1. Ron Bish

    Dear Anthony, Just watched your vidio. I want to let you know I am enjoying all that I am learning from your plan. My business is nearing startup and I am so excided to see how it will perform for me. I will try to get a vidio for you but if not, know that I am truly excited about this oppurtunity. I can already say with no reservations that everyone should get involved in a program with you. Thank You so much for this chance in life.

  2. Karin Triebel

    I have read both your books and enjoyed reading them. I learned alot from them and also the information in the three instruction manuals on the websites has been very helpful. I am a nurse and am currently working three twelve hour night shifts a week so my time to spend working this business is somewhat limited but I am determined to conquer how to do it.

    My goal is to bring my husband home from working away from home in other states. He has been working out of state for five years and only home occasionally.

    Thank you again for your emals, blogs and encouragement.

  3. Eddie Watts

    I really enjoyed your book, very informative and easy to read. I am a baby boomer and I am looking for a means to put new life back into the se “old bones”. I know there are a lot of people out there just like me… that are at the end of their professional careers that need a new challenge in their life. Something that will stimulate their minds and bring back that excitement and passion for living that all of us need. I signed up for your books and program because I want that for myself! I believe that Anthony’s program will help me make my dreams a reality!

  4. Karen Carlson

    Hi Anthony!
    I purchased your book a few weeks ago, but because I had a vacation planned out, decided not to touch it, and take it with me.
    I am so glad I did! I lost my job on May 18. That same week, I saw the last 5 minutes of your ad on tv. I didn’t know what the business was about, but I saw that you had an honest face. You didn’t promise riches, just the opportunity to have a successful business. So I called I bought the book without knowing what it was about. I am starting to learn now, and I am not very savvy when it comes to technology, but I will get there. I am still learning about what internet marketing is, and, like you say, knowledge is power. As soon as I feel like I know what I’m doing and saying, I will definitely recommend everyone to get your book.

  5. Angela

    I bought your product about a month ago; I have been working hard to learn what you have given me. I just have this huge desire to be successful the way I have always envisioned myself. I get a little overwhelmed on which direction to go. I decided that just picking a spot and starting would probably be the best way. I hope that one day soon I will be your next success story. I have been buried in debt for the last 5 years. When I seen your ad at 3am I didn’t call right away and order actually I thought about it for about 5 months. When I say thought about it I mean I couldn’t get it out of my head. I am not the type that “falls” for the infomercial stuff. But yours just in a nice way haunted me. Then one day I came home from work and without really thinking I picked up the phone and ordered your stuff. I even went as far as to purchase the online course. That is where I think I confused myself because now I have both and trying to work on both is very hard as I work 50hrs a week. I just want to say thank you for providing me with the tools I need to become a success like yourself, and one day I hope to meet you and shake your hand and tell you face to face how thankful I am
    Thank you,
    Angela Ferrill
    Fort Smith, AR

  6. Brian Clifford Price

    Socrates said “The really important thing is not to live, but to live well. To live well amounts to the same thing as to live honorably and justly. (Plato in Crito) “Success is not a mystery nor a miracle, but simply a reward for sowing honor.Honor is the seed for longevity, of life or relationships. (Dr.Mike Murdoc) One day with your help I hope to have the financial freedom to serve God on a full time basis, after I pay for student loans and getting through college. Thank you for all your positive support, and energizing spirit.
    Love God with all your heart mind and soul.
    God BlessYou

  7. Brian Clifford Price

    As long as someone thinks they know everything they can’t learn anything.
    Brian Clifford Price

  8. Danielle Middleton

    Thank you Anthony for all you do. I have read your books and listen to all of your tapes and instructions. I have tried a few things but I need to save up some money to pay for the pay per click and get some more experience writing web pages and putting them together so I can advertise. I am learning a lot and will keep trying to learn more and apply what you have been teaching. Thanks again, Danielle

  9. joseph paytas

    Hi,Anthony I’m a brand new subscriber,and I got to tell you I’ve never been more excited about an oppurtunity.I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to business oppurtunities.This one is the first that has actually got me excited.I’m currently enrolling in the avertising academy,and can’t wait to get started with my very own business. THANK YOU ANTHONY

  10. Joyce Farr

    Thanks for the opportunity for a chance on trip to Cancun. However, this year I will be too busy getting this business going.


    P>S> Still listening to Getting Started Videos, website, networks, etc., etc, etc

  11. deb yeagle

    i think you’re very inspiring and sincere.. i’m new to the some of your info is hard for me to understand! however i really want to be very successful in affiliate marketing…so i’ll keep plugging along. thanks for sharing your knowledge and true life success. deb yeagle

  12. Mesaad Alkhlaifi

    Thanks Anthony. I hope to be like you in success and wealth. I am sure that one day I will success but when? How? only my God knows that.
    Until that day coming please Anthony teach and tell me everything about Internet Business and what actually I have to do to be successful and wealthy man? Then I will think to take a nice trip to Cancun!

    Thanks again Anthony and God bless you.


  13. Howard A. Perez

    Enjoyed and have felt your energy which helped me open myself to the positive possibilities out there. I am an Architect and feel my marketing skills have been lacking you have helped me to explore and get myself out there.



  14. Cecille Valoria

    Hi, Anthony. I am just starting to read your book. I am excited because before I heard you on TV and bought your books, I was already considering exploring the affiliate marketing business and had a specific niche in mind of the area I want to concentrate on, but am so naive and not well-versed in this market.
    I ordered your books while I was still teaching so have not had a lot of time to get my website set up or read the material. I teach 5th grade and have been teaching different grade levels for the past 20 years. My kids are both now in college and this is one of the primary reasons why I want to get into this business and see the unlimited potentials that it can bring. My husband and I would love to help them with financing their education so they do not end up with so much debt after graduation. I also would love to see my husband and myself retire early or at 55 so that we can enjoy and see God’s creation and travel while we are still able. I am also very passionate about the homeless and would love to be able to help out more. I am doing that work through my church where I am the missions chair person. I’d love to start my own non-profit foundation for the Homeless.
    I will get a video to you and hope that my husband and I would be able to experience the kind of vacation you take. Thank you for taking your time to share and help others achieve what you have achieved.


    I envy you! but I’m glad you could go, I have never been able to afford too go, I’m always having to help others, so I hope I get to go in my life time.. thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter.

    God Bless, Tina

  16. jay batty

    hey there Anthony;
    I took the time last week to comment Anthony! I hope it didn’t get lost! It was putting first an formost our family! With there support we can be happy and conquer anything!!! Bye for now! Jay

  17. Dr. Christopher U. Aja

    Dear Anthony

    Your book, “Advertising Profits From Home” is enriched with positive ideas about making money through Internet marketing. I will soon be onboard to work with you. I am glad that I purchased the book. Thank you.


    Dr, Christopher U. Aja

  18. Jo Lewis

    This is my first time to do anything like this. I have learnt so much from u Anthony, already. You make it so easy to learn and i thank you for that. I am very passionate about this and have a great desire to make my business very sucessfull. Looking forward to the future and learning everything i can..thanks alot..

  19. Paula Bibbo

    Hi Anthony
    I enjoy your videos so much they are truly do inspire me. I am a new student but your books have driven me to make a choice in my life to better my life for me and my family.

    I am driven and excited to move forward, and yes the trip to Cancun would be a great reward for reaching any of my goals.

    thank you for bringing your knowledge to the rest of us I look forward to many great things and meeting you in person

    Paula Bibbo

  20. Piorello Rimando

    I am only one week as memder of this affiliate/or am I already member once I bought your book. I need another week to finish your book. I hope I could get a coach that is patient and slow speaker, so I can understand him/her. I already learn so much already even with finishing the book yet.
    I have been year in US for 6 years only. The first time I arrived I am already looking for a home business. I tried many already but that are very complicated, your book easy to understand. Thanks so much for all the information will be receiving. Very truly yours, Pio.

  21. Joan K. Soden

    Hi Anthony,

    I am still reading your book. I know it is going to change my life. I am retired, on a fixed income. i need to learn verything you can teach me about affiliate marketing. I need to make money to help pay my bills. I need help to put into practice on the internet all that you are teaching me. I know I will succed this is a great business, and you are a great teacher. As I said I need help.

  22. Laureen Merrill


    Thank you for this opportunity at a chance to win a Cancun trip. This is very generous of you. I’ll get started on that video!

    Laureen Merrill

  23. christopher

    I am a lay-off union texas Ironworker,and running threw my stod up savings. I was watching t.v. one morning ,and seen your how to make money on the internet. I was just thinking if these other people cuold do this,and make money I can to. so for 20or 30 dollars I pick your book up,and started reading WOW! this is pretty good. I borrowed some money to get my ad’s going ,and WOW! I stared getting clicks and more clicks. this is working off of my ad’s and a few friends I don’t now how much money I have made yet! but I had got’en over 146 clicks so I now theres something coming in on my first commission check. I keep focused,and not turned to keep my feet on the path laid out. thanks anthony my life is going to change for the better WOW!

  24. Ron Barros

    After months of watching you on TV I decided to give your book an d system a try. I enjoyed the book but haven’t started to do anything about it. I am completely lost !!! So much info…I just don’t know where to start..I have all the time in the world to do this but am afraid to fail. I do need money to pay bills and survive.
    I probably need some one to hold my hand for a week or two.

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Ron Barros

  25. Mark Sontag

    I’m collegiate coach and educator who is tired of my fixed income that comes from a bankrupt state budget. I’m also frustraited with not being in control of my destiny. Your progam has offered a renewed sense of excitement about my future!
    Mark Sontag

  26. Verona

    Hi Anthony, my objective is to Study the material
    then apply the knowledge by placing ads.

  27. Tammy Manning

    GM Anthony,
    I do Enjoy all your Video’s & Reading your Book is a Great way of working this Business. Our Prayer is that by Augest 25th I will get my first Check. If not sooner. I just Pray I am doing it Right.
    God Bless!!!

    Sincerely, Mrs.Manning

  28. Ronny Marty

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m so glad and feel thankful for seeing your AD on T,V, I know it was not a coincidence. You inspired me, I do not know why I trust you and what you say, but what I truly know is that I want to be successful and the way you teach your tips, made me to set my goals high and believe that I can do anything I want.

    I bought your book, I have not received it yet but I keep watching your videos and doing my homeworks. Your advices apply for any kind of business. Thank you so much for such great opportunity

  29. Marianne Wenzel

    Dear Anthony,
    When I received your book Advertising Profits I couldn’t open the box it came in, wondering if it was for real, or if it was another scam. The box sat on a shelf for a week. Then I received a phone call from your company urging me to let them take me under their wing to learn this business in a six-month program. After doing some checking online and speaking to two more of your consultants my husband and I signed up for the program. All along we received real information that we could use to learn….NOT worthless hype about how rich we would get overnight. I am not disappointed, because real learning aids are abundant! I love your videos. You are sincere in your beliefs and you are a great teacher! It will be great to meet you! I thank you for this opportunity, which couldn/t come at a better time for me.
    Marianne Wenzel

  30. Rick whitford

    I’m excited for you! I’m glad that you recognize the importance of personal away time.Hope you not only got allot of r&r but also had quality alone time,possibly even some spiritual moments.
    Today I’m 54 and due to your book and affiliate program I’m finally getting to do what I’ve been searching to do for quite some time now.I want to be my own boss and do something that I will enjoy without killing myself physically and mentally.Well,I still may kill myself mentally because the information you are providing to me is vast and much of it unknown to me.However, I am so in the race to WIN!!
    My success story will truly be one to remember!!I don’t have allot of support because of the worlds “sceptic syndrome”on if you have to pay it’s a scam.My thoughts are there is very little if anything for free that’s worthwhile!You must invest to make!Whether be time or money.The more you do the greater the potential!
    Best regards-wishes and may God bless you.

  31. Lisa

    Hi Anthony,
    I received the book in the mail yesterday (7/19/10). I began by doing the free email submits. At least for a while or until I begin to see the light. My family is struggling now (as most are due to the economy). Just this week we had to decide between making a loan pmt ot paying the electric bill………sad huh? Anyway, I’m really excited about this program and hoping to feel success soon. Do you know when I will see info on my affiliate site regarding the free click submissions?

  32. Otis Baham 3rd

    Hello Anthony, this is Otis writing you from New Orleans,La. I haven’t yet bought your book, but i want to buy it. I need your book because I want to fully understand how to make money at affiliate marketing and I know that your book will give me the insight that i need to know how to do so. Another reason is that I need some extra residual income to fulfill my goals and dreams of being financially free and leaving the fixed income workforce which jobs don’t give you.
    I really want to focus on your methods to be able to learn how to drive traffic to my own affiliate marketing website and make money. It’s a struggle right now but i won’t be struggling all of my entire life. This is the reason why I need your course. Otis B.- New Orleans,La.

  33. Kathy Bermingham

    Dear Anthony
    I have not even got the book s yet. I ordered your last night. Not to good with the computer, but want to have my own business. So I can see my family again, buy myself a van and just be able to go and come and do thing for people I have not been able to do before. Be free to make as much money as I want and see the world. I only finished the 6 grade and a little of the 7. So I’m not very smart, but when I saw Anthony TV. I said to my two dogs. I’m going to try this and hope I can get help on the things I don’t know. I’m on disadility which you know is not much to live on. Last two years have not been to good. But with Anthony’s Book and help it’s going to be GREAT from now on. I would love to win that trip but I don’t have a video camera. Thank you so much being on the TV at that time when I could not sleep. I love the story about your FATHER. That is about like me. Kathy

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