1. Fawn

    I am aggressive by nature, and I do not know how to be any other way :).

  2. James Ivy

    Thanks Anthony you hit it right on the nail being aggressive about what you want makes all the difference. I take from this is an sense of ergency to get the success I’m seeking in an big way!

  3. Doug

    I’ve alwas been aggressive and will always be. Lazy get’s you nowhere and nothing.

  4. Deena DuBose


    Thanks so much for your video regarding having an “aggressive mentality” – this is something I definitely need to have. I ordered your course years ago – have moved 3 times since, am a single Mom with an 11 year old daughter who totally insulin dependent since age 4 (Type 1/Juvenile Diabetic) – she just came home from an emergency appendectomy. I am a real estate agent in Florida – went through a short sale on my property – lots of tough things. Despite all the negatives, I fully believe that one day, I will be able to stand strong, fight back whatever negative mental issues I have about success and become financially free. This is my first video – I will watch the other two – I will locate the materials you sent me so long ago (I did read your book – it was very inspiring!). Now is the time for me to fight – not keep “shrinking back” – I’m not sure where to start, don’t have money to invest – having spent all my savings getting through this real estate market nightmare and caring for my daughter. When do I start to “see the light”? I “know that I know” that one day I will be financially free – but not if I don’t DO something different – now is the time. The house we are renting just got a foreclosure notice on the door yesterday – I’m not kidding – “when it rains, it pours” – my faith has always pulled me through. You have a genuine and unique style of communication – it is very encouraging to know that you have “made it” and that you are helping others do the same. I want with all my heart to do just that! Thanks for having the courage from a very young age to be aggressive with the drive to be a major success! What a comeback story I will have one day!!!

  5. Biagio Alessandro

    Everything sounds good BUT;

    Hoping we will not have a problem with you!!!

  6. Raymond Smith

    I did it when i was learning to weld. I was very good at it.
    I find it more difficult with electronic learning.

  7. Mark

    I know customers and business partners will not come knock my door down to become a part of my organization. I need both to set me free but there is a reluctance within. What you say is the absolutle truth. I was aggressive when I was a Boyscout raising funds for summer camp or as a paperboy I was fearless when I knew I could win a trip by increasing my customer base. What happened to that drive?


  8. EvansBob

    I liked the video. Great example using sports collectables. I do that myself, you can make some money and have fun doing it.

  9. Deborah Stewart

    Hello Anthony: Just joined you on Wed so don’t have a website yet. Taking the 3 day course next week. I know aggresiveness is important in any business and I am excited and ready to go to work.

  10. Carol Amato


    Knowledge = more confidence = aggressiveness

    Of course, I’m referring to the kind that is not “in your face annoying” but a persistent forthrightness BECAUSE OF knowledge which leads to confidence.

    LOVE IT!!!

    – Carol

  11. Doreen

    Anthony-we’re normally peaceful people, not aggressive, in-your-face type of people. We’re like the dinosaur in ToyStory-we don’t like confrontations. Is aggression a matter of building confidence? Is there a magic formula to create or build up aggression and turn us into a mean success machine? Still trying. Peace.

  12. Janice Thrift

    I have started reading your book.It is amazing how much you got done when you were young. You are very lucky the Lord has really blessed you.

  13. Thomas Jourden

    I learned to be passive in a lot of things in my younger years. Hearing this helped to reinforce a fact I learned not to long ago.

    To turn dreams into reality action is required!


  14. Bonnie

    This is something I’ve not been good at in the past. The learning point for me, then is JUST DO IT. Don’t wait around; don’t ask too many questions; don’t be so tentative; JUST DO IT!

  15. Lourdes Geronimo

    Hi Anthony:

    I totally agree with you on this 3rd principal of success

    One has to be prepared, be aggressive, and reach out
    to grab what you really want.

    When I was a kid (right after 2nd world war, ie., 1944) I
    run around the neighborhood selling GI socks… I had to
    fight with the boys of my age (9-12) to get the sales…and
    I am proud to say.. I always won..

  16. Sharise Bailey

    I found the information helpful because I am not an aggressive person by nature, but I do agree that at times and in business you may have to be. I’m going to practice on that.

  17. Blanca Braden

    I have been watching your email videos… Question… Why do you post other affiliate’s videos? They promote their products, software, it is intresting but can get really confusing… I am learning the ropes and cannot be buying everything under the sun…
    I went to MS and took the Level 4 MS. Kaci was my mentor, she did a great job! I learned so much! I am ready to start the mentoring sessions with John Valderrama. Cannot wait to learn more. I am sharing with friends what I am learning, I hope many more people come on board… Thanks Anthony for sharing all the things you learn.

  18. Raj Memula

    Anthony like your presentation style very laid back. I have to diagree about the use of the term “aggressive.” I think aggression in any sense of the word is a liability in today’s marketplace. There is difference between aggression and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm creates a genuine concern. That is the reason for your past success not “aggression” Any fool can be aggresive. Not everyone can be genuine. You have a “genuine” quality that money can’t buy. I believe that is why you are a far more effective presenter than some of those people that you hire. Keep up the great work! Best wishes to your continued success.

  19. austin

    i bought your system, but have never used it, i was in the army reserve, i want to how to get this system started

  20. Sandro Meaden

    I like it. Good advice! Sometime we slow down on what we we do but we need to keep going even thoug things look like they are not to moving in the way we want. You will never know how close you are to reach your goal if you stop and quit. Thank Anthony for this reminder!!!!

  21. Starmist

    Anthony, being aggressive is the toughest part of any business but as you pointed out, it can be learned. Taking that first step is the biggest of them all but with each step we take we become more confident. It is certainly exciting to get that first click and then to see 100 clicks in a matter of 3 days is exhiliarating! To anyone out there who is afraid to take that first step “just do it!” It can’t hurt and you only learn from the mistakes you make and it gets easier each time you take another step. It really is “rinse & repeat.” Thanks for all the motivation!

  22. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    This was great as usual. Shyness doesn’t cut it. You have to be aggressive. I already have some ideas. I have to be more aggressive in general

  23. Richard G.

    Anthony I learn sooooo much by listening to your speeches. One day I’m going to make it big and look back and say I made it because of Anthony Morrison. Think you are a real inspiration and you know how to boost up morale/ confidence in people. Thanks.

  24. Joyce Knake

    You’re right ,Anthony,
    I’m not an aggressive person but I do feel that I have the power to do things ,even if I think I don’t want to do them but I know they are important for my success. So I guess my advise is, Maybe you won’t like everything you have to do to be successful or to go to the next step. As long as it’s honest, just do it.

  25. Brenda

    Hi Anthony, I enjoyed your video very much. You are so right. Success does not just fall in your lap. You have to go after it. Every journey begins with the first step. Thank you for your hard work and advice.

  26. Naomi

    I do several things.My website is new. I am also working parttime in cardpayment transactions, company. I have to have passion and motivation first. I do not like to push people. I could be agressive just but reachig more people. But i like rather be professional. I tried to be a consultant , trustworthy person for the customer.
    Anyway I like what you said

  27. Daniel D Magniza Jr

    You are exactly right. Be aggressive in whatever you do, not only in this business but in everything you do in life. You just do not wait for things or chances or opportunities to come to you, you must go for it, grab it or snatch it or wrap around it, whatever it takes.

  28. David Johnston

    Hello Anthony,

    You are saying the same comment that my mother used to say, namely,

    “nothing comes into the house. you have to go and look for it”

  29. Dawn Lovitt

    Yes I learned that I have to find specific techniques to my sales pitch specific words together with the correct confidence level and attitude as well as action combined when I learn how to get another site up and started will help bring more targeted customers

  30. shirley

    thanks for caring and sharing. i love helping people to. God bless you
    i’ll be 60 lord willing may. late getting started but still wont give up. ps dont have face book.

  31. Richard Hunter

    Congradulations of your great success. You are doing the right
    things to help many. Gotta help you sleep well at night.
    Still working through your workbook. Haven’t the faintest idea
    what I am doing as yet. Hoping I can link it all together soon.
    This is important for me.
    Continued success

  32. Debra Rebetje


    That was a great story. No matter how old you were I think it was brilliant for you to have conceptualized “preparing for success”. You must have been a tough little kid to keep up with……and I oughta know. I have six younger brothers. It took everything I had for me to help my mother wrangle these little devils.

    Anyway, this is any area where I can see I need improvement and again, you have opened my eyes.


  33. Lin

    Even though I have not done a lot yet, I have accomplished more than any other time with online marketing. I would not have been able to do this without you and your team. Thanks to All

  34. sandra

    Anthony, most of what you said about to be aggressive is so true. One will not be successful if you don’t really be a go getter and be positive. Only hard work and dedication pays off. You could not have said it any better.
    Thank you.

  35. Vivek

    yes you are right anthony ,, aggressiveness is like special power,
    thanks again for this powerful helping video.

  36. Eparkyn

    Antony : Thanks for your encorage talks, you are right we need to have a passion for what we need to do, going to get my license, is so much to handle, they want you to know what you are doing so is Courses to take, and many appointments to see the counselors, and attorneys, etc before they use you a license. Just to let you know,I’m moving forward. Thanks again Elizabeth PS Got myebiz Allready and sighn with ClickBank and Sorry need to ask you a big favor, my lessons are kind of difficult to heard because is two at the same time so is hard to understand or concentrate in what is being said. So I keep trying over each lesson.

  37. Sue


    More great advice! It is hard to learn to have this mentality, but by getting out of my comfort zone, I’m hoping it will lead to success.

    Thanks again!

  38. Sonny Cabrales

    Of course that’s a given. Being aggresive is key to making succesful contacts.

  39. Roxana

    Hi, Anthony i was attending your last webinar sounds very interesting.
    Just i need to know how much i have to pay for start.

  40. Jim Wolfe

    Be aggressive, ok good point, I am now going to change my website because I know it is not working and go to one that has taking a lot of my time to come up with and apply the aggressive points you have suggested..

  41. catalina

    Hi Anthony,
    I read the blog of Paul Meyers. Is he with you in helping me ? I see wher I have to enter my email and name. I just want to know if I am going with Paul you will be part of this training also.


  42. ricardo garcia

    I think what matters is my success are words that helps me to get over my fear of the unknown. Good advice is to be aggressive and get as much info as you can from a trusted source like from Anthony. The story about the baseballs and bats reminds me of the stories about how to make lemonade from lemons. Squeze a little to make a lot. I like MLB.

  43. Teresa Belcher

    I learned aggression while working at xxxxbank Customer Service/Sales and they required 95% sales rate or else a pink slip. Thank you for the reminder.

  44. Gordon Chisholm

    Once again, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, my confidence is still shaky because of my lack of knowledge. That is changing as I go through the videos, as well as observing what is happening around me. I still look forward to Mississippi.

  45. Dave

    Your so right Anthony .If you don’t push yourself in this business. You can’t just think 1 or 2 adds are going to make you millions.

  46. Jeannine Horlick

    I never use to be aggressive, but after listening to you, I realize how important it is to come out of my passive comfort zone if I’m ever going to get where I want to be.

  47. Dick Belair

    Yeah, Anthony, I did like this success connection video. It does spell out something that I see wrong with much I am doing. I usually start out fine and loose gusto after either seeing little or no results or just plain loose steam and drive with what I am trying to achieve. I have seen a different me in the past and wonder sometimes where it went to. I feel maybe I am focusing on too many things. So, I accomplish nothing.

  48. Guy E, Cutler Jr.

    This My New Email Address, Please Forward All Mail . Thank You

  49. Tammy Ruegsegger

    Anthony, I hear what you are saying. I am a hard worker and yes there are times I can be aggressive. I guess what I need to do now is listen to what you are saying and find that inner aggressiveness you are talking about. I will work hard at doing it, it just might take a few shots to get it right. Thanks for the advice.

  50. MsPatti Shockley

    Anthony Morrison is an AWESOME motivator!! This weeks Success Connection is about being Aggressive!!! It is about being PREPAIRED for Success… DO your WEBSITE!! DO your business cards… etc. If I had to put this into my own words… NOTE TO SELF: My “Great Ideas” will remain just that “great ideas” until I actually ACT & MOVE on them… & I havn’t. …ouch

  51. Kevin Young

    Anthony just the thing that will help me more confidence/agressiveness.

  52. Marianne Carroll

    Anthony — Thank you so much for these insightful words. Aggressiveness has always been a problem for me because it’s not my nature to act that way. I’m glad to hear that adding knowledge increases confidence and that leads to an aggressive approach to selling. I needed to hear these words!

  53. Jan-Inge

    Today You learned me that everything have a connection. I must first get knowledge and be motivated. Then I will be confident, I must be more aggressive and prepare myself to have the success that I strive after.

  54. Julie Copeland

    Watching your video today leaves me much more motivated. Thank you for sharing!

  55. Sarla

    Thank you Anthony for taking the trouble to explain these important aspects
    of business. You defiitely are cut out for it!
    Best wishes Sarla

  56. Patrick Miller

    Very inspiring session! I see how the previous sessions have built the foundation for this one, and I assume that will continue with the ones to come!

  57. Kathy

    You are an amazing teacher because you teach with a sense of making it all seem new, and farmiliar at the same time, this i believe is due to your expertise combined with good listening skills (learning what your students need to learn- i thank you for your attentativeness and eagerly await your next teaching (going to share on face book and twitter now Kathy

  58. Phillip


    I like to summarize for myself what you are teaching. When I put it into my words it means more to me. So here is my summary for your 3rd Principle of Success.

    Be Aggressive by Overcoming Fear1
    Don’t Worry about what others are doing to be successful; don’t let other’s success discourage me from thinking & knowing that I can be successful.
    My only concern is my success & what I’m doing to make myself successful.

  59. Nagesh


    Your Success Connection getting interested week after week.
    I am a student of PMI and aim to achieve Success by remaining
    aggressive in all my attempts.

  60. Elmer Sabisch

    Still learning ,going off square one a lot,but no money yet. However, I’m a firm believer in this and take notes from all your blogs or success connection.I think I’m aggressive, but with what you said, I put into my notes “get more and more aggressive.

  61. Robert Carpenter

    Hi Anthony, Great presentation, reminds me of the lemonade stand I set up on the 15th golf hole when I was 8 years old. I was very successful because I offered an extra free glass of lemonade if a golfer could hit his drive over the creek, a distance of almost 200 yards.
    I asked my father for money for a new bicycle. My father looked at me and said, if you want the bicycle earn the money and buy it. I decided to find a business that would allow me to buy that bicycle. I purchased a paper route selling newspapers for $15 and expanded the circulation. Within 6 months I bought that bicycle I wanted from money earned selling papers.

  62. Heidemarie Rowe

    I liked the fact that you pointed out that even though someone might not be aggressive by nature, that it can be acquired. In other words, there is hope for anyone if we are bold and let nothing stop us.

  63. charles d. goertler

    I would agree with your analasis 100%. But above all knowledge is the key. Iam very agressive but I seem to lack knowledge Thats why I keep trying but without help Inever get to second base. I have been involved in meceived one cent backany things and when I reach as high as I can go I try something. I am 85 and have to my credit: a journeyman pipefitter-plumber, a dairyman, 3 yrs in the Air Force (WWII0, a powder monkey in building roads in the timber, a cat skinner building barricades until St. Helens Mountain blew and washed them all away, a missionary in Africa 3 yrs until an uprising sent everyone home, a pastor 14 yrs, bought houses and repaired them and rented them out for 30 some yrs. A successall those but a failure here??? I have even been married 62 yrs and my wife says t5here wont be a 63rd if I don’t quit losing all our savings on these get rich (scams). In 3 years I have not received one cent back. But I’m stilltrying as I’m sure one of these times???? Is that enough crying on your shoulder? Sorry about that, just thought you should know that I was agressive and still am, but this one has me beat. Help

  64. Johnnie Steele

    I love this about being aggressive. This not oly applies to running a business but I found this to be true in living life.

  65. Karl Baker

    Thank you for gaving me the drive to go on love listing to one of your pep talk it always drive me on I for first time I have 4640 click on one my acct am on my way

  66. Gaye Noland

    Being aggressive is the key to keeping any business alive. Your energy is infectious and multiplies to others.

  67. Dan

    Thanks Anthony… for the insight! Some times I forget how important and powerful the right attitude is. It’s soooo easy to get bogged down in the effort and for get about our attitude, which for most of us is the great motivator.

  68. John De Luca

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the gut check. Its too easy to be self satisfied. You can only get out of Life (your business) what you put into it. A healthy dose of reality can go a long way. Thanks again for the weekly “Success Connection Blogs”

  69. leonard taylor

    I am a very aggresive guy I like being aggressive is like taking charge. I wanted to say thank-you for being aggressive to teach us how to be come our own .I have seen the others that you posted I just watched it and wrote in my notes .fuNk you

  70. Theo Nicholas


    Yes, These are all very helpful to me as to many others here. This helps me to stay focused,motivated and driven to my ultimate goal in pursuing this venture.

  71. Angela

    Hi Anthony Thanks for the inspiration and how being aggressive will help one
    with success, I have got the Hidden Millionaire great book.

  72. M&K Kawamura

    Thanks for this lesson. I looked back at when we started. I can see some movement that we did but it’s not even close to where I wanted to be at this time of our business career. I can see were I could be if I just be more aggressive and step it up and push my self just a little further. Thanks again. M&K Kawamura.

  73. Brad Wolstenholme

    I think I understnd what you’re saying…I’ve observed that type of aggression… even when you aren’t a naturally aggressive person…rises in me when I find something that really inspires me…something that I know in my heart is acheavable and highly desireable to pursue and attain. Whenever I find something that I believe in that strongly, I’ve found it comes with a recurring and limitless supply of motivational energy to help me see my way through to obtaining the goal, and it’s very aggresive in nature.

  74. Gordon Harvey

    I like the review of his book and all it’s concepts.

    Just do something, don’t wait.

  75. Kenneth Collins

    What I took from this success connection is to be aggressive not to run over some one but to go for what you want and not to compare your self with others.

  76. Scott Duddles

    Anthony very interesting, I myself have the same type of drive, I am an extreemly highly motivated person who is always looking to succeed with more than just abundance but in overflow, & I have used simular techniques as the baseball cards, balls, ect, as always a great weekly success connection, thanks Anthony.

  77. Virgil Cooper

    Hello Anthony,

    You are absolutely right-on regarding being aggressive as an entrepreneur. Being milquetoastie would relegate one’s outcomes or results to mediocrity.
    Aggressiveness is inspired by maintaining as much as humanly possible a revved-up, can-do attitude. I’ll catch up — I’ll back up to watch nos. 1 & 2, and then I’ll keep up. I really could use that thousand-buck reward. Virgil

  78. Mildred Lee

    Your success story is very impressive and inspirational. Your videos are educational in nature, all were informative most importantly you motivate people or your students to work hard to be successful. However, I’m still catching up because of my lack of knowledge on computer or internet process and on how to do it.

    Thank you for the encouragement and God Bless Us All.

  79. Jamielee Hutton

    Thanks Anthony for some more good advice . What I learned was to get off the fence be decisive and go out and find opportunity . Then don’t be afraid to go out and sell yourself in public and anywhere you can .

  80. Geraldine

    Hi Anthony, I bought your books way back and never get started to why I order your books. After watching your Success Connection #107 You really inspired me and motivate to go for and start now. Thank you.

  81. Akhtar

    Hi Anthony , I like all of your video presentation , and this is the new idea for me . Thanks

  82. Joann Shaw

    I’m not an aggressive person by nature…..but this is like a ‘kick in the butt’….thanks….got a jolt of go….

  83. Mary Brooks


    Aggressiveness is not one of my traits, maybe that is why it is so hard for me to understand the whole concept of marketing. I am not putting forth all I have in understanding what the heck I am suppose to be doing. I find I flight from subject to another in your classes. I can’t understand one concept so i go to another. Maybe being aggressive I should stay on the one subject and stay on it until it finally sinks into my head. So honestly I think that I should concentrate more on each lesson until I finally understand what it is that I should be doing. I appreciate all the info that you are putting out but it seems I don’t know where to begin even thou there is a starting point. I think I went off the subject a little bit but I’ll try to be aggressive in my learning ability. Does that make sense?

  84. Joe Bosch

    Good advice. I’m reminded of the three types of people:

    Pro-actives write agendas.
    Re-actives follow agendas.
    In-actives “huh? what? something’s happening? Oh woe, it’ll never work, get rid of, whine, whine. These are the ones who buy the grocery store tabloids, and plunk down in front of the TV’s to watch the soap operas, sitcoms, etc. and snoop on their neighbors for juicy gossip, cause they have no life of their own…


  85. Pamela Conner

    Being aggressive doesn’t necessarily equate to confrontation, but it always equates to taking action. This is an important reminder for me. Thank you.

  86. Discover Auctions

    Hi Anthony,
    Great advice, and who more than anyone else can a person think of that is aggressive in nature, and that has made him successful, Donald Trump. He now has even created a men’s fragrance line branding it with the name Success. He believes in confidence in yourself and following your gut instinct. Without confidence there is no aggressiveness. I feel your tips and training show the way to attain confidence in what your business model is and go at it aggressively.

  87. warren kuan

    i’m sorry Anthony, for blaming FCC instead of working more harder towards my own success.
    Now, i began to realise that in order to gain success, i must be more serious, focus and Agressive to accomplish my goals.

    Thanks Anthony, for inspiring us with all the golden rules and basics to success 🙂

  88. Lynn Johnsen

    I’ve always believed I could make decent money with an online business, and am looking forward to getting started. You’re absolutely right that with knowledge comes self confidence and aggressiveness, because with self confidence comes boldness & willingness to take a chance.

  89. Jacqueline

    Good, It was very encouraging.I have been a great procrastinator but I am try to move off that stool.

  90. patricia cunningham

    just wanted to let you know i have been facinated by your dimeaner from the first time i heard you. i am a nurse who became disabled 15 yrs. ago,but have remained very active in spite of wheelchair. my husband was killed 7 yrs. ago in a work related accident.i am 65 yrs old but dont think or act that way.i am raising my 7 yr. old grandson so remain very active, however i really need a way to make a living.this may sound really crazy but you got my trust when i found out you were from madison county.i lived off gluckstadt rd. for a wlile and had family ties uncle actually sold his dairy farm to nelson morrison,who is als a great business man. just a great place to have your yway it has been almostm a year since i purchased your 365 day program and over 350 days and a lot of tragedies later am going to start the progrm. hope i’m not too late.i really needed to hear thi because i am very aggressive with work and with making things ,however amnot real aggressive with promoting myself, you give me the courage to persue that endeavor thanks for thepush!

  91. Yesenia

    You know what… I have gotten to that point of my life that I know what kind of aggressiveness you are talking about because this is how I am feeling at this point of my life–have no income coming from my hard works and loosing money in my business and working a full time job at this moment. I am getting angry and having this shift in my mind that I will make this happen for me….I will see the light come sooner or later by having hope along the way!!!!!!!!!
    Yesenia Munoz

  92. James Mc Inerney

    being Aggressive is part of life the more you are the better your life will be

  93. Troy Sheck

    I am not an aggressive person, but I am realizing life is passing me by and that nobody is gonna do this for me, so I better learn to be aggressive and go for it. Great video and thanks for the encouragement.

  94. joe Civitanova

    It takes positive, aggressive steps to succeed at anything of importance. You are proof that should convince anyone

  95. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony, I’ll keep listening to you and hope some day I can apply your advice to what I’ve learned.

  96. Beverly Myers

    I find these sessions very interesting. I have your book and have read it but it is good to go back and review so often especially in a down time.
    In my field of work (couseling) we use the word ” assertive” rather than “agressive”. I is just as effective but less threatening. thanks for all you do for us.

  97. AnnMatthew

    I Took away from this session the fact that to be successful, we need to be pro-actively aggressive and prepared to sell-sell-sell. In order to
    do that we need to be pro-actively aggressive and therefore prepared with a product if necessary, a web site, E-mail lists, and a lot of
    healthy aggression to succeed. We then need to ACT. To get started, & DO IT. Healthy aggression creates success when we act on it, after being prepared to do so. Thanks again.

  98. Macs

    I need to make my personality over. I’m not agressive, but I’ll start to work on achieving that mentality.

  99. Edna

    I think going over your book is a great idea .When I listen to a video and read the book on the same subject I can hold the imformantion better.I will persist until I succeed.

  100. Jamey Brown

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us how being aggressive pays off. This is something I really need to work on. I have often waited in line instead of pushing toward the front of the line. One example was a few months ago I had the opportunity to meet Clint Eastwood while filming in Macon, Ga his new movie “Trouble with the Curve”. I waited a total of 8 hours in the hot sun with my wife just to try to get a picture and an autograph. There was a police baracade in front of us and about 40 feet from there was were he would be exiting the local restaurant. This annoying guy standing next to me kept commenting how he knew Clint’s publisher. We were all somewhat laughing and making fun of him. Well in turns out that the laugh was on me. As Clint Eastwood exited the restaurant this guy jumped the baracade and was able to actually get a picture with Clint Eastwood. The only guy to get a picture with Clint in Macon I might add. Now here’s a lesson about being aggressive. All I received was a few good pictures and a 3rd degree sunburn. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was in myself. I have always admired and respected Clint Eastwood and would have given anything to just meet him for a few seconds. If I had of been aggressive that day my dream would have come true. So Anthony you are right by telling us to be aggressive. Be agressive now while the opportunity is in front of you as it may not present itself again!

  101. Donna Oliver

    Soo true Anthony. I two am very aggressive by nature. I have been struggling now for months with Internet Marketing. I am a Single Mom from South Carolina who has “HIT ROCK BOTTOM”. I’m talking… “dead broke” 🙁 but you know what Anthony?…No more tears here!! I REFUSE to give up!! I mean… I will never!….never! give this up!! I did swallow my pride to ask a dear friend for a loan to get help from your coaches and out of the goodness of his heart he helped me. Yes!….I spoke with one of your Reps. His name is Tony and he has me all set up to start on Mon. I will make it one way or another! I believe in your program to the fullest and even common sense should tell a person that there is absolutely success in internet marketing with your program. Btw and just so you know…Tony gave me a wonderful experience in answering all of my questions. He is Outstanding!! I’m looking forward to being “Your Next Success Story”. Thanks for all you do Anthony!! It is greatly appreciated!! See you on the inside!!! 😀 Take care Anthony,…… Donna 🙂

  102. Theodore Plante


    Little bit of an eye opener today. I tend to fall off a little bit when it comes to being aggressive in terms of business. This helped motivate me to go a little harder.

    TJ Plante

  103. Anthony Fedora

    If you ever want to get through to me Anthony…use baseball as a reference! I’m a baseball nUt. Thank you for your lesson in aggressiveness and how that equals success. I feel that to be aggressive, one has to be confident. I feel myself growing more and more confident with each video lesson and each chapter I read from your book. THANKS AGAIN!

  104. Dorothy Derr

    Wow Anthony! Thanks for sharing. Everything you said is so true. You had that confidence and aggressive mentality early on. Guess I am now learning later in life that you have to go out for what you want and make it happen! Can’t just sit around hoping life will turn around.

  105. IOWATHA

    Yes you are right you have aggressive in no mather what you do if life will pass you by. So act now. Not latter are tomorrow or the next hour or ev.en minute. But this second. So take action now!!!

  106. Natalie Lee

    Thanks for Tip#3: Being Aggressive for Success!! I already have that trait and will most definitely use it to my advantage. Sometimes you have to fine tune it so others won’t be offended. But I’m also direct by nature and others are not! Like you said…ignore things about others and concentrate on yourself!!!

    I have read your both your books and looking forward to buying your latest one! You have given me that push towards the direction I need to go: Thank You! I know that this affiliate/online marketing industry is for me!

    I thank you for being the online leader that you are ; )

  107. jean martin

    Thanks Anthony for a great push in the right direction. Being a normally passive person has been keeping me from being successful. Your idea to be aggressive is a must and is an idea that I will fully embrace. I can see after listening to your experiences that I must become aggressive and therefore less fearful. From now on that will be a big part of my concerntration.

  108. Carlos Gomez

    I totally agree with the concept of being aggressive, you see it in every successful person how aggressive they pursued their goals and were finally able to achieve it. They did not follow the status quo. However, I believe your aggressiveness will have to stem from doing something you love or if you have a clear definition of what you want in life so that doubt creeps in your desire to achieve your ultimate goal, will surpass those fears. So for me, identifying and being totally clear of your goals will give you even more of your aggressive nature.

  109. Steve Gaiser

    Someone in an earlier comment said “there are no secrets to success” and I certainly subscribe to that thought, there are only “actions” to success in my thinking and the third principle, aggressiveness, along with the first two involve action. I can sit here and view all of the principles but unless I suit up and get into action it’s all useless knowledge. I have been very good at this so it’s time to make the changes stated in these videos and simply do what is asked of me. Hmm, I wonder where I hid my suit :o)

  110. Marie Gertz

    Hi Anthony I love everything you have to offer all of us. I am very aggresive !!! It has been a part of me for so long, being an Army Brat and 2 bad marriages. I have had to fight for everything along the way in my life. So now that I am at PMI & having a few websites up and going, I love the Success Connection!!! I will make it in this business and one day I hope to shake your hand and thank you personally for all you have done for me.

  111. Gary Seley

    Hello Anthony,

    I like reading the comments because I can relate to a lot of them. I am 64 owned a successful auto dealership until the big fall in 2008 that ate nearly all of our savings just to keep paying the employees payroll until I could find a buyer fortunately I did before we were totally broke.

    I have been involved in multilevel marketing systems but did not do the calling necessary to be successful although I believe in that type of maketing.

    I bought you system a year ago and just now starting to apply your sytem. I am hoping that this works out. If it doesn’t I still like the weekly “Success Connection” events.

  112. Terry Morris

    I am shy to a point but have Learned to have an agressive streak, I have done phone sales and set appt’s for different businesses, and I have had alot of reminders from your Success Connection. Thank you ,


  113. John Test

    Memories…Anthony, you’ve reawakened memories within me of the times in my life where I achieved success. Yes, absolutely, being aggressive during those times was essential. Thank you for rekindling that tiger within me. I’ll be certain to apply more of it to my associate marketing.

  114. cnovak

    This was just the shot in the arm that I needed. I have a fear of doing things that I’m not familiar with but need to break out of my comfort zone and just tackle one new thing a day. Stepping out and being even just a little agsressive will break me out of that zone and get me closer to wear I want to be in having control of my life. Thanks again for your weekly tips.

  115. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,
    That was a great point that being aggressive is an importanat ingredient
    toward successful business. That was exactly what I was missing in getting
    into this internet marketing venture. I’m changing my attitude about this
    internet business and I’m moving forward with a full gust.
    Thanks, Kazuko

  116. Saied Ahmed

    To be driven you must have a vision. I usually have a strong drive when I want to reach a specific goal. I came to the USA in1973 with only $200 and no friends nor relatives. It was not rosy by any stretch of imagination. I earned my Masters degree in Chemistry in 76 and, not to brag, I live in an over $500000 house (only in America). Sorry I don’t like to use the term ‘aggressive’ because aggressive can cause nuisance to others and this is not my nature.

    To # 5, Ms. Deena: Sorry for what you are going through. I promise you, if I win, the $1,000 from Anthony, will be my gift to you.

  117. Katharina Norwood

    How true. One must believe in one self to achive anything especially something that is new or doesn’t come easy.
    thank you for your advice. I will apply it.

  118. Gary Fenton

    After spinning your wheels, trying to get your business going and making your first dollar, it’s very easy to get discouraged. The message your teach in your weekly training videos provides an uplift, making me to look at things in a new way, which assist me in moving forward. Thanks..

  119. Tom


    Loved the book, so it was interesting to recall a couple of stories from your past steps to success.

  120. jermaine simmons

    I need to watch the first two videos… I first came across you almost a year ago when I decided I needed to change something in my life. Since then I’ve allowed so many distractions to take me away from my goal. I recently started viewing your webinars and Ive decided to go at this again. This time I’m “all in”, and I know aggressiveness is key to my success. Thank you, and Im considerably happy to be one of your students.

  121. Roger O

    Mr. Anthony,

    Thank you for all your hard work in putting all this information together for us to help accomplish success. I agree with everything you presented on this #3 success connection.
    Grandfather told me as a kid, being shy and fearful will never get you any where, you must be bold and brave!
    The Right Knowledge is so very powerful!

  122. Adel Whitaker

    Don’t have my website yet. Have already read the book and loved it. Thanks for inspiration.

  123. Tony

    I’m not normally aggressive but when I’m success come in what I’m doing.

  124. Richard G.

    Anthony when I was younger I use to throw hissy fits. When I took a sales job selling products, and people rejected my product I begged them too try it. I wasn’t aggressive but more like a woman. I would get down on my knees and beg everybody to try the product. Out of 10 people 3 would try the product the other 7 people would laugh at me. I’ve learned my lesson beggers can’t be chosers. Thanks Anthony.

  125. Tony TMI

    Hi Anthony and Adrian I just want to telyou how much we prishi.for All the great information and insp.and motivation Tanks so much

    Tony TMI

  126. Mo

    Thanks for the info–I think self-confidence, knowledge of the market, and expending useful (creative, effective) energy, is less offensive than “aggressive.”

  127. Masuma

    I am aggressive and also a very visual person.Thanks Anthony I agree completely with you. Sitting back and whining is not going to get you any where.
    Also as I was reading the other comments one comment by Deena Dubose came out and grabbed me.I am also going through what she is going through, only my daughter suffers from ADD and Dyslexia. I need to put her in a special school that caters to her needs and they are expensive. I just know that some how I am going to make things work for me and my family.
    Also, as I am a firm believer of karma, it is very important for me to pass on goodness to others. My real aim and goal, after I have made enough money, is to start a center which caters to these children’s needs with minimum or no fees to help parents, like me. who cannot afford the expensive special needs centers and schools. I am determined to do this and I will. I also want to cater to emotionally and sexually abused children and women. I want to give them means by which they too can be financially independent but first I have to work on my financial independence so that I can get there.

  128. Joseph Blanco

    Being aggressive in business can be an edge to someone who is serious in making his business grow and become successful. It means that you want something done immediately. This one of the most important tip that Anthony taught us.

  129. Charles Villegas

    Anthony the things that are shared bring forth new and motivating ideas for the next step to go out and GET up off your seat and PLAY THE GAME, NOT WATCH IT. DON’T BE A FAN, BE A PLAYER… YOU, WE, I WANT TO WIN, NOW LETS GO GET’EM =).

  130. Eva

    Well, Anthony I think being aggressive,committed and focused are the qualities that I most admire in a person when it comes to business. When I want something done I just simply get it done. No complaining or I’ll do it later kind of attitude. I enjoy being a leader in business. But, the only time I will fallow is when I have a teacher that is intelligent,aggressive and successful like YOU… I expect I will learn much from you.

  131. Stacey

    You have to be aggressive/assertive to just go out there and do it. If you never attempt things, you’ll never know what you could have accomplished. You can’t sit back and wait. Carpe Diem (aka “Sieze the Day)!

  132. Mary W.

    Hi Anthony, I know you have to be aggressive to be successful. I try to make myself believe that I am being aggressive even though I really don’t know what I am doing. I am working on the aggressive part all the time – I don’t want to make a mistake. I want to know I am doing everything right. Does that make sense? Mary

  133. Okema.P

    Simple as it gets:BE AGGRESSIVE it changed my mind about how to be more confident right on the spot! THANKS!

  134. Joyce Anderson

    You are right about being aggressive something I’m working on doing maybe this is my problem

  135. Sandra Hale

    I have to agree with you. You have to be very aggressive to make a career out of Affiliate Marketing.

  136. KBuchanan

    Your right!!!!!

    Positive aggressiveness is vital to success……
    I have used in for many years working in a male dominated
    environment most of my life……….
    and it works in all walks of life to achieve success….

  137. KBuchanan

    Your so right Anthony…

    Positive aggressiveness is vital to success…..
    I have been aggressive for years in a male dominated
    environment most of my life to success in my career….
    and it works in all walks of life to achieve success.

  138. Wendy Richards

    Being aggressive also requires a “can-do” mindset. When an obstacle or thought comes up that makes me think I can’t do it, I think of something, e.g. if you do this you get the dream African safari, and it opens the possibility of thinking differently. For someone else, it might be, meeting a famous person or opportunity to give someone something. Don’t give up!

  139. Adrian Mulloy

    Thanks as always for providing people a chance to make something more of there lives. Its not common for successful people to share there wealth ideas with the common folk so again thanks as always.


    Very good. At first I was skeptical, but now I really believe it. Thanks!!

  141. Rob Broadnax

    I had actually started working on my confidence just before seeing this. I never thought of being aggressive as a good thing. Maybe that is because most of the examples I’ve seen and heard about were pushy and smothering. Thanks for the different perspective Anthony!

  142. Jerald Hudgins

    You are right on. As I look back I have only seen success when I grabed the bull by the horns and took charge. I hope many of your followers have their eyes opened and take action on acheiving their derams.
    Thank you Anthony

  143. drLupien

    Anthony, thanks for the weekly Success Connection. I’ve soaked in so much from all your lessons but have yet to apply them. I think this might be the blog I needed to see.

  144. jakrapat

    Anthony you’ve always be the inspiration to many people including me. What you say in this video is not just a lesson for waking up. But much much more, to me it is a lesson of life in which you have illustrate how much the power of having goals and being aggressive can help ones become successful.

  145. Mike McVey

    Anthony, thanks for this. It rteally opened my eyes to what I need to do to be successful. I’m not aggresive by nature but will be from now on.

  146. John

    Anthony, I can tell you right now I’ve really never been an aggressive person, but I can also tell you with great certaity, I’m sick and tired of working for someone else. I guess It’s time to awaken the aggressive side of me and get bussy living, thanks for all that you do.

  147. Kinsan

    Aggressiveness is making things happen. I read your inspiring book that teaches a lot about survival in business.

    Thank you Sir;

  148. Carolyn Taylor

    Hi Anthony,
    I enjoyed you episode today. Aggressive attitude is what it takes today in this word and you are right in succeding!

  149. Richard

    Yes, you nailed it, right on! I’m going to the Angeles games with dozen baseballs this week. Good point in being massive aggressive in any businesses to be successful.

  150. Dianne

    I can appreciate your vigor for relating your business principles to everyday life experiences. You add to my ‘thinking outside of the box’ repertoire.

  151. Joyce Hubble

    This comment my be redundant because I didn’t read all the ones above. This lesson is good for not only affiliate marketing, but life in general. As long as you don’t step on anyone! Thanks, Anthony.

  152. Vev

    Thanks for going thru your book again Anthony. Being aggressive helps me stay engaged, focused and motivated.

  153. Tiffany Allen

    I think that this video is the most applicable to a change that I need to make in my life. I can be an aggressive in certain situations more so socially. In business situations I tend to not be comfortable rocking the boat. But the main thing I learned in this whole situation is to get comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone. Thank you.

  154. Jennifer

    Very well said. You remind me of Dale Carnegie “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

  155. Cecilia

    I do need to be more aggressive on a consistent basis. Be persistent with my rescheduled time for working on my success goals and maintaining that on a daily basis. Thank you Anthony for your true insight.

  156. Michael Williams

    Anthony, I agree with being aggressive. Being aggressive is like having faith. The more aggressive you are, the more faith you have. Faith without works is dead!

  157. Victor Whern

    ANTHONY, I believe you are an unselfished millionaire. Your teaching on being aggressive is the fact. It was interesting.

  158. Han Zomerdijk

    Thanks for the reminder to get out of the starting blocks!

  159. Deborah

    Thank you for reminding us with your principle to have a made up mind to believe that we can do what we set out to do and not be detered by other things!

  160. Bruce Morris

    Great advice to be aggressive and not passive or you will get passive results. To be positive and aggressive you get positive results aggressively. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  161. Leonard Marshall

    Hi Anthony

    By nature, I am an easygoing, considerate person. But this lesson reminds me that I can fake it until I make it, without being a roadblock in anyone else’ path. Thanks a million.

  162. Mary E Johnson

    Anthony, I find your comments on being agressive to be motivational; very necessary for success.

  163. Pauline Hicks

    Hi Anthony, I look forward to getting into the e-mail marketing business and getting the free website with your learning tools for success. You’re right, it takes aggressive behavior and action to be able to relate to the Business World positively. Thanks for all of the encouragement you give others to follow their dreams through your inspiring attitude.

  164. Mark

    Hey Anthony!

    Good video, but I think what you term “agressive” is more properly termed “assertive” (in my humble opinion). Anyway, something to think about. When I can clear my head (just found out that my Dad has a large tumor on his Pancreas) I will run by my choice of a web hoster, etc. by you if it’s ok. I need to research the one I’m thinking about to make sure there is no restriction on the size as I will be selling my photograph images and they take massive bites of data. Hope all’s good with you Anthony and thanks for listening and dispensing all the knowledge you do without charge.

  165. Carol Townsend

    I totally agree, I have been the same all my life and people have labelled me a trouble maker or “oh oh here comes Carol what is she going to do now that we won’t like”….They always want me to do things their way not the way I feel I should do it to make my business a success. Your theme this week was spot on, our success is our responsibility and actually will look totally different from anyone else’s because each one of us is different from anyone else.

  166. Keith Graham

    Anthony, I compare being aggressive to the Rocky Movie where Rocky is told, “You Have to Have The Eye Of The Tiger Rock.”

  167. Norm Smith

    Hi Anthony,
    you always inspire me. I always try to be aggressive in my business dealings. good lecture.
    Norm Smith

  168. Beverly Klahn

    Thanks for the good advice. as usual you are right on the money.

  169. Alberto Diaz

    I have watch the video and it is very true, that being aggresive is how to make your business grow. Thinking of many possibilities is better than just one. Being aggresive and being a positive thinker is the best way to get your business running best.

  170. Robert Walker

    This is a great encouragement when I need it most. Thanks Anthony.

  171. lashana shaw

    Thanks Anthony for such good advice, this helps me to get my mind set on point.

  172. Tom Cory

    Anthony, thanks for this advice. You are 100% right. To succeed at anything, you need to be aggressive. So many people equate being aggressive with being obnoxious. They do not have to be related. It is easy to be aggressive and still be kind and very nice to others.

  173. Hazel Carlson

    Anthony, I have quite a bit of your training. I think one of the issues I have is that I grew up at a time when women should be seen and not heard. I am much more aggressive now than I used to be. But, I know I am not as aggressive as I should be. I keep trying to be more aggressive, but it is an effort. I will keep on trying.
    Thank you for your insights and help.

  174. Deb Herber

    I think some people misunderstand your term “aggressive”. It’s aggressive as in “mean”….it’s “forward, confidently”. NOT being afraid to try something new! Making something for yourself, instead of waiting for someone to hand it to you!

  175. Deb Herber

    Uh oh….I meant it’s NOT being MEAN….just being confident! lol 🙂
    (Another lesson….it pays to proof-read!!)

  176. Barbara Talley

    Hi there Anthony, All of it sounds so exciting. You started so very young and it’s hard to believe how far you have advanced in unbelievably short time. Even more exciting – you are so willing, even determined to pull a bunch of us along with you. That says a lot about you, Like how unselfish is that? Many, many thanks to you. I plan to participate whole heartedly so count me in the mix.. Tx. Again! Barbara

  177. Tonya

    Hi Anthony,

    I agree with you. You have to be prepared, aggressive and reach out. It may be scare but Just Do It ! We will look back at this moment and say Wow… We are succeeding.

  178. James Riley

    One thing that really hit home was just seeing someone else’s perspective. Sometimes I limit myself by not seeing the greater potential in an idea. This lesson reminded me to be aware of more possibilities when setting goals.

  179. kat Miller

    liked it, but felt it was missing the exciting part of being aggressive. In other words, “seize the day” with an aggressiveness, looking to the excitement of meeting your goals.

  180. Muriel

    I remember when I was in 3rd grade and I use to get big boxes of Bazooka Bubble gum and sell it to my classmates in school. Somewhere along the line, I lost that aggressive “little salesperson” as my older brother threaten to tell on me and get me in trouble. Classic example of some in your life who doesn’t want you to succeed because they didn’t think of it first. I’m re-learning things from your tapes. They make you stop and think about what’s keeping you back! Me

  181. LOURDES

    Well done said. In life you have to go forward by taking steps and you will achieve it . Thanks for your helpful hints. I love the book .

  182. Joe D.

    Excellent principle. Anything you try to achieve in life takes the first step. Sometimes its the most difficult step take, but you have to do it.

  183. Sharon

    I am so non-aggressive it’s almost painful. I am not sure how I can become so, but I know you’re right.

  184. Georgette Johnson

    Thanks Anthony. I am not agressive by nature but I am & hardworker & I will learn.

  185. Darryl

    Thanks for this valuable piece of information. Very necessary towards gianing positive results.

  186. Gina Heffron

    Anthony, this was the first blog I have watched & you’re so uplifting. I do need to get out of my comfort zone & get more aggressive! I’m working on keeping a positive mindset because I do believe if you think positive then positive things happen & if you think negative, then negative things happen. I’ve been through many bad things (obstacles) in my life, especially the past few years & I’m ready to put the bad behind me & start having some good in my life! I’m determined to stay away from negative people who just bring you down. I’m ready to get out of my comfort zone & get financially secure for retirement. My husband Tim, my son Anthony (love that name) & myself are looking forward to coming to MS the first week in June for our personal mentoring. We met your brother Adrian & Kaci @ the 3-Day training in Chicago & they were so motivational to us! Keep up the great job helping others to succeed. I wish we crossed paths along time ago, but things happen for a reason & we can’t wait to get started! See you soon!

  187. Kathy K.

    Yes Anthony, I totally agree with you about being aggressive about any business. You definitely have to have knowledge of your product, then you have to educate your customer and believe in your self and the sky is the limit! Thanks!

  188. Edward

    I find that to direct my aggresivness is the greatest need!
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  189. Esran

    I do agree with you when you look at the animals in the wild th most successful ones are agressive.

  190. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony!

    I SOOOO need these weekly pep talks. I agree that if you have more knowledge you will be more confident. My problem is getting off the starting line and then wondering where to go from there. That tends to decrease my confidence then I have to go back to the starting line and start all over again! I think what you are saying is that you first have to have the knowledge then once you have confidence in yourself, you can start being the aggressive person you need to be to succeed. I get that! So . . . for me that says I need to be learning something every day in my business and ACT on it THEN . . . NOT a week later! Thanks again for these great tidbits of wisdom and encouragement!

  191. DENNIS


  192. Elena

    Thanks a lot…Am so glad you do this for me and others..You are a BLESSING.

  193. Walter Patino

    I agree with the concept that you don’t have to be naturally aggressive, however, you can behave aggressively in order to accomplish your goals.

  194. Jo

    Absolutely! The mentality and confidence go hand in hand w/bring assertive or aggressive. I actually prefer assertive! Thank you so much!

  195. James Sliney

    This video was marvelous, Anthony. Thank you for reminding me about the need to be aggressive in order to succeed. It reminded me about my Dad’s saying to the effect that: ” A man can sit on a fence for a long time waiting for a roast goose to fly into his mouth!”

  196. Beverley Gallimore

    Anthony, I’m doing this backwards, but it is helping me so much that it doesn’t matter. I just joined Aweber, as I said I would in Blog 108. I have to figure out how to transfer much of my Internet Marketing material from Internet Explorer to Mozilla. That is tomorrow afternoon’s task. This is really great!

  197. Stephen Hand

    Previous experience confirms that a bit of aggressiveness is one of the tools for business success.

  198. Luis A. Deleza

    Well Professor Anthony, you are right on the money with this blog. I have been thinking differently. Thanks for all you do for us students willing to learn this bussiness, being aggresive with yourself to learn is a big plus. May GOD BLESS YOU! Your student Luis,TX.

  199. stanley escolano

    Its always great to see and hear you speak. It keeps me going.

  200. Ivy Rice

    Thanks for another motivating video blog. Other things in life the last couple of weeks have taken over my time, so I am a little bit behind schedule. It was nice to actually shake your hand a few minutes ago here in Mississippi. I am really enjoying the workshop. The things you have shared today will really help with my future success. Thanks again for all you do and for being who you are.

  201. Laurel

    Anthony, Being aggressive is pretty foreign to me,,,I like being assertive to achieve my goals.

  202. Chaundra

    I know how to be aggressive, I just need to put it in the right areas . I always love your advice. thank you

  203. Carol

    Anthony ,
    Thamks for the great advise. You are my virtural mentor

  204. Carol

    Anthony ,
    Thanks for the great advise. You are my virtural mentor

  205. Laura Baker

    To be aggressive is to be motivated to believe in what you do. I’m an aggressive person but cautious at how I use my aggressiveness. Thanks for the insight Anthony.

  206. David Laquidara

    I enjoy you videos and books but I am still trying to figure it out.

  207. James Waters

    I think that this an important point.I think that to pursue whatever purpose that we choose in this life, we need to be more aggressive in a good way.

  208. Jan Hamilton

    I get something out of everything you bring, thank you so much! Looking forward to the SWA that I just purchased!!

  209. Emily j

    Hi Anthony,

    I agree be more agressive, you have to take the chance and be a go getter, you never know until you try. Very Important!!!

  210. Cheri

    I understand about being aggressive, one thing I’ve never been that why I keep failing at all the business I start up. I really think being educated is a noter important thing to ke in mind

  211. Sarah Towfigh

    Hello There Anthony! The Principle Three! Of Success Is To Be Agressive! That You Anthony! Shared To My Email: [email protected] Was Really Inspiraltional. I Will Try To Remember This Alway’s And Thankyou Very Much. I Well Close For, Now. Sincerely, Sarah!

  212. jan rose

    Some people equate the word “aggressive” with a negative connotation reflecting being hurtful to others. This simply does not have to be, especially in the case of a self-employed internet marketer. So I have decides to equate “aggressive” with “progressive” – being aggressive in my business is how I’m going to progress to the place where, instead of being any kind of hurtful, I will actually be able to HELP the ones around me in a real, meaningful way! As always, thanks for the inspiration, Anthony!

  213. charles cameron

    Anthony, agression is necessary if you want to break out of the pack. without it you might as well buy a lotto ticket and hope to win. do what you have always done and you will get what you have always got.

  214. Gary

    Thank you Anthony, I look forward to more. I have always been aggressive, I once started a paper route at age 12 with The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon took a route or 45 papers and then began going door to door to get new subscribers with a couple of months of doing this I had taken my route from 45 papers to near 400 papers, then the paper came along, didn’t like the fact that I had made it grow so big so fast, and whacked it in half and gave half my route to someone else. It never did stop my aggressiveness though. I will be your next success story whatever it takes


    I am a go-getter & believe the world waits fo no one. We must keep it going.

  216. Beverly cooper

    I gained the following reach, obtain, move off the starting line, change my mentality, gain knowledge, which will build my confidence . Get excited.

  217. DeWayne Bridges

    Hey Anthony,
    I am not an aggresive person by nature and am 64 years old – any ideas or tips you have on changing my style at this late stage in life that would aid me in becoming more aggresive in working this business would be appreciated.

  218. Sharon Moore

    Thank you for another insightful video. I had to chuckle a little when you said you could be where you are right now 30-40 years from now not moving from your starting line. You are right though – it’s more than seeing your success in your head, you’ve got to actually get up and move. This applies to not only internet marketing, but whatever you do in life. Yes, you will have 10 no’s before that one yes, but so what. The no’s can actually motivate me to become more aggressive.

  219. Marcus Jones

    As a former college athlete, I have learned to take the aggression and focus from the football into my daily life. I like to win and make it a point to do what is necessary to come out on top in most instances. Being aggressive and operating with wisdom has helped me get to where I am in life.

  220. Steve Le Baron

    Being aggressive is fine, but doing it legally, ethically and moral might be challenge for those that would typically do what ever it takes to me top dog.
    How to not offend and make others feel intimidated by your approach could be another thing. Let’s here more about how to handle the aggressiveness.

  221. Thomas Longerbone

    This is the hardest part of business for me as I am not an agreesive person.

  222. Larry Lund

    Anthony, great job on the video and great message about taking the bull by the horns and making your business go. I am unfortunately passive personality and will need to work on being aggressive. I am thinking about getting your books on starting an on line business because believe it or not this is a reachable way to get paid what we are worth, never working for someone else.

  223. Lindsa Short

    So right Anthony, a good analogy is sport, if you are not agressive you simply dont have success. Now this is the same in business, our big businesses dont sit back and wait for things to haapen, they are out there challenging who ever, keep it up Anthony, good stuff!

  224. Eustacio

    Hi Anthony! how are you? You know I all ways or most of the time have being aggressive not allways doing the right things.When my life change for the better (became christian or born again) I really have a new out look in life, but I allways have trouble financially ,I never decide before to find a way to make money, I allways knew that was a easy way to make money easy and dot have to work too hard,when computers became popular in the 80’s I thought to my self this instrument is a way to make money but I never own one on till 2004 I buy one and thougt my self the basic and how to operated a computer. In 97 my life change again, but still no focus on making money I know that money is not every thing but money can help anybody in all most everything, specially you can have the time that really matter and do the things that are most inportant, like time with the family places the you only dream about haven money to visit those places and to do the things that you want to do in those places but any way, I first knew about you and your internet marketing bussiness in 2006 or 2007 more or less and I knew that was the way to make money with a computer and that you are a onest person to work with, but on till last last year I decide if I want to do wath I all ways wanted to do (family,visit those places I wanted to visi and do) I need it to do what teach in your internet marketing bussiness, so Anthony I’m here for the long run just be pacience with me i’m not that good in retaining information I don’t have the finances to do it full time but I get there! Thank you Anthony for teaching and helping me to learn in how to make money in internet marketing.

  225. Quinn Wilkins

    Thank you so much Anthony on the insight on being aggressive. We can’t do anything about how we were but that does not stop us from being aggressive right now. I have been out of work since the end of January and I am taking advantage by being a student of Success With Anthony and watching and learning from all the training that I am receiving. I will look back at this time and I will be greatful for starting this when I did. Thanks again. Quinn.

  226. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, I do need to be more aggresive in order to be more informed and have the success that you are teaching us.I am still taking small steps to learn, and I know I will be successful. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU!–Luis,

  227. frank Amalemba

    I am an oldman 58+ but I am starting over my life, my Internet life, to take me into my Retirement life. I already have your book on the twelve principles to uncovering the Intepreneneur in you. I am embracing all your views about success and I am practicing them as I learn them. My spirit won’t let my body keep the momentum down.
    You are made of great stuff.

  228. Mary Eastman


    I understand what you are trying to say but rather than being aggressive which has negative undertones I think being assertive and hungry for success is really important.


  229. Howard P Dambrose

    Hey Anthony! Thank you! That was something I really needed to hear! I’ve been reading,watching webinars,and learning so much about internet marketing! But I’ve been doing it from the sidelines! Time to get into the game,and learn from real experiences!

  230. Minnie Springs

    I like your ideas about your baseball cards,bats and balls. Due to the fact I coached my daughter when she was back in school. My husband coached our youngest son when he was still in school. My husband played ball himself and was the President of all the baseball association so I do know what you are talking about. Now I am watching my 3 and 5 yrs old grand children play lttle league. My daughter coaches her 3 yr old talk about fun. My husband passed away three days after umpireing a game. You brought back a lot of memories. Thank you! I know with your expertise I can go forward. I do appreciate you. Minnie Springs

  231. Pearle Pearson

    4/30/13 Lack of knowledge and money does hold one back. I know this is true as I am a victim. . . Also I plan to hang in there
    until I begin to learn the ropes . IRight now I am spending too
    much time in an attempt to answer so many emails from folks who
    want to help me over the hurdle, and I do appreciate the thought ,however I need time to allow what I have learned to sink in and begin to put it
    in practice. Anthony, I appreciate your efforts and patience, With my determination, and your persistence, we will get there.r Pearle M P

  232. Carol

    I came to the computer to be aggressive! Checking my emails first and here
    you are talking about it.I don’t know that I have had any clicks but I am going to start the email responding. Well if there is anyone to email. Wish me luck!

  233. John Elmer

    Great presentation, and subject, we need to remind ourselves daily of this to stay aggressive.

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    The saying also goes the “Early Bird Gets The Worm!” I agree with what you have shared with us. It is true by knowing your topic or subject you will be more confident to be successful at what ever you are pitching!

  235. Cheryl

    Hi Anthony, Great presentation, being aggressive to me is almost the same
    as being willing to take risks. JUST DO IT! Very important in this type of
    of work. Many Thanks, Cheryl

  236. Daniel Vanguardia

    Anthony, you’re right. In order to accomplish something I must get started. I must be aggressive with my business if I want to be successful. Thank you for principle #3.

  237. Henry

    Being aggressive. This not oly applies to running a business but I found this to be true in living life

  238. John Antaya

    It’s great to be aggressive if you know what your doing. There are times where it can be very hard to have that aggressiveness due to circumstances. All in all by having the confidence in yourself will allow you to have that aggressive nature and you will succeed.

  239. Darrel Ferguson

    Hey Anthony.. Great Story.. I am 65 and have been in sales ever since I sold Krispy Kreem donuts door to when I was 9 years old in Salt Lake City in the winter… I remember one thing that if what I am doing is considered wrong by 95% of the people then I am probably doing it just right.. cause 95% of the people fail.. they are followers.. Look forward to the nest video.


    5/2/13 Yes indeed, I do agree that if I were more aggressive it would be to my credit. The aggressive bird gets the worm. Driving energy or
    taking the initiaitive seems to be more enterprising, and more intensive
    especially to the extent of getting ahead and accomplishing ones
    motive in life. Pearle Mp

  241. Greer

    Your latest Success Connection is so true. I find aggressiveness difficult now having been beaten down so many times. Remaining positive and trying my best while looking to God to assist me has kept me going. Thanks for being truthful and positive in your latest message! Good Word!

  242. Bernard Press

    I am by nature very laid back and not a self promoter. Your advice was very good in helping me connect with my faults. You got me thinking about a subject that was hidden deep in the fissures of my mind. I am more of a doer than a talker. By adding the talker concept, I should get the best of both worlds
    or get into more trouble.

    Dr. Bernard Press

  243. Chris Crawford

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    thank you

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  246. El Dee James

    This is something I really need to work on. We can always find excuses as to why we don’t do something but the simple truth is that you have to really be motivated and yes very aggressive to reach you’re success.

  247. Sumaya

    This is great advice but what can you do if you are a shy person by nature?

  248. Robert Royce

    What I say when I get up every day “Have more fun than I did yesterday. Follow through on your plans!”

    Having Fun and being aggressive with follow through is not a bad thing it is necessary for success – any type of success!

  249. Catherine Jones

    You are definitely persevering. I really respect how much you put into oll of this. Yes, I can see why this commitment ” Being Aggressive” will work on All things in the long run. thanks again.

  250. Victoria Harsche

    Awsome Anthony. I have been doing the ings that you and your fellow marketers are saying. I do believe that it will work, just have to get out there and do it. I’m not even 100% sure I’m doing it right, yet, but I’m trying to get out there. I guess if it’s wrong someone will tell me, and that just means that I’m getting it out there!! Look forward to all your advice!!

  251. Charles

    I have 5 businesses, and if anyone thinks someone is just gonna hand you money NOT. Speaking of money, its a lot more important to make this education earn money would be awesome. than any free money to see you actually made money doing IM , instead of working your …. off for someone else than spit out like a bad habit. How cool would that be? Thanks Anthony

  252. william dean

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  255. Barbara Maddox

    Great advice, great book. Being aggressive is the key to success…thank you, Anthony.

  256. Chris

    Hi Anthony, Thank you for your lesson on being aggressive in business. I am aggressive and I know success is on the way. I will not give up, I am learning new things everyday. Your story is an inspiration to me. I will continue to listen to you and I am taking action very soon. Keep up the good work your effort to see that people succeed will pay off.

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    Thank You

  261. Gerald

    Hey Anthony, As usual you state the facts about moving up the ladder of success. If you really want something real bad being aggressive is the way to go. I like the fact that you stated that why worry about what everyone else is doing and only work on your success. I am not saying not to look out for those who need help or people who are trying and looking for you to give them that push they need. I am really enjoying your training and I am working on your product.

  262. Sondra Lee

    Anthony: I liked your presentation. Had some good pointers. Look forward to picking up the ones I have missed, & listening to the rest of them. I have
    been out of commission for 7 days. Storm got everything. But I’m back.

  263. Frederick Fannin

    What you say is true. I have experienced the reality of that truth both ways. Thanks for the reminder.

  264. Danielle

    Yes Anthony to be agressive to me is to push my limits for somebody I love or something I want to achiveve. The main thing is the attitude I would say the ATTENTION without TENSION, the focus and gratitude for the small steps of success. Thank you for your vision to achieve goals.

  265. john

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the very inspiring video information on “be aggressive”
    I will burst into action.

  266. Joan Beard

    I certainly agree that one must be aggressive. As I am learning the internet business, I am determined to be a success and the only way that will happens is that I stay aggressive. I do have a long way to go though in my internet business.

  267. Patricia Koutcher

    I am getting my running shoes on ,I WILL BE AGGRESSIVE TO REACH MY GOALS.

  268. Kay Rigotti

    What I do know is that Anthony’s methods work, maybe not for all of us at this moment, however once applied I know that this generates income. I can relate to many of the team with their “woe me” stories and experiences as I too have one (many).

    Though I am still excited because I believe that this is the light at the end of the tunnel, though I can see it, I haven’t gotten there yet either…but I WILL with this opportunity that Anthony is offering to us (one of many actually over the years). It is a bit embarrassing for me to be diligently going after it as I have (for more yrs than I care to divulge here) yet not succeeding. However I will not give up until I make it because only then can I be, do and have what I came here to be, to do and to have! Thank you Anthony I am your biggest fan and probably have been around the longest !

  269. Kay Rigotti

    Thanks for waking me up too ! I will soar financially because of your generous nature and inspirational reminders.

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