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I was watching “Extreme Home Makeover” the other night with my girlfriend and I have to say I was really touched. I rarely get a chance to watch TV these days, but something about the story I saw unraveling before my eyes on TV really hit home to me. I realized just how much these people were changing this family’s life. Yeah I realize its a reality TV show that’s filmed for ABC or whoever to make a profit, but does that really matter? The show still has such a positive outcome. They are helping a family who really needs a break, and in the process creating opportunity. They create an opportunity for this family to live a better life, and possibly help others around them.

It got me thinking about my own life and the road I am traveling. I realized that every week I am doing the same thing for people just in a different way. I am creating opportunity for people around the country to learn, profit, and become successful Internet business owners. It may not have all the jazz and spunk of a new home and a new car, but the end result is somewhat the same. I remember I met a couple of guys from Birmingham, Alabama ( I won’t mention their names because I have not asked their permission as of right now ). Anyway these two guys showed up early to my night event so I had the opportunity to have dinner with them. They discussed with me how they were married with high monthly bills and really just needed to find a way out. They were both driven and motivated to be successful, but they didn’t really know what to do to get there. 

I asked them how they got the money to enroll in my program. One stated to me that he had attend the event the previous day and decided he wanted to enroll but didn’t have the money. So instead of letting the opportunity pass him by he decided to take action and make it happen. He found out about a dirt bike race ( which i actually found out was a very big event ) that would pay about $300 if you qualified ( which means getting in the top 10 ). So he decided to go race. The guy was sitting there in front of me telling me that he just got off a dirt bike racing track where he earned the money to enroll in my program.

WOW. Thats all I could really think about at the time. Then he went on to tell me about the great bikes everyone else had and the sponsorships they obtained from big names in the industry. He raced on a bike that was 5 years old and worked on by him and his friend not some big name company with expensive mechanics. I was impressed. I always like to see people take a step in the right direction to better themselves and never let anyone discourage you from obtaining your dreams. 

So yea it’s true that I create opportunity for people around the country each and every week. However, I want to thank all of you that have attended my events for creating opportunity for me. An opportunity for me to get to know you and your story. An opportunity for me to learn from you things I would have never learned in my life. An opportunity for me to see there are so many good people in this country that refuse to be discourage by the negativity that consumes us on TV every day of the week. An opportunity for me to see people (just like my friends from Alabama) take action for themselves. I have to say I am blessed with the opportunity to be doing what I am doing right now. 

To those guys in Alabama. A special note to you (and you won’t know it until you read this blog) I plan on getting you a nice sponsorship from myself and some other companies we work with in our industry. New bikes, trailers, clothing, and everything else you need to continue being successful and doing what you love doing. It’s not always about doing what I do, but rather doing what you love and what makes you happy. I appreciate you enrolling in my program and I plan on working with you step by step to make you find success in this business. I also plan on helping you continue to achieve the success you desire in your other business.


  1. Mary Brown

    Dear Anthony, I have been in the business for about 3 to 4 month. I ordered your books and tapes with some money i had put aside from my bills to try this. I was truly inspired about how you got started.
    I am on disability and with what little money i get in i put it on bill, but at the same time i am putting a little aside to get into your training class.
    I wanted something I could call my own. I am 54 years old and when it is time for me to go back to work who is going to hire me. So i have to make this business work.
    I have a lot of faith in the good lord and i know he will get me to where i need to be and that is in your traing class. So please remember this name Mary E. Brown. I am going to get my business going, have not made any money yet but that is ok. I will give out before i give up.


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