1. William Roberts

    I think the lack of Determination and the FEAR of success is what has held me back. Now I just broke. but still Optimistic. That I will succeed someday soon. Thank you for pointing out the one thing that was in my blind spot. :~)

  2. Pamela

    To Anthony:

    Thank you for the video on being motivated.

    I really would like to make money online, but I do need some help
    with it. I am just learning, so it will take me some time to do it.

    If you could send me the program you are talking about I will do
    it everyday. I really would like to do it.

    Thank you very much

    Pamela Storr

  3. Laurie

    I have been sitting on this for a very long time! I do have Adrian’s books and have started to read them yet I can’t help feeling out of sorts per say! I am kinda scared, excited to learn and brand spankin new 😉 (and kinda don’t know what I’m doing. Looking forward to learning!

  4. Everett Arnett

    Man I thought I was the only one who thought I have failed, but your right you must keep trying. Staying engaged is the key. I just had some sucess and I’m going to keep going.

  5. morena engelking

    Hi Anthony,

    Awesome topic on today’s Success Connection! So very true…It hits home…

    I agree Success is a combination of all three, Education plus Motivation and Determination.. Never to quit and keep trying till you get results!!

    Thanks again Anthony, this really uplifts me today.. I needed this!


  6. Ken M

    I enjoyed your video today. I am in my phone training with PMI and this is being very helpful to me. I hope I’ll be up and running in a couple more weeks.
    Thanks again

  7. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    So many things have been going on lately but finally I am getting myself back on track. I do have the education and the motivation. I want more education now because the more education, the more motivated I become because I want to try it. I am determined to be successful. I have to work on my determination which is a big factor in success. This point really hit home. I have to be more determined. If I try something and I fail, I am ready to walk away. It is like the old adage: If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. From now on, that is what I will do; just keep on trying.

    Thanks Anthony for this wonderful success connection every week!!

    Have a great weekend!!

    By the way, I have a very hard time seeing the names of the winners these past couple of months. I don’t know why. No names appear below the video.

  8. Yevonne

    I am the queen of the OPS, well that was not bright, why did you not think that though, should have done that differently, etc. You have to do it and make the mistakes to learn. That being said, I am getting rich this year. Dedicated and determined!

  9. John Jewett Jr

    Anthony I am a Prime example of all three of the requirements for success, which you have outlined in this Video. I have struggled for the last 5 years to create an income on line. I have spent thousands of dollars on software. Studied, practiced, and motivated myself to keep going. Last year I decided to put my “eggs” in your basket, I KNOW I can and will be successful. Thank for your willingness to stay in touch with those who trust and respect you for your honesty and caring and continued commitment to our success!
    John Jewett

  10. Rose

    It hit home your comment about not giving up an letting one “failure” determine your business success. Thank you

  11. Roberta

    I have the educaion. If fact I think I have too much education. I am one of those that keeps trying to learn new things, but there are so many new things to learn I lose focus on concentrating on one strategy and trying to make that work.
    I think one webinar I watched called it info overload.
    I have education, I have motivation and I think from there is where I lose focus and never quite succeed.

    Thank you,


    Hi Anthony Morrison!
    You have been very modest on praises my a person, but if You are suppose that I should become your rival,then it’s the very high compliment for me.

  13. Rita Rodriguez

    Thank you Anthony for reaffirming the vision. This morning I was reviewing in my head to change up the ads & keep looking for new companies to promote. You lead well sensai.

  14. verna longendyke

    Andrew,I fell on some concrete steps messed up my ankle.
    now I am having to keep it elevated all day.I can take down for a while in the am an again n the pm.I do not have a lap top ,only a desk top. which makes it hard to get much time on the computer..I will have this problem for 8 to 10 weeks maybe longer..
    I have the motivation and the determination. What I need very bad is the EDU which I am tying to get by following your instructions I am afraid I am going to get behind ….
    Thanks for all your Help…. …Jus hope I can keep up

  15. terry miller

    I agree determination, this is a very important ingredient. if you don’t have it you will stifle yourself, we all need more of it.

    stay focused

  16. Ben Benson

    Hi Anthony, Yes I agree with you to be successful you must have those three thing. Along with them if you stay persistant you cannot fail. Thanks for the continued tips.

    Best regards,

    Ben Benson

  17. Robert Ahnert

    Hi Anthony!!!
    Great tidbits of information. I think I have all three, I just need to get that first step done.

  18. Tanya

    I’m so thankful u still send me emails. Recently found out, at age 62, I’m going to be single again. And since I am unable to work hard like I uses to, I an definitely in the market for alternative money makers. In a month or two, I will be ready to get started. Right now, I will be busy discarding my old life. Thank you for not giving up. You are my kind of people. Giving up has never been an option for me. Just had no idea my stresses were too big before now. Later

  19. michael davis

    Anthony–thanks for all the suggestion–I am motivated for sure- however
    I need to try more–make mistakes & learn from them/Regards/MikeDavis

  20. Alan Olson

    Very basic but to the point as always! 🙂 You supply the education we need, we have the motivation or we would not be here so it is the “determination” that makes or breaks success. Another video on methods to surmount challenges, to continue forward after mistakes, etc would be helpful to many I think….

  21. Joann Shaw

    Anthony, I only have this website. I am learning what and how to do things.
    You are a great motivator. I am doing the education and I am motivated very much. I need to get more motivated.
    I am bogged down with issues of health and wealth. I am breaking free and for me it is a slow process.
    I need more teachers like you that steady the course of the travel.
    I am going a little bit straighter now due to your educating me, and I really
    thank you for that.
    I wish I knew when the trainings were, I just pick an email and hope that is what I chose.
    Thank you for your time and energy.

  22. Luis A. Deleza

    Professor Anthony, yes you are right like always. I have the 1st two down but I need to get the 3rd one going.I just need to quit making excuseses and just START! Thanks for the Video Blog Anthony, and GOD BLESS YOU!

  23. Drew Sherlock

    Very true,alot of us find it hard to stay motivated and keep pushing
    onward.Anthony I will try hard this year to stay determined and motivated
    so i can be succsessful on the internet in th year 2013.

  24. Xin Guan

    Education needs money and consistancy, motivation is not a problem right now but needs determination to break through the obstacles.

  25. Chuck

    Great suggestions. I needed this to get me thinking along the “Determination” line. Take the mistakes and learn from them! Great advice.
    Thank You.

  26. Susan Smith

    I have the education part covered. I had the motivation and determination but due to recent events have lost my drive. I am back in the saddle and ready to give it another go. Thank you Anthony for all your support and knowledge.

  27. Ellison Rhodes

    I am just getting started and your teachings are tremendous. Please keep doing it.


  28. Stanley Sludikoff

    Been in publishing business over 42 years. Have your three “must haves.” Just need to adjust my time schedule as we already have a long term going business.

  29. GT

    Anthony your words are words of inspirational wisdom that are used in daily life. I know that these tactics are what get me through my everyday job. Thank you for expressing them for all to hear.

  30. Carla N. De Petris

    You are right. The most important thing is determination. Without that
    and a lot of that, very seldom you reach the goal that you desire
    Thank you for remind us.

  31. Richard Dabney

    I purchased your book and I also attended one of your sessions, but I just don’t know how to get started. I’am really interested.
    Please help


  32. colleen

    I read the education web site alot and I am very motivated there are days when I am determent but then they are days I feel I am just not getting any place in this business no matter how hard I work on it. I will try harder since you put it the way you did today…Thanks..

  33. Joe Burke

    Determination seems to be the key. It seems that many successful Internet Marketers have said that when they were about to give up that they held on and then the break through happened. Sometimes it’s a mindset, sometimes it a piece of software and sometimes and ad or landing page hit the right target and years of work start to fall into place.

  34. Linda Davis

    Great information ! I just purchased the program , Masstrafficx last night so I think it will be a great help with list etc. Thanks !

  35. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    Great video this week. For me it is the lack of knowledge that I am having an issue with in creating an online business. Once I get started the motivation and determination is second nature. I tend to strive for perfection for myself in whatever I do. That drives me crazy at times. I do not have much patience because I want to succeed more than anything. Right now I am still a full time college student with not much time right now to devote to an online business. I want to start the process and work with what time I have at the moment to begin my business. Due to the field I am studying (Criminal Justice) and involved in having a face book or twitter account is not advised at the moment. So I leave you a response anyway knowing I cannot enter your contests. I do agree with you about being educated to learn how to do this business. My goal is to become successful at doing this business. I need to spend my time properly and make the most money I can with the time I have to give at this moment. My bills and my desire to be financially wealthy is my Motivation and Determination. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  36. Chad Norman

    That was great! I’m trying to put together a motivation website.

    That was right on key Anthony! Now you are getting information out there to teach us well.

    The further you go into detail, the more I’m liking this Success Connection!

    Can you do a video on making your blog and/or your website look nice and uniquely different?????

    Keep up the great video’s!

  37. Emma

    I am educating myself with your videos, I am motivated, but I sometime lack the motivation, however, when I think of my goals, that catapult me onward. Thank you for your weekly pearls of wisdom.

  38. Sandra Stiles

    Anthony, I have enjoyed all your Success Connections training and trying to do everything that you taught. I have had some health problems but as soon as they get better I am going to get into it full force when I can spend more time getting it all set up. I am going to try to get this on facebook and tweeter but don’t know exactly if I know how or not. Thanks, Sandra

  39. tek

    Hi Anthony,
    The three things you mentioned above, is good tips, I have been at affiliate marketing with your team over 2 years virtually no income generated.
    Last few seminars of level one and two have been great.
    I have not done anything with any of marketing for 1 month due to family commitments. If we have gradual simple steps to learn I think would make hell of difference in getting motivated??.and made some return.
    PS I always open your blogs from Day 1. Just for your info.
    regards tek

  40. Frank Aliperti

    Hello Anthony. I frist want to say thank you for your weekly blogs. I think there are great. You make everything i am leaning much more understandable. And when your coming from a backround like me not that on line savy.its a big boost.Your weekly blog motorvaties me and i would think most of your viewers. Thanks again.P.S I do have one question. You’ve emailed me several different systems. How do i know which one to follow through with. FA.

  41. Tim Pooler

    Hello Anthony! I have been following you for about 3yrs now i purchased some of your software 3yrs back( the dealsmall site) i didnt have much success. I didnt do anything for that 1st yr and was a little discouraged with the process! I knew there had to be a way with making money online so i stayed motivated and got more educated. I followed people like you and carol amato, i only used a few resources so as not to get to confused. Carol finally set me strait on how to actually go about setting up a website. so the 2nd yr i setup a site but didnt do much with it but i kept learning about the process! it is not a get rich over night thing and people need to factor that in. I am proud to say i just launched a new site on Dec9th 2012 and because i stayed determined i took the steps necessary my new site is starting to see some traffic! It was little to nothing in the begining 3 to 5 visitors a day at first, i keep putting good content on my site and i now have about 20 to 50 visitors a day. This is not paid traffic it is organic that makes me feel realy good, what a boost in confidance that i stuck with it and keep learning. As i have not made any money to date online i stay determined i know its just a matter of time! Thanks to YOU and people like Carol who continue to help determined people like me become successful! GOD BLESS YOU

  42. carol kay gardner

    congratulation anthony many thanks for information with me and want join u again this year

  43. Larry

    Motivation is my problem. I’m not trying hard enough. Thank you for your comments on determination.

  44. Chad Norman

    Can you do a video on the Success Connection, to show people how to make blogs and websites uniquely different?

    Keep up the good work! This last video was great!

  45. Larry Schmitz

    I am making mistakes, the problem is I do not know what the mistakes are. All I know is that it is not working. I have not figured out why. It could be that I have just picked the wrong offers?????? Will be at your office Monday morning for the 3 days of mentoring. I can not wait! I do hope that I get to meet you in person next week.Feb 4-6, 2013

  46. Marcia Brown

    Anthony, you do a great job of teaching us about the process needed to become successful! The three steps you discuss here are absolutely right on!

    In analyzing myself, I’d say I continue to do a good job of continuing to educate myself. I may not be doing my lessons every day, but I am always reading blogs in my niche area or in the area of affiliate marketing. I am part of several discussion groups, which also allows me to learn from others. When I do work on my lessons, I set aside an extended amount of time so that I can accomplish what I need to to complete the lessons and action items.

    I also read when I can. I won a copy of Tim Ash’s book Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions at Affiliate Summit West this year, so I am reading that to help educate myself on how to make my landing pages better.

    I do a pretty good job of staying motivated as well, because I need to make money to complement my retirement and part-time job income. Sometimes my husband’s health or my own gets in the way a bit, but I try to get back to work after a set back as soon as I can.

    One thing I need to focus more on is my niche website and blog. I need to put more time each week into planning changes to my website and writing posts for my blog. I want to rethink my schedule, be consistent with writing, and figure out a better way to organize my website.

    Sometimes I add more time during my week to educate myself more thoroughly even revisiting and reviewing lessons I have already completed in order to become more proficient at a certain skill.

    I am determined to make my business of affiliate marketing successful, but I am slowed down sometimes by mistakes or ads not performing as I’d like. However, I take a step back, take a look at what I am doing, check to see if I have omitted steps in the process or whether I need to add some steps, and try to keep moving.

    I consider problems or mistakes as a puzzle to figure out, and I absolutely LOVE puzzles!

    Thanks for this opportunity to be considered for the software testing. I’d love to beta test it, and would put my best into it.

    Thanks for all you do to help us and keep us motivated!

  47. Marc Montaniel

    Making mistakes in affiliate marketing could be costly based on my four-month experience so far. There were times when I wanted to give up due to these costly mistakes. However, I don’t want to sacrifice my long-term goal of financial independence to this sheer short-term gratification. So, I make myself a mental note to always, always learn from my mistakes by analyzing where I went wrong and resolving how to avoid making those same mistakes for the future. Anthony mentioned visualization as a key success component. I wholeheartedly agree that this is one way that will help me avoid making those costly mistakes in the long run.

  48. Amy Torres

    Hi Anthony,
    It took me a long to realize my website was functioning as a brochure and not a sales tool. FINALLY, we added a capture box with a freebie. But that freebie wasn’t that enticing. So we tried another. You’re right that we could have called these failures. There were periods when the list-building wasn’t building. But little by little, we kept trying different things and our business is taking off–slow but steady wins the race 🙂 BTW, I don’t mean wins the race against other people. I build my business in a sharing way, as I think you do, so the only “competition” is me measuring my progress against myself.
    Best of luck to everyone!

  49. Mike Muraca

    I have always felt that there is a trilogy of mistakes:

    1, It was a learning experience. If you again fail,

    2. You did not learn anything and you try again and still fail.

    3. You just do not understand and should try some other course for success.

    The other course is more education.

    The three steps do not indicate that you will not succeed but only serves to reinforce the need for more education, The motivation is defined by your trying.

  50. Elwood


    Great video! DETERMINATION is the Key. I appreciate the way you make this point stand out by comparing w/education & motivation. Thanks for reminding me that mistakes are part of the growing process, are to be expected and should never be viewed as failures. I am now more open (determined) to getting going and making a few mistakes.

  51. Janice

    Hi Anthony,
    I love all your webinars
    When is your group coming to Vancouver, BC this year?
    My friend & I want to take the 3 day training program
    appreciate any help – thanks

  52. James Waters

    I think that I am to some degree educated, motivated and determined. I know that I need to increase my education, my motivation, and my determination. Thank you for the reminder.

  53. frank senner

    very good information anthony!i will remember to use whatever i do.

  54. Oleg L

    Thank you for giving a chance to refresh my mind.
    I have gone through Education, did not follow up with Motivation immediately after. So I procrastinated. Thanks to my mentor I have got Motivation but then did not follow up due to the fears and negative thoughts. These days I’m making steps every day to overcome those obstacles and continue with Determination. You rightly said – it is a road with bumps. Thank you again for helping all of us to grow.

  55. Dina Protin

    Hi Anthony,

    I recently attended Adrian’s 3 day class in Orlando and learned alot. I have been doing your program for the past year and have made my share of mistakes. But I know I can do this and will not stop trying. Thank you for these weekly pep talks.

  56. Dorothy Duprey

    Determination is the key. It is so easy to give up and much harder to stay the
    course. Thanks for the encouragement and support!

  57. Tonya Von Hoene

    Thnk you Anthony, I’m still determined, glad I’ve found more of you information

  58. fred

    Man, have I been making mistakes but I am determined to keep learning and stay motivated so I can get that first sale on-line.Thanks.

  59. Joseph Pappas

    I enjoyed the video Anthony and I believe I have those three keys to success. I am just a little unsure of where to begin in every kind of marketing and was wondering if you had any tips for me?

  60. Rob

    Thanks so much for the clear summary of education, motivation and determination. All very important, especially as how it relates to entrapreneurial businesses. I can relate to each and every one of your points. I agree that failure, if learned from, is the stepping stone to success.
    I belive that Thomas Edsion failed over 1,000 times in his quest to make the electric light bulb.

  61. Bob Vawter

    Anthony I have the motivation, and determination thanks for providing the rest.

  62. Roy Bullock

    Absolutely a dead on presentation. Education, Motivation, Dedication and a generous amount of good luck and help makes for success.
    The help in the form of excellent videos, software and phone contact with a very helpful PMI mentor should make this old guy a winner at on-line marketing.

  63. Cindy

    Hello Anthony!
    Failures, I have had plenty of them! But the key to them are you ALWAYS learn some thing from them that you will never forget to do differently next time! Look at them with the aspect that you are very close to victory because when failure fights the hardest is when you are closest to a true break through. Your program is HARD WORK, but I do not think I have ever been diligent with it because I am so proud of what I’ve accomplished.
    Thank you,
    Cynthia Lawson

  64. Minnie M Springs

    I went to the meeting last Friday Feb 1st enjoyed it very much but I so wanted to meet you and was a little disapointed. I now am going to the meetings Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Dallas I don’t have the address I think they told me they would mail it. I hope they don’t forget me because I don’t know where I am going. There are a lot of things I want understand and they will have to hold my hand. I am willing to learn as long as I have backup help that want leave me dangling because this is all new to me. I want to succeed. Thanks Anthony. Minnie Springs

  65. Frank Kingman

    Hi Anthony, You are certainly rright on with the three elements of success. In addition to these though, what is most helpful to me is the coaching I get after the 3 days in MS and the tech support that is available. Your mentors/coaches are very understanding and willing to come the level that I am at and help me through the fog that I am in and help me work through it. Some things are not intuitively obvious to me and it takes me longer to get it all straight in my head and y our people are very patient in helping me out. I am very determined as long as I can get that personal help to get over some of the hurdles. Thank You much for what you and your people do for me.

  66. Mark Roth

    You are so right Anthony. I learned this as a young boy and have kept it close to my heart ever since. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I have continued being successful because of my persistence and dedication. Again, good stuff, thanks.

  67. Martha Murray

    I have 3 challenges they are as follow:
    1) Finding enough time to spend on my business (I work full-time)
    2) Having money to spend on services, software etc.
    3) Staying motivated

  68. Thomas Gene Vickery

    Hey Anthony! Once again great Video and Info. I’ve been doing them 3 thing’s for a while and starting to get some people to interact with me now. So thanks for all you have put out to help me and other people to. I have now started putting all my stuff together. What I have learn over the years from you and alot of other well non-people and Businesses to create my own system/plan. So I just want to say again Thank you Thank you!!!……………………….

  69. Fred Jordan

    Great topic Anthony. It was like the week before the big game and the game plan is being put in. Motivated by the success of the coach you get the determination to carry out the plan. I’m motivated and determine to make it as an online marketer. I will take a risk and learn from my mistakes and get going.

  70. Greg Gude

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. It’s always nice to be reminded to stay focused on the outcome you want and “failures” are just one more step to accomplishment. Although nobody likes to get it wrong, but getting it wrong helps you learn what to do right, better.

  71. Whitney

    I like the simple, yet powerful instruction of this video. I plan to share it with all of my FB groups.

  72. Bill Munro


    What you went over really makes sense. Failures should be thought of as a learning experience., which is a positive way of looking at failure. You should never give up, because if you do, you’ll never know how close you are to succeeding.

    When you look at failure as a learning experience, it takes the Fear out of equation. A favorite saying that I am constantly thinking about is that
    ” Quitters Never Win, and Winners Never Quit.” I look forward to each and every day, learning something new about Affiliate Marketing, and making new friends and contacts.”Network Marketing is A Contact Sport.”

    To Our Success,

    Bill Munro

  73. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,

    You give such common sense reminders that I enjoy hearing them. Your Success Connection is quick, substantive, and there for folks struggling to find themselves in the Internet Marketing world. There is so much to learn and every day, new things are added. But in the end, the old disciplines still serve to bring us to these new places that open up to us every day.

    I am guilty of not following through. I educate myself, I am motivated to succeed, but my self doubt keeps me from pushing ahead. But I do improve each day and soon, I know, I am just going to close my eyes and go for it! I am working up to it and I can feel it coming.

    You are one of my motivators in getting there, Anthony and I thank you. Your parents should be very proud of you. They raised two great sons in you and Adrian.

    So I give myself a little more time and I will be up and running on my website, I will be helping people to optimize their small space living and enjoy it as much as they would a mansion. What a person can afford can indeed be a castle and just as your goal is to help me and others reach their full potential, my goal will be to help others enjoy where they live and make it the perfect living environment for the rest of their lives. Your help will play a significant part in any success I have. Thank you.

    Beverley Gallimore

  74. Dianne

    I have listened and attended conferences can identify with your topic outlining the 3 keys to success. I am realizing that while I mull over the obstacles to getting started that I feel everything has to be in order and complete etc. I have to now jump in rather that wait for everything to fall into place.

  75. Cecilia

    Anthony thank for the weekly success connections. You are right on point. I am motivated to stay consistent with studying the software and to continue with affiliate marketing.
    Thank you.

  76. Eddy

    I did my first Ad with directcpv using adversuite with no sucess. Can you have a video with Step-by-Step that will be very a big support before I take Level 1. Thank you.

  77. Deniece,

    Education, motivation, and determination I have to be honest my determnation has been lacking lately; but I am working on it once again. I am at the place I am trying rethink my strategy.

  78. Richie Witherspoon

    I’m gonna go over the program again, and again if I have too.

    I have a question. What am I suppose to do with the website I already have?

    I was thinking of making it my own personal website to brand myself.

    Do you think this is a good idea. Please respond.

  79. Cindy

    I just purchased the “Lead Generation Builder from your Webinar. What do I need to have in place to get started before the AWeber acct. and Clickbank? I don’t know how to write an ad and don’t have a website.

  80. Jonee

    I have 2 of your programs now. I just need to read over and get started. I’m very motivated to succeed but am afraid of failure. Thanks for the motivation.

  81. Joao Lins

    Everything that you said about Determination and visualisation I have done it
    and only now with motivation (having a motive) It makes more sense and I feel results

  82. Leonard Perez

    For every major goal/choice in life there are many smaller goals we must meet to get there. Much like the student in school who wants to be an “A” student, those smaller goals might be: doing homework on time, getting enough sleep, pay attention in class, ask questions etc.. For every choice we make there are many smaller ones we must achieve to get there. Identifying those smaller choices is important. I have a goal right now, helping my family out of a problem. I Use Sunday evenings to map out what I need to do that week, what smaller issues must be accomplished to get to where i want to go….I really liked your lesson, I helps me remember how important the smaller steps are to accomplish my goal. Thank You Ideas from Book” 7 Happits of Highly Effective People”


    Good Morning;

    When are these sessions live ? Am I correct that I am signed up?

    I just trying to get the timeing correct.

    I am registered and attend wedinars sometimes I have trouble w/go to if I do I use a phone

    As I said I am just trying to understand all the things I can attend for help with mt Fast trafficSniper
    CPV Domination
    Success w/anthont
    fast Traffic 2.0

    Thanks steve heverly

  84. anita

    thanks a lot for all of the motivations to you and your team, i’m always get my motivation again and again and keep learning, keep doing all the things, untill i get my succeed online, cause there’s a lot of people needs my help here, thanks for all of the knowledge that you and you’re team has already gave to me, it’s very usefull.

  85. Richard E. Darling

    Good afternoon Mr. Morrison and team: Referencing your SC video #146. Interesting, That pretty much what my father told growing up, and in later years, in the military, these concepts were drilled into us as well.
    You obviously have had several good roll models as well. And I appreciate your mentoring. My actual stumbling block has been in the financial part of getting started. But I am slowly finding what I need to increase my forward motion. Thanks again for allowing me to enter your program.

  86. Isaac

    This topic did a lot for me and hopefully others. I’ve been online for five years now off and on. I’ve listen to some of the big time marketers, and I pick up or learn every time something that will help me to understand this industry and how it functions, and how to function in it, and profit from it. I have profited many ways online maybe not making a lot of money, but learning valuable skills to use in the future to profit in terms of making enough money to be able to say to someone that in order for you to make it online you have to be Determine no matter what!

  87. Pearle Pearson

    Hey there Anthony. When I open my first email box each morning, I find that my eyes are scanning the names looking for ANTHONY MORRISON.
    for I know the email will contain information that will help me grow my
    business into a profitable one. The content of your messages keep me motivated to work toward that end. My biggest drawback is the fact that I
    have limited funds to work with which seems to classify me as a wuzzy; a fraidy cat as described in some mails. This is far from the truth. Allow me the working capital and you will find hell bent determination to reach my
    goals in life. Pearle

  88. John Antaya

    I’m very much educated and very much motivated and have now realized, thanks to this video, that my Dedication has somehow taken a bit of a turn and moved to the side of the road. Also because of this video I am ready to move back onto the road again and complete my journey.


  89. Harold Haulbrook

    “HEY’ —–‘I’m” just soaking it all in, –“I’ve” gone forward–“I’ve backed up & un-done”—“Taken” in info;—“Backed away” (rested) when i feel burned out. “I’m” in no hurry. “a” part of my problem is $$$$, “But” that’s o.k. “My” day will come. “I” have a date in mind. So far everything is —to, “Par”–everything should be in place.

  90. Vilma Magureanu

    Hi Anthony,
    I am learning, I am motivated although I made lots of mistakes along the way. And I am determined to have success because of my “why”.
    Thanks for the Success Connection lessons.

  91. Glenn

    Know I have these attributes but have not experienced any success yet but know it will come. On the emails to YouTube campaign so far and will send another 50 emails today. Just going to keep on it until it clicks, don’t know when but looking for my first profit. I will never stop! Thanks Anthony for all the mass of education you have out here as some is harder to understand for us newbies than others. Success is around that corner,


  92. Peter

    Hello Anthony,

    Again you have got it exactly right but there is a problem. Some people just cannot get themselves motivated. They just rely on other people to carry them through life. You can give them all they need to be successful but the one thing you cannot give is determination. Hopefully your message will register with some of those and get them moving forward instead of backwards. Perhaps your message will motivate them to actually do something and maybe some of them will become determined to succeed.


  93. Robert Wallis

    I am very new to affilate marking . I ma taking your courses through PMI school. I am between the eudcation and the motivation . Once I have learned a little more I will be ready to try my first promotion . I cannot wait .

    Thank You
    Robert wallis

  94. Catherine Jones

    This is all so very true. I have been trying and failing at getting traffic. But I am beginning to inch forward into having the “money element” and am hoping to get more knowledge about the tags for SEO. Just beginning the vocabulary is a learning curve for me. Thank You for keeping on with the EDU videos, and webinars. In Gratitiude Catherine

  95. Julia Hastings

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, this is exactly where I am! Still on the learning curve 12 months later, but it is very exciting and great to have Andrew in my corner.
    Keep up the excellent training and thanks.

  96. Michael Wintch

    You hit a home run. If you do not have those three things in anything, usually do not plan on much success. I’,ve played a lot of sports in my younger days, and if you did not know the rules, or you did not apply them and you did not practice, practice, practice, You rode the pine. But even with the above, if you really was not willing to put your heart into it, to leave everything you had out on the field or the floor, you were not the best you could be.

  97. Raymond

    Determination, after starting and stoping in Affiliate Marketing, I decided there is no plan B. This is it learn it, get great at it enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your video today reinforces where I am today as a student. Thank You

  98. El Dee James

    Anthony I feel like I have the motivation and definitely the determination but I am still lacking the education I need to make this all work. This is why I am working with one of your coaches and I hope that I will learn a lot from him and get my business on the right track. You definitely are a motivator.

  99. Betty H

    Anthony, you are to be congratulated for all the content and education that you provide to your members. I have been in other programs (and have learned from them) but you go above and beyond. I love to learn and hope I never ever have to stop. Your generosity alone is motivation to keep on going with your program and at this point, I feel I am right on the edge of success. And yes, I am determined to make a success of this as I can see that goal becoming reality the more I study your courses. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Anthony.

  100. Hazel J Adams

    Hi Anthony,I find all of your videos very helpful.I’m struggling with getting my website activated. But I’m determined this year I will succed.As a newbie I stille have a long way to go,please keep sending good info…

  101. miri

    hi anthony
    that’s right, motivation with determination are the components to a success . the biggest thing is that i find it hard to keep up with the flow in the right time especially when sometimes i find myself behind with a load to catch up ….although, i am greatfull of the keen knowledge you have to share with us , please remember to instruct older crowd with the right tool , a repetitions and vivid visual display of technical instruction is at best .

    thank you a million, miri

  102. mark

    Thank you Anthony,
    I beleive it is very important to have a reminder from someone else to keep ones self in check. Especially when the reminder comes from someone who has traveled down the road you are about to or are currently on.
    Again Thanks for the motivation to stay focused!!

    To Success,

    Mark McCauley

  103. Raymond Langley

    I like coming in here it makes me feel like the little train from the nursery rhymes. The little train that says I can do it I can do it. Me and that little train have a lot in common every time someone tells me you can’t do that it makes my drive even stronger. They don’t know they’re adding fuel to the fire, but they always do when they see the outcome. And coming in here and seeing other people’s success and failures I pray for them and I pray for me and we will succeed.

  104. Sam Sa'd

    Having joined Anthony’s program just very recently, for I am a dedicated if not a freak believer in Success Orientation based on these 3 HAVES and other principals and strategies which I have learned from so many other success Gurus from way back even before internet webinars dominated our lives, such as The Kinder Brothers ( for insurance when I was a top achieving agent with Aetna Insurance in the mid eighties, to Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, even Trump University, and Then Glen Purdey of The Millionaires Mentoring Group of California , Albert L awry, Steve Martel and quite a few others mostly educating real estate investors and providing mentoring, coaching and actual workshops for them, ever since all that, I have achieved substantial success even after having lost everything just once in The severe recessionof 1990.
    But as much as I have rebounded since then, and against very hard odds, I am still not satisfied with my accomplishments through which I maintain a fairly satisfactory standard of living here in Toronto, canada, for at my present age of 75, being still quite active and owning more than one business, I can continue at the pace for not much longer, and I need to ensure my security as well as adequate security for my much younger wife,(8years younger) than me/
    As much as that is a valid reason, let me admit that the habit and satisfaction resulting from that habit of trying to ever be successful and even a top achiever as I have been in most endeavours I have taken on in my life including several different illustrious careers before I became an entrepreneur, all that has become the motivating force that keeps me wanting to learn, to still be coached such that I have ever so enthusiastically and faithfully chose to join Anthony’s program of success on the internet, something rather new for me but will be another endeavour that I intend for all purposes to again be a successful achiever.
    So having listened to this video and absorbed totally the idea of the “Three Haves”, although not new to me, aid just as a refresher, and as a tool to dwell on in re-analyzing myself, as I have done so many times before, will most certainly enable me to have a good head start in my pursuit towards success and making some thing great for myself out of Anthony’s program especially through his staff’s coaching and mentoring program in which I am now enrolled. So Good luck to all.
    I even hope to be a witness of the tremendous value, Anthony has prescribed for genuinely interested individuals who decide or have already decided to take his program, because I am not only a believer in those “Three Haves” – Education ( as related here), Motivation and Determination (encompassing persistence), but also Faith based on accumulated experience that I will achieve my goal of succeeding in generating substantial income (if not wealth) through Anthony’s so generous and yet so comprehensive and genuinely educational program. I say this not to earn points from Anthony or his staff, rather because I honestly do firmly believe it as I have gone through similar other programs and di follow through what they presented, granted not even fully, and yet I have achieved wealth more than three times since the eighties.

  105. Ron Hendrix

    I agree with you 100% and I am determined to learn all that I can to do the best I possible can. I am doing much better this time around and I truly believe I will succeed!!

  106. Michael

    Hi Anthony, yes looking very good to watch.


  107. Mark Peters

    Your words were timely, I needed that kick in the pants. I am getting the teaching I’m learning, but I just having difficulties paying for all of the material. So that is causing me to loose some focus. I certainly have to do something different to remain determained.
    Thanks for the upliftment.

  108. Ipe Pereira Da Silva

    I have Education, I have Motivation and I have Determination!!! But, what I really need are you come to my house and teach me personally! Thank you Anthony

  109. Perry Brown

    Hey Anthony, great advice. Being a real estate investor, that is the same advice that I would give to those that wanted to get in the game. Almost word for word. Most people that fail at something they’re trying to accomplish and fail, will give up and go right back to doing the thing that they hate. Instead of trying to find out why it didn’t work, they just give up. That’s usually when you can consider yourself a failure. So yes. That was right on point. Thanks for bringing that to the person that is really listening to what you’re saying.

  110. Kevin

    Thank you for your motivational video’s I am just starting out and they always give me hope that things will get better. I find with me, that I need to stay motivated, especially when you are just learning something new. I get discouraged at times, but you always present it with enthusiasm and a love for what you do, thank you for presenting these videos to us, I’m not giving up.

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