2009 Underway

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Well our first trip of 2009 tour was successfully completed. Week one took us to Birmingham, Alabama (close to home!). It was a great area and we had a huge turn out. I want to personally thank everyone for being so supportive. I actually met a few people that knew Justin K. (from our tv show) so that was really interesting. We are now headed back out for another two straight weeks of conferences. One of the main questions I am being asked is how the state of the economy has affected our business model. I am starting a new section to this blog called “Affiliate Marketing” just to stay up to date on the industry itself and inform you of changes and growth in the industry. I know that many businesses are really hurting right now because of our economic issues in this country, however, our business model is very sound and remains steady and profitable. We look forward to seeing everyone next week at our events!


  1. Robyn A. Blythe


    I am very excited about the conference I will be attending this coming Wednesday because I only just moved to Florida and have already claimed newfound wealth from a brand new avenue. When I saw your infomercial I was paralyzed literally for all of the whole length of time it took to get a number, location and to the phone I ran!

    I will become one of your success stories I feel it in my heart and soul because it sounds like this is just what I have been waiting for. I am thanking you in advance for making a difference in my life before we’ve even begun!

    I look forward to meeting you with a full before and after financial picture to share with others!

    God bless and see you soon,
    Robyn A. Blythe,future millionaire

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