1. Josephine

    Great information, Anthony. So true. This provides me with renewed energy to ensure that I continue to build my online income – no matter what.

    See you next time.

  2. Carolyn

    May I say AMEN!!! I have been focused on a business and I know it will happen today. I am success and fearless.
    Tell next time Anthony.

  3. Andrea DeVito

    Thank You Anthony,
    I do have a copy of both books I purchased when I lived in Kingsport, TN.
    It takes me longer to learn and I’ve gone from one bad situation to another but I won’t quit til I win! Before next week, I will finish reading and doing a book report of the best items in both Think and Grow Rich and The Hidden Millionaire. I’ve written down my goals and have started putting more time into me and less into things I can’t do anything about and I look forward to giving you a successful story down the road.
    Life is a Challenge, my life is an Adventure, and I’m an explorer so my time will come!
    Thank you so much for all you do to help others and me too! Enjoy your week and I’ll be back!
    Take care,

  4. Dorothy


    The fear of making ,mistakes in business and not knowing where you are going or how to proceed, is huge for me. I am trying to finally get into this program because my financial world is falling down around me. the scariest part is taking the first step.

    Thanks for the guidance and encouragement.


  5. Biagio

    Great job,hope to see you in Mississippi this coming week I have few thinks to speak to you about it!
    Biagio Alesandro

  6. Tom Harvey

    You hit it and it is usually what I need at the time I hear it..

    Today was a down day but you lifted me up..


  7. Olive Brown

    Thank you. You have been a great inspiration to me. I appreciate your time and effort to help us all. Thanks again.

    God bless you,
    Olive Brown

  8. Gordon Chisholm

    This is probably the biggest risk I’ve ever taken (financially). I can only keep a positive attitude about the direction my life has taken when I begin to see results. Your book certainly has key elements for everybody’s lives.

  9. Donald Paden

    Great advice Anthony, because I’m a personal witness that fear can hinder success, and that calculated risk is absolutely necessary to get ahead.

  10. Courtney

    Thank you for the feedback. I definitely get discouraged at times. It’s important to stay positive and focused.


  11. John M. Sabb

    KUDOS Anthony, I believe a positive mindset is open to study-practice-teach (Zig Zigler & Jim Rohn) I’m at the study and starting to practice. I will prevail. I will be in my own words… The Relentless Optimistic Opportunist.(TROO) I will help enough people get what they want in life so I have everything I want. Do these words sound familiar. Your success with anthony program is so valuable. Thank You GOD BLESS

  12. Lawrence Law

    Anthony, I have watch and read your emails for 6 months now and just joined your team because of how positive you are and really don’t have hype but facts as the basis of your promotions. Going to a persons home and showing them that they can make money while you are there with them was so impressive that I joined right after I watched…
    What is so compelling is to see actual results… I have read a ton of testimonials from other companies that make empty promises… I am looking forward to meeting your challenge and exceeding it with my success story.
    Soar with the Eagles…

  13. Sheryl Voss

    Thank you Anthony for continuing to inspire and showing solid ways to make money on the internet.

  14. Jeff Cook

    I love your ideas and even signed up for the new Success with Anthony, but I haven’t received a link to get to the information. All I keep getting are emails to set up a coach and emails to watch another video. Your add said I could have access to 5 websites and lots of other tools.

    Please advise.

  15. Mark Murph

    Mr. Morrison I started my on line business last nov. went throught your program which was very enlighting about the internet business.I try to watch very video blog that you put out and i try to follow every thing you said which helps out alot.I still need help with your coaches. I feel like im at a stand still but i know i will have success. i have fill out the forms so dont forget me i need help thank you mark murph

  16. vernell rolle

    hi anthony your new seccess is great, i really do love it because it”s fast, visable and to the point . the world needs this.,am happy you are not keeping it to yourself it will help my businesses well. have abless day vernell

  17. James Ivy

    Great deal Anthnoy going out of your comfort zone really hits home. I find trying new things that is uncomfortable for you can possibly open up doors to the success you seek.

  18. Joseph Blanco

    Hi, first of all yes success with anthony was a great program and I recommend everyone to take part of it. Hours of training video and very effective guide. And about this success connection video, it is true that the major hindrance in a person being successful is fear. Fear of failing or failing again. But hey, in every business there is always a risk involve and being fearless is the only way to overcome failure.

  19. laverne crayton


  20. Jennifer

    This helped take away the negative thoughts.I have each time I try and learn some of the ways to increase traffic to my site. I have invested money, I have a website…it gets a few visitors but I am not happy with only a few sales.
    Looking forward to learning and gaining a deeper knowledge of how to implement some of the success ideas you have presented without investing more money.

  21. Ben Benson

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Your suggestion are “right on” and everyone should be using them. I’ll be tuned in next week for your next blog. Love them.

  22. Richard G.

    Anthony I’ve taken risks and lost. Find u too be very very motivational. If u ran for president of the US I bet u would win. Have my whole family that when you are at the bottom of the tadpole there is only one way and that way is up up up. Thanks for your speeches/ lectures they are a home run.

  23. Jovy

    I am learning a lot from The Success Connection and is so excited to start the program !Thank you, Anthony!

  24. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony!
    Thank you for encouraging us with such inspiring insight.
    I’m starting up this online-marketing business 2nd time and
    this time I’m determined to get through the brick wall with
    the positive mindset which would not be afraid to take a risk
    and go outside of my comfort zone to reach a goal.
    Please keep teaching and guiding us to the success path.
    Best wishes, Kazuko

  25. Jacqualyn Ramirez

    A positive mind set is necessary and very important and daily reinforcement is a rewarding gift for ones self. It makes a difference in how you reach your accomplishments.

    Thank You Anthony !

  26. Bruce Delonge

    thank u for the weekly encouragement i starting up my busniss with litle money i have finance bacic evey thing but i know have to go out with it and keep the faith that i will susceed with the business

  27. Andrea Dalton

    Anthony you have helped me so much….I’m not yet there as far as actually having a successful business but I know now and I BELIEVE that I can do it…..thank you so much for your support…..keep
    doing what you do!

  28. Doreen / Bruce

    “RISKS” = “NO FEAR” = “CONFIDENCE IN YOUR SELF”. If you quit you’ll never know how close you were to success.

    Here’s a risk for you “Anthony”, we have an idea that makes Mike Zuckerberg? the facebook guru look like monopoly money. It needs development. Interested?

  29. Shawn Floyd

    Hi Anthony, Shawn here; I hope you can help me think outside of the box here. I took a look at your one hour of personal coaching video. I have a web-site with you already. If you forego the $49, and let me have access to the software. You will not have to pay that $1000 dollars to me for best interaction. That can go to someone else, and I will pay you the $49 for the access to the software. Why? I am thinking outside the box, and I am willing to improve upon systems that are already in place. I have done the research on a system and I am ready to deploy it. If I had a mentor like yourself. We would perform a lot more miracles for many other people in and out of your system, and the system that I have done my research on. I know I am broke right now, but making money with your system, and showing you I am serious, because I am making money with your system. I can then show you the excitement about another system that can literally introduce the poor and the middle-class to upward mobility like they deserve.

  30. Pat Rebo


  31. lori Gordines

    not going into a shell was good advice. I have a tendency to do that

  32. Romana Stanton

    Hi Anthony I been following you in this series I like your teachings I have the course I bought it a year in a half ago but before I can start setting it up I lost my job and the internet so I didn’t get tofind out it works but as soon as I can I’ll give it a try my only internet i have is in my cell phone to bad I can’t set the program on it or I wood. I’m ready to learn more your teachings are wonderful keep it up.
    Have a great day Romana Stanton

  33. Anthony Canty

    just what we need support, i just became part of your online school pmi and i like the site. thanks anthony, waiting to start making money.

  34. alexandrafg

    I saw a little bit on one of your webminars about facebook but I am waiting for one of your webminars to be exclusively about facebook. Even though fb is in frame format and you adviced us about it, I believe your system is perfect for fb. Let me know if you already have one!

  35. Paul

    Hi Anthony,You are always very inspirational and make me think that one day I will be as succesfull as you have become.So keep up the good work I think you are making a differance.

  36. Dave

    I’ve had that shell around me for many years.But listening to you on here.My shell is cracking around me and my wife also.We are in this to win it, .this for our retirement in the next two years.

  37. Joe Amerson


    You are an insperation. I can also see why you choise Randy to do your 3-day classes. You both have the same personality and drive. I would like to share this and some of your vidios with people with the negetive mind set. I am trying to get them on board.
    Tody’s topic is dearlt needed. So many people only want to make excuses.
    Thank you, and God bless,

  38. graham

    HI Anthony i like your success story how you went from rock bottom to a business, that save your family. thats fab mate, I have been trying to work this internet thing out for the last year, and am so mad with it that i what to pull my hair out with it. i am so confused with it all, everyone try,s to full my head with loads of imformation, it,s to much to take in at once,and then so you get no where with it, i should till you what i have started first, so you know how to help me first, so them, i have a click bank account.and a host account ( it is in a mess i have blogs every were, you look you will see and you will say G— F—U— tell me about it, i am not very good with the (Tec stuff), I also a free google account and wordspead, and very pool traffic, the thing is i been unemployed for almost four years now. on the dole, with a mortgage on house i am going to lose soon, my wife is screeming at about the situlation we are in, i was a self employed plasterer from ireland, before the recession, but now nauthing, i try the internet to try to make money to save my house, the thing is that i what to succeed, with this it very hard, i feel that i need a three step plan with no confusion, I enter this with you not for free 1000 dallars from yourself but the education, to be successful and learn i feel education is the key to, The thing is that i mite win, but it not good with out the education, you moswill throw the money away.i would like the education insteed, because i would have it spent and back were i was again, so that is no good it,s it, Would you be able to help me to secessed all not one to one, You can you,s me for one of your videos..where you come to my house that seems fab, if you like mate ….thank you…… graham…. ps who ever see,s this first gives this to Anthony morrison, becaue this is for him only cheers

  39. Ed Moore

    Thanks for being an inspiration and a go-to person, that puts his money, where his mouth is! You have opened a door to internet success. All any one has to do, is follow your example. When I learn what you are doing, I will teach others, myself. It would be better for me, if I where affiliated with you. Justin Michie, highly recommends you, and your programs. I sincerely believe today’s internet is the beginnig of global activity, on a local level. Mass communication is now very real and possible. You are proof. Sincerely, Me

  40. tanesha sharpe

    Hi Anthony Im a student at the education academy i have a coach as well Im reading and learning all the inforrmation so hopefully I can make money for me and my family thank you for sharing your knowledge and insite with the world.

  41. Chad Norman

    Oh fart golden nugget, that’s the key right there, to come out of your comfort shell or comfort zone and take risk! Love that! Have a great day! 🙂

  42. betty gallacher

    Hi Anthony, I’m wondering if I have signed up for the wrong program, I really didn’t want to start my own business, I really need to start making money right away. Thanks Betty.

  43. Dale

    Hi, Yes I bought into another of your great plans and I do love them.
    God Bless!

  44. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, yes once again you are right on the money. I am going to learn this bussiness from the bottom up. I have allready spent allot of money looking and reaserching and still have not made my first dollar yet. I know one of these days I am going to write my responce to you and let you know I just made my first dollar on the Internet. It will be my begining to my own Internet Bussiness. WOW! I am ready for it ! Thanks to you for all the information you send out to all of us students. You have truely earned the tittle “PROFESSOR ANTHONY”! Your student Luis, May GOD BLESS YOU!

  45. Stacey

    It is scary getting outside of your comfort zone, but it is easy to do if you keep your eye on the prize. You can’t explore new oceans if you don’t lose sight of the shore and that is what you need to do in order to learn this business and have success.

  46. Cheri

    Fear always takes over me, especially when I start new business venture.
    I Failed at quite a few online programs I have taken the risk but failed tl launch. Please help.

  47. Patrick Miller

    This is a tough one to take to heart – it’s hard to overcome the fear of taking a big risk! Finding something to take as a ‘template’ to build on is a great suggestion, though and should help alleviate the fear. Thanks!

  48. Gwen

    This is one of the most important outlooks you can have. Positive brings positive and negative brings more negative. I think we tend to forget this when something goes wrong. I am enjoying your classes and look forward to more.

  49. jan rose

    I wanted to share a little laugh with you, Anthony – I watch the Success Connection religiously, as well as many of your other videos – and all my pets recognize your voice! They come over to the computer, even jumping up on the desk, and sit and watch and listen with me! They think we are having a friend to visit that they know well, and they come to greet you at the “window”. It really puts a smile on my face, and I hope it does that for you, too!

  50. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony
    I have decided to go back and re-read the book from front to back again, I have been at this for a while and zero income as of today. I suppose I have been so wrapped up in the bills I owe that I cant pay blind me to what is keeping me from being successful. Thanks for the booster shot, I shall start over with a fresh start. I have been so bombarded with all the diffrent GURUS that I have gotten off the beaten track.


  51. Marie Gertz

    That is the way I am looking at this business is no holds barred. I have always been head strong and never cared about what others said what I could or couldn’t do. If they said You can’t do that I always said Oh Yes I Can. And with you and PMI i will make it in this business. Take care for now and keep up the good work. Thanks MG

  52. eric

    Thanks for the information on marketing plus thinking about starting small steps but having the
    Goal in mind that I will get to where I want to be
    In being successful with the internet.

    P.s. I’ll tell you the truth Anthony i probably do need help an I know u have professional coaches
    But as of right now my phone is off and the only connection is the internet

  53. Roger Ordonez

    Mr. Anthony, my attitude about this whole thing is positive, i see the opportunity of the whole world at our fingertips huh!

    Thank you for your continuing education, all your time you put into it.

    Everything i learn from you and Adrian is really priceless for what will become of it.

    i really hope and wish i had the money to get onboard even more with the super tools you all come up with, they are amazing.

    You know what i gather from this is this,

    Risk taking by well planned education is a smart investment,

    i am new to all of this, i will let you know the success story one day.

    Thank you

  54. Jeonila Duenas

    Anthony i want to make a success on my life,but if i don’t have the money to buy your soft ware how do you excepted me to give you the amount of money when i have told you am not working am living on limited income i can even buy what i want for my self.i just got through watching our video that you want me to watch.

  55. Dolores Stolfi

    I’ve just purchased Level 3 training and am excited and scared at the same time. It was a big step for someone in my financial position. Your Fearlessness of Success video was very timely for me! The tired old saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, is true, but difficult to keep in mind at times.

  56. Blanche

    I am a little aprehensive but am going forward to be successful.

  57. Rondell Smith

    Hey Anthony when I first purchased your program last year that book and another I read both books in one day and they both have power and inspiring information keep that motivation coming. Thanks Rondell Smith

  58. Donald Bishop

    Good info! Going to buy the book: the Hidden Millionaire

  59. Cynthia Showaker

    Hi Anthony, I love watching and listening to your videos. They bring me such encouragement to do my best everyday. Thank you for your teachings.

  60. Macs

    I see what my problem is. I must “bite the bullet” and go for it, right? HELP!

  61. Gwen Melton

    Anthony, I must say uou are persistent. I have received countless emails from you to join your program.The only reason I haven’t is because of my financial situation. I live paycheck to paycheck and there’s no money left over after my bills or paid. But, after listening to your presentation you have given me the push I need to take the risk.I believe you are a honest person and would try to scam anyone. Just the way stepped up and helped your family out of devastating situation says it all. I admire you very much.

    Well,I guess I’m in you hands now and actually feel good about it. About your books, I’d love to read them. Where would I find them?

    Looking forward to making a lot of money under your direction.

    Best regards,

  62. Cynthia alfini

    I believe it I really worthwhile and I can’t wait to really begin now that I have an I pad (computer). I really appreciate you a lot and I’m excited to begin.
    I wrote you an e- mail ago and Rock And Motors are the scam artists – not you; as I’ve said. I’ll keep it to myself. I plan to ” do Anthony Morrison this summer for three hours ago. I believe you are a creative genesis.
    Thank you.!!
    Cynthia Alfini(Santa Fe, NM).

  63. Lenora Salters

    Hi Anthony,
    Oh my gosh, I think you have mental telepathy. I have been out of commission for a couple of months due to respiratory illness and unable to
    even think clearly with all the meds. This is my re-entry into the world of becoming successful in Affilate Marketing and I really needed to hear, not just your voice, but your message today. Thank you so much for reminding me why I am part of your group and boosting my spirits. I am a firm believer that in order to become successful you must have a true entreprenurial spirt. Forward Ho! No looking back, only forward, surrounded by the right mentor. Thank you again. Kindest Regards, Lenora

  64. Marcus Silbery

    Great information and motivation to strive forward. Thanks Anthony.

  65. Georgette Johnson

    Anthony, Thanks for all your education opportunities. I am learning through PMI classes & am a new SWA student. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  66. Ron Perlinger

    Thanks, Anthony. The encouragement to not be afraid of failures in a new venture is priceless.
    Ron Perlinger

  67. charles cameron

    Once again Anthony you have not disappointed me. Excellent material. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in such a manner that I can follow your teaching. Keep up the good work.

  68. Selesa

    Great preaching of the internet marketing to make money on line…well am still working to build my business and hopefully I’ll make my first dollar sooner rather than keeping spending money on stuff that don’t work…

  69. Romeo

    It was a brief video but conveys great information on how we should shape ourselves into becoming successful entrepreneurs.Many thanks Anthony.

  70. Albert T Smith Jr

    I am a complete newbie to internet marketing. I am , out of my comfort, and this is a taking a chance on changing my situation. I am open to teaching; but I probably need some 3-D mentoring. I”‘m engaged! Thanks for the opportunity.

  71. Linda Silberg

    Your right about one thing get a mind set and go for it!

  72. david

    As always solid info, thanks a lot. Knowing that things do not always work out as we want can paralyze a person with fear. Be brave do not let your fear hold you back!! I am so afraid of not making money I have not applied for credit for my business. I must overcome my fear to allow myself the success I and my family deserve.

  73. Debbie

    Thank you for the information. I just started you business opportunity and I am excited to get going.

  74. Ron Akers

    Thank you for all your time…BTW, how many clones do you have? I don’t see how you have time to personally do all these, but I sure appreciate it.

    P.s. I wish these were recordable so I could save on my hard drive. I have screen capture but the quality isn’t very good especially audio.

  75. Janice Lozada

    Makes so much sense. K.I.S.S. and don’t let the nay sayers get to you…run the other way!!! Thanks, Anthony!

  76. Cindy Stevenson

    You continue to inspire me to keep moving forward. I can’t get enough of your information and your videos, thank you for wanting to teach us how to be successful entrepreneurs. I find myself constantly wanting to get back to learning everything I can from you every day. Looking forward to the next video.

  77. frank senner

    thank you anthony.i like the information you gave.i will remember to use it!

  78. Sam Dennis

    Hey Anthony,
    Thank you for sharing all this information with us. I went to a seminar not too long ago which was in Toms River, NJ, but unfortunately I couldn’t register for the training because of finances. I was saddened, but I kept the faith, I knew that God will make a way for me to get the training somehow, so I didn’t worry about it. So, some weeks later, you sent me mail and told me I could get the training DVD’s for free for 30 days, and yes, I did. I only had to pay for shipping and handling.I am really excited and can’t wait to get started. I have the Super Affiliate Training DVD’s by Adrian and the information on them is superb. I am determined to put everything I am learning into practice and just move forward.
    Thank you for this opportunity and I have prayed that I meet you one day. I know God hears and answers prayers, so I consider my prayer answered. You inspire me!
    Blessings on you and your family,
    Sam Dennis

  79. Thomas Jourden

    So true! A risk always pays off, if not financially one gains knowledge and understanding. I like an educated risk better, but sometimes the education only comes with the risk. And then the comment on discouraging people. I have realized many of those who tell me something won’t work no less about what I am trying than I do.

    Thanks it is a good reminder

  80. Al Hixon

    I spent my life in the entertainment business…a business where everyone tells you, “you can’t succeed…the odds are against you…”. Although I had moderate success, I struggled contstantly, but I still haven’t given up. This business is the “New World” and has infinite possibilities. All one has to do is “DON’T GIVE UP!”

    Thank you Anthony for a chance at the life I deserve.

  81. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    This is really great advice as usual. Basically stay focused and follow that path to succeed. It is really scary taking the first step but once you do, you feel so good about it.

    Thanks again Anthony!
    I missed last week’s success connection. I did not get an email with an invite.

  82. Mark Miser

    Hi Anthony,

    I really liked this weeks message. Thanks! If we don’t take risks in life it is very easy to become complacent and accept thing for what they are. I also believe that the biggest thing that stops us from stepping out of are comfort zone and taking risks is the fear of failure. If we can just look at life as one big learning experiance and learn from are mistakes we can achieve anything we want.

    Thanks again!

    Mark Miser
    MEM Enterprises

  83. Rob Zalesiak

    Great information using fear as a motivator to be successful

  84. George M Poteet Sr

    Hi Anthony: Thank you so much for the birth day greeting. you were the first one to remember. and thank you for your words of incurgement they also are greatly apprecated during these dificult times.

  85. Beverly Farnsworth

    Hi Anthony,
    This Success Connection has helped me …”All of our hard work and time is going to pay off! I just have to work harder and spend more time dedicated to learning and getting our product out there for people to find.” I have to, too much is riding on all of these programs to quit! I have to, I want to… learn each program, until I know them by heart!
    Thank you for your positive outlook on life. You hung on…and made it! I want to be that Guy.. who hangs on!
    Thank you,
    Beverly F

  86. daniel gilreath

    Still trying to learn more so that hopefully I can talk to my coach next week, and have every thing set up. working on the classes this week. Thanks again, it is like you say stay positive. Dan

  87. Robert Earls

    Just getting started with SWA.
    Exellent content,so far!
    I look forward to each and everyone of your correspondences.
    Cant wait to launch my first campaign.
    Please keep the info coming— I cant get enough!!!!

  88. Vikki Adkinson

    Anthony, I am truly thankful for the words you have spoken in this message. I have heard them before, and believe them, now they are serving as reinforcement. I need them to replay in my head over and over again so I don’t forget them! Thanks again!

  89. Jan-Inge Andersson

    Great advice, thank you so much! I try to live without fear, to don’t look back, just focus on my goal and keep on going!

  90. Marcia Brown

    This principle is one I continually struggle with. Taking the next steps in anything I do has always been hard because I always think, “What if . . .” with a negative attitude. My take on this is that my “What if . . .” needs to envision a positive outcome instead of all the negative thoughts. My goal is going to be to think more about those positive things that could happen, and develop steps toward the positive “What if . . .” outcomes.

    As always, you have helped me with something I struggle with and I am very grateful. Thanks so much, Anthony!

    God bless you in your journey of helping others!

  91. Deb

    I have really enjoy your discussions and information from lessons learned! I understand the messages that you are relating to us which has help me try even harder to fulfill my own expectations in being successful. I have worked very hard all my life and actually achieved the magic six figure income but my health and one doctor comment took it all away! What is really funny about this mishap in my life, it introduced you into my life. It has been your up beat nature and can do attitude that makes me smile knowing I am not alone when I play the “glad game” (polyanna). It has been over a year now that I been out of work and all I need is a couple surgeries and I would be able to get back to work. Waiting to hear from SSID and just 2 months ago a lied for eorkmsn comp, nothing yet. I must say that if it wasn’t for my parents I would be living on the street. Now I realize that if you want to get things done and society has let you down, the only person that can help is yourself! In other words “take responsibility of your own life”. So as I listen to your web videos it makes me smile that there are people out there trying to make a difference. Your kindness is appreciated and has given me hope.
    Your point today lesson from your book concerning fear. Fear only causes failure and failure results in negitive out come which does not help the growth of one and tends to dig a larger hole for yourself.
    Thanks for reaching out!
    ‘I think therefore I am” (dlmdo)
    Rio Rancho, NM

  92. Angela

    Thank you Anthony for getting me motivated. I have purchased your system and I opened a few stores. God Bless

  93. bird woman

    Thank you, Anthony; I just listened, and I really needed to hear that part about digging down deep, realizing I cannot give up; sometimes I feel that there’s just so much I don’t know about the internet, since I’m almost 61; and I’ve depended on teens to help me even know facebook, which I really don’t spend much time on…I really need to know how to succeed in this, so I can get out of debt…..thank you. np

  94. Discover Auctions

    Another inspiring post Anthony, thank you for sharing. To be successful in anything involves risk. But living without taking any risks leads to a very boring and non-monetary life. Sometimes one just needs to be reminded by successful people of the risks they took to get where they are. That seems to get creative thoughts flowing in others. Then the key is acting on those thoughts, in comes the risk which requires fearlessness. Risk can lead to success or failure. Going it alone can put a higher risk to failure in the plan. Learning from one of the best and following their practices should be in everyone’s initial plan. Don’t go it alone.

  95. Ken Curran

    This is a great series of mind set changing material. I have tried to keep your principle in mind and they are changing how I think of and do things in my business and personal life

  96. David

    Thanks !!!. For that positive information, It helps keep me motivated in this process of starting my own business.

  97. Libby Sosa

    I get so focused on what I want that I was called stuborn most of my life. Know your faults & make them work for you!

  98. James Waters

    Thanks Anthony for the information. I know that success involves a different mindset. I’m glad to be learning about being a calculated risk taker.

  99. ann burton

    Hi Anthony,
    i just signed up with success with Anthony, its amazing how many of your students share the same fear. i am ready to plunge into your program and i am willing to do what it takes i want to work for me and wake up when i am done sleeping Fear is a terrible thing it can paralise you and leave you gasping for air so i have to beat that i like reading all the letters they inspire me and i am on the winning street thank you for your constant many goals and i just want to meet my first one by making my first one hundred on line. it is possible.

  100. Leitha Frye

    We often tell ourselves that we dislike change, however, change is the one constant we can not avoid. If you embrace that thought. it will beeasier for you to let yourself be successful and take the kind of risks you are talking about. Thanks, for all you do!!

  101. Cecilia

    Anthony as always you provide great inspiration to have success. I really have to keep myself consistent on a daily basis without other interruptions. I thank you for your continued instruction and energy you provide.

  102. Maria

    I cannot wait to receive the cds I ordered. I want to start now. I “need” to get rich! I need to be debt free. Like what you and your family underwent before, I have so many financial obligations to face. I don’t want to run away from them, but I have to find the right business to take. My present job is not enough to meet my needs. Your success connection motivated me to go on and you are my inspiration. I’ll email you back if I received my first dollar. Thank you.

  103. Dennis Ward

    Hi Anthony,
    Just want to tell you, that I reread “The Hidden Millionaire” last week and I enjoyed it as much the second as the first time. Thanks for writing it.


  104. Carmel Bosquet

    Hi Anthony you’re absolutely right. When I made the decision of taking the three day class, I know I have to let go of the fear I had of Affiliate Marketing. I am really happy to hear the message in this video. I am only looking forward. Thanks Anthony!

  105. phillip combs

    Thanks for the uplifting info.Just getting started with Sucess with anthony My family has lost everything,Hoping at 52 I can get my head in the game and finally start making some money for us instead of making everyone else rich.keep the info coming.

  106. Mike Parks

    It is so difficult to get started. My head starts spinning when I think of all the things that I need to do to get going. Thanks for doing this… you give hope to so many people.

  107. Linda G

    I know about being afraid but I have the will to succeed through your blogs. So I want to be part of my future financial success. How do I start. I need the tools you teach. This is my chance to make it,

  108. Elizabeth Brown

    Hi Anthony I watched your webinar and i already purchased the book and cd and it was very informative your information has helped me a lot thank you.

  109. Roni Bulsara

    Greetings from Roni and Nancy Bulsara..
    We are new students.
    We are deeply moved by Your massive success against all odds.
    Wish you well in all future endeavours.

    We shall conttinue to grow and learn from you!

    God Bless.

  110. Jennie Baez

    Hi Anthony,

    I reside in Florida. I ordered your first course, How to Profit from Home and also the Ledgen Builder which I am now trying to learn. I guess it’s just like everything else, it’s a learning process. Anyhow, I would like to know if you will be in Florida any time soon for a conference? Thank you for being an inspiration. Jennie.

  111. Sheila Aldrich

    Good point Anthony. How can you ever expand if you never reach outside
    of where you are already?! Thanks again, Anthony.

  112. inez trosper

    Thank you Anthony for taking your time, to encourage us. I appreicated.
    Thank you again

  113. James Magee

    I like your mind set. That’s the way I look at it. Do 5 things and hope 3 will be successful.



  114. Gordon Harvey


    Your comments are specific as usual and very informative.

    Thank you for your support.

  115. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks to you, I have stepped out on faith and made some investments in your program and am moving forward, if slowly, toward my goal. I have met another roadblock, but expect to be able to begin moving forward again soon. I feel much better, if a bit stressed. I’ll get there.


    Anthony, you have been my really inspiration although due to many failures in life i have been skeptical to just jump in and try your program.

  117. Linda Griggs

    Great advice, I desperately want to change my mindset and rid the negative influences that have stopped my success in the past. Because I just became disabled in October taking risks is a little more scary, but I am willing to step out of my comfort zone.

  118. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Always enjoy listening to you. I’m going to do this. I need to be positive, get out of my comfort zone and not look back.

    Thanks for all your help.

  119. Dianne

    I am bummed. Sounds like a good one according to the comments. I can only see a black empty space where you video should start. I am coming to Utah for a level 2 training in June. I posted this info in your last success video #108 and specific questions to you and only got a scripted generic response.

  120. Joyce Hubble

    Anthony, Anthony, Anthony! There are so many brick walls out there and my head has knots on knots! But I must say, a weekly dose of your attitude is a balm. Remember the little train that could! See you next week.

  121. Johnnie Steele

    this is good advice. Many times in klife’s endeaviors we hesitate because of the unknown. Fear of failure is definitely a demotivator.

  122. Gina

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m so excited to get started.Thanks for the motivation to succeed. The hardest part is taking the first step, its very scary! We have been wanting to start our own business for many years! You are so right! You need to get out of your comfort zone, not listen to negative people & be willing to take risks. Until now, that is what has stopped us from getting started because we were fearful of no success. I have had so many roadblocks to overcome, but I will not let this stop me anymore! Time to take a leap of faith & more forward. Thanks so much for all your knowledge & inspiration. We look forward to seeing you in Mississippi in 2 weeks & watching your next video! See you soon!

    P.S. Did I miss a week, last Success Connection #108 was on 5/4/12 ?

  123. Ivy Rice

    Hi Anthony,
    Another great Success Connection. Thanks so much for all you do. I believe you really care about people and want to see them succeed.
    Keep up the great inspirations.

  124. Joe Bosch

    “Don’t just avoid negaholics — RUN!” David Skoates


    Your right about stepping out. Unfortunately too many K-12 schools teach approval, guilt trips are good, conform and fit in, dependency, etc.

    My 30+ page paper on schools starts off with a 4 page introduction. The first paragraph of the introduction begins with “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Isiah

    So what are these schools cranking out? Congressmen that put party before country, judges that make outrageous awards for things that money cannot buy, Wall Street bankers, and oh, let’s not forget the saddists in social service…

    Now it gets interesting…

    Good job.


  125. Rita Hinesman

    Hi Anthony,
    I just watched your video on Success Connection 109, it was really helpful in what I have been trying to do, for myself as working from home. I just recently joined your community forum and have been receiving emails from you for quite sometime now and I just want to say. Thank You so very much and I will continuely following you cause I am going to be very successful working from home as I continue using your techniques. Once again thank you and much success to you and your family. Rita Hinesman
    May 21, 2012 12:19 PM

  126. Annette Walker

    Made me realize I do need to quit be paralyzed with fear from past experiences and heck the baggage at the door.

  127. Dj

    So very true concerning negative response from friends and relatives who do not understand your goals. I use to coach high school baseball and told my players to write down goals for the school year and for those that were not seniors set at least three goals before graduation, then primary goals to achieve after high school. Then I told them to write down their goals and put them in a location that can be seen daily to give them the drive to strive.

    I have done the same thing for myself.


  128. Marcia Brown

    This is my second time to listen and comment on this. Thanks again for all the encouragement you give us.

    I just finished reading The Hidden Millionaire. I got lots of great information out of it. Thanks for all you do to help us succeed.

  129. Janet

    Thanks for the second chance. This time around, I now own success and determined to make it work!!!!!

  130. Frenkel Lisbeth

    If I understood well I have te buy your books in order to be able te create my business ? I’ll have to create a new Website. This one is the one we use for our guestrooms. Would it be possible to have all this stuff in French as well ?

    About the books with which one should I start ?

    Thanks for all the help I’ll need because I still didn’t catch everything.


  131. Denise Johnson

    Great advice ! Practical and can apply to everything we do ! Love you Anthony for helping us through our challenges in Internet Marketing.

  132. Mary Brown

    Thank you, Anthony!

    I appreciate your constantly upbeat attitude, and hope it is rubbing off on me.
    I have everything I need to get started, but have still been afraid to just do it.
    My plan is to kick start the whole thing today, and not look back. Thank you for all of your help and encouragement. I know you are the real deal, not like most of the others.

  133. Eliza Sieminski

    Thanks Anthony! Your blog on taking a risk and always look forward to keep your plans on track came at a wonderful time. Things never looked greyer, but now I will continue my fight to independent security!

  134. Doug Wareham

    At first I was hesitant, because this is completly out of my field, but as I listened to your weekly blogs and other informaton you provided, I got to the point where I started to believe you and that you were truly trying to teach principles that I could learn and eventually profit from. It really sort of came together much better for me when you introduced your “Success with Anthony” platform. You have a way of coming accross as a real person, driven to teach what you know to people that actually want to learn your program. Thanks for being real. I’ve invested a lot of money and time into programs that just wanted my money and then never really delivered what they promised. I will tell you right now that I am motivated and look forward to being a successful student of yours, learning the techniques and applying them until I have success.
    Thanks again, I really appreciate you…

  135. Cindy Fernatt

    I love listening to you and everything you have to say…I’m in the process of building my website right now.
    Looking forward to more of your help

  136. Joan L. Dahlberg

    Yes being fearless is important and to go for it. Though it is harder when you have no money! My question is was your Dad feeling the same way when what happened to him, happened to him! I’m older and people in my thinking do not give me a fair break especially if you share your conservative views on things! I missed you in St Paul, I would need me to come right along side me and help me, I think it is really great that YOU helped your Dad at the time you did!

  137. Leonard Marshall

    Hi Anthony,

    As usual your message is a source of great inspiration for me, although
    the fear factor is not my biggest deterrent, it is stii good to be reminded
    that I should not let it become such. At this point, my biggest need
    is for more direction. More knowledge of the goal and my pathway
    to reach it will go a long way toward alleviating any fear.

    Thank you again

  138. Frenkel Lisbeth


    How can I get onto your site as a member for instance to learn about Aweber in the Email Profits Module.

    Yhanks for yr help

  139. Kathy Postel

    The number one problem i ‘have’ been facing IS NEGATIVE PEOPLE in my life- WOW have you changed my thinking- (to me) from now on MUMS the word until i gain some footing and PUT my ideas into practice i think i’ll quit asking peoples advice!!!!! THANK you Anthony- Kathy

  140. Mary W.

    Hi Anthony, thanks for your encouragement this morning. I did enjoy some family time over the weekend but also worked on my computer business. I am inspired and really needed this encouragement this morning. Thank you. Now back to work. Mary

  141. bird woman

    Well, that makes good sense; but I gotta tell ya, I was always afraid to try to sell something that was a hot item; thinking everyone else was already selling it and there’d be no more room for another one (me) selling the very same thing; so what did you do to “do it better?”. That’s what I really need to know.
    Thank you. np

  142. Walker

    Anthony Morrison u are more knowledgeable than Jesus Christ and g-d combined congratulations boobie.

  143. Francisco Rodriquez

    hi im a single dad with my little ten year old son, just makeing it. an reading your book, has giving me more hope that I can give me and my son a good life. To wear we can do things that we can right now

  144. Marianne Carroll

    Thanks, Anthony! Your videos are always inspiring. This week’s video really hit home for me. I have friends saying, “You’re just setting yourself up for failure.” Yuck. I just can’t listen to that kind of talk. So when you talk about setting your goal and never looking back — that’s the advice I need. Thank you so much.

    Keeping a positive mindset,

  145. Janice Thrift

    I read The Hidden Millionaire and can I say WOW this really speaks to you. I have a nephew is collage now he is going to be a Missionary. and going to India for 2 years after he gets through school his name is Dylan Melton he goes to Gardned Webb please help me pray for him. As you know it has taken me a while to start but the more I read the more exited I am, my husband bought me to books when I was getting over a life changing fall. But I am finally getting to work again and look to the future. Your program has peaked my interest for some time and I hope very soon I will be able to give it all I got and if you knew me before that fall you would know how hard I work when it’s something I want. and I’ve got 19 more months to pay off some bills that occured during my rehab but then I’m all about learning and doing.

  146. James Waters

    Great advise. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I realize even more that to succeed it takes risks, calculated risks.

  147. Matthew

    Great pick me up Anthony, I am just getting out of the hospital and back on my feet and with watching you, I am sure I will make it. Thanks

  148. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m excited about the program, but have missed one webinar and need instructions as to how to sign in to the others.



  149. Inez Trosper

    ThAnks Anthony for showing us, there is more ways to skin a cat

  150. Pauline

    Hanging in there Anthony, things at home are in a mess and I’m trying to fix, health issues keep me at home and need an income from homebase. Praying your online E-mail Marketing Business will be the key that finally opens a door for success so I can help my family and myself. God is good my faith is strong, I believe I’m on the right path. Thanks Anthony

  151. Harry Mitchell

    Some days you just need a “Pick-Me-UP”. This information and comments from others really works for me.

    Thanks a bunch.

    Have a SUPER DAY!

  152. Klaudia

    thanks for all your advices… I had your program and is being very helpful.
    I hope you can keep in contact with all of us!!!

  153. stanley escolano

    Thank you Anthony for making me believe I can do this program. I sign up for education academy its an eye opener. and very helpful.

  154. Ima

    Hi Anthony. Looking so forward to seeing and hearing you this week. Your books and messages are great. I’m with the few that have no money to invest. I know I would do well. I don’t fear failure, just have been down because I haven’t been able to start up because of no finances. Do you have tips for us who are in tha position. If we could just get started and make a little bit, then we could keep going. Thanks for all you do. Winning that $1,000 sure would get me going. Looking forward to Thursday.


  155. Anthony Canty

    anthony i have been so inspired by your program i entered your school as a student, so there is no looking back. thanks for the inspiration to continue. i like the online training classes you have they are clear and the class can be printed to form a book for study. this is great. thanks again.

  156. Cathy James

    Anthony, Thanks to you I have learned to not be so afraid to take a chance on things I really want..
    Where can I sign up? Or am I to late?

  157. Rudy

    Thank you for your word of encouragement. It helps me to look forward and do what i have to do to make it better..

  158. Ryan Melendy

    That great Anthony and so true… i really want to learn more on everything in life and i need help with so much…hopefully i can do what it takes to take care of my mom and dad

  159. shannan

    Risk. That has been how I lived my life. Many straight laced family members insist I think about the choices I make because the choices do not mesh with thiers. The social norm. As petty as this is, I can not wait to make money, will be the only way the family backs down about how I live my life. I have M.S. and my lifestyle is not what they want.
    Great bit of inspiration, sir. Are you up for sainthood?

  160. vernell rolle

    hi anthony , i always love this vedio am learing something different each day you are truly a educator. my list because if this, so keep them coming be bless. vernell

  161. charles cameron

    Anthony, super job, once again, spectacular, keep up the good work.

  162. Jana

    I’m a newbie, and am going to need lots of direction to get me going, but I have the motivation and desire to make this work for our family. I’m excited about the future and am ready to get started. Thanks for the encouragement!

  163. Eparkyn

    Thanks Antony: It is good reminder,of thing we have read in your book and as long as we keep learning everyday we will get there. Eparkyn

  164. Donna R. Moore

    Good Advice. I look forward to your webinars and videos. I signed up for your program and am determined to remain focused until I accomplish what I want.
    I have been following your blog for some time and thank you for the valuable information you
    give us.

  165. Lori

    Hi Anthony,

    I read your book. I could feel your determination while I was reading it. I know and live with the fear you felt. Like your father I was a victim of the stock market. I posted my first campaign. 64 clicks in 4 days. I would have had more if my budget didn’t run out. I have some changes to make such as; I have to make sure they are able to get to the page they need to fill out for me to make money. I also have questions for ws affiliate… they posted less clicks than Microsoft. Whatever I have a lot to learn and all I know is I had 37,000 impressions…something is working. Thank you Anthony for your support your videos are very helpful. I hope to come to Mississippi someday!!

  166. LOURDES

    I am very positive to make money online. I know it will happen soon. I keep trying to take more risk in my life. I keep trying until I get it. I need to win this money so i can reinvest in my education. The book is excellent. I loved it that what starts this whole thing by reading your book attending your seminar and now I purchased the other program with the five websites. I need to earn my first dollar that would make me so excited.

  167. Kim Baker

    Anthony, you hit the nail on the head! i’m getting support, but also some of those, i don’t know about that! LOL! I recently heard a quote- You can make money or make excuses, but you can’t make both! After i heard that, i knew i was on my way! Looking forward to connecting with you and your team and all these wonderful ppl in your network!

  168. Luis A. Deleza

    Professor Anthony, all I hear from you is positive words and encouragments to be successful. You do not claim to be a guru, but everybody else is trying to be like you. I have noticed ther are a lot of Anthony wonabees! You are the real macoy! I am honored to be one of your students. May GOD BLESS YOU! Luis,TX.

  169. Keshia

    Well everything is worth a try at least once. I still don’t quite know what I’m doing so I’m basically at a stand still with this program.

  170. Tim Davidson

    I am all about risk, but I am tring to break down my last roadblock turning my free information web site to a cash cow…Any suggestions Anthony?

  171. Dave

    Anthony I enjoy your pep talks every week.Learning a lot with the new program.
    Thanks for caring about us

  172. Laura Baker

    This is very good advice and one that needs to be printed out in capital letters and put up in rooms you go into frequently as a reminder to ones self. To bad there isn’t a course(s) that is taught in all levels(Pre-K to High School) of school.

  173. Dina Dent

    I’ve had these books for a little while now and am re-reading them. There’s something about Anthony’s sincerity that keeps me coming back. The smallest of finances is a burden for me to purchase most things but still I try. It has finally sunk in that I think I can actually do this. It will take me a little longer than others but his methods are PROVEN; not hyped up to get a person to join.

  174. Dennis Ward

    You are a Great guy and are always doing everything to help those like me to get better results and make money online.

    Thank you,


  175. John M. Sabb

    KUDOS Anthony, This helps me to be more focused on a business and I know I will prevail. I will be a success and the Fearless Optimistic Relentless Opportunist (FORO)

    Tell next time Anthony.

  176. Shirley Miller-Gore

    Hello Anthony,
    I’ve left memo’s in the past. I don’t see my memo listed? I’m still waiting for you to keep your promise to me. I still have not started this business due to lack of assistance. I would love to work my butt off to make this work. But being computer dummy, your assistance is really needed. I’ve been waiting for almost a month.

  177. Jan Houston

    ok well i have been trying. I think i just need to get a job and do this on the side until it makes it. I cant hold on anylonger. Thanks Jan

  178. Trudy White

    You are right, Anthony. When we are fearful, we are going nowhere. We live to experience things and move forward. Thank you.

  179. Don

    Hi Anthony, I have read your emails and watched your blogs for 2 years. I have heard your story about your father and family and how you helped your father regain his retirement which is great that you had that ability to make that happen. You were able to do this in a very short period of time. I think this is what most people need is something that will get money in their pockets in a short period of time without it costing more than they make. That is the system we are all looking for. I have never met anyone in person that is in the IM business.
    Thanks for your time

  180. Kim

    Thanks Anthony, I have been trying to find something on the internet to work with. Your inspiration and down to earth personality is what made me look at the avenues you have. I appreciate the training and webinars and information you pass on to all of us.


  181. phillip combs

    I have purchased success with anthony.A lot of good info but being unemployed dont have the money to get website YET.Is ther anything someone with no money can do to start making money? I am trying to take care of my 70 year old mother who has artharitis so bad she can hardly move.Any help would be greatly appriciated THANKS!! phillip combs

  182. Tuifaiga Teofilo

    Hello Anthony, you’re obsolutely right I am attest to your theory of being affraid, and fear of taking a chances.

    I am now working seriouly and concentraing in making this a reality, because the last three years I have waisted my days, and nights on phony, and liars products out there.

    Thanks again Anthony and keep up the good works,and God bless.



  183. Tuifaiga Teofilo

    Hello again Anthony and staff keep up the good work. We all needs some
    reminding and push in the right direction.

    Thank you agin, and God bless,



    P.S. That is an old site, and Corey said today he was shorting the site because it is too long. I will apply it next time once it is available.

  184. arthur macip

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for your motivational video I commented that I hope you send an email please give me answer thank you sincerely shipping

    Arthur Macip

  185. Kevin Young

    Yes Anthony I must move out of my comfort zone and take risks to be successful. Thanks.

  186. Starmist

    Anthony, I still have family members that don’t believe I’ll ever be successful at internet marketing but I am going to prove them wrong. Thanks for your continued support.

  187. Vev

    To be successful, we have to take risks. I don’t mind taking risks. Thanks Anthony.

  188. maria mix

    hi ant.m.
    i have was got ur book here hold i will read more ur book same before
    u know a ll for me. m.mix.d.f.

  189. David Graham

    Hello Anthony,
    I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. I’ve “wasted” so much time and money on rip off courses and though I learned a little, in three years, NOTHING has been as informative and complete as your SWA course. I have learned more in four hours than I learned in those wasted three years. The message you are sending in this video is SOOO true and risk is something one cannot be afraid of taking. I mean face it, you risk just getting up out of bed and walking out your front door everyday, but to be afraid of risking in yourself to be successful is like living under a rock. I’ve lost everything I had several years ago and I ALMOST gave up a few weeks ago but then I found you and the SWA program and now EVERYTHING has changed. You are my mentor! Thank you so much.


  190. Jeri Morgan

    Hello Anthony::

    Again, thank you for the way you explain an teach the information in your book, The Hidden Milliionaire, I have read it and now I will go back an re-read it again. I AM DETERMINE I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP. Things sometimes get in your way and try to block you, but I am not going to worry about those, I will continue studying and not “one bulb will light up”
    . I will have several to light up for me.

    Thanks again for your help. I don’t have a website yet, but its coming!!!!

    Thank you,
    Jeri Morgan

  191. Jeri Morgan

    Thank you Anthony:
    I am going now and re-read chapter 5- as you say make a decision. You have a longer reply on the first e-mail. Now I have watched this twice.and
    I am grateful.

  192. Thomas Longerbone

    Yes its scary out there these days, but to try and believe that this will be successful and to take the risk is the ultimate goal for this business.

  193. Robert Walker

    People take risks all the time where their life is at stake. Consider the millions of people driving their car on the freeway twice a day. Frequently, someone loses their life on the road. What greater risk can one take? Yet the same person may balk when choosing to spend money on an investment that could change their life forever. Entertaining concerns is part of the vetting process but sometimes one already knows the answer. Still, the “Can I do it?” question throws them for a loop. Practice turning that question around into a positive statement “I can do it.”.

  194. c.lucci

    Hi Anthony,
    we will take your advice to reach our goal, thanks for your genious ideas.
    Have a nice week.

  195. Dwayne Sturge

    I must say when you are poor, and lots of times broke (in debt) that you can’t afford to even buy into a program though you want to risk and hope to be successful that its hard to move forward. I want to believe, I want to make that first Clickbank, or make that first Paypal or even a check in the mail. I’m listening and trying ways to get out of my hole and into the good life. i would wish for a program that maybe makes that first $1000.00 and immediatly send part of the profits to pay for a continuing successful marketing program.

  196. Petronella

    It makes sense to not re-invent the wheel.
    I’ve purchased two of your books, but live training is better!
    Thanks for your dedication to help & train others.

    Looking forward to hear more.

  197. Don Sheffield

    Money has always been the problem and trying to learn how to use my computer I am finding to be my biggest hurdle. I started months ago and do not haave one site running anywhere. I listen to these people telling me you don’t need anything and I will make money so I buy in to find ten other things that will make it better.. I try and get all confused and can’t do it. I try and then I see an other one and the same thing happens. I am not afraid to take a risk and I do keep trying to learn I will have to get it soon the government will run out of disability money to give me before long.

  198. Robert Earls

    Great philosophy Anthony,
    I look forward to each and everyone of your communications!!!
    I wish I would have found you last year when I got started with online marketing.
    Keep the info coming.
    Thank You

  199. Katherine Nuqui

    Thanks for reminding us about Chapter 5 Fearless of Success. It’s been a while since I read this chapter. I do believe on what you said “not to be afraid in taking risks”. However, sometimes we have other obstacles that hinders us to go forward, mainly financial issues and time. I have faith and urge to be successful so I will continue to try until I reach my goal. Thank you Anthony for making the effort in educating us through your blogs. I appreciate it very much.

  200. Jo-Anne

    Hi Anthony: It is about four weeks since I began the first seminar and I was doing some of the training modules yesterday.
    I am enjoying it all so far but those little doubts creep in. This was just the pep talk I needed this morning.

  201. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    All your comments are good.

    I still need information on how to sign in to the webinars. I can’t click on them as you suggest and sign on. I have emailed support, but haven’t gotten an answer.



  202. Cheryl Veon

    Thank you Anthony! I have your book and I refer to it quite often.

  203. Janis Searcey

    You are so inspirational, and all of the comments here reflect that. Because you picked yourself up and went forward to help your family, you have gained the trust and following of many who want to replicate what you have done. Best of luck to everyone here. May your businesses be successful.

  204. Katharina Norwood

    Thank you Anthony. Your enthusiasm is contagious. It is helping me to try something I have never done before or dreamed about. Also I’m helping encourage my family to to keep going in their venture no matter how hard or impossible it sometimes seems.

  205. Robert Karney

    Anthony, I agree 100% with your comments today. I have in fact followed that line of thought in the past and found it to be successful.

  206. Cynthia McDonald

    Hi Anthony,

    I am inspired by this weeks message ,thank you.

  207. David


    Thanks for all you do and for really caring about your followers. I try to stay positive but it is so difficult when it seems everyone around me is actually making money online. I may be frustrated, but I will not give up, there is too much evidence that this internet “thang” really does work. It is just being educated in the proper sequence and methodologies and then following through.

  208. Debra Rebetje

    Hi, Anthony:

    There is an old Native American saying. I don’t remember the words in their language but it was translated…”Never lie and never quit”. Excellent advice as always.


  209. debbie dempsey

    Thanks Anthony! I’m new to the program. You never realize what is right in front of you until that one person sees what has been there all along.
    I am determined to be out of my shell and making money for my family too.
    Thanks again.

  210. Kitty Nichols

    I read Think and Grow Rich, The Greatest Salesman in the World, and Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, along with Zig Zigler and the book Power in Positive Thinking by Bishop Sheen in the early 70’s. All are great books and Anthony, you follow what they say to do. They changed and keep changing my life for the better! As Henry Ford put it, “If you think you can or you can’t – you’re right.”

  211. Gaye Noland

    Charging ahead and not looking back is the only way one can truly take a leap of faith and find success. Thanks for the update from your book. It has reminded me to go back to the book and use the content to help me stay focused on what I want to accomplish.

  212. MrTim

    Thanks, for the information
    Just needed to hear from from someone. TAKE THE RISK !!

  213. Steve

    Great it was good to hear that today, I can’t wait to get started, I was ready when I went to the seminar two months back.

  214. John Molokwu

    Hello Anthony, speechless……You are God sent, a miracle waiting to happen for a long time. I have never spent a dim on online products since ever I’ve been bombarded by different “Next Big Thing” on the internet. Yours has been OUTSTANDING. You are gifted and that’s the TRUTH. I will do everything within my ability to be part of your SUCCESS STORY. Keep up the wonderful work and God bless You real good!!! John from Nigeria

  215. Sharon

    Lots of comments here! Do you actually read all of them? I am totally out of my comfort zone and have taken a lot of risk monetarily, so far. I hope I can finally make some back. Even though I did have my own business (a secretarial service) at one time, I knew exactly what I was doing with that. This internet thing is something else and I’m struggling. Thank you for your pep talks and keeping us informed

  216. loud

    the first step in the door of something new and i guess failing at it i would say is the biggest procrastinator and/or fear factor for me. Not to mention being a single father of four helping raise my sister’s children with my mom and putting all our currency and on chance is as well a fear factor for me when I know the currency could help with the household liability or Bill. Reason why I’m doing my best to move outside my comfort zone is to locate or discover assets recognize them as what they are and turn them into income for my family and others that are blind to the logic of how money is able to work for them and not or quit working for money.
    My challenge is I have a skeptic that thinks negatively on such opportunities as these because of scams and just untrustworthy Internet careers or jobs out there taking people’s money.
    I want to thank you for just doing your best to seek positive knowledge and encouragement out there for people like us to not give up. I’m doing my best now by studying on how to change my thoughts so I can change my life.

    Thanks again
    Lennon Loud

  217. Katharina Baptiste

    Great advise and I so need the encouragement to move ahead. We are in a really bad right now with many things going on and we need all the help we can get. Thank you Anthony.

  218. leon

    This information is needed! I’m over thinking this stuff, you are right, don’t re-invent it. I’m gonna put frame work around it, and take it apart, and then see how to make certain pieces of the puzzle fit back together.(making it my way of doing business)

  219. felix garcia

    My first time writing you! I read your book (hidden millaires) I liked the chapter you spoke about taking risk. I need to take a risk,so I am going to take a chance with you and your team.For over a year you have e-mailed me and I like most of what you say. You write many positive and motivating words. Today I decided to write you back and thank you personally. So please read this, “thank you, and please dont give up on me”. Felix

  220. Dorothy Barringer

    Very inspiring content! I’ll be tuning in each time I get the link in my email. I’m ready to become successful…and I will climb up fearlessly!

  221. Noel Hunt

    Hi Anthony, I’m still having challenges but am most enthused about conquering them. I believe in your program whole heartedly and look forward
    to working with your trainers. You have GREAT follow up and these emails
    keep the spirits “up & running”. The rest is up to me and I love it. Thanks
    so much.

  222. Kevin G

    Keep that “Monkey Mind” in the cage and don’t let anything or anyone feed you toxic thoughts or energy that will keep you from moving forward!

  223. dennis

    as a stroke survior fear is not an option and if i win your 1000.00 it would allow me to invest more and really suceed. thanks for all of your training

  224. Annemarie

    Thank you, Anthony…

    I just watched your second webinar and started to fill out the form to purchase Mitch’s software twice… Chickened out because of the amount of money..but after hearing success connection #109. I have decided to fill it out and not back out… Three times a charm.


  225. Joe Bosch

    Fear of failure and disapproval is what holds too many back.

    Question: Would we have the light bulb if Thomas Edison had given up after the 5,000th failure?

    Definition of a failure. Someone who quits before they succeed.

    On-line business is totally new to me, but I’m excited about it and want to get started but don’t know how, and this is very very frustrating!


  226. Cecilia

    Anthony, Being persistent and not afraid to continuing moving forward is a challenge but being consistent and leaving fear out of the loop is my goal. I thank you for all your instruction on inspiration.

  227. Jag Sodhi

    Hello Anthony : As you put it, calculeted risk is a must in any bussiness to succeed. It was pleasure to attend one of your recent seminar at Brampton,Ont. Canada ; which I could not complete as I had to go after 1 hour 45 min. for an appointment with Eye Specailist Dr. Since i am retd. from Canadian Rly. job, I look fwd. to start some part time bussiness with your guidance/motivation. Looking fwd. to your more weekly tips.& thanking you.

  228. tommy pumphrey

    I guess the biggest problem that I have had is watch my family fall apart and lose all financial gains. The second is even though only five years ago my world crashed down on me and things have changed but I have faith in Myself, You, and God that things will be great for the rest of my life. So thank you.

  229. Yesenia Munoz

    It is quite difficult to think outside the box to make risks…but we will have to change our strategies if we want to be successful just like you have said.

  230. Dale Neff

    I have read your book through twice and loved it, but this was the best watching you tell it.
    God Bless!

  231. Dianne

    I agree that the successful people take risks and have faith, determination and that their due diligence will prevail. Although I am so financially strapped, I have trimmed my budget down and put the money that I shaved off my budget into investing into my marketing education.

  232. Alice Wilson

    Thanks, Anthony, I believe most of us have some degree of this “shell” around us to protect ourselves from the fear of failure and the negative, rejection of family and friends. This is a big step but a necessary one to achieve success. You keep “chipping” away at our resistance and fear to help us get beyond it. I have taken a huge step in joining your Success Team to make a better life for myself and my family. I am enjoying the PMI lessons and am excited about making that first dollar on the internet.

  233. Lynn Johnsen

    Great info Anthony. I’ve been told before that I seem to be afraid of success, since as soon as I start perfoming well, I seem to stop. It’s a subliminal mindset that I simply must oversome.

  234. Beverly Dwyer

    Negatives, risk adversity, and fear certainly would impede progress. Positives, elimination of fear, and challenging self with risks strengthen your position, deepen your character and advance one to success. Your wisdom in acknowledging the characteristics that make you successful short and long term is noteworthy, but teaching others is honorable.

  235. Beverly Dwyer

    Fearless, goal oriented, discomfort, and calculated risks are qualities that keep one focused in the direction of success and make success a self fulfilling prophecy. Your experience with this is helpful.

  236. Sandra Hale

    I really need to realistically see that happen, because I don’t have much extra money to spend on things failing. But I need to forge ahead and grow. And I am hoping that I can have your mindset and let myself grow.

  237. Norman Morrissette

    Very inspiring these sessions are just what people need to grow with the buisness. Thanks

  238. Natalie Lee

    I agree… guts, no glory! I have taken a small step with starting my personal blog but still need to advertise it. I’m anxious to learn your Build, Send, Profit technique. I will definitely give my feedback when I’m done!

  239. Joe Bosch

    Already seen this one.


    Hope all y’all had a good weekend.

  240. Ron Vazquez

    I like what you had to say my it is helping my girl friend and I to get it together

  241. Jo-Anne

    I really am outside my comfort zone. I keep watching and listening and learning and I am fully confident at some point the light bulb is going to come on and it is all going to come together and make total sense to me.

  242. Muriel

    You are awesome! You hit it right off! People don’t succeed if they are afraid to take risks! What’s the worst that can happen? If one has been laid off, working for less than their previous job, upside down mortgage or debt – you’re already down. It’s time to make a change that will allow fear to go away and for success to take place.

  243. Muriel

    It’s a good book, Face your fear – Set your goals and go for the success.+

  244. barry parks

    i m readingthe book as we in that frame of mind that fluctuates but
    i know more now than before its just kind of jumbled like somebody put it in a box and then shook it uo

  245. Jeri Morgan

    Hi Anthony,
    I am going to have success and I am not going to be afraid. I look forward to these connections. Thank you very much.
    Jeri Morgan.

  246. david neal

    anthony i need so much encouragement. i am looking for ways to succeed. i work very hard at driving a truck over the road and am gone for weeks at a time. i am at a crossroads as i want to give up truck driving to concentrate on making money online and becoming successful at it. I liked this message on not being afraid to fail and thinking positively. If you can give me more insight, i would appreciate it. as with anybody else i have bills and i need to at least make enough money to stay home. i think in the beginning 1500 per month would do it. HELP

  247. Cheryl


    Thank you for the “B-12” oral injection! Stimulation can move mountains and I am on the MOVE.


    Turning negatives into positives. Take risks to be successful. In a world that tells us to settle less; you’re a breath of fresh air.

  249. Jamey Brown

    Thank you for the inspiration to be fearless. It is true that those who are fearless are successful. I am going to continue taking risks with your program until I make it happen! Thank you once again for taking the time to give us these helpful tips.

  250. peter

    appreciate your videos Anthony. Nice point regarding taking educated risks. I guess that will help ensure you are not in analysis paralysis (i’m betting this is the number one cause preventing people to become successful – cant win the race if you dont run).

    thanks. Peter

  251. Ranger Phillip

    Hi Anthony,

    I enjoy very much learning from you in your mentoring course in May. You teach simple but profound truths and I always learn and am motivated to put them into practice.

  252. Ranger Phillip

    Thanks Anthony for simple but profound truths of success. They hep keep me on track.

  253. Norma

    Hi Anthony, I have been taking some big risks and all I want is to move forward and earn some money and make it better for my family and myself. The problem with me is that I am a slow learner and it takes me longer to understand somethings. I purchased your program SWA, so I am going very slow. I am hoping to get better at this soon. I thank you for everything. NG

  254. Marcus Jones

    I completely agree. Some of my greatest successes have come when I’ve taken risks. I once quit a job paying me over $100,000 per year and moved to another State. This lead me to really want to become my own boss and work for myself.

  255. Joe D.

    Anthony-I believe you have to listen to your inner voice. It will guide you.

  256. Sharon

    A good reminder – If at first you don’t succeed – – – – The knowledge is sure helpful.

  257. Alice Wilson

    A great insight – instead of re-inventing the wheel, find a way to make it better! ! ! I love that.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  258. Kim

    Awesome topic, I can speak for myself and have been in this place and it helps to understand what to do. Be fearless!!!! Thanks for the wisdom.

  259. Joy Wright

    I believe that being on the web lets you see your stopping points and the barriers more clearly just because of how fast everything is moving. I constantly find myself moving past certain mental blocks that are difficult but possible. Just keep rolling.

  260. Larry Lund

    Hello Anthony, Another great video about making it work with positive motivation and making the business better not trying to reinvent the wheel. I need to get your books.
    Larry Lund

  261. Yesamari Valle

    Thanks for your advice Anthony. I love the phrase don’t be afraid to take risk if you want to have sucess !! Sucessful people take risk very true ..

  262. Pearle M Pearson

    5/8/13 Dear, dear Anthony. So much knowledge, so much concern for
    others to reach a level of success., Your teachings have made me aware
    of my hesitancy to take a risk…of my fear that something will not work, leaving me in a confused state of mind. What if I am unsuccessful, what will happen. We should go forward with the right mind set. Think positively I
    will make it work!! None of us like failure. With that thought and the right

  263. Lorraine Brown

    I’ve always felt that way as far as being around positive people. If the company that you keep does not have the same positive consciousness, no matter how painful it may be to disconnect thier friendship, you have to let them dwell in their negative psychic space. Keep up the good work helping people reach their goals and may God Bless you.

  264. John Antaya

    Hi Anthony
    I have to admit that I have been struggling with online marketing. I’ve spent a lot of money always moving towards my goals but never quite getting there. I have taken a lot of changes and you know what, I will succeed. Thanks for the lesson.

  265. Carol

    I feel like I am taking a chance every time I get my credit card out. Great information, thank you for sharing it. Carol

  266. David Nikulka

    I found that this world is fear, shame and guilt based. Screw that. If I focus
    being thankfull for what I do have and thank God every day for my blessings that I do have and yet to come, I free up my mind from all the negative in my life and in the world.

  267. Kevin Lankford

    Your thoughts today remind me of the statement: “You don’t have to get it right, just get it going.” Lose fear and doubt and be like Nike..just do it! Thanks Anthony!

  268. Sharon Espejo

    Dear Anthony
    that has always been my biggest problem with my everyday life and I never use to be this way. I would always take risk and now I seem to have this mine set that if I give it my all and fail that my family will suffer for it. So now I am trying to believe in my self more and push myself to believe I can do what ever I set my mind to. Sharone

  269. Susan Marcoux

    Absolutely! And, I fully agree…negative people, with their negative talk and energy, in your life are the downfall of many Just because you’re related or you think you might miss them, doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Success, like happiness, is an inside job!

  270. wallace whiten

    Anthony, I have been owner of 2 companies for 43 years. I am trying to earn my first dollar on the internet and you are my inspiration to do so. I believe in your training. My 43 years as a Pharmacist and HME business are done by a “brick and mortar”. In a recent divorce I came from a multi -millionire to a 0.00 net worth. This is my determination to succeed again with you. I don’t have enough time left for brick and mortar. I am excited about Success with Anthony and everything that goes with it. I am so impressed with you and your success. I am on a mission with you to do it agsin.
    Thanks so much, Anthony
    Wallace Whiten, Toccoa, Ga.
    P.S. by the way Anthony, I attended Ole Miss for the most pleasant and fun year of my life.

  271. Jacqui Matthews

    This was a great motivation booster for me today! Thanks so much for giving back to others and paying it forward Anthony. I have learned sooo much from you!

  272. Sha Akeelah Jones

    I agree, you gotta keep trying even if you fail 100 times. Once you start to see some success it makes you push even harder.

  273. Peter

    I enjoy learning from you, thanks so much for sharing. Don’t have money to get start yet, but I will have in a couple months.

    Thanks again,


  274. Victoria Harsche

    Thanks Anthony. Just when I was feeling a little scattered, you come through with just what I needed to read.
    I’m going to buy the book!!!!!

  275. Charles

    Great stuff My confort zone consists of making an effort. Failure is a result of doing nothing.

  276. Steven Yeo

    That’s a great positive outlook for creating success.Good advise for those who are slow learners and never to give up keeping focus on their goals.

  277. Felton Jackson

    Hi, Anthony, I enjoy listening to you on the success connection. The information you shared on this lesson was a great reminder for me that success is not easy you must work for it and that what attend to do. Now that I got some help and lots of ways to make my success on line happen. Thanks! Felton

  278. Shawna Carron

    Aloha Anthony!

    I had a website but kept getting lost when I tried to do anything on it by myself. Probably will go in some other direction – not sure what yet. Am watching your webinars. They are informative. Thank you for your time and info. and your help.

    Have a great day.


  279. Chris Nweke

    Anthony, Thank you for encouraging teachings. I have made up my mind to go into online business venture. I am not afraid to take risk. What is holding me back is start-up capital. When everything is say and done you will see that I am serious. Good teaching , again thank you.

  280. dawnann

    I have a plan and I ready to go and do this. I am not a failure know I will succeed. Thank you Anthony.

  281. John Morgan

    Hi anthony Your message was more like a pep rally and very true because
    man is influenced by his environment He have to do his own thinking

  282. Gerald

    Hey Anthony,
    another great video and I am always looking to hear something new from you. You are correct when you stated that fear can make you or break you. And something it’s hard to come out of your zone to take charge and push ahead to get what you want. With alll the neg things going on in this world. I made a choice to work with your products and I know (not hope) will make me some money online.

    Again thanks

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