1. Robert Mejia

    Looks like I did not win the prizes my name is Robert Mejia oh well

  2. Emily j

    Anthony, I was blown away by the webinar, dahhh! Unfortunately I was unable to purchase the software. If I had the money to buy the lgp software, I would have stayed up all night working on it. I will use all of the webinar information for email marketing and do it on my own. It may take me longer but I will get there. Thank you for opening my eyes and supplying me with this valuable information.

  3. Elizabeth Diaz-Lodge

    Congratulations to ALL the winners! 😀

    For those who didn’t win (including myself), don’t feel defeated!! Be happy for the winners! Maintain a positive mental attitude and plow ahead.

    To your success!

  4. Anna Ouzts

    Hey that is awesome for Joe & Blake WAY TO GO!!. My husband and I attended a mentoring training in Mississippi with them. Awesome father & Son duo!

  5. Theresa

    I was not lucky enough to be a winner of one of your prizes but I still feel like a winner. Your webinar was very helpful and I would give anything to be able to afford your program. I know that with it, I would be able to pay our son’s medical bills with no problem. I am going to have to study hard to find a realistic approach to the landing page with a basement level budget. That is the only thing you were unable to give us in the webinar. I can not tell you how much your help and ideas mean to my family.
    Thank you for everything you do to help others.

  6. Daniel C Clarke

    Guess we didn’t win anything, but, we did get a TON of knowledge !!!

  7. Pat Rebo

    Congradulations to all who won, and since my name isn’t on the list I guess I didn’t win as well..All that means is it will just take me a little longer to reach my goal. Anthony, the webinar was great. Visual examples are easier for me to learn from. Anthony, Get yourself some needed rest and have a great weekend. Your Friend, Pat Rebo

  8. Don Thomas

    Congrats to each and every one of you who have won. Some great insight Anthony to email mktg.. Thx Anthony

  9. Scott

    If I would have won I would have purchased the lgp software. But it seems I didn’t. This was a great webinar. I think I’m in the same boat as alot of people. I can’t afford the software. Being unemployed does have it’s drawbacks…

  10. Angie Monroe

    Great webinar last night, my mind was racing after the webinar, I spent half the night make notes and researching some of the things you shared. I am excited about the opportunity to continue to learn through this system. Keep it coming!

  11. Andy

    This was a great webinar. I am like Emily J and could not afford the software but learned a lot that I will apply. Thanks again Anthony.

  12. Steve Brown

    Congratulations to all those that won and thank you Anthony for such a great Webinar. I noticed many saying they didn’t have the money to buy the products. I am one of those people. I am on Medical Disability and it is difficult to buy products that cost this much. I am not saying the products are not priced good because they are priceless and after the Webinar I definately agree they are worth it. For those of us that do not have that kind of money laying around have you thought of a Payment Plan of some type? It would sell more of your products, giving you more revenue, and would enable those of us that do not have all of it to pay over time. For security you could do it like a Lay-a-Way that way people are not able to steal and it is sad to say there are people out there that would. I hope this gives you a few ideas and those that have money issues closer to getting your great products. Warm Regards, Steve Brown

  13. Waakeelah Nelson

    CONGRATS to all winners! I remain in webinar from beginning to ending. It was amazing, I learned so much.

  14. Waakeelah Nelson

    CONGRATS to all winners! I remain in Anthony’s webinar from beginning to ending. It was amazing, I learned so much. However how were the winners determined. Curious …

  15. Esther Hebert

    The webinar was probably the best I’ve attended. Didn’t win, but if I had it would have been a first. I did buy the package but I’ve lost track of my website and may not find it as my computer crashed and I lost a lot of data. I was being mentored but when that was over I floundered; so I need to start all over. Anthony, you give a lot of help but it hasn’t been enough for a “dummie” like me.
    Thanks for the information.
    Esther Hebert

  16. Sharon Ewalt


    That was an awesome webinar! I saw it the first time you did the webinar on the program you developed also. It is fantastic! Wish I could have afforded it! Maybe next time!

    Congratulations to all who won the prizes! I know you will really get great use from them!

    Again, Anthony, thanks for all you do for us!

    Blessings! Sharon Ewalt

  17. Mary Brooks

    Hi Anthony;

    Well I crashed but came back in again but not in time for the drawing, I watched it all the way thru and it gave me a little more information. Thanks again for the Webinar.


  18. Hans M Gulliksen

    Hi everybody and congratz:) with winnings.
    Just wanna thx for beeing with you the webinar,
    and i guess i see you on next next one aswell.
    And Anthony you are just awesome with this stuff,
    keep it up man people need you.
    See you later bye.

  19. Debbie

    I agree with all said. I didn’t win either and like many of you I don’t have the money to purchase the program. Congratuaitons to those that won.

    We can be thankful for all we have and use the information we gained form the webinar to go at it on our own.

    Good luck to all!

  20. ingrid clark

    The gift worth more than the money was the information. Thanks Anthony for reaching back to let me know about this. I also am not able to buy the software but I can keep my internet connection up so please keep me posted on any future webinars you are having. Please know that your very personal approach thru your emails to folk is appreciated, and I am sure I speak for everyone who was apart of this.

    When I bought the book I knew it had winning information in it, but I think I prefer the webinars. Will stay connected. Congrats to the cash winners and to
    all of us who were fortunate enough to attend either live or by archive.

  21. Jerry Stickel

    Many thanks for all the great info – we’re all winners with your helpful guidence. Again many thanks great webinar !!!

  22. Linda Chaligoj

    Great Webinar, Anthony! Thanks for giving some real meat and potatoes information. I really wish I could have purchased the software. All the other things I have looked at, and tried, were all vague or just teasers. Needless to say the money I spent might as well have been dumped in the incenerator. I can see the impact e-mail marketing makes and what an advantage it is. I will keep on plugging away and hopefully in the near future I will be able to take advantage of this very profitable tool.

  23. sandy watson

    If I purchase the LGP software, would I be allowed to share it with my associate? sandy

  24. Amparo Avillanoza

    Hi Anthony,
    That was a super, super dynamite webinar on Lead Generation Builder.
    I learned so much . I really wish that I had ready money to purchase that fantastic software. I didn’t win anything but the learnings will be forever.
    Thanks a lot and may God continue to bless you and your family.
    Pearland, Texas

  25. Heidemarie Rowe

    Great info and if we utilize it, we can buy the things we did not win.
    My coverage ended upruptly last eve and I waited for it to return but did not hear about the winners until today.
    Congratulations to all.

  26. Louise Kennedy

    I thought this was the best “Fast Start” program I have ever seen. I truly believe it will work – I SIGNED ON! Thank you.

  27. Hortensia Alba

    Im a widow and i watched your video last night , didn’t win but blessings to all those who did win, im a slow learner if i had won, I would off used the money for the email marketing package, sounds awesome .again congratulations to all the winners!

  28. James ./or J.B.

    J.B.McCarty Thanking you Anthony for a very well educated webinar it was great .And to everyone’s quest to succeed this was the one to pay attention to and if you were able to get your’s you scored . Like he said run with it because it’s staring you in the face Iv’e done a lot of home work I can tell all of you !!!Anthony gave you the KEYS and for those who were not able to buy in I hope you were taking notes. Once again THANK YOU …:-}

  29. Cyril

    This is a matter of perspective. Everyone who joined the webinar is a winner.
    Its understandable that prizes will motivate people to participate, but it is fair to say that the majority would have given up their time in anticipation of what they would learn. The insights provided were invaluable. We need to take action and make sure that the direction we move in is forward.

  30. Micheal

    Received a txt this morning asking me was I there. Yes, all the way through!
    Excellent program and working to be able to get your great software!
    I still learned quite a lot. Thank you very much.

  31. Yesenia

    It looks like I never win anything!….or having no success in my business, but still need to be postivie. Lucky the person that will go to Mississippi to get a one-on-one mentoring. This is is the key, teaching the strategies of making money so you can make 10,000 or more and this to me is considered winning the Gran Prize of this webinar. Hope one day for you to make a seminar somewhere that those of us that are left behind see some light in our business success. Hope you are able to HEAR to my insights!

    Have a nice day!

  32. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Congratulations to all the winners. I attended the webinar. It was awesome Anthony. I did not win either but there will be other opportunities. I am almost broke and could not buy the software. Maybe I will later on. I learned alot from you last night and I will try to do it on my own. Have a nice weekend.

  33. Shelly Kingston

    Thanks for all that great info. The more you share the more you will be blessed. All the best wishes Anthony.

  34. Larry Hawkins

    Thanks Anthony, great webinar. Look forward to the next learning experience. Happy for those that won a prize but honestly wish I was the winner of the mentorship prize. Peace, love and happiness to all!

  35. Rafe A. Ellis

    Congrats to all who won the prizes. The webinar last was fantastic. Tons of information and a great opportunity to purchase what appears to be a really comprehensive software program. The 30 day money back promise allowed my wife the comfort that was needed for me to invest the initial money to get us started. I have 28 days to prove myself and your software to her – that said, I’m outta here and back to work on making this program a success. Have a great weekend and get some rest.

  36. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Congratulations to the winners! I’m proud of the fact that I actually understood what you were talking about when you went through your software. With what your program offers, the initial investment could be paid back in no time. Unfortunately I cannot dish out that kind of money right now. You’re the greatest! I’m still hanging in there. Better times will be coming soon.

  37. Darlene Glover

    Congratulations to all the monetary winners.The webinar was awesome. We are all winners. Anthony thanks for sharing your knowledge and time with us. I wanted to purchase everything that was presented to us last, but unfortunately i didn’ have any extra cash. Again thanks.

  38. Diane

    Congradutions to the winners…..
    I did purchase the software last night & spent most of my free time today going through all the video instructions. I’m planning on pulling it all together this weekend. Thanks Anthony for the great program.

  39. Deborah Shaw

    Thanks so much Anthony! Webinar was great! Reminded me again that all I need to do is get busy!

  40. Mady Buddington

    Thank you so much for the best information to date. Like some of the others, if I had the money, I would have purchased your material, still the information was very enlightening!

  41. Lyn

    Congrats winners! Imight just as well wait for the next game and hoping to win some so I can purchase the program…still hoping though..thanks Anthony

  42. Chris Ageing

    Anthony, I was blown away by the webinar, REALLY!!! Unfortunately I was unable to purchase the software. If I had the money to buy the lgp software, I would have stayed up all night working on it. I will use all of the webinar information for email marketing and do it on my own. It may take me longer but I will get there. Thank you for opening my eyes and supplying me with this valuable information. My comments Exactly.

  43. Norma Garcia

    Hi Anthony, the webinar was very good. I learn a lot of information about email marketing. The software you develop for yourself is a great thing. I was not able to get it cause I did not have the funds. Hope that someday in the future when I make the money with your Fast Cash Commission program. I will be able to buy this new software. Also I want to congratulate all the winners. You have a great weekend. Thank you, NG

  44. Jeanne Jackson

    I was not connected to a printer last night and could not print my invoice – is there anyway I can get an invoice for my sign up?
    Thank you
    Jeanne Jackson

  45. Norma Jeanne Strobel

    I couldn’t watch it at 6pm on Thursday, so watched the whole thing today, but then I guess that doesn’t make me eligible for the prizes. Good webinar — I got a lot out of it. Can’t get into it right at this time, but plan to down the line. I am busy at the moment, publishing another book to EBOOKS, and doing income tax.

    The website is one we share, and I developed for our books. I am the editor, and bookcover designer for my author, Walter J Golden.

    Norma Jeanne

  46. Thomas Gene Vickery

    Hey Anthony! I’m Sorry I missed the webinar, I had to work late. I was really looking forward to it. I bet it was great! I hated having to work a job.

  47. Denise Dickerson

    Anthony, I really enjoyed your webinar and think the email product you’ve come up with is fantastic. And you have created a product that is “doable”. Thank you for sharing this with the community. I remember reading either on your website or in your book how you’ve run into so many people out here that are hurting economically. I’m part of the “hurting economy” and wish I could afford your product. But feeding the family, and keeping the utilities working comes first. Hope to be able to purchase that at some point in the future, because you’re right many of the gurus are capitalizing on the use of emails and making it worth their while. Thanks again for sharing with us and have a wonderful weekend. Denise

  48. Vicki Bannister

    Congratulations to all the winners!! Anthony, thank you for a great Webinar and love your Success Connection too!

  49. AL

    I am on a hospital internet and I can’t make the video play! Can someone put the winners list on one of these comments. Thank you all. I hope I won. Ha Ha.Lord willing I did YAHOOOOO YA

  50. Eon Emberg

    Great presentation last night. I wasn’t able to purchase your tools last night but will definitely put into practice the tips you shared. Your tools would definitely make it easier but the expenditure is too much at present. Will take regular baby steps and get there eventually. I look forward to your next webinar.

  51. Archie - A2B

    Thanks, Webinar – A great lesson glad I was a part. Watched all of it. I know the winners are happy me to, “Congrats” to all. I Did not make the list. Maybe next time. Great Information. //A2B//

  52. Ingrid

    Began watching but was in pain and fell asleep i will try to watch it over again was very interested great job well done. Let me know how much for the software and where can i get it to but and how much also give me the name i will need that info, looking forward to hearing from you. Your friend, Ingrid

  53. John Koayen

    Anthony, the webinar was fabulous. Unfortunately I couldn’t buy the the software because I am completely out of money after buying so many that didn’t work for me. I won’t give up.

  54. Sharon Volkman

    Congratulations to the winners. It’s nice there are so many. In a way, we all won – more knowledge. That $ amount was too big for me, so far.

  55. gwendolyn ward

    wish i could have won the mney i would love to earn money from this affiliate marketing i love working on the computer

  56. Robert Walker

    Congratulations to all those who won/earned all the prizes for completing the webinar. Also, thanks to Anthony for setting this webinar up and demonstrating how one can create interest to the targeted reader, ensuring a positive response.

  57. Yvonne Sandlin

    Hi Anthony,
    I was sure hoping to win the $1000 so I too could purchase your software and your two-day mentoring. The trip to Mississippi would have beena great opportunity for both my husband and I to go to, especially since he is from Aberdeen, MS. The mentoring would have been a good reason for us to go to his homestate. Well maybe next time. Thanks

  58. James Ivy

    Wow thanks Anthony just got off work I will look at the webinar now. I see you had an event today at the Hotel I’m at the Oak Lawn Hilton! Great.

  59. David DeFrance

    Shoot… didn’t win anything. Hope my losing the sound right after finding the winners would be announced on Anthony’s site didn’t “disconnect” my chances of winning anything. Tried five times to rerun the webinar, but after it dropping the fifth time, I decided to let it go. And yes, congrats to all the winners! Have fun…

  60. Glenda Galindo

    Thank you for the great info!! I feel that I can trust your guidance. Keep up the good work.

  61. Tyrone

    CONGRATULATIONS to all those who won cash/e-Pad!

    Anthony, again you did a fantabulous job with last night’s webinar!!! However, I’ve been attempting to send you a message regarding to the the seminar I attended in Alexandria, VA last week. Please let me know how I can actually get a message to you.

    Thank you,

  62. patrick smith

    i feel about the same as most the weinar had great information . and congradulations to all thew winners, and since i too was unable to afford the program i will continue on with the basic information i received.

  63. Scott Duddles

    Anthony the webinar was great your teaching is always awesome thank you. Congradulations to everyone who one, Anthony could you please look into my $100.00 prize for the naming of the “Succes Connection”s as I check my P.O.Box every other day & there is stll nothing? Thank You kindly !

  64. Rosemarie Delfel

    Congratulations to the winners and to all who attended the Webinar! Anthony, your presentation was superb and easy to follow. The biggest prize in your Webinar was the technique you shared with us! That makes us all winners! Thanks. :))

  65. Zach Branson

    I was one of the winners!! yay!! The webinar was amazing as always. Keep doing what you do Anthony!!!I still have yet to receive an email from Anthony’s offices to confirm my address.

  66. robert posey

    The winning a flip of a coin to win. I only hope anthony that the winners did not inclucde those who sign up for the course. Lets expand the infulence of getting others excitied to build a business. The webinar was very informative!

  67. Ruth

    I couldn’t win, for I was unable to login to the webinar. At times my cable is so overloaded I can’t go anywhere on the computer.
    I appreciate your helping these people make a better life for themselves, and thanks for inviting me.

  68. Stella Marie

    Congratulations on the success of the webinar Anthony, and for all the winners of cash,mentoring and ePads! Though I did not get any of those, now I should be doubly motivated to learn to do things manually like how things are done before iin order for me to raise the money needed to get automated…looking forward for more input in the succeeding Success Connection.

  69. Pat

    Great webinar Anthony! Please do it again for us who do not have the money for last nite in the next month or so. I am saving my dollars for the next time, so excited about the opportunity.

  70. Bonnie Hill

    WOW, great webinar. Sorry I missed the original and missed out. Learned a lot. Will be on time if I possibly can next time. Thanks for caring.
    Bonnie Hill

  71. Stephen Hand

    Great Encore, Anthony. Very informative. Thank you and congratulations to all of the winners.

  72. Tracy H

    Thanks for the GREAT info Anthony. I didn’t get the software but learned a lot.
    Thank you for putting it all together.

  73. Edith Rekshynskyj

    Anthony, thank you so much for letting me and others join your “Webinar.” on March 22, 2012. It really helped me a lot and opened my eyes and my mind to see that there are ways to reach so many people through email. I like the software you developed -“Lead Generation Builder Software”. I am sorry I was not able to purchase it after the Webinar, but I hope with the help of you and your staff it can happen in the near future.

    Thanks again,
    Edith R.

  74. RJ Barros

    Guess I didn’t win. Excellent webinar with lots of great info. What would be the cost of a two day class at your office.

  75. theresa mcdonald

    It is still sinking in that I actually won! Thanks soooooo much, Anthony. Congratulations to all the other winners, you did a great job. For all those who just missed out, DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!! I have never won anything in my life, and believe u me I have tried many times. Just keep plugging along. The replies of those below are very indicative of the no nonsense attitude of your followers. When you have a mentor as dedicated to his students success as you are, Anthony, it makes for dedicated followers. Also, the fact I am amongst so many others that are dedicated and focused win or loose, makes me a better student! Can’t wait for the next webinar. Now I can make it to MS for my mentoring classes. See you in May. THANKS AGAIN! Theresa McDonald

  76. Cecilia Newman

    Congrats to the winners! The webinar was great and informative as usual. Sadly the software costs more than my rent! I just can’t afford it yet. It will be slower and harder but success can still be had. See you all at the top!!!

  77. C. DFave Rhoden Jr

    missed the whole thing when my my computer crapped out. got to get another.

  78. James Sliney

    Anthony, first of all my congratulations to all the folks who watched your webinar and the prizes were frsoting on the cake. I learned so much in the one hour webinar. Thank you for sharing your techniques that give all who viewed and apply them a real edge in this business. Those who purchased your sofware will certainly progess more quickly and successfully, b ut every viewer who applys your techniques will advance their business.

  79. Staniel Maquilon

    I’m really impressed with all the information that I got tonight. Unfortunately I can’t afford the price you asked for the Lead Generation Software. I’m not saying that I’m giving up. I’m very persistent to get what I want.
    Thanks for your wonderful time and for being an excellent teacher
    Staniel Maquilon

  80. Monica

    I oh so wish I had the money on Thursday night, I would take the gamble and purchase the system. I am so tired of struggling and nothing happening.

  81. jimmy quintero

    thanks for all the great info last night. i dint get the program do to my finacial situation.but it did answer a question for me. i whanted to know as the internet world keeps changing where you going to take your system to higher levels. thanks for the great presentation. jimmy Q

  82. John Natusch

    Sorry I missed the webinar but I did see the replay (much thanks for that) and I was blown away. Awesome. All the software must have been already purchased as well. Again, I am sorry I missed out. Perhaps you will offer this again. I have a question however. Does you training include a section on getting traffic to get to the LGP from facebook, yahoo or google?

  83. Cecilia

    Congratulations to the winners. Well I did not win this time. The webinar was excellent, just what I needed. With the software I look forward better understanding what I need to do. I thank you for this webinar. Take care.

  84. Lenora Salters

    Thank you for your emails Anthony. I have been missing you and your encouragement. I am very sorry that I have not been able to participate in these last webinars as I normally would. But, I have not been well and was
    actually in the hospital on March 22nd to have a surgical procedure done that day. Nothing really major, but it did keep me down for a while. I am grateful that you have left the webinar up so that I can at least watch it now. Thanks again and I look forward to the future.

  85. Inge Canet

    everything was great… I enjoyed the information , yet unable to purchase the software. But the information was very valuable and I completly enjoyed it…. as soon as I can purchase it I will do it
    Thanks. Anthonly for the invitation… see you soon again

  86. Joyce Enslen

    I enjoyed your webinar tonight. I t cleared up some basic info and reminded me that clickbank has other purposes besides paying your bills. I will get back there shortly and lookit over. I may even look over the webinar again ( as it is past midnight here and I was also interrupted by aphone call. Thank you for your efforts in your students success ! JoyceEnslen

  87. Dwight Palmer

    Very good information from the presentatiion. I kept getting kicked out, Never did get to the end. I gave up after the third restart. Congratulations to the winners of the prizes. The information was a prize unto itself for me.

  88. Martha Must Dowis

    Thank You Anthony ! I bought the software and proceeded to get into my account. I needed some help, because apparently my computer was overloaded at the time. One of your support staff in Missouri talked to me and was encouraging even though I phoned at 10:00 PM. I know the stated hours of help were only to 8:00 PM. I had planned to listen on the conference call last night, but I wound up busily feeding my adult autistic son. My nights and days are rather turned around right now because of a shortage of help. I may need to call in late at night again as I seldom (now) get a chance to be on the computer during the day. We all need some rest and Anthony you, too. God bless You! Martha Dowis

  89. Marcus Silbery

    Unfortunately I live in Australia and the live webinar was in the middle of a work day. I even tried to get the day off but to no avail lol. Luckily there is a replay and there is some great information not to mention the opportunity to purchase the software. I too feel this is a game changer.
    Thanks Anthony!

  90. Karen Jacques

    Congratulations to the winners of the prizes. I feel like a winner also, because I was able to purchase the software and I am looking forward to using it!

  91. Malinda Darden

    UNfortunately I did not win anything this time but, I am not sad. I would of like to have won but I will always be a winner since Success Connection is in part of what He decided on to use the word Connection is my contribution and Will be a part of this great blog for centuries to come!!!

  92. William

    Anthony: Enjoyed the webinar. The information was very valuable. I was
    unable to purchase the software, but I learned a lot. I really enjoy your
    webinars and training. Thanks for the great help and training.

  93. Steve Le Baron

    Anthony..what a wonderful gesture on your behalf. Being I’m just now reviewing your Video Blogs, starting with #96 up through #115. ALL of them, one right after the other. So I can obsorb the true value of your Video Blogs and be current by tomorrow, for your next “Success Connection” presentation. In my little bit of time I’ve had to watch, listen and learn since hearing about you in an email from another man I have value in…I THANK him for the opportunity of making the ONLY choice a serious affiliate marketer should make! Thank you T.B.

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