Anthony Morrison – Update

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Looks like the tour will be slowing down just a bit right now. We have run into a few things that must be taken care of here locally that prevent me from traveling at the moment. We will obviously start back up very soon and again go teach people around the country how to make money on the Internet. I hope everyone we have seen this year is excited about making money online and learning more and more as time goes on.

One thing that is very important is people WANT TO LEARN MORE all the time. We have implemented a 2 day training class for everyone that enrolls in our program so we can spend two full days teaching and helping everyone this year. This is something NEW for 2009 and just one of the things we are implementing to make sure we teach and share as much knowledge as we possibly can with everyone we meet around the country.

Our country is in a state of “shock” right now with the current real estate market, stock market volatility, and job loss rate. It’s time that people in this country realize we are a country of “opportunity” not suppression like many other countries around the world. You have the opportunity as a US citizen to do start your own business and use the Internet as your gateway. My advice to everyone doctors, lawyers, nurses, school teachers, mechanics, and those that lost their jobs is to start your own Internet business now! I don’t care if you do that by attending one of my events or by just reading information on the Internet and doing it on your own.

What we do and what we teach is something that works RIGHT NOW. This works in this economy, with this stock market, in this real estate market…… It can work for you to!

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