1. Robert H. Woodman

    Anthony, that’s very good advice. Cost was the major reason why I haven’t tried anything at all on Google. I’ve never liked Bing’s interface, so I use it as little as possible, and I haven’t kept up with its growth. I didn’t realize that it could be such a good testbed market. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

  2. Shirley G-K

    Hey Anthony,
    I am not quite there yet. What I mean by that is I am still learning this business by running ads via Facebook, Plenty of Fish, Lead Impact, Direct CPV, and 7Search. I have had some small successes (conversions) that keep me going but more importantly I am constantly learning. I will take today’s message and store it away until I need it.

    Thanks again,
    Shirley G-K

  3. Victor

    Hello Anthony,

    It never ceases to amaze me that you come up with great ideas every week. I guess it chalks up to experience ( chalk, blackboard, white board, lol).

    I’ll try Bing since Google is very fussy. Trying FB but no success so far. Maybe my bids are too low. Usually below 50% of the recommended amount.

    Any comments would be appreciated.


  4. Mary Duff

    Hi Anthony
    this was great info thanks
    never thought to use bing first but cheap to start and try is smart
    thanks. will try this out.

  5. Bruce A Mayo

    This is very valuable. It makes sense. I started with Bing and then added campaigns to Google AFTER they were effective. BTW, Keep the Colts Shirt!

  6. Rosalie Bullington

    I agree, Google is quite expensive. I have not tried Bing but
    I will now thanks to the information. As always, I enjoy any
    little pieces of learning you give out. Keep up the good work.

  7. michael davis

    Anthony- thanks for all the help–my situation is a little different–you see I
    took Adrian’s three day course & I purchased CPV Domination & I am
    pretty much ready to go all I need is an affiliate link or URL — could you
    have one of your people help me with this/Regards/MikeDavis

  8. Matthew Insardi

    Haven’t tried bing yet but I will let you know how it goes… If used Facebook and Google ads to promote with success in generating leads. Always looking for new places to get exposure.

    Thanks Anthony

  9. Joyce Knake

    Good advice for us newbies to get our feet wet with and it makes good sense. Me? I’m always afraid to spend money especially when I’m not sure how much I will profit from it or if it’s a valuable tool. Better to take baby steps first.

  10. Learah Peterson

    Thanks for considering to work with me and on my behalf, hope to see you in New Rochelle New York in October. I appreciate what you stand for, I hope to be able to progress and help others some day soon.

  11. troy miller

    It rocks on bing. More general advertisements work better on google. specific details on bing allows to create a broader span of customers.

  12. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, another great advice that I did not know and very helpful. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU!

  13. Wes

    I haven’t done much marketing on either but makes great since to start with the cheaper source.

  14. Don Warren

    Good information. It’s a bit ahead of where I am in my marketing learning, but it definitely helps me understand the differences in Google vs Bing. I will file it away for future reference.

  15. Linda

    You truly make so much sense. Can you show us how you would write an add for ultrabooks? Show us some of your successful ad campaigns it will make more sense.

  16. FRANCI

    Thanks so much Anthony. *_*….p.s….gotta go….LOTS to do…LOL!..Have a Great Day! Franci. Ciao 4 now…

  17. Rich

    Anthony, great info. on the marketing with Google or Bing. It will help people like myself get started.

  18. Kong Sourivong

    Hey Anthony its wonderful blogging every blog you teach its very important to us. we need to learn from the person who have a lot of knowledge.

    Thank you .

  19. Cecilia

    Alright, This is great to know the best arena to beginning marketing. I am reading for fuller understanding so I can get out of box I seem to be in right now. Thank you Anthony.

  20. Brenda Shea

    Hello Anthony Morrison;

    This is a very informative and inspirational video clip, Thank You so much for the education!! I am currently going through The 3 day educational training at The Marriott Inn in Palm Beach and love every moment!! The educators and representatives are fantastic! I am learning so much and look forward to applying all the knowledge and wisdom I am learning to be a great success and representative of The Anthony Morrison Program!

    We are truly blessed to be Morrison Students and part of the Morrison Family, I am telling all my family and friends how wonderful your program is!

    Blessings, Brenda Shea

  21. Macs

    This makes so much sense. When you start out you must be realistic. The cost of advertising can keep you from doing what you want to do with your product. Thanks!

  22. M.e.

    Sounds good! Always learning something new – now to make sense of it and put it to good use. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer for some of us to understand everything! Push forward! It was come cuz when you believe you can achieve!

  23. Joe Bosch

    Excellent idea. Suggestion; you’re wearing your mike on your left side and you tend to look to your right to face the white board. When you do this, the volume goes down. Move the mike to the right side on your shirt and your volume probably won’t go down when you turn your head to write on the white board.

    Good job!


  24. Eileen Ferrer

    Hi Anthony,
    Another great tip, thanks! You are so right…I never hear people say “just Bing it”. I think I will try that. Your tips are very helpful. Thank you so much for all of your visual (white board) teachings.

  25. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    I think this is great information that you have pointed out to everyone.Great idea to follow.
    Thank you

  26. James

    Really like everything you’re doing. SWA is great. Learning a lot. Last year you asked your students what is the one thing you they would like to see you teach. You even had a survey on the Success Connection and the one that students voted for the most, that was the subject you were going to do a course on, free of charge as a gift from you. I know you are busy but can you tell me if you still plan on doing that?

  27. danielle reyes

    Great Information. Love Adrian – I am in his class this weekend. thanks for your insight into the program. I have had your books for a while. I thank God for you guys. I have wanted an internet business for a long time and have never had any success. Thanks to you Anthony, you have made that an achieveable goal for me. I am not able to afford to go on farther to get the mentorship. I am dying to do this and become successful.. But, you guys have given me the chance to try to be successful and work toward that goal of being able to be mentored by the best of the best. I thank God for you and through him I can be successful and I will achieve the goal of memtorship with you. Thanks again for wanting to share all that you know so we can share in your success.

  28. Donna Oliver

    Wow!! Great timing for me Anthony! I just opened a Bing Advertising Account and about to create a New Add. I used Google once and you are so right. It is a lot more expensive. Now I know I’m in the right place for my budget. Thank you so much and your Success Connections and Dashboard I purched are truly helping me and I’m sure everyone else is just as pleased as I am. Good Day To “YOU” (A Single Mom From SC)…Donna 😀

  29. Nicole Daniel

    Hey Anthoney! Great info man! I appreceate everything you teach and am looking forward to making my goals come true. like L.B. once said to me “I know what I want.”. I do too. I believe all your efforts to teach successful information, proven information is the greatest gift.
    Thanks, Nicole “Dr.Nic” Daniel

  30. JeandieuseulAbellard

    Hi Anthony,as you say then I’m looking for the rigtht motivation,best place as google always busy,great traffic area,in another word then I’m not looking for the borrowing place as Bing,less competition,cheaper.Finally,I’m looking for good campaign,right direction.Thank you.God Bless.

  31. Carol Amato

    Hey Anthony!

    When I start paying for traffic, will definitely start with Bing!!

    Thanks for the info, and love your teaching! 🙂

    Take Care,
    – Carol

  32. Shannan

    You made it possible for me to get my first sale. I’d invest in banana peels if you thought it was the thing to do.

    Your fan,

    ps. Sheepgirl is an action hero I play in sketch comedy. I’ll send a tape, it’s a bit blue, language wise. Yeah Perch Sketch Comedy!


    Thanks for the valuable information. I also have a request. My mom, Barbara Ratliff was at the Affiliate Marketing training with me on September 7-9, 2012. She was unsure if she wanted to try it, so she didn’t meet with the counselor. She has since changed her mind and needs to get a user name and a password to Thank you

  34. Steve Le Baron

    Anthony…your training tips are GREATLY APPRECIATED!
    We still like to use organic advertising. To exspensive and no guarantees with PPV / PVC.ETC.


  35. Bob Howard

    Good suggestion, Anthony. This series of short presentations covering one topic is extreamly helpful. By thinking through one concept at a time it keep from overpowering us. Thanks so much.

  36. Heidi

    Thanks Anthony!

    You always have something valuable to say! I wouldn’t have come up with this on my own, I would have Googled it!

    Sincerely, Heidi

  37. Jiji

    Totaly, seems like a very logical aproch, new to all this, so thanks for the insights, about the two serch engines, And your opinion.

  38. Kelvin Wang

    Awesome info! Hey, I don’t care to Google it or Bing it. As long as it works, why not Bing it?

    Thanks! the info.


  39. sheila aldrich

    I like specific comments and reasons for, like Google More expensive. TryBing and the reasons for then when you are winning put it on Google if you want to as now you are not so at risk money-wise.

    Way to go.

  40. M.e.

    Hey Anthony – I’m not a real computer person but I did find it interesting what you said about “Bing” vs “Google”. I’m trying to figure out all of this stuff but I’m just a little bit slow & over-whelmed. All in all, it’s still good information to have so that one can apply it as soon as it is applicable! Thanks so much for all the hard work that you do!

  41. Luis Zaragoza

    Yes you hit that on the head! Great place to start in ppc advertising thanks for the info I will check it out soon.

  42. Shirley

    Thanks for teaching again. Motivational videos don’t do much for me but teaching videos motivate me.

    Thanks again,

  43. theresa alfaro

    Anthony again you advise makes so much sense on how we can save and not go over. Once we are ready for the big guys and is well in our budget using Bing will help cost down. Not to change the subject but just finished watching a video on a Marketing system that can jump start a monthly income for me sounds good but one thing that was explained when using confirmation on email is to turn it off but yet was also told to leave it on. My conclusion is that if sending e-mail with content to someone that already is engaged and wants to improve or profit more then I would turn that feature off. would have to test that theory and how the outcome is. Split Testing comes to mind. So much I want to do and start but need to make the right choice so I can continue with my new career and successful business.

  44. theresa alfaro

    Hello Anthony its me again……. I have received many e-mails that sound good, but yes had to step back, but not back in to my box I stepped out. Just only a little step back to go over and understand what is presented to me and how I can use it and do I really understand how to use it. hope that makes sense to me it does. thank you Anthony I can always learn something new from you.

  45. Tina Frazier

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m brand new to SWA, and information like this is very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do this every week. These type of actions reassure me that I CAN be successful.

    See you on the inside!

  46. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony! I haven’t tried putting ads on Bing or Google, yet. This was a great lesson for me. I really like searching Bing for maps especially, so why not put some ads there, too. Right? I appreciate your easy to understand Success Connections and try to incorporate the things you suggest into my affiliate marketing business. Thanks so much for your help!

  47. Sharon

    I enjoy the tips you give us. I only wish my computer was fixed and then I could get the internet. If I could afford it. Or use the lab more. I was lucky when I was listening to your other video’s. Was in the lab alot. Now lately have to be cutting back as I told you earlier.

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