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Mobile Mania & Marketing Opportunity

Mobile Mania & Marketing Opportunity

Who would have predicted just a few years ago that just about everyone would be carrying around a mobile phone, but very little of their communication with it would be talking on phone calls?

The old “landline” phone sitting on the desk at home will still only get you in touch with someone on the other end of a hard wire who must talk to you to communicate.  There are a few more bells and whistles than before, but it’s pretty much the same old phone.

Mobile and high speed broadband has changed more than just our communication habits with friends, family and co-workers.  Mobile has changed the way that we travel and find places, how we locate products and services, and how we purchase and pay for them.  It’s also dramatically increased the power of “word-of-mouth” advertising, recommending products and services we’ve tried to our friends and contacts.

In December of 2011, the average adult spent more than an hour every day engaged on their mobile phone.  Smart phones are taking over, with more than a billion of them out there and millions of people upgrading from normal phones to smart phones every month.  So, affiliate and Internet marketers must be enjoying huge incomes and high engagement with these users … right?  Nope, but they could be.

There are challenges, including the fact that a lot of the time these people spend on their phones is on social media sites, and advertising opportunities offered by Facebook and others are minimal for their mobile apps.  However, just trying to get an ad in front of a mobile user is only one method of making money in mobile, and there are so many more ways to be successful in mobile marketing.

Mobile Apps – What apps are you using on your mobile devices, and that includes not only phones but iPads and Android tablets?  There are a large number of marketers happily creating and selling apps for these devices and making amazing money, even for apps that cost under a couple of bucks.  There are also some apps that actually pay affiliate marketers if they’re downloaded by users, so there’s another avenue for profit.

QR Codes – Businesses are just beginning to recognize the value of QR codes in the U.S.  These square bar codes are advertised on storefronts, in print ads, at checkout counters, and anywhere else a business wants to add to their customer base.  When the mobile user shoots a photo of them, software in the phone takes the user to a website or landing page where a sale is made, coupon downloaded, or other action is taken.

GPS Marketing – If the feature is turned on, and it is on most smart phones, the user’s location can be identified at any time.  Marketers, and particularly local businesses, are taking advantage of this with geo-targeted advertising that hits the user when they’re near a business.  There are also ways in which to get a business registered to show up on GPS devices nearby when a user accesses the GPS.  There’s no better time to let someone know about your business than when they’re close by.

Text Message Marketing – This is becoming a huge marketing opportunity for any business, any product or any service.  From real estate agents to candy stores, text message marketing can get your advertising message in front of your prospect precisely when you want them to see it, getting them to come into your store or respond to your offer immediately.

There are other marketing opportunities in the mobile world, and each has its own rewards and challenges.  We’re experts in all of them, and our students are learning how to profit from mobile marketing in multiple ways.  Let us show you how as well.

Get the Mobile Mania Course Now!

Get the Mobile Mania Course Now!


  1. Jack Scharf

    Thank you Anthony for that informative blog. I’m just getting started and in the learning process with the affiliate marketing. Once I’m able to get that going maybe I can make the next move to the mobile market. Until then I will have to work hard and smart to get started.

  2. Barbara moore

    Thank you Anthony that sound great and i love learn and i love making money

  3. Steve

    I can’t wait to try this, I notice there is alot of competion with all internet business. Still can’t wait for seminar next week.

  4. Denise Galaz


    Thank You for the information. I attended one of your three-day seminars in Pomona, CA and I really loved it. In the mid eighties I did research in development on Desktop Publishing for a large corporation. All this was new back then. The company I worked for was bought out and I was left with much experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, I decided to change careers to something more stable. “CIVIL SERVICE”. But, since I took this seminar, it has brought my life back. Even though it is alot of work, i dont care. I don’t have the money to purchase your great tools, yet, I am still motivated. Thanks again for giving me my techie life back. Denise

  5. Fred Jordan

    Thanks Anthony for the up to date info on how the cell phones are blowing up! Getting a message in front of a potential customer walling by a store by an alert is awesome!

  6. Wendell Strozier ttee

    Exciting information. Very helpful in learning the “how to” of mobile marketing. Currently studying amvipmobile. Planning to take on mobile marketing by November 1st.

  7. Jose Justo

    Thanks Anthony for give me a hope of be success in this life. I’m studying very well all your trainings and courses.

  8. Cecilia

    Thank you Anthony, wonderful for the heads up with the different uses with mobile marketing. Once I must get affiliate marketing stepping mobile is next. This is great.

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