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imageWhat you know can be your next income stream.  Really, everyone’s an expert at something.  You may not consider yourself an expert, but take some quiet time and assess your life, your previous jobs or career, and your hobbies.  Take a hard look at everything you’ve learned in life and the ways in which you’ve used it.  The things you know are things other people want to know.  Coaching is how you can share that knowledge and make your new business a cash cow.

For every person who has experience in online marketing, dental hygiene, or even quilting, there are dozens or even hundreds of people who want help in learning more about those subjects.  Perhaps they’re starting a new business, or maybe they’re trying to improve their current business.  Even if there is no “certification” process in your area of knowledge, you can convey your ability to help others and gather paying clients.

Something the “gurus” in every field have learned is that people in general aren’t self-starters.  They also may have a strong desire to improve their lives or start a business, but they don’t have the drive or the knowledge of just how to do it.  These gurus in investing, business start-ups, real estate, online marketing and every profitable enterprise are in great demand by those who want to succeed but need some help.

Sports teams need a coach to pull them together and give them a plan of action and help in implementing the plan.  Coaching is valuable in every enterprise.  People who value coaching value it highly, and they’ll pay well for it.  The beauty of coaching as a business is the flexibility and control you have over how, when and where you work.  You don’t have to travel, but you can if you want.  Today’s technology allows you to coach anyone anywhere in the world on the Internet.

Marketing for a coaching business has never been more effective than it is now with the social media sites.  Getting the word out about your area of expertise via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can build out a client list in weeks and a highly profitable business in months.  With Hangouts on Google+ you can leverage your coaching and income by working with groups instead of individuals.  It’s a nice chunk of change to have 10 people paying you a flat or hourly fee for doing something once.  Then you use the video of the Hangout to market to more people.

Coaching for cash is our course, and it can launch your new career.

Get the Coaching Cash Course Now!

Get the Coaching Cash Course Now!

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