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So you’ve seen from my last post my highlights for 2008. I have to say it was a great year, and I certainly think a successful year for me both as a person and as a businessman. 2009 comes with many questions and many obstacles I must overcome. I have so many goals and so many aspirations it’s sometimes hard to just settle down and focus on one or two things. My mind races so much fast than it really should, but I have spent some time thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2009 and my best advice for you for the new year.

My goals for 2009:

1. I really want to create another successful online business providing a service to Internet users. This will tie in with my “best advice” to you for 2009. With the recent changes in the economy a true entrepreneur learns to adjust and survive. My current businesses all provide services to Internet users, and therefore have been pretty much unaffected by the current conditions. I always talk about “diversification” and how important I really believe it is to ongoing success in any business. This year I want to diversify even more and reach out to more people with different products and services.

2. I want to get my book “The Hidden Millionaire” published by a major publisher. I self published the book because from a business standpoint it just makes sense. You actually make more money that way than if a publisher picks up the book. However, my main goal for the book was to get my story, my lessons, and my advice in the hands of millions of people around the world. Obviously a publisher is going to make that a little easier for me to accomplish. Some things are simply not about money, but rather personal goals and desires.

3. I would really like to get on the speaking tour this year. I have always wanted to deliver keynote speaches or teach people around the country how to really make their businesses grow. I have spoken to quite a few companies to represent me as a public speaker this month and plan on choosing one very soon. Delivering my message to people is really important to me and I think this would be a great way to accomplish that goal.

4. I want to meet Donny Deutsch from “The Big Idea”. I have TRIED SO HARD to get on that show! It’s absolutely rediculous. Yes I know I was on CNN, Fox, and many other news related shows but being on “The Big Idea” is just one of my lifelong goals. So if anyone out there wants to write them an email for me please go ahead 🙂

5. I would love to see my ChristmasForKids.us charity catch on in other states. We have been really successful here in my home town, but it’s really time for this to catch on around the country. I have some ideas on how to make that happen and I hope to be able to accomplish that this year.

The Top 3 Things You Should Focus On In 2009

1. Invest in yourself. Listen I know people all over the TV are telling you “the economy is bad” and “get ready for a bloodbath in 2009” but hey have you seen the businesses that ARE doing well? These don’t seem to be talked about quite as much as the ones going bankrupt. I read today that the average salary for a MLB outfielder dropped from 16 million a year to 10 million a year. I am sorry but that doesn’t scream “financial crisis” to me! They are playing a GAME and making 10 million a year in a “bad economy”. The fact of the matter is yes we are going through some tough times in this country, but the great thing about the United States is it’s a country of opportunity. If you are a true entrepreneur you will have the vision and ability to adapt and be successful no matter the situation. There are plenty of industries still thriving and the Internet just happens to be one of them. Open your eyes to the WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES that surround you and forget about the hype you hear on TV.

2. Make 2009 a year of learning. Read books, blogs, and other informational products. Learn as much as you can about business and how to be successful. Worry less about going out, partying, shopping, and other activities that aren’t really going to broaden you as an entrepreneur. It’s amazing what you can really do when you put your mind to it. Stay focused and make it your personal goal to be a successful entrepreneur in 2009.

3. Help someone every time the opportunity presents itself. Our country is built on opportunity, however, some people are not given the opportunity to learn and grow as entrepreneurs. Some of the most successful people in this country were given some kind of help to get where they are today. I am not saying go buy people a bunch of gifts and things. Dedicate your “giving” to helping others learn so they can become successful.

So thats it for 2009. My personal goals and my best advice to you as aspiring entrepreneurs. I hope to write here more often than I was able to write last year. I will share my thoughts and knowledge with you as much as possible. I sure hope you learn something from me, my story, and my life.


  1. rene williams

    I just stumbled across a gem of a book which you might find valuable to assist you with your public speaking goals. The title is: “How To Make It Big in the Seminar Business” by Paul Karasik. It is a bit dated (published 1992) however I think it contains some incredible resources and information. I plan to use it as my guide for my public speaking goals.

    “The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge.” – Proverbs 15:14

    Blessings to you and good luck with your goals!

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