1. Mark

    Hello Anthony, thanks for this message and the invite. I bet LV is a lot warmer than many places this time of year. Take care and God bless

  2. Valerie Leonard

    Could you please provide more details, 2014 summit in Las Vegas. Dates, where, how to sign up etc. Thanks

  3. Troy E. Page

    Probably what most imprssed me about the ‘Summit’ was the perceived energy, anticipation and excitement of the attendees. This is encouraging and inspirational.

  4. John Antaya

    Unable to travel at the present time but would have liked to have been there. Looks like a good time was had by all and hopefully will be able to attend the summit next summer.

  5. Kate

    Thank you ! I am 57 fairly computer literate…always used them at work….do you think I could catch on to your program? I am not old I know but just a little scared!this would be new to me…I want a real income from your course as I am unemployed currently…what do you think, and I am serious btw…! Tks for all you share .

  6. Mildred Mannings

    I am very much interested in Generating resources from “You Tube.” I would appreciate if you would give steps on how to do this.

  7. Shelly Sibert

    Hope you get to feeling better Anthony…

    Hope you have a great Christmas & a New year of 2014

    Ps Video was quite a few marketers there.

    Shelly Sibert

  8. Mike

    Hey Anthony,
    Looks like lots to check out there. Feel better and have great holliday.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, One & all.

  9. Sharon

    Thank you, Anthony. I hope you are feeling much better and stay well. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! The video looked very interesting.

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