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For once I think I would like YOUR feedback on a few things. I know I am always giving advice and speaking my mind here on my blog about business, making money, planning, and sometimes even just life in general. Being only 26 years old obviously puts me at a complete disadvantage when it comes to “what you learn in the real world” seeing as how I have been here only 26 short years.

I am facing something new to me and it’s something I don’t think I am very good at right now. Juggling work and personal life has always been a serious issue for me. Since I was 21 years old I have had a huge responsibility on my shoulders as many of you already know. I know I didn’t have the normal college life because I was busy building a business and taking care of my family. I still somehow managed to find time to sneak away and just watch a ball game or play my playstation 3. It was rare but it did happen. I always found just a few minutes for “me” and it was certainly relaxing.

Now at 26 years old I am in a whole new world. So far out of my comfort zone I am amazed I have been able to stay afloat this long. I’ve finally got a serious relationship and now I have serious issues. Now my responsibilities are far greater than they were when I was only 21 years old. I have many businesses I run on a daily basis not to mention the Hidden Millionaires tour that keeps me on the road quite often. This “relationship” I am speaking of is with the girl I talked about in a previous blog. She’s kind, sweet, and really a good match for me overall. However, work seems to be really getting in the way and causing issues.

I’ve always said “make time for those you love” I even wrote about it in my book. I, however, don’t know that you can really ever make “enough” time for people. It seems they always want what they don’t have I guess that is just human nature. You make 30 minutes for them and they want an hour. Make an hour and they want 2 hours. So how do you have a successful relationship? How do you juggle work with personal life?

I suppose if someone had real concrete answers to those questions they would be beyond wealthy from sharing their knowledge with the world. My goal for this year was to maintain a healthy growing relationship, and still expand my businesses. I am striving but struggling each and every day to learn how exactly that is done.

One thing for everyone to remember. Success is found through struggle. Anyone that tells you there is a “shortcut to success” is lieing. Short of winning the lottery I simply don’t know of a shortcut to millions of dollars being in your bank account. Success take time, effort, knowledge, and it requires struggling during the hard times. You can really learn from my situation here even though it may not be exactly like yours. 

Realize that it does not matter how successful you are you will always strive and struggle to reach a higher level of success. Wether that be in relationships, business, or both it will always occur. The people that come out on top simply just know how to tackle the hard times and provide solutions to problems. That’s how people become wealthy in America simply find a solution to a problem.

For me my problem is one that I struggle with all the time. When is it time to just STOP working and START having a life with my family, friends, and people I care about? On the flip side when is it time to STRIVE for more success in business? I will continue to hash this out over the rest of this year and I am confident that when I write my 2009 year in review blog I will be telling you exactly how I managed to have a successful relationship as well as more success in business.

Remember. Success comes from solving problems. Problems typically come from hard times or through struggling…. If you are struggling with something in your life right now simply make a commitment to fixing that problem and realizing success.


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