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As many of you know I am enjoying a short break from the conference tour right now. We will begin again in 2 weeks in Tampa, FL and move on through areas in the southeast for the next few months. However, on my break I have been wrapping my head around this organization I have started. I keep asking myself how can I make this grow? How can I help not only kids from Mississippi, but also kids from around the country. I have decided I want to start “chapters” of this organization in other areas around the country. I am looking for applicants that might want to head this up in their local area for me each year during the Christmas Holiday’s. Here is what I would need to know:

1. Your Name:
2. Your Address:
3. Your Phone Number:
4. Your Email Address:

I will contact you with further details as soon as I recieve your information. You can email that to [email protected] and Ill be reviewing this information over the next few months. I will select a few people from different areas of the country to head up the organization in your area.

I look foward to hearing from you soon!

Anthony Morrison

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