1. John Moss

    Be happy with achieving the little goals and keep building on the goal once it is reached. If I keep repeating this process I will become one of the giants in my industry. Thanks Anthony for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Doris Gessner

    Anthony – That is exactly the way I convinced myself that I could do Mary Kay, Inc. I gave myself a small weekly goal and here’s another tip it was a range goal. My first weekly range goal was $100 to $125 and I made myself do that for 5 times in a row and then I would change the range goal. My next goal was $125 – $175 and I did that 5 times before I upped it. By doing that I have won 10 Pink Cars, been the Most Improved in my area and supported and raised my children alone on that income I created. So I definitely believe that is the way to do it. Doris Gessner

  3. Maude Kovarik

    I want to thank you for the upbeat messages. I’ve tried to sign up with Amazon but they do not accept applications from Illinois. I just want you to know that I’m trying to re learn where I was 2 years ago. I hope you got my You Tube on being pushed by the mother Eagle. I sure could relate to that .
    Thanks for all you do for people. You are truly an inspiration,
    Thanks Lee, (Maude Kovarik)

  4. Randy Weaver

    I love your energy Anthony. Looking forward to the rest of your tips & suggestions as you go thru your book. I live right down the road from you in Newton county, so I may come by one day & try to meet you. Keep up the good work.

  5. Fred Jordan

    Think about starting small in your business to have some success. Make sure I’m available 24 hrs. Nobody want to answer to an answering machine. I believe I am a hidden millionaire and I want to be wealthy from working online. Thinking small helps me to not rush for the big things to happen. I will treat every sale/customer like it is a big thing just happened. Thanks Anthony you rock man!!!!!!

  6. Sue


    More great advice! Always look forward to each week, so I can continue learning and move toward my own success.

    Thank you,


  7. Joan Dahlberg

    True start small, I also believe you should start by giving the first to the Lord, or to His Work in Jesus Name!

  8. Ken Curran

    Thanks for providing perspective to the small time entrepreneur who needs to compete with those like you. The field gets more crowded every day and its nice to get hope and direction to make it

  9. sandra

    This is a wise thought, start small and grow big. I would like that day to hit my first money on line. Wow still trying.

  10. Dave

    This is one of the best advice you could have given. Dreaming big good.But you got to come down to reality and take baby steps first
    Great job

  11. williamdl

    Anthony I totally appreciate all the time spent trying to help us little people, I will be trying to catch as many of your infomercials as I can. Just having the opportunity is a blessing thanks.

  12. levi singer

    Mr. Morrison,
    I’m ever greatful for the spirit you share with us. I am better for it and not giving up on myself.


  13. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony always an pleasure yes this blog was very insightful you have to start some where. But where you start is not your ending so there fore you should continue to think out side of the box by thinking Big this will definitly lead you to your goal.

  14. Steve Gaiser

    I am always inspired listening to you and becoming part of a team that helps not only myself becoming a successful affiliate marketer, but helping others as well when that time comes. I have read your book and enjoy the review with your video blogs.

    Lakeville MN

  15. Kim

    This was very helpful and inspiring. I work for an employer who is making cuts and the threat of more cuts is always in the air. People are all on edge all the time. I need to make changes in my life and this inspired me to do so. Thank you.

  16. carol pickens

    I’m still comfused on how to get my business out to where people can see it. How do I announce it so people know. How do I get get people to my webstie, better yet ho do they know where to find me.

  17. Denyse Power

    I love to be in touch with more information to help me succeed. thank you for taking time to help others like me. Please put me on all your list as I appreciate all your and Adrian help. Learning about all aspects of any business is great knowledge to my success. I am very poor and hopefully with your and your brother advise I know I will succeed. Thank you

  18. Robert Karney

    I agree start small and make certain you are a success with the first start before you branch out. I think that is key to built a solid base.

  19. Doug Wareham

    You’re right! You don’t start at the top, you work you’re way up.
    An old saying runs true. “You have to sweep the floor, before you can run the store”. Information, education and application is the key to success….

  20. Daniel Woodward

    Hi Anthony,

    I need that $1000.00 to start running Solo Ads and then Swap Ads to start building a List. I have like 6 Websites but haven’t made one thin dime.


  21. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    This was really helpful. It is important to start small because I still have some ideas but I just don’t know how to make my ads more attractive and more people can contact. I will start small with my keyboard to sell, then my bracelet and then my videos and we will take it from there.

    Thanks Anthony, you rock!!

  22. Leonard Marshall

    Hi Anthony:

    Thanks for the continued guidance. I will continue to think big, and fake it
    till I make it.

  23. Sandra Hale

    I agree with you totally. You have to start small to move on up there and be one of the “big” money makers.

    Sandra Hale

  24. Shelly Medlin

    I appreciate The motivation talk. It works well. But what I need is to learn how to fill out various forms, which forms and get the stages together to bring in money. I have done some shopping for affiliates but get stuck. I find this to be the crazy part and I just am missing stuff. I need help connecting and finding the “Dots”.

  25. Beverly Clancy

    i have been to one of your conferences and i didnt have the start up morning
    but i was interest.

  26. Kevin G

    Thanks AM! Simple concept you shared to help us from feeling overwhelmed!

  27. David Moore

    Great Blog. In todays world and to be competitive you must have a great service to your people in order to earn their bussiness, this in turn will make your bussiness more successful. Totally agree Anthony.

  28. Klaus

    like the video – to make the first 1.00 or as you said think big
    the first 10.00 in affiliate marketing – that is the goal

    besides Amazon – took your advice and got s et up – but what is the first step to get an affiliate acct.?


    dear anthony: i want to thank you my friend for the information you provided us made a lot of sense. i find that i am seeking to start at 100.00 dollars daily and grow from there. when i start out with that amount i can meet the needs of the orphans our lord jesus christ has laid on my heart to reach out to and demonstrate the love he has for each of his beloved children. by generating the 100.00 daily i am able to care for my adopted children. my oldest daughter marcia ann biggs married a baptist minister
    and they are now running a children’s ministry in atlanta georgia. anthony,
    i have decided to follow your leadership when it comes to learning how to generate a businessthat will truly change lives every day for years to come
    thank you once again anthony for showing you truly care for your fellow man.

  30. phillip combs

    I didnt start at the beginning so does that mean I am not eligible for the thousand?OH WELL the info is still good.I just wish you could help someone who doesnt have any money(ME)to get started making some.Hard to get a website and pay all the fees if you have no money .at a loss

  31. Phil

    Anthony, I enjoyed what you talked about today it is very true what you said. Starting small and thinking big is so much better than starting big and thinking small.

  32. Noel Hunt

    Great, Anthony. Just love the way you keep in touch with your
    clients, Thanks so much. Always good to have “in person” reminders from
    you…THINK BIG but START SMALL. As I say, you can tear the telephone
    book but only page by page. Thanks

  33. Sam

    That was great. I am sure that can help me to learn how to grow big on a gradual basis. Putting more efforts and focusing on the goals. Thanks, Anthony

  34. William H Russell

    Great advice to get my business going. Thank you Anthony. I always like the advice of someone that has proven that you are the expert to learn from.

  35. Denise Johnson

    Thank you Anthony ! I sold my first cocktail drum set on Amazon, and it was such a great feeling to accomplish this task. Now I will do as you say…. keep thinking Big…but be happy with starting small !! 🙂

  36. Connie Reeser

    Thanks Anthony,
    I have been working on all that you said, very good advice. I will be so happy when I make $10.00. Been at this for 6 month or more, have been to Madsion for class’s and still have not made a penny. Keep up the good work I know at some point I am going to get it.


  37. daniel aubrey

    Another inspiring video from you. I appreciate you taking your time to keep everyone motiviated and also sharing your insights to how to help everyone become a success.

    Daniel L Aubrey

  38. Sabrina Williams

    Hi Anthony

    I think it is great what you are doing helping people with success
    and I hope that one day we can work together on a national level.

  39. Brian Nagy

    what you said today about starting small it makes feel very positive about the things I want to do on affiliate marketing. Thank you so much about your information!

  40. Kerry Vaught

    Anthony has a grate book and video’s that can help anyone interested in building an online business. I suggest that anyone interested in starting a business online to watch and learn from Anthony Morrison. He knows what needs to be done to be a success online.

  41. Leon Carver

    Sincere thanks to Anthony and has informative keys for success! As a entrepeneur I struggle everyday trying to maintain energy, focus, determination, and diligence in becoming successful. Education is the key to the GOT IT! phase knowing what to do with the tools of knowledge. I definitely need inspiration day to day.

  42. Dottie Seavy

    $1000.00 would be great. I keep thinking about obstacles. Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off our goals. Thanks for encouraging
    us again!

  43. Dexter Clemonds

    Grate Anthony very motivating. Like you said it`s all about the Education.
    Being straight with you i will be going to the end with the Success with anthony training. I am financially embrassed, unemployment check to unemployment to
    check no side job`s. that`s why i have to stick with this train i`m not here
    with a dream of over night riches i`m here to learn whatever Success with Anthony has to teach so that i can start making my $10 and continue to grow
    I am gratefull for this Anthony.
    Dexter Clemonds

  44. Joseph Blanco

    This is where people fail they expect too much they think that online business is an instant cash machine. They compare themselves with other successful businesses and people. Like Anthony said, think small but think big. Set a minimum goal at first and walk your up. That way you feel fulfilled in everything that you do.

  45. Bonnie

    This is very good. To know that succeeding in each small thing along the way and being happy makes the total so grand in the end!

  46. tommy pumphrey

    Your first two books are great and I know we are not millionaires out of the box. I just want to see that first dollar which then will drive me like a 24hour business to work to make the second.
    my last thought is that you must make every attempt to place your first earning for up to a year back to the business they you can say ‘hear I am’

  47. Tom Stowe

    This is my first time on your success connections.
    I will be looking forward to next week’s
    Signed up for your Noon Lunch at Lake Natoma Inn Hotel in Folsom CA.
    for May 31, 2012.
    I have started your course “Success with Anthony”. It is very comprehensive and helps to connect the dots. I was making a little money at affiliate marketing when my house burnt down 100%. Lost all my computers, both my operational one and the backup. All my data was lost including all my software and connections.
    I am starting fresh and know I will succeed with your course.
    Wish I had the money to rent one of your mentors and get jump started.
    Prosper and Live Longer
    Tom Stowe

  48. Katharina Baptiste

    Great advice we are slowly getting to understand things.

  49. Marie Gertz

    Hey Anthony! Your right about setting goals for yourself. To start small but all the time thinking of the big picture. Thanks Marie

  50. jan rose

    So right! It’s easy to be daunted if you dwell on “how many things!” there are to do – I’ve been learning to concentrate the majority of my effort each day on the “one thing” that needs to be learned and implemented that day. Every day builds on the next, and before you know it… success!

  51. Burl Simons

    Ok, now that I am a CPV owner and have at least one website being built, and I have downloaded the CPV workbook and am printing and reading through a chapter at a time; is the next best step to take to be up and running to see some clickbank deposits coming in. I want small success, initially, in order to see the end-to-end process in operation. Then build wisely. Also, are Jimmy Kim, Mark Hardy, Mike, John Carter, and Anik Singal going to keep bugging me to buy their flavor of the business products, going forward?

    Reply appreciated…Burl

  52. dennis

    starting small AND THINKING BIG IS A GREAT IDEA.
    thanks dennis

  53. Johnnie Steele

    Anthony, this was very helpful. I was frustrated at first and had to slow down to realize it has to start small and then grow I guess my expectations was it would take off quickly.

  54. Kermit Williams

    This was a lecture that shared light on fundamental concepts, principles for the (new Entrepreneur) Entrepreneur as well, some trouble shooting advice they would face by providing good solid direction(s), techniques to resolve fears or negative strategy(ies).

  55. Waakeelah

    Very encouraging Anthony! I’m working really hard to make my site work. It’s a very slow peak for me. I’ve always just been the one to sweet talk myself into businesses I wanted to be apart of. Now that I’m doing something just for me; to become successful for my Daughter and myself; it’s a challenge. I have a lot of time to put into my business, however I had many others trying to show me how to become successful online. I had to re program myself to follow only a small of you all to possible get my business up and running. Again.. it’s a very slow peak for me.

  56. ruby williams

    anthony i a a workiking mom doing housekeeping at the hazard arh hospital in ky. i have worked 2 jobs all my life raised 2 girls by my self i wish you could com to ky. i live at the hazard airprt and show me how to do this to make money i have fibroformalja i stay in pain all the time from my job if you can please let me know thank you


    I have your books ,tape and read your blog and I’m part of Success with Anthony, I just need to put it together from information overload. In the maze trying to find A and get to B.

    Best Wishes Always to your Success

  58. Eileen Jones

    Like your video I just would like to understand how to start and understand how to do marketing. I work long hr’s and 4 days a week so its hard to find time and juggle family.

  59. Carol Cheshire

    You are correct. trying to go big when you do not know what you are doing is a mistake.
    I think this maybe one of my mistakes. I try to take on more than I can handle are afford.

  60. William Parker

    You reminded me of the greatest method to get started. I had foolishly for gotten.

    I thinkyou have become the greatest motivator.

    Many Thanks


  61. George M Poteet sr

    thanks the info will help me to stay motivated in starting my busness.

  62. Kevin Young

    Yeah Anthony I want to just earn my first $10 online and appreciate that. Thanks for offering all the software.

  63. Stacey

    Great advice. You have to start somewhere and keep raising the bar. I pray this is a business that as you work it all of a sudden it clicks and takes off. I have been studying and applying my training, but I have not had the success of earning $1.00 yet. My first goal is to earn $1.00!!!

  64. Barbara D

    I have been following you for months and appreciate all of the info and help you give out to help others.

  65. Marcus

    Great information Anthony, it always seem to come at the right time and adds something I may not be thinking about at the time. I made my first $58 and there are so much going on in my head of where and what to do next but it is a timely reminder to take baby steps and slowly grow and move forward.

    Thanks Anthony!

  66. Patrick Miller

    Another great piece of advice! We really have no choice but to start small but having an increasing set of goals as your target sounds like the way to get ahead. Thanks again!


    I have to say Anthony, this was most definitely a small piece of information with a WHOLE LOT of substance. I’m definitely going to run with this little technique myself and grow my business. Much appreciated sir. MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

  68. Chet

    listen and learning but I am still trying to teach this old dog some new tricks, but make my first $$$$$

  69. charles cameron

    Anthony, very good input. I enjoyed your program. Keep up the good work.

  70. Mischel

    Hi Anthony,
    I will be honest and tell you that I listened today for the first time. I usually delete or ignore the emails, but somehow today I decided to listen. I do think the information you imparted was interesting and thought provoking. You mad some very good points, and I will now take the time to listen because you do have some valid points and valuable information.
    Thank you.

  71. KAT

    Thanks for the advice! I’m going to
    Thanks again Anthony!

  72. robert pascoe


    i truly want to thank you for you humbleness to mentor people and to share your personal secrets with others and helping them to get to success.


  73. debbie ringenberg

    I just went live with my first web site it is a lady’s store.for lady’s of all sizes,even coustom made start small look out Penny’s
    thanks debbie

  74. Robert Carpenter

    I have started more than 18 businesses, some great some just ate my lunch. Your advice is most important to many people who are just getting started. If they follow this rule they will build more confidence and achieve results they will help them in the long run. Thanks for sharing that advice!

  75. Sheri Lynch

    I’m so excited about making money on the internet! Your words remind me of a great quote by Elenour Roosevelt, she said “Do something everyday that make you scared” Meaning, broden your horizons and try things that might make you scared at first, in doing so you will grow and broden your horizons.

    Sheri Lynch

  76. Ron Gilmer

    What you say makes sense! And I always have done just that; my way! This is the best way to work smarter and necessarily harder!

  77. Don

    Hi Anthony, My question is how much will I spend to make that 10 bucks. Give me a ballpark figure.

  78. Regina

    Thanks Anthony. I am in the process of starting the business. I hope to earn what you are earning…THINK BIG!!!!!

  79. Dale Neff

    I always like the tips but this scrolling down to leave a comment is after a year getting longer and longer my freind. Good for you we are paying attention.
    God Bless!

  80. mike mohney

    i always think big 🙂 thanks for the pep talk anthony. looking forward to more tips to becoming successfull .

  81. Kathy Wensel

    Start small, listen to mentors, forget the detractors regardless of who they are, move forward, have fun, get to the top, so you can help others.

    Thank you, Anthony

  82. Donna R. Moore

    I know you have experience and the success to inspire us to follow and do as you suggest.
    Think Big-Start Small really makes a lot of sense.

    Thank You

  83. Della Hicks

    Thank you for sharing. I am just beginning to learn about affiliate marketing and have become overwhelmed; however, your timely advice brought me to the realization that building small goals will allow me to meet them with the ease and control that is needed to gain a successful outcome.

  84. Eparkyn

    Antony: Got my first payment of $19.64 posted yesterday .Just need to get better at selling more and becoming an affiliate for Thank you for your encouragement and inspirational Success Connection. Eparkyn

  85. Jacqueline Alderking

    Hi Anthony,
    Great tip, I believe in starting small with big dreams and working your way up. The success is appreciated more. Look forward to hearing more.

  86. Discover Auctions

    Hi Anthony,
    Great advice as always. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of how to structure our business plan. Yes, we all think big at the start, so jot down that big idea, then break it down into smaller, more attainable goals. Then work on one goal at a time. As success is achieved with each goal, you will be one step closer to the big success.

  87. Tjep Marku

    Thank you Anthony. I keep in mind: Think Big, Start Small, Act Now. I am still working to have a domain name for my website. As a rookie I am still walking in the dark, but I will certainly get through.

  88. Marcia Brown

    The thought to start out with small goals is a great one! I tend to make my goals so high that I get frustrated that I can’t reach them. Thanks for another wonderful piece of insight I’m putting this piece of advice to use right away!

  89. Derrine Carter

    Hi Anthony:
    I enjoy your thoughts and comments regarding starting a business. That makes very good sense.

    Thank you for the great tips you’ve been giving out on becoming a great entrepreneur. I’m gleaning on all of these thoughts, as I do desire to become one.

    Keep up the good work. I do admire you a lot for being so thoughtful and considerate towards your members and customers.

    God bless you!

  90. stella amoako

    Good information. Keep up the good work.
    God Bless.

  91. Dianne

    As I was listening to Anthony about starting small but always thinking big, I thought about small business here in Sacramento, California who have started very small and now have a franchise, commercials on TV, and online website. She started decorating strawberries in her small apartment kitchen!

  92. Chris Jewell

    Short and sweet: financially look to little steps of improvement with delight; think that my business will grow to a big success over time; respond and take actions to keep my business moving forward.

  93. Rosemary H

    Short, sweet and to the point … works for me. My team will appreciate the message too. Start small-Think BIG! Funny how sometimes the shortest messages can make the biggest impact!

  94. Starmist

    I do like the idea of “starting out small but thinking big” I’m just looking to make that first $10.00 for sure and go from there.

  95. Masuma

    Thanks Anthony. Very encouraging! Still trying to make my first buck online!

  96. Nina Perdie

    Thanks Anthony, I always enjoy your tips on success. Sometimes I get my feet running ahead of my head and I need to discipline myself more to increase my own success.

  97. Doreen / Bruce

    Hi Anthony. Thanks for the input. We are reaching our goals one step at a time. Without any part on yours, we would of never gotten this far. Thanks again. We can’t wait to meet you, should be soon.

  98. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony

    Great session, personally I am available 24/7 to any one that wants to reach me. All of my contact info is on Facebook and twitter. I am presently looking for a diffrent niche to promote. Carol has sent some info. on her blog that I am working on, I’ll let you know how they work out.


  99. Julie Olson

    Today is the day! I have Read the books and shared them with my family. I know the only way to get started is “to start” Looking forward to next weeks insight.

    Thanks again for the support.

  100. Libby Sosa

    My problem is I acted on impulse most of my life. The problem w/that was as the old saying goes “my eyes were bigger than..” I’ve most of the time had to remind myself to stay small @ the start to get going & not overload/overwhelm myself. Thanks for the reminder & affirmation.

  101. Eddie Blake

    Hi Anthony, I can see where you come from not to big to start with, then gradually work up to bigger things. This is what I will work to if I can get started with any of the one’s I have tried.

  102. John Haynes

    Thanks for the great info and reminder for the necessity of baby steps. We can’t just get up and sprint right out of the gate – everything takes time and planning – great as always, Anthony!

  103. Ann

    just starting, overwhelmed, starting small is a good idea, but the whole task seems big.

  104. Nancy Evans

    Hi I’m sorry i haven’t been able to watch some of these vidieo, but i just got my computer back online. but to tell you the trueth, i am having a hard time understanding how to do all of this. i want to , but i haven’t put my website up yet .and i really want to do this and understand how to do everything.

  105. Janice Thrift

    So true we all have to crawl before we walk, and I have learned the longer it takes to run the better you more balanced you are

  106. branko

    Thx for the advice anthony…….great concept, baby steps to achieve your goals…… looking forward to your next video……… cheers…….. bb

  107. inez trosper

    Thank you Anthoney for your time, I love listening to you. It helps me to understand about succeed..


    I can’t wait to win that one thousand!!! I badly need it.

  109. Jan-Inge

    A long journey always begins with a first small step. Be patient and do not rush away. Start slowly and be careful choosing the right path. Speed ​​up and do not stop but continue forward without looking backward.

  110. James Waters

    Starting small thinking big is an important lesson to learn at any stage in life as well as in business. It’s good to be reminded about that success principle.

  111. Trudy Shaw

    Thanks, Anthony. Would be nice to know how to get in touch with you. I do appreciate your heart to teach others to do your business.

  112. Laurel

    Anthony, It’s amazing how the simplest thing is the best thing.
    Thank you always.

  113. MARYB


  114. lina

    sure will think big. I missed previou sessions. How can i get back to them?

  115. marvin

    Hi..i have made my.first sale in affliate marketing pretty hot product it was a 25% pay out sale…i have earn $27.25 usd for that sale i really cant believe it after deep thinking and put.a plan together i am very proud it was diet related..i can now emagine if i drive enought target traffic to that thank anthony ..keeo the info coming

  116. Leitha Frye

    this reminds me of a great line from a movie “babysteps grasshopper” you must learn to crawl before you can walk. As always thanks for all you do.

  117. Blanca

    Thanks Anthony for your leadership and enthusiasm, I am sure I will “get the hang of it” sometime soon. I am still right at the learning curve, not giving up… 🙂

  118. Sharon Volkman

    These are helpful messges. Being ready when they want to buy. Starting out with small numbers that will suddenly grow. Helping me to understand the book all the better. Thank you.

  119. Kathy Postel

    Baby steps, i love IT!!!! Thank you once again, for a successful! success connection………………..sometimes people think for a while before they take action, and talk about it first- you are leading, and teaching us that to go forward and be successful is really possible!! God bless you always Anthony- Kathy

  120. Carla Schukart

    Excellent advice! Excellent example to model!

    Thank you!

  121. Roni Bulsara

    Hi Anthony,

    Glad to be part of your success connection!
    Starting small with the background music of a massive business in the background is a tremendous success principle.
    It starts with visualizing emotionally a clear goal and working assiduously to exceed it in regular increments!
    I will definitely stick to it till I get there(like a postage stamp!).

    Fired up and on the go always!


  122. Elena

    It is a great motivation to have somebody like you motivating us every day, I love your honesty, and dedication!!

  123. herbert powell

    this may be another great move as well u and your brother are great and passionate think u guy i’m slow but coming just don’t give up on me

  124. Mark

    Good stuff. That is always in the back of my mind, having to compete with the big guys. Am trying to find my niche and what sets me apart. Takes time. Thanks for the support.

  125. Susie

    THANKS! We always rnjoy hearing from you but like others we are having problems getting off the ground level. PLEASE HELP!

  126. Linda Chaligoj

    Thanks for the reminder to start small, stay focused, appreciate your success along the way to ultimately reach that really big goal you are striving for!!!!

  127. komba b osby

    Thank you for being a wonderful coach, i am following along. very soon i will have my affiliate company up and running, the comments of others are encouraging.

  128. Lynn Johnsen

    Right On Anthony!! At this time I have to think small because I have nothing to invest. My short-term goal is to make #15 per month – enough to cover my car note. My long-term goal is to make enough month income to quit my full time job. But I understand – a baby has to crawl before he/she can walk.

  129. erum

    Hi Anthony, This is a great tip of the week…. I think exactly the same. I am glad that I joined in the Affiliate Network. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. God Bless you!

  130. mike haley

    This was very helpful. I never really thought about it that way. Thanks, Anthony

  131. Beverly Dwyer

    You are so right on this topic. Since we are trained to Dream Big, many of us never get started. Everything looks too mammoth. Breaking our big goals into timely objectives gets the tasks done and keeps you moving forward. Incremental progress builds bigger successes. Thanks for the reminder that keeping it simple is the secret to success.

  132. Ivy Rice

    Everything you said in this Success Connection is so true! If we think only of the BIG goal we can become discouraged very easily. Small goals are better in the beginning. They will gradually increase, hopefully exponentially. Keep up the inspirations. Thanks for all you do. Someday I want to be able to help people like you do.

  133. Franca Luciani


  134. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,
    Thank you for your most helpful instructions and examples.
    I like an idea of starting small. Then I can start my own business in my own capacity and development with my own excitement. It makes more sense
    and I will be more enthusiastic and motivated to start my own little business.
    Many thanks, Kazuko

  135. Cindy Stevenson

    Thanks for reminding me about the goals in this business, Anthongy.

  136. Cindy Stevenson

    Thank you for reminding us about where we need to start while keeping in mind where we want to be down the road. It helps to keep things in perspective as we learn.

  137. Mary W.

    I agree wih you that you must start small and then grow. Nothing good happens overnigt. I am working on my program now with a coach and believe I have chosen the right route. NO PROCRASTINATION. Believe in yourself that it will work and you will find success. Thanks Anthony

  138. wallace chao

    very inspiring and informative! i try to earn my own $1 every minute every day

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  141. Yusuf Divan

    After putting this off for a long time,I realized,Who was the looser? I was.So let me try.The day begins when you wake up!
    Thanks Anthony for waking me up!

  142. Val

    Hello Anthony,

    Your comments make sense in most cases.
    However, how to start small when your competitive advantage is based on offering multidisciplinary services. Offering just 1 service and therefore start small will not position yourself as being different from your competitors.
    I am looking forward to hearing from your insights.
    Thank you,

  143. Albert

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  147. Albert T Smith Jr


    Using zero, that’s about as “small” a place where you can start, unless you count starting off being in the “red”.

  148. Gary

    Anthony, you are a great help. I have to constantly remind myself to set small goals, I don’t have a problem thinking big, but I have a problem of quite often setting my goals way too high. Thanks for the constant encouragement. Have A Great Memorial Day

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    Anthony, I purchased your program even before you made it big and I am 80 years old and I did not thinkI could really grasp this and I canceled it. I have watched you from before you made it big and I want to tell you that I think you are one of the best trueful persons I have ever watched. You seem so sincere that I just LOVE you. I had sent you an email stateing that I did not think I could really do this(even tho I really need the money) and canceled it. I wish I had not canceled it because I truly would love to learn this and make some extra money we really need. (I say we, because my husband is 83) I am from a small town in AL not far from where you live but I now live in Ga. (that is another story?? We are both from a small town in AL.but we meet here in Ga and have been married for 60 years. Anyway I would truly love to learn this and help us out in our SS which as you know is not that much. I have tried so many things and nothing that I have tried to work with has paned out excep surveys and as you know they do not pay that much but it is a help and as I still try to learn this business that you are teaching but so far I have not learned it. That being the case I did cancel your program because I did not have some one to help me really learn it. Any way I am so proud that God has helped you make it big because you and your family needed it and God came Through for you and I thank God for that also. I just wish that you were closer to me or someone could help me learn your program so I could make a little extra for us to have a better living in our later years.
    Again Anthony I thank God for you and your family because He did come through with helping you all get out of leading you to a better understanding of the internit and making it big and I for ONE want to Thank the Good Lord for helping you get to where you are today and for him to con’t bless you and your family. Again I do wish I could learn your program enough to make a little extra to help us maybe have some things that we would love to enjoy. I just need someone to help me learn this is all that I need but I do not have anyone that I can depend on to help me get it going. I just wanted to tell you that I am so proud of you and your family and how GOD has bless you all and hope and pray he will con’t to Bless you all.

  150. Katie M.

    Thanks Anthony Morrison for the birthday emai it was so nice to know someone is thanking about you for that big day. I’m here to tell people on this site. I have every product you have advertised. Yes I have not made no money with it not yet, but its not your fault it mines, because I have not worked it like I should. Now I have a goal and maybe it may be higher then most, but its my goal. People I here to tell you this man is a gold mine,please follow his foot steps and you can make money. Now the reason I’m not doing so good is, three areas.Fear, like experience on affiliate marketing, and like of commitment to this affiliated marketing program. Now I can keep going on, but these are my reasons. Then I went to a person who told me fear is fake, unexperience is because I have not read all his products, and affilied marketing is like going buying groceries I need the right product. So people take it from a person who is kicking fear in the butt, and reading Anthony book step by step, and acting on every move very wisely.

    Thanks again
    Katie M.

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    Luke Pham

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    Russell Bearinger Jr

  154. Natalie Lee

    I agree….starting small with affiliate marketing makes sense; not only does this allow one to focus on the goal of learning how to make money, but also not stressing out on competing with all the other competition! I like to stand out with my own style, direction, focus and experience and also teach others how to become financially independent! Here’s another “thank you” for being a fabulous teacher to us all ; )

  155. Blanca

    Thanks for all your ideas! Your words are very encouraging. I am going through a stage in my life where I need to focus, be a bit more disciplined and finally “get it”. Find my own niche and thrive. Cannot wait to get there… Happy to learn!

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  157. Jag Sodhi

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  158. Macs

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  159. Elizabeth Rayburg

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    Thanks a lot.

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  162. saba akbar

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    I like your advice of starting small, but always looking at growth. That is what I am trying to do now and am pleased to have my goal confirmed as logical planning by you. Thanks so much.


  165. Chris Kalwa

    Every journey begins with a single step. It took me two years to complete writing my initial manuscripts for two golf books. Most importantly, if I didn’t pick up a pen and pad and start writing my very first thoughts on the subject at the beach a few summers ago, I wouldn’t be wrapping up this project today.Nothing ventured – nothing gained. Thanks for the great advice!

  166. Earl Osborne

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    can’t get real and get started at a realistic level. Thank you Anthony.

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  168. annette Oglevee

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  173. jean martin

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    Thank You, Justin Gabino


    That is what i always do – I always think big even if i don’t have a dime in my pocket. Keep up the good job, good advises etc.

  176. King Richard

    Anthony u are words of wisdom. I drive a school bus making $600 wkly and it seems nobody is happy at all with the job. Soooooo many disgruntled people we all need CHANGE immediately. I’m going to show everybody your tape and maybe faith— prayer and Anthony Morrison will save America. Thank you for preaching it builds up all of our confidence.

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    Thank You

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    Suppose he had said, “Gee, I can never compete with IBM,” and had quit right then?

    Definition of failure. Somebody who quits before s/he succeeds!


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    Thanks again

  181. William

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    it. Thank You, William

  182. Pam F

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  183. Pat Rebo

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    Best regards

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  186. Luis A. Deleza

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  192. rosa

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  193. Marcy

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    I went to your info in person, you were not there, talk in Minneapolis.
    I do think you are great ! ! To get started I forget what you said now what we need. I did click on Like on Facebook.
    Thank You for helping others.

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  203. Steven Ruzella

    Hi Anthony,

    Good news, I was just down in Mississippi for training this past weekend. We put out a lot of Ads and we did get two conversions. We are starting and it is exciting. Start small and go.


  204. Kevin Young

    Anthony I can’t wait to get started. Starting small and thinking big is simple. My first goal is to make $10.00.

  205. Yevonne

    For newbies, that is a great reminder! We are trying to look too far ahead, too soon and if you don’t make that, you get discouraged. One step at a time. Thanks for all the encouragement.

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  211. Lori


    Until I took your class i didn’t realize how big the e market was.
    It has overwhelmed me. Your videos helps to keep the perspective. This video is about eating the elephant one bite at a time.

    Thank you,

  212. Saied

    Requires patience and determination because the first few steps are the hardest.

  213. Jo-Anne

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  214. william ortega

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  215. vivian

    I don’t have a website yet. but this is exactly what I needed to hear. It did help me to redo how I am going to think about my goals and not start by trying to do something so big that I cannot reach it right now. So I am starting out smaller. thank You Anthony

  216. barry parks

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  223. peter

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    thanks again. Peter

  224. Carla De Petris

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  225. Ranger Phillip

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  228. Penny J. Koke

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  229. Joe D.

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  230. Sheila Aldrich

    Good point, Anthony. Doing things on a gradient works, have the Big Think but don’t kick yourself everytime you realise you are, for example, not as big as Best Buy. I know quite a few companies, bands etc who started in a garage and made a success of that and then moved up from there.

  231. Steve Le Baron

    What do affiliates need to consider doing more of?
    Start small and grow with experience and knowledge that will take you to the next level of business. EXCELLENT SUGGESTIONS!

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    Keep the info coming in.

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  234. Larry Lund

    Hello Anthony, Thank you for the big picture but first starting out small. All of it is great advise and I am looking forward in starting my first business. I need to read more and then take action to reach my goals with your help with information to get me there!
    Larry Lund

  235. William McCammon

    This is a Home Run Anthony. This exactly what I teach my people through goal setting. Keep your eyes on the big goal and identify each smaller goal and what it takes to reach each level and before you know you are sitting on top of your ultimate goal. Dream big and do not get discouraged on your journey.

  236. William McCammon

    This is a Home Run Anthony. This is exactly what I teach my people through goal setting. Keep your eyes on the big goal and identify each smaller goal and what it takes to reach each level and before you know you are sitting on top of your ultimate goal. Dream big and do not get discouraged on your journey.

  237. yvone

    I’m trying to think BIG. But you said starting with a little makes a lot of sense. I’m doing it! thanks for the information. Great stuff.

  238. Eustacio Vasquez

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  239. Richard E. Darling

    Thank you for the reminder, that small attainable goals are the way to begin a business. I do tend to let my ego loose to often. The what if I do just more, can at times backfire. I know this, but still I over reach from time to time. Ultimate goals are fine for the future and should indeed channel and focus your energies, But the attainable smaller goals is what brings success.

  240. Harold Haulbrook

    “That’s” funny my wife & i were just talking about this very thing, —“What” & “How” are we going to do different. “To grab” someones “Attention”–“Ya” think about it its really no different than getting in your “car” drive down the road & see a new store ” what” are they doing different ??? —“Spot lights” ??–Flags–“Discounts” ??–“Look @ “walmart” ‘Started” out in a small town in Ark. (mom & pop hardware store ) “What” are “Ya” going to do different to get someone to walk in your door ?? “Then” once they do–what do you do to get them to buy & get them to keep coming back for more. “I” have a idea what i what to do, “But” i keep going back to the drawing board & look for ways to make it even better. “I” wish everybody out there “Good Luck” see “ya” on the other side. (some day soon ) –“Take Care”

  241. Sveza

    Hi Anthony,
    Just to let you know that what you are talking about on this video sounds like my personal story, explaining my first steps,my hopes,the excitement when I received my first ten dollars, gradually building my new business and website.The brand that I have been promoting is Vivatap .You can check on Google.Thank you for your hard work and great enthusiasm.

  242. Sharon Espejo

    thank you for your very important lesson today Anthony. You have shown me that I do not need to worry about being big until I start little and work my way to the top. sharone

  243. Bill Munro


    Starting small makes alot of sense. I’ve seen many people get frustrated because they try to do everything all at once, instead of taking one small step at a time. Unless you take things one step at a time, you will head
    for disaster. I hope everyone takes your advice.

  244. Isaac

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  245. Vilma Magureanu

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    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
    Very encouraging.

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  247. Giovanni

    I have the same experienced when I started online business. I have a small success but didn’t have much time to pursue it because of time, personal schedule, and management objectives. I always thought that online business is a way to earn extra money because not only that some people have success doing it before but continue to make money online on a regular basis. I know joining this community will boost my motivation and have more vital information from all the members sharing comments and of course from Mr. Morrison as well.

  248. Susan Marcoux

    Absolutely makes sense. How about throwing out a few other ideas like your 24/7 hotline? I’ll take all the help I can get and I enjoy picking your brain. Thanks, Sue

  249. Anica Ioanas

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    Thank you for the advices related to the starting strategy for a new business.I appreciate it,learning from it, and, from you a lot,hopping that will be used soon.
    P.S.I’ll be back here after solving some of my life’s issues that I am facing right now.

    Warmest regards!

    Anica Ioanas

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  252. M. A. Allen

    May 19th 2013

    Really good story on thinking big.

    M/ A. Allen

  253. Barbara Maddox

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    Thanks Anthony,
    Barbara Houston, Tx.

  254. Elizabeth

    Thanks Anthony,

    I am loving all these tips you are giving us. This week has really helped me. I have been feeling stuck and today you have answered my “why”. I just need to start small, enjoy each small success and think out of the box. It is great to think big, but I also need to start small right now.

    Thanks for helping me !!


  255. Mike

    How about the old UK saying “Look after the penny’s and the pounds will look after themselves”

  256. thoma es terry

    Yes! I am the one left behind, I am now in Seattle starting school with a lap top. NOW I am ready to start
    great love
    I will not win the 1,000.00 but one thing for sure I will never give up!
    glad to be here!

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  260. Gaspar Henry

    That was comforting words to me. I am new to online marketing and I recently purchased your fast sniper software. I live on a small island called Saint Lucia which is located in the Caribbean.
    My goal is to make good business and be the first on my island to be successful at online marketing. Thanks for the boost.

  261. Mark Peters

    This important nugget has been a timely one. Yes I was guilty of thinking and comparing my activity with the established stores. As you said make my business unique to attract and maintain customers. Thanks for offeing and reinforcement the “Magic of Thinking Big” in phases.

  262. Victoria Harsche

    Thanks Anthony. Always making sense. I am on your PMI coaching and am greatfull for it. Thank you again.

  263. Regina Magigi

    Thanks Anthony there is a lot of wisdom in your concept. It inspires and encourages one to persevere and remain consistent. It is a good quality to have. Many thanks.

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