Conferences in Tampa by Anthony

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Well we just wrapped up our tour in Tampa, Fl this week and I must say I was very impressed with everyone I met this week. I think the Tampa, Fl area brought to us the most diverse group of people we’ve ever seen at a single event. We had everyone from lawyers to business owners all the way to medical condition healers. We had people from Switzerland and Germany as well as people from Canada. It was truely a diverse group of people all of which were excited to learn about my system and my story. I really enjoyed my time in Florida and I sure hope the tour takes me back there soon.
I have personally been feeling very tired lately. I guess the grind of being on the road almost every week this year is finally getting to me. So ill be enjoying a much needed week off this week, but of course ill be in my office answering the phone and helping my students out as usual! The tour will have me back on the road in just seven short days, however, ill be staying close to home and visiting some cities in the southeast part of the United States.

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