When You Fail… What Do You Learn?

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I have heard so many people say “ahhh I am giving up it’s not working” about things they do in their life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new job or a new business this seems to be the “mindset” of most people. Failure should be looked at as something that is necessary for success. It’s very rare that any entrepreneur becomes successful without some degree of failure. We all want an easier life, but you have to be ok with those bumps in the road on the way there right?

One thing that all successful entrepreneurs seem to have is a very short “recovery period” meaning they recover from failure really fast. They analyze why they failed and then quickly implement strategies to keep it from occurring again. Entrepreneur’s use this “failure” as a way to learn how to be successful not as an excuse to give up and quit. Successful entrepreneur’s learn and grow from failure and eventually come out stronger, better and more profitable from this “learning process”.

My advice to you this week is don’t let failure keep you from achieving your goals. Think like an entrepreneur and let failure teach you the lessons you need to learn to create the success you want to achieve.


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  1. Bendicion Sablan

    I like to think that if you keep on trying, you can’t fail. The only way I consider an attempt to be a failure, is to stop trying. I’ve learned that with every choice, there will be obstacles throughout the entire path to making that choice work for your benefit. You just have to figure out how to maneuver to continue on the path you chose, or you might be able to spot a different route. But, if your still moving towards your accomplishment, your not failing. Sometimes, you start failing because you don’t have the tools to get through and can’t seem to spot any alternate routes. When you decide that the end goal isn’t worth the amount of effort to accomplish it, you choose to fail. So, everytime I find myself at a difficult obstacle, I visualize the accomplishment on the other side and use my past experiences to plan my next action towards it. So, with all that said, I guess failure teaches me more about myself and how much I desired what I initially chose.
    Thanks Anthony for wanting to help others with their success as much as you’ve have. You’ve had a long journey with this choice and I’m sure that there were an overwhelming amount of ostacles up and down your path. So I want to let you know that I, along with many others, greatly appreciate your commitment to your accomplishment as well as your efforts to continue improvements without complacency. Can’t thank you enough.

  2. Joshua Zamora

    Never ever give up! It’s easy to quit that’s why so many people do it. Like you said people want easy and if success was easy everyone would have it already.

    I think going through the struggles can also be part of the fun on the journey to success.

    Those things you look back on when you make it!



  4. Bob Luna

    2 things Anthony; In the words of LRon Hubbard…..One) With every failure there lies just before it a misunderstood. and second) With every failure there lies just before it a failed puropse) Think about this and you will discover ito be true.

    PS I enjoy your e-mail messages.

  5. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, This time now was a very good time for me to hear about failure and not giving up. I have taught my three children that all of their lives and they live by it daily. I have encountered many times of failure and bounced back like a ball. The things in my life now is new because I retired from the Federal Government and trying to start a new Business of Sewing and Alterations. I feel like the Online Internet business will be a success for me as well because I will put them together and I will never give up just sometime I get tired but I have faith that I can and will be successful.

    Alberta Banks

  6. Alberta Banks

    When I fail I learn that there is always more than one way of doing something. We have to know that in order to get a different result we have to do things a different way.

    Alberta Banks

  7. Clara Leake

    Quit? That word is not in my vocabulary. I have a stick-to-it mentality even though I’m not making any money yet. And Lord could I use a few extra bucks right about now.

    I think I need to re-group. I may have too many balls in the air at one time. Something has to work for me, and I refuse to give up, I’m not and never have been a quitter.

    I’m not sure how to make my free web site work for me, Sure could use some help.!!!!!

  8. Dan Reardon

    There is no such think as failure. Every action we take produces a result. If the result we get is not what we want, then we need to readjust our plan and try again for the result we are trying to obtain. In doing this we learn how to improve and we will eventualy reach the goal we set out to obtain.

  9. Alan

    If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Great advice keep it up.

  10. Jim Smith

    I think there is a song with the following words “I’ll stop, pick myself up and start all over again”. I will analyze what I have done wrong and try again. I read a book some time ago called “Dare to Fail” It pointed out how many successful people failed the first time and even the second time they tried something. I will succeed, how ever many tries it takes.

  11. Carl Hendrix

    Rock bottom has a way of keeping you down, disscussed, and mad at failure after failure at yourself. I try everything, to the best of my knowedge. High School drop out. thats me. I only know of one thing, ( PERSERVERANCE ) the ablity to keep trying, even-though it might fail.{ I do however plan not to be in this position a year from now. I hope, I’ve have faith it will. Patience has been a close companion. {Giving up is’nt a word I’d care to have, It would mean giving up on LIFE.} Alba gave me this life, redemmed me thru His Son, OUR LORD, I’m 53 know, in hope the rest of it might be for the better. Thanks Child of God, for sterring me in the right direction. Sincereily, Carl Eugene Hendrix

  12. Abe Doliente

    Thank you Anthony for your weekly post today. In the past, whenever I failed, I dwelt on my failures for a long time. I was afraid to face the facts. I was hoping that those failures will go away. I had felt that way until I read your Weekly Blog # 58 posted last Thursday. I thank you for that post and for your post today. I changed my attitude towards failure. I can say that those failures in the past will teach me to strive harder to achieve my goals.

    Again, I thank you so much May God Bless you and your family.


  13. john stanger

    I am 74 years old and BROKE..
    NOT “broken;” just Broke…
    God knows – Murphy’s Law Works… But Murphy doesn’t have to ultimately win!
    When my “end” story is finally ready and gets told, it will be both interesting & inspiring. NOTHING can stop a man or woman who WILL NOT QUIT!

    A Non-lawyer
    a.k.a.: Santa Claus

  14. sampio

    Excellent idea writing and prioritizing the order. Lots of great info keeping us informed. On job and in transit by train/bus here in NY. taking time to study and taking lots of notes to get business off and running to obtain my goals faster. Have notepad/pen at my reach at all times. Patricia congrats on winning! Please email me immediately so I can ship out your gift card.

  15. Kinsan

    Hello Anthony;
    I do not believe in failure, but a constant learning process. You don’t fail for trying, but you do fail for not trying. Failure means a call for improvement that announces a clean, and clear pathway for a bright successful store.

    Once again thank you for your help

  16. Bryan Tipton

    Of course I will learn from my mistakes and my failures

    Because if I’ve never failed or made mistakes how could I possibly know what to do so I do not fail or make the same mistakes again.

    I feel in life that we all should make mistakes and fail sometimes to know how to better are selves in other ways.

    Have a grate day

  17. chris kozikowski

    as i’m wakeing up this morning i see this (when is it time to give up!) well the answer is never thats what americans do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Donald Parks

    I will handle failure by looking where the failure came from.Where exactly did I make that wrong turn and learn from it.Then,retry and implement what I have learned from that wrong turn.

  19. Scott Novy

    Failure is NOT an option, but when it happens in any business such as the one I have been in and running with my family for the past 30 years. We always viewed it as trial and error, until we got it right. In other words we never gave up, if one thing did not work, we tried and tried again, learning a little bit more with every try. The end result was a better smoother running more profitable business. Hence that is why we are still in business today. Or we could have just gave up and been a QUITTER and went to go work for someone else. LOL This is why entrepreneur’s and business owners, see failure as NOT an option, but a learning tool for a successful business.

  20. Virginia L. Shuck

    hello, Anthony Morrison Virginia Shuck answer to you is and Tina Deter answer To you is that Yes You can Learn from a Miss/stake and the move on, and if You fail , Just pick yourself Back up and learn that and recover Quickly, from that think it though then don’t do that same thing again-then move on and don’t dwell on it choose to move past it and also choose to Keep going forward and don’t take No for an answer, stay Motivated and never Quit, stay eager everyday to to do the program that I we are taking turns on reading* we believe in this program and we will Keep following throw with this and we won’t stop doing this even ofter we meet our first goal: witch is to make enough Money to pay off our a medeit Bills! then we’ll both go from there together Anthony Morrison our best friend* E/mail [email protected] thanks to you and your friends*

  21. Ada

    When I fail I will think like an entrepreneur and assess what I did wrong then come up with a plan to avoid that mistake again. Learning and growing is the name of the sucess game.

  22. Dan Morawski

    Quitting , giving up is true failier . i have always kept “Tomorrow will be better than today . time to pick up the ball and run !

  23. David Porras

    I struggle to learn complex things,.computers ideas.When I don’t learn like I would like, I keep on reading and trying and working at it.I hate it when I fail.I never will give up!

  24. Ronald Wilson

    I have just joined and set up my campaign online two days ago. With very little fruitful activity so far, I was wondering if I had set up my campaign properly. My wife who is a bit impatient askes two or three times a day if I have had any success as yet. This article comes as tremendous support and encouragement to stick with it and not to be discouraged but plough on in order to achiev success eventually.

  25. Gopal Iyer

    Great advice. I never give up. When something does not work, I am upset for sometime, then I start thinking what I can do to fix it, then I am back again

  26. Ernestine

    NEVER give up – if you fail (which I have often) get up and try again or go in a different direction – We Mississippians have to stick together – even if I do live in Colorado now – I get so scared sometimes, but I don’t think I will ever give up trying

  27. Leigh

    Failure is the part of success that helps one learn and grow. One must fail many times in order to become a real success. I am eager to start learning from my mistakes for I know they will make me stronger.

  28. Madeline

    I feel I have been failing. That said I am beginning to realize all I have to do is start believing in myself, and get to work. I have been letting negative people stand in my way. I lay in bed last night thinking about what I would do today and decided I would first, have to ceate a schedule then get started. Thank you for giving me the tools to realize my goals.


  29. Abigail Gibson

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you so much for those daily reminders of never to give up. I am actually just beggining to do the classes. I paid to begin yesterday and i am optmistic that all will be just fine. I am on my way to a better and bigger life. ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I will grab the bull by the horn and just take off with it.


  30. Sam

    The old saw about failure that I like best is Thomas Edison’s light bulb story. When asked if he truly failed 1000 times he smiled and said “No. I succeeded once.” Of course, I’m paraphrasing, but, it was something to that effect.

  31. Allison Vokac

    How I handle failure is that I choose again and again until I have the desired outcome. Quitting is NEVER an option. When I have my eye on the goal, I realize that it will always take the time that it takes, so I continue in my pursuit with patience and move through the failures, or better said…..move through the ways that I discovered did not bring me to my goal. This is definitely a process…not a sprint but a marathon.

  32. haydn

    thank you for your e- mail anthony i hope you and your family are well i know this america ;has a wonderful future with you living here haydn

  33. Dan Madero

    Thanks for all the continuous help & valuable info. I have learned that it is best to learn from your experiences (good & bad) and focus on moving fwd to success. Most successful people i know have a short recovery timeframe because they put their time energy into moving fwd becoming succesful again instead of dwelling or wasting time on the past.

    Anthony, thanks again for all the continued help, resources & motivation to help the rest of us stay on track and be as succesful as we want to be. I also have a request. Would it be possible. To show a live demo or link to some of your live websites and affiliate sites? I belive it would be much more helpful to see a live site & layout than just the sample layouts you sketch out on a whiteboard.
    Thanks again for everything!
    Dan Madero

  34. vivian mezgebe

    When one fails, you must keep a postitive attitude about self. Rise up and start over, never quit. You learn to be persistant in winning.

  35. mark lendsey

    According to W. Clement Stone the fundamental ingredients for success are Desire, Study knowledge, and Action, Honest analysis of how I measure up shows room for improvement in all these areas. I pray that I can do all things through the strength of the Creator where I am weak He is Strong.

  36. Linda White

    I want to go foward with anything I do . I am first learning from some of your videos. I know this is not an over nite deal. I must work hard and keep on track. With your help and tools this can be a sucessful business. I thank you for all you teach and keeping us all well informed.

  37. Tonderai Nyachoto

    What I do to handle failure is to try something a different approach. But usually I would get a assistance on something I don’t know. I wouldn’t call myself an entrepreneur I just realized I need to do something different. I tried to focus more on if I don’t do it what are my options?

  38. Tona

    I do not have a website yet. I am still reading all the information I received in the mail. Feel a little overwelmed at the moment, but have the hope of some how, some way I will be able to suport my family also.

  39. Robert Bost

    Thanks Anthony. I am interested in online advertising profits from major companies. I have taught marketing for years and understand the concept.
    Thanks. Robert

  40. james hill

    I have not give up I am just trying to learn how everything works. I have one question for anyone that will answer. I have the website. If I a advertise one product or service do I direct people to the website, then they find the product or service or do I link them to the particular site that sales the produce or service if so how is this done?

  41. Jean Bell

    I am new – just started today. Failure is not an option for me. I worked for Enron for 23 years (started with P&O Falco,which was one of the companies that formed Enron) and lost all my stock, stock options and also my retirement. (I will receive $40.19 retirement which will be due to my employment with P&O). And, at my age, I do not have enough working years left to recoup half of what I have lost. To answer your question, NOOO! I will not quit.

  42. Cheryl Maples

    Life always has to have some failure otherwise there is no challenge and reward for achieving our goals. Failure only means to try again and this time to use the information that you gathered to prevent failure the next time. With Failure should come learning and a greater desire to try again…

  43. james ezzell

    no I am not quitting. I am just still trying to understand everything that I am reading and videos I’m watching and put it all together. I guess I am just a little slow lol at understanding it all.

  44. Jose Soto, Jr.

    Anthony,I love how you say, ” Entrepreneur’s use this “failure” as a way to learn how to be successful not as an excuse to give up and quit.” I would like to add that to me it doesn’t matter how hard you fall. What matters is how fast you get up!!!

  45. donald cassidy

    when i fail i learn to use it to try again another way it isnot failuer just a way that didnt work so i find another way edison didnt fail 10.000 times he just found 10.000 ways the light bulb wouldnt work 10.001 worked ….

  46. Annie




  47. Lori Brady

    Life is a series of BUMPS IN THE ROAD. Do you quit? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! We need to sit and think of what happened and how we failed and HOW we can improve!!!!! If we quit on life where does that lead us?? NOWHERE!!!! Being in business is the same principle. Back in the 1800’s when the settlers started in the east and crossed the country to the west and met many obstacles on their way,indians,border rustlers,draught,snow in the mountains, did they QUIT,NO!!! because they had a DREAM for a better life!! They experienced MANY hardships but did not QUIT,and many did not make it through no fault of their own but they continued to TRY!!


  48. david mance

    Re: Failure
    I have had my share, 1997 CPA embezzled $2+ million basically put me out of business I was 37 years old, he was put in a white collar camp for 2 years. When he was released he moved into his 600.000.00 home on a private golf course. It then took 10 years for me to rebuild to a point where i was comfortable again, i was in the construction business and aircraft business. Then 9-11 hit put my aviation business out, and hurt the construction business. In 2008 the construction markets came tumbling down, I have 400.000.00 in recievables which I wont collect. I have spent over30.000.00 on legal fees to collect tho 400.000.00 and seen little or no progress. in short in 30 years I have been a millionaire 3 times and lost it due to lack of morality and a judicial system that is broken. Thats why I am working with Anthony. No hard assets no recievables, no legal hurdles, I believe in the kiss rule now, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! This rule applies to everything related to business now. No place like the internet that enables you to clone so easily. If you want to make real money, CLONE,CLONE, CLONE. Thankyou Dave Mance

  49. Gary Monahan

    A very commendable point, Anthony! Put it another way, always keep your thinking evolving toward a profitable future by learning from any mistakes along the way, so that they become valuable learning lessons.

  50. Tina Lowery

    All of my life, I have tried to please other people. I have made other people rich in their businesses. Because of my strong work ethics, I always keep going.
    I have raised my children to never quit when they get frustrated. Now that this is something for me and about me, I’m afraid. I’ve always been strong for others. Now I have to be strong for ME! If I can do this for others, I CAN and WILL do it for ME! I’m leaving failure behind. Failure is not going to tag along with me.

  51. Fred Thompson

    I am 60 years old I have had three positions U.S.NAVY-Honerable discharge, second position stayed till owner passed away 15 years, third position stayed 17 years until health forced me to step down, but I have never Quite and I have no intention of developing that bad habbit starting now while I am in my prime. I’ll see all of you in the funny papers.
    Fred & Hyunsou

  52. Johnothan Rears

    Great comments written here. My idea on failure is similar to those listed. Failure or success is a mind set. My philosophy is this: Just about anything you desire is achievable, it is not a matter of if you succeed but rather when. The only real way to fail is to quit. Most usually do so just before they would have probably succeeded. This does not mean you do not learn from things that do not seem to work, rather to evaluate and modify your approach until you find the right path. I like Anthony’s guidance and philosophy in that it is similar to my own and I know it works. Thanks. To all, best wishes in your success. You will achieve what you desire, just persist and adapt to changes as you go. The only thing that really ever stops any of us is death (or perhaps bad health), but if you stay focused, you will win. Best to you all.

  53. Jake Sprague

    I bought your program and it said it came with a free web site to help get this off the ground ! I still haven’t seen it ! Maybe I overlooked it , I don’t know ! If you could help me out and point me in the right direction , it would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you ,,,

  54. Madeline

    I will not quit!!!!! I am setting up my BLOG and have been having some trouble, but plan to keep plugging along. I am new at this; each step is a giant step. Give up is not in my vocabulary.

  55. Scott J.Van Giesen

    One thing I do know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed ,so a learning curve going on here! What I see is how would you know success if you didn’t know failure. I walk by faith following things I can,t see so this to me is following one that also follows HIM is also walking in faith.There are many deceivers out there and who you are is the reason I’m here .

  56. Jennifer Nelson

    Failure shows us what not to do and it gives us motivation and determination to find the right path….

  57. Joe Hogan

    Anthony, I’m nearly 50 years young and have had an entrepreneurial spirit all of my life. I’ve tried more business opportunities than you can shake a TREE at! LOL Most people who are NOT entrepreneurs—- including my ex-wife— would say that I have failed. There is nothing further from the truth! Because of all of those experiences, I am here with you today. Just like your teacher who kept you after class to tell you that you needed glasses. We are all here because we are part of the master’s plan. NOTHING happens per chance! I can bring all of my past experiences into this endeavor and will succeed. I know this because we ALL stumble and “FAIL”, but you are only a “FAILURE” when you quit! When babies learn to walk, they know “nothing” when they fall but they get right back up and try again. So if you’re gonna cry like a baby when you fall, then act like a baby and try again! We MUST move forward to succeed, and that can only come through persistence and education. I just got your books this past week and became successful my very first day ! ! – – because I learned something ! LEARN, BUILD,LEARN and BUILD. Thank you for all that you do! Joe

  58. Janis Searcey


    I like the brief message about failure. It’s totally understood by most of us, but less likely to be implemented to turn it around. The worst thing about failure, is the fear that it brings and how that stymies one’s every move. So the motive is to not only getting over failure, but getting past the fear to try and try again.

    Thank you for all of your inspiration. You are a great teacher that will inspire many.

  59. Matthew P. Royce SR.

    I set out iwith no-one & nothing,it is through determination and persistance,
    I have not made any profits online,yet I have a family now,our roof,a son.
    Beginings are never easy,even walking away from nothing,with nothing.
    I encourage you,when you walk away,remember your moving forward,
    failure is not a ending,it is the first step in the rite direction,
    the rite place-the rite time, everyone has a schedule become part of it .

  60. Judith Lawrence

    Every successful person has probably encountered more failures than successes but we only hear about the good stuff. It’s the failures that made them successful. The past is not to be doted on. The only thing about the past is for it to teach us to learn from it. Getting a plan, implementing it and acting like it is your job is the only way to be successful in any arena. Having a back up plan is always good to. The problem with internet marketing is getting the info in drips and drabs — scattered information. I’d like to get the big picture, break in down into manageable pieces and go to work with a plan in mind every day. That’s the only way I’ll ever be successful.

  61. keith black

    i try to learn and grow each time i fail. i try to look at it not as failing, but having an opportunity to learn and grow.

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