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Email Profits

Email Profits

It doesn’t matter how many new social media sites are introduced, and it doesn’t matter how popular sharing and mobile becomes on the Web. No matter what, email is still the preferred communication medium by a wide margin.

In fact, while a recent survey indicated that companies are planning on increasing their marketing spending this year on email, social and mobile, email topped the list.  Planning to increase marketing spending for:

  • Email – 56%
  • Social media – 52%
  • Mobile – 43%
  • Search – 40%

Email is still the best way to reach a targeted prospect or customer, offer them your products and services, and make involvement or a purchase easy for them.  However, successful email marketing requires a combination of best practices and marketing techniques.

  • The right platform – both blast mass emails and drip scheduled email marketing require a robust platform with features that enhance lead capture.
  • Email construction – from the wording of the subject to the careful crafting of the message, especially the first sentence or two, getting emails opened instead of trashed is crucial.
  • Calls-to-action – once emails are open, what actions do you want your recipients to take and how are you encouraging them to do so?

Those are the “big 3” considerations and you must do them all well.  Doing them well will result in marketing success to a degree.  However, if you want more than just a degree of success, there are a number of resources and strategies that we’ve tested and perfected in our years of email marketing.

Our “done for you” email technique – a highly successful method of providing turn-key solutions to your recipients that they will value and buy.  We’ve created a highly successful program to provide easy solutions in email marketing that get the desired results.

Mistake emails – this strategy takes advantage of people’s curiosity and desire to see you succeed.  We show our students how to implement this strategy for amazing email marketing success.

Secretive emails – the first thing someone wants when they realize there’s a secret is to find out what it is.  We’ve created a success strategy for using the secret as a marketing tool.

What are your email marketing goals?  We can help, so why not give us a call or sign up?

Click, Send & Profits Course Now!

Click, Send & Profits Course Now!


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