1. karen

    I look forward to the affiliate summit. have you decided to have one on one teaching at your office. I would really love to attend.Thank you

  2. christine quinn

    hi and happy new year to the success connection team. i have the above named landing page but i find it difficult to use Pinterest to market . I find it difficult to ask the team for help. cheers christine quinn

  3. Edwin

    I want to know about mobile marketing via cell phone to cell phone, cell phone to email, email to cell phone, and email to email.

  4. phillip combs

    Keep up the good work .How can I start making money if I am unemployed and have no money?

  5. Rob

    Hi Anthony,
    Happy New Year!
    Internet marketing has grown, in my opinion, to be a very complicated business.
    I think that it would be helpful to provide us with the top one or two internet marketing techniques that would help us grow this year. I find that there are so many areas to explore, but at times feel that I am spinning my wheels working on too many areas at once. How do we focus on the most profitable areas, and what are they? If you could share one or two techniques, at most, where you feel we should concentrate and focus our attention, that would be most helpful.
    Much success in the coming year!

  6. michael shuttlesworth

    I guess what I need help with the most is setting up my blog so that it looks appealing and has content that people want to see!
    Then getting traffic to my site so that people can see who i am and in turn generate some sells.
    Thanks for all you do,


  7. Mike Johnson

    Hello Anthony, Everything I’ve listened to is about affiliate marketing because that is your niche. But what about someone like me who is just trying to increase traffic to my website on a limited budget. I am actually a commission based representative for my brother in laws business which is a specific use business. For every unit I sell I get $50. I need to increase my traffic to get more numbers.

  8. Yevonne

    Would love to go to Affiliate Summit!. Not sure if I can. I help take care of my older sister that has Alheimers. Would love to meet alot of people that I have been working with.

  9. Gary

    I would like to learn more about how to get started for FREE so that I might gather money to be able to pay some bills off so I have some money left over to be able to invest in my online efforts.

  10. Bella Sahra Mahamed

    How to create income generating email lists, because I am having difficult grasping the concept itself. I am very basic when it comes to computers and I am not good at ideas either. But I really want to make money online if is possible.

  11. micah

    please mr anthony, i would like you to just go straight to the point and give me a step by step proceedure on how to make this money starting from the web site i can register. im ready to pay for the service, thank you.

  12. Michael Herline

    I would like to know how to acquire email contact lists, other than through my own websites.


  13. J. Warren

    Hi, Anthony i would like for you to teach more about marketing on Google+Share & Twitter so that i can finally start making money in this new year!

  14. JohnRingo

    I would like you to give us some training on Clickbank & Clicksense. Nobody seems to tell us anything about those platforms.


  15. John Haynes

    I have noticed lately that your social share buttons were only down to facebook … now you have more, but not all of them register the share … just an fyi.
    What I would like to know is if there is a way to set up a commerce account for a product directly on youtube or if you have to send them to a website if they are interested in your product. I know you can monitize a youtube account through their advertising, but that’s not what I am asking – I hope you are able to understand my question (not that I think you are dumb, but I am not sure if my wording is clear enough – lol.)

  16. Lorraine Patterson

    Can you explain a little about WordPress and how it can be used to obtain links to blogs for affiliate marketing?

  17. Luis A. Deleza

    Thanks Anthony, for that info. I have bought some of your products and I have not put them to use. I have been distracted by other products being offered by different people that are saying the same thing over and over. I will start to put all my effort on your programs for this year 2013. GOD BLESS YOU!–Luis,

  18. Nathan

    thanks a lot- well,going forward into 2013, i want to be able to take off and generate some revenue online-specifically email marketing.i bought the build send and profit kit and i still have trouble monetizing it,i mean putting the various parts together like FB pg,blogger, the website,you tube,affiliate links and free traffic sources.

    i am pressing so hard for success online this year.

    thanks again

  19. Sylvia

    Can you make money online without a website and without having to pay for advertising? Can you make a few of your Weekly Success Connections with this information. I’d like to get started but have no money to invest until I make money. Thank you for your time and information.

  20. GT Stehenson

    Will you have any Affiliate Marketing meetings in the Reno area? Or the Lake Tahoe area?

  21. Cheri

    I am just getting started and love your success connection and text messages and emails. I really need to know how to get up and running in the shortest time to generate income to put back into online business. I am very super charged about getting it going and seeing results. Thanks Anthony for all you do to help all of us!! Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  22. Emma

    How to make money on line using u-tube, blogging, affiliate marketing, FB, etc

  23. Patrick Miller

    Can you talk about and/or compare the usefulness of the various social media sites for marketing?

  24. Ruth

    I need more about writing blogs. How and what to say that will catch the eye. My question is pretty much like Michael S.

  25. Marcia Brown

    HEY, ANTHONY!!!!

    I AM GOING TO the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas this month!!! I wrote an article about my dream day in affiliate marketing and submitted it a few months ago. Back in December I learned that I had been awarded a FREE . . . FREE . . . $1200+ VIP pass! I am sooooo excited about going! I heard this week that it is now sold out!!

    I would really love to meet with you at Affiliate Summit West and thank you in person for all you do to help all of us who are learning this business. You have my email, so please feel free to email me and let me know when would be a good time for us to chat for a few minutes.

    As far as a topic I would like to hear some more on how to get traffic to my landing pages, as this is something I still struggle with.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  26. Rodney Syler

    Hopefully I will see you in Vegas. I struggle with getting enough conversions for the as money I am spending. I am getting better but need to better utilize the resources available. An interesting training series would be to start out from scratch like a new affiliate and walk through selecting an actual offer, search for a picture,

  27. Rodney Syler

    and create a working ad, submit it and post actual results. Then fine tune it with explanations for how you are split testing. Then end with an ad making money. The training had so many “what ifs”, and “you could do this” possibilities that I easily got bogged down.

  28. Doris Anyaegbunam

    Happy New Year Anthony!

    I would like to learn email marketing and clickbank. I don’t have money to invest at this time. I am ready to generate some revenue this year. Please help!

    Thanks and God bless-Doris

  29. Larry Schmitz

    Email marketing also. Have a great week and look forward to next week. I will be attending your level 3 mentoring class Feb 4-6th. I sure hope that I get to meet you in person during that time.

  30. Chris Mendoza

    YO YO YO!! I’m in the beginning stages of building my Internet marketing business in the Internet marketing niche. I would really like to know some trusted solo ad and ad swap web sites. Also if possible the best place to find TOP DOLLAR products to promote. I know there has to be an awesome vault somewhere full of them! Lol

  31. Daya

    I would like to learn the basics of list building and promoting offers. This will entail design of landing page, how to put in on the web and consequently, drive the traffic to that page.

  32. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthonny,

    Happy New Year. I would like to learn more about solo ads. I would like to put my ad on you tube and just see how much traffic I could get. I would love to go to Affiliate Summitt especially if it is New York. I hope that I can make it and I if I do come, I hope I will see you there . I will look it up.
    God bless you and keep up the good work.

  33. Dorcia

    I would like more information on how to draw traffice to my blog.
    Thanks for asking.

  34. Roy Bullock

    After the 3 day training next week I’m sure I’ll have lots of things I want more data on – right now I’m NEW at everything.

  35. tom campbell

    anthony, i am interested in writing an ebook and putting it online to sell and need to market it. what would you suggest is the best way to get started in the process and best way to start the online marketing ?

  36. Theresa Smith

    anything that brings immediate income, and not just a lot of offers from other people-just what you have recently made income on-too many e-mails in 2012-not from you personally-God bless

  37. wendy

    Hi Anthony iv being watching as much of your susses connection as much as i can it teaches me so much just wish i could get my hands on one of your books. just don’t have the funds now.keep up the good work.

  38. Marc Montaniel

    Since the key to successful CPC/PPC marketing is the correct choice of keywords, I’d like to get some more tips on how to find the best and most profitable keywords for the affiliate offers.

  39. Richard Hilderbrand

    Hi Anthony
    Well reading over the comments so for it covers about all I can thank of. they go from ads, affiliate marking, getting traffic, getting started for free to email marking.
    Well I am a retired factory worker on a limited income trying to make ends meet with bills like house payments, health insurance, prescription drugs, utilities, and all the taxes we have to pay makes money run real short at the end of the month.
    So any help you can do to help me get started making money eill be greatly appreciated.
    P.S. My internet service is real slow so when I watch videos they load realy slow.

  40. Darlelne Longshore

    I would like to see you show the steps of direct marketing, no website. When you’re just starting, it is not easy to have web hosting. I would like to get started
    right away, with direct marketing. Have a GREAT New Year. Here’s to more great success connections!

  41. sam

    Hi Anthoney, Could you please give me a big discount to get your lead -generation builder? Please do me this favour because I lost my job for 8 months…Thank you.

  42. Mimi

    Am still new to the AM world and have only created a few ads. How do you evaluate what is a good ad to run? And also how do you assess when to kill the ad?

  43. Carlos F. Gordian

    Hi Anthony and Happy New Year to you, family and your staff!

    What about a recap on what is the best approaches for 2013? Affiliate trends and best known methods?


  44. Jane

    Hi Anthony…I would like to attend the Affiliate Summit, but will hold off for now since I am still quite overwhelm with getting my affiliate marketing going.
    I would like to learn more about social media, especially Facebook and Pinterest, since I’m a bit intimidated with the guidelines.


    Hey Anthony!

    First of all I am wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year of 2013!

    I would appreciate it very much if you could focus on solo ads and how to bring immediate income from the internet marketting.

    I have a background in acting on stage, in film and some TV as well.
    I also recently went to school to be a certified raw vegan food chef and a certified health coach.
    If you could help me to create some sort of business with my skills in the health and wellness industry which is growing very rapidly!

    I wish I could attend the affiliate summit, but unfortunately I don’t have the extra money to travel and pay for the summit.


  46. Theo Harden

    Hello Anthony and Happy New year. I would like to learn about putting adds on YouTube. Thanks

  47. michael davis

    Anthony– I plan to purchase your pgm–“Build-send-profit” february–did not
    have the money when you put on the Webiner– also will be in New York
    for theAffiliateSummit there—hope to see you there. Thanks for all your
    interest & help/MikeDavis

  48. Victor C.

    Thanks for everything Anthony. I would like to know more about Mobile affiliating and marketing. I think this is the next thing for us.

  49. David

    Hi Anthony, I would like to learn more about landing pages (LP). When to have one-page LP, when to have more pages on LP, where to locate the links (beginning, mid, end, all over), etc. Thank you very much.

  50. FRANCI

    HaPPy NEW yEAR…with the emphasis on ear…lol…I plan on Listening more and learning more. I believe there is a path for everyone, and as cool as the Affiliate Summit looks (yep, I googled it} , for me, that’s gonna have to wait for when I heal my knee, so I can travel. I was thinking that it seems most people on here need more personal coaching. Everyone has dreams and hopes for a better life, and we all know you have to spend money to make money. BELIEVE me, I would so go to Vegas if I could physically do so. The opportunity to network with all of these Amazing people would so Rock. Anybody who has the opportunity to go, I am so jealous…lol…but for the rest of us, my advice is to “keep on trucking”…and absorb as much as you can, start with baby steps, and first define what you want to do. I am starting to zero in what I want to do and because there is a zillion things you can do online, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. With everything I see, read, and try every single day, I am hopeful all of the pieces of the puzzle will come together, and I will be able to help people with what I know. Good Luck Everyone…upgrade to Rockstar status…LOL! *-*…

  51. Rosemary

    One thing I wanted 2 know and focus on is
    What is the first thing u did made u first check?

  52. Geara

    Thank you for the motivation for the New Year Anthony. Much appreciated.
    Cheers Geara from New Zealand.

  53. Eugene Imbemba

    I would like to see a boot camp training.
    A back to basics so to speak.
    A series of steps neded to get started and up and running in affiliate marketing.

  54. Sandy Marquart

    I would like to learn more about creating your own product to market. That sounds extremely exciting to me but intimidating as well.

  55. Howard

    Hey Anthony, i will like to know more about Domain Investing. im try to learn how to park my Domain names and its not working for me if u can give me some more input on parking my Domain name that will be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance

  56. Linda Laurent

    What a fantastic opportunity for networking! I am looking forward to when you have a Summit in my Region. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana ;-> LindaLee

  57. M.A. Allen

    Maybe one type of marketing for maybe a week and cover every aspect of all part from begaining to building it up to a good income.

    You have a good trip to the summet.

  58. Janie Rider

    Hey Anthony! It is me again. Please tell me why I cannot buy your books on line! Every time I get on line with your daily Video’s I click on buy my books, and it takes me to the description, and pricing of your books. I click on buy now and get no where! I have been trying for days to buy the books:
    Automated Profits From Home:
    Automated Money Making Strategies.
    You offer them together, but why can’t I buy them on line?
    Janie Rider

  59. David Mears

    I use different websites or links to things to post, but do you have any answers to get more traffic to websites?

  60. Terri Ward

    With so much free stuff out there, how can you actually convert Pinterest into sales?

  61. Jenny

    Hi Anthony, I live in spain and have been selling property for years, but do not have a website. I want to kickstart my business again. I want to learn internet marketing so any suggestions you may have would be appreciated.People buy in spain from all over the world, and i want to get to them.Thanks for youre genuine help always.

  62. Faline Connelly

    I feel foolish, but the truth is I need to learn the first few steps of just ONE approach to affiliate marketing. Please show me step by step how to get an ad up!

  63. Deniece

    I would like to go to a affililiate summit, but I wouldn’t be able at this time.
    I would like to know where I will need to start. I am currently with linkshare, I haven’t not generated income yet. I would like know where start regarding the email program: am I on the right track? Thank you Anthony

  64. Erena Sasso

    I purchased your book “Advertising Profits from home” some time ago. I am sure some of the information provided needs to be updated. I would like a step by step approach on how to apply many of your principles from this book. Happy New Year.

    Thanks Anthony

  65. James Waters

    I am working on mini Niche websites. I wouldn’t mind getting more information.

  66. Cecilia

    Anthony, Thank you for the invitation to The Summit. I will need to pass this time. This is a future event for me.

  67. Glen Jones

    I’m going to google affiliate summit and plan on attending one near-by.
    Email build, send, profit is my next goal. I was thinking it would come with lvl 4 training without any further investment.
    Take care and thanks for your advice.


  68. Sharon

    Thanks for heads up on Affiliate Conference,
    I would like to know how to get profits on u tube
    Thanks for your time:-)

  69. Liliana

    But, I am very interested about your Mastery System (Adv.)
    Thank you.

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