1. Patricia Duckett

    I like the name of the new blog and think that it is awesome. I feel that it will be more helpful to me. I would like more information so that I can learn more.
    I am having a really hard time getting the hang of this and would like to have some coaching beyond the blogs and videos.

  2. Carolyn Dickerson

    Thank you for the vedio blog. I found it very informative.Like the name Success Connection #101. Setting goals that can be reached is very helpful to stay focused.

  3. Vincent Smith

    Thank u so much Anthony this video helped me alot, it was like a reality check. I never set goals before this video. After watching it today I got myself a notebook and set my first goal. If you were able to only help one person with this video I can honestly tell u it was me. Like that young boy you were speaking about in one of your phone teaming calls. I didn’t have a mentor either, so I look forward to your info every week. I’m anxious to see your next success connection video.

  4. Rene Miller

    I don’t have a website yet. I am considering the purchase of one that is already done for me or a “canned website” if you will. I don’t know what is reasonable to pay for on. I read that it is the most important thing to do when starting out.
    Next thing is to learn how to send traffic to my website? How do I learn all of this? Where does one go to learn? I understand that one can use Facebook or Twitter or any of the other social sites to get traffic but I don’t know “how” to do it. Where do I learn “how” to do it?
    Anyway I know you don’t send personal email but I wish someone would take the time to personally answer me when I send them an email instead of sending me a link that wants me to make yet another purchase.
    Are you going to add “Success Connection #101” to your list of Navigation links?

  5. jennifer hawke

    I like the new blog. however, i’m having a hard time using your program without using facebook as a tool. I’m not really big fan of f.b., as there’s been so much drama on there for people. Any suggestions you can give to someone trying to get started would be appreciated.

  6. Denise C

    Hi Anthony:

    I certainly need these little pick me up video. They do keep me focus and remind me not to give up.

    Thank you.


  7. Mary Brooks

    Success is what I am after and w’ith you giving us the way to Connect I am Ready, Willing and most definetly Able.

  8. Margaret Sansom

    Love the name of the blog: Success Connection #101 resonates. After I return from a trip the end of March, I will be contacting your office about my account.

  9. Dean


    I’ll be honest this is the 1st time.. I’ve watched one of your videos. This is also the truly the beginning of me using you methods even though I bought you book almost a year ago. I’ve never set up the web site or anything… life basically beat me up, but now I’m not only in recover mode, but I hunger to be my own boss and business owner… Thanx for the Success Connection.

  10. Monica Mojena

    I’m still in the training process and am watching a bit of each video whenever I’m not working (head of household) however….I HAVE had your book and received emails since last year and am NOW taking action. I really wish I had someone in the Orlando. FL area to sit down with me and get this started….
    Single moms just don’t have much funds or time….well, wish me luck, pray for me….whatever positive you can throw….do it!

    I’m on my way!

  11. Samantha Grant

    Just watched your video, and it was awesome, I loved the tip on doing it a step at a time, thats all I can handle, and I can’t wait for Tuesday, its very exciting.

  12. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    I like the name of the blog. I just need a little help to get started and then I can take off from there.
    Thanks Anthony, you rock.

  13. Ron Boltz

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the refund. You are a true professional and I really appreciate you. Please let me help you advertise your name and your business.
    Thanks again,
    Ron Boltz

  14. Salisha Elliott

    Please know that with all the information you have made available to me and others in your daily blog and the Success Connection I feel a constant source of empowerment to thrive for the excellence you have already attained ….Which I am grateful for thank you Anthony .

  15. caroline shanks

    Success Connection#101 is a great way for your students to connect with what you Anthony Morrison has to teach us to move forward in this business. Awesome Anthonyu!!!

  16. Debbie Stueck

    Hello! This video (Success Connection 101) got me thinking. We all dept goals, but we vision the big picture, the results, instead of looking at the steps we must take to assure success.

    This video put things in perspective because it reminds us to take it one step at a time. If we do this then our chances of succeeding will be greater with fewer mistakes.

    Overall — great video and the name fits these sessions perfectly!

  17. Richard Barschdorf

    Great blog I’m going to set some small goals for myself. Thanks Anthony.

  18. Janice Leach

    I am so excited you are so interested in keeping us motivated… giving out more epads etc. That really motivates me to watch your Success Connections even more than before! I can’t wait until your next one!

  19. Geordi

    Anthony! We love the name of the blog. In the Bible it says that when a fool surrounds himself with wise people, he himself appears wise. With a name like Success Connection, we feel we have surrounded ourselves with people who are destined for success. We feel like we’re in the infant steps of success with nowhere to go but up and we believe that if we stay engaged, we will grow into success. Who would think that a mentor could be so young!! You have already proved the steps to success, so if we follow what you tell us to do, we also will achieve success and we thank you.

  20. Joycelyn Dickerson

    Setting goals is an awesome! I’m a newbie and I am chipping away at setting up my website. I decided that I’ll just put it out there according to the instructions, because I’m not really sure if I’m doing it correctly. But, setting a goal to complete is is my focus. I’ll be waiting for the big announcement Tuesday!

  21. John Williams

    I’m using post-it notes on my mirror (Where I shave every day). I have a list of some “Baby steps” like you mentioned, and I am going to remove them as they are accomplished (And replace them with a further goal).

    John Williams

  22. Sherry Emery

    Hey Anthony, thanks for the pep talk about setting goals to stay focused on my path to success! I also like the length of the video and the new name.

  23. Cynthia Oleson

    Looking forward to next Tuesdays “Success Connection”
    Video!! Each video has great information and reminds
    me that I only need to take small steps to stay focused
    that will eventually grow to bigger steps. Thank You ; )

  24. Donna

    Success connection is absolutley a great name
    It defines itself. Success -to climb up the ladder
    Step by step and staying connected to everyone at
    The same time. It’s brilliant’ I am trying hard
    To keep focused on your emails and training. I
    Am new at this. It may take the smaller steps for me
    AndI will stay connected. Thank- you for the opportunity.

  25. Russell Burck

    Anthony, I like your emphasis on setting small, achievable goals. That works nicely, esp. for someone like me, who wants to jump directly to being a millionaire.

    Also your emphasis on the cumulative benefits of making these goals.

    Thanks again,

  26. Sarah

    I like your blog posts and am learning from them. How can I get to the old ones? I would love to go back and review from blog #1.

    I do like the new name, too. It’s so encouraging. Keep them coming, please.

  27. Karen Key-Scott

    Hi Anthony… your name is great for the weekly blog… I attended your
    free semniar in Austin,, I also sent you an email on the site… Did you ever receive my proposal about attending one of your weekend seminars? If you have time can you
    reply to the email i sent you several weeks ago…. I do believe in your
    company and would like an opportunity to get on board.
    Karen Key-Scott

  28. Denise Trollinger

    The new name is very fitting. I love the approach that you have to setting and reaching goals. Very motivational. Thank you.

  29. Janice Thrift

    I enjoy your blogs and the new name once again is great, you provide insperation to me,and make be want to keep tring. I believe your words
    and think you have been blessed with a gift.

  30. Helga Armfield

    Hi Anthony, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on tuesday! If it can help me set realistic weekly goals and help me meet those goals, it is just what the doctor ordered! I am so excited!

  31. Travis

    Great video goals are so important! I had a good time at your event in Punta Gorda, FL last week.

  32. David Ball

    Thanks Anthony,
    I’ve been receiving your emails for some time now but have never watched one. I finally did, #101. I liked it. I’ll be tuning in from now on. I’ll also be watching some archives.
    I’ve studied transition management and have boiled it down to a 2 min. 10 second rocking song that teaches the 4 P’s by William Bridges:
    People need a Purpose, a Picture, a Plan and a Part to Play.
    The Purpose provides the reason. The Picture paints the promised land.
    The Plan sets the course for action. And, the Part you Play says, “I can!”
    God Bless, David

  33. Vanita Sue Forrest

    I am not getting sound. I will come back when we can figure out why there is not sound.

  34. David Ball

    Thanks Anthony,
    I’ve been receiving your emails for some time now but have never watched one. I finally did, #101. I liked it. I’ll be tuning in from now on. I’ll also be watching some archives.
    I’ve studied transition management and have boiled it down to a 2 min. 10 second rocking song that teaches the 4 P’s by William Bridges:
    People need a Purpose, a Picture, a Plan and a Part to Play.
    The Purpose provides the reason. The Picture paints the promised land.
    The Plan sets the course for action. And, the Part you Play says, “I can!”
    God Bless, David

  35. John Talbot

    Thanks for the great video. Setting goals is such an important part of personal growth and business success. I’m looking forward to your future videos.

  36. Sharon Simon

    Love the name ! Setting goals and believing that I can have success has been a very difficult process. I believe I have not put myself elbow to elbow with REAL people, successful people, in a consistent and productive way. I will try to keep up with you and your generous offer to help those of us who are not quite getting it !

    Take care,
    Sharon Simon

  37. Glenda Betz

    Thanks Anthony,
    I needed to be reminded of my goal. I get off track looking at other programs trying to learn, but it gets me totally confused and frustrated. So, thanks for getting me to remember to focus.
    Glenda Betz

  38. Cheryl

    Hi Anthony,

    Great information, great reminder. I get so many e-mails it feels like all I do is read. I am seriously pairing down the list, setting a daily schedule to go with my goals. As always you provide good info.that is not an overload.

    Many Thanks,
    Cheryl H.

  39. John & Lois Washburn

    Anthony, I appreciate your comments today more than you will ever know. Lois and I went to your Training school last October at your Madison Office. At the end of the training session we were told that we would have a mentor to contact us weekly to keep us going on the straight and narrow. That lasted about 4 weeks. We have not had a call from anyone at AM Enterprises since the week before Thanksgiving. That is why I appreciate your comments today> Now is the day I will start to make some money, as a result of setting goals!!!!!

  40. Arvella Kunz

    It’s really good to have the reminder of setting goals. I really struggle with that part of all this yet I know that would probably help me the most. I will keep on keeping on…practice makes perfect, right?? Thanks for all you do for us.

  41. Roselyn de Jesus

    Thanks Anthony! I a new student and find your blog/video extremely helpful. Keep up the great work ! I’ll do my part and do what you have taught us.

  42. Lisa Cook

    I agree, setting goals is vital to success for anything in life. I have also found it helpful to write down my goals and post them in a place where I can read them often. This helps me stay on track and stay motivated. I am a visual person so it also helps me to cross off each goal as I attain it. Seeing my progress is great motivation. Your comment about taking baby steps is so important. Everything is more managable when it is broken down into small steps. The first time I set goals for myself I found it difficult to break things into small steps. The best way I found to overcome this, was to first write down the “big picture” goal. Next I began to break it down further and further until I had small managable goals identified.

  43. Jesse t. Glosser

    Your right Anthony. I so often have to be reminded to take BABY STEPS. It”s so important not to sight of that. Thanks,jesse

  44. Kimberly Wright

    Love the new blog name! I too am having a hard time getting the hand of this and would like additional information.

  45. Linda Smith

    Thanks for the goal setting tips. I had written them in the past but have not kept up with weekly goal setting. I am sure that it will help me keep focused and not feel so overwhelmed with all there is to learn. Linda Smith

  46. Willy Lamoureux Jr

    Great lesson Anthony!
    I learned from it. Thanks!
    Willy Lamloureux

  47. James Ivy

    Thank you Anthony setting goals with baby step is the road to success, and yes I will be looking for your e-mail.

  48. Joanne

    Great name!!! Keeping everyone connected and bringing success. Sounds perfect!!

  49. Christian Moreno

    Very great lesson! Is kinda hard now days to set goals specially with the economy being the way it is!! But it’s vital that we do so! And that we try our hardest to keep them!! And this lesson explains that!! Very good lesson! And the tittle I like what you said and! I quote “stay connected to be successful” sooo true! Perfect name for a perfect blog name!! 🙂 take care and also I would like to add that we are here to learn a lesson not to just get or win anything if you win something it’s a bonus but not part of the lesson, if u win u win if not u still gain knowledge wish is the whole reason for this blog!!! So keep it up Anthony we love your lessons! 

  50. Shirley Carter

    Very Good info but for most of the newbies it is hard to get started and know what to do next.

  51. Belinda Coleman

    I love the new name of the weekly blog “Success Connection”. I also love that you are doing topics that are so very helpful. The idea of setting small goals has helped me tremendously. I have always practised setting goals, but recently I havae been so overwhelmed because the things that I need to accomplish are too numerous and major. This information has brought me back to basic goal setting.

    I will now breaking down my major goals into “baby steps” that will help me to eat these elephants one bite at a time. This will keep me on track and allow me to see small successes that will add up to major success.

    Thank you so very much! I’ve got the “Success Connection.”


    Anthony Morrison can I get a epad?. I am going to attend your your meetings in Queens, N.Y.. Thank You, for the inspirsations.

  53. Pat Rebo

    Hi Anthony,( Success Connection ) You’ve heard the saying, Where there is a will, there is a way. Once you make the connection and set realistic goals, you will succeed. Very good choice for the new name Anthony, IT WORKS. Have a spectaculer weekend. Your Friend, Pat

  54. Michael

    Great start to the new blog “Success Connection”, darn on the luck though, would have really liked an ePad! 🙂
    Really look forward to the next session and thanks so much for keeping us informed and motivated.

  55. Melody

    Thanks Anthony,
    Love the name Success Connection. It keeps you reminded what you are trying to attain, SUCCESS!
    Also, thanks for the reminder to keep it simple and only do baby steps. One goal at a time!
    God Bless!

  56. alicia

    Finally back home from a business trip and ready to work on these things. I am trying to get updated on all that I have been missing. .Thank you for the blog, will be watching them all.

  57. Sallie Stock

    I found this video to help me stay on track really encouraging me to set and achieve my goals. He is helping me to focus on my business path with his short discussions over the internet. As a beginning owner, joining his webite each week helps me to discover what I need to learn!



  59. Sarah Martin

    I’m at at the point at which I am focusing on recognizing my niche. That is my 1st goal. I intend to work on it daily about 15 mins. and then let it peculate. I expect good results from this consistent yet low pressure technique.

  60. Robert Fry

    I would say setting goals and having a plan has been the most difficult thing for me to do. I just can’t get my thoughts straight I guess mostly because the lack income or trying to have health care for my wife. I’m just about tap out, we have been trying to get social security disability for my wife for 7 years I am so burned out. We are waiting for the last and final answer if she doesn’t get it this time we’re done win or lose. I don’t know anyone else has had the problems we have had but I know other people who had trouble, but know some people who didn’t have any trouble at all with less problems what’s up with that. I have been trying to figure out a way to make money on online from home for over year got burnt a few times and have now been so careful I don’t know who to believe. I was paying for something for Anthony for a year that I wasn’t sure what it was for I think I signed up for VIP training or something then forgot about it and then just started watching what other people had to say or try to sell you. I am not complaining about the loss of money per month that’s my fault I wasn’t paying attention and keeping track of what I was doing. I don’t have any money right to play with which is making it even harder to try things I need to start making money I want to start but now I’m so lost in it. Anthony I think you are doing all you can to keep people motivated I need to come back and follow you a little more closely again your site is total new a fresh from a year ago a lot of new information. This is a very important step to achieve anything you want to do in life without a plan or map you can get lost easily.
    Thanks Anthony for all you are doing to help us out and I think the new name is good.

  61. william Basinger

    Still waiting to win something! Love to the name and your blobs.

  62. Daniel R.Dames

    Listen, Anthony. I appreciate your new “Success Connection” concept. Now, I didn’t win an e pad. But I won something much more valuable, i.e., common sense; you’ve been emailing for a year or more. What are you trying to do, my friend? You’re sailing an idea without a practical, tangible or realistically obtainable goals for a person as myself. Let me inform you, Anthony, I’m broke with no money to give to start a “Success Connection” opportunity. Please, understand this point and stop wasting your time on me, because I’ve literally have falling too deep in poverty to grab or reach your “Success Connection” concept. Thanks any way for your sincere devotion this past year. Singed: Mr. Daniel R. Dames.
    P.S. I think you are a pretty cool guy! It takes heart to want to help poor people when you already have riches.

  63. Jeannine Lowden

    Thanks Anthony for the video blog. This is what I had been looking for a
    step-by-step method to help get me started. Thanks for staying in tune
    with me and the rest of us in building our businesses. I think this will
    catipult me forward.

  64. sorita andrade

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m setting my goals, thanks for the push. Success Connection #101 is on the way…

  65. Joyce

    Thank you for the blog Anthony. Good information. We must set a goal, then take baby steps forward so we don’t get overwhelmed. Love the new name for the blogs.

  66. Vanita Sue Forrest

    I am starting from zero. I at last know this is about internet marketing. I haven’t the slightest idea what this is all about. I started wondering if I needed to purchase a book which several mentioned on their videos. But surely with all I purchased the material is in here somewhere. My husband found the problem, now I have SOUND! Yeah! Is there a part that will give me an over-view of this program? I feel like somehow I have missed a chunk of information that I should have.

    Success Connection 101 is a great way to learn a piece of the program.
    e-pads make great sense for a business that is on the internet. I picked up from this blog that I can pick areas to promote. That gave me a better feeling as there are some businesses I would not promote. So far what I am finding sounds good. I wish somehow there was a spreadsheet or overview of the whole job description. I do not remember a book being offered, but if that is what I am missing, please let me know.
    Thank you,
    Vanita Sue Forrest



  68. Tamie Barron

    Success can be traced back to goal setting. Baby steps in goal setting will help you be more successful more quickly. Celebrate your successes by setting another goal ….and another …..and another…everytime you are successful it puts you one step closer to your bigger goal. Success drives….so take some baby steps today!!!

  69. AnnMatthew

    AGAIN THANK YOU! Increments. BABY STEPS. Goals!!!
    HOW DO YOU EAT AN ELEPHANT? One bite at a time.
    One goal at a time determines our success. Thanks for motivating and helping us stay centered. Sincerely, Ann

  70. James Rogers

    We really like the “Success Connection”. It’s right to the point. Maybe for future shows, you may consider calling it, “Success Pathways”. We look forward to hearing from you on Tuesday.

  71. Lawali Allassane

    Indeed, Anthony! you’ve mentioned it. This is what have made you successfull by setting up baby step forward goals. I will try similarly…thank you!

  72. Delanna Reed

    Thank you for a reminder on how to set goals. That has been a weak area for me throughout life. Good luck with the new blog!


  73. Mary

    I am so happy to witness your first blog for the Success connection– That is really fun!
    Also, It truly is time for me to set the goals and take SMALL bits if action. I have enjoyed learning and shifting my perspective to a new life– Internet marketing–
    but I really hadn’t thought of setting TINY little goals at a time —
    instead of just leaning and having 5 notebooks of notes!

    To be fair, I have learned a lot and this is a scary ( and exciting) new endeavour. I appreciate that your blog is HIGH content and SUCCINCT! Keep up the amazing work! Mary

  74. Peggy

    Goal setting is very important and the way I have been accomplishing goals for myself is by making myself accountable to a friend with my goals. Great new name for the blog.

  75. Catherine Walsh

    Thanks Anthony, We are starting to set goals! Placed many facebook ads,
    choose top ones from the list with good pics , but need to see more traffic. Any suggestions?

  76. Marie Gertz

    Hi Anthony! I can’t wait to see you in Annapoils, MD. on the 16th. I hope you will have some time to talk to us one on one. I have a few questions for you. Look for my Grand opening on Facebook!!!!

  77. Elizabeth Aliaga

    These video blogs that you post are very helpful, not just to internet marketing but to anything in life. Setting smaller goals to start is always a good idea, because you stand a better chance of achieving it, and when you achieve that goal, you set one higher. The information you give is honest and genuinely helpful. You don’t pain an unrealistic picture for anyone; you tell it like it is, and you show us all how it can be done. You give us the tools and show us how to use them and it is up to use to take the knowledge we relieve from you and put it to use. As I have said in my last comment, Success Connection is a fitting name to your blog because you are connecting with your subscribers and honestly giving us the tools for our own success. No, you are not holding our hands, you are only giving us what we need to succeed on our own. Thank you, Anthony!

  78. Audrey Bibee

    Hi Anthony;
    Thanks for all the emails these past few months, the new name is great. I am still plugging along, nothing yet, being on a fixed income really restricts your choices.
    I am not going to give up trying, the desire for a better life is so strong’

  79. Rosemarie Douglas

    I have set myself realistic goals and chose my products to introduce to people.Another one of my goals is to help others to be financially set or continue to stay that way.

  80. Catherine Dade

    I do love the new name!
    Thanks for the advice about setting small goals.

  81. Vicki Kirkpatrick

    Hi Anthony,
    No, I didn’t win your EPad – maybe next time. Thanks for the message. A good one for me right now. Want to get it all done at once to move forward and it just doesn’t work that way. One step at a time gets it going and keeps it going.

  82. Arvin Reynolds


    The blog name is great! The lesson was equally great as sitting goals is a very easy thing to talk about but often a very difficult thing to do. Clearly better to “try and fail than fail to try” as most good hearted people often do. I am no exception.

    Thank you for your words of encouragement and continued outward reach. Like most things in life, to have an opportunity to be the best requires the best that we can muster.

    Thank you again!

  83. Beverley Gallimore

    Congratulations, Anthony. I think Success Connections is simple and effective. I have set an initial goal to make some money as soon as possible so that I can move forward. I plan to initiate that next week Wednesday and look forward to meeting you next Tuesday. I will read your Tuesday e-mail when I get home. I am beginning to be more focused in all this now and feeling better about the future.

    Thanks for your help in reaching this point.

    Beverley G.

  84. Carol

    Dear Anthony,
    Thanks for 101 Success Connection setting goals. I just need help. I don’t know what I’m doing and I should. I’m an over achiever and I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble getting started!!! I want to so badly.
    I don’t even have the website set up!!. I need help. Anyway I will call the office again to see if I can get the website set up.

  85. Nathan

    Goals,goals goals,goal…..!-surely,this is what i have been missing.

    thanks -I’ll discipline myself and take the baby steps.

  86. Gloria


  87. Dorothy Derr

    Hello Anthony – Thanks for taking the time to help motivate us and share helpful information. Looking forward to next week’s blog.

  88. John Haynes

    Thanks for keeping me pumped up. I am really enjoying your software and getting things set up for when I finally get the money for a couple years of hosting and some sites. I USUALLY don’t have self-motivation problems, as I have been self employed for over 13 years, but it is still nice to have an extra boost at times! Finally got on facebook and ‘liked’ your blog entry. Have a great one!

  89. Tristan Johnson

    I can’t wait for next Tuesday to see what gonna said to me or other
    peoples on your sites man.
    I hope I do win, this items and love money man.

    C u next week Anthonym I love you man, keep on during what you during man. Have a good weekend, and see u next weeks.


  90. Lonnie Embry

    I find that teaching basic building blocks are most enmpowering. Thank you Anthony for the simple things. 🙂

  91. Linn Gerla

    Great for starters, enjoyed it! Looking for more advanced info and techniques. Looking forward to future blogs, and videos.

  92. Shalisha edwards

    I love your blogs. To be successful you gotta put your mind to it

  93. Luis A. Deleza

    Thanks Anthony, good name for your video blog. Very good advice to set my goals in writting. Success Conection sounds good too. I will await for next Tuesdays e-mail. GOD SPEED –Your student Luis,

  94. Li Anne Riley

    Anthony, Love the name Sucess Connection. I am going to Sett little goals, realistic goals, one goal at a time. Sometimes I set too big goals that are hard to achieve at that time.

  95. Leah Anderson

    Hi Mr. Morrison how can someone Luke me b successful at this I ask because I had a massive stroke two years ago in September and I’m pretty slow at things now but I tend to b a prefectionist and determined so I’ll keep at things until I get it but there’s a lot of issues like comprehension

  96. cole meche

    I am just starting out I am looking forward to this, Thank You,

  97. Teeta Braza

    Your videos help keep me engaged. Are your books available on kindle or PDF? I’m more likely to read in digital format than I am an actual book. Thanks!

  98. Libby Sosa

    I am so looking forward to the “surprise” Tues. I am so psyched w/this whole program & what I’m learning. Thank you so much w/your information. This step by step process is a challenge but good for me. I was the kind o kid that tried to run before I walked.

  99. Patrick Miller

    I have set a goal – win an epad! And, I am definitely going to watch for next week’s message!

  100. Orion Morrison

    Hi Cousin! Well, I missed my first goal! It was to Win An ePad ?? But at least I had a goal Now to get #2 off the list. U do Good.! Keep going .

  101. Francisco Rodriquez

    Hi Anthony,
    I love your blogs and I cant wait to for next tuesday to for your new blog. on how to set my goals.

  102. Clint Clay

    Love the new title and today’s presentation, great, inspiring, good common sense and all in all, excellent





  104. Donny Fultineer

    Congrats to the winners of the new Success Connection.
    And thank you Anthony for doing the S.C.weekly blog.
    You are a excellent speaker.
    I agree when you say take baby steps, set goals, stay driven.
    these are the same tools I use when teaching my boys basketball team.
    I tell them to Invision yourself making the basket, practice hard and you will see results.
    So today’s lesson is…?
    -Set goals to stay driven
    -Stay driven and you’ll only look back to smile
    -Smile often, be proud and you’ll stay positive

  105. Dolores Revell

    I like to watch your Video and I’m trying to cath up. I have problem of integrating my site to google , but I’ll try again. I want to learn step by step, and thanks so very much for your patient on us, since we don’t have enough money to buy the connection yet. Again, I will reiterate my very very thank you Anthony in providing us these lessons and rest assure that in the future, I can contribute some monetary expenses on your Videos.

  106. Steven Pollak

    Gotta say….Love the name “Success Connections” fits. I’m just getting started trying to figure which way to go and bingo Success Connections #101 comes with the answer “Setting Goals” i.e. taking baby steps to achieve your final successes. Great information and perfect timing. Thanks

  107. Jan Girard

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for the direction. Can’t wait until next Tuesday. I want success as much as air to breathe. Getting connected to success is a good start. I appreciate the pep talk about goals and know that even a baby step is better than none when I’m overwhelmed. Thanks again for giving us all something to believe in – ourselves.

  108. Lenora Salters

    Hi Anthony,
    Yep, I like the name…Success Connection because I believe that’s exactly what you are about. I am working with PMI and it’s taking up lots
    of my time but I am hoping it will not be much longer before I have something to brag about. Thanks for everything.

  109. Rose Lam

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for all of your e-mails. I wish I had the money to get the material that was on your webinar. Like so many people money is not there but I need to set goals for myself and learn how to stay on my two feet. I need to I guess buy one of your books but which one? Love the name of SUSSESS CONNECTIONS. Thanks Rose

  110. Barbara Alarcon

    That was a good name for the blog. I have sent a message for you but again you didn’t get it.You are a success in what youdo and youalways connect with others to give them good advice and they inturn continue to take your advice and make a success for themselves.Barbara alarcon. I hope you have a blessed day.

  111. stefan johnson

    Thanks Anthony as always during these few weeks i have been a member of your site you manage to inspire me to think positive and focus on the way forward 🙂 It´s a bumpy road and sometimes you need someone to gently push you so that you don’t fall asleep 😉

    Keep up the good work


  112. Victoria Green

    Hey Anthony,
    This is my year to make it! I believe in” rule no. one” – you have to be “Determine” and “keep focus” on the “Prize”! and number two, you can’t “never give in” or “give up”! Success isn’t handed down to us on a “Silver
    P later” Yes, it takes a “lot of courage and pain staking defeat” however when I finally make that home run or open up that prize you better “believe it” yes, it was all worth it! Right now, a lot of us can’t see the “forest for the trees!” and gloom and bloom is chasing me down… on a almost empty tank of gas (money) and it’s about to run out…but, I pray for my success and have faith when I feel like I’m slipping off that rope! So, let’s hang in there one step at a time with Anthony and allow him to help us gain insight, toward achieving our Financial Independence! Success Connection 101 taking the first steps set some goals and stick to it! A great start.

  113. catalina

    Hi Anthony,
    Sorry I had not been able to keep up with you. My conputer was on the blink and I did not have use of it till today. It was off for a whole week

  114. Sandra

    Hi Anthony,
    I really look forward to your weekly success connection blogs. Can you add more training in the area of CPV Marketing, specifically CPV Domination, and how to really, really target CPV ads and how to use more of the tools on the CPV Domination site.

    Thanks! I look forward to next Tuesday!

  115. Linda C Taylor

    Very inspiring video. I’m forwarding it to my grandson who needs this kind of direction. God Bless!

  116. Libia

    I like the video blog, is short, easy and have good information.Thanks.

  117. C.J.Loveland

    Thanks for all the help. I would pay attention even without the bribes(ethical or not) Wish this had been on my radar before I piad PMI all the money for lackluster coaching and bad advice

  118. Carolyn Dickerson

    Thank you Anthony for Success Connection#101. I really agree with setting small goals to reach one at a time. Right now i am focusing on the vedios and learning what i need to know.

  119. Frank Freitas

    Hello. Anthony

    I certainly need these pick me up success videos. They do keep me focus during my PMI Academy course. THANKS

  120. Scott Duddles

    Thank you for the weekly “Success Connection” blog, Anthony I am very greatful for you genuine concerns on helping everyone achieve thier goals and I must say you are a great teacher, thank you so much, God Bless You, & Peace Be With You Always.

  121. Jeff Woods

    Thank you for all the help you give your faithfull followers and those working your program

  122. Robert Walker

    Success Connection is a great name for your weekly blog. Congrats to those who won the ePad.

  123. [email protected]

    Like I said before, It is a GREAT name for a BLOG. So, where’s my ePad? The Video on my computer FRIED and I’m tired of using my notebook. I hoping that you take a good look at my website ( Especially you Danial.

  124. Ivy Rice

    Anthony, I really enjoy your blogs. Success Connection is a great name for them. I agree that setting goals is a tremendous help in getting to where you want to go in life, business or any other thing. However, when there are so many different areas of life pulling you in so many different directions it is hard to stay focused on goals. My lists are too many and seem to get so tangled and matted I don’t get anything accomplished sometimes. I will be in Mississippi for personal mentoring next week. Hope we see you there. I really have a few issues I’d like to discuss privately. It was nice to talk to you on the phone from Palm Beach Gardens when we were there at the end of January. It was such a surprise!!! Makes me know that you are real. But there are some things that keep coming in emails from you that I have real questions about and would like some clarification from you. Thanks for all you do. I know you sincerely want to help people and someday I hope to be able to help people like you do.

  125. Lylyane Peñaranda

    I do lesson to you But have not been able to start anything yet.yo often talk about a niche, What exactly is a niche? See I told you before, I am not savvy at all on computer. Can not teach old dog new tricks. At time I get so confuse. Oh well I will continue to lesson to you Videos.
    Have a great weekend.

  126. Phillip

    Anthony, I am just getting reved up with your blogs & training & appreciate them very much to keep me motivated & focused. Early in my business career I learned that good goals have 4 key ingredients: They are 1) realistic, 2) measurable, 3) obtainable, & 4) have a definite time to accomplish. Thanks for what you do weekly to help keep me on track.

  127. frank senner

    hi anthony,
    thank you!this information will be helpful.i like the name success connection.

  128. Ng Joseph

    Dear Anthony,

    I didn’t get your epad but somehow or other, while watching your video on Success Connection I suddenly starting feeling very extremely emotional. Thank you and god bless you.


  129. Ereyk A.

    Greetings Anthony!

    Well what can i say mostly everyone here have said everything
    that i could say, But thank you for this Weekly “Success Connection”
    and this blessing you provide free of charge to us to keep us connected to
    help with our own individual success! Like others i’m excited you are so interested in keeping us motivated… giving out more epads etc. That really motivates me to watch your Success Connections even more than before! I can’t wait until your next one! And to David Balls i really like your comment about the 4 P’s!

    4 P’s by William Bridges:
    People need a Purpose, a Picture, a Plan and a Part to Play.
    The Purpose provides the reason. The Picture paints the promised land.
    The Plan sets the course for action. And, the Part you Play says, “I can!”

    Again thatnk you Anthony for this weeks and First “Success Connection 101” Video blog “Setting Goals” is such an important part of personal growth and business success. I’m looking forward to all your future Success
    Connections and of course ours too!


  130. Sandra K.

    It was a great idea to come up with a better name than Weekly Blog for your weekly blog.

  131. Enaud Celestin


    It was very refreshing to watch the video. I can see that I am not on my own after absorbing so much information last weekend at the seminar. This connection you provide will help a lot as to where to start in this new found business.
    Keep providing the help. I look forward to the next week’s session.

  132. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, I have followed your Weekly Blogs since the first one dated September 28, 2009 and have taken notes of each and everyone of them. I also post a “Like” in Facebook and tweet.
    Thank you for the time that you take in preparing these new “Success Connection”
    Eduardo Alvarez

  133. Ereyk A.

    And about your Question? did i win your E-Pad?
    No 🙁 i dint..wish i did won one but hopefully soon i’ll
    get to be one of the lucky winners! Thank’s have a blessed weekend!

    Why you mention about the Success Connection every Monday but
    i don’t see it here till tuesday Thursday? And where do i sign up for your
    news letter i never see the link or anything for it??
    Thank you again!

  134. Derrick Washington

    Thanks so much for Success Connection 101 and how to set goals. It has helped me to get thru the maze from start to finish. 🙂

  135. Lydia

    Hi Anthony, Success Connection is a great name and #101 information on setting goals, baby steps, was a boost to me personally to stop trying to do everything at once and becoming frustrated and confused as to what am I doing wrong. I will definitely set some small goals this weekend and also read my mail on Tuesday to obtain your help on goal setting. I will use the information you teach to compare to my list and revise my goals if necessary. I will hold myself accountable each week to complete my goals. Thank you for your straight forward, down to earth training. See you on Tuesday.

  136. Peggy Hoshizaki

    It seems we are overloaded with training videos,reading material and overall instructions on how to become successful. Thanks for your video blog on “Setting Goals”. I have been feeling like there is this big puzzle and How am I going to put the pieces together. Your advise of Setting Goals even if they maybe small ones was super motivating. Now I believe there is that light at the end.
    Much appreciated!!!

  137. theresa mcdonald-dallas

    I like the name, I only wish your name was connected to it. There is not much I can say that hasn’t already been said. You’ve learned the psychology behind getting individuals to do something they are totally unfamiliar with. Most of us are completely turning our lives upside down and having to spend money that is in short supply even though much of what we can take advantage of is free. What you do that is so unique from all the other “gurus” is you bust your ass to keep us focused, motivated, on track, and committed. Your motivational skills are off the chart and you have a unique understanding beyond not only your chronological age, but your relatively short time in business, of how individuals will behave when faced with life-altering endeavors. It took me forever to make myself sit down and go over the tapes and truly become involved and committed. If you had not been there in my emails day after day enticing, encouraging, and drawing me in to the program I would have asked for my money back and succombed to total and complete financial ruin. You do this not for the extra buck, but because you truly want your students to succeed. I would imagine you take it very personal when someone quits and pulls out of the program. You don’t need the money, let’s face it. Very few people work as hard as you do when they’ve made the money you have. Thanks for being everpresent.

  138. Lisa Dietrich

    Thank you for trying to keep us motivated. I wish your small lessons were longer and get more in-depth. They are like the “Chocolate Kisses” – you can’t eat just one. You want more… I wouldn’t mind winning an epad, so please put my name in…lol.
    Take care Anthony – may you be blessed.

  139. Leonardo Miralles

    I really like the new name and thanks for the reminder to set goals

  140. Phyllis Brus

    I have not started a business yet. No Website. But I have been interested enough to stay on your list. I read your books and was still confused. I see the ads on thrm Internet that you speak of but lack confidence and those small specific goals you speak of. If I was ight there beside you or you here I know I could figure it out, but don’t really even know what a beginning point is. I feel as if I started a race after everyone else is out of sight and I don’t even know what direction they went. But your Success Connections #101 at least inspired me too write this statement. That’s a first.

  141. robert

    hey Anthony thank you for this video i look forward to your annocement next week

  142. Friedrich Aviles

    Anthony this is a great presentation. Thank you for the wake up call.

  143. David Caudill

    Hello Anthony,

    Yes I know it has been a while since I have posted but I know you see I still (over 2 years later) open and read your emails. And like yourself, I have been very very busy with product creation and marketing and enjoying life.

    I do still give props to you and your books for helping me get the ball rolling to become a great affiliate marketer and like I said I have stepped to next level with my own product creation and still doing affiliate marketing at the same time.

    Like I have shown and told almost everyone in my small village of Camden Ohio, 45311 (pop. 2613) and a few other thousands online ” I do make decent money online and no I’m not a millionaire YET!!!” Yet being the keyword here.

    I do enjoy your weekly blog and all the super great content you provide.

    Hope to see at one of the Summits or any of the awsome events happening on the East coast this year. Think you’ll ever do the Candian Summit with Rob (The Genie) Toth again? LOL Thought I forgot didn’t ya…

    To yours and all of your students continued success and wishing you all the best,

    David Caudill
    “homecashbiznowDOTcom we are succeeding from home.”

  144. Ann Davis

    Hi Anthony yes I want your epad! you asked! lol I hope I get something out of all this. I keep getting sucked into these scams and yes they just want more money? Sound familuar? I need some way to make money without having to spend the money I don’t have? Any solutions?

  145. James Crowley

    I hear about setting goals alot since i started learning affiliate marketing. it’s a must do thing to be successful in this business! Thanks for the tips and all you do Anthony. Im going to be successful in affiliate marketing it just takes alot of hard work and disipline to get it done.

  146. Yvonne Pizarro

    Hello Anthony,
    Goals are so very important in ones life. As for myself I must take it one day at a time, and visualize my goals into a reality until I achieve them. I know that this new level will not be easy but it is worth the effort, and I am going to give it my all. It is only when a man has stopped dreaming, and his dreams become barren that his future is like a broken wingged bird. I thank you for your empowerment lessons. Here’s to Success!
    Yvonne Pizarro

  147. Lois Pyles

    Hi Anthony. I have joined Google Adsense as a way of getting paid, signed up with Direct CPV, and purchased a Domain name at Now, since I have spent so much time trying to learn all this I am finally ready to admit I am scared to start doing my ads because I am afraid I will do something wrong (or I already have done something wrong). My domain name is:

  148. Ace Luv

    Cool blog name.Hopefully we get connected to $uccess with the methods you teach in this blog.Looking forward to it.

  149. Stephen Hand

    Hi Anthony,
    I agree, setting goals is important. I am hoping Success Connection will proceed in a step by step manner showing us how to build websites, make video ads, etc. and put it all together into an effective functioning tool which makes an online business possible and profitable.
    Thanks for your instruction.

  150. Edmund Clay

    I think Success Connection #101 is really a sure way for me to get connected weekly with you in building my business on line. Thank you Anthony.

  151. steven lowe

    Anthony,y’all picked a good name for the blog.I enjoy the information I get each week.It’s valuable and informative.My goal is small.I want to see $1.00 show up in my account.I understand key words but still having a dickens of a time getting my ads to the front page. I finally a couple days ago,got very valuable information from customer service at the coaching department. Information Ishould’ve gotten a month ago.So now I’m on the right track to start seeing positive numbers instead of $0.00 . sincerely,Steven Lowe

  152. Angela Hollingsworth

    Hi Anthony, I started this process over a year and a half ago, thanks for keeping me in the loop as I have gained a better foothold on striving toward my goals and for the future success for myself and for my family too. I am looking forward to the event on March 15th. Success connection 101 shall keep me focused and on tract as needed. Accountability is key.

  153. Jeff Johnson

    I’m getting out. I think your sucess connection is a good name. And your information is great. My job is just to much for me to keep up, with all the information that I need to do in my business. Thanks Anthony.

  154. Verna Ezernack

    Hi Anthony!
    I love the new name “Success Connection”.Congrats to the epad winners!Can’t wait to see what you are sending Tuesday! .. I have followed you since August 2011 and appreciate all that you do. Success to all!

  155. Aloha

    First of all Thank you for not giving up on me. I have really been going thru some health issues. Thanks for the goal setting reminders. I like the baby steps and reachable goals. Will start today. Waiting for next Tuesday. Thanks again.

  156. Francine Hamanne

    Thank you for the gifts and money prizes you offer – I look forward to being a winner in the near future! But the best is the free knowledge you share and the great encouragement and tips you give out. You know the world is tough and most of us need to be held by the hand to get through to where we would like to reach.
    By the way, I went to my spiritual healer and she said that she liked you and that I would do well with you, Anthony. I brought your picture and she liked your eyes – honest, caring and down to earth. I’ll keep you posted.
    God bless!

  157. Henry Billingsley

    I am 56 years old and have a whopping $4000.00 in a IRA for retirement with half that out on a loan. I have tried it all, Amway, Watkins, Tupperware, etc. and always gave up. Now it is up to me to see what I can do with your program. Probably not setting goals is the reason for failure in the previous programs.

  158. shelly

    Thank you for this reminder on Goals. I tend to lose myself in this area. Even as a makeupartist, and life coach. I put one on the backburner and start on other things, then flipflop… I have so many goals but trip up if you will. Goals or dreams… one in the same? This video blog today was my “check” point , to be proactive once again. I will write down both my dreams and goals. I intend to keep this goal of tending to the Success Connection.
    To your succes, and in Wellness, Regards, Shellykaren

  159. Tom Stiles

    It is Saturday already, but I just checked the new blog from yesterday and, WOW!! my name was on the winners list!!
    Thank you Anthony.
    I definitely needed to be reminded to Set Goals and that they do need to start out as “baby steps”. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.
    Looking forward to your announcement next Tuesday also.

  160. Tina Pomeroy

    Hi Anthony,

    “How to eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” Thanks for reminding me of this timeless truth…Just finished fantastic seminar with Adrian in Orlando…made $36 in 2 days on one of 4 campaigns with just social media (spent $100) In the process now of shutting down, washing, rinsing and optimizing…so much to learn, so much to do! Thanks for your continued support! PS, men were the only ones to click on coupon ads! (but no conversions) It is easy to feel overwhelmed with such a wide open market, your reminder to focus with goals is the key for sure.

  161. leo


  162. Cedric Chandler, II

    l think that you are a blessing to a lot of people, especially myself. I’m in a place that I do not like so I’m listening to successful people so I can be where they are. I enjoy your life story and your nuggets of wisdom. Keep doing what you are doing and I’ll be looking forward to hearing more of your success information.

  163. Robert Parrish

    I’ve tried several business before, from selling vacuum cleaners to Insurance. I have a very good feelings in what you are offering and when I’m able, I want greatly want to give it a shot! Thanks for the insight, plus I had a good time at your presentation,this past March the 1st.

  164. Pierre Mocombe

    Hello Anthony,

    It is a great idea to set goals. I am going to work on the goal setting right away.

  165. stanley escolano

    ROBERT FRY. I feel your pain, I have been on the same boat all my life. This is it for me. So lets both of us set our goals and keep on keeping on.

  166. lorne

    Hi Anthony, First congrats to the winners, That is a wonderful way to help us. For ones like myself am all thumbs ,but this helps to keep trying. thanks.

  167. Ian Walker

    Thank you, Anthony. This underlines what I need to do! Last weekend I created a ToDo list – and what a difference in accomplishments! So now it is time to review that list; delete the completed items, insert new ones, set their priority and resort, and then get stuck into it.

    I look forward to your next email. And your next Success Connection blog.

  168. Bill case

    My goal to start new website for fall prevention for seniors, creating a niche market. Your videos and information for success on the web are priceless. Awareness of proper matketing tools and using the best blog, twitter or Facebook medium is definitely crucial. Thanks for your educational information for success.

  169. Donna B

    Again, you were writing to me, Anthony! I have pages upon pages of goals and plans and blogs and ads and that is the extent of it. And I feel so bad about my inability to produce anything, it is really humiliating. All my life until recently I have been able to do anything I set my mind to but now I can’t seem to pull myself together. I know it is not your fault because p going in you have been the most generous and honest person I have. Ever met online anyway and everything you say makes perfect sense. So I know it’s me.
    It’s like I have all the info I need to do it but I get overwhelmed and end up going in circles. So I will do the one goal per week trial here and keep my fingers.crossed! Thank you for everything .

  170. Jeri

    Hey Anthony! I have to say: Success Connection is a dead on name….it couldn’t be more appropriate. I’ve been in and out of the VA hospital the last couple of months and obviously have missed a LOT. My first goal is to catch up on the software I’ve gotten from you over the last year. (No mean feat since I go back in for more surgey in two weeks!) I have 14 days to kick things into gear before I’m knocked back a couple of steps. (My email address has changed too, so I think getting that updated is priority ONE). Onward and upward!!

  171. Tom

    Hey Anthony,

    The reason I keep coming back and absorbing your material is because I “see” a little of you in me. Genuine, the willingness to help people and humble. You don’t come off as a “hype-y” Internet Guru. You have the ability to make a connection with other people on a simple-to-understand level. And WE thank you for that!

  172. Sheila Scott

    Success Connection could represent the connections we must make for success. Start with our self then add a person and build a network. Good name and an evidence based practice.

  173. RD

    Anthony, Homerun once again. I will be setting up goals as soon as I return home. New name works, thumbs up.
    Thanks for all you do
    Peace & Happiness

  174. James Sliney

    Anthony, you are certainly correct about the need to set goals. I am in the process of setting short term goals, in order to reach the finish line, succeeding in Internet Marketing. Your Success Connection Blogs are definitely helping me to stay motivated and focused.

  175. Jackie S.

    Great advice about goals, Anthony. I really like the new name of the weekly blog.

  176. Robert McCoy

    Like the title Success connection. Good example for goal setting. Most of your blogs will not open for me,they are blank. Enjoy the ones that do open.

  177. Adrian Mulloy

    Another Good blog Anthony thanks again I will stay tuned as always.

  178. Collette Nlemchi

    Hi Anthony,
    Your video is very informative, and i will be taking part in your Success Connection #101. I do not know alot in internate marketing. Also, your push for setting goals is excellent.
    Yes, i have a question about my website, i will go check it out and if i have any question, i let you know. Thanks for your lectures.

  179. Shawna Ramme

    I am not even close to a website, or my niche of what to market
    But it was so interesting you spoke of the maze in this blog, as my life feels like its in a tornado lately. Trying to make a move work, and deal with some crazy messes from the last leg surgery.
    so I appreciate more than you know your positive boosting energy that you send out* Setting goal/goals one step at a time, and even when I feel like giving up when I listen to you it will boost me a step forward again.
    Many Blessings Love*Light Anthony

  180. Rodney Mc Donald

    First must say you keep your word, opened this e-mail and it hit me like a
    ton of bricks. I’ll admit when I first recieved the program I read the books went to the site you set up for usand then got lost. I backed away because I didn’t understand it. Did not exspect the dedication you give, I need help!!
    Hope your still willing after all this time that I’ve wasted. you’ll notice the question mark in the website box don’t know what that is.

    Thanks for your comitment

  181. Sharon Peace

    Thank you Mr. Morrison for that inspirational message. I will use it everyday.

  182. linda Rozmus

    Anthony, I am new and I am trying to play catch up. I like Success Connections as the name. However, I ‘m lost after that!

  183. Tom Cory

    Thanks Anthony. Setting goals is extremely important. I also find that you must write your goals down then review them on a regular basis to be sure you are working toward achieving them. Revise and refocus regularly.

  184. Kathleen Magill

    Congrats to the winners….I just realized that I’m going to have to change my niche due to not being able to get my website out on Google because of the product….hmmmm bummber. Oh well I will try to find a better niche

  185. Stormi Weathers

    Anthony, thanks for the blog. I just took the three day training last week in Madison, and while it was engaging and I learned a ton, I found that when I got back home the obligations of my ‘day job’ and other daily responsibilities back-filled my available time as usual. It was easy to think “I’ll get to my affiliate work as soon as I finish . . . (this job, this commitment, this you-name-it). This video was a great little ‘wake up’ that the commitment to affiliate marketing success is a commitment to myself and if it is to work it has to rank up there with or ahead of all my commitments elsewhere. The goals reminder for baby steps is a good one, as well as the reminder to stay engaged with this community. Thanks again.

  186. Sharon N

    Seems like I’m always running behind, but I really appreciate your weekly blogs (now Success Connection). The new name is great! I think I am in the maze right now. I will be waiting anxiously for your Tuesday e-mail. Thank you.

  187. dennis

    as the old saying goes I am # 2 and trying harder. good luck to the winners

  188. Stella Renfrew

    Dear Anthony,
    I do appreciate the Success Connection 101 : Setting Goals. I believe this is the first step I can also call my own Stella’s Success always Connect!..I believe my goal first is to learn how to make my first $500..and in order to achieve this is to find out what are the necessary steps to achieve this. You mentioned building traffic. I know i have not been blogging or posting in any way I could inorder to do this so I might have to try this baby step…thanks for the encouragement! Looking forward to the SC 102!

  189. Emily j

    I am happy for the people who won the epad. Really excite about this whole program. I know it will take alot of work but will pay off, I am sure. Can’t wait until Tuesday for your video blog. My goals are set right now and they are to get through all the training videos and get my website up and running. Thank you!

  190. Toni Rowe

    Can hardly wait until your Tuesday announcements! Personally, I think your blogs are special because they (and you) appear to be really down to earth, as well as caring. I get jazzed with every blog I listed to.

    Thank you.

  191. Monroe Boone

    Hi; Anthony

    I didn’t know that I had chance to win an epad, now I’m interested.
    Now I want one, so please put my name in your winners box and send
    it to me. If you are willing to little things like I will make an effort to stay
    Thank you

  192. Linda

    Babysteps….always great to be reminded of the basics…setting goals! Very much looking forward to the next blog. Thanks!

  193. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony for your good information and your willingness to help poor people

  194. RAYNOLD

    I think now I feel something is coming my way. since I start taking the PMI course this month, the Academy shows me a lot professional way to make money on the internet. So I can say that in the next 6 months ahead, I will not be the same as I am, positively engaging on the online advertizing. Wow I can see better now, by taking the PMI course.

  195. Joshua P Leingang Batolein

    Thanks for the coaching on goal setting, very helpful. I know this, but applying it consistently is the key, good to be reminded, thank you!

  196. Sanford Engel

    Hi Anthony:
    I am in my 85th year. If we meet, you would never guess my age. and I AIN’T done yet. On the 17th I will attend your breakfast event in Gaithersburg, MD. I still work full time as a retail store manager which also entails in-home sales. I am an expert, 54 years experience, with fabrics. I design window treatments, select upholstery and slipcover fabrics, coordinate bedroom ensambles, and lots more. I am confident, with the proper guidence, I could be very successfull with a website. I develope a wonderful connection with my clients which has resulted in sales, but more
    important, long lasting friendships. I look forward to Saturday for directions to apply my knowledge to a new and exciting and profitable career on the internet. I will watch your blog on tuesday. There are two resons that account for my optomistic outlook. I have great Faith and many talks with the man who lives on the top floor and a great sence of humor. With that thought, I wish you good health and say good bye.

    Sanford Engel

  197. Fred Jordan

    Thanks for motivating me Anthony. I immediately starting writing my goals down for this week. I will carry them with me to view daily. One of my goals is to get my website up and running, but I have no product and that is my biggest draw back, Can you help me with this?

  198. Donald Germany

    Hey Anthony!
    Just signed up for your newsletter an am excited about setting my goals
    with being a succesful online marketer. Success Connection 101 is
    very catching and a tribute to your program. I looke forward to doing
    great things with you in the future.

  199. Susan Woods

    Anthony, love “Succes Connection”. Goal setting has always been one of my major shortfalls so I came in at exactly the right time.

    Look forward to next Tuesday!


  200. Mary

    I appreciate the reminder to set smaller goals. Having long-term goals is wonderful, but I sometimes forget about the ‘Baby-Steps’. My first ‘Baby-Step’ is to purchase a day-planner, one in which I will be able to record my goals by the month, week, and day. Remembering to keep the steps simple will help to make sure I actually do them. Thank you…

  201. Paulette Nurse

    This session on setting goals speaks directly to me. I am in real estates and goal setting is what I have been thought from day one. At the beginning of every year I would start off but within two months I either get too busy and don’t do it or I become depress and don’t do it .

    Now is March and Ihave already behind. Today’s session Hasl given me the reminder as to how important it is to do it.

    Thanks Anthony

  202. Bobbi Shaifer

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