1. Michael Herline

    Great info on CPV Marketing. It would be great if you could expound on the CPV Marketing. Thanks for your valuable help.

  2. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony CPV sounds intersting don’t know an lot about it. But I do like the concept. Always good learning keep it coming thanks.

  3. ingrid


  4. KATIE

    This is the kind of info that I need and would love for you to do more of this type of teaching. I understand more when I can see what you are talking about.


  5. Laura Grebeldinger

    Cannot get sound to listen. Hope I can figure it all out. Your patience is remarkable! Can’t say enough.

  6. Sylkemsted Green

    Anthony,first i must commend you on the work you are doing to educate people like myself about earning on the internet. i need to ask you a couple of questions.What are Domains and Blog…..and maybe you could throw in some other terminologies,every day words that experts like yourself use to describe different areas of a website. Thanks.

  7. jummy

    hey I had a dream that one day I meet you and you showed me all the secrets to what you do and we be came best friends. I really respect you and what you are doing for others God will keep blessing you and I hope one day I get the pleasure of meeting you…. Thanks Anthony

  8. Ivan

    I think that would be great if you could give us more important details about creating campaings. 99% training courses on the internet has too simple explanation and when I take action I see that there is a lot of stepping stones on the road.
    From my experience internet marketing is not hard but also it is not too simple,there are always important details which cannot be overlooked.It would be great if you could reveal these game changer details!

  9. Jacqueline Christian

    Thank you for the CPV Marketing information. I understand the option and see it happen when I am using my pc. The light bulb hasn’t ” turned on”yet.
    The advertising program is still a bit overwhelming due to all the new and creative ways to promote products and services.

  10. Donna Moore

    This sounds great but I have a difficult time believing some one would let me show my website promoting a skincare product if they are selling that too.

    Do I seek sites that are not promoting the same type products and where do I look for them?

  11. Everett Arnett

    Anthony, love the teaching but could you get into some real basic stuff such as writting emails, sitting up a auto responder or finding good offers.

  12. Dave Shadduck

    If you can give more information on ad creating in direct CPV that would be great. The more you know about something the better!

  13. Justin

    HI Anthony,

    CPV Marketing sounds very interesting if it can get a lot of traffic to my site! I like how the ad shows right on top of the other to get the customer’s attention and it sure makes things so much easier since it can be specifically targeted. Unlike sites like 7Search, my campaign has been suffering for a month even though with a lot of impressions and clicks but no conversions whatsoever! Thanks a lot for the great tips and info!

  14. Elena Dominguez


    Great Stuff you are teaching Anthony, this is the kind of things that I was looking for for years, how to specifically make money online, with ads.
    Please make more of this in the future, your help is highly appreciated.

  15. Steve T.

    yes Anthony please do more information about this. Since it is legal.The cheaper better quality traffic,the better.

  16. Sharon

    Since it is one of your favorites that says it is a good one. Talking about a penny shows you are concerned about us. Thank you Anthony.

  17. Heidi

    Yes, I would love to know more about cpv and the best approach. I need details man! and I like the nice comfortable way that you teach! You know what your doing so everyone learns! Thanks!

  18. Carol Amato

    Hey Anthony!

    Thanks – Yes, I’d like to see you delve deeper into CPV marketing!

    Thanks for your emphasis on teaching – really appreciate it!


    – Carol

  19. Hazel Small

    I would enjoy learning more about the CVP, your videos seems tohelp me under stand a little betterf. Maybe because you don’t don’t act like your rushed.

  20. theresa alfaro

    Anthony, thank you this is on my list of what I need now and what I need to get later. Hopefully the items I may have to get later are still there for me to get. Again like always you are the best.

  21. M.e.

    Great information! Not sure where I’m at yet? Trying to figure everything out. Definitely not a computer person so I guess that’s why it takes so long to absorb and learn the information. Still good information. Thanks!

  22. Donna Gowen

    I would like more info on CPV trying to generate more money but at a slower pace. Please go into more detail. Like once you make your ad what do you have to do to put it over a website????

  23. Sylvia

    Since CPV advertising is pennies on the dollar ads, MORE info would be great. Thank you for your time and education.


    Hi Anthony, CPV lesson sound interesting, good information, I would like to learn more about. Keep up the good work, God bless you..

  25. Cecilia

    Working on CPV Domination now. Just need to understand it with affiliate marketing. All board work you provide is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you Anthony,

  26. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    This sounds like another great tool to use to make money. I am interested in knowing more but I would like to see a little more information on your success with anthony program. The lessons you are teaching are great.

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