Mass Twitter Traffic

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Massive Twitter Traffic

Massive Twitter Traffic

What if you picked up the morning newspaper and it was thinner, but only because it was nothing but headlines? Everything you see is a 140 character headline. You’d get through the news really quickly, but you’d be looking for more, as there is plenty of detail to go with those headlines, but it’s not there in front of you. And, even if you were given references to library books for the details, you wouldn’t find it convenient to go get them.

In one way, that’s a bit like Twitter, nothing but headlines. However, far from a downer, Twitter is an online marketer’s dream venue. It’s that link you can place in each Tweet to route your Twitter follower to the place you want them to be, where they can take the action you want them to take. Just as valuable, Twitter gives you a platform for announcements, notices of what you’re doing, what you’re selling, and where you have valuable content for your followers to consume.

One of the major factors that makes Twitter so valuable is the ability to build a massive list of followers who want your headlines, and they want to see what you have to say. They follow you because of a common interest, and if you’re a marketer, that common interest will bring you great profits. A quick Twitter search on the key phrase “weight loss” yields an excellent example. One featured account had almost a half million followers, and several easily located had more than 100,000 followers.

We marketers know that this is partially a game of numbers. So, starting with a massive follower list, we have a huge advantage. These are people who are there because they choose to be there. They want to read your headlines. And, a certain number of them will become prospects and then customers.

No, it’s not an easy process, and these followers will not just fall into your lap. However, if you learn the ways in which the highly successful accounts reach hundreds of thousands of followers in a few months, you’ll be poised to take advantage of your customer base of followers. So, the first task is to learn how to build that list. Once you’re getting that moving, then you’ll need to learn how Twitter works, what works for headlines, linking strategies, and how to use Twitter for marketing without losing your followers due to over-hyping or too much overt marketing.

You see, Twitter is an opportunity, but it must be used properly, or you’ll be losing followers at one end while adding them to the other. So, first you’ll want to learn the science and the art of Twitter marketing. On the art side, how you word your Tweets, your headlines, and where you take your followers from those Tweets is crucial to your success. Twitter is a social network, so sociability is quite important. Sharing of information that your followers value and find useful is the first and foremost job. They’ll share your Tweets with their followers only if they’ve found value in them. This is “word-of-mouth” marketing on steroids.

Your Twitter marketing plan is only one portion of your overall online marketing strategy, including using websites, blogs and other social sites. We can show you how to do auto-posting if it fits your marketing plan, and how to use Twitter as a feed of prospects to your other sites where they can become customers. We have the plan, and we know how to teach it for assured success.

  • Setting up a Twitter account and formatting for success.
  • Techniques to build a massive follower list in a short amount of time.
  • How to build the right type of follower list, those most likely to become customers.
  • Integrating your Twitter plan with your other sites and your overall marketing strategy.
  • Balancing great information your followers will value with marketing that brings you profits.

There’s more, but you’re getting the idea, now you just need the tools and instruction.

Get the Massive Twitter Traffic Course Now!

Get the Massive Twitter Traffic Course Now!


  1. Steve

    Wow it seems like every week you are coming out something different. I’m trying to keep up, can’t wait to try all of them. Can’t wait to go to your seminar tonight.

  2. Nathaniel Weems sr

    Your concept in your article was great. I would love to be able to properly maintain a regular and continuous tweet, but life is in the way. Wishing you well !! You are Blessing many. Nate Weems Sr.

  3. Joyce Knake

    This sounds like another great way to make money. We all know how powerful Twitter is. I’m working on another project right now and I’m really trying to stay focused on that. The main thing I think is stay focused on one thing. I read some where, and maybe it was from you, ” Do one thing,do it well and then move on to the next”. I think it’s pretty good advise.

  4. David

    you are a true entrepreneur you have a unique ability to see opportunity and a way to develop an idea that leave most folks in the dust. Congrats! Thanks for sharing with me and others.

    I am looking forward to your next webinar. Please email me ok?

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