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Email in a bottle on the ocean.The “Email Marketing Doesn’t Work” Approach

This is like throwing a letter into a bottle on the ocean and hoping someone finds it.  You can do a quick search on Google for “email marketing” and find thousands of results.  On the first couple of pages you’ll find reputable email marketing companies like AWeber and ConstantContact, and there are others.  However, you’ll also find companies wanting to sell you email lists, with thousands or millions of addresses.  Or, they just tell you that they’ll take care of your email marketing needs and get your emails out to tens of thousands or millions of consumers.

You pay for the list or the service, sometimes a bunch of money, and you wait for all of those great visits to your website and the business they’re going to bring you.  Now you run into some of the realities of this approach to email marketing:

  • You get very few site visitors because the deliverability rates for these type of services are very low.
  • Even when they manage to get past the spam filters and deliver the message, they have extremely low open rates.
  • Even when they are opened, did you do the email right, including a strong subject, attention-grabbing first sentence or paragraph, and a compelling call to action?
  • Or, if you bought the list, you find that you get no responses for all of the reasons above.
  • When you do get a response that’s clicking a link and landing on your website, is there a compelling call to action there that will generate a lead or business?

This approach is one that results in negative comments from businesses about how ineffective email marketing is for their business.

The “Business Funnel is Full from Email” Approach

This approach is a disciplined and carefully planned and designed approach, and IT WORKS!  Working with a reputable email marketing service, such as, you find out very quickly that they don’t allow importing big lists of addresses without a full opt-in process.  So, they all get an initial email requiring an explicit click to agree to receive emails.  Import one of those “bought” lists and you’ll find that very few will actually take this action.

So, we know from the beginning that there must be a process to generate interest and get people to opt into our lists of their own free will.  This begins with a website and forms connected to calls-to-action that result in this voluntary signup for your emails.  Then we must take those signups and send them highly relevant and informative emails that address their interests in your products and services.   They may answer questions, or they may offer solutions to problems, but they must be useful or you’ll get the dreaded “Unsubscribe” response.

Then we send them a series of emails that meet these requirements, each one calling for an action that should result in a customer.  Do all of this right, and a high percentage of your list subscribers will become customers.  Your funnel will always be full.  We’re experts at this process, and our Email Marketer Insider Course puts all of the pieces into place for your ultimate success with email marketing.

Get the Email Marketing Insider Course Now!

Get the Email Marketing Insider Course Now!

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