1. Shane

    I thank that trusting yourself is a key in a happy life. Even if it don’t make you a million, at least you can say you ried your level best to do something.

  2. AnnMatthew

    Hi Anthony,
    Again thank you for more tips on how to be successful in our business.
    Yes, I like the idea of investing in ourselves as a way of not only being successful, but as an affirmation of our own interests.
    It seems that where a passion, (in my case poly clay and real clay and glass beads, beading) and business intersect, success results. I have had success here and now it is time to team it with affiliate marketing. Again thank you. Sincerely, Ann

  3. Carol Amato

    Hey Anthony,

    Great words of wisdom, a wonderful principle….thanks for sharing.

    I wasn’t raised the way you were, but have learned this mindset along the way, for which I am SO thankful.

    Appreciate all you do! 🙂

    – Carol

  4. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony
    I invest in my business every day, learning all that I can, observing what others are doing when possible and hopefully learning from the mistakes made by others. This is a great reminder to keep my eye on the ball and don’t miss a trick

  5. daniel aubrey

    Anthony I was just thinking that I don’t see allot of other Internet Millionaires providing the guidance and motivation that you provide on a weeekly basis. I know that your time is valuable, yet you take the time to do these videos and show an honest desire to help us succeed and I thank you for that!

    Dan Aubrey

  6. Sally and Bill M.

    good information thank you or your points of wisdom, Anthony !

  7. Roger O

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you for all your hard work that you do for us, with education, knowledge, skills.

  8. Deppietinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    This was really good. Actually, it did come at the right time. You have opened my eyes and motivated me every single week on the success connection. I need to invest more in myself and that is the only way that I can become successful in having my own business.

    Thanks as always and have a great weekend!!

    See you next time

  9. Janice Thrift

    I am not the kind to spend money in myself, but I do give most of what I earn to my son and nephew& his 7 year old sister, I sell Avon and always order more than I sell to give gifts to nother people and end up owing instead of earing a dime. I find it so hard to just do for me and not eveyone else and this book has helped me learn if I do for me I will have more to give them Thanks

  10. Gloria Cavacece

    I enjoyed your success connection short. I will be talking to you or your team in the next little while here in Abbotsford. See you soon.

  11. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m older than you, but that’s good advice to anyone, whether you work for someone else or have your own business. There’s no question if you have your own business, but if you work for someone else, you need to keep up with new ideas to do the best job you can.


  12. Thomas Carr

    You are very cool using common sense. With so many ideas floating around
    I suppose my worse fault is deciding on which opportunity to jump on instead of diving in (good or bad).Usually I lean toward deals that are almost ‘done for you’ because of lack of confidence when running in to too many technical stmbling blocks.(Im 69) you are half my age and are tearing it up. I could learn from you. Thomas

  13. Bobbie

    This came at the right time. I wanted my own business but i do not have the money to get started but now i know to find something i love and build on it. Thanks!

  14. ariellaz

    This was very eye opening to invest to our ownselves,and take more steps forward to reaching the place or places we want to be.thank you anthony m.

  15. Joyce Knake

    Good advice. And I am investing in myself. The big problem is sifting through everything that’s thrown at me on the internet. Some do their best to sell me something and then I don’t hear from them again.
    You have been sending me emails for at least 2 years and I have bought some of your books and programs. Good advice. My advice is when a person decides to buy into a program , make sure that they have a help desk where you can get answers because there are always questions. And leaving out one thing because you don’t understand it can be critical to your success.

  16. Ligaya Valonzo

    Anthony thank for your success-114-invest-in yourself, for now this is the best
    thing to do. I will start following your teachings again, I would appreciate talking to you if possible. God bless!!!

  17. stanley escolano

    It’s always best to invest in your self, As I did in ordering your course.

  18. Trudy White

    Thanks Anthony. This is also so true about doing something you like to do and enjoy doing it. We are never too full of knowledge but can always learn something.

  19. Gaye Noland

    This message couldn’t have come at a better time. When we are stressed we often look outward and forget about looking or investing inward. I think this message is a game changer for me. Looking forward to more of your motivational thinking. Thanks Anthony.

  20. Phyllis Bruce

    Thank you, Anthony, for more very kind words of wisdom. You are a very “motivational” teacher, with a very big heart.

  21. Dianne Yeager

    Your business principles are interesting because they parallel principles we should adhere to in our everyday life. I agree that “investment’ does not always mean $. If one is confident and willing to learn, your investment will implode into other investments.

  22. Edward Herder

    Very sound advice. Everyone needs to invest in themself with knowledge and time. The more time you spend the better you can put the knowledge to use!! Thank you Athony.

  23. Kermit Williams

    The Entrepreneurs must be in the right mindset by being aware that they are their first commodity as well, see themselves as an asset and not a liability that will not be complacent by investing into their business as well as themselves in the pursuit of their aspiration(s). It’s like a puzzle you are placing all the right pieces together linking them with the right investments suitable to their growth. Recall the principle of the “balance life…”

  24. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, I have been going through your book ADVERTISING PROFITS FROM HOME! This is the second time I read this book and I can understand it more. I read where your brother say’s it took him 1 year1/2 to make good profit’s. I am learning something new every day. Thanks for the tip, it does help to keep at it and invest in myself. GOD BLESS YOU! Your student–Luis, TX.

  25. Laura Hunter

    Thank you for that insight. I am a cancer patient just trying to make ends meet. I’m looking to further my life and to become successful. This is new to me and any advice you have will be greatful.

    God Bless

  26. zvia ben ami

    i wish i could invest in myself, i miss that, long time passed since i could afford it, am despert to make extra money just to feel it again. anyways, you are so right, am looking forward for more of your educated knowledge. be blessed

  27. Carol Cheshire

    That is very true. If you do not believe in your self, who will.
    Thank you for jogging my memory.
    Did you get my email about the webinar the other night? I logged in and used my telephone.

  28. Deborah C

    Thanks, Anthony! It’s great to know you are there to advise and help us grow!

  29. Robert Wall

    Good thoughts and so true! It’s funny, when I went to college, they taught me how to pass tests and left me with a lot of debt (even though they say your investing in yourself); however, your tactic is to truly invest in yourself and to not incur your debt! Thanks again…these 5 minute coaching sessions should be worth 3 semester credits!

  30. Roy Evans

    Anthony —Thank you for taking the time to provide the inspiration, motivation and education to allow us all the opportunity to succeed. It has not happened yet for me but the fault lies with me (I let depression take hold of my lie for awhile — my partner died, I was laid off in the same week and six months later my home was foreclosed). I have save all your e-mails, videos and blogs for the last 18 months and have started to review them every day–investing in myself and my education. Thank you for all you do.

  31. Teresa

    Good point. I never thought of it like that. So, I am going to make a committment to do just that, and put more time into my studies. for me.

  32. Britton Stewart

    My goal is to become a successful entrepreneur. I feel that the methods from Anthony Morrison will allow me to become the entrepreneur that I inspire to be……

  33. Charles McGill

    Hi ANthony,
    Great Video, I fully agree! We nust invest in ourselves to builld s foundation to
    get us launched to the point in life to the achieve the desired level of our
    goal and destination.

    Thanks again, I enjoyed every word spoken,
    Charles McGill

  34. shannan

    You know, I created and made so many diff things from the age of 11 to, well, older and I never thought about selling. I got paid to go to marketing conventions to demonstrate paint pens in Minnesota, St. Luis, Ohio and Austin… Back then paint pens were costly. But so were digital watches. Now you can get a watch in your happy meal and people sniff paint pens. At any rate I would utilize and make things as gifts and presents for benefits, family, and family’s friends. I was asked to teach diff. art mediums to kids at SMU. I was raised to create and help others that couldn’t. Now I am broke wench, selling is my new career. And I am so glad your course found me, Thank you sir. Hey you want me to paint your name on a digital watch? No? okey dokey.

  35. Harold Ward

    Thank you Anthony for this lesson. It hit me square in the face. Something
    I really need to do. Things have changed so fast. I need to get up to speed.
    It will take a little time. I apologize about my twitter account. I brougt it up to
    speed a few days ago and every thing was OK. But I couldn’t sign in here.
    Enjoy your day,

  36. herbert

    hey my mind be racing until i see u or your bro on the computer first there information i got to recieve it …because there an trust which make so much sense with all the other stuff it an 1 2 3 check up balance so real we all are learning even your bro in regards u better your understanding of us

  37. Libby Sosa

    Today I’m not in a very good place today. So I’m guessing it’s a good time to pout all you have been going over into practice.

  38. Monika Bechert

    Dear Anthony,
    I don’t always watch your videos,but when I do it’ s always thought provoking
    And stimulating. I saved all your videos since 2009 and have decided to go back and watch every one of them.Investing in yourself is truly the way to
    Go. Aloha

  39. Noel Hunt

    Hey Anthony, Just love your weekly success inspirations. I have recently
    purchased your book, Advertising Profits from home. These are great examples of investing in yourself…the stories of your selling candy and later
    base ball cards to do something special for your parents. As a side effect, you won as well. All this just talks volumes as to who you are as a person.
    We, your students and customers are so fortunate to have landed in a program of your making that carries so much integrity and to have you, your brother Adrian and your staff as such able teachers. Thanks so very much.

  40. Josephine Keat

    Hi Anthony,

    My website is not up and running just yet but I love it’s name. I think your advice in this video is “Outstanding” in fact the other one I’ve watched was pretty darn outstanding as well. Thank you for having a system that includes me into your Success Connection. I went to your presentation in Rochester Mi. recently, great offer and I could not take part, I am in the moving process and the timing just is not appropriate for me presently. When your rep called me he did understand and submitted me into your Success Connection. It is good business and I appreciate the learning. I have so many wonderful possibilities before me that “investing in myself” is perfect advice. Thank you for being such a wonderful contribution to humanity. Many blessings right back atcha!!
    Josephine K.

  41. Kevin Young

    I think investing in myself will lead to lots of benefits; success, pride, contentment.

  42. angelica

    Hello Anthony,

    It truly is a good advice and encouraging principle to bear in mind for “Investing in ourselves” is surely a great investment. We will gain something that no one can just take away such as; the knowledge , skills and the techniques acquired and be able to use it for instance – to some business venture.
    I believe it will take some great deal of consideration, dedication and courage to forego, however, there’s an exception to some degree and on a timely way. And I absolutely agree to invest in yourself to a least try and to prove it to yourself. Once again – great job for bringing it up and stressing the importance of it. You’re right on big time.

    Thank you and God Bless,


  43. Loree

    Hi, Anthony,

    It’s indeed the best, to invest on one self. That’s often times missed due to the hustle-bustle of life situation. One must really put all focus to really get to invest on self. Very great reminder!

  44. Vicki

    This week Success Connection #114 message was a great reminder to invest in myself and if I don’t who will? Thank you for giving us great advice each week it’s always the right motivation to jump-start us off into the next week. I appreciate your time and efforts.

  45. Betty Lindsey

    Hi Anthony,

    I was ill last evening so I missed the webinar but did see and hear your
    discussion on Chapter 10. Very Very good advise to invest in yourself
    first and even tho I was not raised in that manner but have learned after
    raising six children, one would say alone. Still finding it hard to accomplish what I would like to but will keep trying.

  46. karen

    Investing in yourself is great. I am thankful to God for my blessings. I just need to learn how to create hoplinks, awords, and learn how to copy to my website.

  47. Dale Neff

    Thank you again for down to earth teachings.
    God Bless you and yours!
    Dale Neff

  48. Gregg

    Thanks Anthony.
    Your words hold true. With your books and learning material I have acquired a lot. knowledge is the goal to success. The more I absorb the better I achieve greater paths to prosper Best wishes to your continued success.

  49. Gregg

    Thanks Anthony.
    Your words hold true. With your books and learning material I have acquired a lot. knowledge is the goal to success. The more I absorb the better I achieve greater paths to prosper No one should ever stop learning. No matter what!

    Best wishes to your continued success and happiness.

  50. Blanca B.

    It is so true,investing… it involves risk as well, but if there is the interest in learning and pursue education in different areas, I do believe great results will follow.
    Thanks again Anthony for investing in helping others to dare to learn more!

  51. Barbara Cox

    Thank you Anthony. Wise advise coupled with an open and giving heart.

  52. sandra fowler

    Thank you for the tips, went to mississippi, getting ready for october,back to mississippi. love the training, and your honesty. have invested in myself.

  53. Starmist

    It’s an interesting topic, I have just started to put more of a financial investment into MY Online Business in hopes this will help my business grow. I DO believe this will work and so it shall. Thank you for your continued motivational videos.

  54. mikey mohney

    I plan on investing in myself. i know in my heart i am destine to learn this and be successful . i just need to stick with it a find my aah Ha moment.. whatever money i make know will let me invest in higher dollar tools I need to keep getting be successful

  55. Leitha Frye

    It’s not always easy, but if you don’t have a little faith in yourself, who will? Invest i n yourself, believe in yourself. Great advice!! Thanks. for all you do.

  56. Mark Lewis

    Thanks for reiterating that, Anthony. I am trying, even though sometimes it’s hard to do.



  57. vernell

    hi anthony ,this is owesome thank you very much i told most of my friends about your vedio i know that they will start purchasing soon ., everything you tuch turnes to gold . see you at the top, may god bless vernell.

  58. Luke Pham

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your hard work teaching people. You’re very smart, people all appreciate your guidance they will follow your footstep and while people improve their knowledge you increase your bank account too. Again thank you

  59. Linda Saracco

    You are truly an inspiration Anthony and these blogs help keep me motivated. I have invested in myself a few hours each evening educating myself, reading blogs, setting up websites and have just started with direct CPV as taught on one of your webinars. I will be reading some of your books as well. I think it is important to invest in yourself and write down goala each day what to accomplish. Thanks again for being such an inspiration! 😉

  60. Kong Sourivong

    Hey, Anthony I hope you have a wonderful day, I couldn’t wait to read your book. I would like to let you know that I have confidence in your failth and in your integrity.

    Thank you.!!!

    Kong Sourivong

  61. frank senner

    i think this principle is fantastic!thank you!i will use it!

  62. Patrick Miller

    We are already investing in ourselves by following your courses and suggestions, and now it is time to invest in OUR ideas and goals – great suggestion!

  63. Eparkyn

    Antony: Thank you for sharing, look forward to Success Connection it is inspiring to have your teaching every week.

  64. Donna R Moore

    Investing in yourself is good advice I am trying to follow since joining some of your offerings. They are very helpful. As a mother and grandmother sometimes you forget to invest in yourself first.
    Thank you for the reminder. I am looking forward to getting my business set up and in profit.


  65. Yvonne Wood

    Thanks for the information about “Investing in Yourself”. All of the successful people that I know, do just that! I also agree with one of the comments above . . . you are one of the few millionaires who try to help and encourage others to also reach that plateau. Kudos!

  66. Robert Smith

    Thanks Anthony, for these video. I’m new to your site and WOW! all the information that you send to me is just Awesome and right on time. I’ve been looking for a long time for good info about starting and on line business. I have to put in some time now just to keep up with all the training information that you have send. Keep it coming because I am out of work and I’ve always believed that one day I would find out how to make money online and with all the training that you are giving me I believe that one day soon, I will make the money I need for my family and live debt free. I am looking forward to your next Success Connection video next week. Once again I just say thank you and keep the info coming.

    Thank you

    Robert Smith

  67. Patrick

    The greatest investments in one self is in your health and education. Great reminder Anthony.

  68. Brian Nagy

    Hi Anthony,
    I think this is a wonderful and very inportant for getting all the things a person might want to get started going in their life.

  69. Ivy Rice

    Thanks for the inspirational advice. I have invested in myself by signing up with your training. I will be successful because you cared enough about other people to share part of yourself. Thanks, Anthony!

  70. Elain Lin

    Dear Anthony:

    I am your Far East student Who live in Taipei Taiwan!

    It is great idea that always “invest in yourself” !

    Thanks for your great “Success Connection” too!

    Thanks & regards
    Elain Lin

  71. william ortega

    Hello Anthony
    I invest in my business every day, learning all that I can, observing what others are doing when possible and hopefully learning from the mistakes made by others. This is a great reminder to keep my eye on the ball and don’t miss a trick

  72. Joseph Blanco

    Thank you for this wonderful principle Anthony, I realized that it is important to invest for myself rather than to invest on someone else’s business. Right now that is exactly what I’m doing. Can’t wait for the next video.



  74. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Hey Anthony,

    Once again hear echos of other great men in your words. Remind me where the light shines. Invest in my self. In my education.
    Thank you.

  75. Sergio

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for the inspiration you’re providing. As I continue to learn and discover what marketing is I am glad that you’re taking the time to share some great information it gives me hope that there will be a day that I can earn an incredible income from your teachings. These videos are definitely keeping me motivated.

  76. Norma

    Hi Anthony, This was very good advice about investing in your own business. Thank you for everything. NG

  77. Alice

    Great advice Anthony, I’ve been with you for a while now an I finally invested in myself to try to be a affiliate marketer like you. I invested in success with Anthony. THANK YOU

  78. Ron

    I was never taught to invest in myself so it’s been hard, I’ve always helped others even if I had to do without. Thank you for the reminder, I needed that!

  79. Cheryl Harrington

    Invest in me? I never thought of that? Yeah!! I think I will invest in myself so I am going to do things to make me happy like Anthony Morrison’s Success Connection!

  80. Thomas J Russo

    Anthony , I have come to believe you are the real deal after all the hype on the internet. I finally realize you have the goods , and it is obivious that what you have taught works. Keep up- the great work.

  81. James Ivy

    Great blog Anthony investing in yourself is first and foremost because any time you invest into something its always rise an question whats in it for me? Right; because an investment you expect a return out of what you put into it. In other words your ROI. As always Anthony a pleasure looking forward to the nex blog thanks!

  82. daniel gilreath

    signed up yesterday with aweber and click bank, today probaly sign up with direct cpv. hopefully can make enough to get cpv domination. Thank you again, Dan

  83. Ella Dikeman

    I agree with you, I have always worked for someone else, alway trying to please someone else and not myself, I was always last on the list, from daughter to sister to wife and mother and now grandmother ,don`t get me wrong, I have alot of love in my heart, for everyone else,
    but I think now is the time to please myself, in any way that comes along,
    and everyone else can be last this time,
    thanks again for the advice, which is always great, we can always learn something new everyday, no matter how old you are,

  84. DeLois Weldon

    Anthony, as always your advice is great. Looking forward to working with you on Success With Anthony. Hoping to make enough to pay my bills so I wont have to work 6 days a week.

  85. Carolyn

    Attended your seminar 6/21 at Bahia Mar Ft. Lauderdale. I hope my young neighbor(48) is inspired by your success and is receiving your weekly e-mails. It is good to hear a new, refreshing updates of the hallmarks of a successful entreprenure.

  86. Ricardo Turner

    Anthony another great principle, it goes along with investing your mind into your wallet!

  87. c.lucci

    creative mind will take you to financial freedom and help your family,comunity and country enjoy success. Thanks Anthony.

  88. Robert Earls

    once again,very good info anthony
    we should all use this in all aspects of our lives
    i look forward to each and everyone of your correspondences!!
    keep em coming

  89. Chris Kalwa

    Great piece of entrepreneurial advice, Anthony. To coin the “fishing” analogy, it’s like teaching myself how to fish so I can catch all the fish I need … versus … always relying on buying my fish from the market, and being dependent on someone else’s stock to feed myself.

  90. TuyetMinh

    You are absolutely right about ” Invest in yourself, Trust in your gut…!” Thanks Anthony.

  91. DeWayne Bridges

    Anthony, I am taking to heart your recommendation to invest in myself
    and starting a business in Affiliate Marketing. I am just getting started and need all the help you can provide.
    Thank you,
    DeWayne Bridges

  92. Kris Wittmack

    Thanks Anthony: Very sage words and presentation.I too now realize that investing in my own education and into how to market other than to purchase all these worthless traffic scam softwares builds me a platform of informed effectiveness from which i can more intelligently realize my needed cahflows. Thanks for the inspirational messages.

    Much Regards: Kris R Wittmack

  93. Jan-Inge

    Every day I invest in myself, I invest in education by reading books, listening to seminars and so on. I also invest in myself by traveling, when I’m travel I get plenty of time to relax, think, reflect and prepare myself to continue to develop myself.

  94. Dondi


    I feel this week I have been thrown off my game with tending to my business. Thanks for the words of wisdom…invest in myself.

  95. jtumbo

    After listening to you on your video, I felt like you truly are comitted in helping others, to help themselves. Everyone is struggling to get ahead and be where they are financially stable so having the right tools really make a difference.

  96. Adam Priestley

    Another great way to invest in your self is to reward your self. Land your first successful mentor meeting, reward your self, such as a day at the spa without your blackberry/smartphone and having your personal time. It allows for you to feel that your capable of reaching a medium goal with some pride.

  97. Margo

    Hi Anthony,
    I truly admire the time you spend to help other people to believe in them
    selfs and to teach them how to make money. You are one of the good ones.

  98. JAN

    Thank you for the motivation..I just attended a seminar last June 20 here in Vancouver. I hope I can produce the tuition for the 3 day seminar for I am really really interested to learn about it. Thank you for the emails and videos.

  99. James Waters

    I think that investing in yourself is very important. We are our own best asset in our quest for success in our business.

  100. Russell Bearinger Jr

    I invest in myself everyday with 30 minutes to 1 hour of Education & training each day. Spend 3hours Updating Web Sites/ Blogs.
    Use Microsoft,Google To Place adds.

  101. Ken H

    You have to start sometime to invest in yourself and there’s no better time than now. To many years I have watch other grow from my labors, now its my time.

  102. Nina Perdue

    Hi Anthony,
    I always enjoy your success vidios. You are truly “investing” in us and I do take it to heart to follow your recommendations and believe I truly can “invest” in myself and be successful in what I have dreamed for myself for a long time now. Thanks.

  103. Patricia Stroud

    Thank you Anthony,

    I really am happy that you have given me some thought of what you were speaking about here on Success Connection tonight. Before I do anything I hope that you will be in contact with me often to see how I am doing here. Please do keep in touch even if you do retire. I would appreciate it. I will give FaceBook a try since I already have been hopefully found to be a contact there. and one of the others that you have set up for me out of the four… Sincerely Thankfull, Patricia

  104. Sandy

    Thank you Anthony, so many of us are so busy investing in everyone else in our lives, we forget or put ourselves last on the list of who we should be helping… Great Advice! God Bless You

  105. levi

    I have not really believed in myself for sometime. I’ve really supported friends
    in what it was they are all about and thought that brought me success. Anthony, you have been blessed beyond measure and are giving us new life and survival tools.

    Thank You,

  106. ozzie Renwick

    These gurus are like snake. oil salesmen always promising. never delivering. Your right in saying invest aim yourself. Anthony. It takes $350.000 and 3 years for colledge and after U still have to find a u get paid while doing it that the Greatest.

  107. Muriel

    Really good advice! I have to admit that I usually try to help everyone else before I think of myself. Perhaps but investing in myself and my ideas, I can not only help me but also help the ones I care about & love. Thank you for being so inspirational! I need to get more focus in what I’m doing to achieve my goals.

  108. DWMS

    This came at the right time. I am continually putting things off for a better time, usually tied to work or my family. Hopefully, this will get me on the road to getting started with some things I would like to do.

  109. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    This is good advice. I have always done this. I don’t plan to change. I plan to invest about half my earnings on the internet back into learning because it changes so fast.


  110. John Test

    Great advice…once again! Investing in yourself may sound selfish to some. However, since it may enable you to ultimately help your family and others, it’s still worth the effort.

  111. Chantal

    “Investing in yourself”, Chapter 10 comment:
    You were born an entrepreneur, Anthony! Thanks for reminding us that we all were if only we take ACTION!
    This message really DID come at the right time for me.

  112. Glenn Robertson

    hi anthoney like all the emails ,and the success,connection is great and the phone calls will tweet this later, and read the book agin hope you have a great weekend later.Glenn Robertson,in michigan.

  113. Dawm

    Wow.. candy bars… really… I’m sort of shocked. I’d been putting the whole candy bar thing around in my head. I’d been against it before because of the whole sugar destroying the world concept but recently discovered an incredibly great healthy and delicious candy bar I truly support. I’ve been living with a bigger dream of non-profit -charity that helps families through holisitc care, good nutrition, education and awareness. Taking them through Such steps as growing their own food in their backyards to juicing on a daily basis. and so much more. Selling these candy bars was one way to get it off the ground. Giving me the chance to meet people, and network.

  114. Linda Lauder

    Hi Anthony, Just spend three day in your training. I am so excited and ready to get started!! Just waiting to get the go ahead from wolf!! Woo Hooo!! Feel realy good about my future now!! Thank you so very much!!

  115. Kedd

    Hi Anthony,

    This is helpful. thanks. You’re really an experience entrepreneur. I wish I could have business too that may help me earn some extra cash aside from my job.

  116. Jo-Anne

    I did not go to college – I got married and raised a family and now I am investing in education, but keying in on affiliate marketing not general courses. It does feel good to invest in myself and I know I am on the right road.

  117. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony everytime I do an post it don’t show up! However investing in your self first is aways an great ideal, because people will aways want to know whats in it for me first. In other words there return on their investment ROI. As aways Anthony its an pleasure looking forward to your next blog!

  118. Elaine Turner

    Hi thank you so much, for just telling everyone the truth.. God is proud of you!!!!

  119. Pam F

    Its amazing how when you hear it said out loud you think, of coarse I invest in myself, thats crazy. Then you take a step back and realize, WOW, I really am investing in everyone else first. Wheither its financially or emotionally, I have been putting myself down on the list. Its time to get back on top.

  120. Ross Willie

    Thanks again,
    Just got started-this is how I start my mornings now!!!!


    Anthony just listen, and learn from You it’s a good investment. Thanks

  122. Kathleen

    Been doing this all long. Even tho a lot of people I know think I am nuts. They Bitch and complain about their jobs. But will going to these jobs everyday and will not invest one minute in doing anything for themselves. I just do not get it.

  123. Sharyl

    When I was younger I was concerned more with making others happy to the point of exhausting myself

  124. Shirley G-K

    Hey Anthony,
    You’re right about the stock market and real estate being scary places to park $ right now. (I realize some people do make money in those arenas but the average joe struggles.) Even the banks can’t offer growth. So the only place to “invest” would be in yourself! I finally have done just that with your program. I have information overload right now but for me failure is not an option. I will remain coachable as long as you keep up with the training. Thanks.

  125. Sharyl

    Thank you for the reminder. When I was younger I was more concerned with making others happy and forgot to invest in myself. I was unfulfilled and unhappy. I finally figured out that if I wasn’t happy and fulfilled,I couldn’t really help anyone. I had always wanted to sing in a band. I learned all the new songs, went to where bands were playing and practiced,practiced, practiced . Within a short time I had my own band and performed for years. I was happy and felt like I could do anything. I drifted away from music and forgot those lessons I had learned.It wasn’t easy leaving friends and family behind. No one in my circle of friends and family had ever done anything like this. No one believed I could do it and I had little support. Still, it was the happiest time in my life. I learned to believe in myself and follow my passion. Thank you again for reminding me of what I can accomplish when I believe in and invest in myself.

  126. Richard Burton

    Proudly (except for my God, my wife and children) I consider myself #one. Not egotistically speaking, but of certain. Being #one means I have to consider myself first and therefore do whatever is necessary to maintain that position. That means willing to invest what I can in effort and limited income to remain in that position. I have invested both money and time in some of your programs because one must associate himself with winners such as you. You have done it…I am in the process. Continue to lead.

  127. Vicki Ingalls

    I am just getting started with this and I think that this is good advice and I can’t wait until I get it going with ya’lls help investing in myself and attendting the 3 day mentoring classes. Thank You and your team for the oppurtinty to make this avabiable for me.

  128. Janice

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m very intrigued and inspired by you, and want to thank you so much for all the training – investing in yourself is a fantastic idea- I’m very interested in finding out more about affiliate marketing, and plan to enroll in your 3 day training course soon.

    Best wishes,


  129. Lee Morgan

    Great advice and thank you for sharing. Investing in yourself and your own business will benefit you long term. Your teachings are incredible and thank you so much!

  130. Craig Bolton


    A great lesson to be learned by all of us! We can control things!! If you are in the stock market, you have not control! I am thriving of what type of new business, which I can start today!

    Your attitude determines your altitude!

    Best Regards,
    Craig Bolton

  131. verena

    Hello Anthony,
    Great advice on investing in youself .It really make think you can’t get rich working for someone else .Thanks

  132. joseservin

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    you are an inspiration your time is valuable yet you.
    do these videos and show honest desire to help us.
    su suceed thank you mach.

  133. Andrea DeVito

    Thank you for taking time to remind us of all the good information you’ve been sharing to help us all succeed. I’ve strayed a bit looking for happiness, but if we don’t have money and a solid foundation to be financially free, no one can really be happy. I’ll be on the call tonight to learn the path to follow. Thank you again for sharing you time so we can all be happy!

  134. jd

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  135. Alexander Kontogianis

    Hey Anthony,

    I enjoy listening to you.You seem to motivate me.

    I just started selling on the Internet and you make it easy for me.

    I am a disabled vet and its a good way to make a living.

    Thank You, For Your Wisdom !

  136. Jennifer Pepper

    Thanks Anthony Learning a lot , and excited to see continue to learn more each day.

  137. Edward Zisk

    Anthony: Great message,sound advice to be successful in whatever you choose to do in life. I am investing in Anthony Morrison’s books on “internet investing” and I plan to be successful in this endevor. Setbacks have occured, however,my compass is set to move forward. I know that Anthony and his supporting team will be there to help when I need it.

  138. Anthony Canty

    i was just telling my wife I know it was quite a bit off money, but education is needed to get ahead in this world and on the internet. i just invested in our future.

  139. kim

    Thank you’ for you wisdom, its true to take time to invest in yourself. how can one be helpful to others when they have deficent in their life.

  140. Patricia P.

    Hi Anthony, Good information, I appreciate the you take to help others. I have problems investing in myself but at 68 yrs old it is time. I, too have saved all of your emails and am watching at least one everyday. Thank you again for your time.

  141. Patricia Powell

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for the time yup take to help others. I have no problem with helping others but do have problems when it comes to investing in myself.
    At 68 I think it is time to learn to invest in me. I have saved your emails and am starting to watch at least one each day. Again thanks for your time


  142. Cruzmaribel

    Hi Anthony:
    I have ignored your consistent reminders long enough, but please let me tell you that it is not because I intentionally do not want to know what you are sharing wholeheartedly. I want and need you to know that it is because I am a real life full time mom and grand-mom: which leaves me little time for myself. I made an investment to learn what you are teaching and I have yet to really enjoy the lessons, Thank you though for being so dedicated to all of us and I am going to begin again today to learn and take action on the lessons that you are teaching. Again, thank you so much for your dedication and love. <3

  143. Sharon Thorne

    Good motivational advise for me to keep pushing forward and do not give up. patience means a lot in this program.
    Thank you Anthony.

  144. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m like Alice, I too invested in the “Success With Anthony” program and it is super good. I am however having trouble using it. It’s hard to get a tutorial with your group that matches hostailla’s tutorials.

    All in all however, I’m glad I bought it. I have always invested in education.


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    Thank you Anthony, I have been watching your videos for about 2 months.I finally invested in myself and took your 3 day affiliate course this past weekend.These connected to success videos really inspire me.Again thank you very much

  147. Sheldon Martin

    I have in the past invested myself. I did like this video. I am trying to work on trying to do this adventure with you so my dreams can come true. I want my life to be better than it is but I know I just have to work at it bit by bit at a step at a time.

  148. Leslie Harrison

    Hi Anthony. I really enjoy your videos. They really inspire me and one day success will come. Thanks for all you do.

  149. Jag Sodhi

    There is no investment like investing on our own self. A sound advice which is pleasure to share on Twitter. Thanks for continuing to motivate!

  150. Angela Grandstaff

    Hay, Anthony, just watched #114, really inspiring. I’ve been reading both books several times over, Very confident I can make it work. Thanks

  151. Brian Aldrich

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  152. Dora

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  153. Chad Norman

    FYI= AM great topic once again! I want you to know we know you are going over your book, and we ALL want to learn more from the Success Teacher Connection Leader… We ALL perfer that you take 20 mins on teaching about each subject, not 5-6 mins on talking about everything else. Just wanted to throw that tip out there! Also what is up with wearing t-shirts in an AC office? Do you get hot easy? Just Sayin! No offense! Have a good one!

  154. Randell Jones

    This is the first time I have actually been really motivated by a seminar I attended. I only bought into 2 others over the last 20 years and they lacked the follow up necessary to make you successful. However, after attending the 3 day class, I do see a lot of light at the end of the tunnel and plan on making this work for me before and after attending the class in Mississippi. You have a good platform and seem to be interested in others success and not just your own. I believe we all succeed if we share with each other.

  155. James

    Thanks! Again this was a good reminder of an old lesson,” …your first source of help come from within.” said, My Mother.

  156. karl

    i try to do the things that you mention but of course there is not enough time to accomplish my goals. Thanks for the blogs.

  157. Thomas Longerbone

    I am looking forward to making my next investment in myself.

  158. Domer Kilgore

    I learn something new ever time I watch any of your Success Connection series and all the other videos. I watched every one of them and thought it would be nice to let you know that I start every day watching at least 1 of your videos.

    I also invested in you PMI training course 2 months ago. I just now got my very first campaign live and I’m starting to see a little results. Thank you for all you have done to help me. The learning curve is tremendous but with God’s will I hope to become good at it. It will take a some time and I hope I can make it

    I am retired and on limited income so we need all the money I can make.
    My wife is 10yrs younger than me and has to work for the insurance benefits because she has MS and will not be able to working much longer. She hopes to be able to know how to do Internet Marketing but for now it’s all she can do to just go to work every day.

    I look forward to meeting you in person one of these days.

    God bless you abundantly,

    Domer Kilgore

  159. Georgette Johnson

    Thanks again Anthony for sharing your success with us. 🙂 I am learning a lot on SWA site also.

  160. Robert Andrews

    To me, this means that we all need to start some type of home business. If you invest your time in a company, you can be laid off or fired at any time and your business (house, cars, kid’s education) will not be successful.

  161. Theodore Seavy

    Excellent information. We must always treat ourselves first. A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-garner of his soul, the director of his life.

  162. Unique

    Hi Anthony,
    That is exactly what I told one of your trainers Ben when he called me last week. I’m ready to do just that it’s a win win. Thank you.

  163. David Moore

    Yes that is true, I invest in myself all the time and I am currently paying for one investment that seems like it wont go away. My Student Loan is one I hope will evaporate someday. I will be so happy once that is payed off.

  164. Linda Lauder

    Hi Anthony,Thank you so much for these video. I’m new to your site and still trying to find my way around, but WOW I am so excited! Thanks for all the information that you send to me for it is so Awesome and right on time. I’ve been looking a long time for good info about starting a on line business. Keep it coming because I am out of work and I’ve always believed that one day I would find how to make money online and with all the training that you are giving me I believe that one day soon, I will make the money I need for my family and live debt free. I am looking forward to your next Success Connection video next week. Once again I want to say thank you and God Bless you!!!

    Thank you,

  165. darlene

    I bought your book. It is such an enjoyable experience.
    Again, thank you for investing in me.
    Best regards,

  166. Jerry

    Great Insight, I invest in myself daily, I also invest in myself big time by paying for one of your mentor programs(Level 4) in San Diego. I look forward to meet Ryan in SD and also to meet you/Adrian in MI before the end of the year. More grease to your elbow my friend! Thanks.

  167. Rochelle Marie Modean

    Hey Anthony and Team,

    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for putting this program together, it is top notch and professional yet still simple and clear enough to teach us (the people that do not know or are just starting) how to set up our systems for business.
    I will have you know that I have spent every penny that I have for guidance and training for the last two years. Every program that I have used has either left something out or has only given specific information. I will be honest I was not going to try this program because I absolutely went broke investing in education and for some reason I took a chance. ( LOL and no I am not a gambler)
    I know with this program that you have put together I WILL be able to make money in my businesses and being a single mother of a child with a rare heart condition that needs to stay a home………You are greatly appreciated, more than you can ever know.
    Thank you for all of your time and effort in investing in us!
    Rochelle Marie Modean
    Living Simply Rich.

  168. Deborah

    Hi Anthony, The advice that you gave about investing in oneself is very very good advice. I’ve been very interested in learning all about affiliate marketing and clickbank and all that goes along with this program can you please point me in the right direction to get started. I have never made not one cent on line, but I know that it can be done. I also know that you are a very busy person, but if you could take the time to help me I will be forever grateful.
    Thank you.


    that is the best thing i have ever heard about –
    Investing on myself.

  170. Jerelin Monge

    Hey, Anthony M. Thank You for the great advise on investing in ourselves. I am not only posting this comment because I would like to win the 1thousand dollars but because I would like to let everyone else know and you that I feel very similar to you. I have had my family tell me not to work online, or to be an online marketer because it wont get you anywhere, but now I am proving them wrong. I enjoy your program and believe what you do for everyone is genuine I appreciate what you do for us.

  171. Kong Sourivong

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    Thank you

    Kong Sourivong

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  175. ozzie Renwick

    I believe that is a wise suggestion Invest In your self ,U said it the best Gut Instinct.

  176. tom taylor

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    to teach people about the bussiness. if you are not to busy to come and vist me i would love to meet you in person. that way
    you can train me in doing your business.

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    Still learning avlot! I’m sstarting to put up websites now and proud that I invested in your classes to learn how to do this!

  181. Stacey

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  182. Theo

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  183. Natalie Lee

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  184. Sandra Stiles

    I enjoyed this anthony and I am trying to invest in myself and know which way to go. I know it has taken me awhile but I am still working on it. Thanks, Sandra Stiles

  185. jan rose

    An excellent point! It might seem easier just to “get another job”, but spending that time and effort on building up one’s own business is a sound strategy for the future. Thanks, Anthony, for reminding me…

  186. DeLois Weldon

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  188. beverley mellors

    hello Anthony, I am new to this, and I know there is a lot to learn, and your videos are great to listen to and learn. I agree investing in my self is the way to go. I had my first lesson with my coach yesterday and finished the home-work I was given. I want to go with my gut feeling and really make a go of this. Thanks Anthony.

  189. Nancy Eurotas

    Hi Anthony

    Bought your Book and chapter 10 was GREAT. Investing in my self my
    Business, Trusting in myself and my Ideas.

    Thank You for Giving Me the Self Confidence I Needed.

  190. Nancy Eurotas

    Thank you Anthony for the Insight for Following My Dream
    This has truly come at the right time for me listening to your
    teaching from your Great Book.

    Thank You!

  191. Sharon

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  192. amber

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    I attended the seminar recently held in Michigan and was so unhappy when I could not attend the 3 day boot camp. The instructor was so clear, it was easy to understand him, I learned so much during that brief seminar. I am not economically positioned to attend the boot camp at this time, but I can’t wait to save the money and be ready for the next one.

  193. Christopher Jewell

    The efforts I make and the internet affiliate marketing tools and knowledge I buy, study for free, etc, I look at all of them as investments in my self and my life. I want to have more control over where and how I’m living. I want to be a multi millionaire at some point in the not so distant future.

  194. Ranger Phillip

    Thanks for the perspective, Anthony. While growing up and for many years of my career the idea “investing in myself” was one I thought of in getting an education allowing me to get a good job and to get better at my job. I have not thought of it in commercial terms of having my own business until recently. Thanks to your encouragement I now have the motivation to do that. Please continue what you are doing to encourage me. It helps a great deal.

  195. Mark

    Good stuff, this is what I’ve hesitated doing for years and am now at the point where I’m going to do something about it.

  196. Dan Ingraham

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  197. Jeannette

    We often get so wrapped up in our daily activities of work and family that we forget about ourselves. I do invest in myself but not as much as I would like to. I am anxious to get some other income coming in so I can reinvest some of it to further my Affiliate Marketing knowledg

  198. Muriel

    We all need to invest in ourselves – not over indulge like wi/ clothes and material items but things that will actually help us to get out of old habits and start making money. Right on Anthony!

  199. Lisa Blackford

    This came at the right time. I am currently studying and investing in myself. I have always learned to listen to my gut which was just reaffirmed in this Success Connection video blog. I have started reading the book again and am on Principle 3, so I have some catching up to do to get to this principle

  200. Geordi/Doreen

    Hi Anthony, we continue to invest time and talents into our Yesterday we put in about 7hrs. we try a break it up by adding new product, setting up the newsletter, and continuing in the lessons set forth w/PMI. At 60 this is much like a lot of work, schooling & combined work, but we know it will pay off in the long run. We thank you and your staff @ PMI for all the extra help you and they give in return, including here on the Success Connection. On another note, we have our Youtube video coming out soon, approx. 2nd / 3rd of July and you can see a sneek peak on our facebook.

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  202. Sarah Mutchler

    To Invest In One’s Self Is To Believe In Your Self First That Through God! All Thing’s Are Possible Through The Good! Bad! And Ugly. I, Sarah Mutchler! Would Care To Thankyou Anthony! For, Expressing Your Ideas.I Come to Learn So, Much From You That I Am Even Writting Down On Paper Thing’s that Help Me And My Husband To Progress To Remember The Idea’s You Give On Our Desk. For, Example, There Was A Time Of Day I Had Been On The Computer Almost All Day Trying To Checkout All My Email And Other Matter’s That I Had To Finished Up withOn The Computer. Well, When I Went To Check My Email You Were On There Anthony! And Spoke About That To Not Spend So, Much Time On The Computer; If, You Have A Spouse Are Children That Need’s You There With Them To. I, Sarah! Thought,WOW! Is This Anthony! Guy For, Real. I Thought About That Long And Hard And Yes! You Guess It Right; I Wrote That Onformation Down On Paper And Right Now As We Speak That Information Is Setting Right Beside My Computer On My Desk. As, When I Heard That Info. I Now, Watch My Self Of Not Spending So, Much Time On The Computer. Thankyou! So, Much Anthony. Sincerely, Sarah Mutchler!

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  206. Mark Miser

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    Thanks again!

    Mark Miser

    MEM Enterprises

  207. Vev

    I like the idea investing in myself. It keeps me from spending money everywhere. Thanks!

  208. Luis O. Murillo

    Hi Anthony:
    Hey, Anthony I hope you have a wonderful day, I would like to let you know that I have confidence in your failth and in your integrity. I don’t understand what can I do to doing my own business was very eye opening to invest to our ownselves,and take more steps forward to reaching the place or places that I want to be. went you have the time could you tell me more clear how can I start?, what exactly did you mean? and the most inportant how much money do I need it?.
    I’ve been with you since i found you, and I’ll be with you when I make it! Thank You Anthony and GOD BLESS YOU.

  209. Joyce L. Hubble

    Investing in yourself, as it regards affiliate marketing, is a great idea. Also needs to be a life goal (without being selfish). Great talk!

  210. Forence Homes

    As a mother my mindset has always been to take care of others. It has been hard for me to take time just for me. I have finally realized that I can be greater to all if I take time to better myself.

  211. jean martin

    Your talk/guidance was very inspirational. Thanks for reminding us to invest in ourselves, first. I did that when I signed on to do affiliate marketing. I just need to find a way to make it work so that I can earn my first dollar.

  212. Marieta Cerilo

    I really am inspired with this topic. Thank you Anthony for sharing.

  213. Sheila Aldrich

    Good point. It isn’t enough to care for everything else. You must invest in yourself to be successful in life.A nthony obviously found by being stronger himself and believing in him, he then got to a position where he could help others to believe in themselves too.



  215. Derru Secrest

    Hello Anthony this is good advice a lot of people think the only way to success is following what someone else is doing. Although this may bring you some success you are constantly at the other guys mercy because you are not taking the time to invest in yourself or learn anything yourself. So when the the guy that you where following stops working or decides to close the business down you have to start all over again. What im trying to say is long term success is in self investment.

  216. Nina Perdue

    Thank you, Anthony.
    I get a whole lot out of your Success Connection videos, and this last one really hits home. I really did not think to invest in myself. I thought it would be selfish. But lately, I started understanding through your many videos that I would be able to help others better by investing in myself.

  217. Muriel

    Thanks for this video! I’m in the process of re-investing in myself! It’s a challenge to learn the computer, the internet and all of the information that you are all about! Thanks for the positive!

  218. Muriel

    Anthony – thanks for going thru all of the chapters. Lots of good info and thoughts. I have invested in the books and tapes. I’m a little slow but anything good comes to those who are patience and be willing to learn and invest in yourself.

  219. Steve Le Baron

    Sign me up for the Entrepreneur “Success Connection” The rite mind set, direction, support and determination to accomplish what you started, are good qualities that need to surface within all of us.

  220. Marva Taylor

    Investing in yourself is primary. If you don’t invest in yourself, how can you expect anyone to invest in you. Thanks Anthony. Well said!!!

  221. Alice Wilson

    Great advice. I am scheduling 45 – 55 min a day for personal education in this business. Investing my time in learning how to use the tools to build a successful business.

  222. Jamey Brown

    Great point Anthony. Thank for sharing your comments with us. I have invested in myself but I haven’t used what I invested until now. With you help and support I will continue to plug away at this. Thank you.

  223. Alice Wilson

    I’m listening to some these the second time to be sure I got the idea. Good advice – I am scheduling 40-55 minutes each day to learn how to use the tools to be successful at affiliate marketing.
    Thank you for your investment in me.

  224. Robin Harris

    I really have learned so much from your teaching and investing in myself has always been an nu-natural thing for me. What I really love are all the comments left here. There are some great ideas and tips from everyone for ways to invest in yourself!! Thanks!

  225. jill colomy

    watched twice–great job and so true, as usual. Shared with F/B and Twitter. Everyone can learn from your training.

  226. norman rambow

    yes,, this does come at a special moment in time.. I seemed to get bombarded with so much stuff and it is time for me.. That is why I am enrolled in PMI.. it is time for me to do what I need to do… Thank you Anthony.

  227. Eustacio Vasquez

    Thanks Anthony! like you said it before “put on the oxygen mask first before you try to help other!

  228. James Yarbrough

    Getting to the idea that “I am my best investment” requires the awakening of the new you. The new you thinks outside the box, while still inside the box, but you are open eyed looking for opprotunities at every turn.

    Most people don’t understand that opprotunities are everywhere on line and off, you just need to look at the world a little different than you are used to.

  229. Isaac

    This was a great reminder for me and others to also trust yourself in everything that you may do. Thank you for that reminder!

  230. Harold Haulbrook

    “Invest”in myself,—“Keep” a positive frame of mind, “I’ve” been known to stay up “until”—3-or-4am (it’s now 11 pm ) “I” try to take in as much as i can—“do” i understand—??? do i get it ?? “I’ve” only been on the internet 4mo’s , “I” know it all takes time, “I’m” not even close to being ready” –“But” i tell myself —“Over” & over, —“It’s” not “if”— “it’s” when !!!! i just keep going forward, ( little bit’s @ a time ) “Thanks again” —take care & be safe.

  231. Richard E. Darling

    Anthony, again I wish to thank you for accepting my memberships to your web family. You are an inspiration, and quite right. As this message always hits home.Segment #114 today reminds me of my dad’s advice while I was growing. ” I know I taught you to share what you have, and that is a wonderful thing to do, but you should also remember yourself. Share with yourself the rewards you accumulate.” These short pep talks or rather your wisdom in yourself are literately astounding in one so young Thanks again..

  232. Maria Ramete

    You’re right about that, I will try to find where to sell my crochet, cause I like to make shawl or afghan or a bag from crochet.

  233. Vilma Magureanu

    Thank you for another great lesson that I can learn from. Thanks Anthony

  234. Sharon Espejo

    Dear Anthony
    This could not of come at a better time. I am presently looking for work and I feel that you are exactly wright about investing in your self. I know this is some thing I need to do and have always wanted to do. Sharon

  235. Carol

    Good advice Anthony! But I just invested in something else trying to make my first penny.

  236. Sue Marcoux

    I so wasn’t raised like you. I was a great babysitter when I was young and, consequently, people wanted to pay me well. My dad used to make me return 1/2 the money! After awhile I quit telling him what I got paid. While I was physically able I primarily worked for myself and always enjoyed it. This is simply an alternate path for me that doesn’t require a strong body. Thanks for your time. Sue

  237. Anica Ioanas

    “INVESTING IN YOUR SELF” ! A Great lesson to be learned now,after for the entire life we invested in our family,our children,people surrounding us,and at end learning how to invest…in ourselves.Thank you Anthony Morrison for the advice,increasing my motivation and re-building my energy!

  238. El Dee James

    Invest in yourself makes a lot of sense. You have to spend money on yourself and in yourself to have the success you want. You can never learn to much. We have to keep educating ourselves and some of this does take money to do.

  239. Hazel J Adams

    I like all your suggestions and advice Anthony,I try to catch all of your speeches and Webinars.They have become very helpful to me.

  240. Felton Jackson Jr

    Hi Anthony, again a great top and I am in your camp on investing in your self and most of all I have learned a lots from your teaching. Thank! Felton

  241. thoma

    Self: Is important because if you don’t do it who will for you…
    Working in self connect you to your cosmic Where do you think you thoughts come from, this is how deep and wide our minds are When we relax our mind and thoughts and our body just be. We can step into that space of total clam energy…
    don’t stop Sir A

  242. Anthony Lipman

    Retired and now involving myself in IM, there is a lot to learn and overcome from all the hurdles and snags along the way. Therefore, it is comforting to know that there is someone who truly cares about the plight of other people. Thank you, for me it shows that humanity is still alive. Congratulations, you are an inspiration to me.

  243. Steve

    I’m so excited about all the great training you provide. Thursday evening looks to be just what I’m looking for.

  244. Donna Lagoda

    As always THANKS! May not say that as many times as a think it. Your time is appreciated! At times I find I lack the confidence in myself to invest in myself. I own this book and refer to it often.

  245. Kay Rigotti

    Thank you Anthony once again for this important reminder to invest in ourselves. For me that is the one thing that I have accomplished. I’ve aspired to become financially independent for so long now that my family members don’t believe that it will every happen. They’re not willing any longer to share my vision and to continue too invest in what I am capable of but I aim to prove them WRONG ! I am and will continue to learn, grow and understand until I make it ! We all deserve NOT to struggle and NOT to wonder when and if we can pay our bills. Anthony gives us the choice for something better by following his methods and the systems that he’s created we are able to become all that we came here to be improving not only our own lives but having enough to share and to spare with others! God didn’t want us to shine just a little bit “He” wants us to shine brightly just like Anthony does. Both know that it’s possible but will we listen and apply these methods? The choice is ours so with determination and with the help of our mentor, Anthony, we will succeed.

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