Success Connection #121: More ePad Giveaways…

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LAST WEEK’S EPAD WINNER: Ken Moser – [email protected] – Ken I’ll be emailing you for your shipping address! Congrats


  1. Beverly Cordle

    Hi Anthony, I’m really ready to get into this business with you. You are very motivating. I need motivation. You ask what I want or need more, techniques for search engine marketing or leveraging social media advertising. That’s a hard choice. I don’t know anything about either one. Which is most important? Would it be possible to teach both? Which needs to be done first? I know very little about the computer. But I’m going to learn no matter how long it takes. My family is in a bad spot and for the first time my husband needs my help. Actually I don’t really know which choice to make because I’m not real sure what they even are. Please don’t think I’m hopeless. I’m eager to learn. Sincerely, Beverly Cordle

  2. Beverly Cordle

    Shoot!! Lost my connection. Was waiting for my comment to be posted and ZAP! it disappeared. Just in case it’s gone forever. I’ll write again. Which is more important, the techniques for search engine marketing or leveraging advertising? I’d like to learn about both. I need all the help I can get for doing business over the internet. Sincerely, Beverly Cordle

  3. Robyn

    social media gets my vote! I’m all about the social media marketing man!!! šŸ˜›

  4. Ron Musselman

    More on the Social media connection with ways and hows to connect via Click Bank with out a website.

  5. Nancy Surace


    Search Engine Marketing is what I could really use more help with. The more I could learn on this topic the better off I’ll be.


  6. Loyce McVay

    I want to learn more about generating income with Social Media.
    Thanks so much for your help!

  7. Denise Johnson

    Hi Anthony…

    I want to learn how to leverage social marketing platforms. I thought I understood them pretty well….but apparently NOT ! I joined Pinterest and see how profitable it could be if you have a strategy or plan.

    Thanks again for your help…..

  8. Rita Taylor

    I love the weekly success connection, it gives me an opportunity to be more engaged and learn more on how to get a better result from this business.
    I would love to learn more about social media if possible. I want to learn everything but if I had to choose between the two, I would definitely like the Social Media first.
    Thank you sooo much !

  9. Pam Manilla

    I want to make this work .I just do not have the funds to do so.God bless you and your family . Thank you Anthony..
    Sincerely, I feel in my heart that this works,
    Pam Manilla

  10. Michael Spillum

    While both dsiciplines are important for success, I think that the world is moving toward social media and to concentrate on proficiency in that field will be profitable.

  11. Janice Thrift

    I would love to learn more about click bank, email ads, andtwitter ads. As I have told you before I work 3pm-11pm mon-fri and I do walk on a cane ( have a bad leg) but I take it with me where ever I go. and some times I am my body gives out before my brain. so I have to lie down. but email training means to me I can learn when I have time. I feel like I spend most of my day saying I’m sorry I can’t go as fast as I used to. But email traning would be great, and tinyurs is not working any more do you have any other sites I could use to make the urls smaller.

  12. Tim Slazyk

    Anthony Morrison’s “Success Connection” is absolutely INCREDIBLE! It is a wealth of information that he could easily charge people for. I have read his books and mimiced some of his strategies with great success!

  13. Denise Roberson

    Anthony, I am interested more in the social media area but would enjoy learning both.

  14. Charlie Lombard

    I would like to learn more on advertising and leveraging social media marketing.

  15. Bernice J Adams

    congrats to Ken…search engine marketing would be great but also social media is important also so i guess my answer is both

  16. richer morin

    i’m sure the social media way to make money it’s the best.I can approach everybody instantly.Make money fast with social media with fairly approach.

  17. Mary Duff

    Hi Anthony
    I would really like more traingings on the search engine end of it
    the social media end is great but I think the search engine end of it is going to get me the knowledge to continue forward with my online business.
    thank you for all of the great infor you provide to us.

  18. Steve Wood

    I would rather learn more about SEO and ways to get more traffic to my website without having to pay for it !!!!!!!
    Free traffic………is there really a easier way to get this than the old fashion ways that take so long….and sooooo much of a person’s valuable time ??????……

  19. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    I would like to learn more about Search Engine Marketing. I know you have learned a great many things by trying different strategies, but I do not have the money to make too many errors. I really appreciated the information about using Survey Monkey. Thank you šŸ™‚

  20. Eileen Harvey

    Hi Anthony,
    Do not have a web address for you as of yet, still working on this. For the most part search engine is most important to me. Especially search engine optimization. This can be a little tricky and my downfall when it comes to getting traffic to a website. I have struggled for years to make any money on the internet, that is why I am now taking your SWA course. I am also a member of Income EDU. I thank you for all the time you are putting in to help people better there lives, you are truly a blessing. I am a stay at home care giver and need to make my own income. Winning the e-pad would also be another blessing since my laptop is getting ready to die. Thanks and have a great day!

  21. FRANCI

    Thats AWESOME!…this is all so amazing…I am excited to learn and grow. Its good to be a part of something HUGE and with amazing people no less. Thank you.Franci.

  22. Dennis Gillerman

    I still don’t have a website because I’m not able to watch the videos to learn how to build a website. I would like to learn more about Social Media because I already am a member of P.O.F. I have a mountain of bills to pay and I’m willing to learn everything there is to know about this program.

  23. grace higbee

    Anthony, I love your sucess connections as they are very inspiring. They keep me on track to getting my websight, and I am keeping all of these connections that you give us. They are my constant companions to keep on keepimg on. Thank you Grace P.S my

  24. colleen

    I think for me it would be great to learn both about search engines and social media . One can never really learn enough when it comes to this business. I am trying to learn alll that I can . Your so full of the information that I would love to learn plus not for nothing the more you talk about it the more it will get drilled into me. Which is just what I am looking for…to learn. For me the more I listen and learn the better my business will be. I so much want to learn as much as I can with this business. They both are very important for the business so I think it would be wonderful if you shared some more information about search engines and social media. There are alot involed in both. Its hard to figured out just what to pick.

  25. John Antaya

    My feeling is that Social Media allows you to be seen by more people provided that you know how to do it properly and this would be my number one choice.

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is also very important and something that any marketer must know in order to get their site listed on the first page of a search engine so as to attract people searching for their type of product or web site. SEO would have to be my second option.

  26. Rudy Arcega

    Hi Anthony,

    Social Media Advertising interests me more and I would like to learn the effective ways of getting clients and become a successful Internet Marketer. I’ve read your books attended your 3-day seminar and have my own Website, but for a lot of reasons, I am still not making any money.

    Thank you for your continued support and guidance. Have a great weekend!

    Rudy Arcega

  27. Tim Slazyk

    What time and where? You need to make accessing the “Success Connection” webinars easier to locate and join. Reminders of some sort would also be very helpful.

  28. Michael Herline

    I want to learn more about social media!

    Thanks for all of the valuable information you have already provided.

  29. Anthony Fedora

    I would LOVE to learn more about advertising on Social Media!! It seems like the next-big-thing!

    Look up the word Generous in the dictionary and it will read: See Anthony Morrison.


  30. Parmeet


    Need to learn more about social media, lot of community i know do not spent time on search engines when buying real estate.

  31. Kathleen

    Social media is my challenge. I would like to learn more about the best approach, which type of media maybe easier to use. Is twitter a good way if you are in sales? LinkedIn?

    Any guidance you can give would be appreciated.

    Kathleen Manley

  32. Yevonne

    I would like to know more about social media. There is a HUGE potential for facebook alone. Is it better to have a landing page when trying to advertise on facebook? Thanks for all!

  33. Roberta Guerra

    I would like to learn both, but I think that socail media is the way to go right now.
    So with that said I would like to learn more social media.

    Thank you,

  34. Esther Hebert

    I am interested in both types of marketing but right now I’d like to learn more about Search Engine marketing. I’ve only recently started to get into that via my coaching.
    Thanks, Esther Hebert

  35. Mary Latimore

    I am really interested in learning more about developing a “marketing campaign”. I’ve seen so many references to that. Thank you for engaging me.

  36. Mary

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you once again for your sincerity and caring. Your style is REALLY DIFFERENT!
    With that said, I wouldn’t really be able to decide. I am at a point of NEEDING SEO but know that social media will be very important when I gain confidence.

    So either one will be great. Also, I am really blown away with SUCCESS WITH ANTHONY. I really didn’t expect that much energy!
    I always wish you the very best~! Mary

  37. Dennis Fedor

    I prefer a step-by-step training on social media because as a member of generation S, I STRONGLY NEED IT 1

  38. Chris Holtkamp

    more interested in learning about use of search engines in marketing strategies

  39. Elizabeth M. Montan0

    Marketing search engines would be great to see how that is more so done than advertizing on social media unless you are marketing more than just who are my friends on my social networks. Then both would be great to know how to better do.


  40. Leslie M. Day

    I am interested in search engine optimization marketing. My computer buffers until I upgrade my speed next week. Anyhoo I will be at the live event here in Atlanta specifically in Norcross to learn more.

    I am excited, let’s help me make lots of money, ok?!

    Leslie M. Day

  41. Robert Greene

    Thanks so much Mr. Morrison, for all your expert knowledge aand consideration. I would choose to hear more about social media ways of marketing those sites.
    Thanks Bob Greene

  42. Yvonne Strahle

    I would be interested in learning more about the social media advertising w/ more emphasis on the cell phone training.

  43. tom

    Develope an “alpha” program. Using a flow chart using an “if” – “or” org chart.

  44. martine

    I want to know about social media, I have difficulty to put my
    website in the irst page. I don’t know what to do.

    thank you


  45. Carl K

    Will this abc work.
    a. clickbank account.
    b. choose a product from top three genres relationships, loose weight,
    money. That last one they need to affiliate with you. Go to tinyurl and downsize the clickbank link.
    c. go to fb, twitter, blogs, where there talking about your genre and let them know about the fabulous product that solves there acute problem and launches them to a Mars like experience.

    thank you, go USA,

  46. Diana Gamble

    Anthony, I would like to learn more about search engines first and then I would like to tackle the social media arena! I want to be successful and I appreciate all of the help that you give to us. I will see you in OKC next week : ) Looking forward to meeting you!

  47. manny soto jr

    Anthony I want to learn both, but I have no idea about how social media marketing works.

  48. Sergio

    Anthony I believe that both methods of marketing are important, however I would be interested to know what you consider to be a better source meaning that it would be a source that not everyone is doing the same thing without much results. In my opinion I believe in your teaching and with your experience, so please tell me what would be better not just in the short term. But the long term and the method that would be the most profitable. As I am your student I seek what you consider the most worthwhile and best for our long term knowledge base.

    Thank you.

  49. Thomas E Johnson

    Of the two subjects you mentioned, SEO related subjects would be my choice

  50. John Hickox

    I personally feel you covered the search engine techniques pretty good in the marketing videos, and would like to see more on the social media side of things. I really appreciate all you have shown me so far, thank you.

  51. Linda Andrusyk

    Personally, I would like to know more about social media marketing and advertising. I am very new at this and am working on my first ad as we speak. I feel like I need to get my feet wet first with an ad and then go on to learn more about engine searching. There is so much to learn and I am spending time on your videos and web sites to absorb everything I can. At times I get very excited thinking – I finally got it but something new comes up. Like you said take baby steps at first and the giant steps will follow.
    Thanks Anthony for your support.
    Linda Andrusyk

  52. Gary Hoppe

    I want and need to learn more about dirt cheap advertising on many social media sites. I’m talking about CPM methods and where to advertise economically. Thanks Anthony

  53. Bernard Drouin

    Hi again, I would like to know more about social networking for advertising, and I am not a member of facebook or any other social group.


  54. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Wow that ‘s aswesome Ken congradulations! Have a great year!

    Best Wishes


  55. Neal Cordova

    Since I am learning quite a bit about social media marketing from the home course featuring Adrian, I would like to learn more about search engine advertising. Thanks for your help, and I look forward to becoming one of your success stories.

  56. Grant Bishop

    Hello Anthony, I currently would rather learn more about search engine marketing than social media.
    I’m going to be publishing this site soon and I want to get it right the first time.
    I have the whole course but if there are any small tips you can give, that’s great.
    I love the fact that you keep us engaged and not “see you later sucker” and I have the success team there also.

    Thanks, Grant

  57. Share Faerber

    I am trying to learn as much as I can before I come to training in MIssisippi in October so I will get as much out of my training there as I can.
    I am most interested in social media because I don’t really understand it. It almost seems as if it is quicksand that can suck you in and drain all of your time. I am trying to figure out how to maximize my time and effort there. I really enjoy your caring and enthusiasm. Can you bottle that and send it to me?

  58. Dee LeCroy

    I want to learn more about search engines. I think that is more important for me at this point. I need more training in this area more than in on social media.

  59. Randell Jones


    I want to become an expert in both areas, However, at this time I need to become proficient at the method that will help produce the best and quickest results. From there I can expand out and take more calculated risks once I have income coming in. You tell me which is the best to get started with and that is where I would like to go first. Thanks for all your excellent input.

  60. Isaac O'Keefe

    Hey Anthony,
    In answer to your question, I would like to learn as much as I can about using the social networking platform and get a fresh perspective on the newer and innovative marketing techniques and strategies.
    I also would very much like to win one of your ePads. šŸ˜‰
    Thanks for all your hard work and training.

    – Isaac P. O’Keefe

  61. Lauren Howe

    Hi Anthony,
    I would love to hear more about your search strategies! Thank you for all you are doing!

  62. Kathy Bermingham

    Kathy Bermingham Anthony, I would like to no the simplest way of making money though the Internet. Taking care of my father doesn’t less me a lot of time. But I want so might to be able to do both at home. I do have deslexia and also comprehension problem. I am on facebook

  63. Dave

    Hi , I am learning and engaged in “success in 365 days “which is enlightening and exciting. Learning on the strategies and knowledge on how to leverage on the social media in marketing are both important topics.
    Both lead to success and in my view are complimentary to each other.
    It would be therefore important to tackle both either at the same time or separately.
    Thank You for keeping us engaged and have a nice day!

  64. Mary Spragg

    I would like to learn about search engine marketing.
    Oh, and I also signed up for your weekly VIP Marketing Tips texts.
    Thanks, Anthony

  65. Dora

    Techniques in the social media is my primary interest. I am still having difficulty with the landing page generator. Truly wish that would be one of your future topics.

  66. Tommy pumphrey

    Have my drop shipper and domain name. I need to understand both but if I have to choose one I guess it would be Social Media cause that seems to be the newest thing to me. Maybe wrong but that is what it seems.
    Tommy Pumphrey PT

  67. Cheryl H

    Hi Anthony!

    I would like to review getting free traffic, and optimizing a website, 2nd for me would be
    working on social media. I look forward to what ever happens. Thanks, Cheryl

  68. Catherine Tobler

    Would love to learn about social media as well. I have been trying to learn about affiliate marketing as well. So much to learn it boggles the brain. Thank you Cat

  69. Laurie Ortman


    Your question is you wanted feedback on do I want to learn more successful techniques for SEO Marketing or Social Media! I would love to learn more advanced techniques for SEO Marketing. I am getting ready to lauch my website “Radars Dog World” Soon and would love to know how to get the name and site out there to the public. I would also love to learn
    best techniques for sales conversion when marketing online! I attended
    your 3 day workshop, and thought it was a great 3 days and would like now to take it to a new level of learning!
    But just to let you know, I would also love to learn the most advanced and best techniques for Social Media As Well.

  70. Mark Rizzotto

    Definitely social media. Especially with social links being so important to Google. There is so much to know and understand with social media I think anything you offer in that topic would be of value. Thanks

  71. Patrick Miller

    I think social media is the way to go and I would like to find out more about how to take advantage of the spectacular growth in social media.

  72. Theo

    This is a good way to keep everyone focused and increase the level of interest

  73. Mark Ulrich

    Anthony, I was introduced to your website about six months ago. Immediately started signing up for everything that I could to learn affiliate marketing. I work 60 to 70 hrs a/wk driving semi-truck that my time to learn affiliate marketing is very limited. Plus so many emails have come in directing me to go to this or that link that I have no idea where I should be going to recieve the knowledge I need to be successful. I want to learn how to work this business so I can get out of the truck and be very successful as an online affiliate marketor. Awaiting your reply and suggestions.

  74. Dave Taylor

    i would like to learn about Social . But it would be nice if you your self Show how to place and add on facebook i got my adds kick off now that heir relieing on WOT.COM

  75. Susan Wilcox

    I prefer marketing on Social Media instead of SEO. It’s quicker, shorter, and easier to promote. SEO has been very hard for me to crack.

    Thank you.

  76. vincent Lecompte

    Hi Anthony
    Thanks for the use of this media to help me with to make money online. I working to finishing my web sith and would like help on seo to get traffic to my my site.

  77. Anton Sylvester

    I like the weekly success connections because it helps me stay connected.

  78. Dr. Mary Rodiguez

    HI Antony I would like to become an successful expert in Social Media Advertiser. have a good weekend and God bless you a nd your family too.

    Thanks for share your ideas and experiences.
    Dr. Mary

  79. Dr. Mary Rodiguez

    HI Antony I would like to become an successful expert in Social Media Advertiser. have a good weekend and God bless you and your family too.

    Thanks for share your ideas and experiences.
    Dr. Mary

  80. Judy Bame

    Thank you for your support!!!! At this point — 1 day in to the 3 day seminar — I am more interested in search engine marketing. Adrian and his team have been super. Thanks again for the opportunity to re-create my life.I

  81. Tatyana

    Thanks for the tips I don’t know yet which way is the best for me to go

  82. Serghei Gorgos

    I am very interested in your program, and of course I want to learn as much, I think I care more about the desing techniques, blog and website, how do traffic and everything about it.
    I need an ePad and much help from your

  83. shannan

    Great query!
    What helps with sales more?
    That is, in my world what info is more valuable yet harder to collect? As I am commander of neither, I ask for both, sir. Separate series?

    Thanks, as always, take care, Shannan

  84. theresa gregory

    I would like social media i think i can do alot better with that because i do know so many proplr it just gettting the companys i know will work better fpr me will not give me a chance they say i don’t have traffic
    thank you so for your trouble this has been th hardest thing for me to do.

  85. Rita R

    Utilizing social media for affiliate marketing is what I need. I don’t feel I have an established or adequate media to work with.

  86. juan l rodriguez

    I’m interested in search engines.i’m not too good at this but the more that i spent on it ,the more that i get too know the syistem. iam knew on the affiliatte program and have’nt do a penny on it ,but my hopes are realy up.i will keep digging on it.

  87. darlene mckean

    You rock. Please, teach me how to do social medial.
    God bless you.
    Have a great week.
    Best regards,

  88. Brenda Tucker Cordell

    I want to learn everything you can teach me.I want to know all you know and how to apply it. Thank You So Much for inviting me and introducing me to your video’s.I am ready to learn,I am very teachable.Thank You again Anthony

  89. Joanne Marin Phillip

    I would like to learn more about marketing and advertising (social media)

  90. Cecilia

    Hello Anthony,
    I would really like to learn more about search engine marketing. I am currently learning about the CPV domination at this time. This is excellent information.
    Thank you for all your help. I am getting there.

  91. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for giving us a choice. I would like to learn more about advertising as I need to know what works and what does not work. I plan to write for folks who advertise on the internet–social media and on web sites. Everything I learn will help me to write better copy. So think you. Beverley G.

  92. mikey mohney

    id like to learn more about both honestly. but if i had to choose . it would be SEO so my websites would get more traffic from search engines.

  93. Margie

    would like to learn more about getting traffic to site, also learn more about marketing
    Margie Hinson

  94. Shelagh Drew

    I would like to learn more about search engines. I have never been able to figure out seo. I am a slow learner, which makes it very hard for me to learn any knew systems or software.

    I am very impressed by how you and your staff are willing to do whatever they can for people like me.

    Thank you for being you.

    Remeber, do what you will but harm none.
    Shelagh Drew

  95. Karen Wilt

    I’d like to learn more about search engines, but also social networking. I don’t even do Facebook and I know nothing about Twitter. Are these necessary for this type of marketing? Also, I thought you were giving away 2 ePads? I only see one winner???

  96. Sharon

    I need to know more about leveraging social media. And I surely want to look into better your new $19. offer. I need to understand it more. Thank you, Anthony.

  97. Philippe Z. NKIER

    I would like to learn how social media and search engine so I can became a successful entrepreneur in marketing thank you Anthony

  98. Nancy Dobson

    I would like to know more about anything that you have to teach. You can never learn to much from an expert like you.
    Thank you for all you do for us.


  99. Charlie Souden

    I want to know more about search engines and search engine optimization. I got the basics from multiple sources but any little tricks and tips would be great.

  100. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    Personally I would like to know about making money through social media but I would also like to learn more about search engines and the best ways to use them.
    Thank you

  101. Doris Blakeney

    I would like to learn more about social media. I really appreciate your training and weekly success connections.

  102. Tjep Marku

    Thank you, Anthony. I am not sure what I really want to learn right now. I am pure beginner. I just started trying to be affiliate with click bank and amazon. I hope it will work as it supposed to be. I feel overloaded with information. All sound good and beneficial, but some are very advance to me.

  103. levi


    I need help with marketing. I’m finding that following business or a business
    degree can help generate confidence and drive. You give us the business.

    Thank You,

  104. Terry Newell

    Hi Anthony – I’ve been spending serious time learning about Search Engine Optimization and I’m finally putting the pieces together on that front – I think it’s starting to make some sense anyway. What I really need help understanding is Social Media – I know it’s HUGE but I just don’t get it. I try to comment and post, like/dislike, etc. but I don’t see any pattern to how it connects. I’m never sure where or what to post or comment about. Also, could you go over the email thing like with Aweber – I signed up with them but haven’t even used them yet. What are your thoughts on G+ – have been seeing it everywhere?
    thanks Terry Newell

  105. bob pascoe

    i have done a lot of work on the search engines, i would definitely like to learn about the social media, this seems to be the fastest growing area.

  106. Marcia Brown

    Good morning, Anthony! It’s 6:53 here in Kansas, and I am up and ready to get my day started with some major changes in my planning each morning to make my business work better for me. One big change will be to listen or read at least one or two of your Success Connection videos or blog articles FIRST before doing anything else EACH morning. I want to be more focused at the beginning of each day so that my whole day is started more appropriately, with the idea that by making that small change will keep the whole day focused.

    I would love to win one of those IPads! It would be a great asset to use in developing my affiliate marketing business.

    Choosing which of the two topics I’d like you to cover is not easy, as I could use some extra guidance in both. Learning strategies on how social media can help and how to handle using it to market offers is what I am leaning toward because I think it is very important to be more attuned to what my social media audience is wanting and needing, as well as how I can help them with advice and/or products. I want to learn better how to let people know I am there to help in whatever way they need me to help. (You by the way to a great job of showing that!) Social media has a potential of doing that in a big way. Also, what are some tips for increasing my audience? So my vote is the topic of social media.

    Feel free to give me the IPad! It would greatly help in my quest to make social media work better for me.

    Have a great day!

  107. Luke Pham

    Dear Anthony

    Thank you for your generosity given away more ePad. I would like to learn to be a successful Affiliate Marketing.

  108. Linda Martin

    Hello, I received two of these emails. I opened one and tryed to listen to it. There was no sound on the one email. I opened up the other email and there was sound on this one. I am hearing this presentation. Thank you.
    Have a wonderful day.

  109. William

    I would be more interested in Search Engine advertising. The least amount possible, in investment, with great response.
    William Moore

  110. matt shumann

    I would love to hear more about social media marketing. I would think it is a great free or cheap tool to use to advertise online.

  111. Manuel Bandin

    Hello Anthony, Yes I would like to learn more on affiliate marketing , especially for showcasing the information of other companies on my website and profiting for my leads. Thank You. Manuel Bandin….

  112. Mary Tibbetts

    Anthony, I want to know specifics about advertising on social media. Thank-you for your questions. Do you have any local support groups? It would be helpful to me if I knew other people in my local area that were part of your organization so we could support each other physically while sharing your help and inspiration from the internet. Please let me know. Thank-you

  113. Robin Hammond

    Very interested in learning great marketing techniques using Social Media.
    And I hope I win the EPad!!


    I want to know how to get my future site made visible and then how to put ads on it that will drive folks to my ad site(s) so I can start making money on the internet.

    No site has any value if nobody clicks on it…

    I enjoy your webnars; you do a good job!


  115. lynn schmidt

    Your engaging into actual marketing and advertising advertising and leveraging social media is more important to me. These are the most popular for me to teach me into success. this is my feedback please please RUN ME IN THE EPAD GIVEAWAY…..Ok this is lynn and still sending these to my friends and sharing the webinars ….HOPE I WIN AND MAY GOD be the Glory……ok lynn marie

  116. Rosalie Bullington

    I would like to hear some training on “search engine marketing”. Specifically how to convert clicks into sales. Thanks so much. Look forward to your weekly blog as usual!!

  117. Carolyn Rovier

    I initially ordered your books last year, however, I was overwhelmed with the internet information as I am a beginner with all of this. I lost my job last year and have not had any luck with finding good employment since. I remembered your books, blew off the dust, and have started reading and trying to get an understanding.
    I am doing all I can to watch your videos, and learn as fast as I can. I would like to learn more about how to advertise and get things started.
    My goal if this is possible, is to be financially independent, work from home, and be able to afford to do all the things I have dreamed about all my life. Can this really happen? I am willing to put as many hours into this that I need to in order to be successful as quickly as possible. I am struggling with the concepts, but staying with it. I really want to be one of your success stories.

    Thank you,

  118. Steve

    Anthony, I want to learn all that I can in both add word and social media, but you should guide me on which is most significant to learn first. I have a program from your brother for social media so I guess you should teach me more about google, PPC & other basic types.

    I need to be exposed to more focus,organization skills & motivation, but I think based on your teachings so far they are all important. For me, just keep your current pace & allow me to follow, I will chime in with specific areas I have trouble with as we go.

  119. dave wilkinson

    i would like to know more about how to generate traffic and write effective ads that will draw to a site, i am slowly getting a picture of what is internet business, there are so many aspects, to it.. dave

  120. stanley escolano

    I am still being engaged., and still studying 365, and 30 days to massive
    traffic. Between studying and launching my web sight and keywords is taking
    a toll on my eyes. For a beginner its frustrating and yet its rewarding to
    accomplish something. even though its taking me a long time to understand
    this marketing business.


  121. Cindy Moreno

    Hi Anthony! Thank you so much, as always, for your willingness to share your extensive knowledge of internet marketing with the likes of me! I would love to learn more about advertising via social media. Is there a way I can create a catchy banner for my website? If so, how do I place it on facebook and twitter pages? God bless!

  122. Doris

    I would like to learn more about social advertising. Enjoyed your video. Thanks for all that you do!

  123. David Brubaker

    Hey, I’d like to learn more about search engine marketing, specifically how to generate organic traffic.

  124. Barbara Cox

    I’d love to have an epad as I think that’s the next Social Media for local businesses. Thank you Anthony.

  125. julia mako

    I’d like to learn a little more about the search engines since I’m just getting started.

  126. Angela Longhurst

    Advertising and leveraging are important to online marketing. Social media and SEO marketing are all new to me. I want to learn both medium. Social media is more reactive and responsive. To make money you have to advertise to get exposure. I believe Social media has immediate access. I want to know more about Social media.

  127. Dana Koepsel

    Anthony I like watching and hearing every week what you are going to teach, although this week I only got part of the Success Connection, It was stuck, What did get you would like to know what we would like to learn more about Search Engines or Social Media I would prefer to hear more about Social Media, because I feel that is where marketing is head for. Thank you

  128. karen

    i know you r trying to help with all that you have available.
    when are you going to offer one on one training in our home.?
    I really could use that kind of training.
    thank you

  129. M McGinnis

    Hi šŸ™‚ Being that knowledge is always a good thing I would love to learn more of both, but having to make a choice I lean more toward wanting more info on search engine marketing. Thank you for the opportunity! M McGinnis

  130. M McGinnis

    Hi Being that knowledge is always a good thing I would love to learn more of both, but having to make a choice I lean more toward wanting more info on search engine marketing. Thank you for the opportunity! M McGinnis

  131. James Thomas

    Social Media is the way to go. I suspect it is currently the best way to advertise with the least expense. Although, smart phone advertising is going to be the wave of the future. I suspect this will even give credit and debit cards a pretty good bump.

    Thank you for everything,
    James Thomas

  132. Deb Herber

    Hi Anthony!

    I would really like to learn more information geared to the Social Media! I think it’s still virtually an untapped resource….more areas of the world are still getting on board and I think it will continue to be a valuable resource!

    For all you do….THANKS!

  133. Joseph Simpson

    There’s so much that I want to learn, and so relatively little that I as yet know, and also I trust so much in the heartfelt benevolence of your sharing, that I can only allow myself to be open to and grateful for whatever winds up coming through. Even though you never mention spiritual principles, the way you carry yourself, and the thoughtful, generous way you share, marks you as a spiritual exemplar, and I look to be guided by your example in both the realms of business and social interaction. Basically, whatever you’re teaching, I’m open for the experience. I’ll trust the wisdom of students more informed and experienced than I currently am to inform your decisions about where to move next. Thank you!

  134. Dianne

    I am not sure if being more invested in advertising and leveraging in social media marketing or search engine marketing is more beneficial to my affiliate marketing. My niche helping new moms lose their baby weight. I am knowledgeable in the philosophy of exercise and have trained for years. Your insight is greatly appreciated.

  135. Eileen Ferrer

    Hello Anthony,
    I would like to learn more about both search engines and social media advertizing. I would also like to learn about placing ads on Pinterest.

    Thank You,
    Eileen Ferrer

  136. James Waters

    Anthony, I would be interested in learning more about the social media.

  137. Crystal

    Anthony, I want to learn more about both. I want to learn all I can & not limit myself in ways to make money.

  138. Doug Foote

    I need to know more about everything! searching, traffic, the works, I’m working on it

  139. Keith Hill

    for the marketing area of which i’d like to learn more about is social media i’m more connected in social media than search engines and would help me more there to learn how to there

  140. Donnie Henry

    I want to learn more about both social media and search engines marketing. I think both are important to do.

  141. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    I would like to learn more about the social media. Thanks again for all your help. I need to learn how to attract more traffic to my ads.

  142. Jonathan

    Hi Anthony,
    In response to your request for feedback – the choice is social media. However, I am also confused with a program, not sure if it is from one of your emails or from Adrian Morrison about Social Commissions – is it the same as Social Media?
    That’s my bit – a 2nd comment form the 1st comment seeking clarification which I hope you will addresss for all firu studnt members?
    Thank you Anthon.
    From Jonathan

  143. Karl Breidenbach

    Hey Anthony just got done with the three day class in ohio. Fantastic. Adrian and his crew were great I am on board 100%. Looking forward to working with you and showing your brother how to wake board. I think that, no I know that your program is going to change my life thank you for all of your hard work that you and Adrian have done to make it easier for us to get things done.

  144. PhyllisTaylor

    I would like to learn more about social media. Thank you for all the valuable information you give every week.

  145. Rosie Nix

    Anthony thank you for this email, I would like to learn about both the search engine and social media ads.

  146. Glenn ROBERTSON

    well some body got an new epad.anthony what would like to learn some of both,affillit markiting and serch engines,and place adds.thank you glenn in grayling mi…….

  147. Me


    Personally I would like to learn both! However, if I have to choose then I would say learning about search engines first! I hope this helps!

    Thanks for all the information that you do give out and helping us to stay motivated.

  148. Loyce McVay

    I want to learn more about Social Media! I need all the tips/hints I can get.

  149. Oronde Robinson

    Iā€™m excited about the possibility to win an epad. Learning how to use social media to market effectively is what is most important for me to learn. I can wait to learn new marketing techniques how to harness the power of social media.

  150. Curtis Hull

    I would like more info on Social Media. I really believe it is the future

  151. Ed Styuart

    Would love to see/learn more on how to market with social media and be successful at it!

  152. Lee cheng

    Hello! Anthony, I would like to learn something that can help me to generate just some extra incomes to support my parents, because right now I am in the deep trouble. I have worked so hard for the last 10 years for money, but everything is gone even my own family. I have nothing else left, but Mom and Dad. Please guide me through this storm. thanks

  153. Mark Arthur

    I believe that the Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest mysteries & one of the most important forces in driving traffic to achieve success in affiliate marketing. I am, however, finding that Adrian’s Social Commissions has opened up new avenues as far as online marketing goes. At least for me.
    Thanks for all the information, there’s no such thing as too much knowledge.

  154. William H Russell

    Anthony, Thank you for your systems and teachings. I need both your systems but I have been learning to pick one system and get good at it and then move on to another method of building an income source. I am still learning the Affiliate Marketing and have learned a great deal about that system. I need to learn more about it and then move on to other areas that you offer.

  155. Christian Moreno

    i would like to know more about how to generate traffic and write effective ads that will draw to a site, i am slowly getting a picture of what is internet business, there are so many aspects!! Everything u teach has been of great help!!!! Thanks u Anthony!!!

  156. Verdell Harris

    I would love to learn morn about social media and how it can help my business grow.

  157. Corinne

    I know almost nothing about search engine marketing then it would be my interest now.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  158. Judith McNett

    HI Anthony,

    I would be more interested in social media at this time. Thanks for the opportunity to provide comments!

    Judy McNett

  159. Ed Ware

    Hi Anthony

    I need to know more about Social Media, my granddaughters run circles around me when it comes to programs like Facebook and Pinterest. The are always using pictures and videos for each little thing they are interested in. I need to know how to set up a Fan page so I can use it in my business.

    Thanks.. Ed Ware


    Hi Anthony:

    I would like info on search engine marketing, thanks.

  161. Chris

    Hi Anthony,
    I am interested in both search engines (Free) and I would like to learn how to draw traffic by the thousands easily and free preferably.

  162. Sandy Turley

    hey Anthony, I guess I really would like to know more how to generate leads with social media. But seo stuff would be cool too. And a epad would be really cool šŸ™‚

  163. Aprill Brown

    Hi Anthony,
    I too would like to learn about both social media and search engine marketing..thank you

  164. marty devault

    anthany i really am happy to be part of your marketing skills i think you have to know ever corner of know how so thank you for teaching everone skills

  165. Erica Folk

    I am most interested in learning about social network marketing. I am looking for some success with affiliate marketing and would like to stretch my reach.

  166. Mohsen

    I would like to know more about how to generate traffic
    I would like to learn more about both search engines and social media advertizing.
    Thank you,I

  167. Robert

    Hey Anthony,

    Your generosity and educating others what they need most is amazing, Thank You for that! It would be Social Media Marketing for me as it has been the ‘Order Of The Day’ ever since the birth of FaceBook and now with the rising trend of Pinterest… WOW!

    Cheers šŸ™‚

  168. Delaney

    God bless you for always keeping in touch with us all, Anthony. Techniques and strategies for search engine marketing (SEO, especially) is appealing to me as one develops their business. ROI is an aspect many of us probably need to understand more. Also, advertising and leveraging social media networking will further educate us to generate exposure. Glad you and your family are involved in charity events. As a teacher, my heart goes out to the burn victim kids. Looking forward to increasing my income to be able to give to charities as well. Peace, Anne

  169. Norma Garcia

    Hello Anthony, You have a good heart cause you give away money and ePad`s. That shows the great person you are. What I need help in is copy and paste ads. Thank you, NG

  170. Omar

    My interest is in reaching the most amount of people with my advertisement. At this time I do not have any experience but learning to use both i thing will give you a better success.

  171. Summer Keen

    Hi Anthony! I have to go with the Search Engine Marketing first. Still a newbie, but definitely learning!! Toodles

  172. Berkeley Cooley

    Hi Anthony, it’s search engine, not social media that would be most helpful, and thank you! berk

  173. Connie Craig

    Both search engine and social media. Do I really have to decide? Hard to choose.

  174. Muriel


    My vote would be search engine first and then social media. I need to learn how to navigate around the computer faster than I currently do.

    Thanks for all the helpful tips, training and keeping “us” motivated

  175. Muriel

    Anthony – I’ve responded to this already but the choice is the same.
    Search Engine! I need help getting around the internet faster.

    Thank you again!

  176. Carmen Euell

    I would like to learn more about social media marketing and traffic generation.

  177. Richard Merriam

    Hey Anthony,

    I’m more interested in Search Engine affiliate marketing training.

  178. MARK

    This might be a duplicate, because I thought I responded to this already, but I am not seeing my comment. Social media is the big thing, especially with the importance that Google is putting on it now. Anyhting you have to share on Social media would be helpful. Thanks

  179. Jennifer Le

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for reply to my email. I’m interested in knowing/learning more about Social Media. Due to my 3-days training this weekend from your team. Thanks, Jennifer Le.

  180. Josette

    Dear Anthony,

    I need to learn both techniques, but I am going to let you decide what is best to learn first.

    I thank you,


  181. Don

    Hello Anthony, I have a golf school that I am starting and I am not sure if SEO or social media is best for my market. I am very new to IM and my budget is very small. I get info that says social media is the way to go. I have been on your list for about 2 years so head me in the right direction.

  182. Carol Kemp

    I am just now having the free time to learn. I would like to know more about developing an ad using social media. I was lost on how to best write an ad.

  183. Darlena Hay

    I would like to know the secrets of building an email list. I have a FB page, Twitter acct, Blog & Pinterest. Lots of followers but can’t get anyone to sign up for my Newsletter.

  184. Maude Kovarik

    Thanks Anthony for inviting me to be a part of your training. I want to know more about the social media marketing.
    Have a great day. Maude

  185. Elizabeth Champion

    Anthony, I would like to learn more about Social Media. Thanks.

  186. Sally Miksch

    Hi Anthony,
    More information for social media saturation would be great. Thank you for your advice and guidance. Looking forward to new knowledge.
    Sally and Bill Miksch

  187. Don Johnson

    When will you come to UTAH? I would really benefit from learning more about Social Media and how it works , have a hard time understanding.

  188. Marie Gertz

    I want to learn more on social media! I am trying to learn pinterest. That would help me. I have Facebook and Twitter. I just sign into pinterest and got your email on it but I am an older lady and can’t for some reason can’t get the hang of pinning. Thank you so much for what you have taught me so far.

  189. Sharon Robinson

    Hi Anthony,
    For me, Utilizing Social Media would be a great way to learn, so that I may market my affiliate business more.
    Thank you for all of the learning opportunities you are sharing with us.
    Sharon Robinson

  190. anthony sebastian

    i am new at this type of bussines but do have some experience in sicial marketing . i know very little about search engine marketing ,and would be very interested in learnig more . and thank you for al of the training .

  191. David Larkins

    I would like to lear about both but there is so much information that I find it difficult to grasp it. I must slow down and take it in one step at atime.

    Thanks for the training

    Dave Larkins

  192. Bruce

    A coin has two sides, lets mark them side (A) & (B). Now lets pick something like “The in’s & outs of clickbank”, (A). Then on side (B) SEO. Flipping the coin can only result in one pick, much like spending your hard earned dollar and picking the weekly winning numbers in your local lottery. My point here is , winning the lottery is much like trying to get a good ROI on anything you can figure out on “internet marketing” as a whole. Becareful of the internet, don’t rely to heaviely on it. As Anthony has quoted from time to time: This is not a get rich quick scheme. Good luck to all in the Internet World. God Bless. Have a great internet marketing week.

  193. Danny Finkley

    Hello Anthony,
    I would like to learn more about both search engines and social media advertising. I would also like to learn about placing ads on Pinterest.

  194. herbert

    hey u and your bro i just love your motovation and thanks to u guys i’m getting some help (pmi) thank u for staying on top of and rest of the whole you’ll doing u guys are the only ones who are really doing something with this its kool,

  195. Shirley G-K

    Hey Anthony,
    My vote is for Social Media. I would like to learn what kinds of ads/offers do best with each social media vehicle. For example, would an online gaming offer do better on Facebook or Plenty of Fish? It would also be helpful if you could provide us with information about when to pause, edit, etc a campaign. For example, while monitoring a running campaign how many clicks without a conversion should we tolerate before taking some kind of action? A new student would not have the data you already have to make crucial decisions regarding their ad campaigns. Please forgive me if you have already covered this information. I joined your program in June 2012.

    Thanks, Shirley

  196. Domer Kilgore

    With Facebok raising their PPC rates it may not be as profitbale as in the past but .. . you never know what will happen. Getting lots of traffic means more buyers. I’m working on a new project that will help every one who wants a program that people will want and the best part is once it is released every one will want to grab it. More about it later!
    Domer K

  197. Connie Johnson-Kline

    Dear Anthony, I am completely overwhelmed by everything. I am ptting up a website with PMI to sell bedding (almost finished) and mu coach Davin Perkins was awesome. I want to do affiliate marketing aqnd I really need to make money as my husband just died and I lost his income. Any help would be appreciaated. Thank you. Connie

  198. Brian Aldrich

    I would be more interested in Search Engine advertising. The least amount investment with the greatest response is my goal.
    Thank you.

  199. Sam Janssen

    Social media would be very beneficial. And an epad, though great tool would be very beneficial if preloaded with training sessions. Hint, hint.

  200. Kristina Mitchell

    Thanks for the info trying to learn everything and keep up. Thanks again.

  201. Linda LaCorte

    I’m interested in the Social Media marketing is more important to me. I am just getting started and finding it difficult getting started. Need lots of help.



  202. David Wilkinson

    I would like to learn more about success with the social media. I listen to you talking about this ,but i am not sure if i understand how it works or how to use it to profit. Thank you

  203. Cindy Burton

    Dear Anthony:
    I want to learn about everything I can using this program. When I get hooked up a little better. I would like to know about both the Social Media and the Search Engine.

  204. arthur

    Hi Anthony, your tools are helpful, but i was wonderin if you had something that would show you how to find what products sell best, and getting traffic to my website with little or no money!

  205. jessie

    Send me a trainer to teach me how to have a passive income of $1,000 a week. I pad would be nice to for my partner she keeps bugging me to to buy
    one for her.

  206. Diana Gamble

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m more interested in search engines right now, then I want to learn more about social media.

    Thank you.

  207. CJ

    Hi Anthony:

    I’m greedy :). I’d love to know more about Social Media but also Search Engine Marketing. Hard to choose since I think both complement each other.

    Thank You

  208. Mikael larsson

    Hello Anthony!!!
    this is my first comment on your stuff and training program…
    I have followed you sins beginning of this training..
    my card is cut of, so i have to do the free way.. very much work…
    lots of searching in the web… most of the time is 16 hour days..
    if you know what i mean…… off course you know….
    so, it has bean pleasure to follow your success.. soon for me…..
    Thanks…..i have enjoyed your motivation speeches… keeps me going…

    Thank again!

  209. richer morin

    i don’t want a epad, i just want from you learn me how make money in the right way without guru’s things.I’m beliving in you! your website looks awesome, i’m sure your the right person who he could help me to make that possible thanks again

  210. Serghei Gorgos

    Anthony, I whant to learn more about social media, and thenk you for your opportunity to study.

  211. Neta Schmidt

    Dear Antyony We would like to learn everything that we can my husband and I think that the more we learn the better we can be in doing things

  212. Patricia Stenger

    I will see you at the convention tomorrow and am looking forward to see what is in store for the future.


  213. William Shay

    Anthony, e to know more about search engine marketing. It seems that you can never know too much. Have a blessed day

  214. Catherine

    I would like to begin accessing through several read that the search engines. I have read that the social media sites are not that successful, although I think pinterest may be different.

  215. Shelley

    I vote for social media. Google is constantly changing their algorithm and it drives me nuts trying to keep up. Thanks!

  216. Zachariah Dais

    Anthony: I wold like to learn more about successfully using social media and placing ads in order to make lots of money quickly. Presently, times are tough for many people, including myself, therefore, I need to learn how to become very financially successful using the internet.

  217. Shaun Gillis

    Anthony I would really love to learn more about both but Social Media seems to be the highest growing internet asset right now so it is my main focus at the moment.

  218. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    I would like to learn more details about marketing strategy. I am thinking: I will use a website that allows me to add my own advertising banners on it to originate offers on one URL and hyper link the Landing Page off each offer so that the credit to me is kept track of by the Affiliate Management such as Wolfstorm Media, and I will also be able to capture emails. Will this work or will something stop this from working well? These are the kind of questions I would like answered. These are things that will take weeks for me to find the answers to on my own by simply trying it. I am with you:)

  219. Linda Everett

    I would like to learn more about social media since right now this is an exploding market and I feel behind the times.

  220. Isaiah "Kallen" Diggs

    I would be more interested in learning about social media marketing. I could definitely use an ePad.

  221. Angie Woody

    I am excited to get started and welcome any and all advice and instruction.
    Thank You,
    Angie Woody

  222. Kathleen bajo

    Search interest me most. How do you know what is most popular to work with and stay focused on? Thank you
    For all the awesome information.

  223. Nola Latu

    Anthony, I’m very interested in learning more about this social media advertising which I don’t know much about. Thanks.

  224. Dicksie Daugherty

    Hello Anthony I would like to learn about search engine and social media both.

  225. Bobbie Smith

    I want to learn more about Social Media. Thanks for sharing Many Blessings

  226. Ron Musselman

    Thanks for your help, Anthony. I’d like more on social media advertising.

  227. ernest slomba

    Would love to learn more with Social Media. The plenty of fish training is great!!!

  228. Thomas Carr

    Would be interested in the fastest way to make money. Social media using
    ‘Plenty of fish’ is good to start- as I went to that website the other day. Ill be signing up with you between now and the 15th. Thomas

  229. ozzie R

    Iwould love to be a Suscessful in Marketing like U or your Brother.I am a 4th level studient.

  230. Bill Naff

    I think the basics for SEO and the related Marketing and Advertising Techniques are a solid foundation to build on. A realization of effective advertising with minimal cost seems to be the most direct and controlable route to go down to target the proper audience for a Website or Product.

  231. Susan Cooper

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like to learn more about social networking, including anonymous social networking without breaking any rules.

    Thanks for all you do!


  232. Mike Finn

    I’m interested in both, but would prefer social media over SE marketingh. Thanks!

  233. Barbara

    I would like to learn about them both. social marketing and search engine marketing.

  234. Beverly Cordle

    I want to learn any and all things you can teach me. I can’t believe all I’ve learned in the last week. I have no money but I have ears and eyes and I am amazed at all you are willing to let me learn just using those two things I already have. Thank you so much! Beverly Cordle I would love to be the next winner!!

  235. Eileen Harvey

    For the most part search engine is most important to me. Especially search engine optimization. This can be a little tricky and my downfall when it comes to getting traffic to a website.

  236. Sharon Payne


  237. Mofe Adekunle

    Hi Anthony, I would like to learn more about the search engine connection. I believe it will be a great tool for my next level.

  238. robert lemler

    thanks for all of your support anthony. i would like to learn more about
    seo and advertising.
    thanks !!!

  239. Janice Thrift

    Wonderful you got it. I am doing email ads. I work at a Hotel so I get new email address all the time. I have just so a little time each day and copy past send is what I’m workin on and when I get enough followers on twitter I will do that to. Thats why I would like emai training because you can check email when you have time, I am not a big internet user just when I get to it I know people who quit their jobs and just talk on fase beek all the time, I’m not one who can ever do that. but I do check my email and if there is something good I really want to see I save it so when I have time I can see it. So email training would be perfect

  240. elaine kitty clark

    Anthony, I would love to learn more about internet marketing and what goes with it. I am not computer savvy and need help

  241. Sharon N

    Right now I would like some education on search engines. I have received quite a bit of information on the social medias in the workshops.

  242. Sandy Lake

    I would be interested in both but probably seach engine is where I need the most help. And I need help!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. David Earl

    Hello Anthony
    Simply, I would like more info on the search engines right now, I’m still ironing out some trademark and copywrite gliches and terms and conditions. Soon I’ll be putting this into motion,( next day or two),Once I see the traffic patterns I’ll attack the social media. You and Adrian have been agreat help! Thank You!

  244. kyra

    I would like to learn more about social media advertisement and marketing. How to start up a successful internet business?

  245. Ed

    I am more interested in learning more about SEM , I really would like to find some tips and tricks to drive some good free or cheap traffic to my landing pages or websites.. Thanks Anthony

  246. Larry E. Musson

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like to learn more about search engine and how to advertise to sell more products on the internet.

  247. Patricia Powell

    I am interested in social media and using search engines.


  248. Anthony Fedora

    Anthony, I want to learn ALL I can about social media marketing! It seems to be the next-BIG-thing, so I want to get in on it before it gets away from me.


  249. Dicia Ingalls

    Hey Anthony,

    To honest I need both. So I feel you should start the Social Media training this next week and the search engine training the following week…
    Thanks for caring.

    Kindly, Dicia

  250. Diane

    I am a newbie just going through the homework to learn Affiliate Mkt. I would eventually need to familiarize myself with both.

  251. Gerard Paul Granville

    Search Engine Marketing/Optimization and Traffic are of the utmost importance at this time in the training that I am already receiving from you’re coaches. It appears to be pivotal toward my making money on the internet any time soon. Thank you Anthony.

  252. Don Whitledge

    You follow up with your people better than any other company
    thank you for all you do

  253. Chad Norman

    I vote social media, that search engine stuff gets old quick! I say do social media because that’s more popular now! Thanks

  254. Pamela Fike

    I appreciate all you are doing and have done. I’m learning about Affiliate Marketing and will succeed! soon! Epad would be of great help right now.

  255. Sue

    Please, more about social media and no-cost ads that can generate income šŸ™‚

  256. Mark Allen

    Anthony, I’m just getting started and would like information on social media marketing. thank you.

  257. Edgar Robinson

    Hi Anthoney, I appreciate all that you do. I’m new at the game. Let’s start with the social media & search engine.

  258. Tom Bromann


    Great topic to discuss…!

    I’m probably more inclined to go with increased SEO Marketing.
    Only because I believe that SEO is probably going to reach more persons searching for their specific solutions then the Social Media types.

    Of course I’m not opposed to hearing the advantages of both.
    I like “working smarter, not harder”, so I’m looking to get to the largest audience I can get.

  259. Ray J. Goss

    I would have to agree with Frank, Matt, Dannie, etc. in that I would like to learn more about the social media. I truly feel that this is a market that I want to target but could definitely use your help. Thank you for all you do Anthony.

  260. Duncan Wales

    I’m just entering into the world of social media and trying to learn all can, so my focus is in that direction right now. . . Social Media is my vote.

  261. Sharon Robinson

    I would love to learn more on Social Media at this time.
    Thank you for all of your teachings so I may succeed.
    Sharon Robinson

  262. Ramiro

    Although both would be very useful, I have already learned a lot about social media marketing. I would like to know more about search engine marketing since so much is changing constantly in that area. I think I got the ads down when it comes to facebook and other social media websites. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. Thanks Anthony!

  263. Tracy

    Hi Anthony, I would love to get information on search engines ,internet marking and more. Im in the dark lets say . LOL

  264. Obasi Kitambi

    I would like to learn both Search Engine and Social Media marketing. I would like to engage the widest potential number of clients possible and I am interested in utilizing various means of gaining maximum exposure. An e-Book will certainly assist in organization as it relates to keeping an eye on my products, projects, and progress.


  265. Alfie Evans

    Thank you Anthony for the choice, however I am interested in both affiliate marketing and social media.

  266. Steve Gunter

    I just wish for someone to give me a break, I am on a low income and jsut want to get started I would love just to make a pound online. Plkease help Anthony thanks

  267. Samuel Fiji

    Anthony, I would like to learn more about affiliate marketing and advertising with the use of search engines and social media. Thank you and more power to you.

  268. Philippe Z. NKIER

    I am very interested in learning search engine marketing and social media advertizing thank you Anthony

  269. Robert Cardwell

    I think that search engne marketing will be my choice, but there again both are very important. You’re the teacher and I am the student.

  270. Melody

    Hi, I would like to learn more about social media. It seems to e what everyone is interested in right now. Thanks for your help !

  271. Melissa Aragon

    I want to thank you for helping all of us succeed, first of all. Second, I think as I have yet to find my particular ‘nitch’ I would like to learn both. I have “almost” found my AHA! place, and I am sure with your continued guidance, I will find it sooner rather than later. I look forward to more trainings. Signed… “The Sponge”

  272. Starmist

    Learning about Pinterest, Facebook, Plenty of Fish, any social media that we can advertise to the masses and make money would be great! Thanks for your time Anthony.

  273. maria stela pereira

    I would like to learn more on search engine marketing first.

    Thank You,

  274. Michele McKinney

    Hello again Anthony! I hope this email reaches you in the best of spirits. Now, onto the real reason for my email. I need a lot of help with things as far as where do I find the people I need as far as customers to sell too? How do I find leads I guess Ida’s the question. Once I do that I think everything else will fall into place. All I can do is pray…lol. šŸ™‚ Michele

  275. Yvonne Burns

    I would be interested in learning more on search engine marketing. thanks

  276. Cytnhia Chisum

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like to learn to learn successful email marketing and the customs and curtsies of the internet. You have been great to as usual. I look forward to see what happens next.

    Thank you and Best Wishes

    Cynthia A. Chisum

  277. Elizabeth Holiday

    Thank you! I really enjoy the blogs they help to keep me connected.

  278. David Laurel

    I would like to learn more about social networking advertisements . I believe that is a really exciting opportunity to reach millions.

  279. Bill Richardson

    I want to learn more about social media market. It’s something everyone is on and or going to ad it’s only getting bigger, so the more I know and learn the better I can be.

  280. Ranger Phillip

    Hi Anthony,

    I appreciate the freebies as incentives. For the next 6 weeks I’m concentrating on learning social media marketing, specifically Adrian’s POF marketing through his Social Commissions programs. I want to make mone with this method this month & this year.

    But in the long run I want to learn how to master SEO using landing pages, squeezes pages, a blog website, and AWeber. This is my long term money making strategy.

    I have attended 3 of your Level #1 trainings this year with PMI. This last one this past weekend was the very best. Joe Hupp is always great and Nolan Hill was great also and had some very nice things to say about you & Adrian.

    Rome was not built in a day & I don’t expect to be making fantastic $$ this year or maybe not even next. But I am willing to work for it and little by little the training is sinking in and helping. I appreciate so much that I can do it as your level #3 mentoring student.



  281. tammie wrignt

    Anthony, i would be interested in learning the search engine marketing 1st. Then the social media. I would then know that i would continue to learn your sucess training system. Thanks

  282. Mary Beth

    I believe both options are valuable! Hard to pick just one. Maybe start with one then alternate with the other? BTW I want to learn more about pintrest…I did learn I needed an “invite” Is there anyone who would possibly share one with me? Thank you & God Bless Success Connection 121

  283. Barbara moore

    Iwould love to learn about social media and engine marketing and learn how to post a blog and i want to thank you again Anthony

  284. Ken B.

    I would be interested in learning more of each one. Social Media and Search Engine marketing are crucial to be successful at earning money via the internet.

  285. Dianne Decker

    Hi Anthony, I would like to learn how to be successful using the social media.
    Thanks for the help you have provided so far.

  286. Robert Franke

    I would be more interested in search engine, I have not done anything it that area. Also better information about social would be a help. Have only touched on POF so far. My daughter and I have been doing mostly CPV Marketing for a little over 3 months. We were able to claim the tuition refund thanks to the mentoring program in Mississippi, with Ryan, and the coaching program with Nate.


  287. .Ashton

    I would like to learn all about e-mail marketing, of course social media is great but for a starter e-mail marketing is my choice.

  288. Ben Benson

    I think that I could benefit more from ‘search engine advertising/marketing’. Of course, I know little to nothing about the others. So, really any of them will be great to learn. Thanks mucho!!!!

  289. steven kilmnick

    Thank you for your generosity given away more ePad. I would like to learn to be a successful Affiliate Marketing.

  290. Joyce Knake

    I would like to know more about affiliate marketing. Step by step. I know that’s a big order but us newbies don’t always have a clue on how to “do things” like linking and getting backlinks and where to copy and paste etc.

  291. Tabatha Barclay

    I am a newbie so anything you teach will be good. If I have to choose one though, I would like to start with search engine marketing. I am looking forward to the 3-day training conference this weekend. Thank you for all you do!

  292. Matthew Royce

    Hello,I would like more information about SEO,I have learned throughout my first year how to build a structured website,social media is great,however my website is not professional enough to make a great impression to people with social media,most of all`how does some-one from out of nowhere affiliate todays #1 selling products without a great website….so …

  293. Marc Montaniel

    I definitely want to learn and possibly master the art of internet marketing using the search engine. There’s a lot of challenges in determining which keyword(s) will be profitable for the products that I will be promoting. The element of keyword spying really intrigues me as I enjoy detective work in figuring out what keywords my potential and actual competitors use to increase their conversion rates. Moreover, with the coming of mobile marketing, I can foresee that the search engine marketing will be more fast paced and will create a lot of profitable niches.

  294. Pamela Case

    Anthony, I just finished a 3 day workshop with Adrian. What a wealth of information! You guys are amazing with what you are willing to share. I would like to know more about social media and what words work.

  295. orlando bris

    I would be more interest to learn about how to generate traffic and social media

  296. Arvella Kunz

    Search Engine information please. All of the information you get us learning is great…So much to learn!! Thanks for all you do for us!

  297. diana mcevoy

    I would like more insight on good advertising marketing i have a site and i advertise for variouse co. thru
    and clickbank. but not makeing no money thru commission. what am i doing wrong;
    sincerly Diana Mc

  298. Mike

    I would love to be as proficient as you and your brother and be able to incorporate successfull affiliate marketing with the new world of social media. I appreciate and thank you for your desire to help others who want to start our online biz from home. Have you included that tool for twitter on the cpv system you mentioned on a previous video yet ? Waiting for it.

  299. Donna Lagoda

    Thanks for ALL your training, but right now I am trying to learn more about social media. Yes, I am taking baby steps.

  300. cherlyn davenport

    You got my attention with that IPad offer. I sure would love to recieve one.I am interested in social media and would highly value a mentorship under you.
    I viewed your video and I am sending this response in hopes of a connection with your upcoming agenda in this concern; it would be my benefit to become involved.
    [email protected]


    I would like to learn both search engine marketng and social media marketing

  302. Cynthia Murray

    I would like to know about search engine. Besides I’m still trying to finish my homework from the 3 days workshop. I’m so overwhelmed with all of this my website still on test mode with PMI. Also half way through their lessons. My knowledge of these new electronics is slim to none. Plus I don’t know how to share and haven’t opened an account with tweeter yet.

  303. Lisa Blackford


    I want to learn about social media. Since I do not use it that much, I feel by learning about how to use it will make me use it more for other areas of my life. My family all uses it. If I learned more about social media, it would be a win-win for me. I would be able to benefit in two areas which would be personal and business.

    Of course, anything you teach is very beneficial. No matter what you teach, I always want to learn more

  304. Thomas Owen

    Although I’m interested in both, Social Media currently seems to be of greater concern.

  305. Sheila Scott

    Social networking is the next frontier for all of us. I want to learn more useful techniques.

  306. Carol H

    I would like more information on affiliate marketing especially in the social media.

  307. Fred Jordan

    Teaching is the key. Once you start teaching about advertising, one strategy, you will eventually cover all your marketing strategy

  308. Del

    Thank you Anthony for your sharing your expertise – I would certainly be interested in learning more about SEO

  309. Robert Royce

    I would like to hear more about social media marketing. I would think it is a great free or cheap tool to use to advertise online. I have s arted Twitter Facebook Linked.

  310. Tommy pumphrey

    Anthony, I just got a drop shipper and domain name, Website is being built in the next couple of weeks. Really want to know about SOCIAL MEDIA. Please~~~~
    Tommy Pumphrey PT, Owner Eliska Concepts, LLC

  311. Forence Holmes

    I am interested in both search engine and socia media advertising. Right now since I am just beginning which ever one is the cheapest would be my first choice. Thanks for you help!

  312. Mark Miser

    Hi Anthony,

    I want to learn about everything! I am obsessed with learning and obtaining massive knowledge to be successful. I started you Fast Cash Commissions program back in January of 2012. And am taking both your training programs, the one through PMI and your Success with Anthony. Since i started this endeavor i have obtained so much knowledge it is almost overwhelming. However, i know that what i have learned is minute compared to what knowledge i still need to obtain to become truly successful in this field. I currently have 8 sites up and running, 4 blog sites and 4 squeeze pages. I have been focusing on the email and social profits courses in the success with Anthony training course. Now i need to generate some massive traffic to my sites. So i want to thank you for all the knowledge that you’ve provided me with in the past and all that you will continue to provide me with in the future it has provided me with the will and drive to be a better person.

    Thanks so much!

    Mark Miser
    MEM Enterprises

  313. JeandieuseulAbellard

    Hi Anthony,to be frank with you then I want to learn all busisnesses matter
    about Success connection.In fact that, can you please start with me in so-
    cial media.Thank you.

  314. Willis

    Thank for giving me the opprotunity to be sucessful like yourself.
    I would like to learn more about search engine program

    Thanks again for the opprotunity.

  315. Melody

    Hi Anthony, I would like to learn more about both search engine & social media advertising. I think both of them would be very useful & successful. Melody.

  316. walter Thompson

    at this point i would like to know about search engine marking thank you

  317. Shirley Kincaid-Wagner

    I am interested in search engine traffic at this time. Thanks!

  318. Fernando Inigo

    I would love to learn more about social media.

    And Always
    Aloha and Mahalo

  319. AnnMatthew

    I am interested in finding out where pinterest fits and works best to
    the most success. Does it work equally well in both areas? I need
    More information to answer the question accurately.
    I LIKE THE IDEA of social Network advertising, but I may not know enough to answer this question yet. I would like to know about both of them. It is fascinating that search engine versus social network is the split. Is there another grouping within the search engine, or several of them ?!
    Thanks ANN There is so much I WANT to learn and then succeed.

  320. Yvonne Walker

    I would like to know more about both of them. I am having a very hard time trying to wrap my head around all of this because there are so many places to go for information that it becomes very overwhelming.

  321. Lisa Brown

    Advertising and Leveraging Social Media would be my top one to learn first, even though I would love to learn both more in detail.

  322. carol

    I am interested in both. I have just started getting my website up. Not finished with it yet but hope to have it completed by the end of this month. Also interested in how to get email address up without costing a lot of money and the emails are not out of date emails.

  323. Judy Tatum

    I would like to learn about search engine marketing…thank you for your help.

  324. Robin Haynes

    I have an ecommerce website, a blog and I had an affiliate website but it was hacked and was shut down. I have been trying to accomplish a good standing in the searh engines since the last Google update but it is a slow process because I work a full time job. I definitely could use some tips and encouragement as I do not want to give up any of my websites and would love the benefits of extra money. Thanks Anthony!

  325. Maria Morris

    Hi Anothony, I love hearing the stories of your success because it keeps me inspired to keep moving foward. Stories that come from real people, I believe, makes our success more of a reality. Thank You again, and thank you for another opportunity to receive a gift from our personal coach.

    God bless you,
    Maria Morris

  326. Don Crossland

    Adrian taught me a lot about Social Media, so now I would like to know more about search engine advertising and also how to make money through email marketing without spamming folks.

  327. Cheri

    I would like to learn about both search engine & social media. I’m having trouble understanding all this.
    Thank you,
    Cheri Walker

  328. Denis

    Hi Anthony

    Congrats on all the great success you’ve been having. I know you came from the school of hard knocks so I really can appreciate what your trying to and have accomplished so far.

    I’m interested in all forms of communication via the net. I’ve been a songwriter for many years. The internet really does give many recording artists a somewhat level playing field when it comes to getting your music out there.

  329. Angelyne Glenn

    I am loving the support!! I am interested in learning the search engine marketing because that wasn’t covered fully at the workshop I attended.

  330. Elise Agard


    I would be interested in learning more about advertising and Social Media as well as Search Engine Optimization.



  331. Teresita Buchholz

    I’m still holding out for a chance to finish the website. Got really sick these past few months, and am far behind on my work towards completion of website. (Came down with congestive heart failure, am under a cardiologist’s care, and lost 50 lbs, 20 of them in two successive weeks.) Currently working on getting my mother’s fabulous recipe for Brandypot Fruitcakes (beat out Harry and David’s in a gourmet panel taste test). My daughter is working on completing the Facebook page for the cakes. This is not the product to be in the website I’m trying to build.

    Thank you for being a great teacher!!

  332. bobbi j blough

    Hello Anthony
    I am doing your course from PMI and want to do affilate marketing and have started and i have and ad on 7search and there is so much to larn and is is just over weleming please feal free to check my progress with PMI and give me some idea

    Thanks Bobbie
    [email protected]

  333. Jeffrey Williams

    I would to learn more about seach engine optimization advertizing me and my brother are both trying to start in the affliated marketing industry. Your books were a great start it u could show us visually it would be a great start.

  334. John

    Thank for your hard work, Anthony. I’ve kind of been stuck for three weeks with the different programs I have. Both subjects sound great, but social media is another medium I am completely ignorant in. I feel like a little kid who needs to be led by the hand, and a mentally handicapped child at that. Keep up the good work, and I’ll catch on, and up with you down the line. Blessings my friend.

  335. Simon Clegg

    I’d be interested in learning how to profit from Search Engine marketing as I’m currently studying Social Media marketing… :o)

  336. Michael Rossano

    I am currently unemployed due to ongoing health issues and would Love to Learn All that I could to provide for my family.
    Thank You, and GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

  337. Cynthia Boykin

    Anthony you’re awesome! I am loving the INCOMEEDU site! I’m totally new with lots to learn! Also your 365 DAYS TO SUCCESS workbook is a must have for any newbie! To get started with low cost, I am totally interested in all the SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING you can share! BLESS YOU!

  338. Robert

    Either is fine with me. But if I just HAD to choose, I think I would go with social media. I see this venue expanding and becoming very competitive. Yahoo has already announced plans to develop or acquire to continue to be a game player.

  339. Jerry Gray

    I am new to this whole idea of your knowledge and expertise. Having watched several of your videos, I believe I would prefer to have additional information on ‘search engines’. To me this seems the most lucrative investment of my time at this point.

    Thank you for your interest in my needs,
    Jerry Gray

  340. Geraldine

    Anthony, I would like to learn more about Search Engine Marketing. Thanks for all the information that you have made available to us.

  341. kian

    I am so excieted to start toknow about both divices Ineed chenge and i am open to get education and making money on line! Thank you to anthony. you brought this it for every qne.

  342. Helberts Tambley

    Search engine is my preference to be more productive in IM

    I hope to be the winner


  343. Linda Martin

    Hello Anthony,

    I listened to this presentation and I would like to learn more about social media. Thank you for all your enlightening information. Have a great day.

  344. Stuart Lee

    Hey Anthony,

    I would love to learn how to generate more traffic to my website and affiliate links and how to leverage this more with my social media accounts.

    Cheers stueydude

  345. Randy Wright

    I would like to learn more about social media mainly, but with occasional refresher courses or lessons on SEO just so that I can stay up to speed on both.

  346. Neil

    SEO please Anthony. Shame I missed last week I really need someone giving me a kick up the backside to keep me going and on track. I really need focus.

  347. Connie Jones

    Hey Anthony,
    Thanks for the emails to help me get an edge on things. I was taking it slow and trying to learn everything you had to say, but since I got the program I have lost my job, so I need to learn the fastest program you have to start making money.
    Thanks again,

  348. Edward Ciliberti

    Social Media is my interests, since this would also apply towards my real estate company, Bayside Properties Of The Monterey Peninsula.
    All the best
    Ed Ciliberti

  349. Teo Coach del Bienestar

    Yuhu! Social Media all the way! Im a pro at SEO SEM and think also that an audience or parade is much more important than ranking hight!!!! Social media well driven can take to the stars…. No doubt about it.

    Those COBIs sell in argentina for 300 USD. Id like one .. šŸ™‚
    cheer and thanks

  350. michael shuttlesworth

    I would love to learn more about how to get my website/blog seen on google, yahoo, etc. I am a writer and just really learning about online marketing, SEO, and all the other methods of advertising.
    Helping me with that would be really your what your doing šŸ™‚

  351. Gloria

    Hello Anthony:
    Thank you so much for your continuous support on helping us to make money online. Either one will be fine with me, but probably Social Media is my first choice, since is growing so fast…
    Thanks again and hope I’m one of the winners.!!!!

  352. Edwin Hazard

    I would to learn about search engines. I have been very busy the last several weeks some volunteer activities and now plan on working on studying and developing my business.

  353. Joe

    Hey Anthony,

    I personally think Social Media Marketing is more important to me as it gives you the opportunity to leverage yourself/product across several platforms and I think the secret is how to integrate that process across the social media platforms.

    Search engine marketing is ok but if you focus there I believe that you are at the mercy of for ex google updates etc etc. SMM on the other hand could/should work synergistically together and be independant of the Panda’s of the world!!

    The secret to me is to how to get everything working together to produce the results we are all looking for!!



  354. Rolando Mendoza Garay

    I am interested in social media and affiliate marketing.
    Have a good day.


  355. debbie

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like to learn more about search engine marketing.
    This is so very important and the most challenging for myself.

    Thanks for all you do.

  356. Rochelle Holloman

    Social media advertising, please.

    I have followed you since Aug. 2009 & made my first one dollar check thru you. Since then I have tried all kinds & types of internet marketing. I am finally up to fifty a month. It’s frustrating but I am not giving up.

    Thanks for giving me a start Anthony.

  357. Lorrie

    I would like to know more about starting this program and also how to get traffic to come to a site. I am a real newbie and I am catching on slower than I expected, but will not give up. I miss the webinars in my area as they are usually on during my work time and can’t make it home to hear them in time. Don’t give up on me yet!

  358. Rachel Hiatt

    I am in your Success with Anthony coaching program. I do want to learn more about SEO’s. I doing the Affliate X training, and I want to learn more about search engines and how to use them effectively to get my first squeeze page as much traffic as I can.

    Thank you,
    Rachel Hiatt

  359. Maude Kovarik

    Thanks Anthony. I would love to hear more about the social marketing.. I left this up above on the 13th and it says it is waiting to verify?
    Have a great week and thanks for all you do.
    Maude Kovarik

  360. skipper

    Thanks for taking time to address us, I just want to learn how to make money online with very little investment as I dont have much to invest.

  361. Deanna

    Hi Anthony…Thanks for sharing your knowledge…Much appreciated.
    I have much to learn first hand about both methods. I am most interested about the method that will allow the best opportuny for (new business) success as I am about to build my 1st website. I will be starting out as an affiliate marketer and am excited and hopeful for online success. I look forward to future lessons and thanks again.

  362. chrisine williams

    Hi Anthony,

    I am interested in the social media and affiliate marketing. Thank you so much for what you’re doing.

    Thank you and Best Wishes

  363. Bobbie

    I would like to know more about SEO, anything with little or no $$ investment, that turns good or great results, advertising is so scary for me because i am not sure what works and dont want to waste money… no what i mean?

  364. vincent Lecompte

    Hi Anthony
    I have been trying to learn more about search engine marketing.I could use your help in getting traffic to my site and build my email list.
    Thanks for this chance .

  365. Meigel

    Frankly, I want to learn how to earn money while am home…am unemployed and have a family to support…thanks a bunch in advance for sharing freely some of your techniques on how to earn online.

  366. Scherie

    I would like to know more about getting buyers traffic to my sites…
    Just selling affiliate products…..

    I think social media is one way free but how to use the paid methods
    also low cost….
    still tweaking my pof ads……thanks to your brother šŸ˜‰

    Still building my list in aweber 8k and have some buyers just
    want to amp it up…….

    Thanks for your training great stuff as always……


  367. alberto sekules

    HI , Anthony , I can only add to my previous curiosity , already expressed , ( all you can say , about preparing youngsters for their future fortunes ) As far as I’m concerned , I’m new to Social Media , so that would be my choice ( including pintinterest , and any new things you may think about ) Could you , also , please explain in a few words , the meaning of an item I could not find on my computers , fixed or mobiles : what is meant by ” refresh button ” ? And , upsells and downsells ?
    As you see , my ignorance is quite deep ! Good luck , alberto .

  368. Phil

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your very kind generosity in giving away free stuffs. I would really like to learn more about Search Engine Marketing and how to afterwards apply what I have Learnt and be successful in getting the much needed results from all of my Internet Marketing Work Efforts.

    Kind Regards,
    Phil Hardy