1. Maude Kovarik

    Thanks again for last nights training. I’m going to try to follow my notes and make a YouTube.
    Today’s learning lesson is so true at any age. You have to plan to take time for family and self. I usually cheat myself.
    I tried to send to you and I posted on facebook a neat You Tube from flickspire today. I hope you get a chance to watch.

  2. William Parker

    Your comments are right on. I learned a long time ago to balance my life as you have. However, I am in the position of having to spend a lot of time to be successful with Success with Anthony. Hope I am lucky enough to receive the services of a coach.



  3. Ken Curran

    This so true because not only will it make your family and friends happy but they will be willing to help you in your endeavor. You will be more relaxed and be able to be sharper in your thoughts and actions. Thank you for highlighting this.

  4. Pamela Larriuz

    Simple yet powerful advice!! ?Thanks, this was my first success connection. Great tidbits of information!!

  5. erum

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the good tip this week… Balancing is really very mandatory in our daily life. I am focusing on my Target, “HOW” to be successful in Affiliate Marketing business.. As well as looking and taking care of my kids too. It’s really very hard some times but I know I can do it by sure.. I am trying to “ACT” just like you said.. Only “ACTION” is required..
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Dwight Gering

    I would like to get the books Automated profits and the other one HOW CAN I PURCHASE THESE BOOKS I enjoy listening to your emails and go over them several times Dwight

  7. Clarence

    Yes finding a balance in life is good, between personal and work. You do need to take some time off from work to relax and enjoy what you have achieved. Spend time with the family or close friends that mean a lot to you. When you have a good balance things just seen to work out on there own.

    Thanks Anthony

  8. Ed Moore

    Thanks for posting. Balance is a major key to any endeavor. Many people, think outside of the box. A true entrepeneur, not only thinks outside of the box, he or she, gets out of the box. You say your prayers, then get busy! Congratulations to all of you, and your team, for making it possible to find true success in life. There is no freedom, until, you have financial success!

  9. Jo-Anne

    For a young successful person you are so wise. It is about balance and if you don’t have that balance, stress catches up with you.

    The day you die, there will be a list in your inbox. There always is.

    Life is short, have fun along the way.

  10. Anne

    A good reminder 0 one I have trouble sticking to when I am trying to get a business up and hoping to soon bring in some income!

  11. Jeff Mach

    I Love youre Info it is great!
    I tryed to buy your package the other day but it was not up. that is with the three Guys you visit in there home town!

    Thank You

  12. Irene Carlos

    Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong but nothing seems to be happening for me. Help!

  13. Deppietinny Kekatos

    You are so right Anthony. I am a little bit of a work-a-holic because I never balance. I should spend some time with family and friends. Balance is always an important factor in our lives. I should remember to do that more often.

    Thanks Anthony!!

  14. Daniel Woodward

    Hi Anthony,

    Unfortunately I had to work on Memorial Day as did my Wife! I’ve become a Master Juggler trying to find that balance.

    It’s a never ending job! Still anticipating receiving that $1,000.00!



  15. williamdl

    I also find myself on the computer for hours without even realizing it until the little women gets on me about not spending any time with her or the girls, she doesn’t understand anything of what I do so I’m mainely doing it alone. Thanks for the advice as usual t’s hits right at home..

  16. nelly

    thank u anthony i realy enjoy today blog, i will make more time to work on a schedule to also make more time for my self.
    i hope u have a wonderfull day.

  17. Steve Gaiser

    Balance, that’s the key to a good life. Our balance may change as we accomplish goals and successes, but a good combination of work and play is the key to happiness 🙂

  18. Phoenix

    Hi Anthony
    Yes, this is good advice for all. Money or not having it can distract us from the most important moments in our life’s and that’s the moments we spend with our spirit and love one’s.

    Hey I watched the affiliated marketing webinar last night but it was too late. thanks tho for all the info, very helpful.

  19. Sylvan Price

    This is so true, cause I made up a saying;

    “You can only take with you what you brought with you, but you can leave something… make sure people miss you when you are gone.”

    You have to find the time to be there for family and friends cause when you are gone, how do you want to be remembered?

  20. Danielle LeBlanc

    I am trying to buy your book. I live in Canada. I am also part of your program and I am doing level 4 hopefully in August but would love to read your first book. Can you tell me how I can get it .

  21. debbie ringenberg

    Yes i take a timeout and i work in my garden in the morning but it gets hot even in paradise so when I come in it’s back to the books I live on my computer and will untill Ihave success and i wish it would get here.

  22. Gregg Lancer

    After much research and prayer, it appears that I am going with PMI and your Success with Anthony system. I have very high hopes and excited to hit the ground running!
    Triple G

  23. K. K. Kumaroo

    Dear Antony:
    I think you have been sending the same information two times every day. I already listened to the Success Connection 111 earlier and it it was great

  24. Alice Wilson

    Very important to keep this balance in your life. Thanks for a good reminder to make and keep a schedule. It is easy to “waste” time if you do not have a schedule
    ~ ~ ~ Alice

  25. Rudy Ambion

    I have four kids, three in college all at the same time,and one in high school. I work nights from 5pm-2am and the only earner since my wife got into accident. Balancing life is hard. financially not in good shape but find time to share a moment of happiness…….

  26. Donna Moore

    When you are the wife, cook, housekeeper etc.
    there are not enough hours in some days to make
    much headway on a business project.
    I almost always put business in second place. So
    building a profitable business is difficult.

  27. Wendy Roberts

    Thanks for the advice, it seems like I’m always working, babysitting grandkids, running around , what I don’t make time for IS my work I want to do online,I guess the family is gonna have to learn to take care of them selves a couple of days a week….

  28. Robert Walker

    Yes Anthony, balance is hard to maintain. I like your plan to schedule your working hours/days in order to not feel guilty of missing work opportunities.

  29. Vernette

    Thank you for the truth about balancing time with work and family.

  30. Trudy White

    Thanks Anthony. Getting burned out is a bad thing and takes longer to get over than having a balance, it’s true.

  31. Gaye Noland

    Balane is the key to a happy life. I like that you mentioned taking a step back. We all need to do this, it is so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life’s demands. We all need to reassess what is important in our life and make sure that is first on our schedule for each week.

  32. Gordon Chisholm

    Anthony, I’m ashamed of you for not following this vital piece of your own advice. I’m also ashamed of me for allowing the distractors to keep pulling me away from the internet, so I don’t accomplish what is necessary for my personal success in affiliate marketing. I’m obviously at the opposite end of the spectrum, but I keep getting better.

  33. ron akers

    You are so right! It is very hard to prioritize at times! Even with a schedule I find it hard, is that another video, How to follow your schedule?

  34. daniel aubrey

    A point well taken, as in any endeavor we sometimes fail to just get up and take a step back. Things always seem much clearer when you take a breath and refresh your mind. Time is always well spent when you mix your business with some sort of recreational activity. Trust me I know this since my twin brother passed away from pancreatic cancer. He once told me that all I cared about was my business and he felt like I never really had time for him as a brother. I really changed my working habits and was able to spend some quality time with him before he passed.

  35. Val

    True. It is hard to find a balance when you are passionate about what you want to accomplish. I guess once you find passion in your work/life and also in your personal life @ the same time, it can make it easier to strike a balance between those 2 passions.

  36. Joseph Blanco

    This is so true most people forgot the value of spending quality time with their family and friends. People tend to be so workaholic that they forgot how to really spend time wisely, time to relax, time to socialize. I’m also doing a bad job in following this principle. Thank you for reminding me Anthony.

  37. Sandra

    Hey Anthony:

    What a great tip from you on Success Connection this week.
    It is so true and you hit the nail right on the head for sure,
    it is great to be successful but you do need to have that balance
    in life to take a break, sit back, smell the roses and spend quality
    time with family and friends.
    Spoken like a True Genius!
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for all your training Much appreciated!

  38. Marci

    This is true. I go through cycles, where I work so much I forget to ‘enjoy’ life or my family. I dont’ realize I am doing it till it has been going on for a long time.

  39. Charles Crissman

    At 75 I look back at my many years of work, 3 careers after 19 years of schooling, and 3 degrees and I asked my self when did I learn to balance my life. After 10 years in the Insurance business, 20 years as an entrepreneaur building and selling businesses I read a book
    First things First which changed my life forever.

    It was about determining what was most important in your life God, Family or Work. Than learning to write a mission for your life and make every decision on what was most important at that time of decision. To put First things First in every aspect of your life.

    So as you stated is very important to separate work and family and make room for both by being true to your mission and making sure what ever you are doing what ever ladder you are climbing to make sure you have the ladder going up the right building so when you reach the top you are not disappointed.

  40. Norm Morrissette

    I think this is a very important issue that we need not ignore. It helps us rejuvenate, live a balanced life and to put in perspective why we work so hard to succeed. Thanks Anthony for reminding us all, good sailing.


    This is an awesome principle which is also taught as verticle alignment.
    Life has to be balanced with well defined priorities in spiritual/religious, family and work/occupation areas.
    First comes God.
    Second comes Family.
    Then comes business!
    Determine the BIG rocks in your life and fill up your jar with those rocks.
    Then throw in the pebbles(smaller priorities) to fill up the cracks and spaces!
    Next pour in some sand(little or minor priorities) to fill up the remaining spaces.
    Last pour in some water(least important things) to completely fill up your jar.
    NOW you will have a Balanced and Fulfilling Life!


    Roni Bulsara

  42. Karl

    this is a really good & empotend Tip. Yes, you need to have this time to get going again.

  43. Gwen Melton

    Well Anthony, I don’t have that problem. No pressure! I live a lone with my 3 doggies. My children are grown and I don’t have love life right now. So, I can give it my all and am very willing to do just that to make some money. I am struggling financially, living paycheck to paycheck (literally) and must make that priority. So bring it on, I’m ready and looking forward to making my very first $1 online. You know Anthony, I don’t talk about trying to make money online because my family thinks it’s waste time. They think it’s all a scam and people are only out to take my money. (WHAT MONEY) I know that there are scams out there because I’ve been taken more than once but, I do also know there are good people out there with free programs that are willing to help someone like myself. So needless to say, I don’t talk to them about my online activities. Look forward to “Success Connection #112”.

  44. Martha Harrell

    Can you send me the link to your latest program, and what is the price.

  45. Sandra

    Great vital tips. One has to keep a little leverage in our life, got to do the family, juggle the work and everything will fit right in the puzzle.

  46. Wendy Oliva

    My Dear Anthony,

    I have to tell you, you are my favorite mentor 🙂

    You are right! We have to learn to balance our work, leisure and life……..

    I have followed you for about 1.5 years, and I have seen you grow, you are amazing!

    I think that in life if you are not growing, you are dying …… You have most certainly demonstrated to be one of the top Word Class Thinkers of this century, and you are an absolute exceptional inspiration! You are brilliant!

    I don’t know if you realize or not that this is just the beginning of your legacy my dear friend 🙂

    If I may, I would like to reference the importance of balancing work and personal life to a book I have been reading, is called “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class”. Mental toughness secret #81 is the one that elaborates on the importance of balance 🙂

    In closing, I would like to encourage everyone to never stop growing and investing in themselves, the mind is the most powerful and priceless possession a human being has that no one can ever take away!

    I just realized that you have a new book, so I’m going to order it right after I’m finished writing this to you 🙂

    Thank you for everything you do 🙂

    Your Student and Fan,

    Wendy Oliva

  47. Kermit Williams

    This is a great reminder to the Entrepreneur(s) in their pursue to success one must also, equate balance and life. In most situations when you allow time to distress your/our mind(s) it purges it and allow for clear new ideas to be produce. This can easily be an oversight in your/our quest for success. These priciples are important to implement ‘balance and life.’ You might recall this process as/via meditation.

  48. timothy zvonik

    your words are correct,but ,with that formula you can work it to your situation.
    for some of us is to find the time to work on the internet business, my work hours are long(I’m a cable installer)and the after work time is with the wife to get her ready for the night graveyard shift in a 7-11 and taking care of the house , my only two days off are the ones i have to do you formula for time management

  49. Josie M

    Thanks Again Anthony Very true I live buy the list it keeps me on track with my life what I have to do get it done so I can have the precious time with the people I care about.

  50. Sandra Hale

    Since I haven’t had a real job for the last eight years, I can’t relate to the balancing act . But I will keep in in mind when I am starting this business up.

    Sandy Hale

  51. angelica

    Hello Anthony,

    What you have lecture in this video “Find Balance” in life is a very good Principle and can be apply to practical living for I belive that – A well balance life is a healthy life – especially at this time where everybody (pretty much) are busy, busy and forgetting why we do exist in this beautiful world… Well its great you emphasized the importance of finding/having a balance life – that has been my Family value but as we (individual) go on to our very own lives, I myself tend to forget for I was so engaged in my job that I poured my heart and soul in it and when the moment came where circumstances reminded me of what is truly important in my very own life that I went on contemplating and searching what my heart desire according to what I believe I was born with and for. Good thing my( Faith) keeps me going and everyday is a good day…Thanks for your great training and sharing ideas…God Bless You.

  52. loren wilson

    as usual your information is wright on. went to your seminar awhile ago,and at time was unemployed,wanted too have that web site believe me.also,unfortunetly,i missed out on you web page bonus for buying your books,which i still plan on doing.just as soon as i go back to work.etc..but i believe that one day and hopefully soon .after i get sratrted,with your system,that i won,t have to work.hopefully buy a business i used to work for as one of my goals,etc.thanks have a great day!!!!

  53. Dave

    Your so right . You got to have at me time .Just to clear your head and think about some else. It works for me

  54. David Moore

    So true, I really hate not spending the quality time with my 6 yr old daughter when she needs me as i am always on the internet learning Internet Marketing.

  55. Luis A. Deleza

    Way to go Professor Anthony, very well said! You always say the right things for us students to keep at it. I have bought some of your software products and with these Weekly Blogs you send us is really helpful. Thanks for everything you do for us students. May GOD BLESS YOU!—Luis,

  56. Beverly Klahn

    Good advice! It is very hard at times to balance time to work and spend quality time with family and friends, but very necessary.

  57. Pat Rebo

    Hi Anthony, I understand what you are saying. In Trying to teach myself a different way of life, and trying to keep everything else ballanced is hard, specialy working on a computor when you are computor illiterate, it’s very time consumeing. I guess I will be living an unbalenced life untill I concor the computor and start makeing some money.. It may take me some time, but I will concor… Have a great weekend Anthony

  58. Sharon Ewalt


    Thanks for the revisit on Balance in our Lives. I do have trouble with that also. I keep having to revisit, reconsider and reprioritize over and over. I enjoyed the video on the Lead Generation Program and the Software Explosion additon. I’m impressed!!! Looking forward to going over it with Dean.

    Mr. Crissman from Comment #56 certainly has a lot of experience to share with us on balancing work and life also. I thank him!

    Keep up the good work, Anthony!

  59. Uma Sharma

    Attaining Optimum Balance between work and [life] is an art, not a science, and needs a tremendous amount of practice.

  60. Jan-Inge

    The most important for me is my family, nothing and no one can change that.
    It’s also very important to me spending time for myself to reflekt, refuel so that I get new energy.

  61. Dottie Seavy

    Learn from other People’s Success
    Thanks Anthony, we gather the ideas and the information from all of the available sources..

  62. Eugene Cowart

    Anthony ,
    If I could start making some money at this,the family and I could start going out and having a little fun.I know this will happen just need to be patient.

  63. Eparkyn

    You are right Antony we need to balance our time between my grandchildren and my work they are at our home for their Internship jobs, so like to show them a good time at Grandmas. Thanks Antony for reminding us how important family is . E Parkyn

  64. James Waters

    I believe maintaining a balance is essential part of life these days. It seems that we have times in our lives when one aspect of our lives begs to take precedence over other aspects. The best that we can do is to balance our lives as best we can.

  65. MARYB

    I just found the book online and excitied for delivery. Thank you for the live lessons. I can totally relate to this particular issue!

  66. Bernice J Adams

    great info again….balancing life can be hard but I know I can do it…you take the time and now it is time for me to take the time to do it all right and take the time for job and family

  67. MARYB

    Thank you for this lesson. It’s something I have to work on myself. I finally found this book used, online…can hardly wait to receive it. Thank you again.

  68. Luke Pham

    Thank you, good advice you not only live for yourself but for your family as well

  69. Laurel

    So true but really hard to put into practice. Thanks for the reminder.

  70. Heidi

    Totally agree, balance is vital to success AND keeping yourself grounded, and everyone in your life in perfect harmony. It;s not always easy, even with a structure with schedules, stuff just comes up, and you have to learn to become great at negotiating, and also knowing when to say NO!

  71. John Test

    Yes, Anthony, you may a good point about keeping work & play in balance. Scheduling is important and I will try to do more of it. Thanks for sharing!

  72. Charles McGill

    Hi Anthony,
    thanks again for the webnair. I forund it very helpful as a needed reminder to balance Family life and Work life! I love family and work life but, I have learn to keep a distance between each one. Thanks again for the valuable seperation
    and difference reminder between the two!

    Charles McGill

  73. Daniel D Magniza Jr

    It is so true for anybody to have a balance in your life. All work and no play or no time off from your busy schedule makes your life boring. A break of some kind ones in a while will rejuvenate and re-energize your enthusiasm on your day to day work activity. A very good suggestion to introduce into ones lifestyle.


  74. Ben Benson

    Like you I am a great offender of this, as I do not want to take time off to spend quality time with my wife. However, I will make a dedicated effort to do this. Thanks for the reminder. We all need to have someone tell us to do certain things in life that are very important, not only to maintain good family report, but to give our bodies a rest to. Thanks Anthony.

  75. Audrey Williams

    Great information, but it seems so hard to do. I try to make time for family and work at the same time, but they still need me to stay with them

  76. Noel Hunt

    Hey Anthony, Great to hear this from you. Thanks for being so honest re how
    tough it is to find that balance, even for you. We all need to try more. Love your contacts with us all.

  77. Sam Cooke

    Looking forward to doing business with you and your pep’s

    I like what I c so far !

    Sam Cooke Minnesota

  78. Kevin Young

    Having an established balance between work and life is my strong suit.

  79. robert pascoe

    i agree that balance is important, we all go through different seasons of our life and each season has a beginning and an end and then we will go through another season and sort of start over. we graduate from high school and then onto college and then maybe start a career and or family and we have children and they add something different into our life. and we go through seasons with our children, watching them grow up and then they walk in the same steps as your self. and then one day we find ourselves getting old and it dawns on us that life can be over at any time. the greatest balance is that of physical things and spiritual things, knowing some day life is over and we step into eternity.

  80. David

    Working so hard lately, and you are absolutely right !!!!
    All work and no play Makes for HELL!

  81. Stacey

    Great advice! I am doing exactly that because the only thing we have in life is time and that is very short. Work and family require a balance and this is a new business with lots to learn. I dove right in after my 3 day school and then I realized I needed to step back for a second and pace myself. I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure of which direction to go, so I re-grouped and balanced the time I spent on the business and with my family. I feel more centered even though I am still chomping at the bit…

  82. Helga Pellegrini

    I just heard you talking about balancing your life.
    Instead, I am sitting on the computer all day long.
    I really should take your advise.
    Helga Pellegrini

  83. Starmist

    Work & Family…Family & Work…definitely a balancing act when you’re in Retail and have to work Nights, Weekends & Holidays!! I’m looking forward to the day I can quit my job and work from home so I can enjoy time with my Family! 🙂

  84. frank senner

    thank you anthony!a very important principle.i will remember to use it.

  85. Kathy Postel

    If i could sum this success connection up in one word, i’d say AWESOME!!!!! That was good practical advice, unfortuantely, common sense is not too common and we need to hear some good, sound advice, thank you more then you know, Kathy

  86. Gina Amos

    This is very true, I’m glad you did this training because I have trouble taking time just for that. My husband says I need to change my hours because I’m still have my shop at home. I know what you mean though because he’s so supportive and probably wouldn’t be if I did too much work.

  87. Mark Miser

    Hi Anthony,

    Great topic! I can relate to what your talking about as i work around 8-10 hrs a day 6 days a week. And 5-6 hrs a night 7 days a week on my internet marketing. This makes it very easy to forget that balance is the key to success!

    Thanks Again

    Mark Miser
    MEM Enterprises

  88. William

    It is good to take time off for yourself, no matter what your interest
    are. Thanks again.

  89. Brian Nagy

    What you said in this weeks video is true because I to have gone through the same thing and had to balance things out between my family and everything else that I have going on in my life.

  90. annette Oglevee

    Hi Anthony:
    This was great advise. What I try to do is remember an old saying I heard a long time ago: Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. I do separate work from me time. I don’t have much family so what I do is do something special for ME. Even if it is something small like walking for 15 minutes. Thanks for reminding me to take care of what is important. 🙂

  91. Marieta Cerilo

    Thanks Anthony for the reminder. Sometimes we do forget the other needs of our families. All we think is money, how to earn money?

  92. Regina

    Hi Anthony! I am always looking forward to watch your Success Connection. You have great insights. You inspire and motivate people..Thanks.

  93. Patrick Miller

    Great advice – it’s too easy to get ‘addicted’ to work, especially if you are just starting to be successful. You have to realize that ‘success’ is more than just making money – it is also about having a life!

  94. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,
    Thanks for another good advice for better life. I’m a 70 years old retired
    widow and have been enjoying my second life with being involved in chuch/ school activities, volunteering services and learning all the things I wanted to do (dancing, race walking, golf, organ playing, brush painting, etc). But
    now I’m starting to get back into working with this on-line marketing business, So, I must remid myself to balance my social life with this new
    business (is this a reverse mode of balance?)

    I appreciate very much for your insights and encouraging words. We can
    always learn new things and ideas no matter what ages we are in.

  95. John Haynes

    Yeah, I hear you – I can be a total workaholic – To the point that I work myself into the ground if I don’t pay attention. I totally agree with what you are saying – taking a break is important!

  96. Linda

    Hi Anthony!
    Thanks so much for what you teach! I have been putting into action quite a few tips and this one about balancing work and family is most important. I have a job by day and work my business at night but at times I have found myself working too much with littlel sleep and not spending enough time with family or doing other activities of importance with family. I will apply and follow what you teach. I thank-you again and for your honesty in your video series and for all that you do! 🙂

  97. Dianne Yeager

    As usual, I can relate to what you say and aspire to your principles. As a special education teacher, I am emotionally drained when I come home so learning how to balance my life has become increasingly important.

  98. Deb Herber

    This video would be a good one to keep on a “visit frequently” list!

    And you’re absolutely right! It’s only lonely at the top….if you haven’t taken the time to spend with family and friends along the way! 🙂

  99. leon

    Yes Anthony, I keep hearing that you need write out your life. So you can sort of see where your time is spent. Because life have a way of taking over your life, if it is not monitored.(lol)

  100. stanley ore

    we are gradually accepting you in africa because u are a wonderful teacher who is not primarily in business to make money,u re in this business to make more millioniares, ur mindset is unique and that is why ure bound to make profit naturally!!! i really appreciate u nd im ur big fan from Nigeria.

  101. Robert Earls

    Once again how true this is.
    It is very hard to work all day running my repair business,then come home and work on my online business,then try to find time to live.
    My sig/other has been complaining now for some time.
    Would it help to extend the work day hours,or would that just amplify the
    Looking forward to the next episode

  102. Hazel Carlson

    It is hard to do, but I have been working at it. But my husband is also working long hours, so it is difficult. However, this morning he went to town for a celebration they are having in town and I didn’t go because I have so much to do. Soooo, now I feel guilty.

  103. andrew s

    Yes it is hard to balance work and play times. To get ahead you need to work hard but just like working out your body needs rest as does your brain. Family fun time is needed so you get the emotional support you need to keep working. Keep the people around you happy so you can be happy. It’s hard to stay focused if you are being nagged all the time. Balance is key.
    Boy could I use the thousand bucks for advertising!

  104. Angela Iacono

    Dear Anthony , I want to thank you so much for always trying to give us some advise

  105. Joyce Hubble

    Ditto on all the comments. This is why it takes sooooo long to create the online business! Keep up the good work!

  106. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I want to be successful to make life better for my family. On the other hand it is important to spend time with family and friends. Having a schedule is the best way to do it.

  107. Doreen

    Bribe us some more! Actually time off is good but it seems to get in the way. When you’re trying to regain your investments, its all one can do but to hang in there because its the money factor that keeps pushing us to our max. Frankly I’ll take the $1,000. now and double that by reinvesting into some affiliate type offers. Have a great day.

  108. Wilma Tune

    This is most important. I do not do this well either. My friends tend to insist I get away from the computer and other business. Thanks for the reminder.

  109. Ron Gilmer

    but it is possible that work is to some people the thing that makes you happy? I work a lot and when my wife comes back home she will tell me when we need to go out or just stay home and watch TV or read! A good balance is one that requires you and her to just communicate and never loose sight of where the enjoyment stops and work begins! If you are self employed there can be an unique understanding and both are a joy!

  110. Chad Norman

    Very good point to remind us of that! But I still wanted to learn something new! Maybe on next weeks SC!

  111. komba b osby

    Hello, this is the day that the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it. I am so thankful that God has blessed you with the talent and skills to bless us in return, keep teaching us so we may have money to bless the kingdom of God, the poor, the orphans, the fatherless and the lame and every one that need help to hear the gospel and go the heaven when this life is over.. May god bless you.

  112. Loree

    Anthony, it’s indeed as you said that balancing our life and work has always been challenging which is very true to me . But reminding us how important it is, is such an awesome one. Thanks, more power to you!

  113. Elizabeth Rayburg

    This is certainly the truth. We have to remember to recharge our batteries. What better way to relax, than to spend some quality time out!. Thanks Anthony.

  114. Cecil R Torres Jr

    Interesting… work-life balance a constant issue particularly how it adversely affects employee efficacy when things at home are not what they should be…

  115. Norma

    Hi Anthony, Yes, my family tells me that all the time I am on the computer and that I am not making any money, so I need to let it go. But I tell my family that I am going to continue and I will make some money and I will make time for them. Thank you for the advice. NG

  116. Susie

    My family thinks I am crazy, I do so much and I don’t stop. I love watching/learning from you. Thank you!

  117. Jeri Morgan

    Thank you for today’s lesson in finding a balance. I am working very hard on that. Keep up the good work!!!

  118. Muriel

    You couldn’t be more dead-on! I’ve always been a workaholic but working for someone else. It’s really hard! I am trying to get something else going so that I can be off for holidays & weekends. I need to make a change so that I can be successful. You are so right about making time for friends, family & yourself!

  119. Natalie Lee

    This is one of the issues I’ve had the hardest handling in my life! Usually working two part-time jobs, taking care of a family member, and doing all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, handling medical appts, handling all my personal & financial issues…..trying to have time to get back into shape and helping family with their medical issues and getting them in shape. Wow!!! This feels more like 10 jobs rolled into one! This is one of the many reasons I’m paving a path for my financial future….so I can hire help, buy my own home, and have time to develop my own business. Hopefully Anthony’s training can give me just that ; )

  120. levi singer

    Thought about it and thought about it…. I am guilty. Helping others is great but I must first get my rest, share with the family and then seek to help others. I’m thanking you for thinking about what’s important.

  121. Edward Zisk

    Anthony, Life’s work is maining a balance between work and family. I have lived the experance many times over. However, Family is the priority and maintaining that balance is life’s work.

  122. felix garcia

    making a schcule is a very good idea. Family should come first before work. By having one , it allows you to make time for both family and work. both are very important ,so balancing you time is the key to both succues and happiness. I now do this in my life and it works. thank you !!!

  123. Leitha Frye

    Balance is great. I really like being near or on the water, it is soooo relaxing. Cherish any time you can spend with family and friends. As always , thanks for all u do.

  124. Eugene Huerta

    Good point 🙂 After all family is the reason for doing all this..

  125. Mark Lewis

    Thanks, Anthony, you are on point as usual. It is essential to take some time off just to spend with the family. You definitely will be better for it.

  126. jan rose

    Excellent! It seems that so many things and people are vying for my time that I’m exhausted just from trying to balance it all. The “take time out” advise is really good advice – Thanks again for all you do, Anthony!

  127. pamela Nicolay

    Thanks Anthoney,

    I look forward to your workshop in Rancho this comming week as I know you will have several other tips, Thanks again….as every thing need balance

  128. Linda

    The days just get away from you and before you know it you missed out on friends and family. It is a constant battle to fit living life in your life and having the pleasures you need to stay normal. Unfortunately I have to work 24/7 to catch up to where I need to be to not have to work so much, so at age 63 I am hoping I can make your program work so I can enjoy traveling and just living the better life I have always wanted.

  129. Albert

    Hey this is great. We happen to talk about this at our men’s group at my church. This is something we all need to do, that is balance our lives. Also, it important to yourself one day of rest so you can maintain balance as well.

  130. Lynn Johnsen

    So true – I find my life out of balance frequently. Sometimes I have to force myself to get up from the computer even just to walk around.

    Thanks for the reminder to allow “me” time.

  131. geraldine Pisklak

    Good advice! God, Family, Friends and Work.
    Thanks Geraldine

  132. Lori

    The financial marathon I am in is making it tough. My son and daughter and their friends come to my house for dinner on Sunday nights. The three hours at the table we have together is down time for all of us. Just that little time helps us to reboot the week. Our brains work better when we allow it to not think for a while. 🙂

  133. Marie Gertz

    Oh Anthony, you hit it right on the head this time. I am all the time saying that I don’t have a wife or mother, I am the wife and mother. It is very hard to try and make time for everyone. But I am also disabled, if I can make time anyone can. Because you see i’m also taking your PMI coaching coarse. Keep up lifting us Anthony because you are one of the reasons I will make it in this business. Thanks again! Marie

  134. herbert powell

    balance from u is an cool refresh on the mind so true are value some things are fix and never change like balance

  135. Val

    Everybody seems on the same page for this subject. We acknowledge that it is very hard to strike a balance but it is a necessity @ the same time.
    I guess, sharing your business with your life partner could also be an option. This way, one could always remind the other one how important it is and if they both forget @ least they will be together.

  136. Kim Luceno

    I found what your saying to be so true! My husband and I were going through some rough times, and finally realized…we needed time for each other and our son! Now on Sundays, its church and family outings for us! The entire day is no longer for runing around to others, or just staying at home and doing housework or “lawn work”. It is totally for us!

  137. Doug Wareham

    Good point.. I’ve fallen into to that work ethic many times in my life and usually I found that more is not always better. You need rest, just like you need to sleep every night to recharge the battery, when you practice a “balanced life” we actually become more productive, simply because we’ve given ourselves time to recharge. Remember what Henry Ford said: when he had trouble coming up with a design or reworking some idea to create the car, he put everything he could think of into his mind and then…. he went to bed, went to sleep and usually the next morning he had a “fresh” idea that gave him a new direction to follow and try… You can only get so much out of a Well until it goes dry….
    Good point Anthony, well taken/…..

  138. Ken H

    Learning to find time to relax in not easy. Sometime you just have to here it from someone else. Thanks Anthony. Must learn to put things in prospective.

  139. Mary Jean Owens


    Thank you for such words… it enlightened me today…

  140. Anthony Canty

    hey anthony that is just what i’ve been thinking about, I made a plan to work everyday towards my success monday through friday. saturday and sunday is mine and the family. I also made a schedule for different projects to work on as not to get burned out on one thing. great advice, thanks.

  141. Mikael larsson

    nice to hear about having time to other people!
    it hard some time, specially when you gonna change your life.
    to the better one!

  142. Scott Wampler

    The negatives are very hard to balance. They are like alligators in your backyard. When you are up to your butt in gators, it’s difficult to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp.
    Make a schedule. Stick to it. First things first.

  143. Abigail Forrest

    I’m not an offender…. but I need to get my teeth into the business so that it does become a passion. I’m at the end of the line trying to hold on.

  144. Deb Brown

    Joined in today. 1st time in a long time. I purchased your book “Interenet Millionaire”. I am no computer whiz, and you said you did not have to be one to be successful. In fact you said you did not even have to own a computer. As usual, It was over my head. I just became confused and felt even more insecure with my technological ‘know how’. I am going to give it one more try. So…. Can you give some advice on getting started once again for a real beginner….Please.


    anthony my dear friend you do speak the truth when you teach balance in one’s life. One of the greatest gifts we have is time and it is totally up to us how we choose to use it.By deciding to spend this gift on that which really
    acheives very little proves to be valuless in the long run. By wasting this
    limited gift we are throwing away our greatest treasure. No matter how much wealth we hope to accumulate you must decide what you are willing to give up in exchange for that which is unlimited. Do we really need TO ACCUMULATE a level of wealth that will exsist long after we leave this world.the bottom line is is it worth giving up that which is limited ie. your
    time on this earth. to ensure your wealth outlives you. it is very difficult to enjoy the money from the grave. When your mind is concentrating on the
    accumulation of wealth rather than that which is truly important like your relationship with GOD THE FATHER, JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD, AND
    HIS HOLY SPIRIT. May his peace be with you my dear friend

  146. Denise Johnson

    So hard to separate Work from the other important things in life……
    I have always been a workaholic, but as I get older I am learning to live a balanced life. Its important and helps in reducing STRESS. Thanks Anthony….you always cause us to look at the Root of being successful

  147. Doris Gessner

    Anthony –

    As always right on! I raised my children alone and I really had to do this because I was both mother and father to them on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I was in a Direct Sales business and needed the income but always had to remember that the kids needed me as much or more than we needed the money.

    P.S. Did you start this with 110 so that this is your 2nd principal for success? I want to make sure I listen to all of them.

  148. Vicki Jansky

    Ok, I too wear many “hats” throughout my day…I understandthe importance of working hard and balancing my family (3 small children) and husband,and thekids animals,housemaid, ect…thanks for saying that “taking personal time” for family and yourself. OK, now back to Blog #6

  149. Anthony Ogans

    Anthony, as usual, you always have the right things to say to be successful. Great job!! You always have my full attetion!!

  150. Dennis Ward

    p s….Sure would like to see your new boat. Do you tow it with your Mustang?


  151. Annette

    Hi anthony, How can I see you on IPad? Have health problems hindering sitting at desktop. would help to have an alternative. Thanks!

  152. Tyreese

    It is often at times we can feel so pressured to be the ultimate provider for our family we sacrifice our time with then fort the time being to be able to one day spend all of our time with them. Its hard to give your full attention when a pile of bills are in the back of your mind.But your right there is a balance that needs to be found. Easier said than done. On that note friends and family have to understand your just making a better life.

  153. Garilania

    I am so grateful for this one video because this is one of my biggest struggles, that I get so into doing this that I forget about the rest of the world. thnx!

  154. Tom Stowe

    I am in a hurry, but I know what you mean. Balance. But it has been hard for me to do because I enjoy work and a challange. I have a J.O.B. and taking your course. I have over 10 website to generate and need $$$ to outsource them. Have to do the work myself and make sure each generates maximum income.
    Thanks for the lesson.

  155. Tillman Shores

    HI Anthony, the video this week , you right on money man, and thanks for the links, you have pased my way, what i am trying to do, is match , that extra flow I email you about, to the right program, since, new tools are hitting the wave , then i have to double research make sure, any program is within USA,
    FOR NOW ANYWAY, dong things from overseas, lot times web sites dont’ even load up.
    So, that one suggestion like to make , in your view point anthony, tells folks, work with programs that are in USA, TO GET STARTED, WITH , thier is a dozen or so, from UK, HongKong. after doing my research, always finding, not all pages , load up, thru brewsers,
    Also names in english don’t always mean , they are in USA,
    thanks for all your advice, they are all ,right on track of online marketering,
    God Bless
    Tillman Shores

  156. KLAUS


    Thks for the Video, it is very important to balance the work and the family
    – right now I am still getting the programs to work. I signed up with your success through ANTHONY and had the webhosting fees paid for
    Can you pls have a coach contact me – will it be a coach thorugh PMI in Utah, or one of the coaches working with you? Pls let me know, would really like to get into the position that I would need to balance the activities.

    thks again for your time and for your help


  157. George Conrad

    Changed computers and do not remember how to/where to log on to my /your web site

  158. George Conrad

    All of your vidios are straight and to the point.

    Job well done

  159. Ron Gilmer

    Anthony, well done! And I made an agreement with my wife years ago that I would give her the time she needed! And regardless if something would come up not to ever hesitate to tell me and if it were at all possible I would do it! This has worked for so long and it is amazing how a few hours, even off of the scheduled time, recharges the batteries for the final lap to whatever. It is good that you put this in the book!

  160. tommy pumphrey

    Well I a supposed to start my individual coaching today so I am ramped up to make a little or a lot of money. I really want this to work this time because I am getting old my parents are getting older and my child will be 12 in July and understands what all has happened to us and seems some what bitter at the kids that have money at her school. I try and tell her money will not make her happy but only life will prove that but being dead poor is not happy either.

  161. Wilma Tune

    Great! Yes, this is good advice. I’m like most people. I forget myself and just keep going, going. Thank you for the reminder.

  162. Joe Bosch

    Excellent!!! As a former business consultant, I’ve seen too many business owners who are owned by the business and are nothing more than slaves to their companies! They carry a great big rock on their shoulders, necks, and backs 25/8!

    Excuse me? It’s a matter of priorities! God first, the family second, and the business last, and don’t accept any guilt trips for not doing anything more.

    I’ve also experienced the regrets of those who didn’t do this, and now their children are grown, they are retired, and their spouses are “strangers.”

    If you have a significant other, schedule a date at least once month; once a week is much better.

    I remember a client who was working with a broken back. He was mixing morphine with whiskey to kill the pain and keep going. I told him I’m glad I don’t work for such a heartless and demanding slave-driver. (he got out, and became much happier…)

    This on-line business is something I can do IF I CAN GET LOTS OF GUIDANCE (help, please) and I’m excited about doing it.

    I’ve got two items to share, but I don’t have them with me right now, so I’ll have to email them later.

    Hope all y’all had a happy memorial day weekend. At least we can still celebrate what this country USED to stand for, and can again, but if and only if we all band together and insist…


  163. william ortega

    You are so right Anthony. I am a little bit of a work-a-holic because I never balance. I should spend some time with family and friends. Balance is always an important factor in our lives. I should remember to do that more often.

    Thank Anthuny

  164. hassan

    whatever you have said is true and the matter of fact is that at present i feel overwhelmed with my present schedules, however, i still have a hope that one day i will make new schedule and be able to merge my work and other activities . thanks thony

  165. Edward Zisk

    Anthony, Thank you for reminding me that “Achieveing Balance” is a fey factor to be successful in your family and business life. Making a plan of what needs to be accomplished daily, weekly and monthly using a calender proved helpful to achieve the “Desired Balance” between family and business goals. All that was necessary then was to “work the plan”.

  166. James Ivy

    Wow Anthony just what I needed balancing family and business is a must do. I can’t tell you how many times I’m trying to do just that. Its like you are reading my mind. Thanks an lot I needed this blog today.

  167. Rob Cruz

    Balance your life and family is easier than most people think when i was in the US Navy we had a plan of the day thanks for the tribute of memorial day today i work and play life cant become redundant we only have one life live it daily include your family and all will be well.

  168. James Ivy

    Wow Anthony that balance sometimes require having to give up something in oder to gain an life time. What I mean is being able to have little famliy and friends time now you can gain an life time of time later with great success now! Great blog food for thought. Growing your business gives you an life time of fun.

  169. Melissa

    I love all of your tips and info, but I still haven’t made anything…maybe I am doing something wrong… :o(

  170. Russ Bearinger Jr

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the Great tipsYou Give on The sucess Connection . This week . All The Info is you Give Us is Great! Keep it Up .


  171. Cynthia Chisum

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m new to all of the working at home and I find I’m locking myself in the office so I can keep my concentration and I do find it hard to pull away. I find if I Allow myself the week end either for my friends or family or and my pets. I not much of a hermit. It’s always great to hear from you. And may a date night once a month alone with you wife. For some alone time when you can concentrate on one another. Do tell her you need some time say Wensday night which ever night works for both of you. Do something together, share a memory or two smile together. Try to concentrate on making the we together, the things that you can tell stories about. I am a bit of a romantic but I ‘m keeping it really enjoy one another. C Chisum

  172. Leslye

    This is very true, Anthony. I’m going to schedule time for my friends & family. Great video.

  173. Andrea DeVito

    Finding a balance is good for everyone and we all need reminding of it from time to time. Thank you!

  174. Magdi

    That is so true.We need to spend time with family and friends. But is hard to balance. Thanks for the reminder.

  175. Jacqueline


  176. Anna

    I was little confused and till now i can’t manage too well, but I choose info and mobi plans, but still have to learn too much – making plans and trasfering it with my ex mission.
    Your too good. Thank you.

  177. Kermit Williams

    Anthorny’s Favorite Quotes

    “The important thing is not
    being afraid to take a chance.
    Remember, the greatest failure
    is to not try. Once you find
    something you love to do, be
    the best at doing it.”
    – Debbi Fields

    “The winners in life think
    constantly in terms of I can, I
    will, and I am. Losers, on the
    other hand, concentrate their
    waking thoughts on what they
    should have or would have done,
    or what they can’t do.”
    – Dennis Waitley

    “There is no royal, flower-
    strewn path to success. And if
    there is, I have not found it.
    For if I have accomplished
    anything in life, it is because
    I have been willing to work
    hard.” – C.J. Walker

    “Whatever the mind of man can
    conceive and believe, it can
    achieve. Thoughts are things!
    And powerful things at that,
    when mixed with definiteness of
    purpose, and burning desire,
    can be translated into riches.”
    – Napoleon Hill

    I thought these are some great inspirational quotes to share with others that you had shared with me as well, for the purpose in finding balance in life. thanks for caring and sharing…

  178. Uneeda Chandler

    Sooo true! It is so easy to get caught up making the job a priority. You know the bills has to be paid, someone has to buy groceries, make the car payment, …etc. The family get pushed to the back burner. Thanks for the reminder! I could use a vacation, one with my family.

  179. Darlene DiProspero

    Hi Anthony,

    I have a hard time balancing things so I could relate to what you presented. My parents live next door and when they need me for whatever reason, it has to be that very second or things will get crazy. I will ask for 10 mins. for example and then I will be over. No, that doesn’t work. This brings much chaos especially since my mother became blind and I am the only one that gets her to the places she needs to be like appointments along with just getting out socially and having fun. It’s very hard and stressful to say the least. Now I would really appreciate some ideas you may have that could balance this situation. I appreciate the time you spend helping others. Don’t stop. THANK YOU!

  180. James Magee

    Thanks Anthony,

    Very good information, but hard to do.



  181. Gordon Harvey


    I just did what you are suggesting by going to Catalina Island for my birthday a two day getaway.

  182. Marlon Morris

    This is SOOOOOO very true!!! Far too often we get so busy making a living- the we forget to . . . . (waaaaait for it) LIVE!!!! The Apostle Paul said it best, ” Everything in moderation. . .”

    Thanks Anthony!

    Marlon Morris

  183. Kong Sourivong

    Hey Anthony, I am so exciding to be your Stundent,

    I would like to let you know I am working I don’t have muchs time, but I am going try all my best.

    Thank you.

    Kong Sourivong

  184. Dottie Seavy

    We are trying to balance our successful business and family life.We have invested time, effort and hard work into building our business and we recognized the opportunity we have for our investment.

  185. D Ricketts

    that’s thue what you are saying in your video wife say i spend 2 mush time on the computer david

  186. stanley escolano

    It’s very difficult to balance a business, family, and studying, but it’s

  187. Jeri Morgan

    Hello Anthony,
    Again, I must say, good advice. You are a wonderful instructor. I learn something different each time.

  188. aida suarez

    Morrison, Do you really read all this comments? So here is one more! You ask for it!

    Balance is not only important, it is a necessity. Worlk should be relaxed, not hectic robots!
    People need to socialize abd to travel for a change of scenery. There is so much beauty around us. So making money shoulb be on the back seat, not only on the drivers seat.
    All of this only give us tension. And tension give us bad health!
    Look what happen to Steve Jobs. He made billions of dollars and could not even enjoy his old days relaxing with grandkids around him, and perhaps just writing his own autobio. Sad that he could not learn good lessons from the Bible, because he went different ways.

    Thank you very much for yoour encouring videos champ! Aida

  189. Karen McGee

    You are so right. I read your book over a year and half ago, and forgot about that chapter. Back then, I had absolutely NO IDEA about internet marketing and put everything aside. I have just recently (like 1 month ago) started back up, because I’ve realized that God has been trying to get this to me for almost 2 years…so I’ve put in every waking moment in learning this and almost feel like my home is “inside” this computer…It’s hard…We are at a do or die road in our lives and HAVE TO make this work…but I’ve been neglecting the family in the process……So Thank YOU.

  190. Cecilia

    Anthony, You hit the nail right on the head. Balance is so important. I just have to be persistent and keep a reasonable schedule of what I need to achieve including unexpected projects which pop up at various times. One must maintain proper rest to keep balance. Thank you

  191. Sandra Stiles

    Yes, Anthony I agree with you very much that you have to take time out and spend time with your family. I was spending too much time on the computer trying to learn so much that I realized I needed to back off some and try to relax. Great information. Sandra

  192. AnnMatthew

    A friend of mine mentioned that love is spelled, TIME. Unless we take time away from work and invest it in our families & our friends lives we have no balance. The financial stability we are working so hard to develop will be meaningless, if we do not sustain a balanced life while our children are growing up, our parents are growing older & needing our attention, our friends lives going through phases that need adjustments by the attention of our friendship and love, not to mention all of the milestones and rites of passage that our family members and friends go through. When we live balanced lives, this flow is a normal and natural progression of birth to celebrations to grieving together, to just being together on a boat over MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. We all need self nourishment time thrown into the mix to remain healthy, and that can be as simple as walking on a trail with your dog, or jogging, or simply walking to work.
    This balance is a mental choice to be healthy in body, mind & spirit.
    Thank you Anthony. What we have in our hearts we take with us and leave behind as well. I hope it is peace for everyone. That is what Anthony is asking us to find as we develop our lives. PEACE

  193. Arabella Flunder

    Balance is very important with career and family. Know one wants to be left out or feel less cared about. Also you need some me time and we time.

  194. AnnMatthew

    Hi Anthony,
    I have an image of an empty boat, floating in a Marina.
    Then the image shifts to a boat full of happy people celebrating together.
    WIth balance between our spiritual, work life/mental, and emotional we achieve health. We cannot overdo in any one area and remain happy and healthy. Work suffers, family & friends suffer, mental health suffers, personal growth suffers. Balance in all things is the guarantee of success & happiness. Most importantly, our relationship with God grows.
    That is what I learned about balance this week. Peace Ann

  195. Sharon Volkman

    Very good advice, Anthony. We do need time for ourselves so that it is easier to keep our friends and family happy. I’d sure love to win.

  196. Gregg Matthew

    Indeed there is a time for commerce and a time for rest. And family is PARAMOUNT. When we’re on our death beds, I don;t believe we’ll be wishing we worked more hours, do you?

  197. David Graham

    Hmmm, this is the second time I’ve seen this in a week but I don’t see my comment from last time, so here’s my comment again.

    You’re so right Anthony, it’s really hard to make time for things that are just important as your work, and in some cases a little more important, because the work and all the money in the world can’t replace your familys’ love and support and if you have small children, you’ll miss some of the MOST important time you’ll ever have with them. You have to balance your work life and your private life…ALWAYS, because the older you get, the faster the time seems to fly!
    Well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

    Thank you so much Anthony, for the time you give to all of us.


  198. Katharina Norwood

    Balancing Life and Work are very important to being able to stay happy and healthy. It is very hard at times, especially when You are the only other family member around! But I believe that it helps us get a perspective on our work and why we are working so hard.
    Thank you for the reminder. Work hard and live fully!
    Thanks Anthony.

  199. Steve

    Your’e right Anthony.
    Balance is extremely important and possibly, it will help family members to be more accepting of your efforts. It’s a great point to be reminded of and a work in progress.

  200. Fred

    I can agree with this. My daughter just got married this weekend and I had a blast at the wedding! My battery is charged and I’m ready to hit the online business again.

  201. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony
    I am the full time care giver for my spouse which consumes a large part of my time day and night, and this does have a tendency to break concentration.
    it can be done with some amount of effort and you have to be flexible in some situations. Everyone hang in there and “never say die”
    Fred & Hyunsou

  202. Justin Gabino

    Your teaching me alot, but at the same time, your also teaching me things I have already thought myself, but its cool. I always tell people this: “we learn from each other.”

  203. Marcia Brown

    As my husband just got out of the hospital on Friday after having open heart surgery on May 23rd, which included a double bypass and an aortic valve replacement, then on May 29th a pacemaker surgery, I didn’t get to watch this then. My business took a back seat because I was so worried about him. He is feeling much better now and on less pain medication.

    I finished reading the Hidden Millionaire about a month ago, so these Friday Success Connections have been a great review. I, like you, tend to work so long on my internet business that I get close to being burned out because I try to spend too much time. Then I go through a period of getting discouraged, then not working much on it at all. I know that keeping a balance would work better for me because I could be more consistent that way.

    The health situations my husband has been going through have underlined and BOLDED for me the idea that finding a balance is essential not only to my success in my business, but to my health.

    Thanks so much for your gems of advice!

  204. Chris Jewell

    This is good advice for everyone. Take time for your personal life and those significant others in your life.

  205. Ron Akers

    Thanks for the reminder, this IS one of my faults and I’ll work on doing much better

  206. Pearle M Pearson

    SO YOUNG! SO AWSOME!!!! 6/5/12

  207. Julius Webster

    Yes. Balancing your life is very important. Ask me. I am 76 years old, and I have been balancing my life for a long time. It works.

  208. Eparkyn

    Life is going tooo fast you are right to balance our time with work and family. Thank you Antony.

  209. lamanda

    yes i really enjoyed your video i learn alot of things keep up the good work

  210. Michael Williams

    Yes Anthony I believe it is very important to balance life.

  211. Muriel

    You are so…right! I worked 2 jobs between 65-75 hrs a week 7 days a week for 3 years. Burned out! It’s hard balancing family, friends, etc & work. Balance is important!

  212. Muriel

    Great video regarding balance in your life, work & play time. It’s hard to do but need to so one doesn’t get burnt out.

  213. Ivy Rice

    Thanks for this reminder. I read your book, but forgot about this chapter. I have been spending a lot of time with family lately, not working enough to get my business off the ground. I was feeling very guilty about it, but now I realize that family does come first and even though I do need to spend more time working, I don’t feel as guilty because I let my family’s needs come first.

    Don’t wait until next Memorial Day to go out on your boat. Go on and have a good time more often. Thanks for all you do for others and for your inspiration. I want to grow up to be just like you. LOL – I’m 59.

  214. Jamey Brown

    Great point. Sometimes I forget to actually take time out to enjoy the things I like to do with my family. I can say that I have been fully supported by them in any business venture I have embarked on. Thank you for reminding me of the valuable point.

  215. Janis Searcey

    Thanks again Anthony, for another great video. It’s interesting the way that you slide into the advice on balancing your life by mentioning your boating experience. It’s fun to make parodies and be able to put them together for a life altering lesson. I’m looking forward to your next Success Connection.

  216. Bill Medrano

    What you explained here makes a lot of sense. When I started off, my family always wanted me to get off the computer. The idea of making a schedule is a great idea. Balance was something I was struggling with and once again Anthony, thank you for such great advice.

  217. Jamielee Hutton

    Yes this strikes a key with me . It’s getting increasingly harder to find a balance , with work and things to do around the house . To often family time is put on the backburner till everything else is done . The problem is nothing ever seems to be done enough to take the time we need to just relax and have fun .

  218. William Parker

    You remind me of something I have always tried to do, but I sometimes slip up. Thanks for reminding me.


  219. Georgette Johnson

    I struggle with this every day. If could sign up for the 34 hour day I could fit it all in. Thanks for your great advice once again Anthony.

  220. Elena

    Thanks for the understanding!!!
    Yuhoo!! we love your tips and we love you too!

  221. Blanca

    Family/ work… today I spent about 4 hours seeing my Facebbok campaign denied over and over again… I did not cry.., no I did not… after a while I decided a stroll with the dogs and my dear daughter was a priority so we walked… I am glad I did we talked and shared time together. I keep balancing both. Thanks for the reminder!

  222. Helene White

    Awesome information. It is hard for me to work and make time for my family. It is important though to take a break and show your family that you do care and are still there for them.

  223. peter

    as always, thanks Anthony – useful point. I am usually involved with a number of things in parallel – in this case, i have always wanted to read a book i bought several years ago, but recently found it on audio – so listening my way thu – its “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – its priceless. Anyway,…, i brought this up for a reason. The author talks about the P/PC balance (P being the production [the result], and PC being the production capability [the maintenance of the thing giving you the result]). This is the balance. You must have balance or you wear away yourself and limit your ability to produce. Sorry for rambling a bit – its also like the maintenance of a car – you want to enjoy the benefit of the car; but you need to ALSO do the maintenance. Skip on this, then the car wont be benefiting you very long. So,…, 🙂 your point of balance has useful merit. In hindsight, very obvious, but we all are hypocritical and need frequent nudges to do a self-check in the balance area.

    thanks. Peter

  224. Michael Williams

    Thanks for the advice. I do have a schedule that I currently work by.

  225. Jes Olvera

    Yes, I also agree that finding balance is extremely difficult. But one must do so……..otherwise one could go to unknown depths of sorrow. Thanks for reminding us.

  226. Bruce Morris

    Thanks for the reminder to keep a just balance because uncontiously we do get consumed with work and forget to live and enjoy life and take it a step at a time. There’s more to life then work and money.

  227. Annette Anderson

    Hi Anthony,
    This is very practical advice. It is a learned behavior however. Just as you stated it can be hard to overcome bad habits, and truthfully being a “workaholic” is not ideal for anyone. You can only spend so much money and guess what, we can love making money but money can not ever love us back. Love comes from the people in our lives, like our spouse, family and friends. They may not be perfect but neither are we. They can help us keep a healthier balance by just being there for support at the right time. That’s what we should always make our priority (people) work is something we all have to do for a certain time in our lives, but family is forever, if we don’t chase them all away by not making them a priority. Great lesson to learn before it’s to late.

  228. Eleanor Davis

    I’m taking time to catch up on my communications from you Anthony, in hopes to soon see my first $. I’m glad to hear you went on your boat and hope you enjoyed your holiday for real.

    Remember quality sleep, eating nutritiously and obtaining grace from God are keys to actually enjoying the shifts between work and play.

    I say this because it can still be a pain to tear yourself away from things to take time to enjoy social situation expecially, if you have to conciously refocus to live the moment.

  229. N M Z L

    Good job Anthony on getting this message out to help remind busy, or super busy people to remember that the world needs more balance and that starts at home with your family! 🙂

  230. Richard Burton

    This is a helpful tip. Planning down time properly is as important as up time and should be carefully planned. Makes for even personality and a lot less stress.

  231. Alice Wilson

    This is a crucial principal, but it is hard to do. I think making a schedule is a must and then sticking to it is the discipline. Great info.

  232. Astre

    Great video but it is not always so easy…thanks for the tips Anthony

  233. DeLois Weldon

    Anthony you give good advise, but it is hard to spend quality time with my
    kids in different parts of GA. Plus I work 6 days a week just to pay my bills.
    I looking forward to doing the Success with Anthony.

  234. Nina Perdue

    Thanks, Another reminder to remember the important things of life.

  235. Sarah Towfigh

    Mr. Morrison!Thankyou! So, Much! For, This Information. I, Sarah Mutchler! Wrote This Down And Is Setting Right Beside My Lap Top. I Will Share This With My Husband. I’m Sure He Well Appreciate This As, Same As I Do. Sometime’s I Believe It Take’s A Person As, You To Keep Us Hard Worker’s Together To Remind Us To Set Aside Time For, Our Loved One’s. Again, Thankyou! You Are Very Special In The Lord. God Bless! Sincerely, Sarah Mutchler!

  236. Angela Grandstaff

    Hey Anthony, been trying to keep up with your videos. Trying to work on balancing work and life. Thank goodness no school work, until August. Thanks

  237. Tammy Ruegsegger

    Oh my gosh Anthony the balancing act is so hard. I must say I was burned out from school. I needed a break. I could feel myself being grumpy with no patience. I go to school all day, come home and work the affiliate marketing business until all hours of the morning. While trying to exercise, cook dinner, spend time with the family, clean the house inside and outside, garden and pay attention to the dog, which I love. Thank goodness right now school on a break. YES!!!! I can focus on other things in my life that are important like affiliate marketing, family, and my big beautiful St. Bernard, Oakey. Thanks for the information, still lovin the videos.

  238. Beverley Gallimore

    I totally agree with this principle, Anthony. Early on, I decided that Thursday would be my day. If I needed two, I would roll it over to Friday. But Thursday is the day I do ‘house’ or ‘outside’ stuff rather than ‘internet’ stuff. It works for me and keeps my spirits in balance. Thanks for verifying the practice. Beverley

  239. Norma

    Hi Anthony, Yes I try to give time to my family and when I am free I go back to the computer. I am working to balance my time and thank you for the advice. NG

  240. Marcus Jones

    Great advice. I made the decision to leave the office everyday at 4pm, no matter what, which allows me to spend more time with my family in the evening. I try to schedule my business activities in the morning while they are sleeping.

  241. Sheila Aldrich

    There are so many different areas to life (like your garden, your pets, your groups, yourself, your work. A schedule is a very good way to go about handling it. And then of course, sticking to it!! Quicker to make a schedule then stick to it. But if you never even try, nothing will happen.

  242. Joe D.

    Anthony- Everyone needs to re-charge their batteries. If they don’t, like you said, you will burn out.

  243. Steve Le Baron

    “WOW” this sounds so much like myself. How about you? I can truly relate with this video blog. It sounds great…but it don’t put the food on the table or pay bills…its a compulsive behavior. I’m sure many people reading this can agree.

  244. Marva Taylor

    Balancing work and life is so difficult to do but I guess that is no excuse, I just have to do it. I work full-time, have a business, have 2 kids (one who dances competitively so we are continually on the road or in the studio) and a husband so my life is crazy. Creating a schedule is a good idea. I am going to try it.

  245. David Larkins

    Right on. The prioritys of life is #1 in my book.
    Good presentation of knowing yourself

  246. Sheila Aldrich

    I always feel you are on the right track in life, Anthony. Lopng may you continue. Best wishes to you and yours.

  247. Sheila Aldrich

    I always feel you are on the right track in life, Anthony. Long may you continue. Best wishes to you and yours.

  248. Kim

    I am a great offender of this, and my daughter tells me that I do not take time out for myself or friends. So I am going to take your advice and work on some social life with business life and see if it works for me. Great advice as always.

  249. Thomas Longerbone

    I agree finding time and keeping to a schedule is the hardest thing to do in our modern times.

  250. Larry Lund

    Hi Anthony, more great information on balance which is everyone’s difficulty between work and play or just fellowship with family and friends. I want to be financially free of debt and to able to work from home so I can do things that I want to do.
    Larry Lund

  251. damage. restoration

    This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more
    of your great post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!

  252. helen


    You’re the best. You are honest, sincere and really a dedicated coach. I immensely enjoy listening to what you say. So meaningful and so very true. Your parents are truly blessed. Thank you so much for imparting and sharing your knowledge with us so freely. Take care.

  253. sam perez

    thanks Anthony im going through some hard times right now .thanks for everything you have been a great help to me I will never forget it

  254. Richard E. Darling

    Anthony you are correct, I to have to force myself to take time for family and friends. This should not be the case, but as we all know new businesses on top of previous businesses, take a lot of time, and yes things get past you without you even noticing them.
    I do make promises, and try very hard to keep them, I am trying to find the balance you talk about. Thanks

  255. Isaac

    We all need a break from whatever we do in our professional lives, the question is “how long of a break should we take? My brain has completely shut downed for the online world for quite a while now. But I will get back into it shortly!

  256. Pearle Pearson

    I thoroughly agree that one should find a balance in life, although I personally do not follow this myself. It is important that one should leave
    the work place and spend some time with friends and family. In this instance I do not practice what I preach, simply because my pleasure comes
    from working against time toward gaining financial independence in order
    to feel free to take that time away from work. I can seriously relate to Gwen . comments dated 6/1/12.. In fact her comments sound as if I had
    personally written them from myself,
    Pearle M P

  257. Sharon Espejo

    Dear Anthony
    I feel that is something that I really need to work on in my life. Over many years I have been a work a alcoholic and should have apply this into my life along time ago. It is hard when you are trying to supply your family with what they need as a single parent. But I will work very hard on this Balance in work and life. Sharon E

  258. Michael Dore

    Was one of the things I learned early on, but not quite early enough. Thankfully the resentment & resistance eventually became a passive acceptance, & then a moderate support system. It’s somewhat like overeating- you push the plate away when you’re full- same with the workload plate. Sometimes you work strange hours to compensate, set priorities & do essential & be flexible with the rest. The food and the work will be there waiting for you tomorrow .

  259. Lloyd Currie

    Thank you Anthony. I have strived all my life to obtain that, so called, perfect balance, but, I still have a ways to go and need to be reminded occasionally.

    I appreciate the reminder, to keep on keeping on track.

  260. Anica Ioanas

    Hi Anthony,
    I have to recognize that I was hard working and learning, so had not too much time for myself, including my family and friends. That is right: I need to make a balance in all I am doing for business and school, in order to have my own life back, and being able to live it!
    Thanks a lot, Anthony, for remaindering us such a great life’s principle, that we are forgetting some time!

  261. Daniel Vanguardia

    Anthony, you are right. We should balance work with personal life. Taking a couple days off to spend with family or friends or with me time is a great idea.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Dan Vanguardia

  262. El Dee James

    It definitely is tough to balance your life if you work a job during the day and then try to get work on your online business in the evening. I feel guilty if I don’t do something for my online business every day. It’s like I am wasting time, but you do get worn out and need to take a break sometimes. Thank You for making me feel better.

  263. M. A. Allen


    Yes, it is hard to balance work and time with others. But, you remind me of “Go with the Wind” You never what your nightmares to come back. So, you are like a dynamo. You’re like a kid in the candy store that wants to try everything you see. It is great to be able to have your 2nd wind. But, please you need to slow down more. Take it from someone who is twice your age.
    Have a good day.
    M. A. Allen

  264. Charles

    How about an A.M cape,we put on after work it helps us focus to apply some of the awesome things we learn here Thanks Anthony balance is an important key.

  265. marlene koch

    Great information, but it seems so hard to do. I try to make time for family and work at the same time, but they still need me to stay with them I am trying my best and have not made one dime.

  266. James

    Hi Anthony, You hit the nail on the head. I have always put some type of work in front of family (My vice) and avoided spending quality time with my family. And haven’t ever gotten to a successful point. I realize this now and am sorry it wasn’t sooner.

  267. Chris Nweke

    Anthony, What you said about balance is true. This reminds me the time we were raise up our three children and where daddy and mommy have to work, planning is absolutely necessary no matter how difficulty it might be. Taking action is important. With commitment it is rewarding to have plan. Thank you for your input on balance of time.

  268. Mike

    I am retired and live on my own, so unfortunately I don’t have those work/family pressures, so I don’t get reminded of why I am doing this and easily get distracted, so to those people that have to balance work and family, think yourself lucky.

  269. Nicola Meyers

    That’s so true. And timely for me to hear. I am now going to schedule one day tp spend with my son because he says I’m always on the computer. We can very easily become to consumed with new and on going projects.

  270. thoma es terry

    I am in seattle ready to go could one of you team leader call me so that I may start to catch up..
    web sight, book and funds, news letter..
    the last one

  271. Adrian London

    Thanks for the reawaking with the advise. Sometimes we want the best and forget about what is important in life and lose that balance. Keep up the good work and I’m so blessed to be a part of your team.

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