Networking Is Key

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As I write this we have taken a short break from the nationwide conferences. This has given me the time to travel, spend time with my family, and obviously work on new projects. One thing that really hit me today (well tonight its 2:30am as I write this) is that Networking is such a huge key factor to success. I know I talk about it quite extensively in my book The Hidden Millionaire, but I want to reiterate to everyone how important it is to build a good network of key people. It’s important that the people in your network be trustworthy, and of course ethical and moral on all levels. Make sure to never align yourself with someone that simply has no ethics or morals. I was lucky enough to run into Marc Ostrofsky (the guy that sold for 7.5 million dollars!) today. Can you believe that? This guy is the king of domain names, and yet it is just as nice and easy going as anyone else you would ever meet.

After talking with him for awhile I realized it was important to add him to my personal network. He’s a great guy and just enormously successful. He’s not chasing money he’s chasing success and money is just the byproduct of his success. This is exactly what I try to teach everyone to do when I speak at events. Chase success and the money will come naturally. I plan on working with Mr. Ostrofsky on a few projects here very soon. He aslo has a new book coming out called Get Rich Click in October. As soon as it is available ill post a special link here ONLY available to my readers. This link is going to hook you up with the book at a huge discount!


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