Lower Your Stress Level – Proven Technique

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The past few weeks we have been discussing Facebook advertising and no doubt your head is spinning with ideas right now. Perfect! that’s exactly what I was hoping for to be honest with you. I want to spark that creative part of your brain into overdrive, and hopefully that has taken place the last few weeks. This week I want to focus more on how to reduce your stress level. It’s obvious that no matter what business you are currently running (or starting up) that with business comes stress. It’s just something I have learned to deal with over the last six years or so because I know it’s coming no matter what I do. My technique for reducing my stress level is something that I personally think can and will help everyone.

Typically in business your stress comes from having to many things on your plate and just simply not being organized. It’s hard when you have 15 things to do and they are all running through your mind at one time. You’re trying not to forget anything while attempting to get things on the list done at the same time. This is a formula for disaster and stress. Let me show you so you can visualize here…


Get it? Now here is what I do that drastically reduces all this stress. I simply write everything on a notebook. I know I know “anthony that’s just silly” or “uhh to simple I am leaving this blog” ok fine your opinion DOES count, but honestly what do you have to lose by trying this? When you write things down it changes the way your brain processes everything associated with what you wrote down. Just simply knowing everything is written down nicely on a notepad clears the mind and eliminates part 1 of this equation (the all running through your mind part). If you can eliminate parts of this equation you can eliminate some of the stresses. You no longer have to try to remember, you no longer have to keep these things on your mind AND if you check things off your list you can visually see when you “complete” things on the list. This alone gives you a sense of accomplishment and therefore reduces your stress level.

Try it out for me ok….. bet it works!


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  1. Nick

    Thanks Anthony!

    I’m dusting off on old notebook I have and writing down all of the things I need and want to do.

    I think I will even put it by my bed at night so that when I wake up thinking about something I can write it down . . and go back to sleep. 🙂

  2. Carol Amato

    This is so simple it is brilliant. It takes discipline to plan. It will be time well spent and increases productivity even when you factor in the time it took to write things out.

    I agree.

    Do I ALWAYS write things out? No.

    Am I going to start doing this EVERY day? Yes!

    Thanks so much!


  3. richard lake

    i find that composing lists, ie : to do, must do now/ can wait can help prevent stress, bit i also find that attacking projects as they come up reduce my stress levels. instead of just simply writing them down, i find i must address each project as it occurs.
    i realize that i may be in the middle of one project and another (or two) suddenly arise, but prioritising them as each arises keeps me focused on my main objective. if what i’m working on currently has the most important deadline, i see to it that that project is completed first, and then down my priority list.
    you must not be scared to delegate work, or if you’re not in a position to delegate, i would ask my superior which project is the one to be completed first. i make certain he/ she is aware i have a full plate already and if too much work needs to be accomplished at the same time, it may not be possible for me to complete all assigned task.
    you must not be intimidated by your workload, you must not be shy about delegating, you must make your superiors aware of your current workload and getting their input for prioritising projects.
    and leave your work at the office, when you are home, you are in your sanctuary. unless you’re paid to work at home after regular business hours, don’t. it’s especially important to focus on family once you arrive home, your spouse doesn’t appreciate hearing about your rough day everynight. you should have a regular dinner time where all family members gather for a meal to enjoy each other, and afterward spending your time with them as they do grow up so quickly.
    that will help you to reduce stress !!!

  4. Janice

    Hi everyone,
    I have been attempting to absorb all of Anthony’s information just like the rest of you. It sometimes becomes overwhelming and I get stressed when I can’t figure out an issue. When the stress gets the better of me, I close my browser, go to one of my mindless games and watch one of my favorite shows on TV. Sometimes I go for a short walk just to clear my mind. I usually tell myself that I have had enough for the day, but inevitably after an hour or two I find myself right back at the computer. Thank you Anthony for all the great information you are providing and also Tellman for the lists he has provided. If it wasn’t for the two of you, I would still be completely lost.

  5. Joshua Zamora

    Great stuff Anthony! I love the video and follow up with written post system.

    I get a lot of ideas popping into my head while driving for some reason LOL so having a notebook there is extremely helpful. Of course I write it down when I reach a red light 8)

    Or if it’s an over the top idea I pull over right then and there and write it down so I don’t forget.

  6. Debbie S

    To reduce stress I find a moment to walk away, go outside or just leave the room. I turn on “moodscapes” or ” spa” music on my Sirrius XM radio. Listen to one or two songs and that usually helps me clear my mind to go back to it.

  7. Jocelyn Greenidge

    To lower your stress.prioritize you activities for the day. write them in your journal Cross off as each is completed. After you have completed each activity. sit in a comfortable chair take 10 deep breaths. Eat wholesome foods not fast foods. Give thank for bring here today.

  8. Edgar Alley

    Well right now I’am going to try to do more with my Internet Marketer, to get it up and runing so I can make some Profits, thank you Anthony for the strategies.

  9. Marie Edelin

    Take some nice yoga stretches in the sun.
    For that vitamin D,you know ;). Hum a lovely tune.
    Iwill use all my new learned strategies. Thank you.

  10. Abe Doliente

    Excellent suggestion Anthony. I started using this technique since yesterday after I read your blog # 57. It is amazing how much easier and faster to see the overall picture of your goals. This nethod sure lowers your stress.

    In addition to doing what you suggested, I find that walking is a very good way of lowering my stress. If I am stressed, I walk for about 30 minutes to an hour. It works all the time.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.


  11. Penny

    I used to do list making during my teaching career and it really does work. It looks like I need to get back to it, even though I’m retired now. Thanks for the reminder, Anthony! I’ve also started walking and music is one of THE best things. And breathing, of course. Ü

  12. Bobbie Anne Munsey

    In order to reduce the stress of running my blog alone, I have written a post on guest bloggers. I have written my friends and asked them if they’d like to have their personal link on my site. I have told them how to “grab” their link and share it with their Facebook Friends and family. Now that others are wanting to experience writing a blog post, I can edit it and use it for a post on my site. That will keep me from coming up with so many ideas on my own.

  13. Zerelda Quintana

    Reduce stress: Within the plan of writing down things to do, include a small amount of time to “explore” – envision in your mind what you want a website or a blog or offer to look like and “see” it completed; then add it to the “To Do” List. This exploration time is a time to breath within “doing” your plan that allows you some time to “regroup” on your vision. This way you have fresh energy to push you forward as opposed to getting lost in a lot of “To Dos” which can sometimes NOT be motivating. The “To Dos” still have to get done, but the exploration time allows you to vision new next steps along the way.

  14. keith jones

    Thanks Anthony… and also thanks to other responders… we must be on similar wavelengths.. 🙂 .. Anthony’s observation that ‘stress comes from having to many things on your plate and just simply not being organized’ hits a common chord for me… in the past several weeks after joining this blog, I bought a new notebook and started making notes on all the topics that I would love to include in my website… and so far I have over 40+!!! Next I am starting to prioritize to score according to ‘what is most fun for me and I feel passionate about’ + ‘what seems to me to be most likely to be valuable to others as fun or interesting’, so I can start making fans and big profite (yes, I am also listening to Tellman :)… eventhaually I would like to put all of my 40+ interests on my site… but within the next few weeks I am going to narrow down to a top-5 or so to focus on first for max returns.. Thanks again, great tips… as I start getting organized, writing down my ideas in a notebook and think about them strategically makes me feel much more calm so I can face to focus on the ’15 top things’ each day..

  15. Shane Gilbert

    I have been writing down all of the things I need to get done, but still find myself chasing my tail like a puppy. I have got a plan to drive traffic to my site through face book, with an autoresponder via Aweber, but can’t get a clear map of the process. I go back and forth from my 3Dcart people to my Aweber people, and still find myself frozen. I havn’t been able to move for a week now.
    Does anyone have an idea of how I can thaw myself out?

  16. Sam Raithel

    I tried making the lists… they weren’t too short though… then I added characters to the lists… now I find myself writing novels… the stress multiplied…. and I can’t find a publisher !!! I’m going to start over. : /

  17. Eric L. Garner

    The one thing I do to reduce my stress is light a few candles & put on the movie “The Secret” & I close my eyes, take deep breaths in through my nose & excel out my mouth. I think about all the positive things that I want to happen in my business & all that I want to acheive in the next month. I do this about 30 min – 1 hr a day. It does wonders to your stress level & even your life. Staying positive is the #1 way to reduce your stress………..

    I could not retweet it with tweetmeme, so I retweeted it on my twitter account @ twitwealthguru……

  18. Ron Watson

    I generally think on the things that I have been blessed by God. I have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for your good material and for the inspirational book, Hidden Millionare!

  19. Netta

    I will take one day at a time keeping my hope and faith in the ability to accomplish the things that I am setting out to do.

    Prayer is a great stress reliever along with exercize and a positive attitude.

  20. Glenn Robertson

    how relive stress.spend time with my wife angelina that i have been married to for 19 years may fisrt we like to hunt and fish with her,and spend time in general.

  21. Ivy Rios

    Hi Anthony

    It’s true if your not organize on your live, things built up and you will have a lot of stress. In my case I listen to relax music like instrumental, meditation…..to rebuilt my energy and be focus to prevent stress….

  22. Ted Be

    Great Idea! Im Doing This Full Time What Ever It Takes To Get Rid Of Some Of This Stress. Thanks MR A. See You From The Top

  23. Rita

    My To-Do Lists were all on separate pieces of paper – needless to say that was getting to be quite a jumble, so I took your advice in yesterday’s blog and started a Notebook – feels better already! Thanks.

  24. Stacey

    Wow, people are really getting started! I haven’t started yet. I would really love to talk to someone so I truly understand what this is all about, how it works, what I’d be doing. Best wishes to all, stacey

  25. Miriam Rose

    This is all good info and I am starting slow but I am still in there working. I am not going to quit, I know I will touch the right button on this computer in a few days. So I am watching and listening to videos giving it all the time I have. When I go to town next time I will pick up a pack of tablets,they will be less bulky than the notebook I am using now. So thank you Anthony for your effort.and also a thank you to all the responders.

  26. Patricia Grant

    Excellent idea writing and prioritizing the order. Lots of great info keeping us informed. On job and in transit by train/bus here in NY. taking time to study and taking lots of notes to get business off and running to obtain my goals faster. Have notepad/pen at my reach at all times.

  27. Sue Syphers

    I have kept lists for years but most of them are in my head. I have a friend who writes down everything. I like the idea that by writing things down that it leaves more space in my head for creativity. I should charge rent for some of the things hanging out in my head. So that was a helpful hint. Thanks Sue

  28. Elizabeth W. Smith

    When it comes to releaving stress, I find it works for me to find a quiet space, perhaps lovely, soothing music and relax. It’s time for lovely positive thoughts and knowing the solution is revealed to do just what is best for the situation at hand.

  29. Robert Dorsey

    I presently write so much down that I have notebooks all over the place in my house due to my brain damage. You have given me the incentive to get organized and get things straightened out.

    Thank You so much!!!

  30. ROBYN6860

    Although I must say the NOTEBOOK method has always worked for me, there have been occasions that it has failed me. However, this failure afforded me the opportunity to look for additional methods for making a good thing even better and this is what I discovererd; For Me, taking a few xtra minutes each morning to simply Pray over everything written down in my notebook had a dramatic impact on the manner in which I was able to handle that days Stressors. Indeed, a simple technique, but as stated earlier, for me, it works 100% of the time. Thank You.

  31. Kay

    Thank you for the thoughts and encouragement. As for the writting down part I am wayyyy ahead of you. I have 7 differant notebooks for differant things I need to keep in mind, or just plain remember.

  32. Cheryl Martin

    I like to keep a long notebook by my computer and in my car. I get stressed when I have a lot to do and afraid I will forget. So I like to write down assignments and ideas. I also like to discuss my goals and ideas with my best friend “my husband” over a glass of wine in the evening. I like to drink a cup of green tea while jotting down my list.

  33. Stephen Vandermeer

    In order to reduce stress in my day to day I like to light scented candles, draw a nice hot bubble bath, put on a relaxing c.d., and lay back, closing my eyes and simply enjoy that moment without any outer distractions. I allow the water to cool down. When the water reaches a tepid temp. I towel off, put on some comfy clothes, have a cup of herbal tea, and I am fired up and ready to begin the process of addressing my list of things. I also list the manhy to do items by priority. This ensures that the most important things are addressed. What is then left on my list ends up being items that could wait until the next day, without feeling the pressure of running out of time. It works like a charm, and boy it sure makes me feel rejuvenated and energized!

  34. Randy Skiera

    Hi Anthony

    It was about a year ago that I first found your website and decided to wait and watch you, that turned out to be a mistake on my behalf. I am now fully on board and very excited as I learn and apply your new material.

    Thank-you Very Much

    Randy Skiera

    PS I look forward to meeting you in person!

  35. Noemy

    This is a good suggestion, writing down your ideas on your notebook to relieve stress. I will start using this technique to keep my mind occupied.

    I always read a book to relieve my stress.

    Thanks Anthony

  36. Hernando


    This is a very good blog; you’re informative and straight to the point.

    And to answer your stress reduction question; as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the movie, “Red Heat”, “VODKA!” But I prefer Finlandia Grapefruit
    Vodka. LOL

    And if I’m out of that, then it’s Budweisers.

    Anthony, thank you for all your information and look forward to more of your money making video blogs.


  37. Sheree Burd

    I just started working on the best thing I need to do to reduce my stress level, and as I get more comfortable with it, my stress level is declining. That one thing is the ability to say one word. Guess what it is, You got it. “NO’ It is one of the hardest things for me to say, but when I have been able to say it, my stress level goes down exponentially.

    Anthony, pass this on and see what kind of feedback you get from our community alone.

    By the way, your technique works as well. I have been using to do lists for awhile now and the certainly do help, but now I am going to add my new thoughts of things that make peoples’ lives easier. I have many patent pending ideas, but no money to move them beyond ideas to manufacturing.

  38. Daniel Dillie

    JUST A WORD OF ADVISE: If you haven’t started your 2010 taxes; do so now! It takes the average person a week to do their taxes so get out the W-2’s, 1098 and 1099’s and get started. Find a central location that you can leave your paperwork out from day to day. Organize it. Income, expenses, etc. Take it to your Account or Tax Advisor early. If you don’t owe any money; consider filing an extension to delay up to October 15th. EARLY PLANNING-REDUCES STRESS

  39. Jose Soto, Jr.

    Making a list of things to do is a great idea to reduce stress. However, I will take it further than that. In theory, stress, like many things in life, is a choice. And I choose not to be stressed. Why should I stress about something. If it has a solution to what I am stressing about than I solve it and do not stress about it. If it doesn’t have a solution than I move on to the very next thing that I could solve and do not stress about the previous I couldn’t. Simple, but it takes practice. Remember, stress is a CHOICE. And I choose not to!!!

  40. Betty Baker

    Thanks for the tips on reducing stress, I can see where writing things can be helpful.I will start right now! Thanks also for all the information on Facebook advertising. I still have a lot to learn, Thanks for your help and support.

  41. Cyndi Smith

    writing is the one thing that I was told to do when I was in school, and yes it works.

    But one thing my Grandpop used to say was…
    never worry about things you can not change.
    know your priorities…God, Family, rest of the world.
    be willing to extend your hand to those in need
    Never go to bed angry Never leave the house with out telling your family you love them…yesterday is over and tomarrow never comes.

  42. Alberta Banks

    Thanks and I believe in the to do list. I also say a prayer to reduce my stress because with prayer there is peace. With peace you will not have stress.

    Alberta Banks

  43. My Tran


    I will write down my goals each each week and set up steps to follow through to achieve them.

  44. juan robles

    Anthony, I set my site up and need some help driving traffic to the site so I’m gonna give it a shot and try your technique,and see what happens?

  45. Della Keitt

    Thanks Anthony for that. I started that technique and some space has cleared in my mind already. It makes things clearer and better feeling of accomplishment for a short term goal. Thank you. I’ve also joined a gym lately and this will help as well. I do Zumba and Spin on a weekly basis. It takes my mind from my long list of personal “to-do’s” and work duties for an hour or so.

  46. james cook

    Thanks Anthony I am trying this today and consolidating alll my lists in one place! So simple I didnt think of it myself./ before bed is an excellent time to pour out all those tasks and then get a good nites sleep. Thanks for the practical advise






  49. Letitia Bowry

    In order to reduced stress one must have a clair understanding. Stress comes from worrying. Personally i do not worry about what i can not change. Because, if i can change it ithen its no need to worry this is what cause stress.

  50. Aly

    Thanks for the great tips! I like to use notebooks that inspire me to want to write in them. I like to use colored ink. I use “naptime” as my down time and make a fresh cup of french-press coffee and something special to go with it! Thank you again for the knoweldge!

  51. Janet Trepanier

    I like to go to a quiet room, sit in dim light and force myself to breathe deeply for a few minutes. Then I am ready to go back and work on my list of things to do.

  52. JeanE

    A great way to reduce stress is to have a notebook and write in it everyday when you first get up. Writing your worries down lets you greet the day with a fresh start. Then make your list of things to do.

  53. Shiri Gantt

    to reduce stress, I do what is most important to me and that is spend QUALITY time with my 2 little girls. I find that if I blink twice I will miss those special moments, so taking the time to just sit there and watch every move they make just being them is such a great stress reducer and motivator at the same time for me!

  54. Derrick Martin

    Hello Anthony:

    This may sound lame. But as I read your Question, the answer I had for myself was the very same thing you recommended. And the feeling of Accomplishment and Satisfaction were the very same interior rewards I feel when I list what I have to do, and experiencing the thrill of checking off each completed activity. I too, thought it might sound simplistic, but it works!

  55. Esther Hebert

    I have used a list at those times when I had so much to do that I was afraid I’d forget something and also to get some sense of order and sequence to the activity. In retrospect I realize it did take some of the stress off the situation and allowed me to sleep instead of running over and over the things to do, i could sleep. Now I will make more frequent use of making a list off “to dos”.
    Esther Hebert

  56. Gary Monahan

    Way ahead of you, Anthony! I’ve been doing it for years and it has consistently worked for me. I’d be lost without my personal journal and set of notepads to always give myself a sense of direction. Keep up the great advice!

  57. Bendicion Sablan

    I completely agree with the lesson of writing things down. It is, absolutely, the best ways to reduce stress. It helps the mind remember the idea better, which allows the mind to produce better thoughts with less stress. Another element in this lesson is clarity. Writing the idea down clearly helps when you are ready to organize all those thoughts. I used to dread writing anything down because I never liked to look for a pencil and paper or even just down right think of sentence structure.

    After reading Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, I started getting into the habit of carrying a pen and notebook everywhere. I learned that I needed to, not only write down my ideas as soon as I has the chance, but to also write it in a way to remind me of the complete idea. Now, I feel like I can’t keep up with my thoughts. Because of this, I usually stress over frustrating unfinished projects.

    A couple weeks ago, I decided to go to the begining of Anthony Morrision’s blogs and videos to see what I’ve missed. I learned his system of staying on track, which I’ve just started to implement, now I’m learning on how to pace myself with my projects. As an added stress reliever, I’ve decided to start writing about my frustrations so that I can release my negative thoughts to give more room for the thoughts that I can’t afford to forget. Not to mention others can learn from the mistakes I’ve made during those stressful times.

    Thank you Anthony for continuing to care about the success of others. Just your site alone has helped me get closer to my success by teaching me to stay focused and by motivating me with your blogs.

  58. Sam

    I email myself with short messages when I am off working my 40. That way, when I come home and open the mail, I’m right where I need to be to enact whatever that idea is.

  59. Felix

    I will keep a daily planner and put in all of the things I would usually do in the day. By doing this it will eliminate me having to remember all the stuff i have to do and keep me focused on more important things like my business.

  60. Ethel Packer

    Anthony that is such a good idea for every one. I started doing that while I was working, now that I am retired I still write down everything to do, even going to grocery store. It leaves your mind clear so you can think better about other things. Especially about how to make money.Thanks

  61. Don Lewis

    I spend 3 to 4 hours a day commuting and I find that listening to Classical music greatly reduces my stress level. I call it my musical Xanax. I also enjoy listening to author John Miller’s audio book, QBQ! – Personal Accountability. I find that I can defuse almost all of my tension by thinking about what I could have done to alter the situations that disturb me. I must have listened to it over 20 times. Being personally accountable is a full time job, not something one achieves and forgets about. Of course I have been replacing QBQ with Anthony Morrison audio books recently. Love’m

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