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Reputation ManagementWhat is one of the most influential effects the Internet has had on business?  About what should every business be VERY concerned when it comes to the Web and social sites?  Before the Internet, businesses could weather a few bad reviews without too much concern, as they were usually in the local newspaper or some other local source, not getting a whole lot of eyes on them.  This was especially true if the business got a lot of out-of-area business, as those potential customers wouldn’t see the negative reviews in many cases, as it was just too difficult to gather the information.

The Internet, search engines like Google, and review sites like changed all of that.  No matter where a business’ customers came from, those potential customers have immediate and easy access to all types of information about the business, including reviews and ratings from previous customers.  So, EVERY business, especially offline businesses, must be very concerned about their reputation, and how their business is talked about online.  This creates an amazing opportunity for offline reputation management services.

While major corporations and larger businesses have been addressing their reputations on the Web for some time, smaller businesses are just now realizing that there are numerous places online where their business is commented upon by consumers, and sometimes these aren’t positive reviews.  Since it’s so easy for a potential future customer to find this information, it’s crucial for today’s business, no matter how small, to locate what’s being said about them and manage their reputation.  While all of this information is online, the business you can build is a reputation management service for offline business.  These are the florists, lawyers, real estate agents, gift shops, or any other retail business that services customers offline, but must control their reputation online.

What do you need to know to create a business like this and be wildly successful?

  • how to locate the best potential businesses as your future clients
  • where to go on the Web to gather information about your prospects
  • how to package that information as a white paper to present for first contact
  • how to contact businesses, a process, to get their attention and a presentation opportunity
  • techniques to illustrate the crucial need for reputation management in their business
  • how to provide value and charge for your services

Businesses that have recognized the critical nature of reputation management are in some cases spending thousands of dollars monthly to monitor and manage interactions with customers and prospects online.  But those are a drop in the bucket compared to the businesses that will spend money once they’re presented with evidence of how their business is being negatively impacted by online reviews and comments.  Let us show you how to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity and build a long term profitable business.

Become an Offline Reputation Rockstar!

Become an Offline Reputation Rockstar!


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