your organization, I was sold “hands on” help via PMI course and joined in July 2012. I am paying it off over 2 years. As your father, I lost a great deal of money in a business and now only living on Social Security, what of cause is not enough. I am now for the first time in my life “poor” and determent to change that, thanks’ to you.
    Please keep up the honest “hand on” teaching
    Anette Rysgaard

  23. Trudy White

    Initially, I joined PMI. The next morning I had a terrible car accident. I am still recovering so I really was not able to do the course. In the meantime, I attended a seminar by Adrian in New Jersey. That is how I found you and yes, I like what you do and how. I am still recovering from surgery so I hope to pick up and be able to do more studying online. My cellphone does alot but I don’t have a laptop so I hope this year after I recover I can pick up where I left off. Thanks for what you do. Now, more than ever, being a single mother too, I am going to need another source of income. You are appreciated.

  24. Tanya

    Yes, I like you. You look like a nice person and great to work for or with.
    Everything you teach is true and you can prove it. Great work and God has bless you and your family and is noce you helping other people. I promise I will be in. But I want auto pilot. I don’t have a business but I am trying to work from home. To be honest I been getting all kinds of emails but I want to work for Anthony Morrison. I just don’t feel to comfortable with other people. I know I don’t know you either but you seem real and not lying.
    How can I start. I think it was 67.00.

  25. Gary Graven

    Yes I do!
    To be honest I have not watched enough of these, I need to get myself more motivated to make money. From this day forward I am going to put forth the effort! I believe in your system and what you are doing. I must say that some of the things I have done within the AM system have been to streamed down. Like for instance the first ten telephone seessions we had with our helper were cut short by 10-13 mintues most weeks, I felt he did not spend enough time with us, we were kinda left on our own. I am not placing blame on anyone but ourselves. I really feel this works, just need more help with it.
    Gary Graven
    I am more than happy to hear more from you!

  26. grace higbee

    Yes, I do like you. The lessons are awesome. The only thing is I will be
    happy when I finally get my website up and running. You have more than anyone given me a way to hope, look and learn about internet marketing. I have kept nearly all of you lessos, in a seperate file. So that I will have them at my fingertips when needed. You could write another book with all the helpyou are giving us. Titled My weekly blogs. Or my weekly lessons. avaiable only to your students. God Bless you.
    Grace Higbee

  27. Roberto Ruiz

    I’m not running my proyect yet, I’m still learning from you, it takes time to be ready and start doing my own thing but I really want to thank you for all your support provided, just keep the way you are and go on helping people like me, thanks

  28. kenton

    I have been delighted to even be invited to your Success Conection each and every week. I just need to be given some idea as to how to generate a income from nothing .I have no income now and i use my school’s computer to stay connected to you. You are a very kind person to send me the e-mails that you have sent me already but i really would like to generate a income noe because my unemployment has been stopped and i am not sure what to do now. But i know if you could give me a chance like make me a test study subject student i would not let you down. I am a hard worker who have been laid off of my job for over a couple of years and at 50 years old it is tough to start over.I could use this opportunity so much can you help out a hard worker man who is down but not out.Thanks a billion.

  29. Paul Idriss

    Hi Anthony,
    You are doing great as a teacher. I am so broke it is all I can afford now. Hopefully, when things get better I will move further into purchasing a coaching time. It is refreshing to see you live behind your products compared to some fake gurus out there. I believe in you and you seem to be my only hope in this internet business. I take the classes very seriously they will all add up at the end.
    Thanks a lot

  30. Ben Benson

    To answer your question! Yes I think you are a great business man, with great aspirations. I am sure you have great visions for everyone. Is it possible for some, one on one training with those of us who have purchased your books, bought many of your programs and other things but simply have not been able to get our program up and running, through no fault of yours, but just can’t seem to get going? My wife and I have invested a lot of money into your programs but as of today, we haven’t made a single dime. Anything you can do to help us get started, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Anthony. I would love to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    Ben Benson

  31. Cesar

    Mr. Anthony Morrison,
    I want to tell you that I feel you are one of the nicest and upfront gurus ( I mean that in a good way) out there. I enjoy the mini seminars you give and I am slowly learning the internet marketing business. The pieces are coming together in my head because of you and your tireless mission of teaching what needs to be known. I plan on making a full-time income through internet marketing though i’ve fallen a little short because of money constraints but I’ll get there very soon and no doubt it will be because of your fabulous teachings! Please keep doing what your doing because it’s Angels like you that improve so many people’s lives. Don’t ever doubt that you are not doing the right thing. I look up to you and I am at least twice your age. What you are doing in this weak economy is God’s work. I pray all good things come to you and your family in your life because you deserve them. I don’t just like you I admire and respect you. Please keep up the good work!!!!

  32. Michael VanHorn

    yes anthony i like you. because you take the time to teach on the videos.
    I feel like I know you. and that I can trust you.
    thank you.


  33. Bob

    RE: “Success Connection #156: Do You Like Me?”

    Indeed Anthony, you seem to be a most likable person, and a master of your craft, and an awesome instructor as well !

    BUT, I’m not sure your methods can help me as I operate a real estate appraisal firm here, a service, not a product. Your techniques seem to be set up to sell a product(s). BUT maybe I need to switch careers and offer a product for sale, instead of an appraisal servuce, but I have absolutely no product in mind, but wish I did. I’m working myself to death in this appraisal business, and barely making ends meet. I’m hoping you can somehow help me with some solution(s) that I can put to work.

    Bob Lutz
    Hayward, CA

  34. Larry Schmitz

    Your training is really awesome I am just having trouble putting it into practice. I do get confused and distracted when I get emails from you offering other peoples products like Commission Raid from Celina Davis. Should I be ignoring them until I get your training mastered? It seems like I am trying to spin too many plates before I have one plate going that I can keep spinning. I really appreciate your style of teaching and I believe you are really sincere about wanting all your students to be successful. You would not have to do this for us. Not only to I like you, but I really think you are an outstanding roll model. I am coming to Adrian’s training in MS the end of May. I really hope that you are there also so I can meet you in person.
    Thanks for all your efforts towards our success.!

  35. Joseph

    I like, and appreciate the way in which you conduct the “Presentations”, during your “Webinars”. However, that said, I DO NOT like having to hold my questions until the END of the “Presentations”, even though it may create a “bottleneck”, and interrupt the “Flow” of the Webinar. I tend to “Lose Track ” of “what in the Webinar” “Prompted” my question, and then the question “doesn’t make sense to me” by the end of the Webinar.

  36. Beth Cabral

    Hello Anthony,

    I think you are the most dedicated person I have every seen!!! No other person has all the learning programs you have.
    I have learned quite a lot from you already.
    I have your Fast Traffic app and I especially like the youtube scraper; however, being technically challenged, I need to know how to create and place the pop up in front of the original ad.
    example: Best Buy – youtube has video for best buy and you placed a pop up for a gift certificate to best buy. This is what I want to do and how I want to make money.
    Thank you so much for all you do!! Beth Cabral

  37. Linda Kendrick

    Yes I like everything you are teaching. I have learned alot. Your passi on for helping people is great. The emails you send me are great, Keeps me grounded on the things that are important. Thanks

  38. Kate Cardwell

    It is well worth time spent….I will buy your course in a month after am paid.Thank you for the lessons I like you very much….am getting excited!Thanks for the guidance..!

  39. Joyce Knake

    What a question??? I like what you teach and have bought a couple of courses, one was fast cash commisions. But I never have been able to get into it and understand. It may be my fault but I’m off on other projects now and maybe I’ll get back to it. You always give quality information and I enjoy hearing from you.

  40. Becky Quint

    Anthony, thank you. I like everything you have done/are doing. I think your t shirts are just fine. I have kids your age and they are busy in college and optometry school. I want to be successful with Internet marketing to continue to help them and to teach them. Please don’t stop teaching. You have a kind spirit and anyone can tell you are sincere. You make people feel they can trust you. Please continue. I don’t think I have seen all of your trainings.
    Thank you so much.

  41. Pamela Storr

    To Anthony:

    I like the way you teach,

    I just wish I was better and understand more of what I am doing.

    I wish I could afford a coach but I can’t so I can learn more, and make some money.

    Sincerely Yours,


  42. Dianne Yeager

    Hi Anthony,
    I truly believe that you want to help us by sharing your knowledge. However, I have attended your webinars, bought products and even traveled to Utah for a two training. I still do not know how to get started. I have written many blogs (not posted) on weight loss for new moms. I want to start with affiliate marketing and your brother’s baby, Plenty of Fish. I can not afford personal coaching. I am a special education teacher in California where our health insurance has sky-rocketed in addition to budget cuts.

  43. Jayna Peters

    I am grateful that I am still getting help a year after I attended a seminar. I have trouble retaining info and applying it so I have partnered with someone but am paying him to help me. I have had nothing but great, patient help from the Morrison team. Thank you for your patient help!

  44. brenda williamson

    I actually think the weekly success connection sessions are helpful. As for the e-mails, it seems as though most are repetitive offers for other guru programs to purchase. I would really rather concentrate on this instead of trying every offer that comes down the pike.

  45. John Williams

    Yes Anthony, i do like you and love the teaching and thanks for passing the information on, on

  46. Glen Jones


    I like you as a person, teacher, and genuine successful on line marketeer.
    I think you need to keep doing what you’re doing because this business keeps changing soooo rapidly it’s mind boggling.

    Keep up the good work and stop by sometime. I welcome you with open arms to my humble abode.

    Take Care!

    Glen Jones Jr

  47. Philip McCarthy

    Been following you for some time,taking in all that I can, and enjoy learning everything you have to offer. Thanks I don’t care what you wear for a shirt.

  48. Connie Kelbaugh

    Hello Anthony: Your training videos are excellent. I watch them several times and have already started making some money on line. Could not have done it without the education you share! Thanks, Connie

  49. Yvonne Brooks

    Dear Anthony,

    I think your great! I like your teaching style and the wonderful guests you
    bring to the webinars. You and your brother Adrian are a breath of fresh air; and you’re not to be compared with the other “so called gurus” who want to make a quick buck on us but then won’t give us the time of day when it comes to putting their money where there mouth is.

    Thanks tons and tons for your unsurpassed assistance for getting newbies like me off the ground and running.


    Yvonne Brooks

  50. john jayme

    I enjoy your instruction videos. and appreciate what they are telling us. Although some of it is repetitive there is always something new to pick up. In reference to me actually liking you, I don’t really know you. Judging by your persona and the fact that you enjoy helping other through your teaching I would have to say yes I do. And thanks for the continued guidence.

  51. Angela Moreta

    Yes I think you do a great job trying to teach us just about all that needs to be learned. Although, sometimes, it takes me just a little bit longer to get it.
    But that’s just me. 🙂

  52. Dario Orozco

    Yes,I do like you or else I would not had invested on your program. Please continue what you been doing on Success Connection. I would like to ask you if I could get a copy of the WEBINAR from yesterday,Thursday April 11,2013. I was register but was only able to hear the last half. STRAGETY # 5 Thank you. Dario

  53. Marina

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes. I like what you present. However, I feel like it’s just a scratch in the surface. There’s more to it before it works.


  54. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, and the answer to your question is YES! I do like you, the way you teach all of us students that are trying to learn this bussiness. All the tips & advice you give is just awesome. I hope to be a successful student of yours very soon. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU!-Luis,

  55. Claudia

    Hi, it was kind of nice to ask.we can get you to talk to us, I do like your concept it was my first time last time so I will keep checking and I do want to learn because I want to be successful . Thank you! I do like you we are all brothers and sisters in Gods eyes.

  56. rich schipani

    i think your great. just don’t have the money to do this. you dress fine . l like you

  57. Joseph Kroepil

    Hi Anthony,
    Yes, of course we like you.
    I must tell you that I keep trying and studying, but I haven’t made any good roi yet. I keep spending but not making any conversions.
    Is this normal for 3-5 months of hard work?

    I think I’m getting better at these ad placements and wording.
    I appreciate all the help your staff gives me.

    I’m 74 and retired and living on 17,000 a year. Right now going into credit card debt trying to make it.
    I saw a program that you sent with personal guidance that cost $500. Is it still available? What is it and how does it work? It seemed like a study guide with personal help with everything, but I can’t find the ad you sent me.

    Well, thanks again for the help, and will keep working hard. I’m spending about 4-5 hrs a day learning and trying to target my subjects more accurately.

    Take care and have a good day.
    Joe Kroepil

  58. Carl Hogue

    Anthony. I like the subjects you are teaching and the way that you’re presenting them. It’s straightforward and to the point. My problem is; I have so many different ideas and concepts, that it’s pulling me in different directions, and I’m struggling to get by website monetized and promoted so that I can realize some income to supplement the ministry. If you look at my site, maybe you can give me a few ideas as to how I can accomplish this. I don’t have a lot of resources that’s why I’m looking for the least expensive way to promote the site. I’m a full-time volunteer chaplain at the Lawton Fort sill veteran center, so my time is limited as well. Nevertheless, keep up the good work, you’re doing a great job; in fact you do a much better job at teaching, than I do at absorbing. 🙂 God bless, Chaplain Hogue

  59. Corey Howell

    I’m a long time watcher and 1st time commiter and I just wanna say I like da lessons u teach us I learn something new every week.

  60. Roberta

    I do like what you teach. I wish I could afford to do the CPV advertising.
    I hear good and bad about it. I hear from you how you make soo much money but then I hear from others how it is very hard and takes a lot of money and time to get it right. I am very confused.

  61. aida nielsen

    Hi Anthony! I just started in your program, and I like what I see. You are a great teacher, and great person with all the help you offer to every body to be successful. Thank you & God Bless

  62. john skanes

    Yes i like you, you inspire me to believe in myself, that i can do this. to be honest with you i am caught between first and second base, i am in a pickle.
    but first last nights class was great, Tim bossing,like his stuff made a lot of since, I think i jumped the gun and purchased fast traffic sniper oops not ready for that yet.i have read and adsorbed so much i need to put in order now. I need to put money on my card so i can continue. help

  63. maria

    I love and enjoy your passion and persistence with every old and new lesson….it’s quite refreshing and hard to leave alone…keep up the
    great work…God bless you.

  64. Yasir

    What I can say is ” You Are A Great Teacher” I really enjoy all your training and I find them very useful.. Thank you

  65. Ransford Kwaning

    Tony, I have been following you for long, well over two years. I trust you; you are a true teacher. Your LeadGen and of recent CPV Domination Softwares and your webinars are superb. I’m more than convinced that the answer to successful online business, one have to purchase the above softwares (right tools) and get himself educated. You will hear from me very soon.

  66. michael yowman

    thanks Anthony! when I get confused I go through the reviews to help me get back on track.

  67. robert pascoe

    I enjoy your teachings and inspiration and as a person you seem to be very down to earth and because of that I like you as a friend.

  68. Louis Ruvalcaba Lopez

    !HI, Anthony,How are you doing, Good Evening, !Yeah!, you are cool Person, I just wish I can put more or my time, on your Teachings. !Hey, I am going to put more effort into your courses, What do you thing., Thanks, See you……!

  69. Nancy Duncan

    Anthony, I see what you are teaching us but I just feel lost in how I am
    to get there. To me it is not as simple as it sounds. I really want to be
    able to have an income from this. Thanks for your help.


    Yes Anthony, I agree that the teacher needs to listen to, hear from and make adjusting approaches in delivering to the students. Together we can make the learning experience very proven and successful! Thanks!

  71. Jean Navin

    I like the Direction you are taking to teach us.
    Sorry I have not had the money to use any of it,’but
    do enjoy your Events.

  72. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I love the success connection. I like what you teach and right now I am putting together all your teaching into my own notes and I have started looking at all the websites that you recommended for traffic, build a list and ultimately profit. I just cannot decide which is best for me. I look forward to the success connection every week. I find all your teachings innovative, inspring and that keeps me focused and motivated. I would like to see more about ads in general and what is the best way social network that make you a profit.

    Thank you for making a difference in my life

    Have a nice weekend!!!

  73. Elizabeth H.Cooper

    I think your teaching courses are just fine.

    Unfortunately, I have been distracted by some health problems. As soon as I
    solve them, I intend to review several of your programs and move forward

    Elizabeth H. Cooper

  74. Julie Mapp

    Hi Anthony – Yes I do like what you are doing, what you teach and the opportunity to access these online videos at my leisure. I do not have the chance to watch the videos when they initially come out, but I do save them and watch them over and over again.
    Right now I am at step one. I am trying to figure out what is the best approach for me to start with my budget.
    I need something that is set in place for me to follow like a guide initially; then I can build on that.
    You are appreciated more than you know. I hope to get the ball rolling ASAP.

  75. Sharon

    Anthony, I have complemented you often. You are a very good speaker. It is nice that you explain the steps so clearly to us. It helps someone like me to have the lessons repeated. And the prizes you give away make a very good reason to pay attention to what you are talking about. I have messaged to you that in recent weeks I do not see a place to click for facebook or twitter on the SUCCESS CONNECTION page. Yes, I like you. You are friendly and enthusiastic when you are speaking. Thank you.

  76. marla

    well it did catch me off guard lol but I understand what you were trying to do and to teach us something important. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day too.

  77. Rhoseanda Tookes

    Yes…of course I like you. Your products are amazing, valuable (the list goes on). There are truly some marketers who does not care about you. They just want money. I have bought some of your books and tried some of your trials also. The most recent one Im trying to purchase is the 365 course. However their are other courses from other marketers that Im still paying on and your 365 day course will be the next course I purchase. Hoping that the 365 day course price does not go up or be discontinued. I do appreciate the value you give to your members. True story: I have been praying about a change in my career. I wanted to stay at home because I have been working at different jobs all my life. Deep down I knew I wanted to stay home & make some money and I had no idea HOW I was gonna do that. So, I asked God to show me HOW can I do that? A couple of days later I woke up in the middle of the night and seen you on a late night channel and my journey with internet marketing began. Thanks Anthony. End of story. I just want you to know I have not gotten where I want to be BUT I refuse to give up because failure is NOT an option of mine. Thanks for your caring, kindness and support. I really do appreciate you. I not only like YOU I LOVE offense please

  78. Dennis Bethune

    I watch every thing you send , but I guess I’m a little bit stupider than your average person. I’ve been working on getting my web site for 9 months and still have’nt sold a thing yet. I’ve already spent close to spending 5000 dollars just to get things going. I’ve already hired 3 different companies and I’m working on it constantly. I think when I learn the social media better I will get a little closer, I’m already 1 of your members but it will be another 4or 5 months before I can hire 1 of your coachs. I still have a lot of bills to pay. I’m still studing your social media books. I will eventually be sucessful I just have a long way to go. Thanks for all the help you’ve given.
    Dennis Bethune

  79. DORIS


  80. Beverly A Morrow

    Yes, Anthony, I like you. I’ve “friended” you on facebook, follow you on Twitter, and connected to you on LinkedIn. I do like you! :>)

  81. Stanley Ramstead

    Yes, yes, and yes. You’er a friendly person, and very likable. I must say no, I do not like the T-shirts. This is the best thing I have seen you wear so far. I know it’s hot most of the time where you are, and understand the T-shirt. You are your image and brand, for you, and your business. You don’t have to look like a banker, nor like you just stuck your surfboard in the sand.

    I’m new to the Affiliate Marketing and been playing catch up with your videos. I received your emails for a year before I could finely drop dial-up and get a fast service. Now I’m watching all your videos.

    I thank you for doing this last set of Success Connection videos. It has been a big help to me. Please understand, the motivation means little if you don’t have the basics. And yes, I am motivated.

    I know it will take time to achieve that traffic you are talking about, and accumulating a good email list. Thanks to you, I have started, and on my way. I haven’t sold anything yet. I do see past this part of the process, and am liking what I’ve done, also what will be coming out soon.

    My new, yet to be published website,, will be linked, or more like an extension to my Site. One will give the ideas, and examples, while the other site sells Art Knowledge and Art Supplies.

    This website stuff is all new to me, but I’am liking it, and having fun. Weebly is a free site and I’am seeing some road-blocks. It’s not having your own domain name, and the same name in the email address. Many companies have DECLINED me their Affiliate status because of this. Others don’t seam to mind, and things are good.

    es and worked as an employee. No, I don’t know everything, yet. Affiliate Marketing is proof of that.

    Thank you Anthony for everything you do.


  82. Brian Dalton

    Every single week, I look forward to all the new information that you present in your success connection, and then the emails that also give new or review of current and past subjects to help in striving toward financial independence. I keep filing away your instructions for the purpose of implementation as I progress in my studies.

    Thank You,
    Brian Dalton

  83. gloria

    yes , you are one of my favorite keep encourage because you are helping a lot of people. I just want to say thank you and keep up the good work.

  84. Sonia

    Hi Anthony,

    Who couldn’t love you! 🙂 I love you lots x

    You are a fabulous person and I congratulate for getting from where you were (helping your family in the process) to where you are now, so well done to you!
    Your style of teaching is great and easy to follow, which is necessary, however, I sense that most of the people watching perceive they do not
    have the cash to pursue some of your great ideas for getting traffic – even when it is pennies, as the traffic numbers add up and they may not be able to pay for it unless it is an absolute surety from sales. Hope it is okay to mention this? Perhaps a free demonstration from you for me would be great 🙂

    I have purchased your Fast Traffic Sniper, and would like to know how this could be used with pinterest? Could you use Fast Traffic Sniper with free targetted traffic? Most people who are starting out have been duped and have depleted their accounts from bogus internet marketeers, so they have no more to give at present, and would like to give back once they can replenish what they once had. I really thank you for the opportunities given and hopee to hear from you soon. Keep up the very good work!

  85. Gloria Geter

    Yes, Your information is very informative, the way you explain thing are very detailed. I have tried to get involved with many on line businesses, but to find out it just promoted another money spending issue. Your weekly sessions give out more information and encouragement than all the lessons I have wasted my time and money on. The system you have is honest, straight forward and has the most sincere concern. Keep being who you are. You are a sucess because you, my friend are reachable. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. I’ve had to get out of some venture, based on one of your weekly blogs. Thanks so much.

  86. pragnesh

    yes man…. you are successful in Internet Marketing… dude you rock… 🙂 hey.. I will contact you when I will be able to pay & start working online…[some problems]… but would like to work with you. so,….all the best…dude.. see you soon…. 🙂 Pragnesh.

  87. Don

    Hi Anthony, I think I like you. You offer lots of good info on IM. I think as an affiliate marketer sometimes you promote the same products that others promote that I think are not solid. I think that you are great at teaching.

    I attended a meeting held in my area a few years back that made me think that you would be at the meeting. To my disappointment you were not there. I got over it and I open your blogs that I receive. I guess sometimes I like you and times I am not sure.


  88. Susan Alcorn

    First of all, I love the casualness. It shows you are one of us. I think your still of teaching is great. I like the training sessions but would like to know more about where to find some of the offers that you and Adrian and the others have had so much success with. I understand that it is a combination of things, but for us just starting out, it would be nice to have a couple of leads.

  89. Ray Maselli

    Love your training and read your 1st book. As a first time semi-newbie I feel that for a person like me you are close but not quite there in this sense.
    When you explained your new system for stepping out in front of traffic it was very exciting. The only problem was I need the whole enchilada which is when I get the system how do I literally install the I Pad incentive to go with it and did you buy it or work out a trade in exchange for promoting it. Please always give every piece of the puzzle. Yes I am aware I can probably e mail to get the answer but it would be faster if things like this were included. To me please never assume we know anything and we will learn more and faster in my view. Thanks for caring and keep up the good work We appreciate it!!

  90. Deborah Thompson

    Hi Deborah here!
    ” Yes” I like you ! judt have one request! Is there a mantering program? And if there is their a mentoring program that I don’t know aboui maybe I don’t know that. Can I be mentor with.
    Thank you for caring Deborah Thompson Take care

  91. Andrew Ostrowski

    Your a great person helping America back on it’s feet. This country needs more leaders like you.

  92. Abdull hamid

    i really like you and your training.

    You teach right from basic and all the way up to the level that i think suit me.

    I am relatively new in IM and I think your teaching lead me to new approach

    and it motivate me to go farther and acquiring more step a time. And be patience along the way! as you yourself has gone thru a long journey in your endeavors!

    Thank You!

  93. luke lukanen

    hi ! yes i like you very much. i watch your show every week and i have learned many ways of doing things. i also like you as a person. people you know must be proud to call you their friend. you mentioned the weather, well here in minnesota we are going through the spring that never showed up. i suspect that we will go suddenly into summer one of these days. i hope you have a wonderful weekend…………..luke

  94. herbert

    no it did not catch off guard Anthony my relationship with you is out of respect.There are a lot of cons out there and your name is out there. I have to look pass that , and understand i have an picture win Adrian and you guys don’t mess around. So am slow and middle age , learning the ways of a new way of life. I may be a little delay in keeping tune .

  95. David

    I love the teaching and training. If you look at the so called Gurus, they send us videos that say “I have something that will change your life” and the a video of Anthony pops up. They are making money off of your stuff. What does that say? It tells me that what you have is real and great stuff. I love your honesty, compassion and definately your training. Keep it up Anthony. I still haven’t made a lot of cash but I’m more than confident that your teaching will get me there.


  96. margaret sitar

    anthony I believe everything you teach is up to date and refreshing,your personality is genuine .when I open up your emails I feel like im opening up a gift!

  97. Chris Nweke

    Hi Anthony; You awesome. I love every comment you make in your teaching. I love all your programs. You teach from your heart, what people like you kept secret for themselves. You are sincere in all your teaching and that why I am with you. I really believe if I can afford to pay for your program I will make my first dollar online. I am determined that I will make it to successful end with your help and consideration. I have learned things I don’t known before from you and I will continued to learn from you until the funds come handy for me to pay for your programs. Thank you for your God given wisdom to help people in need with your resources. I know that the Good Lord will bless you in more abundance – Amen.

  98. Alice Woodham


    I like you a lot Anthony, You’re like part of my family I have been with you for a while now, but I need you to send a video of your webinars that I can pause so we can take good notes.

  99. Paula Hammons

    Hello first of all you have a looka like it is my son Anthony. He lives in Virginia now. He is 24 and will be 25 in June 8th Not only do you look alike you and him are natured the same. I ordered your product awhile back
    I want to use this when I retire next year. But I think I will get started now.
    I watch all your success connections and try to put it together the best I
    can. It is easy for me to like you and appreciate you it is like looking at and listening to my Anthony which I dont see but talk every few days or he emails me to let me know how he is doing. I wish you well and ongoing
    success and maybe I too get receive it. Thankyou Paula

  100. Dale Neff

    I joined you under my mothers order “Buy his book”. She was 81 at the time. I was 58 and never turned on a computer. My first email was from ,Roxanne,
    thanking me for my first and advertising the website from you , and is still running. I throw some traffic towards the site now and then. That was Adv. Profits from Home and date was June 21, 2011. I have a lot of your programs and love the webinars. I got a little angry on one when the guy got short with you and said “Lets get on with the program”You handled it well . He did not realize you take your time and explain every thing you do so every one understands. Because you care. You have a business to run and that is what you do best is teach us the same business as yours. Sir, that is to make money and support are families and help are neighbors and do it with respect to the person you are teaching and the person you are selling or helping . I have several sites. Not rich or even close but I love training under you and I am enrolled with P.M.I. No sir I would have to say like is not the best word I would use to describe. Respect, admire, enjoy, brotherly love coming from seeing the good things you have done for people and seeing you work with or mentioned in my contact with other affiliates I could throw “like” in there if you wish.
    God Bless you and yours!
    Dale Neff

  101. Sharon Siemens

    Yes Anthony you have lots of valuable advice to give.
    But how do you get the ad to the place where you want to set the ad up on the search engine?

  102. Leonard Perez

    Yes, that was easy huh? I wish I could meet you in person, but what I have seen and read about you is very impressive, and though I struggle mightily through the “making money online” $0 I certainly cannot blame you.. I’m going to use a phrase my mentor, Dr; Stephen Covey author of the 7 habits series taught us. “To Live, To Love, To Learn, to leave a Legacy. I think you are living this: To Live, you travel meet people all over the world, the pride in your life is demonstrated in the pictures you show us of your travels and who you meet, and this makes your stores authentic. To Love; This is a difficult issue for anyone that is successful and for anyone to evaluate. Your story of the stock crash and initial instinct of not yourself but your family, you helped your friend and now with the community you have established through your organization you continually give thousands (your bribes as you say) and the classes are so great for those that understand and take advantage. Not me, I need a coach To Learn: This very question, is an important and risky one, learning about yourself lets you know where you are so you know how far you have to go. The desire to continually improve your business, asking everyone to comment on each class. This helps you and the class. To leave a Legacy this one is for the ages, if this was going to be done in a painting, the bright colors are already beginning to show brightly. Again, when I see you and your brother I think of this:

    “This is the true joy in life–that being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. That being a force of nature, instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it what ever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die. For the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It’s a sort of splendid torch which I’ve got to holdup for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.” George Bernard Shaw
    I don’t know you, but I like you and what you do, And that is good. Leonard

  103. Deniece Poston

    I do appreciate your constant communication, and your enthusiasm about the Internet. I want that same enthusiasm. Tks

  104. howard stewart

    We liked all the lessons you’ve provided in the past . It helped us a great deal with email marketing and other areas also. We appreciate your gift of generosity in giving not only the video lessons you put together on success connection but also giving away prizes for may occasions. You can see real you through this.

  105. John Antaya

    Wow! What a question. Of course I like you and what you teach. If not then I would have quit a long time ago. The items that you are teaching have very much to do with Internet Marketing and what is involved with the different marketing aspects. Your doing a fine job Anthony so keep it up.

    Yours’ in Marketing

  106. Marc Montaniel

    Though you have taught me a lot in the past, Anthony, I feel motivated each time you come on each week with a different twist to an old idea. Right now I’m ready to go into email marketing, and the more tips I get from you about this promising internet marketing approach, I feel this will brighten my future!

  107. Steven Tullis

    Anthony If somebody gave you some bad ideas about the Connection they are full of bull. I do look forward to your time you spend on the computer. A man of your wealth & knowledge willing to give the info. on making money online.Keep up the the great work.Sometimes it is the only thing I look forward to. To get my own website going & to make money online is the only thing that I have an interest in any more.Keep your courses going to. i have yet to buy any but I have them on file because I will eventually use them i gurent it. Just have to do more home work.

  108. luke pham

    Hi Anthony,

    What ever you wear is OK I like your teaching, some day I hope I can use your teaching to make money.
    Thank you

  109. Mark

    Yea, Anthony, i like you. I like your teaching ideas. Just keep them coming.

    You are appreciated man,


  110. rory taylor

    Anthony ,The training is very helpful and I am learning alot , but I still want a success withj Anthony T Shirt Like those 3 Noobodys you taught off the street

  111. Richard Fisher

    All I can say to you is stay with us for the frist time in 8 yr I’m making money. I need the day job but maybe soon I can walk away from it. You sir put your hart in to evey thing you do hope see more of you to come.

    Thyank You

  112. Debra Mitchell

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes, I like you !!! I think you’re a great teacher, and I am learning a lot from
    you, you are very informative, and thorough in your teaching. I have saved
    all of your videos, for future reference, as I haven’t been able to attend all
    of the online webinars, due to computer problems. I also don’t have a
    web sight yet, just can’t afford it right now, hopefully soon, and I will be
    able to order some of your books. So, you definitely know how to keep
    the interest up, thank you so much !!!

  113. emma

    I enjoy watching.Very interesting,easy to understand and i’m not bored so i watch and willing to learn.

  114. Veine Roos

    Dear Anthony,
    Yes, I like you, but even more important, I trust you, versus the rest of the online guru’s and scammers. I think if there were more people like you around, the world we live in, would be a much better place. And yes, you are a good teacher, thank you, and more power to you. Veine

  115. El Dee James

    Anthony you are a great teacher. I just wish I had a lot more time to spend implementing all the techniques you teach. I own a cleaning business and I stay real busy. I just want to learn all these things well that you teach and get my online business rolling. I have so enjoyed all the webinars and all the emails you have sent. There is always something to learn from you. Thank You so much and God Bless

  116. Dorothy Marr

    Hello Anthony

    “Yes I do like you.” Your presents has been very helpful to me.
    You have explain the subjects very well and that is very important.
    Please keep the teaching as is.
    I like the jacket it looks nice and comfortable.


  117. daniel Rakowicz

    Hey like previous videos but would love to get to meet you and do a hands on training Like your SWA video would love to have the one on one.

  118. Susan Shiner

    Yes, Anthony I enjoy your teachings on the sucess connection. I don’t quite understand everything you’re telling us (ME). I haven’t been able to sign up on your email.send profit program because of unemployed and a husband disable. I almost got enough money saved to get in this program, but now I’m reading on other feed backs there are other programs I will have to purchase once I get on the “other side”. I have attended your free programs in Baltimore, Md. and have purchased your books. Please send me infromation on what is all involved in getting this “email” program started. I have to stayed near my home due to my husband’s condition and that is why I really want to get moving on this program. Thanks for reading. Susan

  119. Laura Grebeldinger

    You’re great! Had computer problems, but see that I can still go back to view. You and Adrian are a blessing to society. Your parents glow with pride I’m sure!

  120. DJ McCormick

    I think the length is great, the white board idea is a great way to help us see as well as hear. I would like to see a series on the entire process that would run from planning to setting up systems with outfits like ClickBank, to writing and placing ads and where to capture the emails from ad clickers to evaluating and completing the circle.

  121. Charles Rose

    Yes, I like the motivation and training very much. I’d like to touch on the basics again and be able to review a glossary of your teachings to find answers to challenges in my business when I need it. Thanks for asking! Charles

  122. Julian Chambers

    I promised feedback when I got involed with you and your brother’s programs, You have inspired me to get myself busy at doing what i can do to earn a living. I wish to follow through with the training I hope to get back to your programs. Yes i like you, your style, I have found ways of making a living but not how to keep up with the accounting for the business, and seperately, motivating my wife to be self directing staying on task. I wish I felt I had time to analyise what you have to teach, i wish I had more time to learn what you teach, I have found I am able to fix appliances for a living. I still want to be an affiliate marketer. You are an instiration to and a positive force and influence in my life. Thank you
    Julian Chambers

  123. Alemu Sida

    Yes,I do like you Anthony! ! You are sincere,honest and devoted to help everybody to have a better life through your informative trainings. I bought two of your books and started reading. Keep up your remarkable trainigs.

    Gratefully yours,
    Alemu Sida

  124. Carolyn Johnson

    Anthony, I think that you and your brother, Adrian, are two of the nicest people on planet earth!!! The many informational videos and webinars that I have learned from are really worth while and very informative. I have finished the first part of the five-part series of PMI/Tutorials in your brother, Adrian’s course. I have not been able to pursue the fifty or so courses in the fifth part, because I recently was involved in an automobile accident. I’m getting better, and I will resume following the PMI Tutorial course as soon as possible. I love both of you guys and keep up the good work.

  125. Tina Evans

    Yes Anthony I do like you. You are a great teacher. I have not taken advantage of all your sessions since I do not have the money to even obtain a domain name or website so I don’t know that I should take up space at your
    webinars. I hope this will be available if I ever can get a website. Then I will take advantage of every session available. God bless.


  126. Gary Hogan

    Anthony – I have been following you for I believe the last 2 yrs — totally unrelated to this marketing – its just a breath of fresh air to keep your story and accomplisments as a (if you can do it I can do it – mindset) I’ll get it sooner or later.

  127. Richard Piatt

    Do I like you? I like you and your Brother. But I’m one of the guys the need a push. But the push need to start from the beginning. I’m just saying that I just can’t get my first dollar earned. but I have given up… so if you now someone that live close to me to where we can meet at a coffee shop or some where to show how to kick start this so that I can make some of that money….. Love all the work that you guys are doing.
    Keep up the great work
    The Richie

  128. Ray McLeod

    Your video teaching is excellent. The manner of dress for your instruction session is of no consequence either way. Keep up the good work with your instructions and motivation ideas.
    Ray McLeod

  129. Wanda Money

    I am in your program and I am glad to say, your teaching is far superior to anything I have tried to do with any other program.
    What I love the most is the free training webinars. To those who don’t realize it; they are truly FREE. This to me is totally awesome considering that all others have been another ploy to get more money.
    I have never experienced the training and teaching that I have in my hands with your program. All others have only gave you bits and pieces and have left me dumbfounded as to what do I need to do next. Not to mention; you never get the help that you need with their customer service. It is usually through email that they try to give customer support. The personal touch that you give far exceeds any other program. It is wonderful to be able to talk to someone and get the answers that you need when you need it.
    Your associates at PMI and SWA have answered all my questions and I am never left in the dark.
    You know exactly what we need and boy do you deliver. Thank you for all you do and keep doing what you are doing. It is truly helping those who truly need all that you can give. God bless you for all you do and yes you are doing an exceptional job.

  130. mario

    Hey! Anthony the answer to your question is yes you
    Are a likeable person. I seen most of your video training
    Courses just the free ones.
    I even tell people about you to let them know about your
    Courses & that you are the real deal when it comes to
    Internet marketing.
    The reason i havent bought your courses is because
    I am still trying to see or test other gurus free tips
    That i can see which will work better for me.

    Yes i know theres alot of stuff out there that people
    Are selling in cyber space. But i want to someday
    Make the kind of money like you.

    Well i know realistally that i takes time money to
    Market on the net.
    So anyways thanks for all that you do:-)

  131. Harold Cook

    Your speakers on some your program like the cvs need to be check out not good here in Ohio. You are good keep up the good work.

  132. Beth Cabral

    Hi Anthony,
    I think you are the most dedicated person I have ever seen! I have learned quite a lot from you already. No other person I have bought products from has this many ways to get help and learn how to do different things online.

    I have your Fast Track traffic program and I especially like the youtube scraper. But I need to know how to create and place the pop up ad that is placed infront of the youtube video ad.

    Will you be having a training on this anytime soon? This is what I want to do to make money online. Thank you, Beth Cabral

  133. anita

    you and your team is very inspiring me to get succeed online,
    no matter how hard of my condition right now, i will keep
    trying as much as i can to figure this out, cause there’s a lot of children
    need my help in my village, not only for their school, but even for their food,
    no matter what kind of clothes that u’ve used, just like the way you are you’re alreay awesome with your kindhearted heart, hope God will always give the best thing in this life to you and you’re team, anthony morrison’s inc. will be
    the greatest person’s in this world, thanks for all.

  134. Greg Lefebvre

    Yes, I do like you and the lessons. Haven’t been able to afford your membership yet. Your lessons are informing to me to learn the lingo and the procedures and FYI’s that you only get from experience. As soon as I can, I will be joining your membership.

  135. Gene Sarro

    I absolutely love how you articulate everything so those of us not quite too swift with marketing can follow along easily.

    Thanks again Anthony,

  136. Shawn Henson

    Unfornatetly I have not seen your class online but I did recently clicked like on your Facebook page. I do look forward to receiving helpful and informative information from you .

  137. Don Harris

    Have you noticed a “THEME” in most of your responses, it’s “HONESTY”.

    Honesty is a very hard quality to find on the ‘INTERNET’.

    THANK YOU, for all that you do for us !


  138. Andrew Sen

    Yes, I like you. At the begining about a year back when I attended your first
    meeting about affiliate marketing, etc. I personally felt that most of the courses you offered were a little too expensive for me. Ofcourse when you do not have any money everything seems to be expensive but I guess when you did not offer any digital courses online the others would obviously would be expensive. Nowadays I simply love your digital courses, one on one coaching
    etc. In short today I love everything I see about you, whether it is a tee shirt or a jacket that you are wearing does not make a difference, I simply would not miss your webinar for anything. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  139. Noellle

    Yes we like Ya, I will be in touch becous Iam lost in this afft. stuff.Tanks Noelle .

  140. Sofie

    Anthony,bless your heart ! You’ve been so good with lots of patience at teaching your students. Respect you and truly admire you a lot since I bought your first book , your program , and came to know you as a young entrepreneuer. You have helped a lot of your students and especially helped your parents financially. That is very uncommon character of a young man in this world these days !. Excellent teacher !

  141. Darrell

    These presentations/webinars are very helpful for someone like me who is new to this with still a lot to learn.

  142. colleen

    You have so much information which has became very helpful BUT on the other hand there is so much to learn. You need to fill us in on how to get clients as well as how to keep them. Maybe help us learn how to start a business with something that we know how to do. Its hard trying to get a business on line without knowing just what your doing. You have done it, bu but like I said there is so much to learn and its hard just trying to get it all with the short time you are on.

  143. Shelly Campbell

    Dear Anthony,How can any one not like you? I am not sure what happend but I left a comment as well last week but do not see it here.i have learned quite a bit & really appreciate all you do.Tho I wish you were making a special trio to Indiana.I lost all my information when I moved & was wondering if you can help me recover this info as I invested over $400. last year in your materials & can not seem to access anything now.PLEASE help me…God Bless love all you are teaching.
    With Sincere Gratitude

  144. Deborah Carnahan

    Yes, I like you, what you are doing, how you are teaching (pockets of info that aren’t overwhelming). Even when I’m not using all of the information, I really appreciate that you are putting it out there so that I have it at the right time. Thank you!!

  145. Mark Boschian

    Hello Anthony,
    Yes. I like you. You are sincere and approachable. You are intelligent and articulate. I admit that I am new to Affiliate Marketing and a lot of this goes over my head at times but I am glad I found you and Adrian .

  146. Bjarne Breilid

    Hello Anthony!
    Do I like you? Well, judging by what I have seen of your activities and accomplishments, you must be something of a superman. One thing in particular has impressed me: You are very generouis with your time and your advice in order to help us, the ignorant students, to achieve what generally is an elusive success. In addition, I find that you are truly and honestly trying to convey to us the very best advice, based on your own experience. And Adrian is also an excellent teacher. So, I really like and admire you guys, both of you.
    However: Can I be taught? I am no young student – as a matter of fact. if you knew how old I am, you would say: “Go and find an Old Folks Home!”.
    The problem is, I need money to be able to go there, Besides, I still don’t feel that old. And my health is perfect. I could still outswim most of you (assuming, of course, that most of you can’t swim at all).
    One thing has – no, not bothered me – intrigued me is the word I am looking for. I know your ancestors came from Norway where I was born and grew up, but I came to this country when I was about your age or maybe a year or two younger, But when I found out that your ancestors also came from Norway, I started wondering if perhaps our forefathers may have rubbed elbows in past ages, and since I, among other things, also am a genalogist, it would be interesting to know something about your background. I have discovered that I have a lot of relatives all over the country. Just a thought.
    Best wishes for continued success from
    Bjarne B.

  147. Justin Waire

    Yes in deed I like you and what you have become. Your very inspirational. Please don’t stop helping people. I want to become someone like you and I know you can help me become that person. Thank you Anthony!!

  148. Rita

    When I get my life on track and going in the direction I would like, your program will help immensely. Thank you for keeping me in the loop of internet marketing.

  149. Don Harris

    “TIT FOR TAT” Is a really old saying.

    How about a ‘really old’, Retired Real Estate Broker, helping you with a

    suggestion or two ? Mainly ‘How to be even MORE HELPFUL’, and make

    even more money ! FOR EVERYBODY !

  150. Cheryl

    WOW, that was a pretty straightforward question, and the answer is yes. You
    take what you do seriously, you have integrity a genuine interest in helping others, are great with videos, not too long or short, and the way you present is laid back and understandable. You send a lot of e-mail reminders which def. works for me. You are a great teacher, and are responsive. A brief side note; I got buried 2 years ago by a person who was in a position of power, not because I did anything wrong or hurtful, but because I was very successful at something that he was not, it was extremely traumatizing to me. There are those who can’t manage others being very successful, and they can be cruel and hurtful.

    Carry On, You are doing a Great Job!

    Cheryl H.

  151. Susan Robertson

    Yes, in the few weeks since I joined in learning from you I have been encouraged by the feeds I have been able to tap into despite the technical complications (no flash player on iphone, and not a strong enough ISP signal to stream video). Thank you for providing enough alternative venues for me to be able to find the encouragement you iffer!

  152. Joseph A. Ennis

    Hi Anthony,yes my wife and I like you tremendously! I recently suffered a stroke,so I have a lot to catch up on! Please keep up the good work. ps; the videos are great.


  153. Todd Lawdermilk

    I like what you are doing but I still do not understand really how to get started. I like your weekly Success Connections. I just need help getting started.

    Thanks for all you do.

  154. Karen

    Anthony, I truly love you but I have been very confused on where to get started. I would love to be a part of your program. I am disabled with M.S. and can no longer work as a nurse. Therefore, my income has been deeply affected. I have loved watching you, initially on television and now on the videos I bought and here online.
    Thank you for your help.

  155. Jerome Santos

    Hi Anthony.

    To be honest, your a great leader and humble person. Despite what you have now, your feet is still in the ground. You never left your student but what you did, you joined yourself with us and help us to be same with you. To teach us what the best thing to do for our future. I salute what you have Sir Anthony…

    God bless u always…

  156. Eileen Vacirca

    That’s the website you provided to us. Yes, I like you very much. From when I read your book showing how you got into internet marketing. It showed me that you have moral integrity, a characteristic I appreciate.

    Sometimes you’re long winded with the e-mail videos when you are presenting a tool you or Adrian created for the business. I think these videos are really not for someone who has entered the level 3 program. I think they are for people who have just bought the initial book about internet marketing and you need to show them there are tools to accomplish the different aspects of the business. I believe I have most of the tools but they are not called the same thing. For instance, CPV Domination. I do believe it is included with Adversuite and I have been using it. I get all these e-mails and I’m not sure if they are for me or not. I don’t believe they are except for the Success Connection.
    Also, the tool you use for the videos (except Success Connection) called Flowplayer stinks. It takes about 15 minutes to load if at all. You use it on all the videos in myaffiliate builder and in adversuite and in the e-mails I get. The other thing I don’t like about the video e-mails is that you cannot go forward or back. I have expressed these concerns before, but have not heard anything.

  157. James B Hannum Jr

    Yes, I’m in your corner. I started trying to work on my computer and earn a little income and appreciate everything you’ve done. Please keep it up.

  158. DJLadydrummer

    Hi Anthony…

    I started Affiliate Marketing after purchasing your books. I STILL follow and listen to success connection every week. I have learned sooo much. I do experience frustration, but I always learn from your vids. Truly appreciate what you do !

  159. Jess


    Your training and dedication are beyond reproach. You do more for your clients than any other affiliate marketing program offer out there by far. My problem is that i am broke and everything seems to come down to one more “small” investment to do it right. I’ve been learning from you and trying to make it on my own on thin air. it all seems to come down to the list and traffic. More on generating those when you starting from scratch would be great.

  160. Paul van Schilfgaarde

    It is tax season so I don’t have time to say anything more than “keep doing what you’re doing.” Thanks.

  161. Howard Dambrose

    Hi Anthony! I really like the time I spend listening to you! It always feels like you are talking specifically to me! I just need to spend more time with you ,so it will keep me motivated!

  162. Sharon

    Yes, I’m so glad I found you. I try not to miss any of your trainings and am looking forward to when I have earned enough money to be able to buy some of your software you offer. I also really appreciate your honesty and the fact that your language is clean. I’ve been on trainings where every other sentence has a swear word and I must say that it doesn’t impress me, in fact it turns me off. But you have helpful important things to impart and you say them in a nice, kind way without a lot of hype. That is wonderful and very refreshing! Keep up the great work.

  163. Zamo

    Hi Anthony:
    Yes, Mama Zamo really loves you. You are a great teacher and inspiration. Adrian too! The seminar two weekends ago was fantastic – Just a load of good information for an old lady!
    The only challenge I am facing right now is that my husband has been laid off and we are depending on my disability check for a living. I am asking for start up monies from relatives and friends. I know I want to do this and I can see myself doing it. I will not quit, I will follow your training, videos and advice until I get there. Expect tons of Questions from me. Internent Rookie!
    I am still on the 30 days – driving massive traffic in order to make money. I will not quit! I will follow your training, videos and advice until I get there. Keep up the good work and may God bless you for helping others!

  164. Bill Munro


    I hope that you’re having a wonderful start to the week. Your teachings are
    very inspirational, and I look forward to everything that you teach. You make
    things so simple and easy to understand, for the new people who are just
    entering the Internet Business to those whose been in it for a while.

    You can feel your energy, and zest for what you’re teaching. Unfortunately,
    do to my medical condition, I haven’ t been able to hear the last 3 Webinars.
    Is there any way that I can see them? At any rate, keep up the good work.


    Bill Munro

  165. Henrique Nyankale

    Hi Anthony!

    I really enjoy your teaching. Thanks for all you are doing to help me. My progress? Having been laid off and having a wife with disability, I am still struggling to get started. Still, I am not discouraged. I will press on until I succeed.

    Please keep up the good work.

  166. carol k gardner

    hi anthony yes I like u are very good teacher me something to learn how to make money online but I am still work on it since. u are good doing as well thanks u for information with me

  167. Barbara moore

    Hello Anthony i love all your training and all your help and thank you for been in my life for 5 years now and i am still here and i am still learning all i can from you you are a good teaching and god bless you

  168. Cecilia

    Anthony, what you wear tells me that you are very down to earth and feel very comfortable and a caring person. Tee shirts are appropriate and there is nothing wrong with what you wear.
    Now, I love your teaching. I am just trying to tie the parts and understand what I need to do to be successful in affiliate marketing. Please keep up the wonderful work and the webinars on SWA are awesome. Please continue your teaching.

  169. El Dee James

    Anthony I love your Success Connection. Every week I learn something new. The Webinars are great and all the emails with things to watch are great. I hope I will finally get my business going and start making some money. I have had a real long road and terrible experiences with all the people I trusted to help me so I hope this time you do help me and you are the person I think you are. Thank You for all the great training.

  170. Ernest & JoAnn Reyes

    Anthony it is all good Your OK We like you We thank you for your hard work, but we are sill working out the on the computer, we are still tying to work it out, bout off us have back problem can’t seat for long time and times are hard money is tight, So thank you for all your help but if you won’t stop hipline it’s all good slow i’m learning from the tips videos we will get there one day, Don’t weary We like you and Adrian man OK Aloha JoAnn & Ernest

  171. Bruce Bell


    The trainings the past few weeks have been very valuable (you really have gone into great detail on driving traffic) Keep up the quality trainings.

  172. Carol S

    Anthony, you’re the most genuine guy I have come across in this field. I have followed you since 2009 and you have remained consistent in your passion for helping us succeed. The only time I earn in affiliate marketing is when I put your advice to practice…You are so very humble despite the phenomenal skills you have and are not afraid to share. YES…I Like you and all that you do –

  173. mark ortman

    Thanks for ll the valuable training and you’re very good teacher and with the right training, will make money online.
    Thank you,

  174. Sheela Kalawar

    I have just joined Success with Anthony and I think you are a great teacher!!

  175. Kong Sourivong

    Yes, Anthony Iike I your teaching , I learn some things I never learn before.

    Some day I will make money from you.

  176. Brent Kasper

    our training is as it should be, dealing with what works for you. I also like the
    fact that you seek our feedback, this will improve your performance by being
    able to address problems that others may have. keep it relevant. good work!

  177. Edgar Fullbright

    Jesus asked Peter a similar question three times in a row using a different Greek word for love getting deeper each time. Peter, “do you love (eros)(agape)(phileo) me”. Peter had to respond three times before he got it right and his third response was “yes Lord, you know I love you” (using the deepest word for love he could muster meaning I surely do love you with all my heart.

    So, Yes Anthony, We (my wife and I) really, really do like, liker, and likest you and your teachings a bunch! Just keep pouring on the love, love, love, brother. We appreciate what you are doing for us. Thank you!

  178. Betty L Crabtree

    Hi Anthony – It has been 20 months since I made my first contact and ordered your books and joined Anthony I have found that
    you have much patience with your students. I’ve watched as you have
    become a relaxed educator sharing your knowledge with us. Doing what
    you love to do, and it shows.

    The jacket you have on looks very nice. Your Success With Anthony
    tee shirts are motivating.

    I have always found you to be truthful – the sure mark of a honest man.

    Do I like you – you bet I do. I treasure my Golden Ticket.

    BettyL Crabtree aka Ruffles the Clown

  179. Elmer

    I like you, follow you, watch for success connection and am thoroughly getting a lot out of Learn With Anthony course I’m doing. I only wish there was a way to down load it so I wouldn’t lose it. If there is please let me know I haven’t figured that out yet.

  180. Nick

    Hi Anthony, The knowledge that I am gaining is great
    I just can’t see me failing all I have to do is implement what I learn
    Thanks for your help in moving me foreword

  181. Daniel D Magniza Jr

    Hi Anthony,
    yes your are a very likable person and you are sincere to share your knowledge about internet business money making…just don’t know where I come short about my success in doing it.
    I will hang in there no matter what.

  182. Melody

    Hi Anthony, Yes, I Iove watching the success connection. I like your teaching. I enjoy watching the success connection. Melody.

  183. Thomas Griffin


    Do I Like You?

    You seem to be a very affable, and likeable person. You come across in your videos as a sincere and caring person who appears to have considerable practical knowledge concerning internet marketing techniques.

    As you become more famous do not allow your ego self to become ungrounded. Balance yourself with friends from different circles; where money and power don’t influence “why people like you or want to be with you”

    Stay in touch with your inner GOD voice> be yourself and continue to help others>

    I would love to meet you sometime. Im rereading your books Ive purchased with a less skeptical mind. I would love to do the nuts and bolts techniques you were showing some different people on video where you showed results on newly set up accounts over a 24 hour period. Ive worked hard my whole life; but not necessarily smartly.

    Keep on keeping ON!!!


    Mike Griffin

  184. Michelle

    You always make me think outside of the box! Which, in turn, is very helpful!
    Thank You!

  185. Patrick

    Hi Yes Your A Great Guy And Educator AsweL..Kudo’s Keep Bringing out the good stuff you doo..cheer’s Patrick

  186. charles adams

    yes I like you. I will have to be honest I bought in on you from seeing you on TV. I have not taken advandage of anything yet. I got in so as to learn some things for after I retired which will be in ten months. I wanted to have something to do after that. I am planning on getting started in a few months. Keep up the good work and I think I will be able to use your advice as time will be more on my side.

  187. Kenneth Murray

    Yes sir Anthony you give us some super training and advise on making money. I’m not to the point of making alot yet, but i hope soon I will be able to. Thanks for everything.


    I like your teaching because you help me to know more things about business on line,I will like you to continue with the teaching, some times I do not get to see some of your teaching, because it do show up in another page which I can not get into.I do not mind if you e-mail me about the program at any time as ,once I am able to see and read it.

  189. tina waldrop

    i truly appricate your dedication to me and the dedication to your own business which lends support to all the ones w/ dreams of being self-sufficient, self sustaining.Useful to others in a positive way. the emails in my name weekly inspires me not to give up. I’m in a better place w tools i need to be successful. internet and a little time to lend to my business. Thank you Thank you

  190. Teresa

    Anthony I do like you and what your doing. But as you said life can get in the way. I only ordered your book awhile ago because I had lost my job and that was all I could afford at the time. Although I wished that I could have ordered more and feel I would be further along. I have saved all of your videos but I feel I will never be able to catch up. I will be honest with no job, it has held me back a bit. I’m afraid that I will have to spend a lot of money I don’t have in order to make the money you say we can make. My biggest wish would be to be able to meet with you to maybe be able to get a better insight and understanding; as you see I’m not that computer knowledgeable. That really scares me! P.S. Wish I was brave enough to jump right in!

  191. Chris D Wells

    Of course I do like you. You are very inspirational, and I have no reason not to like you. You seem to be down to earth, easy going, and in essence, very likeable. Only one thing different between you and I, and that is that you have found your niche, whereas, I am still looking for mine. Believe it or not, it still takes some money to make money. Having the knowledge does not mean much if you do not have the money to follow through with your dreams. I do wish you the best though!

  192. Betty H

    Anthony, your training videos are absolutely awesome. So much content! I really have learned so much from you and want to thank you so much.

  193. Kay Sargent

    Anthony, I was wondering if you are involved with the Success Institute?

  194. Steve


    I have bought several of your products and have tried to implement them online. I am still having problems getting conversions. What is the trick to getting conversion. I have even copied some of your campaigns that were offered through the training courses and still no conversions. Please I need to know how to get conversions I am about to go bankrupt. Keep up your teaching. You are one of the reasons why I have not quit after a year of failure. Thanks again.

  195. Yury

    Thank you, Anthony for all your efforts!
    I really hope that training class with you, I am looking forward to start tomorrow, will change my life.
    I am an optimistic, with “can do” attitude person. Can’t wait to meet you in person!

  196. Sharon Nye

    I have really gotten behind in my training, so this is late in coming. However, if you continue to check your messages, I hope you will get mine and know that I really appreciate all your information and training. I do like you and wish I could actually meet you. I also wish I could afford some one-on-one training, but I cannot, unfortunately.

  197. Derryl

    Hi, Anthony … I highly respect what you do and I appreciate it. I just
    haven’t had much time to look at the stuff because I’ve been busy with
    alot of things but in terms of what you do … I highly respect that. I
    think you’re a great source for marketing and I would like to watch more
    of your stuff sometime … and perhaps maybe in the next week or so
    if I’m not too busy … maybe I’ll get around sometime a bit more to
    watch more of your videos. Keep up the great work.

  198. Kathy

    Anthony I like you and your approach because you are honest and you connect to us this way. You are very intelligent person and with a good heart. I’m basing this on your blogs and videos. I purchased your books a while back and I’ll be honest it was way above me at that time. I’m learning as I watch your videos, attend your Webinars and I have purchased a couple of your software that I can afford. I still have a ways to go but I like that I received emails from you to keep me inform on what is the latest. One of these days I would like to meet you in person. I met your brother Adrian on one of the workshop he taught in our area. He is also a nice person like you. God Bless you always and I want you to know that you are a blessing to us.

  199. Sylvia

    I have been following you for well over two years. I trust you; you are a true teacher. Your LeadGen and of recent CPV Domination Softwares and your webinars are great. I’m more than convinced that the answer to successful online business is softwares (the right tools) and most important, education. You explain everything in a very easy to follow language. I always look forward to your emails, your blogs & the Success Connection videos. Thank you.

  200. Ipe Pereira Da Silva

    Yes Anthony, I really like you. You are a great friend and teacher! I have learned a lot from you. Thank you very much!

  201. Cindy

    Hi Anthony! I don’t just like you, I love you! You seem like such a sweet guy, and truly caring about those you are teaching. You had amazing parents who taught you so well and encouraged you in all your endeavors, and now you are returning the favor by passing all your knowledge along to those of us who wish to become true entrepreneurs.

    And please, don’t change the way you dress! It really shows how, even though you are so successful, you are still a laid-back, down-to-earth and casual kind of guy who doesn’t consider himself “elevated” above anyone else. Someone I can really relate to, and really appreciate. Thanks a million for all the time and effort you spend trying to help people succeed, and I continue to wish you the best in everything!

  202. James Waters

    I like what you do and what you teach about success in your classes. We can always learn more.

  203. Teresa Scanlan

    Hi Anthony, yes mys husband and I like you very much. I purchased your book long time ago, I wished I would followed that only.You give excellent information.
    I have not made any money yet. I bought several programs,but the problem they do not ell you every thing you need to know.
    I just bought your program of the software for advertisement I have not been able to do some of the things because I extended myself with time and money.
    MY wish is to make some money soon!
    I want to help people specially the Veterans, I fell band when I cannot contribute to them, need t o help my family etc.

  204. julia mako

    I really enjoy these short lessons. I’m just starting and am a little overwhelmed in a good way. I’m not sure what to do first. I want to start capturing emails at the same time as trying to post ads.

  205. Susanne Besancon

    Anthony, You are the best! It is great that you are helping us to try, & make money, in marketing; Thank you. I am currently studying your book “Advertising Profits From Home” , & I hope to be able to start generating some income relatively soon.

  206. Joe Bosch

    Yes I like what’ you’re doing and once I have a site with lots of traffic, I’ll be able to take advantage of your wisdom and put these ideas to good use, HOWEVER as long as my site has virtually no traffic, it’s not going to move forward, so I’m stuck.


  207. Baby Shower

    Its such as you learn my mind! You appear to grasp a lot about this, such as you wrote the guide in it or something. I think that you simply can do with some p.c. to force the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.

  208. Destin, Online, Marketing

    It’s really a great and useful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  209. prostate

    You really cause it to sound simple using your display however to discover this disorder to become really something i always come to feel I’d personally certainly not fully grasp. It sort of feels very complex and very massive for me. We’re eager for your future posting, I’ll try to get the cling from it!

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