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As promised earlier I am going to post my 2008 year in review today. Honestly I have to say that 2008 was a blessed year for me, my family, and my friends. Each and every year we all grow and learn so much that makes us better and more successful people. Here are the top 10 moments of 2008, well at least in my life:

1. My best friend in the world, Josh got engaged! Oddly enough this happened yesterday on New Year’s Eve. Josh is a great friend and partner in business. He works on my conference tour, contributes greatly to my charity ChristmasForKids.us, and handles just about anything and everything you can imagine for me. I think this was one of the highlights of my year simply because I know he has a great woman in his life and there is no doubt she has a great man in hers.

3. My first book, The Hidden Millionaire, was published and released on Amazon.com. I never really saw myself as an “author”, however, after meeting thousands of people around the country my eyes were opened to just how my personal story touched others lives. So many people were motivated to succeed after hearing my story I decided to share it with the rest of the world through my book. I must say writing a book was certainly more difficult than I originally expected, but in the end it was well worth the trouble. I am extremely proud to be referred to as an author, mentor, speaker, and business advisor. I never expected any of those titles just a few short years ago when I was headed to medical school.

4. A successful year for our conferences. I have to say in our second year of touring around the country our team did a great job! They were all wonderful to work with and deserve nothing but good comments. They were helpful, informative, and patient as we traveled the country teaching people how to create and run businesses online. A special thanks to everyone who contributed in 2008!

5. My brother graduated from college! A true highlight in my life not only did my brother finish school, but he also created his own online business that is hugely successful. They say sometimes the student surpasses the teacher and this may end up being the case! He is completely dedicate to being a successful entrepreneur and I am happy to just have pushed him in the right direction. So congrats Adrian on your success I am sure there is much more on the way!

6. Meeting new people and creating new partnerships was a big part of my 2008 year. Brent up north is working with me on a few deals, and I met him in a hotel in Washington. Kevin out west is working on a few things with me, and I have never even met him! Graig from MidWest a great guy handling all my book printing and shipping. To everyone that I have met this year thank you for broadening my horizons and teaching me along the way. I hope we all have a very successful 2009 working together to become smarter and more successful in every way.

7. My first nationwide interview on CNN aired. The feeling was incredible. Knowing that people all over the country were listening to what I had to say at one time. It was a bit nerve racking, however, it was worth it in the end. As a result of that interview I received about 300 emails from people around the country.

8. I was on the cover of Home Business Magazine and featured in many other newspaper articles, magazines, and radio shows around the country. I typicall tend to be more of a private person, however, in 2008 I stepped out of the box and began a media tour. I have to say it was successful and I enjoyed every second of it.

9. Meeting Cameron Johnson, author of You Call The Shots. You know I have written about his book and suggested it as a “required reading” if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. For me meeting Cameron was interesting because I have never met anyone my age that was really successful in business. Most of my friends are just now getting out of college. It was interesting to interact with someone who has written a book, given keynote speaches, and created successful businesses online before the age of 23. So to you Cameron I wish you all the success in the world in 2009.

10. ChristmasForKids.us – we had a wonderful 2008 year with our charity ChristmasForKids. I will be posting pictures, videos, and news clips of the entire event soon. Each year this charity seems to just grow bigger and bigger. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and positively influence them to give back in some way to those who need it most, and thats the children of our country.

These are just some of the highlights of my year……… Ill be posting more soon! Stay tuned.. as always comments are welcome.

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