New “365 Days To Success” Program Almost Finished

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Well I have been hard at work on a 365 day plan for success for everyone looking to make money on the Internet. The program actually outlines the process on a daily basis for “affiliate marketing” and for “e-commerce” so you’re able to choose which route you want to go with your online business and then follow a full 365 day plan for success in that area.

The reason I opted for this “365 day plan” is that I realize one of the things missing from every other program is “accountability”. You see most programs last for 14 days or 30 days… but what does one do at the end of that period of time? That is the thing that puzzled me most. I wondered if maybe the ones that are not successful are simply just “lost” after the training program ends. I polled some of my students and realized this was very true!

So off to work I went to create this killer program. It’s not for sale now and I am not even sure what I’ll end up selling it for anyway. It took me about 8 months to get this thing finished but it’s probably the best training manual I have ever created. Each chapter shows screen shots of what you need to be doing each day and really breaks down the entire process so that your taking baby steps each and every day toward success.

I’ll post more on it later… especially when I figure out how I plan to distribute this to my students as well as others around the country. I think it’s an amazing program and it’s what the Internet Marketing industry has been missing for years. A simple road map with action steps for EVERY DAY of the year.


  1. Renee

    I just got started and quite frankly, I am lost. I know and started to watch the videos, but I don’t know how to put this into action. I would love to have a step by step manual.

  2. Ellen Steinlauf

    I have just joined and am very motivated. I am a successful entrepreneur for many years and am very interested in learning more about this workbook. A daily activity log/journal and step by step process would be amazing.

    How do i get a copy please?

    Thank you


  3. Phil Wallace


    Sounds really exciting. Looking forward to the completion on the manual. I can truely say you are the master of affiliate marketing and writing the step-by-step blueprints to make it easy to become successfull!
    I am just getting started and am trying to get everything set up and with my busy schedule all the help you provide it will make it alot easier for me to get setup and going.
    Keep up the great work Anthony!


    Phil Wallace

  4. Michelle D. Smith

    Dear Anthony:

    I would greatly appreciate knowing, immediately, when this resource becomes available. Trying to persevere through frustrating obstacles posted in “Affiliate Marketing” forum today. Lookin’ forward to help that will propel me forward in my Ad Profits From Home bizness.

    Thank-you very much, in advance!

  5. elina-peggy mcneil

    I’m anxious to read it.I’m new and want to learn all all and avoid any obstacles that others have encountered. I plan to read + reread your unfo. Peggy McNeil#74639

  6. Cheryl Payne

    This would help sooo many of us beginners! I can’t wait to find out about the finished product. Just hope it will be in our price range, (for us poor folk).

    I want to thank you so much for all the free advice, tips, gifts and every word of help and encouragement. Not too long ago I had given up in frustration, feeling totally overwhelmed. Until I noticed all the places you were giving us FREE help and instruction – you’re being very generous!

    So, I’ll keep trying and learning; and anxiously waiting for your “365……”

    Thanks, CKP

  7. Sharon

    Hi, Anthony

    This sounds awesome , I am new too this affifilate marking so this is something I could use.

    Thank you, Sharon Morrison

  8. joshua foster

    very interesting idea you have put together. sounds good for the beginner who really needs coached step by step. I really learn alot from PMI and find it very beneficial for my every day steps to success. My definition of success is making a comfortable living from internet marketing which is exactly what I am slowly achieving since I purchased your program. I am very creative, ambitious and dedicated and absolutely love what I do. I have been taking a break from PMI but I am exploring other ventures on the internet. Again I want to thank you Anthony and am interested to see what is next.

  9. Dan Miller

    Anthony. This is a tremendous leap forward. In my situation, fixed income, yadayadayada, I cannot afford to purchase many of the programs and features presented. I FOCUS on FREE and am working to build my mailing list in any way possible. This, of course, is a slow and arduous process.

    Having just gotten going, it redirects traffic to my AS website, I now have a hook for a “product” to give away for free! Webmail is unlimited and costs nothing from my hosting service, and a great way to increase my mailing list.

    The 365 day plan is ideal as each week I am seeing progress in my use of time and focused effort on eMarketing activities. Yet, coaching and your fine support and suggestions over a longer period is just the ticket needed to inspire and guide those of us on a modest budget.

    Do the work and the conversions will come!


  10. Page

    I wanted to try this a while back but never did anything. I am hoping I can get a fresh new start and actually start because I am ready to learn now and make money. I have had a lot of personal stuff going on but am now ready to concentrate on this program and give it my best shot. I don’t know where to begin, I believe this book you are writing will be good.


  11. charlotte

    Dear Anthony Morrison, my beloved brother in Jesus! Iam VERY EXCITED TO be trained by you please.I NEED TO is the how to make money on web sights ,on line! Idid buy your books,Iam a beginer,new at this.

    What is the best time of day for me to call you for daily training?

  12. pawpawhunt

    my wife and i are ancious to get started.we are very excited about the program.we would like to see a step by step visual outline with as few choices as possible so that we can begin to understand this work. sincerly pawpaw and grannie hunt


    I’ll patiently await the arrival of the 365 day plan for success! I don’t think that there is anyone (except maybe for you and your brother) who doesn’t need a plan like that and I know that I have failed over the many years of trying to do just that! I really really want to make that commitment NOW!

  14. sheila sutton

    Perhaps offering the entire book at once or offering just one chaper a month would be good. I think I would prefer the once a month myself.

  15. Bradlee Rivera Esq.

    This sounds awesome, I am new to this affilate marking so this is something I could use.

  16. Linda

    It would be great for me to have step by step each day and instructions. Evan though I READ AND WATCH ALL VIDEOS, I am still lost as which direction to go or where to begin. It is just not clicking for me yet.

  17. Charlotte Lancaster

    hello Anthony,

    I am very new (only a day old) I too thank you for all the free information you have to offer. I look forward to as much teaching you can give about this business.

  18. James Linekin

    Call was factual,sincere,advising.My plan of Action.A written journal,of my actions,recap on learning S impending.Email list,learn domain.Daily,within the 365year,to get closer to 1st goal.To ever make a single penny back from my committed fortunate opportunities.Yes,invest,more material,after I learn,master,what I get,or have.Staying motivatedwith changing.JamesLinekin

  19. Regina Frame

    You are the best. I am new at this, but it is starting to make sense to me. I am ready to put some of what I’ve learned to use . Thank you again, Anthony.

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