Is Your Ideal World Crushing Your Success?

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This weeks $50 Winner is Joshua Zamora says: April 2, 2011 at 9:19 am Never ever give up! It’s easy to quit that’s why so many people do it. Like you said people want easy and if success was easy everyone would have it already. I think going through the struggles can also be part of the fun on the journey to success. Those things you look back on when you make it! Congrats Joshua send me an email and ill get this gift card to you asap.

That’s a pretty interesting yet maybe confusing question for you to answer right now isn’t it? Let me ask you this question one more time and then i’ll explain what I mean by the question. Is YOUR ideal world crushing YOUR success? Ok so here is what I mean by this and hopefully you’re going to learn a lot from this blog that can help you create massive success in not only business, but also everything else in your life. You see so often we are fixated on what we perceive to be the “ideal model” that we stress out day in and day out to achieve what we believe to be ideal and forget to focus on the success we’ve had at up to that moment.

We all have our ideal world for whatever we like to do. If we like real estate investing maybe we constantly aspire to be like Donald Trump. If we like sports we always want to be Drew Brees or Alex Rodriguez. If we love business we always want to be CEO and live that crazy luxurious lifestyle. Having this whole “ideal” world is perfectly fine as long as you know how to keep it in it’s place and realize it’s not reality all while pulling new goals for yourself from your ideal world.

Let me give you an example.

You watch my TV show and see how successful I am. You are inspired by my story and success and decided to buy my book and do what I do. Maybe at this point let’s say you know nothing about affiliate marketing, Internet marketing or doing anything on the Internet beside maybe reading email.

Alright so fast forward say 4 months. Let’s say you now have your own blog and it’s coming along nicely. You’ve also setup advertising accounts on Bing and even Facebook. You’ve generated a few hundred dollars and your moving in the right direction.

Here’s where the problem starts. You continue to look FORWARD and think to yourself “well look what Anthony’s doing” and you get caught in this cycle of being unhappy because you constantly feel as if you are not where they need to be. Constantly focusing on this ideal world rather than focusing on how far you’ve come.

Really you should look back at where you started…. you knew nothing about the Internet, nothing about Google and never made a dollar online. Now you have a blog, know how to advertise and have even made some money in the process. Reality is you should be happy and excited about your success right? I mean don’t you deserve a pat on the back?

My point this week is it’s important to pat yourself on the back for the success you’ve had so far rather than punish yourself and stress out because you haven’t reached your ideal goal yet. So make sure this week you focus on being happy with your progress while still pulling new weekly goals from that ideal world you have so you can continue to grow and realize more success.


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  1. Jnice

    im a real newbieat every thing I had to start from complere scratch a fifties model were not user frindely at all Im a high school drop out which makes things extra hard Ive made so many costly and other mistikes because of my computer skills but Im still not giving up sombody crashed my com puter it was down about 4 mo. my income is not good but Ive learned so much I just dont to give up on my dream so I just keep pluging along a lot oif sweat and tears but a lot of smiles too happy in okla janice .

  2. Kinsan

    I totally share your view point about this subject of happiness in business. It is normal to not be satisfied with the level of accomplishment; that is a good sign for a progress. It means more planning, more work to reach the highest level possible. If we all enjoy fighting instead driving, it is because someone was happy about accomplishment, but not satisfied. Happiness in business means a sign of gratitude to yourself, your family and all those who had associated themselves to your effort to make thinks possible, it is also a respect to the less unfortunate. That happiness is the only motor capable to drag the future success. The high level of satisfaction in business limits the efforts and progress. Be happy, but not satisfy.

  3. Michelle Lilly

    You are right. I have been looking so far ahead trying to find the “Light at the end of the tunnel” when I begin to feel, at times that I can’t even find the tunnel opening. It brings up feelings of fear and negitive talk. Thank you for reminding me to stop and take a look. When I do that everything begins to change. I knew less than nothing when I started. Some of my email functions were a challange. I look at the knowlege I have now and I am truely amazed. I feel capable and strong. Looking at what I have learned and implemented to this point makes me realize that each step in itself is an accomplishment and I can celebrate each days sucess instead of just looking too far forward to sucesses that aren’t there yet.

  4. Michelle Lilly

    You are right. Looking too far forward brings up fear and negitive talk which slows me down. Looking at what I have accomplished up to today opens the road ahead and allows me freedom to go forward and feel strong.

  5. Abe Doliente

    Anthony, I thank you for your post today. Yesterday, you touched on this subject matter and yes,my ideal world is crushing me until I read your blog .It apopears that these blogs and posts are delivered to me just in time.

    I have an Ideal World in my mind and I get frustrated, disappointed and even beginning to doubt myself, but with your posts, blogs and messages, I say to myself that it is not that bad. I will have to work harder. And, you are right. I have to give myself a little pat on the back.I have gone a long way. I did not even realized that.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.


  6. velma hall

    Hi Anthony, You are exactly right about ” my success”, and it took the information in this talk to motivate me. Thanks Anthony . I had not thought of it like that. But then you are right there when u see someone faltering and you step in and get them back on track , that is just who you are. So again I say THANKS. Velma Hall

  7. joseph volpe

    Yes i keep learning everyday at 55 yrs old I finally feel like I have a true future better late then never.Thank you for the tools and confidence I have been searching for all my life. Baby steps leads to giant leaps

  8. Richard Martinez

    Yes I stress out day in and day out to achieve what I believe to be ideal and forget to focus on the success I’ve had up to that moment.
    But I know that you are a success and a Entrepreneur.
    Is Motivation for me to create massive success in business,life and Health.
    it’s important to pat yourself on the back for the success I’ve had so far.
    I’am happy and excited and your are right to focusing on how far I’ve come.
    I thank you for all the info in your Book’s,blog’s.
    P.S.”More Motivation” Anthony Morrison, Paul Lynch, at the Ultimate Traffic Generation Summit at the Millennium Gloucester hotel in London

  9. Joshua Zamora

    Haha I WON!! That’s pretty cool!! Thanks Anthony.

    And I think this happens to everyone. It just all depends how we allow it to affect our business.

    We can let it bring us down or use as proof that making money is a skill. As any skill it can be learned.

  10. Pamela Ethier

    I have finished my website and am ready to start advertizing. It seems like a long way to go before any sales are made. But I believe in the program and I am sticking to it.

  11. Michael Ferrarese

    Good day all- First venture with HEALTH & HERBS a learning experience ?@#%%^@? OUCH. Definately not giving up. Got my first Domain name, like you suggesed. Looking forward to figuring out how to forward links, and get Marketing.

    Bit Confused,

  12. Lois Mareno

    Dear Anthony
    You are like a breath of fresh air. You come across as a fine, kind and well meaning young man, and I see from your blogs that many others agree with me when I say that your honesty seems to be above reproach. Your parents did a great job raising you and I am sure they are very proud of you. You remind me of my own son. I am very much like your own mother,in the way I think , feel and act. I too quit work to raise my son and taught him the same values your mom taught you, and now he is a sucessful businessman. I dedicated my life to him and now it is my turn.

    I too, like some of the others have tried many different work at home schemes and have gotten scammed and lost money and have accomplished nothing and made no money. That makes us very hesitant about future endeavors as I am sure you can understand. However, when I saw you on the TV program, I was impressed with you and what you said and that is why I ordered your books. I have been a little slow in getting started because my husband was in the hospital and my mind was not on making money. Now he is home and I want to start your program. When I go to start my website and you ask for my social security number to be put online, I hesitated and did not finish filling it out to get started. I do not like putting that information online. Is there any other way I can get this to you?
    I am a partially disabled 72 year young woman who is still working on the outside because I need to supplement our monthly income in order to live half way decent. I need to start makling money online before I can even think of quitting my day job. I work 5 days a week, 9-6 . My husband is not well enough to work he has memory problems and is not computer literate so I need to do it all by myself. I am more than willing to give it a try, but I am going to need lots of help getting started without spending any money up front. I have read one of your books and now I am reading “Advertising Profits From Home”. As soon as I am finished reading I will start my business. I hope to hear from you regarding my actual startup proceedure. I will be in touch again and may God bless you in all your future endeavors. Lois M. S.I. NY

  13. winston dennis

    mr. winston thanks so a lot for everything that you are doing for me. you have given me an change, in this busines i am going to do the best i can with it. tahnks again winston dennis

  14. Hortense

    It all sounds good and require hard work persistence. Am new to all this. It is a learning process every day and has to be applied. I can’t afford to pay for anything right now— broke. However, I will not give up.

  15. Roderick Bennett

    Well let me start out by saying that I have worked my whole life in manual labor. I’m a U.S Marine as well. and i’ve realized that if you came from nothing than something is better than nothing! If you can keep your goals to moving forward no matter how frustrated you get than then that is an accomplishment in its self. I remember my mamaw gorwin up in central mississippi always telling me “always remember where you come from cause then you know where you want to go”! I knew nothing about afiliate marketing and with just the knowledge in the training videos the puzzle is starting to form. Thank you Anthony for all the great information!!!! Thats the least I can do. So here we go!!!!!!

  16. Kara Hayden

    Hi Anthony!
    I look forward to hearing from you regularly! I seem to have a challenge with opening up your 1st videos in “affiliate”. Everything else is clear. I think I may have found a way around that; if not I’ll be contacting your office Monday. I loved your 1st book and am now working on the 2nd, but I’m now spending a lot of time on my computer…Somehow by 2 or 3 am I no longer feel like thinking or reading! Lol.

    In answer to your question:
    This is 100% new to me. I have made no money, but I don’t expect to until things are set in place and I am listing ads! Even so I have NO DOUBT I will be extreemly successful at this! Why? Because I cannot think of a time when I ventured into ANYTHING I wanted to do and was not successful at least beyond the point of my then current desire. I have been a lot of things, very deverse things; things like lingerie modle, executive chef, life insurance, pre-planning funeral!!!! I do mean deverse.Thats not to say there isn’t some down time, or learning time and there is a time to get out for whatever reason and move on.
    I have no doubt as to the reason for my success. It’s simple (not necessarily easy, but simple all the same) My nick name in the business world is “the little pit bull” I refuse to give up! In the financial office when there was a client no one could reach the last step was my desk. I reached everyone of them minus one (I found her at my next job and sold her then!) I might say, “I won’t,” I might say “I need help or guidance or ideas,” but you don’t hear ME saying I can’t! Can’t is just an excuse for don’t want to or am too lazyor unmotivated. If your lazy, unmotivated, or don’t want to WHY did you bother to start?!!
    I DO believe it is important to look back (occasionally) and see where you’ve came from. It sort of gives you a look at the future and what it can be, by studying the progress you’ve made in the past!
    I’m 5’2″ and I can still reach anything in an industial kitchen given a long enough pair of tongs! I used to remove the sheet pans the guys couldn’t (wouldn’t) reach, they were about 7′ high I would take my trusty pair of tongs lift and pull them down one by one and catch them as they fell with the other hand and hand them out to the guys – usually at the same time as giving the orders for the day!
    I was NOT raised this way! My mother constintly told me I could do nothing, do nothing right and how stupid she thoght I was. I finally quit listening to her altogether. Man oh man was I surprized at what I COULD do when I quit listening to her.
    I had moved out when I was 16 and lived in a beautiful condo in Morgan Hills CA, my mother the Dr. was trying desparately to make a go of her practice, SHE lived in Gilroy on top of a beauty salon in a dingy 1 room studio…things seemed to be getting a bit better for her by the time I announced that I was now moving to hawaii to live and had a career working there! lol! SHE was very surprized!!

    Besides; this must work!!!! I am tiered of seeing our HEROs (Veterans) homelss and needing medical attention!!! I want to give them all a home. They freeze up here sleeping out in tents in Alaska in the winter. Thats not right!!!!! I wan to purchase a huge group of apartments and let all the Vets that need a home to move in and perhaps work together to do what renevation might need to be done.

    So, now Anthony, this is my answer, let’s see if I can post it where it needs to be posted! Then back to work…I have got a huge pile on my plate, ya know?

  17. Deanne Jackson

    I am not at the level to say much because I haven’t got started with any thing. I am thankful for knowing the people I do know because they have so much knowledge and know what they are doing and where they are going and so I am learning from them. I have a long way to go but I have to remember don’t give up and keep on trying. It is a struggle to success to get that first step done as it is once you get there and need to keep going on and on with more and more to do. So good luck every one and listen to the one person trying to help out. I found the right one to listen to so I have to keep on going trying to get some where. GOD BLESS EVERYONE and thanks for the people trying to help me!

  18. Nicole Rhem

    Yes. My Ideal World is Crushing MY Success. I understand this question very well, without the example. I KNOW how I Live in My Mind, and going out and doing something about it is not the problem. Continuing it is!
    If I didn’t see My world the way I See It, then I’d probably already think I was successful!
    Thank you for asking this question.


  19. Barbara more

    Hi Anthony you are right you no i had my website 4 months and yes it is hard .but i am not going to give up because this is all i got now .my job of 10 years close down and my unemployment ran out and yes life it self is very stressful and you no what i lost my job i learn how to work a computer by my self i was so pride any way i need all the help i can get with my website it is so hard when you do have money to put in the business but i no i have accomplished a lot and i learn a lot i just what to make some money and you no Anthony i am on my computer everyday and i just start a new job with BMoore and yesi can give my self a pat on the back for going foward and being strong .you no Anthony i dont care how sick i am i still go to my website every day your blog help me feel better and be strong .i have breast cancer and i am in chemo but i no i am going to be all right. thank you so much for all you do and all your good words .God bless you and your family

  20. iris galloway

    Yes, Anthony, I liked this tweet as it probably takes in a lot of us who think of what we are not able to do yet, instead of how far we have come and what we have learned. Yes, I will look at it from your point of view, and it is better to look at all we have learned and how far we have come. Even tho the money is not there yet, but I can say I have really learned a lot, thanks to you and your staff. Again thank you, This has helped me to get back on track.

  21. Lamont Harris

    I agree 100%!!! Everything we do is for a purpose though!! We do it to learn, if we don’t learn from it, there’s no acknowledgement, and if you can’t acknowledge your failure’s, then you are lost in the wind! Like me for example, I missed the telecom call today April 9. Afraid of success, and stress, not an exscuse, but when you don’t have a helping hand it’s hard to actually stay motivated, yes you are right self-motivation, fear and failing is what holds all of us back from making the right desicion, I really do regret missing the Telecom call, another chance of happiness, slipped away! Proving a point i’ve learned within just these few hours since the Telecom call, i’ve failed to push my emotions and problems to the side just to do something for myself and I didn’t, you live and learn, Thanks for the experience!! Now I know if I’m going to make a desicion and I know it rights I’m going for it!!

  22. Mary

    So happy for all of you that you are starting to realize you can control your own destiny! Remember 1 very important point ! Karma Rules if you do bad to another on your way up the fall back down can be truly devastating! So please keep a smile on your face knowing that it is only going to get better from here ,because you and only you will be the one who pulls you up and conquers in the end, because of a clear well meant heart to help others like along the way! Thank you for letting me tell you all Hurray ! your on your way! mary

  23. Dave Knob

    The ideal world is elusive yet somehow possible. Sometimes it gets in the way of action and creates a less than ideal situation. Like most people I like to dream but obviously need to focus on current success and baby steps to progress to the my ideal world. Taking action is the current dilemma.

  24. Tori Pennington

    Yes my life is crushing my success. I am now in chemo treatment and every day until reading your website I was so depressed, and feeling sorry for myself. It is life to become upset and depressed at times. This only gives us a chance to learn and become stronger. I have all my life to make everyone happy, and not worrying about myself. Its time to make myself happy.Watching Antony’s website has given me hope and faith that I can make my life come out of this slump I am in and make it through this journey I am on. I will from here on out start doing for me (TORI) and making me happy. I had no computer skills at all and I am truly amazed how far I have com. I have stressed for months and now every morning I wake with a smile. Thank You Anthony.

  25. Ryan Wells

    I look forward to thinking positive and taking actions in a methodical method as prescribed. Thanks Anthony – for keeping things streamlined and easy to follow. I admire your success & growth that offers lucidity, and a clear path to follow in the footsteps of a pioneer already through the rough. I look forward to success that comes to those who persevere, and look forward to seeking help & helping out where I can. We are all fellow travelers in this journey.

  26. james hill

    Thanks for what you do. It is ecourging to read your blogs and watch your videos.

  27. jazziemia

    Yes! So much to do,in life. I love the formula, E + R =O E is the event in our life, R can either be response or reaction, which one is choosen determines the outcome. A repsonse, usually is well thought out, the wiser descion. The reaction one, is usally impulsive and often times is frazzled the unexpected.
    Today , I will do my best. I will be grateful for each moment, and do all I can to learn and be thankful. I will , not just I wish will yield an excellent outcome.

  28. vanessa

    Yes, I do know you can look at your success as a negative. Especially when comparing yourself to others all the time. But your right… I need to pat myself on the back & take a look at what I HAVE accomplished ALREADY & how much more knowledge I’ve gained. You’ve got to stay positive ALWAYS….even when facing challenges. It’s the challenging stuff that makes us grow & learn the most and pushes us forward toward success.

  29. Nancy Higgins

    First, I received the information about the free lunch seminar. OK I went. Then I bought the book and video on the infomercial, for $40. THEN I signed up for the 3 day Super Affiliate Program. I received the $40 books, etc, and the 3 day seminar DVDs at the same time. I started with the books. I have to tell you that Hidden Millionaire was great, but after 1/2 way through the 2nd book I felt like I was trying to learn ancient Greek! So I set aside the Advertising Profits from Home book (#2), and began watching the DVD set by Adrian Morrison on “Super Affiliate Training”, and Halleujah! It was made clear to me what all the initials and web-speak meant!

    I am not yet all the way through the 3 day course, but I am thankful that Adrian presented the material in such a way that it was easily understood, and actually attainable! Adrian is such a streight-forward and likeable person, that he made the information easy to follow and understandable. I am sure that I will finish the course and have my website up and running soon.
    Thank you Adrian for “translating” Anthony’s great material for me!

  30. Ruth Taylor

    No, the ideal world is not crushing my success. Success to some is not success to others. Success literally means that you have completed a part in your life or made an accomplishment and either you share your success or you do not. Share mean enlighten others in a positive way. Give back to the commnity and just be satisfied that you are able to even have a plan for certain things that you want for your self.

    Success is a motivational words or being known as part of the greater good that maybe can develop and grow to help people and businesses work more efficiently in this materialistic world. An ideal is just an idea and reality is real life where you have to achieve something to survive. Being able to not give up and go for what you know is a successful act that can lead to more successful actions.

    In a make believe world success can always be disturbed with the villan characters. So always prepare for the unexpected think ahead is my “motto”! Keep your head up but don’t forget look down or might trip.

  31. Jamielee Hutton

    Thanks for this great post it reminds me that even though I haven’t reached fame and fortune I’ve had success . Yes this happens to me and I am going to view things differently now .

  32. Val Jewell

    My “ideal world” has more to do with building relationships than with building a financial empire; so I’ve already begun “succeeding”. I’ve discovered, after launching just the tiny little “blog” part of this opportunity, that maintaining the successful elements I’ve already built is more challenging and time consuming than I had originally anticipated. So many other opportunities have come along since the beginning of this new venture that I don’t even try to imagine how all of this is going to be worked out in for the future. I’m trying to remind myself to enjoy the process and the journey. That’s a huge part of the “payoff” in the beginning . . .

  33. Elizabeth W. Smith

    From where I’m sitting, I feel the journey for success is long distant. There is much to learn and practice before realizing a feeling of accomplishment, much less success. It’s important to keep the vision and remain positive, learning the best methods that work for us and watch the success build and materialize. Trips to the bank while watching the account grow and feeling a measure of success and accompishment along with that comfortable feeling of security Ah, peace! EWS

  34. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, Thank you for your view point. You are correct to say where ever we are if we have only learned a small amount then, we should be happy. We will win if we keep trying and keep the faith. I believe this because as a Senior, I can proudly say that I raised my children as a single Mother and all 3 turned out well, THey all are employed with good jobs and live an allright life. That was not easy but I kept going and did not give up. I just celebrated every days jorney and made it and now I am still reaching for a dream day by day and enjoying it.

    Alberta Banks

  35. Brad

    Hi! Guys, I am just getting started. I have my PMI orientation tomorrow night. I like to have live people helping me. Everything is positive at this time. I had some frustration with some of the tutorials, but now it is damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. My philosophy is give me lemons and I will make lemonade.

  36. Fred Thompson

    Anthony I have been happening to me since 1989, 365 days a year to date. Close to 35 years of of mental agony. I new point of view first on my start this list of things to do.
    thanks for all your advise.
    Fred& Hyunsou

  37. Bill

    I needed you post, because I will continue to hammer out what I need to do to be successful with online marketing. I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I refuse to be discouraged. It’s a learning process, don’t count me out, I’m in for the long haul and I’m close to completing my training at PMI. Ain’t no stoping me now, I’m on the lose! (1980’s song lyrics)

  38. Yolanda Carroll

    Hi Anthony:

    This blog makes an EXCELLENT point! I once heard a business motivational speaker say, “It takes YEARS of school & work experience to get to the highest salary a person has ever made. BUT when a person decides to embark on a business venture that will give them the opportunity to be their own boss & have real financial freedom, they are very disappointed when they haven’t made six figures in 6 months!” Go figure… THXS Anthony for bringing to our needed attention how impt it is to RECOGNIZE the process. As long as we never quit our SUCCESS with this business venture will CONTINUE.

  39. Salvador

    Thanks Anthony for keeping us motivated and always working so hard to get all the infomation to us for learning,and you are right we have come a long way to this point we learned so much,even thoug there is times where you just get so frustrated that you have to take a time out and come back later when you back to normal. Thanks again for you’re great infomation.God Bless you all.

  40. Susan Lee

    I am always trying to improve my quality of life what ever it takes

  41. Bobby Sims

    Night-Owl!! Bobby Sims, Anthony, I entirely agree with:” My ideal world crushing my success.” I have always used a critical appoach to my situation.But, since I have join your organization and truly following Anthony Morrison and Carol Amato, instruction. I’m able to get out of my critical thinking and enter into a new world of creative thinking. Otherword, I’m able to step out of the box to find a solution to my present situation. Now, my life two motto: ” A WINNER NEVER EVERY QUIT AND A LOSER NEVER EVERY WIN. and, LOOK AT THE PROBLEM WITH A CREATIVE MIND AND ONE’S WILL FIND A CREATIVE SOLUTION.

  42. Ceegee Rabren

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the mobil text message. To answer your question: Yes, I am very much still engaged in your Ad Prof from Home program. I’m reading your book for the second time. I am an artistic thinker and have to retrain my brain to think business wise. In other words, I want to get started yesterday making mullah, but its going to take a little more time to get the basics down, first. I am very excited about your program and how it “IS!” going to change my future. No flash-in-the-pan for me. Thanks for staying engaged with newbies like me. So, until the next time, be sweet. Ceegee [rabren DOT cee DOT gee @ yahoo DOT com]

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