1. Orion Morrison

    The email subject that can turn me off contains a B S statement (unrelated to actual content) and I will usually immediately Unsubscribe from that writers list. As you have so succinctly explained, the subject line is the invitation to start a correspondence and it ‘gets you in the door’ as the old door to door salesman had to do. I have not yet managed to get a list started. I also have not started an affiliate relationship that will bring in money- which would be nice.

  2. Mardi Blackshire

    Hi Anthony,

    This session is so timely and good info! Not to mention that I just aquired a new marketing tool to help me find traffic and build a list. Now I’m going to be able to use this information and test it out immediately…So Excited, Thanks So Much!!! I LOVE SuccessConnection!


  3. Glenn Vanden Bosch

    getting over my hostile mind that was holding me back! Sorta! Anyway this has helped me somewhat. Lots to learn. and trying desperatley setting up my websites YET!. Lots to learn. Glenn

  4. Bill Munro

    Hi Anthony,

    Everything that you are going over makes very good sense. I always look forward to your Emails, because I know that I’m going to learn something new. Of course I find out that the more I learn, I find out that there is so
    much that I don’t know. Everyday is a new learning experience. I Thank
    God for everyday that I can learn, and put what I learn into action, and
    then share my education & success with others.

    To Our Success,

    Bill Munro

  5. Ron Coalson

    Perfect Anthony, direct and to the point, not a lot of extraneous information, while entertaining does not apply to the lesson! Great information, great content, well presented! Cheers, Ron

  6. Ashok Patel

    Very informative. I prefer to see how to set up to give away a PDF report who ever opt-in. I need to see a mechanism for this process.

  7. Kenneth Murray

    Yes it was real helpful and all i can do now is try to put it into play. Of course you can make it look so easy, but it is still a little
    foggy to me right now. I will be giving it a try.

  8. John Antaya

    Great Information Anthony. I’ve found that by reading the Subject Lines in the emails that I receive I am able to pick and choose as to what subject line draws me and so I will save that subject line for a possible further use when doing my own emails to my list.

  9. Gloria Zatarain

    Very nice, meaning helpful easy to understand. Maybe example of a subject line that could peak a viewers interest. Thank you

  10. percy lee parham jr.

    hello anthony,i can’t believe how simple you make this presentation,it really seems to good to be true.This had me asking myself the reason i’m not making money already and i mean good money.i guess i was a little bit angry because someone beat me to a business in cell phones when there was’nt one in existance.But this presentation at least at this point in my life delivered me a message loud and clear.Thank you and god bless.I am hoping to win that money though,it will help me in ways you could’nt know.Anyway i won’t lose track again. percy lee parham jr.

  11. Leonard Perez

    Ok, Lead capture page, does this or is this the same as landing page or sqeeze page?? Do you ever use more than one of the list builders such as AWeber and Get response and what about GVO? I guess that I am no longer eligible for he coach program, Ouch.

  12. Ed

    Great info Anthony, what is the cost of your lead capture software do you know it there are any good free ones on the web (not trying to be cheap but money is an issue now). Once again thanks for the great info.

  13. Jacqueline Harmon

    Anthony, I got what you were saying about emails, but, I also heard that you should ask a lot of questions to get the person to think. Do you need a lot of questions to get them to opt-in?

  14. Roberta

    Great Info. You make it sound so easy. I wish it was. I’m still on traffic.

  15. Eddy Mc Locklin

    Hi Anthony this session was very informative for me. I have had my share of trouble with emails that attracted customers.

  16. Ryan E. von Schwedler

    Pretty good content this week– it’s getting more motivational for some reason. Like, I can really do this… this is really possible…

    It’s a bit overwhelming subscribing to my competition’s email lists because of how much great information and content they share. Some messages are so well produced and full of great article snippets that link to the full reads. It seems so hard to be one person in control of multiple email lists. I might have to be stuck on my computer ten hours a day for the next two years!

  17. M. A. Allen

    This is good if you did not know where to get emails to make a list from. Plus information on who may help or system that can help you do the list.

    M. A. Allen

  18. Carolina Decorte

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you first of all, I already have Aweber account so this was great because now I’m going to be practicing on how to see the e-mails I have collected already and try to figure out a product I could send along with the e-mail.

  19. Lynda Anthony

    I have to say to you, this information you sharing will help a lots of people, thanks, for giving back to the people. This is what God is about, sharing thanks again.

  20. Leif Werner

    I think you are doing a great job of teaching…It could be a little slower and more detailed though…but we can always see your video over and over again if necessary

  21. christine quinn

    hi anthony, ive been following your video blogs and i do find them helpful.i am with your SC programme and have my landing page im deciding which software to invest in to generate traffic and begin the cycle to success regards christine quinn

  22. Garolyn Bowen

    I’ll have to listen to this once again. I’m not sure it is something I want to get involved in even though I know everyone is saying we need to generate an e-mail list.

  23. Linda Swearingen

    I did learn a lot in this video….I do appreciate you taking the time to teach these small classes…they are better than most large classes I attend! I learn more in just a few minutes with you than hours with anyone else!!
    Really, really!

  24. Joseph E. Weeden III

    For me, as a newbie, the “information” that you have provided, is helping to “connect the dots”, and make the “Big Picture” easier to understand. Thank you!!

  25. Thomas Johnson

    Hey Anthony,
    Thank you for your input. The more times I see it, the more it begins to sink-in.

    As a side note, can you help me login to my accessanthony account. Please respond to me via Email, thank you.

  26. Catherine Dade

    Thanks for the information, Anthony! Did you have any researches about what to write about in the content area of the emails?

  27. Richard

    Today it was quite helpful. Now might be a good time to see why folks might think that the content of the success connection was better than others. I cannot answer that but feel that it would be good for everyone if you found out what you did that helped me and others more with this SC than other times… Thanks.

  28. Robert Evans

    Yes it is good stuff, but i really want to learn the step by step to getting a capture page and linking it to my email platform.

  29. Yvette

    Thank You Anthony
    for this weeks success connection training .The message is clear to me that I have to Build Send and Profit I do have a question for you Should I use a aweber or Icontact without first having developed my lead capture pages? and can you help me to better understand what my Capture pages should be all about? I know that you have given all kinds of advice on this topic but with all
    of the information I have gained this year a review with this topic would be great .Once again thank you for that you have done

    Yvette Success 2013

  30. Greer

    You mentioned that get response had a referral for $.32 a click…what are the additional benefits of the Get Response system over A Weber?

  31. Bonnie Davis

    Good info……however would like to see sample of some good subject lines and good content that will generate $. Thanks Anthony.

  32. Dorothy Marr

    Hi Anthony

    This lesson helped a lot.
    I understand it better know.

    Thank you.

    These last few lessons
    have been explaned either better
    or it was time for that light bulb to
    come on

  33. Glen Jones


    I truly believe that your mentoring success connections are providing valuable insight for additional income. Keep up the good work!
    I went with hostzilla as part of your successwithanthonyv2.0 and aweber for my email list project. First off, I picked a niche of muscle building inferno from five niches available. Mike Geary is the vendor in clickbank. I can’t find the niche in clickbank named “muscle building inferno” or mikegeary1. I sent an email to clickbank asking if this campaign had been removed? Second, my email list is not forwarding the name to my list. This might be cockpit trouble (something I did incorrectly)? I’m not too happy with commission consultants and hostzilla at this point. I do believe that lead generation page, build, send, profit makes alot of sense.

    Take Care!


  34. john jayme

    Although its still very good information, the only thing new to me are the two other e-mail list developing software names I contact and get response.

  35. Ruth Thompson

    Anthony, I am so sorry that my computer was down for such a long time.
    I did watch your Webinar and I filled out the form to join. Something happened when I submitted it and the response said there was a problem.

    I do not believe that attempt was successful. I am beginning to go through
    a backlog of e-mails now but I will be in contact.

    Thank you for allowing me to share your informing and uplifting training.

    . Ruth

  36. Ruth Thompson

    I am very impressed with you and your fantastic sources available for our training.

  37. Jane M

    Good information on building an email list. I would like to go into email marketing in the future. At the moment, I am focused on finding the right offers in my niche to promote in different traffic sources. In other words, I am still learning the basics of affiliate marketing.

  38. James Dickson

    I need some help with get me a e-mail list started so I can have a list to work with.
    I need to know how build it with my campaigns.
    very good on your teaching. your friend & student
    James (Headcowboy) Dickson

  39. Victor

    Hi Anthony, I am just wondering how would I build my own program to start with the online/email advertisement campaign to generate revenue? Thanks a lot!

  40. fred

    You are sharing some good information but isn’t there other procedures and costs involved in order to get paid?

  41. Eddy Mc Locklin

    Anthony, Thank you for letting me know there were companies toude me with leads for my target group.

  42. Eileen Vacirca

    Hi Anthony, Sent a message through Facebook. When I clicked on Like (to the left of video), a box appears but most of it is under the video. Don’t know if you received it or not because of that. I just typed in the message (not seeing what i was typing), pressed enter and nothing hapened. Then I clicked inside the box and it looked as if the whole box was highlighted. I pressed enter and the box disappeared. To me that means it was posted. I hope so.

  43. Patrick Miller

    Great information! Now to put it together – you definitely connected the dots!

  44. Robert Royce

    Please buy new markers it is hard to read your notes or capture your screen. I also believe in planing and having a notebook to keep track of these steps.
    Thanks it got me to start working in little steps looking at the whole thing was over whelming. Your support staff will be getting some emails from me. How do I get this Virtual Coach you talked about?

  45. candice

    It is a good presentation on the generate the traffic then building an e-mail list to get people making a response. it is need to have a lots of interesting subject line and a short content. Candice

  46. Ginger

    Thanks for the information. Makes a lot of sense and seems easy enough. I do not have my website done as of yet. Still working on it.

  47. Gene Nelson

    Hello Anthony,

    Seen your brother in San Diego, CA. Have join and watching what you are doing. We are in the process with our coach John Hall getting our emails writing on AWeber. PMI recommended AWeber. This presentation helped us write our emails better. We understand short and long emails now. I appreciate all the help in this video series. Hope to meet you someday.

    Gene and Rosa Nelson
    San Diego, CA

  48. Clinton

    That was pretty helpful but I need a little more help but I just started this today

  49. jim l felsinger

    Every bit of information is extremely helpful and you have given some grate info thanks jim

  50. Kate Cardwell

    Your webinar was excellent info…thanks! I guess my question will be for next week but how do your get your promotions selected?

  51. Rory S. Schumpert

    It seems like this is leading to e-mail marketing. I need more information to see if it is.


  52. Paulette Y. Manfredi

    That is a lot to absorb….but I am working on this. Lee

  53. Paulette Y. Manfredi

    I have been following your lectures, writings, etc. for months. I cannot afford to continue to follow your program if it costs me more money as I have run out of funds. But I will use what I have learned and apply to the here and now. Mahalo, aloha, Lee aka P.Y. Manfredi

  54. Shelly Kingston

    Great teaching Anthony. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  55. David

    Once again, great information and training. I have mail chimp, but Get response seem to be a better player if leads can be purchase at a low cost. I will try to integrate this knowledge into my mobile app venture at . Thank you for the training!!

  56. Brandon Spence

    Even though im still in the basics, im learning some new things that are interesting about email marketing. Im still trying to find my niche right now because i just got started, but hopefully i can put all this to the test and set it in motion soon enough. Im sure Im going to need some help in the near future so i will continue to email and send feedback. I hope to get a small nudge in the right direction from u or your team. I appreciate the insight on how to make money from the internet comfortably and thank you for introducing this concept to me.
    B. Spence

  57. Bill Douglas

    Thanks again Anthony! I always learn something on Success Connection.
    I am also in your 8 week Thursday evening training for SWA 2.0. And I have
    learned a lot there. I’m getting ready to do my first pop over campaign. Also, I was approved on 3/22 for Peerfly. I’m very excited about that as well.
    Bill D

  58. michael davis

    Anthony–I watch the success connection each
    week–I learn alot & am trying to put pieces
    together .Thanks for all your help/MikeDavis

  59. Pearle Pearson

    You make things appear to be so easy, quick and fast.. And you know the right things to make it happen. I am proud to be on your team,

    Pearle M P

  60. Bruce Bell

    Thanks for the information about “get response” offering 33 cents per opt in. This is a great way to build a responsive list.

  61. Mike Cilella

    Thanks this is great info, I have a list that is now 800+ I need some additional help getting these to convert to sales. My questions for you after learning about content size is Frequency and and How long for a list?
    Your feedback is welcomed,

  62. carol k gardner

    Number 1 congratulation anthony thanks u for information with me and I am trying my best working on it. I am still stay with ur team work this year

  63. Ethan Talley

    Hi Anthony! Wow very informative and thorough! what about video marketing,forum marketing, and press releasing? would these be great avenues to go through to further market the affiliate programs? what kind of Lead Magnets work best for you? I heard that many people are using ebooks and reports to get prospects interested..

  64. Heidemarie Rowe, RN

    As always, this success connection was short and sweet but to the point with rich content for anyone who wants to learn, I value your teaching. It is clear and easy too understand. I will be working on my list!

  65. willard

    Anthony, you are a gift from God ! You don’t leave no ttttts uncross.

  66. Michael Hobson

    Great video. I was wondering how to get people to actually open the emails.

  67. Kate Cardwell

    second viewing,and this is starting to make sense….finding my niche.Tks!

  68. Phyllis Winslow

    All the presentations help. They are all a piece of the puzzle, and remind me to do things. I would have liked you to comment on what are good and poor subject lines. I am still in the very beginning stages.

  69. isis

    Hi Anthony, I think all your videos are very instructional and helpful. I have learned a lot from your book and vedeos. I have not gotten a chance to put your information into action until just now and i am excited on the out come. I will surely share as soon i have any news.

  70. john jayme

    I watch them each time you send them. will look into get response.

  71. Carolyn Burkett

    Thanks Anthony! I have learned alot from all your teachings and am greatful for your help. I am a member of SWA 2.0 and can’t tell you enough how awesome all the training is. I’m looking forward to the next segment.

  72. carol

    Good information, very useful for where we are at in our website design. Look forward to seeing more!
    Thank You, Carol & Audrey.

  73. Susan Marcoux

    This info is good yet I’m struggling (so not my forte but, I want to learn) with things lie ‘computer failure, things not working when I follow directions (this has not only been a problem here…it’s like my energy just ‘fritzez things. It’s happened before). Point is that I need to be successful, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! so I will continue to do the next thing (and when it’s not happening like the demos, contacting support). Cheers

  74. Shelly Kingston

    Well Anthony, another piece of the puzzle was put in place. Soon myself and others will be on the way to financial freedom. Thank You.

  75. Jan-Inge Andersson

    Very good presentation like always. This is a another important piece of the puzzle. It’s not easy to write good subtitles and content. One good tips is to copy and change a little bit on those that we all get in our inbox every day. Thanks, Jan-Inge

  76. Tom Ciccarelli

    Everyone says get a website? Do you really need one if you promote others
    products on another website? Not only is it cost effective but in time when you make more money online than worry about the website and hosting and additional costs. Like Anthony says use the smaller hinge steps before you get yourself in debt.

  77. Speransia

    Than you Anthony,

    Slowly I am leaning from you.I am new at this Internet marketing language, but very curious. I think there is hope that I could do it. The only thing holding me back is money to access all your products. Don’t close doors because soon and Iam hopping soon, I will join you fully.

  78. Deniece

    This weeks success connection had a lot of info, but I would like to know how much money to use programs like AWEBER and GET RESPONSE. Do I pay monthly.

  79. Steve Anderson


    Thanks for the great advice! Always look forward to your mini-lessons.

    Keep up the good work.


  80. candice

    Hi Anthony,

    I have been following your lectures, writings, etc. for months. What is the cost of your program can let me to get the money from the internet?

  81. Rogelio Cruz

    great information ,thanks, I’m getting getting more excited to put it into action.i just need a little more lesson to completely find the best way to do it.
    thanks a lot
    Roger Cruz

  82. Ange Farrar Wade

    I learned more in five minuets from you, that would usually take me five days!!!
    You are really awesome… Maybe it’s just the “Southern ” in ya!! LOL

    Regards, Ange
    (p.s. … I’m from Arkansas..lotta southern in me too)

  83. emmanuel

    Hi! Tony,
    What is the fastest route to start making money right away with affiliate offers using your system of massive traffic generation? What is the best traffic generator to fastest cash?

  84. jules

    new here with your program and I am excited to make it happen…….

    Thanks for you help…..


  85. Bonna Loewe

    All of these sessions are good but too advanced for me. I need someone to start from the beginning with me. Skipping around is only confusing me.

  86. Orlando

    I Anthony! i from paraguay and i have reed it what all the people wrotte about you book and videos… Good information
    i´like to learn more about it..

  87. Pamela Boyd

    I have to say Anthony,you make it sound so simple! I appreciate the way you concisely give several titles for the same action thus clearing up my confusion over terminology, All I need to do now is implement all these actions for profit!!! ( A little cash right now wouldn’t hurt either !!! )

  88. Trevor Wilson

    Good info, could have been a lil’ longer but still informative

  89. merle pulver

    Thanks for the ” get response” suggestion. AWeber is getting very frustrating to work with.

  90. Harold Haulbrook

    “Thank you” Anthony !!! “I’ve enjoyed your teachings, “I’M” just a rookie & might not be the smartest guy in the world,—“BUT” i’m trying to take it all in.

  91. Carolina Decorte

    Thank you for the information. I have a Aweber account already but I would like more information on how to build the e-mails and when to send them.

    Thank you

  92. Jeremy Desrosiers

    Hey thanks I like the info that u shared with me. I really wish that I had the money to have the opportunity to take the class I’m sure u know how i feel when money is a road block but i will try to fined a way to keep pushing forward an this is not for a pity party [patience grasshopper]



  93. Oronde Robinson

    Great Info Anthony! Besides selecting thinking of a subject line that I would open, do you have any other suggestions of how to create copy that will engage the prospect?

  94. Michael

    Awesome video. I am learning alot from these and looking forward to seeing more

  95. Jill Colomy

    Very Informative!! Simple but not easy can get confusing at times with information overload. The more I learn, the more I know their is to learn. Is worth the work but need motivation for the ups and downs. Just the way life is. The Power of Now!!! Never give up on yourself!!

  96. Cindy

    I’ve seen Get Response before, and I like them as well. What I’m wondering is, do we have to have a landing page built for every affiliate offer we want to promote? How costly would that be? Thanks so much!

  97. Dale Neff

    What is really great is you tell me one way ,like in you book,or you do it on
    success connection and tell me again but just a little diff. Great way to have it click in.
    Dale Neff

  98. Julie Mapp

    Thanks again Anthony! Each time I look at the videos I am beginning to grasp more insight.

  99. Monica Clausen

    Thanks for the good information! I am currently doing some of the steps… it will be great to put all the information together.

  100. Shaketa Stevenson

    Greetings Anthony,

    Kudos on this email marketing edition of success connection. With these video tutorials, I’m finally gathering resourceful means of making some sort of advances; what a personable and amiable way of being straightforward , meanwhile, getting us registered with alluring economical including free trial perks to know we don’t have to go at this alone. I could be coy but to be honest, I favor strengthening my knowledge, along with finessing my email marketability, with success connection strategies. This salutary edition brought clarity and relevance to your build, send, profit theories. I’m participating and starting to put things together. I looked into Aweber; Getresponse; and iContact platforms, with a near future notion, of upgrading preferably Aweber, for achieving longevity in investing, and my goals. I had so many questions until I watched your email marketing webinar, LeadGeneration Builder. Intertwining your knowledge; success connection tutorials; and webinars, including platform resources, will result helpful resolutions. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Shaketa Stevenson

  101. M.singleton

    Thank you,very helpful .now for the question.What should people consider in choosing product ie:hard tangeable product,blog with products either captive tangible or affiliate,last but not least just soft products(downloadable)

  102. Brian Dalton

    Hi Anthony,
    Still putting the pieces together. Great information as to what is needed and how to implement. Waiting for the next piece.

  103. Glenn Russell

    I didn’t know about “Get Response,” and the part about creating an exciting “subject line” was good info as well. Thanks.

  104. Cecilia

    Excellent Success Connection information on the list building. Where to go for list and the better one to use for beginners is great. Thank you Anthony.
    You are the best.

  105. DJ McCormick

    More info on email platform use would be helpful. Also, a little unclear as to the process flow in this step. It seemed like you were jumping around.


  106. James Waters

    Thank you for your list generation teaching. Thank you for taking the time to teach us these principles.

  107. Robin Harris

    Hi Anthony,

    This process of working on one piece of the cycle at a time has been great! Lots of value!! I am very new at this and was unbelievably lost before stumbling across your training. Thanks!!

  108. Linda Smith

    You are an excellent teacher Anthony. You and Adrian are great inventors too! What’s this about him wanting to waste his life practicing Law??

  109. Cedric

    Wow, I didn’t know that a subject line is one the differences to getting more traffic. Keep it coming, Anthony!

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