1. Laura

    I really think that is a good idea. We tend to socialize with people of like interests but it does make since to expand to people that CanDo so to speak what we can not.

  2. Ismael

    I found the video info to be down to earth and real. I am making a list myself I call My MasterMind Group. I am slowly but surely entering into this area of trusting other people as well as delegating part of my work load.

    Thanks for refreshing my way of thinking from another perspective! Keep it flowing!

    Ismael-Puerto Rico

  3. Ray

    Thank you. The video is thought provoking. Good information. Good advice. It makes sense.
    Thanks for producing it.

  4. Ken Curran

    I look forward to this post every week because it gives me good focus and great direction in developing my business and myself.

  5. Lois Amacher

    Great subject, Anthony! That’s something I need to learn to do because I get so overwhelmed trying to do too many things at once and always run out of time and then the whole project gets delayed. I’m definitely going to remember this good advice and begin to implement networking.

  6. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony

    Your idea is good since “birds of a feather flock together” we should talk or learn from each other that have same interest

  7. DeWayne Bridges

    The concept of connecting and joining with people that compliment and add to your personal skill sets makes a lot of sense. The more I find out about this business the more I realize that I don’t know and that I need to join with other people who are more knowledgable and skilled than myself in various areas.

  8. Shelly Campbell

    Good stuff to know & be reminded of.I can’t do it all, I don’t know it all but I certainly can step aside & let others do what I can not.I like the thought of building a team of people to help me.I guess I have some trust issues yet.usually afraid that they wont do it right or will mess something up.My own issue to get over.I had a group design a website for me recently & when I went in to read the information.It was all sloppy & just not said the way I would of said it.Makes me feel like wow what is this person saying?and its my site.

  9. Stacey

    Perfect message for me today! I was sitting here trying to figure out how to begin building my website and then you say find someone to do it. I don’t have to do it myself! Thanks, Anthony.

  10. Maurice Tuck

    Hello Anthony,

    Just want to say thanks for the continued flow of great information you send to those of us trying to get started. I have to say personally that I am very grateful to have the opportunity to learn what I am learning from you. When you get the chance, thank your Mom & Dad for raising you the way they did.


  11. Ranger Phillip

    Hi Anthony,
    This is a wonderful concept on building one’s business that I have not always fully appreciated. I have tended to separate my associations of family from friends and a 3rd group of just business associates.. I have had close family that I correspond with frequently and distant family that I correspond with less frequently. I have had close friends and distant friends that I treat the same way and then loose track of my distant friends altogether. I have had close business associates & also those that are not close because I do not have to deal with them daily. Finally I loose track of them altogether. Had I stayed in contact with all of them, especially as soon as the internet & email made that much easier I would have a network today of people who know me personally in the 1000’s. How powerful would that be now that I am starting my internet business. I didn’t see it then but I do now.

    Thanks for your constant efforts to remind us of the basics in life as well as business. In spite of the time & contacts I have lost I will not be discouraged because I regard ‘right now’ as a great beginning to the rest of my life of business, friendships, & good living. Among my friends I am thankful to be able to count you Anthony. I’m sure you don’t remember me from just this reply but I was privileged to meet you at the seminar you held in Jackson the 1st of May when I handed you my copy of “The Hidden Millionaire” to sign. Thank You.

    I am Ranger Phillip

  12. Patricia Powell

    I do not have a website set up yet. Your videos are a tremendous help in learning how to do these things. Thank you for all of the instructions that you give. Patricia.


  13. Steve S

    I’m just starting all this type of stuff & these are some good ideas, thanks.

  14. Rose Henigin

    My first time in hearing you speak and it does make much sense in reaching out to others for their valuable opinions and knowledge of what you need in reaching your goals. I’m interested in this venture to see where Imight go. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hear this video.

  15. Benzz

    Indeed, constantly building a network of professionals, friends is always a plus . . . .

  16. Norma

    Hi Anthony, I really like this advice about building your network. I will be looking for people that can help me in the future. Thank you for everything. NG

  17. Muriel

    What you are suggesting sounds good. I have to admit that I am one of those people who if I want something done – I usually do it myself! I need to trust that other people can do the things that I can’t and delegate the tasks! Thanks again!

  18. Sally and Bill

    Anthony you are so right ! Building a supportive network for your life and business is very important. Thank you for all of your advice and sharing your knowledge.

  19. Bessie Young

    I really enjoyed the video, very informative. The information you gave about surround yourself with people who can help you and help you grow.

  20. Yevonne

    Good advise. We have to realize we can’t do everything. It makes better business sense to network and have those people you can rely on when you need them. Thanks!

  21. daniel aubrey

    I agree that if you do want to have a great business model you must reach out to people who can help you achieve this. You need to be able to clearly explain what you are looking for and then bounce these ideas of of someone who has been doing what you need for years. Two heads are always better than one, as the saying goes. It’s true and can always benifit someone.

  22. Brian

    just listening to this video all the things you said is extremely true because some of things like learning off of other people has happened to me all my life, now I am trying to learn about affiliate so thank you about all your information in all of the book it has been very useful.

  23. Thomas J Russo

    absolutely true in all facets of life .In order to have a successful business you must have very qualified people as part of you team

  24. Lyle

    Hey Anthony. I wanted to thank you for all of the help you have given us with this series. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for writing sales copy. We just purchased a video studio for doing live broadcast, and I could really use some help with the script. Thank you!

    Lyle R. Bakke

  25. malcolm k. wright

    The connection #115 is what I am faced with right now. I currently exploring many avenues, to build,expand,explore options. I am also testing ideas as to what works best for me, what do not work at all for what ever the reason.

    Implementing many of the strategy Anthony Morrison spoke about do works. As you begin to explore your options, learn services,products,training taking small steps daily creates great success. Thank you Anthony for your time.A valuable service offer to everyone.

  26. Joyce Fisher

    Thanks for the info about building connections. I wish that I had seen the preceding videos as I’m sure I could learn so much. I’ll be watching for the next one.

  27. sandra

    Every week you brought up some great pointers. It’s so real one just need to put on our to do list and set our goals and work hard to accomplish some things in life thank you.

  28. Thomas Longerbone

    I agree. I have kept in touch with people who are good at things I can’t do.
    I do need to expand my network for internet marketing as this is a new field for me.

  29. Faye

    Thank you Anthony. Makes a lot of sense. I have always been told that great men/women are those who surround themselves with people who do what they cannot do for themselves. You just said the exact same thing in different words. Again I say thank you!

  30. Cheryl Harrington

    I am glad you bought this up. I am trying to find people and can trust and that share the same ideas and goals like me. People that have that second insight about building your dreams and making it real. I need people that are in this type of business and no nay sayers but encouagers and people that have dreams and goals!!!

  31. Robert Walker

    I could sure use some help to just clue me in to where the tools I need are located. I also need help with things that require special skills. Since funds are short right now, I will just have to learn those skills myself, and use the skilled person later on. Thanks, Anthony, for addressing these issues.

  32. Leroy Blanchard

    Because of my individual program to create a passive income for me and my wifeI. In a similar manner I seek out proven individuals with passive income systems

  33. william ortega

    I really think that is a good idea. We tend to socialize with people of like interests but it does make since to expand to people that CanDo so to speak what we can not.

  34. Joseph Blanco

    This is such an eye opener for everyone that makes ‘excuses’ to be successful, like “oh I do not know this, I do not know that, etc.” This is where building networks comes in. You are right that in order to be successful you need to have people that are really good into something that you are not. I have a bad taste when it comes to graphics designing and proper color combination when making blogs or websites. But I have friend of 12 years (since high school) that is really good in making the right combination of colors. So, every time I make a website she is there all the way making sure that I have the right color effect and graphics on my website and that helps it converts well.

  35. Gordon

    Once again, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Developing a core of individuals with talents and skills is important in any business, ESPECIALLY if those are weak areas within yourself! I do look forward to someday actually meeting you, maybe next time I get to Mississippi….

  36. John Lawrence

    Great advice, we tend to surround ourselves with people we like alot. Not nessearily with people that can help us a great deal. Thank you, Anthony.

  37. Doreen / Bruce

    Not sure what is going on here, but the last three or four connections–don’t connect but, I did see them on Youtube late last night and early morning. Good job and thanks again Anthony. May the force of “success” be with us all.

  38. King Richard

    Anthony u are a true inspiration to all generations. I’m 40 yrs old and just learning how to text. Wish I could fugue how to set up a business on you tube. Lol Im still going back to the apple store and they show me everything. I’ve learned a lot by listening to you. Thanks for the free input it goes a Lon long way. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and knowledge is power.

  39. Forence Homes

    I use you suggestion in my life. By finding people that are great in things that I am not, I learn from them by asking questions and watching them in their talents. That gives each of us new knowledge making both of us better.

  40. Sheldon martin

    I did like this video. I understand what you said in the video and I will plan on using it in the future.

  41. William

    That is a great recommendation. We all need people around us, to help us succeed.

  42. Donna Moore

    It is good to have the names like Elance where we can go to get help with things we are not good at.

    With a limited budget there are sources we can afford that you mention.

    Thank you.

  43. Theo

    This is right one. We all need to connect with those that can help us become successful first. Everything else in secondary to building a powerful social network. Thanks for the words of encouragement

  44. Patrick Miller

    This is so obvious that it’s easy to overlook! We tend to get bogged down in the details, trying to do everything ourselves. We need to stop and think where we could use some help and go find someone who can do it – and help alleviate the unemployment problem, at least a little bit!

  45. Cynthia A. Chisum

    I sure hope you play this later in the week my audio should be back I hope

    by then. I started to watch it any way, I’m definitely no lip reader. I’ll be

    waiting to hear, “Build your network” This is really a topic that I really need

    allot of work on. I’ve been to shy for much too long. As always thank you!

  46. Charles McGregor

    Anthony it seems like there isn’t a time your’re speaking and I can totally relate to the subject in most cases. I have gotten to a place where I have a website, put some videos on it, have some affiliate ads there, and lots of content. I have been following through the Success with Anthony trainings and I am now ready to put an Aweber form on my site to capture peoples emails and start building my list. I wasn’t sure how to do this and have mulled around the Aweber trainings and when you mentioned Elance as one way I could develop a relationship with someone who is already very qualified in using the form builder on Aweber. OK, light went off…again! LOL Thanks for all you do to help each of us along this journey. Talk to you soon and look forward to seeing you again next Success Connection.
    charlie says….TCHFBS

  47. Janecmerek

    It is good to work togher so mybe now i star learn how to maker monye on line that will help peope a lot . I ben to your seminar Dallas TX. I would like to now some in Dallas that could help me. Thankyou and God bless.

  48. Leitha Frye

    Having a team of people who you can turn to when you need help is invaluable. .Reliable, trustworthy, people with SKILLS, is a great find. As always, Thanks for all you do!

  49. Jesus Vasquez

    You know i alway had admire you Anthony and know that you came and help you,re parent after what happen to them, is great and became very successful at affiliated marketed. I wish i am you, but im not i had try to do something about, but im very confused and and my brain lock and i can think straight and it bother me. I have a family we are short of money anf me and my wife we fight for any little thing and im tired. I told a friend i wish i was you, dont know what to do, i buy every junk in the market don,t work. i hope that someday i could meet you and you teach me step by step so i could learn, i just wish. I admire you Mr Morrison i hope that you get to teach me one on one take good care hopefully a freind in the future Jesus Vasquez

  50. Bennie Lawrence

    I thank you for staying in touch with me. I really want to be a part of your team,but my life is hell right now.I will keep watching and learning all i can so when my money is right i will be a part of your team!! I pray to earn 25% of what you earn to help my family!! Please keep teaching!!!!!

  51. bob pascoe

    your so right about having others strengths pull you through in your weaknesses and make you look good. that is great networking, but you have to find these people and they can be everyday people that we come in contact with. they do not necessarily have to be the somebody great to network with, they can your mom, son, relative or neighbro.

  52. Tjep Marku

    Thank you again, Anthony. It is true. networking is really important. I feel networking is one of necessary element in whatever I am doing.

  53. nick garner

    thanks anthony for that bit of info 2 brains are better than one and 10 are even better help people help you help them

  54. Dianne Yeager

    I think the concept of using ‘reliable” resources including people is key to building a successful network. This piggybacks on your previous success connection discussions to name a few; such as trusting in yourself and thinking outside the box.

  55. jean martin

    Thanks Anthony for the great advice of surrounding yourself with people who have expertise in areas that you don’t. I haven’t been able to do this yet, but I know now that I must in order to avoid frustration. Thanks again for the wonderful advice.

  56. David Moore

    Thanks for sharing your network with us all. Its very interesting and you are a prime example of Success anthony. I appreciate the good advice.

  57. Janice

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks so much for all your wonderful teaching and insight – this is a great idea – to build networks with people who are expert, at what we’re not so good at – I love meeting and networking with people! Looking forward to your next lesson – Janice

  58. Shirley G-K

    Hey Anthony, because I truly suck at the many skills needed to launch my internet business I will be on a “talent” hunt for the right people. I already lined up a co-worker to meet with me next week to help me navigate FB. (Yes, I have avoided all social media until now.) I think the hardest part for me is to delegate tasks to others. Your words are changing my mindset. Thanks again for keeping it real.

  59. angelica

    Hi Anthony – this is just a continuation on the above comment: Pardon me I hit the wrong key…Oops!!!

    without considering that I should be more acceptance eventhough that person may not be personable but has a great talent and skill. Therefore, we should not limit our capacity to interconnect on the basis of one or two categories or we might miss some piece of the puzzle. And I’ve learned to recognized the benefit of it…Anyway – you have made a very significant point that we should all greatly considered…Wonderful job.

    Thank you and God Bless,


  60. Rita Nealy

    Anthony, thank you for your desire to help the rest of us to be successful. With our state of economy there are more of us going into business like never before. Some of us are taking the leap and stepping away from our regular jobs and stepping out on faith. Then there are some of us who are working a regualr job while building our own business. It is good to be able to tap into people like you who don’t mind sharing how to be successful without us making mistakes that you all already made. Thanks again and I pray much success for you.

  61. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I think building a network is a great idea. It is always good to be involved with people and be sociable because it can lead to fantastic things. I am still trying to get my feet off the ground but my ads do not seem to do much for me. I will try again and again until I make it.
    You are my inspiration, week after week. Thanks Anthony!!

  62. Spencer & Patty

    Anthony, We like watching your videos that you put out. Your videos gets us even more motivated and gives us more knowledge every time we watch them. And we learn more about it to where we can reach our goals in life. When you had said in the book that you help the kids that wont have nothing on christmas. That you helped them in alot of ways that every body needs to help every body out no matter of what it may be. Our business isn’t just to help us but also helping out others when they are down as while is to use the knowledge that you have gave to us. To where it will help us and to where we help others because that is the type of people that we are. We like to help people out no matter of what it may be. And why I like helping other people is because that will make it to where I sleep better at night knowing that I did something good for some one else and not just myself or my family. That is why give up is not one of our words. Our passion is to help other people. And this is our life business. THANK YOU ANTHONY MORRISON FOR SHOWING US THE WAY. And thank you for everything and keep the good videos going. And your teaching. Thank you and have a good day and night.

    -Spencer & Patty-

  63. tommy pumphrey

    there is not doubt about it. After my medical issue and not being able to do Therapy anymore I knew I had to learn something. So I bought your books, working now with coaching cause I had not Idea what I was doing and am slowing learning and hope in a year or two be doing well enough I wont worry about Physical therapy anymore.
    Be Blessed

  64. K. K. Kumaroo

    Hello Antony:
    You are right in what you spoke in Success Connection #115. It is an age-old principle that when you associate with people who have a positive attitude towards life and business, you get inspired and learn from them. Whether you end up building a network of friends is immaterial – the very connection alone will result in positive outcome and success

  65. Shelia Alexander

    Surround yourself with people that are good at things you are bad at WOW!! Great point. Meet people that are good at stuff and keep them make them a part of your network. I love it A. great tips

  66. AnnMatthew

    Wonderful advice and the reminder that successful people find successful,
    Talented people to team up with and build a network.
    Just the admission to yourself that you need a team will make you more successful. The next step is finding those talented people, and beginning your own network. With the economy the way it is, each business you choose to do business with will be part of your network, and eventually you may be able to employ talented people as well in your business, as a part of your own chosen network. We work together to build success.
    Thanks again.

  67. Craig

    Hey Anthony very informative once again, but I have come to get use to you being like that. When I started in the game I was so glad that I had your support, because without it I think I would be where I am today with this business as to knowledge wise. I’m just starting to build my network and have some very good marketers onside at the moment including yourself. Once again thanks for the video and keep them coming.

  68. juan vazquez

    hi, Im Juan and this is a really good advice, i heard it from my soccer coach few years ago, also you seem pretty convincing and that’s what people need so they can believe in themselves.
    also i wanna buy your program but i cant because i dont have money but if i have or if i win, the first thing im gonna do is im gonna buy your program and thanks for the advice

  69. John Galik

    Great advice. It has been a bumbpy road and I have found support and direction through my family and friends.

  70. Chris Kalwa

    Excellent advice, Anthony. As an aspiring writer, I need help from experts who can help me with editing, graphics, illustrations, and marketing & promotion to make my book a successful seller. With this professional input on important tasks I’m not good at doing myself, it makes my job more manageable. Thank you for this reminder.

  71. Astre

    Building a network is so important you touched on some great things Anthony.

  72. Starmist

    It’s good to remember we don’t have to be alone in our business, when we use other people to help us with our business we also help them grow their business and that makes me feel better just knowing I helped someone else too.

  73. grace

    thanks for the information because i have always believed to be successful you must surround yourself with other like minded individuals who can help your weak areas.

  74. Jan-Inge

    Yes it makes sense, focus what you is good at and let somone else do the things that your’e not so good at.
    Building a network with people that have that competence that you have not, is such a great advise, thanks Anthony!

  75. leon

    The apple store is full of talented college students thats not sure what to do with the talent that they have received from college. While they are waiting for corporate America to call them, you might be able to show them another path to success. Win.. Win.. situation for both parties.

  76. Dana Koepsel

    I think this is my most favorite tip Build Your Reliable Network. I know their are people who do things better than I do so, I will keep them in my network for future projects. Great Idea thank you!

  77. Russell Bearinger Jr

    Hi Anthony
    Good information. Good advice. It makes sense.
    Not Ready to Make up a Network yet . But need Help on Setting up Ads on Google Ect. They Turn Down Key Words that are Common.
    If something Wrong at web Site they turn it Down too.

    R B

  78. aida suarez

    Morrison, I give you two thumbs up for this advise. The question is… where to find this people? I am diligent… so I might find them if i work hard.!
    thanks again! Aida

  79. Eddie

    Anthony, Great advice it reminds my that all the people that I collected business cards from are the ones that I need to catchup with use there skills. Thank you for the reminder.

  80. jan rose

    This is invaluable advice! I did this wrong – I had friends that excelled at things that I was not good at, and unfortunately, because they were “friends” they did not relate to me professionally and were unreliable. Anthony, thanks for using the phrase “reliable network”. The reliable part is as important as having a network in the first place!

  81. warren

    Outsourcing,wow, so true and time saving..what a wise decision to have make someone our own member instead of just a normal “partner”.

    I never regret keep on visiting and learning from Anthony started from Jan 2012. His vision and action is really something very inspiring! He shared all his view and given all the VALUES for free, we read, like and tweet and received money$$ ?? OMG, this is easily Awesome! TAKE CARE 😀


  82. Muriel

    Again you come through with new info! I’m not familiar with – is this the correct spelling? Great info about networking – I use to be so….good at writing friends, family etc but have gotten away from it. Lost touch with a lot of friends and acquaintances. It’s time to get re-acquainted and see what is happening with them and perhaps to include them in my network. You never know what someone has to offer!

  83. Luis A. Deleza

    Great advice Professor Anthony, just plain positive thinking and very helpful. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU! –Luis, TX.

  84. julie

    I’ve enjoyed seeing and listening to you for past years! Your advice is very doable. I think its time I start taking action. Thanks for your sincere motivation.

  85. roy

    i happen to have your book ,its a great book i,enjoyed your video,watching for the next one

  86. John

    I think your vidio is very good food for thoughts and motivation. Thanks

  87. Theodore Seavy

    There is a space and achieving the vision of success. Meet with high-level awesomeness with a heaping helping of vitality. Sounds like an amazing journey.
    Dottie and Ted

  88. Constance Gibson

    I heard you were coming to Columbia SC so I looked you up. When listening to your blog, I realized I attracted your information in my life because of the business path that I am currently on. It’s always exciting when that happens!! You did a great job with explaining the importance of having a good “circle of friends” thanks!! Hope I’m able to see you when you come to SC….

  89. Maryla

    Thank you Anthony! I think a big part of any success is finding the right people to work with and holding on the them. Good network is crucial!!! I totally agree with you!

  90. williamdl

    Thanks again anthoney great advice. I have no one around to provide encouragement in my networking endeavors. Need to get around like minded people but being unemplayed and raising my 3 of my 5 little ones still at home makes it hard to socialize. I’m going alone still but with determination It can happen even to me eh?. I thank you.

  91. Donna

    You are a humble, down to earth, au-naturelle kinda man Anthony! Thank you for the insightful, and very useful nuggets.

  92. Lynn Zimmerman

    It’s so funny how one person can say One thing to change a persons whole life. Anthony Thank you for the so meany things you have said in your videos that i could have though of on my own, but didn’t come to mind to i heard it from you! Thank So Much! You Learn from the people around you.

    Lynn Zimmerman

  93. Gaye Noland

    Networking is another super important key to building a business. There is always someone out there that has an idea you haven’t thought of that could be big time saver or boost to getting the job done.

  94. gabriel T

    Great jet simple ideas that make sense, sometime we get so cut up in our own world of hassles that we forget abut the good ways of getting the job done.

    Good, good idea!



  95. K. K. Kumaroo

    I am glad that you stated in the heading that you were simply replaying the Success Connection #115 which you aired many times before


    Yes, this is great, and I have already started to do this.

  97. Stefanie Mclaney

    Thanks so much, I appreciate how you explain everything. Great advice!

  98. James Ivy

    Hey Anthony excellent point using the skill knowledge of others you have in your net work is absolutely a must. I have people just like you mention that has been an blessing for me to have around. As always a pleasure thanks!

  99. Marlon Morris

    This is a very good concept. Not only applies to business but in everyhting. You don’t have to be an expert in all areas; just need to know enough to get in touch with and implement those people and tactics who are proficient.

  100. Trudy White

    Thank you for filling in the blanks with all the information you provide. Learning a new business can be daunting and frustrating when all the information is scattered and incomplete. It really makes sense what you teach and being realistic about finishing projects that we are unable to complete on our own. I love listening to you and have seen Adrian live in NJ.
    Appreciate you both.

  101. Bobbie Austin

    i think this information is very good. i just took a computer course and still need more computer learning. therefore, the
    will be very useful.

    thank you anthony

  102. Janifer Inell Peterka

    Yes, I agree that we should not try to do EVERYTHING (& GET GOOD AT)ourselves. Obtaining help from experts in specialized areas, could only leave more time for us to do what we do best.

  103. Thomas J Russo

    I know this principle is true , because I was a General Contractor for over 30 years and the same principle applies to finding outstanding contractors to work with . Good job communicating anthony

  104. Paul Beard

    Because of my individual program to create a passive income for me and my wifeI. In a similar manner I seek out proven individuals with passive income systems

  105. Regina H.

    Your comments about including people who have skills you need in your network was something I really needed to hear. I am transforming from working in human service to providing housing to disenfranchised adults. I have a network of supporters who are also in human service, but I need to expand my network to include individuals with a background in real estate and business.

  106. Jim Capps

    Great ideas! First time to catch one of your videos. Will be going back to see others.

  107. Linda Lauder

    Good information. Good advice. It makes sense.
    Thanks for producing it.

  108. Marlina

    Very true about surrounding yourself with people whose skills you don’t have! My mother, who was a Media Specialist at a NY philanthropic foundation, said find Divas, Doers and Donors. I go by that in most of my non-profit arts and cultural projects! Now I NEED a GOOD BUSINESS MANAGER!!! Anybody interested?

  109. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,
    This advice is so common sense and logical. I tend to write the individual’s information in my contact list, but never follow up with keeping in touch. I will be proactive in making it an active connection and learning from that person’s skills and acquiring their expertise to grow my business. I make it so much harder for myself by not using the willing talents around me to progress. I plan to change that in the future. Thank you so much for bringing this omission to my attention. Beverley Gallimore.

  110. Leroy Blanchard

    You hit it right on the head. Two years ago I was unknown and it worked against my ability to make monet on line. by late 2011 I began the process of making connections with super affiliate performers and began to get significant support that aided my internet selections and inproved my performance

  111. Mark Lewis

    Building a network is vital to one’s success in business. Thanks, for restating that info.


  112. tina

    you amaze me…bought your book about 5 years ago…had some personal problems and actually forgot about it…recently started reading some of your emails and its as if you didn’t forget about me. Really interested in a program you were offering about a month ago concerning Aweber… It can
    me with unlimited websites which i already have…was wondering if I could just get your auto response program by itself

  113. lily wu

    it is good to leverage the power of my network. it is better to work with a team than myself.

  114. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    Nothing can be more of a truth than always associate with other people you feel are just one notch better qualified in any subject


    James Magee

  115. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    I am very grateful I found you. You make an excellent point. None of us
    are good at everything. I am going to need alot of people to become successful in making my dreams come true. I adore you in a good way.

  116. Harold Ward

    Great advice Anthony thanks. You built a network by bringing people you
    were impressed with in areas you were not strong in to have a network that
    had over all strength. You actually hired these people to have them available when needed. Then you are surrounded by successful people
    that you like to work with.

  117. Maude Kovarik

    Thanks Anthony. Yes it makes sense to build with those you trust and can rely on. Actually, I’ve always found a that I need to be around positive, caring and knowledgeable people to achieve my goals.
    Thanks for all you do,
    Maude Kovarik

  118. Debbie M

    When you bring strong people together each brings their strengths to the team, thereby making a stronger team, works the same for networks, which is what you have been showing us. Thanks, Anthony.

  119. AnnMatthew

    Listened the second time, and I thank you again, for reminding us that the team approach is the most valuable and sensible way to operate our business. Yes, everything you have said is very helpful, appropriate, valuable and necessary to hear several times. Building a network of
    talented, successful,people is key to the success of our business.
    Thank you again. Sincerely, Ann

  120. Glenda Rutherford

    Makes a lot of sense. But, I’m a newbie, and have no idea what I am doing, lol!! I just discovered Anthony, after going to a seminar last week, so I am kind of late getting in on this.

  121. AnnMatthew

    I like the phrase “needing help from experts”, I would like to add, wanting help from experts, and building a team of experts to help operate our businesses. It is sometimes hard to want that help, and I have to overcome the desire to DO IT MYSELF. I marvel at expert talent and skill
    and want to learn everything I can, however I know the network is the way to go, and the experts are exactly that Experts at what they do. Being
    fortunate enough for them help, is a gift and having them sign onto your business is a blessing. We need networks of experts.

  122. Rudy Ambion

    Anthony, Thank you for all the suggestion, information etc….I know someday (hopefully) I will succeed.

  123. Kermit Williams

    The Entrepreneur must understand the importance’s in defining its purpose, objective(s) and identify its function by utilizing the principle concept of building a reliable network of people to help in their growth and develop long term success and relationships.

  124. Kermit Williams

    The Entrepreneur must understand the importances in defining its purpose, objective(s) and identify its function by utilizing the principle concept of building a reliable network of people to help in their growth and develop long term success and relationships.

  125. Jeannette

    I responded to this once but do not see my response in the list. I realize that it is important to surround yourself with successful, knowledgeable people. I have, in a small way, done this but see that it is more important now than before. Thanks.

  126. Muriel

    Great stuff to sink your teeth in! Think about people you have met or you know and see what niche they might fill in your network. KEEP in TOUCH with them or get re-in touch with them if they can help you SUCCEED! One never knows…..

  127. Imagine

    This is very true. Where ones abilities or knowledge stop, someone else’s picks up. Sometimes it takes a village. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  128. leslie alaman

    Surrounding yourself with those who know more than you and and putting them in your tree of trust is pure wisdom. Former Dallas Cowbooys coach Jimmy Johnson said the same exact thing.

  129. terry

    I thought it was a good learning tool of u to understand ur good qualities and ur bad

  130. Linda Saracco

    Hi Anthony!
    Thank-you once again for your inspirational video. Last week I had ordered a few of your books. I went through the Success with Anthony course, passed the quizzes and just really taking the time to educate myself on affiliate marketing. I found myself overwhelmed in the first few weeks trying to absorb everything after putting in the time after a 10 hour work day but now the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come together! I have so much to learn but know I will get there. Your webinars and success connection is like taking a motivational pill when I watch them 🙂 May God continue to bless you with abundance for all that you do for others!

  131. Monte Grosfeld

    I have an LLC formed but no website for it. I realize that is something I have to do, and your advice to hand it out to someone else is spot on. Thank you, Anthony.

  132. Fred Kiene

    Hi Anthony, I’m working on the advice you promote. I hope to succeed with
    positive and with some ambiguity. It is totally obscure at times wanting to
    succeed but sometimes just not quite getting it there.

  133. Macs

    I’ve already started exploring that concept. Thanks for letting me know that I have the right idea!!

  134. Ofilia Martinez

    I liked your video which was very down to earth in it’s explanations of “Building Your Network” with individuals that have talents that one
    doesn’t have to grow ones network.

  135. Janis Searcey

    Thank you Anthony for sharing this video. This is something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while and have done nothing, as of yet, as far as looking for help. There seems to be so many areas of expertise that I need help with that I don’t know where to start. I do have website up right now and maybe I can get some good ideas while I’m there.

  136. Brian Aldrich

    Anthony, thanks for generously sharing your “secrets to success” . You are a great encourager!


    this keeps getting better.I appreciate your reminders.

  138. Joe Bosch

    Excellent advice. The next thing is knowing how to delegate effectively! Let’s face it, consultants are usually good at what they do because they know who to call on to get a particular task done well.

    I need someone who can teach me how to get traffic to my site, which is why I need Anthony Morrison in my network, but he seems to busy…

    Now, how do I define my audience, and design a site that interests them so I can get started?


  139. Ivy Rice

    Great information, Anthony!! It helps to be able to reinforce the idea that I don’t have to know how to do everything. All I have to know is someone who can do what I can’t. I will be building my network soon. Thanks for all you do for others.

  140. Joe

    This is great, first I must apologize for not engaging when I first got your book in 2008. I have been reading your book over again and realize what my mistakes were, I don’t regret it in anyway because somehow someway Anthony you come forward in a email, or on t.v. I am ready to engage 100%


    dear anthony =I think its a good video problem for me is im still trying to get on my feet and am not that far yet but great suggestion on having others doi the dirty work you cant do . thanks for believing in me it means alot

  142. Cecilia

    Great information on networking. This definitely help to be around minded people.

    Thank you Anthony

  143. Teresa Belcher

    I’ve watched each success connection, love your approach and insight.
    I would love to buy the amwebinar software however money is my problem. I have just completed an ebook and will be publishing it soon. I hope that’s a good way for me to start. I’ve been reading books and listening to everyone I will continue to do so until.

  144. Steve Le Baron

    This is so me. Taking those small steps into building a great network, is so true. Looking forward to more “Success Connection” video blogs. Your skill sets that you’ve acquired over the years are showing and are all inspiring to listen to.

  145. Eparkyn

    Antony: Thank you for the reminder, looking forward to your next SC. And the beginning of Build,Send Profit.

  146. inez trosper

    Thank You, I’m going to fellow your advice, surround myself with knowledge people..Great advice..

  147. Edward Zisk

    Anthony – Great advice. Successful people team with other successful people with special tallents to achieve positive results in the project or the business they may choose. Being successful in the Internet Business is a big challenge for me. I need all the help I can get. Thank you Anthony Morrison and your Team Advisors for being there for me.

  148. Dave Taylor

    Good advice Anthony . Like you I didn’t want my website to look like everyone else. I want with web designer also

  149. Marva Taylor

    This was a topic that’s very important for building a business. I belong to a few networking group and it has truly helped my business.

  150. Marcia Brown

    It is always good to hear that someone as successful as you needs help with things that aren’t necessarily in their area of expertise. Knowing that helps us as beginners to understand that it is ok to ask for help. I tend to think at times that I should be able to do it all. Thanks for giving me permission to do otherwise.

  151. James Waters

    This is very good advise. It can apply to every aspect of our lives. An absolute necessity.

  152. Fred Jordan

    Hey Anthony once again thanks for sharing good information with me. I agree we have to build the network by engaging with people that are better than we are. We can’t do it all so we need help from other people to get the job done. “Iron sharpens Iron” is what I got out of your message. I need to broaden my base and get more people to help me along the way.

  153. Alice Woodham

    It is good getting someone else helping build your website so you can learn as you go to know what’s invalid in getting your own business going and learning yourself along the way. I think that’s great letting someone help so it want take so long getting your business up an running. Thanks Anthony

  154. Thomas Owen

    That does make sence. Building a team to accomplish your goals. Where I’m employed, part of our success is thru team effort.

  155. Jamey Brown

    Wow! Well put. Surround yourself with people that are good at things that you are bad at. It can’t be said in simpler terms than that. Thank you for this insight.

  156. Cynthia A. Chisum

    I really need to learn networking. Yes I hear this last week. Henry Ford had the same idea. Thank You!

  157. Julie Hartsell

    Anthony makes a lot of sense about building your network and having the people around you that can do the things you can’t so or aren’t good at!

  158. Tuifaiga Teofilo

    Hello Anthony We just got back my family have had different funerals. I have been reading your emails, and thank you for the information. Tui

  159. amber duncan

    Thank you Anthony for your pearls of wisdom. Can’t wait to become a successful example of your teachings.

  160. Sharon

    Thank you, Anthony. That is a very good idea, having other people do the things for you that you are not very good at. Things go much faster.

  161. Alice Wilson

    Good point as usual. I need to build a network of people that can help me in the areas that I am not strong in. There are lot’s of those areas! ! !
    Thank you, again,

  162. Candace

    Amazing information on this video. Certainly some good advice to go by. Build a reliable network that you can trust and find others that can do things that you are not able to do. Great Stuff!! I am still learning all of this and I will def implement this to what I know and will know. Thanks Anthony for what all you do!

  163. Candace

    Great Advice Anthony!! I will def use this! It is very true to surround yourself by others that know what you don’t know. A good way to succeed!!

  164. Leila

    I have been loosing time. I really want to follow your suggestions. I am looking into what should be my first step.

  165. Cedric

    A great leader doesn’t have to be the smartest or know how to do everything,but have the right people around to accomplish what they can’t do on their own.

  166. Alice J. Quiroz

    Excellent suggestion to look at this business of building your network of professionals. Maj Qu

  167. Joy Wright

    I have been using email newsletters and special releases for a few months. I find it difficult to do this and worry about bothering people. At the same time, I get enjoyment out of other emails as long as there are not too many. The favourit ones, I actually look forward to. What is a good response in terms of impressions, clicks? Anyway, I feel very uncomfortable with this style of marketing and yet very relaxed with social media. Any tips for getting over this would be helpful. I looked at the video re building ads.

  168. Robin Harris

    This was really helpful and not at all what I was expecting! When I saw the title I thought it was about building social media networks or the like. Another thing I really like is that you direct us to quality sites and people for us to begin building our own network and resources for learning and growing.

  169. norman rambow

    Anthony.. good information.. I have been a baker most of life making goodies and have had a small sales and marketing business on the side for over 20 years.. I never believed it was or close to possible to make the kinds of money you have talked. I am amazed, impressed and wanting to make things happen.. In the baking business it is a team effort in the production.. quality people are all needed to make the end product desirable and of course sell able.. It takes professionals.. I always like trying to find like you, quality people to do a job.. I always told my son who loved sports to play the best you can and if someone joins your team , who seems to have a bit more talent than you.. then become friends and team mates and between both of you ,, you will be winners. strength and success comes with good team players I find out.. your right on.! thanks ..I will as well look for those who can compliment the circle.

  170. Quinn

    Good stuff Anthony, reminds me of the story of Henry Ford who surrounded himself with knowledgeable people. Thank you Quinn.

  171. Richard E. Darling

    Hey there Anthony , referencing you success connection #115, “Building a reliable Network”. This obviously makes complete success, Although to start off with, employee status will be next to impossible. I certainly do not have the finances to start someone, qualified to do my tech, work. I could see possibly partnering with a agency who has the skill sets and knowledge to begin with.

  172. Marcela Munoz

    I totally agree. It is so important to be surrounded by people who are good at what we aren’t. This way things are well done and we can learn how to make things the right way.

  173. Harold Haulbrook

    “Hey”–Anthony !!——“Boy” you hit the nail on the head, –Where you @ my place this morning ??? “Looking” over me. ( l o l ) because i was putting information together (that i’ve gotten over time “thanks” to you ) & laid it all out “&” trying to put thing’s —“together” —who? can help me—-“with what”–& were . “I” just got laid off 6mo’s ago, “Took” on the internet “4mo’s” ago !!! & knew “Nothing” !! –“People” get on the subject “now” & they say **!!##*!@#*–“well” needless to say –?? “I’ve come along way. —“&”– Still have along way to go. —“I” need a rock solid foundation . “YA” said once a while back—“How” are “ya” ganna go fish’n” & —“Expect” ta catch “any” fish !! without the proper “Bait”?? / eqp: “Thanks’ again”

  174. Bill Munro


    What you are saying makes perfect sense. There are alot of things that I see people do, and wonder how they do it. I’ll try to follow their directions, but if I’m unable to, they will do what they can do to help. I find this to be true, especially at myNetworkingPro, of which I’m a Member of, and also your very active Community.

    To Our Success,

    Bill Munro

  175. Cheryl

    Hi Anthony,

    Great presentation on having connections and supports. I think many people sometimes including myself think I cannot learn all this marketing stuff. The
    truth is I can’t, there is so much involved that you need the people who specialize in an area and are good at it. This was a great reminder and boost
    fo me.

    Many Thanks,
    Cheryl H

  176. Cheryl

    Hi Anthony,

    Great presentation on having connections and supports. I think many people sometimes including myself think I cannot learn all this marketing stuff. The
    truth is I can’t, there is so much involved that you need the people who specialize in an area and are good at it. This was a great reminder and boost
    for me.

    Many Thanks,
    Cheryl H

  177. John Antaya

    Thanks’ for the worthwhile information. This is a sure way of getting to know people that you will be able to rely on in dealing with your business.

  178. Richard Fagre

    Great comments thanks I am finding myself feeling inadequate and have been looking at fiverr for help now I have elance to. Thank you

  179. Carol

    I have enjoyed all the teaching videos. I don’t have anyone in my network yet. Just a lot following me on Twitter because I just tweeted Earn money on line Internet Marketing.

  180. Ebrahim

    Hello Anthony, You always have some gold nuggets up your sleeve. You’re so practical yet straightforward and very charismatic. Much appreciated!

  181. Victoria Harsche

    Yes, once again, you’ve hit it on the head. I have no one around me that wants to join in on my quest to make it online with this kind of buisness. I was feeling overwhelmed. Thanks again.

  182. El Dee James

    Anthony this definitely would help everyone involved. We can learn from each other and also help each other. Two minds are better than one.

  183. Anthony

    I totally agree, networking is a an enormous part of building a successful business. Go to any small business class they’ll tell you the same thing.That’s part of why I’m here. Anthony you and every one you’ve had share different lessons are AWESOME! You’ve shared your network with us all and for that I’m very grateful. It’s pretty clear why you are so successful. Thanks again

  184. Cecelia McCarty is a great recommendation. I have heard about this site before and forgotten about it. I am going to be checking out what things I can use and get some real help. Fiverr help is pretty much worthless.
    Thanks for this Anthony!

  185. Chris Nweke

    Anthony, What you said is correct to have a network in our business. I have seen the effect of doing it alone. Your training will be helpful to me. Thank you.

  186. Chris Nweke

    I have been doing it alone and that is the reason why I have not succeed. I need to join a network. Thank you for bringing up this topic.

  187. Patricia

    It’s nice to have something here that is short and sweet, yet helpful. I haven’t been able to make money online, but I have a great network of people to help me. They’re all just great.


  188. thoma

    There is not question that who you know helps you grow.. Not everyone can see the need to keep that relationship. This is like you see the flowers
    but you don’t want to stop and smell, or just look.. For me it has been very difficult to reach for a goal and not yet be hit on the hand with a hammer and or someone stressing me that you can’t do that. How many people of color are doing that. I putting it nice so not to offended. Even why are you going to school you not going to used it
    Thank you for helping me to be me first.

  189. Steve

    Anthony…going to miss your Success Session Trainings ;(
    YOU always come thru. GREAT training as always.

    Look forward to your next project to share with us.

  190. Nance Dunne

    I never get tired of watching your videos because you are so natural,and you seem to be you when you present them,like rolling your book up,talking with your hands, I do all of that.
    Your not stuffy you make it Interesting. Thank you.

  191. Mylene Lucie

    You are a great Guy Anthony. With all your support tips and advices we are really motivated to succeed making money on line.

  192. Wilbert L. Thornton

    Its always good to know that there is some one there to give a helping hand when I don’t have the right answers. Having a network of People that are knowledgeable and enthusiastic around will give me the motivation to keep Pushing to have a Strong and Successful Business. Thank You.

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