1. Dwayne Ridgway

    Excellent advice Anthony! I used the same practices when advertising in print and online ads posted for recruiting drivers and Owner ops and it really helps you dial in to what will actually work most consistently… Best regards, Dwayne

  2. Bernice J Adams

    this is great, I am one of the ones that tried it did not work and I let it I know that I should split test it to see what I did wrong the first time and hopefully make it work right the next time…THANKS

  3. Jamie

    great reminder. can you offer any suggestions for tools/software to help make split testing and measurement easier? thanks!

  4. Kevin Favourite

    This makes so much sense,.. explanation is so clear, so understandable. I’ve been shying away from IM over 8 months now because it seemed so complex, and it probably is, but I am ready to start yours NOW. Please, Mr Morrison, send me info on how to get started with your most reasonable “money making program” immediately. Thank you for what you do!!

  5. Angelika Herring

    Enjoyed session. Understand the split test concept. You mentioned posting on facebook or tweeter….can you explain how to do this?
    Angie Herring

  6. James Ivy

    Wow Anthony the split testing sounds great! Will definitely have to implement this method in every ad I create. How ever will need more insight on just how to get it set up! Again great stuff look forward to your next blog.

  7. James Howard

    I watch your instructional tutorials every chance I get. I have seen many blueprints, step by step to do’s and not that many don’ts.
    Your videos are easily understood instead of just delving in and using the jargon that comes with an online business. I am working on expanding my vocabulary.
    Thanks Anthony,

  8. Theresa

    Anthonty I think I answered my question as understand this. When split testing you ad it should be run same time with your different image and copy ( text/content ) so you can see CTR- your ad was opened. As for conversion % copy of text should split test all by itself. and how long would you run your ads for.

  9. Don Gibson

    thanks for the tips. I am starting to split test my ads. In your class, we learned that a CTR of .04% and a conversion rate of 1% are desired. In a current campaign, my CTR is .010% but the conversion rate is 1%. Is this good?

  10. Karen Gaynor

    Thanks so much Anthony for the heads up on Split Testing! Took me two times of listening closely before I got the full understanding of what you were teaching, but this is really great stuff! Thanks so much for all you do and for making sure we will be really successful as affiliate marketers!

  11. Anya

    Anthony! Thanks for all this info.I have lean many things about advertizing and internet and I am hopping to make me some income
    what is desperately needed for SS fix income senior like me.
    God Bless You! Sincerely Anya G.

  12. norman rambow

    Hello Anthony,

    Thank you for taking some time showing some steps.. I have missed some of your training steps and need to find them again to go over them I will be in attendence at the training in Everett WA on sat 29th,, I hope I can learn lots there.. I am so new into all this internet ad stuff .. I have only used a phone to talk on.. I do very little texting.. But I can see where one can make some money here.. I am so broke and trying to penny pinch to get something going.. In anycase.. I thought this segment was very informative. I just learned what CTR was.. my son used that phrase as choose tim rambow CTR for his past girl friends.. I hope to learn more and maybe get up and running to at least make 100 a day to start even 50 would be great then we can work up more but it is the starting phase that is needed.. thank yo so much… norm rambow in seattle

  13. Bruce Morris

    This was greatly appreciated because I assume when you keep doin ads and they keep getting disapproved I thought maybe it was the service engines that wont accept certain products. It was an encouragment for me cuz I was gettin discouraged with it. Thanx Anthony!!!

  14. Starmist

    Thanks for the tip Anthony. This makes a lot of sense when testing ads for different dating ads, clothing ads, actually any ad we use. Not only in the wording of and ad but also the pictures we select with each ad.

  15. Theresa V Smith

    This was awesome. I looked at the name and before I even listened I said that would be too complicated for me to understand. You allayed all that. with simplicity-Thanks-God bless

  16. jean martin

    Thanks Anthony. I now clearly understand the importance of split testing and how it can improve the CTR.

  17. Wes

    Hi Anthony,

    Great video on split testing. Was at Adrian’s seminar in Pensacola about a month or so ago. Great information. Look forward in watching more of your success videos. Good stuff!!
    WES, Tampa, FL

  18. Sally Miksch

    As always. Great information to use ! I’m going to review my ads and make changes after splot testing. Thanks a bunch!

  19. stanley escolano

    Aweber sent me info.on split testing. Now you reinforce it.
    I now started to split test my campaigns.
    thank you.


  20. Charles Booth

    I see were this would be very benefitual to me and I will start using it now. I hope it will generate a better income for me.

  21. Carla N De Petris

    Thank you. Now you are really teaching one subject at the time Is so much more manegiable. I appreciate you continue effort to make us understand the intricacy of traffic.

  22. Tommy pumphrey

    Thanks Anthony, As I am starting to market my site these white board ideas continue to improve my education which is the key to building the business.
    Be Blessed.

  23. Gary Bruce Griffith

    Very interesting blog and seminar am learning more every day just need to get more motivated and start placing ads so I can see it work and make money for greater success. Keep up the good work teaching us about business theorys and ideas on the internet and how in time everyone can be self employed and self starters.

  24. Della Hicks


    Thank you very much for explaining split testing. I understand it better than I did before. Although this strategy is a little ahead of my progress, when the time comes for its use, I will be ready.

    Thank you for all you do.

  25. frank senner

    ihi anthony,i like this information about split testing.thank you! i will do that.

  26. Cecilia

    Learning much with the white board technique. The split testing is an avenue I will definitely use. I actually have never heard of split testing before. I will definitely use it.
    Anthony you are the best.
    Thank you.

  27. Summer Keen

    I thought I understood split testing, but, I thought it was putting up two or three ads for the same product. No wonder I never got any conversions!


  28. AC Schick

    Hi Anthony,

    I’ve been watching you for sometime. I started when I was in the hospital on your late night commercials. I’m pretty much housebound now in a wheelchair and you’ve got the answer for home business.
    Could you give me suggestions on getting started? Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

    If you read this thank you for taking the time.

    very truly yours,

    AC Schick

  29. JeandieuseulAbellard

    Split Testing is the key to make money just to avoid, loose of money,about subject lines then I can change it every single time if it deos work not profitable.About the images so I can choose fitness then if fitness 5 related to fitness 3 then it is highest part in those images,about apply now online or apply instantely so people can see you are more specific in that matter.In add,Split Testing is the key to have success in marketting,and I hope that I
    have more ideas in that study area.Thank you.God Bless.

  30. Mark

    Thanks, Anthony. You are the money as usual. Split testing definitely works.

    Take care,


  31. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Fine tuning you parts to see whats’s pulling the best results is always a great way to see what’s working the best for you. Split testing is definitely the way to go to secure top dollar! Most definitely a good tool to be using on a daily bases. Thanks for the great lesson Anthony.
    Many more success be with you today.

  32. colleen

    I have never heard of the spilt testing. I will atleast give it a try. It soeems simple enough. Thanks so much for sharing.

  33. Valencia

    I have not started my web business yet; however, I learned a lot from this lesson. I will make sure I view all of them. I need to start making money. Thank you very much.

  34. Michael

    Very smart way to optimize your ad. Please do more these little useful things.

    Thank you, very much


  35. anthony

    this webinar was helpful because i am doing adcenter google and bing now. and seeing the ppc side of the business, conversion is what we need now. thanks.

  36. Maude Kovarik

    Thanks for the very good info. I’m going to try to post on Pinterest. I took good notes and hope that if I ever get there, I’ll be able to split test.
    Thanks so much

  37. Phyllis Bruce

    Beautiful description of the best use of Split Testing! You are the greatest, Anthony! Thank you!

  38. Sharon Ewalt

    Anthony, I love these brief classes! I haven’t been active in the business for a few months due to several things, most importantly health issues with family.
    I will be able to get back with advertising online soon! Keep up the good work! Blessings! Sharon

  39. Catherine Delos Santos

    I hope I understood everything you mentioned on your video. I am trying my best to go on these sites that I know will help me with the help I am seeking. I know it is not easy, but I am willing to try anything I can do to move forward in life for my kids, and family in our most difficult times right now. I thank you for your info.
    Best redards, Cathy DS

  40. Louis

    My name is Louis and I have been searching for a program on making money over the internet. I came across a flyer in the mail that you were in my town promoting a seminar on your book. Do to schedule I was unable to attend your seminar and was hoping you could help me in another matter.

    I’m looking for a more one on one approach with learning the tricks of the trade. I was wondering if you had a more aggressive program were you would mentor someone from start to finish.

    I’m a very hard working goal oriented person and have tried many other programs that are out there. The only problem the other programs don’t work. I’m looking for a program that could bring me success with a better blue print on marketing over the internet but also a more personal one on one mentor. I would be a great candidate to promote any success that I get out of Anthony’s program. Also I’m willing to pay additional cost for personal training.

    Thanks for your time.


  41. Wayne Fisher

    Thank You Anthony for the reminder.

    Still building my website …
    Grand Opening/Presentation

    Coming soon.

    You are a brilliant teacher (expose`) imho

    Warmest Blessings *WISHES*


  42. Troy

    Simple, Clear and and seemingly Valuable. Will feedback on effectiveness when available. Thanks!

  43. diane redmond

    Hello Anthony
    I enjoyed your video. Do you have information on linkedin or applying
    videos to linkedin and facebook? Great teaching. I need to market to my
    clients on facebook do I really need a page that is diffirent from my home
    page? Can I get away with marketing on my personal page? I am in the
    travel industry. Thanks have a happy day….Diane

  44. Dannie Riedl

    I’ve gotten so much the last two weeks it’s really been a great help. Keep it coming, thanks Dannie

  45. Rosalie Bullington

    Great info. Would you recommend doing this once a week if nothing is converting? Maybe I will try 3 or 4 times to see if that helps. Thanks so much. Look forward to learning more.

  46. Steve Wukmer

    I went to your 3 day training. I used POF submitter to do split testing just like you said. I get a lot of clicks (loose a lot of money) but do not get conversions? Desperately need help with the conversion part.

    Thanks Steve

  47. Steve Le Baron

    Thank you again for your tips. Find your classes to always be useful. To keep your followers and members coming back, don’t stop what your doing. Great person. With great advice

  48. Ilene Rosenthal

    Where do you split test the ads?? At the same place or different locations???

  49. K. K. Kumaroo

    Thank you again for the technique of split testing using click to ratio and conversion ratio and modifying the ad accordingly to get the best results….

  50. Irma & Jerry Fay

    Anthony, When split testing, how many days do you leave each item on before changing to the next item in that classification?

  51. Robert H. Woodman


    Could you please revisit this topic and discuss rational ways to analyze your CTR and conversion data when doing split testing? I’ve tried split testing with no success, and I feel like I’m missing something.



  52. thomas

    thanks for continuing to give us this information it really does help.I`m going to try this split testing sounds like a great way to weed out non profit ads and fine tune profitable ones.I`m still a newbe so all this info is very helpful.

  53. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony! I just read this today, as I have been feeling a little under the weather for awhile. As always, I love the mini lessons you do on Success Connection. This one was no exception. I ran a few ads on POF awhile back, but didn’t get any conversions so I deleted them. I did try some split testing, but from your mini lesson I can see that I probably didn’t do enough testing. I plan to try again to see if more split testing can give me the conversion rate I am looking for.

    Thanks, again for doing these mini lessons. They really help me to stay focused!

    Have a great day!

  54. Alice Wilson

    This was an excellent presentation – thanks for the tips and the great reminder. – – Alice

  55. Darlelne Longshore

    Very good advice. It it very true, to do this type of testing. Just reagrange the words, makes a big difference, in presenting what you are trying to get across.

  56. Mike Nordlee

    Anthony, I’m just getting started with my 1st 5 adds and I understand where you are coming from. Once I get more things going I’ll start doing split testing. As always thanks for the good stuff and keep those cards and letters coming.

    Mike N

  57. Liliana

    Amazing, this is very important. I have some item posted in ebay, but I can not get to sell them. I am going to check the subject and copy of my items.
    Thank you so much, Liliana.

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