1. Ken H

    It is hard to stay motivated when so many of your friends and family don’t believe. I very glad you have these blogs weekly to keep up motivated and focused. Thanks Anthony.

  2. Maude Kovarik

    Thanks for the message. It was one that I needed to be reminded of today. Everyone that knows me is saying, stay away from that computer! I’ve never expected to make millions, but some money extra each month would be great.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Val

    I agree with your advice. I like gathering different people’s point of view first and then make my own decisions and take the responsibilities for them. Sometimes, it takes time especially if the decision concerns my personal life because I do not like experiencing changes in this particular area.
    Furthermore, I am quite lucky because both of my parents trust me and even though sometimes they may not share my point of views they recognize under which circumstances I am happier and when I am not. They have always shared with me their own beliefs and views directly, make effort to understand my point of view and respect it. They have always looked for what is best for me.

  4. James

    Hi Anthony,

    You are right, so many times friends and “well meaning relatives” prevent people from following their dreams that may have worked out.


  5. Allon n Kim Peterman

    Anthony if you truely are the one reading this thank you,Thank You from the bottom of my Heart. Same for your kid Bro. I am just getting started, but i know that this is within my grasp. I am way more ADD with extreem dislexia than Adrian is. But I am doing. I look forward to succeeding.
    Ps.Thank you for being real. And you Anthony for having patients. ADRIAN is not so much as you. But a good man.

  6. Gaye Noland

    Trusting you instincts is another key to building any business. People will try to sway you in other directions, especially family. This is a time to stay strong and keep doing what you believe in. You either profit or learn other lessons to make you stronger.

  7. Kathy Postel

    It’s HARD, sometimes, in this faced pace world to (just) follow your OWN instincts. Thank you for reminding me to do so God bless you, in JESUS nm

  8. Natalie Lee

    Very good advice……and I always trust my instincts. People need to pay more attention to that, especially when it comes to their safety!

  9. karla


  10. Kristin Gilsdorf

    I hear what you’re saying about trusting your instincts. I choose to block out the nay-say people and listen to my own inner voice. I have learned that my inner voice and trusting my own instincts is much stronger than listening to the negative thoughts of others. Thank you for the encouragement, Kristin

  11. robert quinones

    Thanks Anthony Morrison truly because I was having some influential people in my life telling me that this online buisness will never work. Now I am just beginning still studying of the training videos and reading the books as well as looking for extra help from hoping I qualify, but they’re word were getting to me it pains me to say I was starting to cave now i just believe that my family members and the others were just getting annoyed with me because I’m working hard to make this buisness work even know I’m still in the beginning I truly feel this will work and once again Thank you

  12. Karen A Fox

    I really needed this lesson at this particular time! Thank you Anthony!

  13. Astre

    I hear you because people will tell you that you cant do some but if you feel that you can you just have to block all the negativity out
    and do what you feel is right. Great video!

  14. Stacey

    We all know that little voice that tells us whether something is right or wrong and most of the time we ignore it and end up regretting not following our gut instinct. It is always right. I have not been doing we4ll with everything I have been doing in affiliate marketing,but I am trusting my gut instinct that you and your brother are the real deal and sincere in your wish for others success and that you do want to help them and that is why I cannot wait to come to the training school and learn right from the people doing it!

  15. Jamey Brown

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts regarding trusting your instinct. I can tell you it is very easy to follow others instinct instead of your own. In fact, most of us are where we are today because we followed someones instinct if not our own. My goal is to push forward and never look back. It’s like climbing a 1000 foot ladder; you are good as long as you can see the end and you don’t look down. Once you look down, fear steps in. I think a good lesson to learn is to keep looking forward and go with your gut.

  16. daniel aubrey

    Your first decision usually is your best decision. I am sure that we have all heard that, but it’s when your educated decision produces results that make you feel the best. Great job Anthony, you always seem so positive and that is why you are so successful.


  17. Benzz

    INSTINCT, impulse, intuition, natural feeling, sixth sense?
    Go for it. . . . .

  18. Marcia Brown

    Sometimes the only person telling me, “It’s not possible” is myself. It isn’t easy sometimes to ignore my own thought patterns and just trust my instincts, but it is very necessary. I’m still enjoying this review of the book. These weekly blogs really help keep me motivated and encouraged! Thanks again, Anthony!

  19. Ipe Pereira Da Silva

    Thank you Anthony for this technique! Trust our instincts is really very important.

  20. Trudy White

    Thank you Anthony, for the information that is practical and true

  21. tommy pumphrey

    Thanks Anthony, I started with some hiccup and with your kindness, except that mad thing, and the team understanding my drive, got that from your book and my personal life; the academy and I are on our way to building a life long relationship. It is sometimes hard with my now limited income and that may slow me down a bit but I cannot stop for my daughter.
    God bless
    prayers do get answered maybe not as soon as you want; Bible

  22. Blanca B

    You talk about trusting your instincts and following your gut. I feel like a child with a new toy, I keep playing with it and getting fascinated. I like affiliate marketing very much. In a way your words are candid, you share your own obstacles and how your family has been crucial in your career. Big things start small, you started small and that is what is inspiring, each of us can get there. I am still getting educated and trying to figure out which of the platforms is my thing CPV, Facebook… I can’t wait to keep learning more. Thanks!

  23. frank senner

    hi anthony,
    this was a very important message for me.i think it will be very valuable to me also.

  24. erum

    Hi Anthony, I am very positive what I am doing.. Believing your instinct is the most important thing.. I know once I get into anything for e.g this Marketing Business. “I know I’ll WIN”. I can do it and I know I’ll… Thanks for your information… God Bless You.

  25. Justin

    In the beginning I mentioned to my family and cousins about how I really want to pursue in affiliate marketing and of course they all have said, “no don’t do it, it’s a scam, they’ll steal your money, a lot of these businesses fail, etc, etc.” I myself have thoughts of failure if it doesn’t work out but hey at least I tried so I’m not going to let anyone change my mind. I believe I can make it in this business and like you said I do trust my instincts and will remind myself every day to, “Never Give Up!” Thanks for the great tips Anthony!

  26. Denise Johnson

    Wow…Anthony ! Everyone kept telling me that Cocktail Drums weren’t popular and lots of drummers were not interested. My take was that I was going to bring them back in style and promote them. I brought my own kit…made a video and now I’m am on Drum forums where drummers are really interested. Your message confirms that you must go with Your Own Instincts !!! Don’t worry about what others say…. Of course make educated decisions and research…but people will talk you out of what dosen’t seem sensible to THEM. I Appreciate YOU so !!

  27. Carol Amato

    Hey Anthony,

    I loved Advertising Profits From Home, but The Hidden Millionaire was such an inspiring, heart warming story, and best of all, it’s REAL. 🙂

    Thanks for teaching it through your blog, it just comes alive this way.

    Have a great weekend.
    – Carol

  28. Jan-Inge Andersson

    I realize how important it is to trust my instincts, that’s why I’m here to listened to your good advices every week. Thank You Anthony, you will make it possible to for me reach my goal!

  29. Dianne

    This week’s principle of “trusting your instincts” ties into and supports the other principles, such as striving for more keeps you from becoming complacent and having confidence in yourself.

  30. Mary

    So true–family and friends knock you down so much when you try to make a difference in your life.. If it isn’t realistic in their mind then they say you’re a fool for doing it… Thank you for all the positive uplifting videos that you give us to help us move on in becoming the person that we see we will be someday… God Bless you and your family–thank you, thank you, thank you for being you 🙂

  31. Richard Burton

    My wife got excited when I showed her notice of my first Clickbank sale and a few Google dollars recently from AdSense clicks . The amount is small and we had a little laugh about it, but she no longer thinks I’m totally nuts–a little but not totally. My instinct says I still have a lot to learn and a lot more effort to put in, but I know I am on the right path. Thanks for your inspiration Anthony. It’s important.

  32. Mary

    Hi Anthony, thank you for all the advice. I fully agree we have to follow our own instincts. I hear all too often how everything on the internet is a scam. I really get tired of hearing it so now I really don’t say anything about what I am doing. I like what I am doing and that is the most important. Have a great weekend.

  33. Deppietinny Kekatos

    This is very true. I was told before too that certain things that I wanted to do was not going to work. The decision had to be mine and I did what I wanted and needed to do for me. I have to trust my instincts more and more.
    Thank you Anthony.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day to your dad.

  34. Dondi

    Anthony, that’s what keeps me going to succeed in this business. That urgency of NOW. The good vibrations that I get from doing this and being spiritual person. God has not made me think otherwise.

    Peace and blessings,


  35. Phillip Kasdorf

    like what alot of the other people say don’t listen to what other people say, do what you believe in and move forward, this is my first video to watch and cant wait to see the rest of them!

  36. Harold Ward

    Thank you Anthony, you trusted in your instincts and become very successful. I admire the way you believed your dad and followed his advice
    but along the way you discovered something that changed your mind and
    caused you to go in a different direction. Something you had never done
    before. That took a lot of courage. You had a strong belief system to go
    in an unknown direction. You must have gained momentum as you went
    along. It’s amazing what a persons instinct can do. And now you teach
    others what you know, A true leader.

  37. George Ngozi

    Thankx alot Anthony i realy enjoy the topic that”s a good advice stay cool.

  38. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Just in the in the nick of time. Awesome That’s why I ‘m I here with you thank you!. I remember you for when you were on the news. Thank You so much. I’m wishing you all that is good!
    Cynthia A. Chsium

  39. Josie M

    Thanks Again Your words always give me the encouragement I need when I think that this is not going to work.

  40. Eparkyn

    Antony: It is great having your Success Connection, and learning every time we watch you, Thanks You.

  41. Luis A. Deleza

    Professor Anthony, staying positive all the time and going on your instinct is a very good advice. GOD has BLESSED YOU Anthony! Just another baby step at a time. Thanks your student–Luis, TX.

  42. Donna R. Moore

    Good advice I am trying to follow. Difficult at times when someone near to you does not believe it is possible. My instinct tells me it is possible bt sometimes you need to spend a little money to follow your instincts. Thank you for giving us less expensive alternatives to build our dreams.

  43. Georgette Johnson

    Thank you Anthony for always being so encouraging. When I went to school computers were not in every classroom like they are now, so I am a little behind where I was hoping to be at this point. But am I learning it and will succeed. Love the Lead Gen Builder. Thanks 🙂

  44. angelica

    Hello Anthony,

    It is very good that you have touched the subject of “Trust your Instincts” as one of your principle for I believe that our Instincts plays a great deal of making a decision (small or big) it’s just a matter of listening and recognizing and trusting it for sometimes we got distraction from different voices and opinions from others when we are trying to make a wise decision for whatever it is in our life not knowing that – the little voice inside us is telling something ( directing) based on our state of life, but we tend to debated it and not just instantly acknowledging it…Perhaps doubts at times surface when we try to reason.
    However, I weigh things considerably and possibly.
    Great job discussing it in your video…Something we should greatly considered and applied in a daily basis.

    Thank you and May God Bless you and your team.


  45. Wilma Tune

    Thank you for the trust your own instincts. I’m trying very hard to do so. My thinking capabilities tend to slow me down yet I keep on keeping on.

  46. Patrick Miller

    This is another principle that is so obvious but is easy to overlook in the face of all the ‘naysayers’. Thanks for the reminder, Anthony!

  47. shannan

    You are so kind,earnest, it is truly the bright point of my day when I see your little face in my in box.
    I wish I could make you laugh, it’s what I was good at, in a previous decade.
    Don’t take that in a neg,. way,
    Your face always seems happy. And it is everywhere. Too bad your so hard to look at. Ick. ~;o} As always, thank you for th einfo and the encouragement.


  48. Melody

    Thank you Anthony for the great video blogs. Anyone can make a successful business for themselves using these techniques. You just need to believe in yourself be inspired & have the right mindset & the right education to be financially successful in life. Write down your goals & reach for the sky. You just need the education & the right mindset & always of course choose success. Of course Anthony’s books are also inspirational. Thank you Anthony for the great videos & the inspiration you are awesome. Choose success always.

  49. Kong Sourivong

    Hey Anthony,

    Thank you so much that I have opportunity to be your student,
    I am looking for ward to learn more from you and your brother, Adrian.
    I am trusting in your instincts,

    Thank you.

    Kong Sourivong

  50. Leitha Frye

    You are so right. Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement, Or at the very least, all the naysayers to leave you alone so you can try something on your own. Sink or swim, at least you can TRY.

  51. Van Aryuthaya

    Trust my instinct to reach my goals, follow Anthony is staying motivate. Thanks.

  52. Beverley Gallimore

    Thanks Anthony,
    You are so right on that. I am taking a detour from my online efforts for a short while. I’ll be back when I have some funding. But I am still tuning in on your blogs because they are so enlightening. I learn a lot from you.

  53. mikey mohney

    Anthony! thank you for a very educational mentoring video. My friends would tell me the same things. (you aren’t going to make a penny)(its a scam! dude !!! ) Well i haven’t made a ton of money yet ,but i have pulled in more money than Ive spent so far!! Now they want to know how I’m doing it.I tell them Anthony Morrison showed me.So this is very true what you speak. THANKS< 🙂

  54. William

    I know what you are talking about. People telling you that it will not work. When I joined your coaching program, I have people telling me that I
    can succeed with this business if I just focus and educate myslf with your program. This is my instinct.
    Thanks, William

  55. Dave Moore

    Great message. I have people everyday that have doubt at what i do. But, I just keep chucking along and listen to your blog and do my homework and this keeps me going in the right direction. Thanks..

  56. X. J.

    I thank God that you trusted your instincts, because when you’re right you’re right.

    I’m sure you would have made a great doctor, but would you have been happy doing that. Sure, the good ones are needed, but with your success – you can help people globally.

    Keep up the good work!

    Be blessed.

  57. Rene

    Mr Anthony, I have seen all the emails that you have sent me. All I found I was very educational. But one thing is to listen and assimilate other. I am in the process of assimilating. Maybe I’m a little slow, but I will learn and I will take action in due time. I believe in your system and I have confidence in you. Thank you for your attention

  58. beverley mellors

    I have only just started, so not sure what website to put there. Hope it is correct. I really want to go all the way with this business. I am going to go with my gut instinct. I will do the 7-10 hours per day, and still find a balance to be with my hubby. He is sceptical I know but my gut instincts tells me this ok. Thank you Anthony for being the lovely kind person that you are. I look forward to your next video. Bev.

  59. AnnMatthew

    Again, thank you and this may be the most important lesson. We know ourselves well, and we hopefully by now will trust our own instincts to do what is in our best interests by listening closely once we have been educated by you. My gut instinct, says this is a good fit for my intellect, personality, sense of humor and curiosity. It is also a good choice for imagination. I have ( and I am being honest not showing off ) really good ideas, because I like people and what they might like. I like to help people.
    This will help us all. THANKS AGAIN Anthony. Blessings. Ann

  60. Joyce Hubble

    Yet another good segment. Hopefully, my “gut instinct” comes from the Holy Spirit. The biggest problem I see, is filtering through all the C__P that’s available to sell. My gut gets a little sick. Persevere!!!

  61. Mark Lewis

    Thanks, Anthony, that is so true. A lot of times i fail to go with what my instinct is telling me because i listen to other people telling me it can’t be done. So thank you for enforcing the usefulness of instinct.


  62. Dorcia

    Thanks for keeping me updated. Everything you said was true about people. Must use you own instincts.

  63. Ken Curran

    Thanks it is nice to know that following your educated gut feelings when it bucks your external influences is a good trait for success

  64. bob pascoe

    you are so right about instincts, there is a deeper part of us and that small still voice or that intution may lead us contrary to how we feel or what people may say is right for us.

  65. William David

    Too many times do we miss out on our dreams because other people try to help us indulge their insecurities. I think.

  66. NeilB

    Anthony, Thanks for an inspiring video to keep us focused & motivated to achieve our dreams..NeilB

  67. Sharon Ewalt

    Dear Anthony,

    Thank you for reminding us to “Follow your instincts.” I totally concur with your views there! That is what I am doing and I know I will be successful!

    Blessings! Keep up the good work!

    Sharon Ewalt

  68. Chris Kalwa

    Thank you Anthony for the reminder. I’ve been told all of my life that I couldn’t achieve a variety of challenging goals in my life. Back in university, I was told by my councillor to forget about the idea of ever graduating – and to get a real job. I never gave up un this dream, eventually graduated, and guess who handed me my degree at graduation crermony? My friendly reply to him on that special day was: “I TOLD YOU SO!” I always enjoy saying this to my skeptics and doubters everytime I prove them wrong!
    God Bless … Chris.

  69. Edward Zisk

    Anthony, Your message today of being focused and persistant toward your goal does bring success. Thank you for the reminder.

  70. James Waters

    Trusting in your instincts is important. Learning to trust in your intuition is important in any thing you do in life. We sometimes need to determine our own direction in life.

  71. Larantine Naimark

    I follow you alot on twitter. I can honestly say I believe, even with all the nay sayers around. I will not give up. I MUST succeed. Thank you so much. I like the wake up twitter quotes you send out. I feel you are speaking personally to me. It keeps me on the right track.

  72. Amanda Lynne Murtagh

    Wow I am so behind in my emails but I’m glad I watched this one and can’t wait to go back through them all!!! I have forgotten to follow my instincts for too long!!

  73. jan rose

    Once again you hit a very important nail right on the head! We all have detractors, especially before we have “proven” ourselves sufficiently to shut them up! I am personally looking very forward to that moment, and I’m thanking you in advance for being the one to influence me to use my own instincts!

  74. Dale Neff

    You have done well my friend and you can see you have nothing but respect for your family and that is why I am still with you.
    God Bless!
    Dale Neff

  75. Myrna Henderson

    There never seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish what I would like to try with your encouragement and guidance. I guess at my age I should hang my job up & devote my time to earn online. I also need to get my home in order and affiliate marketing would allow me to accomplish that. I wouldn’t come home already tired from a day at work and feeling like doing nothing. I know what you mean about trusting your instinct. I usually am right.

  76. Joyce Knake

    It’s very important to go with your gut feeling. I tell very few people what I’m doing on line because I don’t want them to rain on my parade. And I will make it because I’m not giving up. So, that’s another rule. Don’t give up. Even if you make mistakes, you’re one step closer to getting it right,.

  77. Edward Worthington

    Hi Anthony I’ve applied to see you on June 20th, 2012. I am still waiting for the email telling me where the meeting [the address] is being held. I am so looking forward to seeing you in person.
    Edward Worthington

  78. Sharon Volkman

    Good message, Anthony. It is discouraging the way other people want to downplay a person’s new ideas. Opinions are helpful at times and we can do so much with our own minds. Doing what is interesting and fun for us.

  79. Elena

    Thanks Anthony!!!
    For all of the Motivation, I love everything you do for us, You are the BEST!!!

  80. Ivy Rice

    Trusting my instincts got me in trouble the last time I tried. The reason was that I had not gotten the proper education and I jumped in before I could swim, so to speak. I love your ways of teaching one step at a time, and that is the way I am going to learn this…step by step and not skipping any. I will be successful with you and your guys & girls guiding me. Thanks for all the valuable lessons you are so willing to share with us. Thanks for not being one of those unreal “guru” fakes.

  81. AnnMatthew


  82. Linda Saracco

    Hi Anthony!
    Thanks so much for your motivating tips. I have been working your success with Anthony program for one month now. Have been on every webinar and watched all your videos. I am educating myself each and everyday and implementing alot of your techniques. Thanks for inspiring me!

  83. Lou Basinillo

    Your right! I’m the captain of my ship. It’s my life to learn and grow from. As long as you adopt a learner’s stance how far off can you really go?

  84. leon

    Your instinct, is that spiritual light attempting to guild you if you are willing to listen. Fear, is the interference mechanism that every individual has programmed inside of his or her hardware. But, once you learn to overcome it-SUCCESS IS WAITING FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!

  85. Christina


    Following your instincts is not always easy. So thanks for the encouragement. I think one thing to remember is that very few things are irreversible. If you follow your instincts and it doesn’t work out as planned, you can learn something from it and go in another direction.

  86. Della Hicks

    Thank you for being inspiring and real (down to earth). I deeply motivated and quite excited to continue my training. Thank you for the encouragement that will help me move forward with my business. Through trusting my instincts, I am confident that I will have the ability to choose the correct products and vendor in an effort to reach my goal.

  87. Bill and Sally

    Trust your instincts… great idea. your “gut feeling” is your instinct… trust your gut. Thanks for this useful information Anthony !

  88. Sandra Hale

    I watched this weeks video and I agree with it totally. Thanks for the inspiraitons Anthony.

    Sandy Hale

  89. Eneida Cardona

    Hi Anthony, thank you for the EXCELLENT advice. I fully agree we have to follow our own instincts. I often hear how everything on the internet is a scam. A lot of people also ask me so “How much money have you made already?” I really get tired of hearing it so now I really don’t say much about what I am doing. Trying to get support from friends & family is very difficult!


    I have been trusting and following my instincts forever but nothing good has come out of it. I will give it another shot after hearing from you. Thanks Anthony.

  91. Dennis Ward

    Anthony, Thanks for always sending me emails! I really do appreciate it.

  92. DeWayne Bridges

    I like your message of trusting in yourself, I am just starting in my business in Internet/Affiliated Marketing and even though it is tough to find the money I am trusting and investing in myself
    and moving forward. I look forward to finding some of the success you have found.

  93. Jo-Anne

    Good chapter – my instincts are telling me to keep moving forward and keep at it even though it is a huge learning curve for me.

  94. Brian Nagy

    Hi Anthony, I like using your own instincts I think that is very important when you are doing something you want to do. Thank you!

  95. Jeffrey H Rudell

    Sensible advice that no one knows your and your strengths better than you do. I have been marketing my stuff on my website. And I am going to add more products this summer.

  96. ozzie Renwick

    your consept is the greatest, there are so many people out there that negitive,I like your gut feeling, that U went against your Dad words.and now U have a suscess story,like they say if U want to be suscessful find some that is .do not try to invent the wheel.

  97. Ross Willie

    I’m finally getting started-bought your book six months ago-life hasn’t allowed me to get started till today ha ha! Time to get off my own fat @#&!

    Thanks so much for all the emails and texts and continuing to push. My appointment for quick start is tomorrow. Thanks again

  98. Cecilia

    Anthony, I have just got an I got it moment with the product niche area this past week. That tells me my instincts are directing me and to persist and learn the steps to be successful. Thank you Anthony

  99. Yevonne

    It is hard for someone that is still new to trust gut instinct though. We always tend to think we are wrong. Thanks for all the good advise.

  100. Steve

    Thank you for confirming that Pinterest is recommended by you. I will look more into what it has to offer. Also thank you for encouraging me to stick to my goals. The people that understand how & when to believe in you are few. Thank you for being there for your students.

  101. Shirley G-K

    I am an “old dog” trying to learn new tricks. My gut feeling tells me my instincts to get involved with what you have to offer is one of the better decisions I have made. With hard work on my part and mentoring on your part success is just around the corner! Thanks for keeping it real for all of us.

  102. Karl

    Anthony. This is a true Lession. People forget many time about your natural instinks. Very good Lession.

  103. herbert

    right now in my head i gather enough to put the things i’m learning from u and your brother to have an change to become an online profit at home person my instinct tell me i have the winning team

  104. herbert

    i have my life in my own hands and to build my growth over time is my to make it happen for the best

  105. Cecil

    Anthony, that’s what it will take to keep me going to succeed in this business. That urgency of NOW. The good vibrations that I get from doing this and being spiritual person. Maybe I’m a little slow, but I will learn and I will take action in due time, this is my first week. I believe in your system and I have confidence in you. Thank you for your attention
    Spirit with in me has not told me think otherwise.

  106. Grace Samuel

    Dear Anthony,

    Thank you so much for the e-mail and for the encouragement to believe in my own instinct raher than others. Yes, I agree with you if you listen to the -ve opinion from other people you never will accomplish anything in life.
    Thank you!!!

    Grace Samuel

  107. Robert Andrews

    I like the trust your gut message but I especially how you emphasized becoming educated so you’re not just guessing. You’re making and informed decision!

  108. Roger O

    Hello Mr. Anthony,

    How you do this day?

    You know that is one thing i have done over the years, i apperciate that you believe the same way.

    Thank you

  109. patricia cox

    hi anthony,haven,t been working much lately it has taken me a while to learn these things and alot of family problems getting in my way so thanks for the advice i needed that incouragement THANKS

  110. Margaret

    I am going with my instinct and hanging on your every word. Thanks!

  111. Eugene Cowart

    Anthony you are right about going with your instincts,alot of my friends
    think I am nuts doing this , they keep telling me that all of this is a rip off
    but I know who going to win in the end.I’m going to keep learing
    this if it”s the last thing I do
    Thanks Anthony

  112. Shirlan Rymer

    Anthony; I’ve been following you for a couple of years now, have & read your books, tried some things but when my disabled daughter, with 2 kids & a husband that works roofing 7 days a week asked if she could be involved & become an on-line affiliate using your tools, I figured 2 of us is better than 1 learning all the information you’ve written about. She bought your Success with Anthony Morrison, called me & together we have spent hours & weeks reading all the modules in the Blueprint book with 212 pages. We are getting ready to trust our instincts with all the help you’ve given, all the reading material & all the videos with your encouragement. We are filled with hope & anxious to get her husband working only 5 days a week instead of killing himself on a roof. Just wanted you to know we two are ready to jump off with the knowledge and mindset we’ve acquired through your efforts. Hopefully you are there reading this as we are really looking forward to a new beginning with a profitable niche.
    Sincerely Lesley Erbs & (mom) Shirlan Rymer, Largo, Florida

  113. David Farmer

    Thank you Anthony, as always your information is very helpful and informative.

    David Farmer

  114. Andrea DeVito

    Thank you Anthony for sharing your time helping to encourage us to go for what we believe in. We have it all available to us, we just need to get past fear and focus on success to make it happen. I’m working in the right direction and look forward to getting there too! Catch you next time!

  115. cynthia

    I’m going to keep watching and learning. Thank you for reaching out with info. Thank you.(-:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. PJ Freer

    Thanks for the encouragement1 I know I can have a great site for affiliate marketing, I just need a little mentoring to be steered in the right direction, I haven’t had enough time to devote to this because I’m working manual labor during the day and am exhausted when I get home. But I am determined in the next month to make this happen so I can do it full time! Thanks again Anthony – I really enjoyed your “live” seminar with Dave Gilmore, I joked and told him – how cool to have the guitar player from Pink Floyd teach us affiliate marketing! Keep up the mentoring, sincerely – PJ Freer

  117. Kong Sourivong

    Anthony, Thank you for inspiring us , I ready love to read your book.

    God bless.

    Kong Sourivong

  118. Anthony Canty

    great presentation yes it is up to us to go with our instinct. i have faith in this program and my mentor i will succeed. thanks.

  119. Sandra

    Hey Anthony:
    What great advice you always share with us.
    I have heard that many times “Trust Your Instincts” and here you
    are giving us this advice. Even though sometimes I doubt myself,
    I know it is very good advice to trust my instincts, hence the reason why
    I am building my business on the Internet.
    Thanks again.

  120. Chris Jewell

    Thanks for keeping the energy going forward and encouraging independent thinking, choosing to “go to medical school” or choosing to do the “Internet Stuff.” I have struggled with those voices inside my head and from others in my life around many things. I feel committed to making Internet Affiliate Marketing work for me.

  121. Lillian Amador

    Anthony, thank you for keeping us informed, and motivated, I have been in a long process in my life and I know that I haven’t done the right thing leaving my dreams and my beliefs behind. I started my course with the promise to finish this quickly, but as you said, people around us descourage us all the time. I know I need to go back because I know it’s worth to give it a shut.

  122. vernell

    hi anthony, thank you very much you are throughly awesome keep up the good work may god bless vernell. hi anthony thank you for the great teaching am gaining more knowledge every day for me that”s excellent your products i must buy and also tell others. may god bless. vernell rolle

  123. Aletha Smith-Forsythe

    Trust you instincts is very good advice. It is something I always did when I was younger, and somehow got away from. Life has a way of causing changes to your path making you forget what is right for you. Thank you for the reminder, I am trying to get back on track.

  124. Jeanne

    Your message is one I needed to hear today. Joined up for your program a couple of weeks ago, but through some life’s twists & turns have fallen behind in taking this on. Time to get caught up! Thank you. Jeanne

  125. Norm Morrissette

    Great stuff and your absolutely right Anthony. Too often we get discouraged by others comments.

  126. Rosalie Bullington

    Thankyou so much for the lesson on “trust your own instinct” I find that very helpful and uplifting.

  127. Trudy White

    It’s true but sometimes we fail to follow our instincts due to uncertainly. Thanks, Anthony

  128. Garilania

    This is a great reminder, because this is how I, and ultimately everyone here, needed to do in order to get into this program and its very important to keep doing so. thank you!

  129. Nina Purdue

    Thanks, Anthony. I believe your chose field is right for you. You are an excellent teacher. I am inspired by you to “follow my own instincts” in internet marketing. Thanks a lot.

  130. levi

    WOW, I thought I was out of the loop. Things seemed over powering here and
    yet; here is Anthony, with the answer and it increases my faith to hold on.


  131. Harold Ward

    Thanks Anthony great study on instincts. I respect your trust in your parents. That shows that you are authority oriented and I respect that. Then you decided to go against their wishes and I don’t know all the details
    of what influenced your decision. That took a lot of courage and it resulted in saving your family from losing all their lifes work. You still had humility
    because you wanted to help your family and was glad to do it. You also had
    the courage to trust your instinct. That shows human maturity and I’m glad
    that it worked for you. There was so much at stake in that situatiion when you stuck with your instincts. That showed you had a tremendous belief
    system. May you coninue to have great success in this time of a down economy. You have fantastic leadership.

  132. Sergio

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m new and just joined your community, so sadly I’ve missed the previous eight chapters you’ve reviewed. Yet, I can relate with you on today’s blog that there comes a time in everyone’s life that we must listen to that small voice inside and follow what we believe to be our best choice. I know that I am certainly in a group where my friends and family just don’t believe that Internet marketing works, and I constantly hear that I’m wasting my time, but I KNOW that I’m on the right path. Thanks Anthony for a great message and your encouragement

  133. John Myers

    Well, thanks again my friend! It is a blessing to hear someone exhorting people to live from their heart. Knowledge is great, and it is power. But the heart is where the life comes from! Looking forward to your next impartation.

  134. King Richard

    Anthony I believe life is an ultimate risk. We are only on this planet for a certain amount of years than we pass on. The saddest thing in life is remaining idle and not taking a chance. It’s like playing the lottery if u have dreams of winning the lottery how can u win the lottery if u don’t play the same thing pertains to marketing. I trust A. Morrison I thing u have wisdom, knowledge and character that defines a true solid human being.

  135. JANET

    Anthony, We do need to trust ourselves! I just finished reading your book The Hidden Millionaire. Your story is warm and uplifting. I have included many of your thoughts and quotes in my journal. You are truly unique and gifted. Thanks for sharing.

  136. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Hi Anthony,
    To answer your question I’ve seen it three times this last week. I agree gain the knowledge than trust you gut, or you inner instinct.
    Thank you

  137. Joseph Blanco

    This is true that trusting our instincts is an important thing in business, many successful entrepreneurs are successful because they trust on what they feel is the right thing to do, this video reminded me about trusting my instincts. Thank you.

  138. jtumbo

    I enjoyed your video and I truly hope that everything you arhave said will make that difference. It’s inspiring watching your videos yet there is still some skeptism, just because in the stage of my life things have been so …wade down. My plan is to work these next 60 days with 100% commitment . I look forward to your training.

  139. Angela Grandstaff

    Hay Anthony, really enjoyed #113. Can’t waite til next video. Learning a lot, been following you through the book ” Hidden Millionaire.” Thanks

  140. Tammy Ruegsegger

    If I would have trusted my instincts when I was young then I would have been a teacher a long time ago and it would have been time for me to retire and work on my affiliate marketing full time, not just in the summer. I am trying to trust my instincts and work my affiliate marketing business now, but I am not as successful as you have been your first year. Wishful thinking but I am not going to give up I am going to keep working it. I am going to hope you come to my house and all three of us can get individual training just like in your Success Anthony. I would be blessed if you came. Thanks, Anthony.

  141. Thomas Longerbone

    Good advise. Unlike you I’ve had to trust my instincts from Jr high on my parents never gave me any direction. I’ve made some good choices and some bad choices.

  142. Rahimah Sultan

    Mr. Murphy has truly been at work for more than two weeks.. trying to keep up, although it’s difficult with technical problems — burned out modem, Firefox constantly crashing.. putting all my kazillion sites on IE ……..

    I wanted to comment anyway, even if it’s too late. Following your intuition is the best thing, even when techie things go wrong. Just keep on truckin’!

  143. Muriel

    Don’t we usually “listen” to what our parents say? They love us and want us to be successful in our “careers” that they think we should do. A lot of times we allow ourselves to be pushed into what we really don’t want to do but we want to please them. I wish that I had listened to my gut instinct as I have seen a few of my ideas become reality for others. So you learn…..Great blog!

  144. Ranger Phillip

    Anthony, I agree that trusting my instincts is important. But I do think that some people have sharper instincts than other. But I do believe that everyone can develop their instincts to a better, sharper level through education (often the self educated kind), experience, & thought. I hope you agree.

  145. Emily j

    Anthony, I believe in you. I believe in me. I will continue to let you educate me becasue I know I can be successful at this.

  146. Robert Walker

    Anthony, you make it easier for me to trust my instincts, because you have gone before me and have shown me the way.

  147. Norma

    Hi Anthony, You are right, we all need to trust our instincts. Very good advice. NG

  148. Danny Fortes

    It’s funny how I was just reading the Power of Instinct by Kolbe and she talks about that very thing. I can’t tell you how many times I haven’t trusted my gut in the past. Now I trust my gut a lot more no matter what my mind tells me.

  149. julie davis

    I just bought program, looking forward to staring this into high gear.I get a good mojo from this

  150. George

    Yeah Kool Man, I guess my instinct is telling me that this time time next year I will have my millions. I just got to believe in myself. You see some times you thing boy 1 day I’ll be like, even meet and be Mr rich but like you said it’s got to be your own instincts even to be Mr charitable. Thanx.

  151. Mark Miser

    Hi Anthony, great topic! I believe that trusting you instincts goes right along with having the courage of taking a risk and stepping out of your comfort zone. we have to do this to be successful.


    Mark Miser

    MEM Enterprises

  152. Pat Rebo


  153. Jeannette

    Anthony, thank you for continuing to have faith and trust in us. We continue to trust that you and Adrian will get us educated sooner or later. Hopefully sooner than later.

  154. Joe D.

    Anthony- Don’t let anyone talk you out of anything deep down you think is right. Get the right education and go for it.

  155. Sheila Aldrich

    Thanks Anthony. Very appropriate for me this week. Online business or marketing has something I have believed in for a decade now but all attempts have failed (to date) but I still trust my instincts and will make it work and on the vehicle thats most real to me and in which I feel I can be most successful. Thanks again.
    Sheila A

  156. Frank Gomez

    Trusting your Instincts……… this training video was great, and it goes to show that we should have the faith, and belief that it will happen for us, that if we put forth the effort, the work that it requires, it will come true!!!! this is so true what Anthony says here, it doesn’t matter what the whole world could tell you….. it won’t happen, keep dreaming, etc, the thing is to NOT let that affect your thoughts and beliefs, and one very important thing, is to not go with the crowd, or with the current because it’s easy, sometimes in life, we have to go against the current, this is when we will triumph, succeed, prosper…, there you go, Go with your gut feeling and trust your instincts, and don’t let anyone steal your dreams!!!!
    Thanks for your video Anthony, it’s very positive and uplifting!!!!!

  157. Steve Le Baron

    Anthony, what a true visionary. Inspirational, self motivated, you know what you want and you don’t let others talk you out of it. I myself have had the same response and comments by my family, friends and associates, that don’t want you to be successful. All they do is try to depress you into thinking you can’t excell. Boy are they wrong. With your support, this can be done ten fold for people facing the same negative comments on a daily occurance. But if your strong in what your goals are, you will prevail. Just look at what you’ve done. “Live by Example”

  158. Marva Taylor

    Anthony, I am so glad that you trusted your instincts because if you had not, you would not be able help the thousands of people that you help each day. There is nothing wrong with being a doctor and I am sure you would have been a great one saving lives but you may not have had the massive impact that you are having today. Thanks for doing these blogs.

  159. Alice Wilson

    Again, good advice. Keep it coming our way, it’s easy to get discouraged when that first dime has not yet come in.

  160. louise laukhuff

    I’ve been burned so many times before, thank you for instilling a modicum of belief back into my life.

  161. Martha

    Thanks, Anthony, I have tried to trust my instict, and It has at times just what I needed to do. Some times I have tried to get more educated and that healped also, I know a lot about many things, and I have six areas that I want to be educated in. They are Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Relational, Financial and Educational. I am now striving to learn about the Financial and I know that too will become a plus in my life, I just wonder when. But I know it will come. Thanks for your help and your message. I would like to get your books ASAP. Thanks for sharing

  162. Joe Bosch

    I like this a lot, BUT as Ronald Reagan said, “trust but verify.”

    I think it’s a good idea to check out your idea with your friends, and see what they think. However the final choice is yours and yours alone.

    Thanks Anthony.


  163. Robin Harris

    Great message! My family is always telling me this internet stuff is a load of crap but I trusted in your teaching and knew this is something I wanted to do. Now I have my family in a coaching program with me growing and learning more about “this internet crap”….. LOL

  164. Eustacio Vasquez

    Is good to be reminding to keep on keeping on on what I think is the way to success. thank you Anthony!

  165. Isaac

    The experience marketers pretty much knows what works online for them as they know what will work for the in experience marketer. It’s only if they want to share the knowledge with you and how much they’re going to charge you for their expertise in online marketing, And then you can really make your own choices in how you want to go forward in what you’ve been taught.

  166. Pearle Pearson

    My instincts tell me there is money to be made in internet marketing,
    contrary to my son’ belief that I am wasting time and money. I perhaps may
    find a clue if I would stop buying one program after another, and concentrate
    on the realistic steps to take, and ignore the farfetched programs which
    imply money can be made “at the push of a button.” It is not a thing of magic; but it is realistic to attract buyers with good advertising; and promotion of a “hot” product….the more traffic one has ,offers better
    chance for sales. Pearle M P

  167. Pearle Pearson


    One of the f irst step to create an online business is to find a niche. Click Bank market place is good source as they have a variety of listings. Choose key words to display and promote products.
    Amazon, ecommerce and google also are good sources to find hot product,
    to sell. Assignment for next week, either;: Up to you. Advantages,
    disadvanPearle M Ptages. Will discus in next meeting. pearle M Pearson

  168. Bill Munro


    I along with everyone else appreciates your message. I don’t think that there’s anyone here who hasn’t had negative feedback when it comes to internet marketing. Again, thanks for the inspiration & the advice.

  169. Larry

    I’ve read your book twice and these lectures help my understanding.

  170. Sue Marcoux

    I absolutelt agree. It’s true that things can still go wrong but you know yourself best.

  171. Ebrahim

    Right on, Anthony. I wish my father was alive so that I could show him this video. So true: Believe in yourself!

  172. Charles

    And usually your first instinct. Trust to follow someones instruction is as important.I appreciate every minute you take to share, teach and explain. there’s a lot more to this than it seams. Thanks Anthony

  173. Betty H

    Thanks Anthony. I perhaps needed to be reminded of trusting my instincts. I have no doubt I can do this. I just needed to find the right program to educate me and keep me motivated and you are it!!!! I am so impressed with all you teach and your method of teaching with such sincerity and encouragement. Thanks again.

  174. Sam Njoroge

    Hey Anthony,

    I am a member of the SWA Training and have found your words and webinars as motivational, inspiring, and USEFUL as any I have come across in my 3 years of Internet Marketing. I believe that following your instincts..that “initial gut feeling” is very important when it comes to life and business. My mother sounds a lot like your dad and while I know I will immensely successful in this game, it is hard to get going with no one in your corner.

    How did you do it…how did you stay motivated..what was your biggest motivation??

    Thanks for everything..see at the Top!

  175. Dankeem Scott

    I love the message. Belive your inner thoughts is what I say. Regardless to what others think.

  176. Regina Magigi

    Thanks Anthony there is wisdom in what you say. Fear of the unknown is usually the reason why our loved ones tend to block us from pursuing what is not familiar. They just do not want you to get hurt. However, those who trust in their own instincts, takes risks and they will win because of their determination. Keep up the good work.

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