1. Mike. Millious

    Great info thanks more you know the more you can get ahead of the program.

  2. kermit williams

    These principles are also, good in developing and building better individuals over all in general as well, in corporate society.

  3. Joseph Blanco

    Business and Success is a continuous learning. It is a never ending knowledge on the field we are into. If we want to acquire success we must have this hunger to learn more. I mean hey our world changes so rapidly that if get caught up we might fail gaining the latest knowledge is the best solution for this. Master everything and if there is a new trend go check it out. Thank you Anthony for this video blog.

  4. charles

    I like this and it is very informative about acquiring knowledge in orderto begin a business and suceed. You must develop your business and gain knowledge to know all the fine points so that you can answer questions you may encounter to develop and suceed in your business.

  5. Marie Gertz

    I love all I have learned so far at PMI. I am all the time talking about you and how smart you are. I learn something new everyday!!!! I think you can’t get enough knowledge. Keep up the good work Anthony!!!!

  6. john graziano

    heard and saw this weeks message about acquiring knowledge, and u r absolutely correct.With knowledge comes confidence in helping one make decisions.This is somthing that I lack as being a slow reader has stifled me!

  7. Brian

    it is my desire to obtain knowledge in any field i endeavor . now if i can get it to pay me dividends.

  8. Anthony Canty

    anthony you are so right, I purchased your product and now implementing your strategies hard work but in the long run i am learning a lot about this business in general. thanks.

  9. Marianne Carroll

    Anthony, thanks so much for another incredible video! This aspect of knowledge, I know now, is really foundational for any enterprise — on line or in the real world. This inspires me to dig in deeper in my field and keep learning. Every day in this fast-paced world, more information becomes available and it can be a full-time job to stay on top of it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  10. Dick Belair

    Another good one in this series of conscienousness raising success connections. These are helpful in so many ways. Thanks for taking the time and making a difference.

  11. Sylvia Kissinger

    The trainer was Adrian Morrison, I truly loved him, and it is ok because I am old enough to be his grandmother. He will remember me, when you mention very long hair and the fact that his girlfriend and I are “Virgo”. Tell him I said Hello, and asked about your parents, how is the whole family?

  12. Masuma

    Knowledge is every where around us. It is up to us to make the most of what we come across every day. Knowledge is never lost, never know when it might come in handy at some future time in your life. Books are the best source of knowledge. Absorb every thing!

  13. Jo

    Yes!! Leaders are readers – acquire the knowledge! Thanks again!!

  14. James Sliney

    Anthony, this video was spot on for me; it helped motivate me today. I needed some motivation, because I was in a low place in terms of working on building my internet business. Thank you.

  15. Roger Persaud

    I agree that acquiring is vitally important to success. Thirty two years I spent in aviation was all about gaining information about systems processes etc.
    I startyed yesterday now off and running

  16. Pat Rebo

    Hi Anthony, thank you for all the help. Please keep the information comeing. Have a great weekend. your friend Pat Rebo

  17. Jerald Hudgins

    Anthony, what a great reminder. I have your book “Hidden Millionaire” and when I first received it I did study it. Then I went on to other activities and have failed to refresh my memory on the many treasures within the covers of the hidden millionaire.
    Thanks again for the reminder.

  18. James Ivy

    Great job Anthony aquiring knowlelge is an must if you want to continue to grow your business I always take notes when i listen to your weekly blogs. It always that one nugget you miss that can make an world of difference in your business.

  19. James Engler

    Anthony, so true. I have a lot of books that I’ve bought over time and NEVER read them. How stupid is that? But I’m on a different path now, and am trying to get as much knowledge as possible. Thanks again Anthony!

  20. Beverley Gallimore

    Hello Anthony, You are so right about doing something with the knowledge I acquire. I plan to decide on affiliates today, and join aweber. I do not have The Hidden Millionaire, so that is also on my list from Amazon. Beverley

  21. K. K. Kumaroo

    Dear Anthony:
    I have no question to ask you but your emphasis in acquring knowledge pleased me well. There is an ancient concept that Vidya (a Sanscrit word for Knowledge) is the basis man’s progress in every sphere of life. Man is perpetually in search of truth through knoledge…….K. K. Kumaroo

  22. Ronald L. Ottman

    I can not get your facebook like thing to work. I told you that I can see thing onMay 10.

  23. Jan-Inge

    Strive to Acquire Knowledge is natural for me. If there is somethig that I’m interested in, I don’t just read a book about this subject, I study it. I undeline what I think is important so that I could go back and read it again, I also make some notes of my own.

  24. Cynthia

    They always say knowledge is power and I also believe that. If you know your product you can answer the questions about who needs it and what they’ll pay for it under normal situations. I think this is a great step to have so you’ll jump ahead in the game. Thanks Anthony for the info….Cynthia

  25. Gaye Noland

    I am guilty of thinking I need to purchase everything first instead of just jumping in and getting started. This was a helpful reminder. I think this is what keeps many people from getting started.

  26. Mrs B,B

    It is true that acquiring knowledge is a key to principle for success. The more I ready your materials posted the more I know it is not easy to make money on line. However, it durable only if I understand what it required to do the hard work. My goal this week is to searches for knowledge that will help to obtain the goal.

  27. Stephen Hand

    I have your books, Anthony, to finish reading and I like doing online research.

  28. Joe D.

    As the saying goes, knowledge is power. How true. No amount of money can take away your knowledge. But knowledge is useless if what you learned is not put into action. Thanks Anthony.

  29. Elena

    Thanks for your time and dedication, Anthony am so grateful for everything you have done for me.
    God Bless you today and always.

  30. Noel Hunt

    Great Anthony. I am one of your newest students/Denver. Will buy your books on amazon. Thanks for all this communication to us.

  31. H Segan

    Hey Anthony !!!

    A C Q U I R E K N O W L E D G E


    Nice topic, I am in the process of acquiring knowledge
    from your weekly webinars

    ” Thieves can steal money from your house, your account
    your wallet etc..etc.. but
    Knowledge cannnot be stolen by any one””

    It’s such a treasure, one cannot afford to abandon
    or ignore it.
    Acquire knowledge about
    what you want to do,
    what you want to know, and
    what you want to follow.
    ways are many to acquire knowledge

  32. Patrick Miller

    Anthony, your book, your Webinars and your weekly blogs are a good source of knowledge and a foundation to build upon. The Internet itself can be a great resource, as long as you have some idea of what you are looking for and make use of what you find.

  33. Joyce Jacobsen

    Hi Anthony:
    Yes I have your books and have read them, Its hard to exsorb everything in one reading so I am on my second time around reading them.
    I enjoy every thing that I learn and I know that I will learn a lot more on my second reading. Thanks and God Bless. J.J.

  34. tommy pumphrey

    when I was first sick and ordered CDs from you I could have sworn one of your books was with them. the CDs were called masterly level education. Was there a book with them or is one of the books on the CD..

  35. Jamielee Hutton

    Anthony , I totally agree with your topic I’m constantly learning . To strive to master affiliate marketing I have met many marketing guru’s and signed up to receive their e-mail and to their blog feeds . This week like always I’ll be reading one of the 100’s of free e-books I’ve obtained through these associations .
    Thanks ,

  36. Mikki Granger

    Don’t have website YET! In process of creating, Monday will have first training. I’m your new future success and my minds open for new knowledge.

  37. Sandra Hale

    I totally agree that to make money we have to acqiure more knowledge. I am a beginner at this so I am sure that there is a lot of knowledge that I will be acquiring to start my own business, you said it should take around a year.

    Sandy Hale

  38. charles cameron

    Anthony, great lesson. I look forward to your imput. I appreciate learning from you because you traveled the path before me and are leading me sharing what you have learned and doing it step by step. THANK YOU.

  39. Carol

    I’m in the process of reading your Hidden Millionaire book. It took me until I was in college to realize that there’s one thing that no one can ever take away from you. Your EDUCATION & KNOWLEDGE!

  40. Thomas Jourden

    Lets not forget to apply that knowledge once we have it. And also sometimes the knowledge isn’t realized until the action has been taken. By doing some of the simple things we learn or are asked the benefits are realized quicker than asking “How will this help to reach my goal?”.

  41. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    Acquiring knowledge is always leads to success in most aspects of life!!

    Thanks for opening my eyes every single week. I cannot wait for the success connection on Fridays!

  42. Kathy Postel

    Well i am still in debt but slowly getting out- i feel ridiculous i don’t have your book yet- i WILL get it before next success connection, thank you for being such a true inspiration!! Kathy

  43. Ana Ramirez

    Thank you very much. It is my desire to obtain knowledge in any field

  44. David Moore

    Been to books A Million today. I am always looking for knowledge on internet marketing, Ideas, and and trying to find out what i really am interested in that i would like to pursue. Its amost like im thinking too much. Sat at the coffee shop there called Joe Muggs and just relaxed and drank a Ice mocha with my daughter while she colored. Life is good. 🙂

  45. Demetrius Joseph

    Thanks, great lesson on more opportunity to grow. knowledge is key. I”m a new student and things are crazy right now, but I think I got it, thanks to your program

  46. Loree

    Again, this is another profound conviction you have shared in this blog. Continue to gain knowledge, and gain more power, and be fearless on any new endeavor pursuit. Agree with you 100%, Anthony.

  47. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony, knowledge is very important it helps you success.

  48. Eparkyn

    Antony: Im re-reading your book and It makes sense, now that I begining to understand the biz a little more. No a lot more Thanks Elizabeth

  49. Andrew Hall

    This lession was very informative . and we all can you, all the knowledge we can get from your websites. and one on one help over the phone as well, and i have read your book and alot of the things in it .i still don’t understand. so can you help me , to be a success…………..

  50. william ortega

    Another good one in this series of conscienousness raising success connections. These are helpful in so many ways. Thanks for taking the time and making a difference

  51. Jo Ann Edwardsjoann.dobbs

    You are right, knowledge does give you confidence. I try to study as much as I can,
    Thank you.

  52. Pauline Moore

    Great advice Anthony…as the saying goes “knowledge is power”, I believe through reading and studying the subject of interest, you can acquire the knowledge you need to succeed. I need to hear that! I struggle everyday with what I need to do to be successful.

    Pauline Moore

  53. Tom Cory

    Another great video. Sometimes it helps to allocate a specific amount of time each week to learning and studying.

  54. Rudy Arcegarn

    Great! Acquiring more knowledge will not only broaden my horizon but will also motivate me to take action. Thanks for the tip.

  55. Alice Wilson

    Anthony, Good principals, thank you for the work you put into teaching us what you have spent years learning. I just did my first tweet today, I am signed up for texting and reading all your material.

  56. AnnMatthew

    Thanks Anthony, for the reminder that reading & absorbing knowledge is good and necessary, but fruitless unless we follow it up, ( the knowledge acquisition) with a plan of action utilizing that knowledge. Your example was going to message boards online and developing a data base for your MUSTANG PARTS BUSINESS, then coming up with business strategies like the “bundling” of parts for customers who owned Mustang cars.
    Our assignment is to gain knowledge every day and put that knowledge to work in an action plan in a pro-active aggressive program that results in sales and profit. Using message boards like this is a great idea. THERE IS so much information on them to develop necessary data banks for my business.

  57. debbie dempsey

    Looking forward to learning from ya’ll. Thanks for the great insight.
    We all need to be reminded how simple it is to learn.

  58. terry v. parker


  59. sandra

    Anthony, this a good lesson. Of course knowledge is power and one never stop learning. I sure do need more action to come into display.I certainly working on these offers but nothing yet. Never gives up one day one day.

  60. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, I just got through reading the first book I bought back in 2009. It was very educational and I am going through it again taking notes this time. I am going to buy the rest of your books and read them. The saying,”IT AIN’T NEVER TOO LATE” is very true. GOD BLESS YOU! Your student Luis, TX.

  61. Darryl

    So true. Some things go without saying. knowledge is power. I will constantly attain it. ITS VITAL!! Thanks.

  62. Elizabeth Diaz-Lodge

    Anthony, great stuff as usual! 😀

    When I first started, I was trying to soak up so much information that I became a victim of ‘information overload’. It’s NOT a good situation to be in, folks!

    The best thing is to take your time while you’re learning. Then, everything else will fall into place. 🙂

  63. Natalie Lee

    Yes…reading your books really helps! I read them as soon as I bought them. The more you read, the quicker you can learn and it also carries over to your other personal/biz interests! I have been trying to do small steps for online success every week so I love that tip! Anxious to buy your latest book…..

  64. stanley escolano

    Reading and watching your videos is very inspiring.thanks.

  65. Betty Townsend

    I intend to acguire knowledge this week by reading your book “Hidden MILLIONAIRE”Thanks for your help.Betty

  66. peter

    Great video Anthony. I am probably torn between acquiring knowledge and analysis paralysis :-). I am convincing myself that we also learn from our mistakes too. There is most likely a balance. I have been keeping a notebook of points that resonate with me via your book and the video blogs (and other resources). In the back of the book i have a section for resource websites, another few pages where i will keep track of all my costs (i’ll move that somewhere later), and i another few pages devoted to items/things i use so i can research if there are affiliate offers for them. Just wanted to share. However, i need to act and gain/acquire some knowledge via OJT. Thanks again. Good luck all.


  67. Joyce Knake

    If we don’t keep learning, I believe we start to go backwards. Most important is putting that knowledge to work for me. That’s the only way to go forward.

  68. Laurel

    Thank you again, Anthony, great ideas to follow as always…

  69. Michael Rivera

    The more you learn the more you earn I have heard this all my live and it has been right on the money. Knowledge is the key to solving every problem, how ever obtaining knowledge can some times be very difficult or expensive, but you need it never the less, so get it use it and pass it on, so that next person can do the same. read more, watch more, ask more and pass it on.

  70. Chaundra

    Thank you for sharing your information so I may learn how to make a better profit.

  71. Naomi

    you are right. I am constantly acquire knowledge. This give you securityof knowing how to handlen certain fileds.

  72. Doreen

    Information is a good thing, but its time consuming and it takes time to process. TMI too fast leads to burnout. I’m excited about everything I’m learning BUT like you said in one of your books, you owe it to yourself and your family to allow some time to yourself. I’m going to do just that. The “gone fishing” sign goes up this week.

  73. Mark Lewis

    Thanks, Anthony, some times i forget that knowledge is key. Well thought of information.

  74. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony

    I could not agree more that knowledge is the primary elements of being sicessful. I watch about every video that comes across my monitor. I see a few offers that truly intrest me, the block is always cash flow, however I shall continue my search. There must be a NICHE that will work for me.

  75. Jamey Brown

    Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge. Knowledge is the key to success. As each day goes by I learn something new everyday. You are never to old or to young to learn. I can tell you from experience what you learn by doing can never be taken away from you. So many people learn and never do. Knowledge only comes from doing and learning from what you’ve done!

  76. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – My main focus is to work with one of my programs until I truly understand it, implement what I learn and take it from there. I did what I said I would not do – buy several programs, thinking I found something better and then didn’t accomplish anything. You warned us against this but I did it anyway.

    Thanks for taking the time to motivate us. I have to remember knowledge is power!

    Thanks for all your help.

  77. Vev

    Great idea. I continue to learn from you acquiring more knowledge. Keep bringing it on!

  78. Doris Hopper

    Thanks, Anthony will do I have all your books, I plan to re-read them

  79. Norma Garcia

    Hi Anthony, You are right able acquiring knowledge to better your life. Thank you for all the information. NG

  80. Ronald Bish

    This is so very true Anthony,,Knowledge is the backbone of almost everything ,, Without the knowledge we are stuck ,, we must have it to move forward. Thanks for all you do,,You Da Man !!

  81. Elmer Sabisch

    To win money; great, I’ll take all I can get. However, I’ve read the book and I STILL am watching S.C. each week and am taking notes. No I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I spend time sharpening,and you are a big help.

  82. Gary Hogan

    Thank you for continued knowledge – slow go – but will get there

  83. Jim Hannum

    I learn a little with each day i’m rereading your book and trying to veiw all the information you have send

  84. Tom

    “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours-” Thanks again, Anthony!

  85. Joe Bosch

    Good video; but old news.

    I have been invited to blog on USAToday, and have a Linkeldn site that keeps being friended, but I have no idea how to use either to do what you’re doing, and haven’t found anybody in or near Lodi who can help me.

    Would like some assistance with the above, please.


  86. Sue

    This is good advice for any business…thanks for continuing to provide support and information!

  87. Teresa Belcher

    Hi Anthoney, Just finished the Clickbank Book and now reading Moonlighting by Yanik Silver Thank you for your efforts.
    Teresa Belcher
    Las Vegas Nevada

  88. Gordon Harvey

    These are great, because they are focused and brief.

  89. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony

    I loved this reminder about striving to acquire knowledge. I have decided to set aside at least two hours a day to listen to training videos and to read my guides. Being a retired teacher, I know the value of being a life long learner, so incorporating study time into my business day only makes good sense to me.

    The message boards have recently been another source of gaining knowledge for myself. It is amazing to me how much information people are willing to give you for free if you only search for it.

    Thanks again for all you do to help those of us who are trying to succeed at this business of internet marketing.

  90. Sean Herron

    I am a builder, and in my business you have to be learning every week. I have a lot of educational realistate courses to learn and now this its a lot of stuff to concentrate on. But you said something today in your blog that I will take to heart. Concentrate on one thing at a time. And that I will do!

  91. MBsr

    Hello Anthony,
    I have learned acquiring knowledge will get you a lot further down the road of life and success, than going through the school of hard knocks. An ounce of knowledge is a whole lot better, than a pound of cure.

  92. Laura Baker

    Acquiring knowledge is a must in life if we want success in anything that you do.

  93. Eparkyn

    Antony: re-reading your book, finding that I can understand better the way to find solutions for what is going on our plan to move forward. Elizabeth

  94. John Test

    Wow, Anthony….you’re soooooo right! All the motivation in the world can’t help you unless you’re constantly seeking the required knowledge necessary to attain your goals. Thanks for sharing this insight. It has further inspired me in a thirst for knowledge.

  95. Mark

    Just came from Mississippi in an attempt to acquire knowledge. Brought back a lot of good information. Great group of people. Thanks Anthony!

  96. Donna Oliver

    Another Great Success Connection Anthony!! I am the perfect example for your “Strive to Acquire Knowledge” this week because as I told you last weak… ” I decided to get some coaching “. I am excited to say that it has given me so much knowledge! In the past week I am finally seeing some profits in My Clickbank Account. YaY!!!!! Now how exciting is that to here. I was really struggling with Internet Marketing until now. The videos have really broken it all down very well and has explained every little step in perfect understandable detail. If I may…I would like to encourage all of you whom are having problems understanding what you need to do next…. try some of Anthony’s coaching programs. It has really helped me!!! I wish you all… Lot’s of Success! Thanks again Anthony! The advise you give is greatly appreciated 😀

  97. Discover Auctions

    Hi Anthony,
    Knowledge is key no matter what endeveur you pursue. Whether it is getting through college, taking on a new career, or how to make your marriage a success, it all involves knowledge. Thanks so much for the reminder, as sometimes we all seem to “get in a rut” and forget to continue educating ourselves.


    Thank you Anthony,

    Material things can be taken from you but knowledge can’t!

  99. Pat McCormick

    Wanted to let you know, I got my first order from my website, hopefully a sign of more to come. Knowledge is the only way to move forward.

  100. Lynn Johnsen

    Thanks Anthony! You’re right, we all need to constantly acquaire more knowledge in our respective fields. One can never run out of new things to learn.

  101. Muriel

    Good points! Gotta read to learn – books can’t help you sitting on the shelf. Knowledge is gained from putting to practise what you read.

  102. Stacey

    It is true that the more you learn, the easier it gets to take action without fear.

  103. dwana

    Every time I open an email from you, I know that I am going to get some good info and I try to soak it up like a sponge. Thank you very much!

  104. daniel gilreath

    It is like what you said, we need knowledge. We are not dumb, nobody is dumb. we are just ignorant, because we have learned it yet. everybody has different skills, being they aquired the knowledge in what they do. Dan, thanks again…

  105. Yesenia Munoz

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom through your books.

  106. M&K Kawamura

    great, thanks for this video. I’ve been learning this new business by getting more knowledge from all that you have offered us. some things I can’t get right now but the things that I have, I study.

  107. Michael

    I totally agreed with you that to acquired knowledge is a good thing.The only addition is to applied the knowledge that is gained.That is, knwledge + application= success

  108. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,
    I am learning more every day and be more consistent in using that knowledge to advance my goals. I will get there soon.

  109. Tammy Ruegsegger

    Thanks Anthony for the information. I currently have a landing page running but have not gotten any hits,so I am in the process of optimizing it. I still have faith in the system and will keep working my hardest to make this business work.

  110. zj

    thank you Anthony, your authority on subject matter is obvious as is your passion to empower others.

  111. Debra Rebetje

    Dear Anthony:

    I am an instiable searcher of knowledge. I spend 5 days a week in the library. I love to read reference books.

    I am 57 years old. What I’d like t know more than what you’ve taught me is where did you get so much wisdom at such a young age?

    If I understand you better then maybe I can achieve success. Please write and explain. Otherwise I’m just going to guess that you’re I.Q is way up there!………………Thanx…………Debbie

  112. James Waters

    Thank you for sharing that information. I already acquire knowledge; but, I know that I need to do it more and more.

  113. Vev

    Thanks so much for saying this because I was one of those people who bought a lot of programs and not take the time to study and apply them. Now I am doing just what you suggested. Reading more books, watching more videos. Consuming the information to launch my business. Keep it coming Anthony!

  114. Ron

    Great info, I have always loved knowledge, however retaining it is another story. I very seldom watch anything that’s not educational, I guess I’m a knowledge junkie.

    Just a little nostalgia…
    Speaking of Mustangs, I remember when I saw the first one in 1964 and fell in love with it. A friend of mine purchased one, would you believe it was only (if I remember right) $1995.00. I think the most expensive one (convertible) was around $2695.00. They sold out before the end of the year. I later purchased a 1965, wish I still had it!

    Later in life (1980-85) I loved racing the Mustang 8.0 with my Toyota Supra Turbo. (that’s a 6 cylinder vs. an 8) I was never beat starting from a 30-40mph kick down, but some could beat me off the line. Turbo’s were a little slow kicking in but once it did they were soon in my rear view mirror.

    OK, it’s back to work! (:

  115. Gina Heffron

    Hi Anthony! Great suggestions this week! I totally agree that you can never stop learning. Acquiring knowledge is definately one of the keys to suceed in life. I really appreciate all the knowledge that you share each week & everyday on your website. Thanks so much!

  116. Ben Benson

    Again, a great pool of information that I consider as being knowledge. It seems like every week they get better, by providing some very important information. Thanks again for sharing.

  117. Mary Stead

    Great information. I have been getting education in real estate for many years but need to start doing the business. It seems every time I think I have everything in place, something changes and I do not move forward. I agree with you though that you have to have education and your talk gave me some new ideas. Thank you

  118. Cecilia

    Anthony, As always you have excellent advice. Just sending as I am working on acquiring more knowledge and adding accounts to support what I need to do. I thank you for this weekly bloc.

  119. jan rose

    After seeing you on television with Mark Victor Hansen, I began my journey to acquire more knowledge by ordering your book. I can’t begin to tell you what a ride it’s been! Your tutorials and videos have really done the job, and in addition to the knowledge I’ve acquired is the asurance that I learned it from a source that can be trusted and not some scam artist like the ones so frequently found online. You’re right in saying that there is no “push-button” solution to learning or doing internet marketing. Learning how to do things right is the only way, and it rocks!

  120. Johnnie Steele

    thank you. Info is very helpful. I have always believed that material things can be lost, stolen, destroyed, but knowledge – no one can take away from you.

  121. Ivy Rice

    Thanks, Anthony, for all that you do. You are a great inspiration and I love your teachings. Here’s to future success for everyone who takes time to listen to you.

  122. Starmist

    I’ve been learning a lot about email marketing and Aweber. I’m excited to work on my first email campaign.

  123. Tammy Ruegsegger

    I have been trying my hardest this year to acquire knowledge from you and Carol Amato. You two are great teachers I just need to be a better student and have time to work the business and take the risk. I need to.

    Thanks again, Tammy

  124. Ranger Phillip

    Thanks Anthony!! I do strive to learn something new about the business every week.

  125. Eugene Huerta

    Thanks for the info Anthony, I agree completely with always needing to acquire knowledge. I have always spent my life acquiring knowledge whether its music… learning computers… now need to apply that to making money 🙂

  126. Robin Sherwood

    your so right. When I look around I have many books on information for marketing. I just get lost in which one to follow. I am going to work on one area and go from there.

  127. JANET


  128. Beverly cooper

    Im lovig this. I dont know how to like ot on facebook but im reading, taking fierce notes, implementing these principles with my children. I dont swim but im diving into a new world of self esteem.

  129. Astre

    The more you know the better. If it wasnt for you I wouldn’t know what affoliate marketing is..thanks a lot!

  130. Marcus Jones

    I enjoy watching videos and reading box from people who are experts in the field I am working in. I happy to be a Network Marketer and use these tools to help “sharpen the saw.”

  131. Steve Le Baron

    Acquiring a broader base on affiliate marketing is what made Anthony who he is today. How about the followers of the book and blog? Where are they at right now?

  132. Thomas Longerbone

    I am still working at acquiring knowledge on internet marketing.

  133. Richard Barksdale

    I agree one hundred percent on the knowledge thing Anthony really good point to begin my story I would like to introduce myself, My name is Richard Barksdale and my journey with trying to actually gain knowledge as you state here in this video was when I read a book called Rich Dad,Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki you may have seen or heard about him before that is were and when we all can relate is some great readings from people like yourself and Robert. I have not purchased your book yet but will I just came aboard last night and am really amazed at your being so informative keep up the great work. I hope to just learn what I can from others but not so much as to make millions of dollars but just to see how so many people like yourself progress and we can all learn along the way these success’s . Thank You Anthony! I will be in touch!

  134. Larry Lund

    Well done Anthony. I like the video and looking forward to reading more and Google more information as well as your books on how to market a business and be marketable too. Knowledge is another key for success. Thank you for all of your information. Great job.
    Larry Lund

  135. jill colomy

    Great job!! Very important but I have to be careful of information overload.
    Thank You

  136. norman rambow

    Anthony, You have so much wisdom.. Thanks.. I get so much from listening to you. You are right about learning.. it is the same as starting to crawl before taking a first step.. Thank you

  137. Quinn Wilkins

    Thanks Anthony, I will be a sponge. I also like to look at other Affililiate networks to see what they are doing. I also like to Google my questions to see what other people are doing.

  138. Richard E. Darling

    Thank you so much Anthony,
    I am as you say gathering information and therefore knowledge everyday. It has been my life goal to succeed in each of my goals.
    High School, College (all four of them), Military career, Law Enforcement career, and now private business entrepreneurship.
    It was my Dad’s and Granddad’s pushing and dragging me down the educational path that showed me that knowledge even more so than education was the key to success. all the book education is great and it teaches you how to learn beneficially. The knowledge is the key.

  139. Isaac

    Good Info and the right info and to take action on the info is the best thing we can do for our financial lives.

  140. Bill Munro

    This is truly amazing Anthony. You take a Niche that you know nothing about
    except that it can be very popular. You study for about a month, and are able
    to answer people’s questions. That was definitely an excellent example of
    acquiring knowledge, in order to boost you business. Excellent Job, Anthony.

  141. Clara Leake

    Knowledge is power. I’ve contacted a company about a product my great nephew has to become an affiliate with their company. If I get some positive feed-back I’ll let you know which company it is. I’ve researched the company and surprised they’re not advertising on TV. I’ll keep you in the loop.

  142. Sveza

    It’s so true what you are presenting . I’ve learned so many tips,information I needed that helped me in developing my new business that is still in progress. :)) Thanks a lot.

  143. Richard Fagre

    Great message, we all know that knowledge is key and its nice to be reminded.

  144. Ralph Fitzpatrick

    Hi Anthony, I think you hit them out the ballpark every time with your training
    videos, what else is there to be said? Good Job! Keep it up, and thank you.
    I will learn more this week and on going as you say. For I am a newby, as they, in this business.

  145. El Dee James

    Great information. It only makes since to acquire knowledge by reading and researching all things you want to know about. The more you study and read the more you will learn.

  146. Bob Rafiee

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for your valuable information. Everything ca be lost or stolen except knowledge. I think everyone can make asset just with knowledge. Yes, it is most important.


    you will never learn if you don’t make mistakes

    you will never be successful if you don’t encounter failure

  148. Barbara Maddox

    Anthony, I totally agree, Knowledge is the backbone of a successful future. Thank you for your comments and you are an inspiration to me in re-gathering my thoughts of becoming a happier and successful person.
    Barbara Maddox

  149. Charles

    Time to apply some of the wonderful knowledge you’ve shared. The pieces are starting to fit! Thanks Anthony

  150. Thabang Moledi

    Thanks for sharing valuable information. I will buy your book

  151. Sheri Taylor

    I haven’t read this much since college and I didn’t realize how much I missed reading when it was for a purpose. Reading for entertainment is not the same, and my attention is far more in tune when reading for a purpose.

    Thank you for inspiring that purpose Anthony!

    Sheri Taylor

  152. Ben Nyman

    Thank you Anthony, it can’t be said enough to gain more knowledge, absorbe it and practise what you have learned.

  153. Betty H

    I couldn’t agree more with you, Anthony and I always strive to acquire knowledge. I would add that I have acquired much knowledge through my mistakes that I was able to turn into successes.

  154. Chris Nweke

    Thank you Anthony for the fourth principle in your book; acquiring knowledge a motto says that knowledge is power. And I believe it, Everyday I try to learn something new. God bless you for sharing your knowledge with us at no cost. And I appreciate you.

  155. Sandra Ford

    I really appreciate your incouragement and you giving back to everyone. I am going to apply the knowledge daily. Thank You.

  156. Regina Magigi

    How right you are Anthony, knowledge is crucial only if you learn how to apply it well. Thank you.

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