1. Joshua Zamora

    Great Post Anthony! Fall Down 10 times get up 11!! Never never give up!
    Having patience is also a big factor to success. Too many people try and rush success without going through the challenges. 8)

  2. Douglas Miller, PE


    I am happily married, so I have no experience beyond that point. But, I have heard that the answer to your riddle is marriage: jump right in your first time; be very cautious – if it doesn’t work – about jumping in again.

  3. Abe Doliente

    Thank you Anthony for your Weekly Blog # 58. I had always believed that failure is a key to success. But one thing very important that I learned today is the “Short Recovery Period”. In the past, whenever I failed, I dwelt on those failures for a long time and they affected my performance. That is not good.

    I want to go back as far as I can remember and list all my failures in the past. Then, I will use these to my advantage to move forward and keep pursuing my goals.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.


  4. Cathy

    Wise words Anthony!

    I have not failed yet–just taking soooo much time to get off the ground–that is my frustration.

    I persevere!

  5. SANDY

    It was a really good example fall down the bike and get up and go again and I will try to do that maybe then I’ll be on the way to success and I wish there wouldn’t be money problem at this time.

  6. Sam Emerson

    PPL often stumble over small things and, to me, it’s sort of obvious why. Some things are so small and inconsequential that we never give it a second thought. The larger things are obvious, and so, do not become an obstacle to stumble over.
    Be mindful of the Big things and little things.
    Fix what you can and leave the rest alone.

  7. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, I have been listening and reading different Internet Marketing Managers info. I have the website and I am still not sure what to do to earn money. I believe that I am suppose to get other people to click on my wedsite and click on the different companies to purchase items or just to leave their email address. I really need to make some money right away and I am working hard trying to make some online. I do not have a job and I am retired. There is not much money in our household so I cannot invest any more. I am still reading your book that I purchased. I must say that I am a little lost. Let me know how you can help me. Oh yes your information that you just talked about was very helpful.

    Alberta Banks

  8. Michael Bernal

    I’m actually learning something very similar in a college course I’m in. They say it a little different though. They say turn failure into feedback. Either way is definitely right. Awesome post Anthony. Thanks again.

  9. Phillip Lully

    Yes Anthony, we do have a learning process…which may have some failures but oh how sweet it is when we get ourselves past those stubbling
    blocks. Victory is sweeter for us then.

  10. Angela

    This world is so full of negativity, it is always refreshing to watch and read your blog’s. I don’t believe a positive attitude is all it takes to suceed, but it sure helps when we need to overcome the failures and follow thru to be a success. An overcoming mindset will always recover quickly.

    Thank You so much for all you do.

  11. abby

    stuff is not always easy you know? I think working hard and never giving up is the key to great success. I am still confused but like i always say, for me, ” I can do all things through Christ who strengens me.” Amen

  12. Emmanuel

    Awesome advice has really given me a confidence boost!! thanks Anthony !!!!

  13. joe


  14. Earnest

    Anthony, this is a wonderful blog about courage, please keep them coming. Team, please do not give up, I am new at this too and I plan on being one of the SUCCESS STORIES!!!!

  15. mike terrell

    i have been running my business for about 3 months now bump free. last week i fell off the bike. i took the weekend to think it over and flopped
    from “it’s all over” to “i’ll do better next time” i like the advice of getting up and using the failure to teach myself how to avoid it in the future. thanks.

  16. Doreen

    I’ve tried many other programs on the Internet in order to start making money from home and eventually make it my full time business replacing my traditional job. I’ve been watching your infomercial for quite some time now and have joined your website and newsletter. I’m really enjoying the blogs, information you send me via email, etc. I’m really in a financial bind for the first time in my lifetime and need to start earning some additional income as well as build it to replace my current full time income. I don’t have any funds to spend on a whole lot of extra but will purchasing your new book “Advertising Profits from Home”. It’s reasonably priced so I’m going to try one more time. Thank you for the blogs and information they have been inspirational.

  17. Fred Thompson

    There is a diffrence in failure and a learning experience, this comes from 60 years of experience. There is one rule of thumb ( NEVER SAY DIE)

  18. Pierre Mocombe

    My uncle used to say: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again! And he would add: ” learn from your mistakes and avoid making those same mistakes”

  19. Margie Klasing

    Hi Anthony love watching your videos. The problem I am having so far is I am trying to take too much in too soon. I have invested into the DirectCPV program, which I feel when I learn what to do is nothing short of amazing. I have also signed up for the Mentoring Class in your hometown of Mississippi. I sit on the computer 10 hours a day which started 2 + weeks ago and trying to make sense of all the things and steps required to be successful. But I know this is my year. I have the determination, motivation and willingness to carry on and see this through. I am very shy when it comes to asking the support staff for help and I know this is my biggest downfall and they are there to help us get through this. I am now signing up for a StartUp Specialist because I am missing a piece of the puzzle and I need the professional help to get going. I have put aside so much money to get my business off the ground but with not working I am finding it difficult but still going forward. I thank you for you weekly blogs. Great work!

  20. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, I have been involved in many businesses, some were successful and others weren’t so much. I know what it is to fail and start anew!
    Thank you,

  21. Robert Dockstader

    Hi Anthony,
    I have been in business, as a contractor, since ’85 and I make hundreds of decisions on how a job should proceed. You always want your decisions to work perfectly but many times they don’t. For me I look at that mistake, which I try to never forget, and figure another avenue that works, which makes my company more successful. Great message, Anthony.

  22. Travis Miller

    I always look forward to the next cool little tidbits that you offer. Best part of this message is to never get yourself down over the stumbling blocks in the entrepreneurial world. Every step that is taken is the next step to SUCCESS!

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