1. KLAUS

    Hi Anthony , thks for putting these webinars on- we all need to get reminded
    re-motivated and re-assured and also re-pushed.

    Just another question- I signed up a few times for the audio training
    but never recvd the audio discs. By being in the car for hours here in CA
    the audio tapes are an important tool – wehich can be used while in the car.

    thks for considering this and for sending the discs.

    best regds

  2. Garry Barbich

    I just started watching your video’s, interesting and I am looking to learn all that I can. I am just starting out and I will use what you teach to help me be in a better place down the road.

  3. Brian Nagy

    What you described this week you could not of described it any more perfect, thank you a whole lot.

  4. Joseph Blanco

    This video is a message that do not be contented on what you “just” have. Exploring new and unique ways to grow. Never be complacent is the lesson for this video and yes find more success.Those are the lessons I learned from this video. I am excited for the next video. I never missed a video, commented, liked and tweet it. Everything’s very informative thank you Anthony.

  5. Libby Sosa

    Excellent concept! I also believe in not becoming complacent as you said @ the end that can and does apply to multiple things as in my mind success can & does have multiple definitions . Keep growing!

  6. Gordon Chisholm

    Hopefully I will get to a point where I could become complacent, but I doubt that I will…there is too much to see and learn about our world, and this business is far too dynamic to let one become complacent or you’ll get left behind!

  7. Val

    Thank you very much for your advice. Sometimes, you do not realize all the links and risks related of being complacent and clearly you need somebody like you to remember somebody like me. I am glad I saw this video. Have a great day !

  8. Shahzad

    Great work Sir. It is true humanity to help those people who are desperate in their life and find no ways for success. Please guide people that what is the initial step where one can start making success. You wrote many books, but many persons confuse which book they get first and start working. As I am very disturbed in these days and can not understand where to start and be happy and successful. I hope you personally read this comment and reply regarding this question. I also know your time is very precious but giving a few minutes regarding this issue i hope you will guide people.

  9. Fabian

    I totally agree with you Anthony. If you take a look at most of these millionaires, they’re into multiply businesses. It’s all about multiply stream of income.

  10. Gaye Noland

    Anthony, I think this may be the most important information that you have shared yet! It is very easy to be complacent, almost additive. When this happens growth stops which is scary. If you are truly interested in building a business you have to be constantly looking for trends in the market or for niches that others haven’t thought of yet. Very motivational for me. The scariest thing for me personally is to stop growing as a person. You hit the nail on the head.

  11. Ken Curran

    Thank you for your direction. I liked the correlation you drew between discouragment, boredom and complacency all of them are success killers.

  12. Ed Moore

    Thanks for sharing. You have listed a series of events that, when understood, lead to confusion of purpose. The more you learn, the more there is to know. Complacency, is the balancing act of successful people.
    Financial freedom is a desireable attainment. There is no freedom, until you reach money freedom. At that point, now, you are in search of reason for living. The person that has the capacity, to teach others, is the greatest calling. When the teacher is ready, the students will appear.
    Today’s technology, the internet, is making it possible, to have mass communication effective immediately. The correct maeesage, will change the connected world fist. It is the disconnected world that needs the most help. The perfect team, will solve the global issues, that face mankind.
    Thank you, for letting me, speak my opinion. The harvest is at hand, and the laborers are few. Sincerely, Jay Ed Moore

  13. Janice Thrift

    I am reading and I have No money to get a web host so I am doing the twitter thing right now just got to do what I can afford til I can do more which I hope is less than a year away. I know what I have to do and I am doing it and I have to work slow due to my finances. But I have no doubt I can do it it will just take more time to do it slow. I just have to do what I can now but I’m getting better every day, I just can’t get in a hurry anymore. Your books are teaching alot.

  14. Deppietinny Kekatos

    This is really motivating and it is 100% accurate. I have liked everyone of these success connections and I always get even more excited and motivated. I have some great new ideas. I was thinking of managing so many different things here. You really opened my eyes Anthony.

    Thank you Anthony!!
    Have a great weekend

  15. James Ivy

    Thank you Anthony I’m always trying to help more people seeking more success is about helping more people to me. If you can pass it forward you are doing an good thing. As always an pleasure thanks Anthony!

  16. Fabian

    I totally agree with you Anthony. If you take a look at most of these millionaires, they’re into multiple businesses. It’s all about multiple stream of income!

  17. ernie Trujillo

    Awesome …the greatest thing I love about you is your honestly want to help us succeed. im currently working on my 1st website w pmi..I look forward to meeting you when I reach 2,500 w SWA THAT I already purchased.keep up the great work ..see you soon…ernie

  18. Robert Walker

    Anthony, this is so good! I now recognize some of the feelings I have had over the years, and didn’t really analyze them to know what was wrong. Now I will commit to be on guard and set new goals when it occurs.

  19. Deb

    That’s great advice, Anthony. Complacency is never good. However, I’m working toward retirement now. I don’t want to have several businesses or office buildings. I’m trying to earn and income that will uncomplicate my life.

  20. Maude Kovarik

    “I want to burn out not rust out’ has always been my motto. This not being able to do anything on line is about to kill me. However, I have found lots of volunteer work. On Wednesdays I join a group that provides lunches to the kids that are normally on free lunch while in school. It is in a pretty ‘poor’ neighborhood and the kids are so cute. They keep wanting to come back for seconds, especially the pop sticks, etc. That is just one opportunity to try to help others and for me to stay busy right now.
    Thanks for your inspiration and instruction.

  21. AnnMatthew

    Hi Anthony
    YES, I do agree that dream killers exist. Whenever we become complacent our dreams can die, & altho I personally find it difficult to become bored, I can get bogged down in the details of my dreams. If we are not moving in the direction of our dream that is almost as bad as being complacent. SO, ESPECIALLY today, thanks for the gentle poke and reminder.
    I have been working on and have solved a computer wireless card problem, so from here it could be a bit easier. I AM READY TO BURY THAT COMPUTER IT IS TEN YEARS OLD. YES I KNOW, buy a new one make your life easy. Not yet. This one does the job, but makes me tired so think I will give up on it and buy a new fast model.

  22. Charles McGill

    Thanks Anthony for the Webinar on Success Connection #112. I found it reinforcing my belief that Complacency is a killer of time and effort towards any goal!

    Thanks again,
    Charles McGill

  23. jose

    Great topic. I feel as though I am also going in the wrong direction which can also be something like complacency. But I will be more aware of this issue in my life.

  24. Jerome

    Hello Anthony,

    Great advice and your frame of mind is excellent!!


  25. Daniel D Magniza Jr

    This principle of not allowing yourself to be complacent is really a driving force to get yourself occupied all the time trying other ideas to improve your business. Also, this can be applied in your day to day life to get yourself always on the go and ready to meet all kinds of challenges in life.

  26. Zachary

    Hey Anthony,it sounds good on the video,hey i’m in the middle of signing up with successwithAnthony program,i hadn’t finished it cause i ran out of money to continue,so can i contiue next week when i get paid? i have it minimzied on my laptop.Also when i finish signing up,how do i put this on my desktop? i want to work from my home office. thanks Anthony, youre a Genius!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Christophe Leroy

    Very good advice and I hope I can at least get to the depleasant level -and get my clickbank started showing something. But, it’s really good stuff Anthony is teaching us.
    Thank you Anthony

  28. Pam F

    I look foreward every week to hear Anthony’s success connection, I very much plan on needing this bit of advice in the not to distant future.

    Thanks Anthony, Pam F.

  29. Steve Price

    Enjoyed our time together here on the success connection. I appreciate your motivation and advise. I will not allow myself to become complacent. Thxs

  30. malcolm

    Wow it really can happen with the smallest growth of knowledge. Consistent everyday. Small steps daily creates great success.

  31. Peg

    This was a great message. Complacency is a killer, in business and in life in general. Thanks for sharing this important insight.

  32. Mike Crusha

    I think it is human nature to want to take time to enjoy your sucess,the trick is not to over do it.

  33. Scott Collins

    Great advice, never stop growing! Anthony need color in your tees.

  34. ROGER

    Hello Tony,
    I was listening intently to what u were saying,and it rang so true to me.I bought your program and some how was unable to get it up and running todate.I put it aside to look at other affiliate programs which were thrust at me.It reminds me of the saying that”a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush”.I must get back to what you are teaching.I need to generate a constant cash flow .

  35. Karen Aspen

    Thanks Anthony, How true you are about being compliant. Life will be so much more rewarding when we keep moving forward and not think so much about ourselves, but help others. The golden rule !! Right! Thanks for sharing.

  36. josejservin

    hi anthony thanks ageing i am still learning from.
    your lessons i am interested in affiliate marketing.
    as well as email marketing thank you mach.

  37. Janice

    Hi Anthony Janice here Ive been really shy and scared Im a fiftys model we didnt get computers Ive been a caregiver/cna for 20 years its been rewarding but im 61 and the money is bad just watched your video I have your book and your program nobody thinks I can do on line i have been a victim but have learned from my mistakes I I really want to try I want to watch more and do better thank you for all your encouraging words Janice

  38. Denise Johnson

    This really motivates me Anthony ! Although I haven’t gotten complacent in Online Marketing, I am complacent in other areas of my life This could eventually cause me to be complacent in Online Marketing as well. Character and habits can create a domino affect to determine whether you are successful or not. I choose to be Successful 🙂

  39. jack anthony puccinni

    I think your right; keep going; follow your passions and you will stay buzy.
    I need your help; i got laid off december of 2008; and everything I have tried since has fallen out. I need to get on automatic income; please teach me.

  40. jack anthony puccinni

    I think your right; keep going; follow your passions and you will stay buzy.

  41. Jamielee Hutton

    This is a very good lesson most people learn the hard way . In order to have success and become complacent first I must be successful .

  42. Donna Oliver

    As usual… great advise from someone who is already successful. There are in deed so many other things a person could do to keep from being board. There are lot’s of people who could benefit from someone who has extra time to teach them new ways of marketing. All you have to do is just search the web a little. There are people everywhere reaching out for help. I know I would appreciate any advise someone could offer. Thanks again Anthony for all you do to help 🙂

  43. Sandra


    This week’s success connection is so true, I do believe that it is so easy for one to become complacent if not focused properly.
    Your points are well taken and once again you hit the nail right on the head. Thanks for your tips and for sharing.


  44. tommy pumphrey

    I believe people lose interest and sometime like me bad things happen and you dont have things anymore. Believe me I know marketing is the hardest part of this and it takes work.

  45. ashlee

    I am new at this system and type of employment but Thanks to you your books your videos I am finding my way to success. I have a new found exitement and motivation I feel i owe that to you. Thank you so much for your advice and tips and support you are one of a kind.

    Sincerely, Ashlee Johnson

  46. King Richard

    Anthony you are absolutely right. The problem with driving a school bus it’s a very lazy job. Sooo many drivers live the sedentary life they have every excuse in the book not to better themselves. I don’t want to be like that at all. I’m not computer savvy at all. I could use somebody like you ( Anthony) to help me out. I have the burning desire I just don’t know how too get started. Thanks

  47. Joseph Prieskorn Jr


    Thank You!

    I just lost my job today, so I want to make money online NOW.

  48. Stacey

    This is so true, Anthony. For myself this will be the easiest not to fall prey to because I am simply never satisfied. I always need to be accomplishing and attaining new levels, new goals, new challenges. I have many things I want to be able to achieve and without the finances I can’t put any of them into play so that is why I am here: to earn, then to empower others and help others in ways no one has helped them before. I am always seeking ways to improve things and make things easier and better. I believe I will go to my grave constantly seeking to accomplish things.

  49. Doug Hall

    BULLS-EYE – you are right on … I got complacent when I hit $10K / month in income and took my eye off the ball …. BIG mistake.
    Now back to work and quickly climbing the ranks with multiple revenue streams.
    Keep up the great information.

  50. Rudy Ambion

    I have not reach the goal that I want but I wont stop trying…..Thanks!!!!

  51. Terri

    Anthony, thanks for the tip, this was the first video I have seen of yours. I just joined, and your message spoke loud and clear. I am one of those people that if I get a head, I don’t keep moving, so I need to keep that stuck in my head from this day forth so I can make a lot of money at home and put my daughter through college. Thanks Again, Terri

  52. Bruce Bell

    Hi Anthony:

    If you are bored, please come to Chicago and do a live event. (lol)
    You made a great point about keeping the momentum moving forward.

  53. doug sando

    very true never had the opportunity to become lazy cant imagine not working we can rest when we die.

  54. Fred Williams

    I definitely connect with this tip Anthony. I have set my goals high enough that they will always keep me busy and moving forward. I even have goals planned after I reach my current goals just so that I don’t allow myself to fall into a attitude of complacency.

  55. Edilia Padilla

    Thanks for that great tip, I’m totally agree that we don’t have to get in a conforter zone after we see an income of a couple of thousands in our account, a greater education, and effort bring us to the top of the mountain.

  56. Kermit Williams

    That is something Entrepreneurs must realize for themselves that the journey to success or reaching great wealth is easier to achieve in comparison to maintaining it. Once you establish it you must factor in maintaining it if, not before as well, still continue to grow from that timeline in life. I recall your prior messages that coincide/link to this principle … think big, …fears, …techniques, finding a balance…, striving…, being aggressive…, innovative, …right mindset, they all are relative to this principle of …complacent.

  57. Chad Norman

    Every good point! It’s so important to keep the ball rolling! Good job Anthony!

  58. jan rose

    This is such good advice! One can become complacent after a success AND after a failure, or simply from lack of encouragement. You have the encouragement part handled! I really appreciate you and the weekly Success Connection!

  59. erum

    HI ANTHONY: Your believes are strong and that’s make you successful.. Education is really make a person strong in all areas of life.

  60. Karl

    Hi Anthoni. yes this was nice to hear. I wish it would work for me to. I still don’t have any Income!! I keep on going.

  61. Starmist

    Thank you for your advice Anthony. I just purchased your book and I’m learning more every day. I have also shared your website w/my Facebook friends so hopefully they they can learn from you too.

  62. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony

    Although I would love to start making a great deal of money on my business I for one am not one to be complacent. I like to work just for a feeling of accomplishment, beyond that there are so many worth while things to be done to help people less fortunate that there is no room for feeling complacent

  63. Patrick Miller

    Great advice, Tony!

    It’s a little like the old adage: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” – if you keep looking for more ‘baskets’, you will not get complacent!

  64. mikey mohney

    thanks Anthony for the awesome advice and another mentoring talk!! I take your advice about being complacive very serious. what u say is so true and everyone that has some success shouldnt settle for just that. We need to push our self to have more success and think even bigger. Thanks once again and have a great weekend everyone!! 🙂

    -Mikey Mohney

  65. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony, thanks again for this blog. You are right and sure is very positive. I keep getting all kind of e-mails promessing everything is just a click away and boom, that’s it! You don’t have to know nothing. Well that is not for me! I am doing like you said, learning this bussiness from the bottom. I am sure I will be successful with your help and your software’s that I have purchased from you. I am learning something new every day. GOD BLESS YOU! your student –Luis,

  66. Kevin Young

    You’re right! I shouldn’t be complacent. I’m gonna change that and buy your software as soon I am able to.

  67. Eparkyn

    Great advise, need to get ambitious and keep growing,but like Adrian said get good at what you started. Thanks Antony. EParkyn

  68. Jeanette Bush

    I really like this. I am joining your money making on line internet marketing next week! I am getting very excided! I like your success on this Success Connection!

  69. Isidro

    Anthony I’m not a computer expert that’s why I want you to sit beside me and tech me on to use your system so I can earn money through Internet. The same thing what you did to Frank and other two guy. I hope you come to my place and tech one on one so I can understand fully this kind of business. Thank you

    Isidro Cereno

  70. Britton Stewart

    Hello Anthony….

    I want to thank you for your series. I am also going to talk to one of your coaches. His name is Cam Goals and he is awesome. I have spoken to him about starting affiliate marketing. I will join him and make money on the internet through the lessons that you teach. My goal is that once I start making money, then I will do some trading. I will use part of my income and do some trading to obtain more money. In addition, I want to open more internet businesses so that I can generate more money. I want to thank you for your expertise. I am a fan on Facebook. I hope to become as successful as you.


    Britton Stewart

  71. Brian Aldrich

    Evelyn and and I are very new and we are so excited about all of your opportunities Thank you for your great teaching skills a n d your willingness to teach as a mentor. We will be at your Mississippi office on June 11.

  72. frank senner

    hi anthony,
    i really liked that message.this is something i am trying to do myself.
    thank you!

  73. Eugenia Cunningham

    I think what you are doing is a very wonderful thing to think of others, and I thank you even if my mind is not in the right frame of mind right now my life is on a stand still because of others and it is not because of me. I am just a person that feel like I always have to save the world around me, and that I will be ok, even if I am not I am still ok. I enjoy seeing others happy, however one day I will save myself…… smile thanks you are a belessing to so many people GOD bless you and your parents for having you and your BIG heart………… Wish you all the best on your marriage……………soon right!

  74. Eugenia Cunningham

    My word blessing is not right, but however I am finish.

  75. Dondi

    I have been making time and effort increased until I reach my goal. But I also have a plan for after I have reached each goal so I don’t get complacent. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  76. robert pascoe

    it is good to see someone that really wants to help people and not just use people for their money. sharing your dreams with others and your mistakes are something that every business persons wants and needs to hear. i want to make money like others, but money is just a tool in life that we use and not to let it use us.

  77. Gregory Riley

    Very informative. I have tons of emails from you but have not acted upon them. Semi-retired now, so time to get my butt in gear. Wish me luck!

  78. Blanca

    Once again you show us the path to the american dream. Keep it simple, stay on course, steady work, never to get stagnant, enjoy working , serve the community around us. The older generations followed this path. I like the simplicity of your life, money can bring people to their own destruction. I like to follow the footsteps of my ancestors, work, stay true to yourself and others. I hope I can start being succesful sometime soon, I will not give up, I promise, and I will not quit learning. 🙂

  79. William

    Great info. These kinds of training, keeps you motivated.
    Thanks, William

  80. Leitha Frye

    Enjoyed the connection today, However, at my age, the ability to be complacent would be something to aspire to.
    as always,thanks for all you do.

  81. Scott Duddles

    Great blog Anthony, as always you deliver a great teaching & message, I have been laid up with a back injury, & hope to get caught up this week, I thank you as always for your time & knowledge and teaching. God Bless you & your Family, Peace Be With You All…

  82. Mt Davis

    Hey Anthony
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, however i imagine its hard for some people to realistically think in those terms when they are stuggleing to make there first dollar online and havent acheived any success at all yet, i get what your saying as im sure other do also, but until you get to the point that your making “that” kind of ching its hard to think about being bored with your day.
    But after all I thing thats what appeals to most people here trying to get to that point.

  83. Sally and Bill

    Great information ! Always changing with the trends is very important. Thanks

  84. Jo-Anne Eadie

    Hi Anthony: This series keeps me going. There are times when I am so far out of my comfort zone that the fear begins to rise and I have to remember just to keep going step by step. Your positive messages really help.

  85. Tjep Marku

    It’s absolutely true. But it is not my problem right now, I am still struggling in my first step. Still confusing, should I begin from the right or left and how. I hope you can guide me on the right track toward success.

  86. Paul C. Chang

    Me and my wife went to the Agoura Hills Sheraton seminar today. We have signed up for the June 15-17 training today. We love your positive attitude and we are looking forward to learning more from you next week. Thanks again.


  87. Jeannette

    Anthony, just got my website and domain name purchased tonight. That was my homework today.

    But a thought on #112: It’s so easy to get complacent without even being aware of it. It’s called the status quo and if we don’t stay alert and in the present, we will fall into that trap before we know it.

    Thanks for all your helpful hints and you favorite “Quotes”. I have kept favorite quotes for years and now have a long list of them. I add yours to my list also.

  88. Dianne Yeager

    Your advice reminds me of the movie, Pay it forward. I am alreadly thinking of ways I can share my talents and passion with teenagers.

  89. Jamey Brown

    Thank you for the insight regarding becoming complacent. It is so easy to do when we get in our comfort zone. On another note, I must say I was impressed after reading your book “The Hidden Millionaire”. I read the book last night and I rarely seldom read books. The flow of the book just kept me wanting to get to the next chapter. Anthony Morrison you are the real deal! Thank you for sharing your history and knowledge with us. I am still learning everyday and plugging away at building my email list.

  90. John Riccio

    Hello Anthony,

    Great video message. It’s so true, being comfortable in one spot to long makes you lazy and after a while stunts everyone’s growth. Keep on doing what your doing because it helps all of us stay on track. I can’t wait to get to your level 3 training.

  91. Macs

    I’m glad that you pointed out that this principle should be applied to any endeavor. I plan not to be complacent.

  92. ernie Trujillo

    AWESOME…the greatest thing I love about you is your humility .you honestly want to help us succeed. im currently working on my 1st website w pmi..I look forward to meeting you when I reach 2,500 w SWA THAT I already purchased..keep up the great work ..see ou soon ..ernie Trujillo

  93. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony I really appreciate your teaching.

    Luke Pham

  94. Sharon Volkman

    Very good topic, Anthony. Life is so much more interesting and fun if you reach out and do more than what you thought you could do. It even gets easy when you just go ahead and ‘do it’.

  95. Marlyne

    Great advice! I must say, it did hit home. Thank you for the reminder.

  96. Cheryl

    Hi Anthony,

    The Internet changes constantly so you’ll get left behind if you get complacent!

    Thanks for the tip::-)

  97. Juan Sheng

    Anthony, thank you for you always sent the email to me to want me become your winer. I hope that I can win at today. I really need money. But I counnot kown how can make it. …

  98. John Hervan

    I know how complaciency can be very harmful to the human spirit. I belong to a twelve step program that shows us how complaciency can be a killer to many. A killer of dreams, the spirit, even a killer of people. My biggest problem at tis point is that I have to many people tugging at me from 50 different places and I am not getting the time to work on myself and my business. thanks for the push I will make time for me to work on my business.
    John Hervan

  99. AJ WaterfallMall

    Thank You Anthony for sharing your wisdom…I find by staying busy with vacations in between the work I am never complacent…I am happy to help others also and with that I help myself to be even more successful.

  100. Jo

    Them wee little masterful knowledgeable gems help light the path towards a successful internet business.



  101. Abigail Forrest

    I’m not sure $ = happiness but complacency is a killer even for happiness.

  102. Mary Toney

    I have finally gotten two of my web sites up!!! Not got any traffic yet but, one baby step at a time. I think your weekly successful connection help me keep going.I do not always comment but since I got two sites up I had to tell some one how excited I am!! I am not able to get on the weekly session live but, I always watch them when you send them out.
    Thanks so much!
    Mary Toney

  103. Joe Bosch

    Good advice!

    As I have said before, one of our most basic of basic drives/needs is to be contributing members to the society with whom we share our immediate environment! This is one of many reasons that “money doesn’t buy happiness.” It does however, allow us to make choices that its absence do not permit…

    Next item. Your experience with credit cards drying up brings up another lesson. “Don’t have all your eggs in one basket.” Simple Finances, etc. is something not taught in most K-12 schools to the detriment of our people.
    (Your dad found this out the hard way…) Try this on for size:

    Introduction to Finances 001A
    1. No voodoo accounting!
    2. Don’t spend more than you make (or collect in taxes)
    “The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, foreign adventures should be curtailed, lets we become bankrupt.” Cicero 55 BC.
    3. Set something aside for repairs, maintenance, replacements, etc., and for contingencies cause “stuff” happens.
    4. Never invest more in one thing or one country than you can afford to lose.
    5. If you are in charge of trust funds, thou shalt not speculate with them.
    6. If you want to speculate, never use money needed for necessities; use only extra money such as instead of, a new hot tub, day at the races, case of soda, etc.

    Another item: Think of OPEC. These people have millions coming in daily. What’s their goal? To plant/invest it constructively and see it grow and produce positive results. They don’t want it just sitting around doing nothing or worse yet, causing problems… Think of a farmer planting seeds. He or she wants them to produce a good crop.

    This is why you and many others are not satisfied with just getting more money. Examples: Bill and Malinda Gates, Warren Buffet, or others in the past such as: Andrew Carnage, Rockefeller, etc.

    This is getting long. Nuff for now.

    Good job. Thank you once again.


  104. Delores

    Thank you…seems this is the message I have needed to hear. I am looking forward to geting started good and moving forward.

  105. Anthony Canty

    i am now enrolled in your pmi institute for affiliate marketing and enjoying the experience. also that was a good presentation about becomming complacient with success. thanks.

  106. Beverly cooper

    I am bleased to get these inspirational messages at this point in my life. I hexperienced the sudden lost of my husband in april. So complaceny is not an option. My current income flow could change at any moment knowing todays economy so im excited to learn from the upcoming week.

  107. Trudy White

    Thanks Anthony. Without a further goal, it is true that we become complacent because it really doesn’t have a meaning, unless we are giving to the real things that matter.

  108. Kathy Postel

    Excellent advice, always a pleasure to be taught by you, look forward to the next session, sincerely from Kathy God bless you and your affiliates!!!! (In Jesus nm amen and amen!!)

  109. Russell Bearinger Jr

    Anthony Thanks a whole lot.
    You Put Lots Of Time in Your Blogs . The Info You Share is so Educational.
    Im tring to use 35% of my Time For Education. Then Act on What I Learn. It Works. ” So Keep It it ,And Keep it Fresh.”


  110. Lisa Blackford

    This is what I needed to motivate me back into action. I got sick and then never really got back into action. I guess you could say I got complacent. The message is exactly what I needed to hear to spring me back into action.

  111. James Waters

    Complacency is a stumbling block to be avoided. Thanks for the reminder. Thanks also for the reminder about diversifying you business as well. Without diversification in your business, complacency can be sure to follow.

  112. John Test

    Wow, such pertinent advice, Anthony. Becoming complacent is an evil to guard against in whatever business you’re in. When you get satisfied with the status quo, there’s no doubt that someone is just around the corner waiting to pull the rug out from under you. I hope that I can soon start thinking about becoming complacent in my internet marketing business, but it seems a little far away yet. Thanks again for sharing your viewpoints with us.

  113. lauya Tito

    i really want to do this but the money you ask i can manage it.if i did paid you that i may go to str with my all from paid check to paid check makes you sick to be honest thanks.

  114. levi


    As early in the morning as it is, I’m revived and know that you are focused, well prepared and planned beyond what we know where we stand. I need to use your instruction on my seventeen and twenty year olds as well. You are very much appreciated here. I really feel at times I’m not as appreciated by my family as earlier in our lives and I have found from you key evidence for my guilt… I’ve become complacent.

    Thank You Anthony,

  115. Dennis Ward

    Thanks Anthony for keeping me on you email list. I’m not going to say much, because I have two more Emails to watch from you. I hope you are having a great weekend on your New Boat. What size boat did you buy?


  116. Glenn Robertson

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  117. Marcia Brown

    This is another great lesson! If I keep doing things to grow my business, my business will grow exponentially. If I sit back and do nothing once I start having success, then there is nothing to fall back on if a niche runs itself out.

    Again, I loved the book, which I finished reading just before my husband went into the hospital for open heart surgery. These Success Connection lessons reviewing the twelve principles have really been good for me to keep up my momentum. Thank you for all you do to help us be a success.

  118. Muriel

    Good advice! You are correct regarding being complacent. Time will pass you by before you know it. Got to reach for your dreams and let the negative people in your life go. They are only holding you back.

  119. Muriel

    It’s great that you are going over the chapters in your book. It’s good to see that you are helping others. It’s nice to know that you are also human, that you make mistakes but you learn from them and move on. It helps the rest of us to know that we can too!

  120. Mae

    Hi Anthony,

    I did signed up for program. How you present it is highly inspiring and encouraging.

    One thing though, as you know, I’ve been studying under your online mentorship but of course, I have to go back and forth (im a busy housewife). Everytime I come back, I’m having difficulty downloading the video program again and again.

    Anyways, I’m really thankful I have learned so much.

    God bless!

  121. Elena

    You are sooo! Inspiring, Refreshing, Honest, etc, etc and more etc.

  122. Joe Bosch

    Good message, as usual. When I was working in Kirkland, Washington, guess who we often saw tooling around in his car and looking bored? It was Bill Gates. He’d achieved success, had learned how to delegate, and was probably bored, like so many others have been…

    He’s found a new challenge and purpose with his foundation.

    A critical key is knowing how to DELEGATE! This is why the CEO’s of the big Blue Chip companies get the big bucks. They are paid to get the work done, not to do the work themselves.


    PS Don’t see the comments I put on this last week. Are my comments too long or what?



  124. Susan Johnson

    This topic on complacency is moving. That is what happens that seems to causes “burnout”. It’s like filling up a cup or a glass and not having any more room to take anything else in. Good Topic. Question? Is it shear will power that we must use to get out of this bag?

  125. stanley escolano

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    Email are put together.



  127. Sandra Hale

    It was a god lesson. I am trying hard not to get complacent, because I have all of this time and there is nobody to speak with.

    Sandra Hale

  128. shannan

    That is a great motivater. Gotta tell ya, I long for complacency. I just work and work with no online results yet. My time is coming.
    Thanks! Shannan

  129. Ed Skarda

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  130. Kevin Sutton

    I’ts very refreshing to find someone who is genuinely concerned and honest!
    I’ve been with you for awhile, and I feel that I will succeed if I stay with you.
    I have purchased “The Hidden Millionaire”, and more recently I have purchased the Success With Anthony course.
    I have yet to make any money, but I know if I keep with it and keep taking the steps, I will get there.
    I really need this success,to make a living from home to take care of my Special Needs Daughter so Defeat Is Not An Option!
    Thank You for all you do!
    Aimee n Daddy

  131. Donald

    I agree with your comments and find them encouraging. I must find a way to bring my family along and get them involved.



    Sounds like you have put togther something vere “SPECIAL” for everyone to take advantage of to earn themselves LOT$ of Money!!! I look forward to becoming one of your future students!!!

  133. Val

    Thank you for your insights.
    I agree on complacency.
    However, there is not just one way to learn.
    For instance, books are great means to discover new things, ideas and concepts.
    OK, I am going to be perceived as ”old school” on this one. Not a problem.
    I am currently reading a book which is so revealing and meaningful to my future personal and professional projects. You cannot imagine !
    I received it by the mail this morning.
    Learning is important but timing is everything.

  134. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,
    I have been derailed for two months. I love listening to your videos. I am back on track. Thank you from my heart for inspiring me and others. I am rebuilding my website and working on line for money to invest in Affiliate Marketing. Just know that I am with you.

    Sincerely yours, Kathleen Judy Beller

  135. Ron Gilmer

    Excellent video! New thoughts and it is interesting to see someone with the success that you have you want to reach out to other people; and I KNOW YOU ARE GENUINE with your motive. I do deeply appreciate the extended effort you make towards people whom you have never even met! I am glad to be on board! And when the day comes that being complacent is tempting I hope to have the same attitude as you have!

  136. Frank

    Excellent relevations. Lots of people fall into the trap of not producing.

  137. Penelope Cottrell

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  138. Angelina Graff

    I always wondered why millionaires were so driven, even though they already had massive money. Now, I know …it’s a reason to get up in the morning. We all need that rich or poor…a reason to welcome the day.

  139. Ben Benson

    Hi Anthony,
    How can anyone disagree with you on being complacent. We know where this leads. Thanks and keep up the good works.

  140. Betty L Crabtree

    Thanks Anthony – Today is kind of a blah day. It was nice to hear from you. I’m still working hard and know that success is just around the corner.

    I actually ignore comments from family and friends – give up, it’s never going to work.

    I have never failed at any thing I have wanted and worked for. I will not
    fail at this endeaver either.
    Betty aka Ruffles the Clown

  141. Leslie Earle

    This is the first of your Success Connection that I’ve seen. Its Great ! I totally get what you’re saying and can see how much happier anyone can be if they are always moving forward. Have you addressed the issue of getting UNSTUCK?? I understand both practically and conceptually what needs to be done in the process of affiliate marketing, however, I just cannot get started. It seems that it takes more money than I have available to do that, so I’m stuck. I’d appreciate anything that could help. Thanks, Leslie

  142. Albert T Smith Jr

    That puts a little different flavor on” never stop growing”.


    Atleast i now have something to look up to whenever a new week starts.
    I am learning alot every week. I hope i will bw able to implement.

  144. Joan

    Hey Anthony! I hope that you know Jesus too! It is great that you keep up on things! I want to too, but struggle with having no money, I would like to share my guitar playing ability and faith in Jesus At present I’m needing His assistance in doing His will. God bless you!

  145. Ann Guetlein

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    I am here in Jackson with Kaci, and appreciate the continued support even though I am just getting started. I can’t wait for more inspiration and will keep you updated.

    Thanks, Ann

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    had a mild heart attack May 14, 2012
    so taking it slow , have a nice day Larry

  147. Rene' Bennett

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  148. James

    Very good Anthony. It’s very easy to get complacent. When you do, you are almost like someone living from paycheck to paycheck.


  149. walterwatson

    hello anthony! I agree 100% that being complacent is the wrong way to go. Doing more & growing in everything you do in life is what motivation & inspiration is! that’s why I have so many website’s in the first place. If your bored, then you have the power to incourage yourself. thanks for reminding me of that.

  150. ELC

    just started watching these success connection videos – just jumping in and trying to put in the time…. thanks!

  151. Peter Baliukonis

    This is good advice because it is still a business and if you stop manageing a business it stops produceing and you want it to keep bringing the money

  152. Kim

    HI, thank you so much for these great tips of advice! I listen to them when I can, and usually after my son has gone to sleep! Gives me time to think and listen, and learn.

  153. John Myers

    Been there, done that. Unfortuneately, I have this testimony. I had built a modest business, took in a couple of partners, and became complacent. I was living a nice life. Then, an abrupt change came about in the business. There I was, left to start all over again with nothing. My family bore the penalty for my complacency. I thank God for this opportunity to rebuild. I also am thankful for the teaching, and coaching, through the videos that help bring things like this to light. Thank you Anthony for the work you are doing. I pray you may find your fulfillment through Him. Be blessed my friend.

  154. Esran

    You are right on. Some of us want to get away from our day job boss and that is fine, but don’t run away from ourselves as our boss.

  155. Richard Burton

    Great motivational message, Anthony. Sometimes it’s necessary to re-evaluate our goals. Staying busy keeps me from being complacent.

  156. Van

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  157. c.lucci

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    Wealth is not what you have it but to enjoy teaching others successful as you are!!! Thanks for your beautyful mind.
    We still moving forward until we reach our goal.

  158. Victoria Green

    Hey, I really enjoy today’s lesson. This was a humbling message. It reminds us when and if we become bore and or depress, your advice to swing back into the reality of living again! Getting out there and being active, and meet new friends. It don’t matter if you are wealthy or not, what matters, “You don’t want to lose your “livelihood” or your momentum of keeping active and enjoying life. So, help others while your’e at it!

  159. Janet

    Hi, Anthony: Really liked your video. It’s a motivator. especially for someone like me that have gone through some health challenges and cann’t be at my lap tap as much as I would like. Thank you for being there for me. God Bless.

  160. susan hayward

    Being complacent may leave one unaware of what is going on in banking and in the stock market. I am reaching for more success! Thanks Anthony for this secret! Susan

  161. Denise

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    in multiple directions. Brian

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  168. Loree

    First congratulations for truly uncovering your book that spells out a lot of wisdom to live by. The lesson on complacency is a vital reminder for all because if we continue to be complacent, we’ll find the diminishing return coming solid in our midst til it has gone down to nothing- what has been built will come to crumble into pieces. Yes, I think it’s a real good ‘Food for Thought’

  169. annette Oglevee

    I watched this friday and realized that I have never been complacent until I got laid off again (round 3) I always had school, jobs or other things keeping me busy but now I have to think and hope I have something to do. This program is helping me to be a better person inside and out. I am going to MS in July and want to be ready.

  170. Dave Ingram

    Great Point! As you have said, it is easy to become complacent. Thanks for the several ideas on how to eliminate it!

  171. Carrol

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    Being complaicent is a problem in any area of our lives. I appreciate your continued inspirational information.

  172. Mayleen

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  174. David Hurt

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    Crisoforo Nostranomo

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  180. Tracy

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  181. Joe Bosch

    Bored? How can you possibly be bored?

    What I tell the kids when I hear them say this is, Oh? Well if you are bored with you, then why should I bother trying to find something interesting about you?

    Look around you! There’s LOTS of stuff out there. Don’t be bored. If you’ve reached the point where money is no longer a worry, then get involved in other things and maybe use it to make a difference in the lives of others. Think of the foundations out there and what they are doing to try and make the world a little better.


  182. Charles Crissman

    At 75 I am still dreaming and setting new goals to make money on line. I agree 100% that complacency can kill your dreams and stop your momentum. As you said before never Give UP, Stay Focused and Do NOT be Complacent.

  183. Edward Zisk

    Anthony, Thank you for the great advise – Do not be satisfied with the status que, always keep moving forward each and every day.

  184. Chris Kalwa

    Complacency is the social equivalency to living in a “social coma”. Once a lot of people make their financial fortune, or they celebrate their “retirement” from their jobs, they suddenly find themselves sitting back and doing nothing for the rest of their lives.They’re bored out of their minds, their life has no purpose and they feel ‘lifeless’, and worst of all, they make everyone around them absolutely miserable. Regardless of how much money you make, or how much success you attain, if you don’t share these achievements with others and help enrich the lives of people around you, you need to ask yourself why you were put on this planet to begin with. After all, once you are on your “death bed” will you be counting your money? Or will you be cherishing the priceless memories enjoyed with family, friends, and with those whose lives you helped make better because you’ve decided to “give back” something special throughout your lifetime?

  185. Roger O

    Thank you Mr. Anthony,

    This is really motivating & encouraging


  186. Steve Gaiser

    Good video. I know that complacency can lead to depression and in some cases, early death, sad but true. My mother is an example of a person upon retiring who became very complacent and passed away in her 70’s never really enjoying her life after she reached 65. My dad is also a victim, still alive today, but has had dementia for quite a number of years now. While this may be a bit extreme, it shows the power of complacency if left unchecked. A good topic for this weeks Success Connection.

  187. Muriel

    Anthony – you certainly give out a lot of good imformation and you are correct about we take things for granted thinking there’s always tomorrow. Wrong! Tomorrow comes way to quickly and live passes you bye and then you wonder what happened to all your dreams and plans. Complacent is definitely a dream killer if you let it happen. Thanks again for these videos – they are eye openers.

  188. Marlon Morris

    Thanks for the “lighting the fire” moment!!! The “End Game” is “What’s Next???” You are spot on!

  189. Bernice J Adams

    thanks again…it is easy to become lazy in this…it is very important to keep moving upward and onward

  190. Connie

    I thank you for sharing your gift with others, The hardest thing for me is getting started. I am trying to focus on what can be and not seeing my current situation as my future. your words of encouragement are helping me to break through and press beyond present toward change and into future. continue to share your gift and help others.

  191. Ranger Phillip

    Thanks again Anthony. Another good reminder. Complacency kills motivation. We must have goals to motivate us and overcome complacency.

  192. Tom Chuhay

    I really admire your persistance and drive, I must admit I’ve become complacent!! With the economy downturn (starting in 2008) I’ve lost a house, a truck, but still have my my barely surviving machine shop and
    had totally given up and got a job working for another business.
    Now having an income you’ve motivated to stay active and pursue real dreams!!!!! Thank-you for all your information and “mentorship”.
    I’m personally thankful for you

    Tom Chuhay (I would really like to talk to you, Anthony)

  193. Eparkyn

    Thanks Antony: For reminding us to go forward, and try more ways to get going and learning new ways, online marketing is really hard work when you do not know what you are doing. Elizabeth Parkyn

  194. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Hi Anythony.

    Your so right it’s easy to fall back on our victories an rest. I ready a book along time ago by Doctor Schuller introduce me to the Peak to Peak Method. Once he found himself coming close to his goal, he could see coming to it’s conclusion. He would start looking for his next peak or goal. To get started, one his last goal was completed. Not just in bussiness but in learning and growing it’s the stuff of a happier life. Thank you for reminding me!
    Cynthia A. Chisum

  195. Kathy Page

    Thanks Anthony! You motivate me by just reading all your emails. Its so refreshing to listen to your video’s. Your reaching out to all of us in need who are trying to get ahead in make a difference. You are a wonderful person. You are very gifted. Kathy p. in Wash.

  196. william ortega

    Hi Anthony , thks for putting these webinars on- we all need to get reminded
    re-motivated and re-assured and also re-pushed.

    Just another question- I signed up a few times for the audio training
    but never recvd the audio discs. By being in the car for hours here in CA
    the audio tapes are an important tool – wehich can be used while in the car.

    thks for considering this and for sending the discs.

    best regds

  197. Richard Hunter

    Great Subject, Great points. I have been caught many times by the
    quicksand of complacency, only and suddenly to find myself on
    a E-Ride to serious trouble.
    Thanks for the reminders.

  198. Edith Rekshynbskyj

    I loved this video a lot. One thing about me is that I cannot be complacent, I always have to do something and why shouldn’t it be “Making Money”. I don’t have so much time left and I want to do and get everything that’s possible. I want to help my sons to get a good life. One of them is unemployed and really very good at computers. Maybe I can help him. Thank you so much Anthony.

  199. Linda

    I agree with your strategy for success. I too from experience know that being complacent limits everything.

  200. Mark Miser

    Hi Anthony,

    Great topic! And i have to say that i agree with you. Becoming complacent in and/or with life allows us to accept life how it is. And deprives one of the drive and willingness to achieve what one really want out of life. It is truly a dream killer!

    Thanks for your time and wisdom!

    Mark Miser
    MEM Enterprise

  201. DeLois Weldon

    Thanks. I sure would like to have you to come to my house like you did on a
    video. I need one to one instruction. I did enjoy you book. It made me think I can do it.

  202. Astre

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  203. Paul

    Hey Anthony, great job today!! good advice too about becomming to complacent we all neeto have a good plan and, keep all our duck in a row
    Talk soon Paul

  204. Jan-Inge Andersson

    I have a bigger goal than just get rich and make a lot of money online.
    My major goal in life is to help other people who are not so fortune like me.
    So it’s important for me to be wealthy and use that as a necessary tool to achieve my goal.

  205. Ivy Rice

    You are so right, Anthony. Complacency will lead to disaster. Thank you for all your teaching and inspiration. I want to be just like you when I become successful.

  206. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,

    I missed this Webner last week, so I’m listening your message now.
    Thanks for such helpful insight. I believe I should not do two
    things; procrastinating and complacent. I have been procrastinating
    some time and finally I am getting the PMI coaching help to start up my internet marketing business. I’ll keep your insightful principles for success
    to guide me through this journey.

    Thanks a million, Kaz

  207. James

    Thanks, Anthony. Another good lesson.
    Personally, this could never happen to me. I have too many ‘Burning Desires.’ And enough needs to be met in my live and the life of those that are close to my heart. Simply put, There is too much need and so few resources for me to become complacent.
    Thanks again for more food for thought.

  208. karla

    i love this which book of yours are you getting this material from webinars and are right to the point and easy to understand i want to desperatly become a millionaire i need to in order to get out of debt i want out of debt before the end of the year.

  209. Kim

    I truely admire your attitude, you inspire me due to your wanting to do what is best for others. I am verrrry new to internet, but I am going to not stop until I understand it! I am confused and somewhat embarrassed that I do not even know how to do some of the things that you teach, but I am working at it. My challenge is that I was taught to work a 9 to 5 job and it has been hard for me to think I can create an income online to provide security for my family. It’s due or die, no matter what. So thank you for your patience and consistency with your teaching.

  210. Garilania

    I mean this might not directly apply to me yet, but I am taking this as a “work toward” video. Thank you so much!

  211. Norm Morrissette

    I really like the way you share this information which inspires my efforts.

  212. JANET

    My husband and I have learned first hand what complacency can do to a small business. It was a painful mistake and a lesson I will never forget!

  213. Linda

    I enjoy these sessions and make mental notes of what you say. I am new to this – very new and am trying to gain as much knowledge as I can. I took the seminar in May in Burlington and since then have been trying to learn as much as I can. My mind and brain are so tired at this point. I am watching all videos and teleconferencing sessions.

  214. Katharina Norwood

    This makes complete sense to me. How easy would it be to just let everything go, after having been miserable in some job or because of no steady job and enjoy your wealth. But people forget that life always changes and that you have to change with it. You basically have to keep running right along it. It is good to take a little break. But not too long or you get lazy. Thank you, Anthony for reminding us. I will remember when I get to that crucial point.

  215. Tammy Ruegsegger

    I agree with you, I/we need to have multiply streams of income. I know if I got complacent then I know the affiliate marketing business would fizzle out and I know I don’t want that to happen. I want to quit my job and be able to do affiliate marketing full/part time. If I got complacent I know I would not be able to quit my job and work from home with a lot more flexibility. In my busy life flexibility would be a great benefit and a different type of stress than school and all the stresses that come with that job.

  216. Thomas Longerbone

    Growing complacent is a way to make life uninteresting and boring.

  217. Paul

    Hey Anthony.good morning! I have been online for years trying to make or
    find a way to make money online. I read many of the comments that were
    made before me from all your follow’ers expressing their commitments to
    convey what they are doing to avoid becomming conplacent. sounds like they all are busy every day your vedio was very good and you expressed your-
    self very well today as allways keep up the good work and know we’re all following you every step of the way.
    Thank you again

  218. Ranger Phillip

    I agree Anthony that we must not become complacent either with a little success or with great success. Learning & continuing to grow is necessary to continuing to be successful.

  219. Marcus Jones

    I’m with you on this. There was a time when I received 2 promotions within 6 months. After the second promotion I felt like I had “made it.” I was earning over 6 figures and had some power with my position. Once I decided to leave the position, that’s when I discovered I had been complacent and lazy. This is what drives me to be successful with my current business.

  220. Albert T Smith Jr

    Isidro, I’m there with how you feel andare; but I think the message is ” never be satisfied, keep thirsty”.

  221. Joe D.

    Anthony- Don’t let the moss grow under your feet. Money does not necessarily bring you happiness without purpose.

  222. Marva Taylor

    This is so true. Sometimes I become so busy with life that I become complacent with my business and it does hurt. Not only do you not grow but you lose some of the business you do have. I’m still working on some of these traits.

  223. Sheila Aldrich

    On the button, again Anthony, very good. I love that your not being complacent includes reaching out to people to give them a kick in the ….
    we all need it at times. Let’s keep our dreams alive! What do you say?!

  224. Alice Wilson

    I am not complacent or bored – yet. I am pressing on to learn something new about this business everyday. Life is too short to let yourself be bored, there is so much to learn, to see, to do. I am full of life and I want more. Keep up your good work.
    Thanks, Alice

  225. Nina Perdue

    Hi Anthony.

    Thank you again for an enlightening course which hits close to home and which I can.I take to heart and which I want to remember to make my life and business more successful.

  226. Bare

    You were teaching what to do so as not to become complacent but keep going and growing. When you said you were earning $ 200,000.00 each month and were massively board It was like shot in the arm of a really good medicine I will call the New Hope Meds. If there ever was a rabbit and a turtle well this turtle is going forward and more excited now than when I began this new journey . I am not Thomas Edison but I sometimes think I have tried a lot of different materials to make this light shine and I know for sure I am closer today than I was yesterday. And that’s exciting. Appreciate the good work you are doing, Please keep it up I sure there are more like me who really need the education and encouragement, it is refreshing for a change.

  227. Gregory Rupert

    You are such a bright and humble soul, people can’t help appreciating you and your advice! Thank you, good advice!

  228. Sharron Hudgins

    I really needed this. I have failed so much, it is hard to be motivated at all. I feel like I am studying this stuff so much, there seems to be no action. I do take action, only to find out there are more hurdles. I have come close to quitting all together. However, I really want to do this and be successful.

  229. norman rambow

    Anthony.. I believe in what you say.. and find that sitting down and makeing some worth while goals seem to be a good thing to do. Achievable ones that have rewards for doing it and setting some more that initiate a drive to do more and not to become complacent .. We all are human, unfortunately allows us some down time or idle ones. So the best thing is set a goal reach for it .. reward and move to the next.. maybe a session about setting goals with rewards and things that may or may not be just for us but to help others do something .. Thanks for the tips.. great job.. love it.. keep it coming,

  230. Tammy D

    Thank goodness for people like you, You get bored decide and can teach and motivate. Although I have not been successful by any means. you have been keeping coming back for more and more training. Someday I will link this all together. Anything is possible.
    Thanks again,
    Tammy D

  231. Rebecca Parris

    I must say that every time I tune into these talks you prove yourself to be a true helpmate. I am so impressed. Thank you for your seemingly never-ending honest desire to help.
    Thank you so much!

  232. Isaac

    Very Good Info, I just want to make sure that it does not get refuse with burnout which happens too!

  233. Richard Fagre

    After a day of feeling discouraged its nice to tune into your message.

  234. Bill Munro


    This Success Connection is just what I needed. Due to my health & my mother’s health, I needed this inspiration. I’ve been so tired, and haven’t
    put in the hours that I need to, to be successful. I appreciate the extra
    boost, and thanks a million.

  235. Brett Cantrell

    Great message. Complacency can be a killer to productivity and I’m not going to be a victim. Stick it out, chin up and dive on the work. I have a lot to learn.

  236. Anna

    Hi Anthony ~ Do no be complancent. That is really great advice and makes a lot of sense. Growing and helping others is really what it is all about anyway.
    Thank You for all your trainings and all that you share, Anna

  237. Anica Ioanas

    Anthony,wanting to help other people to accomplish their goals is great! Teaching them how to deal with the eCommerce and Entrepreneurial online issues, is giving us,the beginners, not only great starting lessons,but is also motivating and energizing us on long way.Thank you !

  238. El Dee James

    Anthony, good information. Certainly makes a lot of sense. Why stop when your having success just keep moving forward. I finally got to order your book, The Hidden Millionare so I can’t wait to get it so I can start reading it.

  239. Daniel Vanguardia

    Anthony, thanks for sharing with us that we should not be complacent. We should always try to grow and do better. We should improve ourselves and even do other things. Thanks again

    Dan Vanguardia

  240. joe cachia

    hi anthony, i am slowly but surely unsubscribing my other 200 emails i get daily so i can concentrate on your coaching. i am 67 and been at this since i was put out to pasture from the workforce, thats over 3 years ago. i feel i will be so over the moon when i make my first dollar that i will probably ship it straight out to you. hope that is soon, your doing a great job and it is appreciated

  241. Charles

    Can I borrow a little of your free time? LOL Bless you for trying to teach things to people who need to be educated in a way they dont have to work for someone who promises the world and when their used up spits them out when their 40 – 50 with nothing to show for it. I work 5,6 sometimes 7 days a week and spend time doing this, as well as other on line businesses but Great stuff Anthony!

  242. Michael Callahan

    Really like your video post. Using a five year plan of goals and updating it with a new goal once a goal is achieve is what I do to say going forward in business. These goals keep me focus and get a direction to my business. The best part of internet business is you can use your imagination, critical thinking and proven methods to enhance what you have or to go forward into other markets to increase sales.

  243. Victoria Harsche

    Thanks Anthony, as always very great point. I’m still on the beginning end. I have been taking notes to look back on all these.
    Can’t wait till you visit my home and teach me all!!!! (A gal can dream, right)!!!!!
    I’ve always learned better being directed. I love the step by step videos. I can pause and play and go right along setting up sites.

  244. Sue Marcoux

    Thanks, that’s good advice. I have no desire to make oodles of cash but I get that ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’ can leave you floundering if you drop it. It’s good to be diversified.

  245. John Morgan

    hi Anthony I haven’t red your book but what you “re saying is true our minds and bodies are like mechanical machines that needs constant lubricating or they rust away

  246. Gerald

    Hey Anthony,

    As usual another good lesson, I am still trying to get of the ground and you know something I am getting more and more bolder everyday, I hope one day soon I can say to you I made my profit online.

  247. Mark Peters

    Wow that was an eye opener, not that is isn’t known, but I have had some success and have been guuilty of some level of complacency. So Anthony, thanks for the timely reminder and I really do appreciate all that you do for us lesser Folks. All the best to you.

  248. Bob Winterhalder

    Dear Anthony,

    You make a good point. Having multiple streams of income enables an entrepreneur to still make a living even if one of his sources loses popularity, I am in a “Newbie” position where I have to build the first stream of income before planning alternatives. However, the alternatives will be coming soon.

    Hope to keep in touch,
    Bob Winterhalder

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