Success Connection #133: Erase Negativity

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  1. Craig Upton

    Hey Anthony. I have searched the net for a business to get involved with and have even tried a couple of things but they haven’t worked for me. I was actually in the audience when you were filming your tv interview on “The Hidden Millionaire”. I saw you in a different interview on tv a couple of months back. I’ve been checking out your website and would like to learn more.
    I plan on spending less time on the road allowing me more time on the phone with my current business (sales). This will give me time to learn more about your program.
    I want to possibly meet with you one morning for coffee in Madison to talk more about your program and the opportunity for me.


  2. saleem abdo

    I’ll start from this week and on to read positive books and listen to positive people like Anthony Morrison,Mark Victor Hensen, Bob Proctor and many others so that I can achieve my financial goals.

  3. John

    I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself and take some action to change my personal economy. I am being working on my dreams and stop thinking so much about I want but take the action necessary to make that happen. Thank you for your weekly blog.

  4. m.stapleton

    I will continue to watch the Success Connection weekly, continue watching the training videos in my PMI program, and continue moving forward with my personal training to obtain my short term goals. We chose as a household to eliminate TV ,listen to no radio stations until after the campaigns and attend an extra service at church to help block out the negativity

  5. Minnie Hull

    I am in the process for weeks I have had so many set backs now I am working on getting back to some form of normality the recent past has been a nightmare .

  6. Donna Williams

    I will say verbally out loud positive affirmations about my finances and goals. I will only say positive and edifying words to uplift others.

  7. Charon Leon

    Thank you for some very inspiring words to counteract negativity. I will spend more time each day learning about what you are teaching. You are very correct in saying I am my business and it is up to me to promote a positive attitude in all that I do.

  8. Susan Sklenar

    I stay on a “negativity diet”. Don’t listen to talk radio. Don’t watch TV ads or news. Don’t talk to anyone about this business except my coach. I spend my time researching, watching training videos and implementing what I learn. If I get frustrated, I go for a walk. Sometimes just around the block but always come back refreshed and sometimes with new ideas. I also meditate and visualize the success I want. I haven’t seen it yet but I fell as though it’s coming!

  9. Cindy

    Hi Anthony-
    I plan on changing things that haven’t worked in the past with a positive approach. I also plan on doing what is necessary to make those changes. I am hoping your program will help me.

  10. Mary Barbee

    I will take the time every morning to be grateful for what I have and dedicate a few extra hours every evening to launch my new affiliate marketing business.

    I just recently attended your weekend workshop where I had the pleasure of meeting a few of your wonderful associates. I just booked my flight to MS for a mentoring session in December. The weekend & training tools provided me with so much knowledge and inspiration that I have no doubt that I will already be making my first dollar with affiliate marketing within the next week!

    Thanks for everything and looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks!

  11. William Parker

    I have tried to maintain a positive attitude. We don’t get as much negative ads as you do in Ms. Wish you the best.

  12. Claudia

    I’ll make a comminment to increase my financial goals. I’m going to act with a positive thinking without my actual situation and encourage eveybody aoroubnd me.

    Thanks Anthony!

    I feel a good energy around ..

  13. Don W

    This is terrific, Anthony. Thanks for the constant reminder that a positive mental and emotional outlook always wins the day. You are the first person, I’ve seen, on internet marketing instruction who emphasizes the power of correct thought in accomplishing great things. Negativity always has its base in fear and fear is the greatest deterrent to success there can be. I will continue to read and listen to your outstanding training series. Keep up the good work my man.

  14. Frank

    Hi Anthony,

    I have a CPA and Financial Planning business but really like to learn more on affiliate marketing. So instead of waiting for free time to look at how you our successful in affiliate marketing; which never seems to come, I will put in my schedule time each day to learn this business.

  15. Steve Longbrake

    The activity we did last week showed me that I spend to much time watching TV and doing busy work so, I will take that time and spend it on getting the knowledge I need that you have provide to start my on-line marketing business.

  16. Joe Winegardner

    Behavior never Lies! You are what you project, in the eyes of other people. So, let us always exhibit a positive behavior.

  17. tom dolfin

    Just getting started. I will surround myself with people who are positive and successful and have achieved the success I’m looking for. Develop a strategy that will get results. stop watching tv or listening to the news all together. no negativity allowed here. get my family’s support in what I’m doing. and read and learn from positive books and videos and what others are doing that get results . connecting weekly with anthony morrison .com

  18. Vernon Stroppel

    I learn a long time ago that when things start to bother you, you start getting negative thoughts or someone is putting negative thoughts in your head, take a walk and get yourself together, get rid of the negative thoughts and you will start seeing thing in a different light or sometime just find a quit spot away for everyone, away from what is bothering you. Relax and get good thoughts back into your head and while you are setting there or taking that walk, what ever is bothering, you may just come up with the right solution to fix the negative thoughts or negative problems.

  19. Bruce Bell

    Hi Anthony:

    I am an affiliate for Private Money Bank, I hear from real estate investors who need to borrow money to fund their deals. In the posts and emails that I send out it states the property must be under contract in order for us to review their deal. I hear from too many tire kickers and I just get discouraged that I stop doing my marketing for a few days or longer, I need to stay focused and keep blogging and setting up more Craiglist Ads.

  20. Michael Stonecastle

    After I talked with a mentor yesterday, I let go of my negative thoughts and doubts. After doing this, I began fully building my campaigns for affiliate marketing and fully learning from Harold. After dropping my doubts and taking actions, I now have a Goal to achieve, a path to follow, and a light at the end of the tunnel I can see.
    This also helps me let go of all the stress I had built up at the beginning of the week. So I let go of my negative thoughts, picked up my positive goals, and started moving forward.

  21. Paul Robertson

    Response to Sucess Connection #133…

    Great video…I live near DC and you are correct we are getting slammed with negative ads.
    First thing I am going to do is drive over right now and vote. In Md they allow early voting. That way I can turn off all future negative communication and focus next week on preparing for my time at your office. I am scheduled to be there 11/12-14 and am looking forward to it.
    I have spent the last 30+ years in sales and have been looking for somthing like this to migrate to. I am positive I can make internet marketing work for me and my family…I have little choice as I have kids in college and need additional income to manage.
    Paul Robertson

  22. norman rambow

    actually keep from reading the news, avoiding any negative comments or people who seem to like to gossip about what they did.. Start implementing a reachable goal program designed with a routeen of positive reading, listen to up beat music and focus on becoming successful, greet people with a Hi how you doing? place…sticky notes in various places suggesting some positive results.. like “you can do it.” no time to waste. No pain no gain ” Do it now” rewards will happen submit an ad. Twik it and see the results. “No movie made you money” “vacation in the bahamas January, see the new car.. go get it ” ( picture of a porsche 911 ) success come with dedication” i am going to be dedicate….. thanks for your great updates.

  23. Francis(Frank) Kingman

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for all the resource material you send out on a regular basis and I haven’t even attended the Mentoring and Site building classes yet. I am still somewhat overwhelmed with everything I have been exposed to in the last couple of weeks but all is much appreciated. I am doing this as a supplemental retirement income venture and am busy, in terms of the general perception of retirement lifestyle. I am, however committed to this and am realigning my daily routine to accomodate this venture. I typically have not paid much attention to all the negatives around me and have always had a positive make things happen attitude.but the encouragement you provide is refreshing to receive, as well as, all the personal help that your program makes available to your affiliate students. Thanks Much and God Bless.

  24. Ben Benson

    I couldn’t agree with you more regarding all the negative comments that both parties are throwing out toward each other. I don’t know about you but I am trying to stay upbeat and positive as to who I plan to vote for.I will vote for the candidate that I feel, fills all the moral standards and has what I think the country needs in terms of leadership ability and remains calm and collected through all the mud slinging and negativity that is being directed toward him.Our country needs a leader who will place the country’s needs before their political choices that they make and bring the debt ratio back to earth.Also, a leader who will create more jobs and help people like myself and others that are plugged into your program develope more small businesses to grow the economy.I look forward with great zeal to growing my business into a successfull enterprise like yours in the forthcomming year. Thanks for all your support.



  25. william ortega

    I’ll start from this week and on to read positive books and listen to positive people like Anthony Morrison,Mark Victor Hensen, Bob Proctor and many others so that I can achieve my financial goals.

  26. Jessica Hjort

    I read atleast 30 minutes every day, it can be leadership books, marketing online books or motivations books. I go out and walk every day and listen to an audio almost every day, I have 7 children but i really study all i can because i am want to have my own buisness and to be able to work from home because i also have a boy with autism and i don´t leave him because it´s so importent that he have a positive upbringing so he can be all he can be in life.
    I´ll adding to watch a video with a positive message or edjucation every day from now instead of watching movie on the evening when the children gone to bed.
    I don´t have a website yet but i have a facebookpage and try to interact with others there. It´s my start on my journey.

  27. Janel Wolf

    Hi Anthony, I am just getting started in my Success with Anthony program. Some people have and will try to discourage me with ‘what if’ scenarios and ‘you really think YOU can do it’s’. However, I am very excited and hope to help others to be enthusiastic along with me as I show them each small success I have that will lead up to being a big success story from your system. I have had the first interview with Prosper as well and am hoping to be invited to work with a mentor this year and that will give me a big boost of POSITIVE! Thanks

  28. Robert Bishop

    I will be reading more books this week – instead of the news – to focus my attention on making money and creating a successful lifestyle for myslf and my family with your guidance and endeavors as well as other underetakings in my life.

  29. zinnia

    I will read and educate myself consistently to daily get closer to my goals of working from home and achieving financial freedom. I will schedule time alotted to changing my financial future and health.

  30. Don Dowey

    Unfortunately, negativity is all around us, from outside sources such as tv news or the newspaper to our inner circle of friends and family members. We can allow those forces to bog us down, fill us with dispair, and to give up on our apirations of making a better life for ourselves and our families. Or we can keep the faith in our selves and strive to continue to succeed. What it takes is a steadfast commit in believing that if we continue to educate ourselves, if we continue to try new things when others fail, and we continue to adapt to new ideas or listen to others’ success stories and follow the paths they took to reach their goals, we will eventually come out on top.
    My biggest negative challenge is actually my spouse, who will spend hours online at places like facebook and pinterest each week, but doesn’t believe their is a way for individuals to make $$ on the internet unless you are a major corporation. She belittles me for even trying, but I am committed to turning that negativity into a positive by making this work. Just showing her that “hey I made a hundred dollars 3 weeks, hey I made over $200 last week, hey I am on track to make over $400 this week” is starting to show her the light and win her over to my side.
    I recently got fired from my job as a saleperson, when I reported to upper management that local managers were asking us to commit fraud and scam the customers we were selling to. I thought I did the right thing, but unfortunately the company would rather get bogus sales at the cost of the consumer, and they ended up firing me. I could have let that negativity convince me that it is better to do the wrong thing and succeed than to stand up for what I believe in…honesty and integrity. But I didn’t let that get me down, I kept plugging away and took some positives out of it. First, I used that to motivate me to find a better way, and I attended Anthony and Adrians seminar and decided to start making $$ online and it’s working. I also used my talent and skills and decided if my old company didn’t want me maybe their top competitor would. Guess what? I start back to work with the competitor next week – hopefully it’s short-lived as I plan to be soon making enough $ online not to need a day job, but for now I have to have a day job to pay the mortgage.
    Even trying to make $ online I have run in to negative obstacles, but I would not let that deter me. I tried applying for an affiliate program that had exclusive content for a niche market I want to succeed in, but was turned down. Your too new, your website and landing pages don’t have the traffic we require they said. Well I didn’t let that stop me…i found another site that has some of the content I needed, applied and convinced them to give me a trial period to show them I can do this, and this week they accepted me and I am putting up the content I need to launch my niche site/pages and plan on making even more $$ so I can show my wife THAT THIS CAN BE DONE. So, no matter what obstacles or negativity is thrown in front of you, find a way to OVERCOME it!!!!

  31. Randy

    I want to start by surrounding myself with positive people. I want to stay away from people who are bullys and try to tell me what to do. I refuse to let others live my life and I wake up each morning full of graditude for what I do have. Positive thinking produces positive results!!

  32. Larry Grannis

    You couldn’t have selected a better topic for me at this time, Anthony! “Stay MOTIVATED for your own personal economy!” I took the so. California seminars in September, ’12, and decided to get started with affiliate marketing in October as a birthday present to myself (just turned 81 and still growing). I took copious notes and re-read them, watched Success Connections and the Webinars and found that my memory needs a bit more prodding than I would like. Then came the distractions; organizations I belong to, the hospital at which I volunteer once a week, the friends I have, etc., etc. But my main distraction is the fun I have every day on the Internet! I MUST motivate myself to find that fun in developing my personal economy! You have now provided the impetus, direction and information for me to do just that! Watch my dust!


  33. RONNIE

    If you dont erase the negativity in your life you never get ahead always think positive.

  34. LM HODGE

    I will work on my success daily as if I were working on a job. I will spend time on research, marketing, production and sales.

  35. Jana Jorne

    I erased my negativity many years.ago and negate the negativity to stay positive. Delete and cancel work good.
    I saw what a phenomenal purchase your software was, but just wasn’t sure my money should reach the price, but thank you for what I learned from watching the sales pitch. I am learning from you and PMI and look forward to the cash results.
    I look forward to having the funds to buy my gluten free groceries with and later to hire the housekeeper and personal assistant I need while I stay in touch with my other priorities. I haven’t seen my mom in five years. She lives out of state and I was an underpaid employee.

  36. Joyce Knake

    If I have a negative thought, I replace it with a positive one. The brain will believe anything You tell it so why not just tell it good, constructive things like I will achieve my goals today or better yet, I am achieving my goals today. Things should always be in the present, Otherwise you may not ever get around to getting them accomplished.

  37. Dottie Seavy

    It is the time of thanksgiving, and a time for being greatful both for what we have, as well as for what we can achieve. Winter is the time of rest, but not excessive rest. It is a time to enjoy the fruits of our labors, but not a time for gluttony. It is a time for warm conversations, but not a time for complacency. It is a time to be proud, but not a time to be egotistical. What we do with our time, with ourselves, with out friends, and with our attitudes during the season of winter determines what we will do with the coming of spring.We are meant to constantly improve our conditions, ourselves, and our results. To those who are prepared for winter’s arrival, let them use winter as they would use spring–to take advantage.

  38. Octavia Bynes

    I will allow myself more time management skills. Meaning I will get up earlier to get on the internet. I will also set smalls goals for one week at a time. Than track my success at the end of every week. Starting off small seems to be the way to go. Thank you very much Anthony. Have a pleasant afternoon.

  39. Clarice Gutmann

    All my life I’ve had well( bad luck) and negativity has played a major part in my life for many years but that’s all moving past me thanks to a CD my BFF gave me called THE POWER OF PRAISE, Yes the main focal point is to praise and put God (which I do)in the highest above all else and all things great and micro small but it also teaches you how to lift up your inter spiritual mindset and only think, act and most importantly speak positive actions into your life, not allowing your-self to speak negativity about anything, any-one (especially your-self) or any situation no matter how bad it seems at the time and to power speak the things you want in or life or about your-self even the things that seem impossible as if by faith they already indeed are!God Bless!

  40. Kathy Wensel

    Everyone stay positive in this negative world. Just let the negativity bounce off you. Just smile and walk away. Looking forward to Adrian’s Program.
    Also, a Real Estate Investor. Have found throughout the years: whatever you are doing keep to yourself, until you have a few checks to show the naysayers. That’s all you have to do is show them the checks. Many checks are worth a thousand words. Stay positive everyone.

  41. Luc Lavoie

    Hi Anthony i have read and watched many of your videos and its motivated me to follow on a different lifestyle with my three children, to stay positive nomatter what. I am constently looking to find a solution for financial freedom and not paychecked to paychecked. Its not easy when you have three other lives depending on your income to survive, it can get a little overwhelming at times but listening to you helps me beleive that there is an answer out there and with the right mind set and keeping the right people around you anything can be possible. thank you

  42. Sharon

    We do have so many good things all around us, even if we have some bad experiences. It is very good to keep learning. I enjoy finding good things about people. I could be in better shape, healthier yet, by exercising/walking more and eating less sugar. Then I could accomplish more good things for other people. There is much less stress just by being positive.

  43. Sylvia

    Positive attitude makes the world go round. Thank you for reminding us everyone we can ALL make a difference.

  44. Mark Porter

    I have been asked to leave my security job because I am not able to do the physical part od that work. I have two damaged discs in my back. I have been given time to arrange some work at home income producing work. I have been researching for a while. I have selected online work. One of them is an opportunity for info sales which I am connecting with on Sunday. Your approaches which I an following will play a big part of my endeavers. That is not the only approach that I am going to use. Affiliate marketing has been an interest of mine for some time. In addition I am in training for about a month in real estate transactions. I am about to get that off the ground. I really don’t have time to think negative when I am focused on my goals.

  45. Sharon Davidson

    Negativity, I try not to allow it in my life. Life is for living not regretting. I like to be “up” whenever possible, and I do a pretty good job of it.

    I do, however, need to focus better. And that is my goal. Starting today I will focus my energy and time (using my time wisely is a big problem for me) on getting my website to be high on the SEO page so I get a lot of hits and purchases.

    I know there is money to be made on the internet and I plan to make it!

    I’m keeping everything positive.

  46. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    I always attempt to see the positive even when things are not going the way I want them too. I am very spiritual so my belief in God not religion is extremely important to myself. I am still attempting to see which of your programs is best for me to start with. I believe in how you approach teaching people that knowledge is an advantage to success.I appreciate you doing that. I wish I could have around 30 min to an hour speaking with you for advice. I always look foe positive information or paths to take to achieve my financial goals. I seem to stuck in choosing. So I am going to continue to figure out which of your programs will be best for me to begin with. I have not been able to see what your brothers program is about. I cannot see the video you emailed me on his program. If there is anyway I could speak with you when you have free time it would be great to get some advice from you. Anyway I am grateful that I have been able to see the programs you offer.You are one of three or four I have seen that are honest about teaching people how to start a business as an affiliate marketer. I am going to keep attempting to get your personal advice no matter how long it takes me. I have goals I need to meet in order to be able to do simple things like being able to buy a plane ticket to see my sister who I have not seen in years, get my vehicle worked on and make my time left in college a little easier for myself. Just another story of many others.
    Thank you for your lesson this week.

  47. Ellen Paigly

    I am going to get up and get started earlier everyday and get my website up and running. i am not going to let myself get so easily drawn away from what i know needs to be done even though i am struggling. I will get over the struggle that keeps drawing me back. I am serious about wanting to get my business up and running and i will not give up, EVER!

  48. Deniece Poston

    I already thank God for all his blessings, and I think about even when things are not the way I think they should be; things can always be worst. I am going to keep watching the success connection so I can be better educated in not only helping myself but other. I am still looking forward to making my goal of my first $ 1.000.00 with Anthony Morrison program and I will do it. I have so much to do.

  49. Tom Lankering

    I thought this was one of your best messages. When you get the big idea, all else follows. I will spend more time on my computer working my own economy and be more conscious of the thoughts I am having.

  50. Al Howard

    Good morning Anthony,

    Hey what a refreshing perspective. Choosing to discontinue favored TV
    programs. News I to 2 hrs daily. Am/pm looking at our world coping with Sandy.
    No unnecessary shopping.
    Set up my web page
    review my affiliate marking notes
    get back to software purchased, click bank etc
    check aweber for more tools. Essentially position myself to make some money before end of the year.

  51. Dorothy Duprey

    Anthony, This week’s blog is right on the money. I get so tired of hearing the negative ads for every position on the ballot. If they would spend time giving their position on what changes they can TRY to bring to the economy, letting you know the differences in approach to change, the public would be able to make a more informed decision. (And I say try, because no one person has the ability to do this alone, it has to work in the group setting our democracy supplies. You can have all the dreams and ideas you want, but you have to be able to make the group go along with you to achieve success.) I appreciate the positive message you send on each blog, not just occasionally.

  52. Debbie Sundholm

    I’m also tired of the negative, political bashing in this campaign and wondered WHY they didn’t positively convey there intentions. I’m going to get past my fear of failure: call support to talk over my concern with a good CPA offer and correctly reinforce the ending URL, etc. for the CPV Domination. Then proceed with my CPV campaign to get it ROCKING. I want to be sure I have it ALL CORRECTLY LINED UP for SUCCESS $

  53. David Oancea

    Great message – for business and life! So many successful people, like you, tell us that we get what we focus on. So, I agree that we have to focus on the positive, on solutions instead of getting caught up in the web of negativity and destructive emotions that stop us in our tracks and can even make us regress. Here’s my list for what I will do in order to be successful, win, and move forward:
    1) Watch TV less
    2) Wake up 15 min earlier to work out and start the day right
    3) Focus on my affiliate marketing business at least an hour a day
    4) Listen to and take notes on all the excellent training
    5) In every situation, seek to add value to other people’s lives
    6) Realize that if I’m seeing too much negativity in my life, then most likely my own attitudes are simply being mirrored back to me.
    7) Write down and keep my detailed “whys” (goals) in front of me so that the day-to-day challenges stay in the right perspective
    8) Be present to what I’m doing instead of dividing my focus
    9) Stay humble and model those who are already successful
    10) Enjoy the process and find the humor whenever possible.

  54. beth

    I plan to spend my time learning this system the best way possible, and teach others how to overcome poverty. Personally negative thinking will hinder you from the possibilities of reaching success and if I spend more time studying the companies strategies then I’ll be more prepared in executing the vision.

  55. Carol Benner

    We are attending your mentoring program starting Monday 11/5 – this WILL turn our meger attempts at affiliate marketing into a successful venture.

    Meanwhile, I try to focus on the following:
    “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me-put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”
    Philippians 4:8-9

  56. margaret sitar

    my goal is too start thinking positive and spend more time implementing what i learn with you anthony. you not only teach us the skills and keep us updated and informed but you give us the opportunities to persue them as well as your a remarkable motivational speaker!

  57. mark ortman

    Thanks Anthony.

    I am going to stop watching bad news on tv and reading the bad news in newspapers. I am still hestitant on your 365 program, which seems to be the best deal.

  58. Carol Stewart

    This is my 1st day starting with this program and I’m starting with watching the E-mail videos before I start with my classroom assignments.I’m starting to tell my family about my future goals with your company and of course they are giving me negative feedback about it.Even my husband is showing me scepticism about it but he is seeing the euthusiasum and the synergy I am displaying .They are wishing me good luck but be prepared to get scammed.I am going to erase that negativity and work hard to prove them wrong. I.m commited to this program.I have some big goals to cure diabetes or reduce the amount of medication needed, to obtain that goal and I am planning to use the money I earn to make that goal happen through baby steps to get there.What better to get this country healthy not depending on medication to make it happen.

  59. Randine

    I was definitely encouraged to hear you expressing the fact that negativity is not what we want to be around! I have always looked for the positive in every situation or conversation from day to day. I have gone through many tribulations and I am sure I will encounter more throughout life. I have had people comment throughout the years, “I don’t know how you do it?”. I respond, “I stay as positive as I absolutely can so that it is harder to be knocked down.” I am now able to recognize more quickly within myself when I am starting to spiral into a negative progression of thoughts. I am then able to stop, focus and head in the appropriate direction to continue on my path to success. I feel that a positive mental attitude (PMA) is a wonderful and powerful attribute to develop and will become a cornerstone to building your success. I will continue to study, learn and apply the material that you teach to make my first money online! I WILL succeed!

    Thank you for that message Anthony!

  60. Robin Edwards

    Hi Anthony,
    I want to just thank you. I have been a member for some time now and something has always been in way of not even trying to do the business, it’s been over a year, in July I got sick and was stuck in another state in the hospital, I been going to the doctor every other day since then, and it’s been hard, but things are changing and I have been turning in to the business more, getting educated so that I can be successful. I said if I am able to continue to live after going through something many do not survive (TTP) I cannot continue to live the same, I have to take chances and live a different life then before, everything happens for a reason. Thanks Anthony for the help, and sharing the wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

  61. Rose Taube

    I am going to listen to you and collected lots of postive info, than apply postive effort as soon as possible so I can make a better me for my son’s that deserve what other children have like good clothes and join more
    school classes and events! Hang with friends and go to the movies etc…

  62. Tina Frazier


    Some of the things I plan to do to increase my personal success and economy are:

    1. Dedicate at least an hour a day to studying success tactics that you’re teaching. Sometimes I get caught up and spend 2 or 3 hours a day, but I will spend at least one hour on my SWA education.

    2. Stop wasting money on junk I don’t need, and put that money toward my education.

    3. Take steps as I learn to put what I’ve learned in action.

    4. And keep a positive “can do” attitude as I do all of the above. I know I can do this. And I will.

    As always, thanks for your inspiring tips and blogs.

    Tina Frazier

  63. Thomas J Russo

    Good Morning Anthony, The most positive time I spend each day is reading the holy scriptures as well as devotionals . I think you have the right idea with all the valuable information you provide for all of us who are on your team. Keep up the good work.

  64. Henry Valdes

    Hey Anthony,

    If I win, I don’t want the money, you can donate it to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort here in New York. I would rather trade the money for one on one training by you or your brother, or one of your surrogates. I’d be better served to succeed if winning the money was the case.



  65. K. K. Kumaroo

    Positive reenforcement by preparing a daily to-do-list and sticking with it through out the day… the best way to avoid negativity in life….

  66. Michael Herline

    Once again, Anthony, you give an uplifting message for internet entrepreneurs. Looking at my life, particularly my internet business, I spend too much time watching TV, but more importantly, I keep doing “busy” work and trying to decide what to focus on. Well, I am going to focus on a particular affiliate marketing program and realize that my dreams will come true because I will determine my road to success, no mater what naysayers may say. Onward we go to success and again, thank you for providing the motivation to do so.

  67. Bob Larke

    Anthony, Today I joined your team. A leap of faith on our part never tried anything like this before. Im 52, old school,had a great job but getting less and less hours,and cant make ends meet,my wife left me and my son and Ive been trying to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. I cut everything out and still cant do it, so talked to my son (14yr) told him if he would mind me joining your team and if so we would have to give up cable tv and keep just the internet service he told me go for it. Here we are looking forward to sucess. God bless and thank you

  68. Mark Rasay

    Agree wholeheartedly with you. I’m just getting started in affiliate marketing. Instead of putting in 5-10 hrs/wk, I’ve been putting in 30+ hrs, because I want to make this work. After my fulltime job, I’m on the PC working this. I know in the long run, I will benefit from this! I don’t get discouraged if I don’t see the numbers I want. I just know I have to try something different.
    Awesome advice!

  69. jimmy chapman

    i get way to many e-mail’s i need to learn more about free traffic until i can afford paid traffic

  70. Robert Winterhalder

    Dear Anthony,

    I am very much interested in pursuing your program to make real income as an online marketing agent. Unforetunately, my start in your program was delayed a week due to a power outage caused by Hurricane Sandy. Our power has now been restored so that I can concentrate on your program. I need to make money as soon as possible to supplement my retirement income.

    Hope to catch up on the several emails that you have sent to me.

    Bob Winterhalder

  71. Jamielee Hutton

    Thanks Anthony for a great video . Yes for the past few years politicians have been running attack ads . Politically speaking , the problem with politics is there is way to much money for positions . Oh and they vote for raises every year even though we’re in a huge deficit .
    My plan is to turn off negative ads and refuse to let them depress me . Spend more time with positive people and read a positive affirmation every morning before I start the day . Place my trust in God and focus on learning everything I can .
    Your Friend ,

  72. Maydis Skeete

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the inspirational tips. Some of the things I will do to increase my economy and personal success include:
    1, Be more aware of the type of people I listen to everyday and avoid those who focus on negativity.
    2, Pray, read the Bible daily and write down 3 things I am thankful for everyday. I get inspiration from the Word of God but often don’t take the time I should to really read and absorb like I should.
    3. Make 3 new business contacts every day. This may be me sharing informatoin about my business through email, word of mouth or giving out my business card.
    4. Stop wasting time and procrastinating.
    5. Stop overcommiting myself on so many frivolous activities that do not help my business and have little relevance to meeting any of my goals in life. Thanks again for reminding me to think about what really matters.

  73. David Niedzienski

    Anthony,I just bought in yesterday and I realy need to get back to maken money.All my thoughts are positve and it was you speaking that gave me that hope that all you have lerned ,you and your saff will make me happy and putting my life back in the right direction and meeting my goals. Thank you David Niedzienski

  74. Karen McClure

    Loved the inspiring words! It is always difficult to stay positive when everyone around you always projects their negativity. I now try to not say things to them that will bring out the negative comments and instead read something positive daily and focus on positive goals. I also try to show appreciation to at least one person daily so in turn that person will be more positive. If you connect with people in that manner, it will encourage them to do the same. Thanks for helping people to look at the positive. thanks again.

  75. hank depolo

    This was a nice segment and will hopefully help many of us. I personally have experienced the best results in the past by the following:

    1. Pay as little attention as possible to the negatives around me. I have decided to reduce and at times eliminate the news, magazines, negative movies, negative music, and negative conversations. I am what I am fed, and I would rather be in a positive and uplifting environment so that I can move in a positive direction.

    2. I take a personal inventory each day of what I have allowed to influence my thinking and actions. This affords me the opportunity to eliminate the negatives and replace them with the positives in any given situation.

    3. I set realistic goals that are both short term and long term, so that I don’t lose sight as to where I am going. It is easy to flounder and start kicking myself if I am not careful.

    4. I turn what would seem like a negative into a positive. After all, I am not perfect, so if something doesn’t work as planned, that is a good thing. It gives me more to work with in the future.

    5. I try to associate with positive people, media, and activities in order to help reinforce the good feeling that comes with a positive attitude.

    6. I call on my Higher Power, Who I call God, to check my work and to help direct me in all I do. He has never failed to give me the best path to take.

    7. I try to implement all these ideas as often as possible, and when I do, my life gets so much more enjoyable.

  76. Vassi Alvarez

    Hi Antony,
    These are the things I can do to change my negatives to positives:
    a) I will not try to change the negative thoughts of people around me (usually family members that drag me down and leave me drained).
    b) I will declutter my life and FOCUS on getting out of my economic doldrums
    c) I have already written down my plan of action and written down attainable goals – in other words, baby steps until I can learn to walk
    d) I will take ACTION and not stop until I have reached my goals

    By the way, thanks Antony. I have not been able to afford your program yet but I hope to do so in the near future. Your words always inspire me.

  77. Brenda

    Thank you Anthony for your inspiring words. My goal this week to help grow my business is to complete the online course on website creation, in order to get my website up & running. In order to be totally productive, I will get some daily exercise to promote better health, which in turn will promote more positive energy and creativity.

  78. Marianita

    I have been here in America for over 3 yrs now..I am Asian. I am dependent to my husband financially. My husband is seriously ill and it is making me more scared. I have a job but not enough to pay the bills if ever something will happen to my husband. My problem is I am always scared…I feel I do not know anything here in your country . Although I am highly educated in my country I feel so inadequate, powerless, and always afraid. I have to make myself ready if ever I need to be alone. Please help me Anthony…!

  79. Emma

    Hi Anthony,
    As you know, here on the east coast, we have been hard hit by hurricane Sandy. Thank the Lord, I came thru fine,or at least, I thought so. I came home yesterday to a sewer system that is just as overwhlemed as the hurricane victims. Water and other things, I need not mention, all over the downstairs. What a negative! I have a guy here assesing the damage and the cost it would take to fix. Going to cost an arm and a leg I presume.I am just leaving this up to the Lord. I am turning this negative into a positive by doing some volunteering in a shelter for those that have been misplaced due to the hurricane.

  80. Noel Hunt

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Anthony. Thanks always for keeping in touch with us all.
    Redirection of thoughts especially to areas of interest such as your courses with focus on those thoughts and removing, physically, yourself from sources
    of negativity. One can silently ask the Universe to help those in need, but we have no need to immerse ourselves to a point of obsession into negaive life styles. Also, take time to enjoy the outdoors….MOTHER NATURE. That is so life giving….even if for only 10min. each day. PLUS VISUALIZE SUCCESS!
    That just wont come with being immersed in negativity.
    These are a few of my contributions for reducing negativity in life and finding positivity in life. Thanks Anthonly!!! We all so appreciate YOU & ADRIAN!!!!

  81. Shirley G-K

    Hey Anthony,
    I thought about your message and these are the actions I will take.

    1. Declutter my life. I am not a hoarder by any means but I do see areas in my life that need to be better organized.
    2. Practice a little Feng Shui to better the positive flow of chi in my home.
    3. Continue my affiliate marketing education and continue plugging away at it until I reach my goals.

    I have been at this since June 2012. My first trip to MS was in Aug. Each month since I have increased my online earnings. Slow and steady efforts win every time!

    Peace Out,
    Shirley G-K

  82. Sandy Nickell

    If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, I am going to follow after these things, to make the world a better place for me and for those around me. Onward and upward.
    Thanks, Anthony.

  83. Lar

    Success begins with me! All of my undertakings have to be based on my positive thinking and actions. Being open minded and willing to accept the positive aspects in life as I encounter them. An open mind, but also and educated mind, by reading, watching, listening to the educators that lean on the positive side of life. It is a fact that noone is perfect, and many move in circles by trial and error, however, that is where our good judgement comes into play. And our good judgement is the asset we achieve by involving ourselves into ‘life’s’ study, that is to say I do need to seek out the educators that have those positive build up messages for the betterment in our lives. I do have that energy and we all need to engage the afterburners and go for it! Success and happiness in our ventures.
    Regards. Lar

  84. Brian Caton

    Hi Anthony, really excited to be on board with you every week . Everything you’ve published and all your weekly emails are dry helpful. Keep up the good work. Just looking forward to seeing, ready, and listening to all the thing you put out for us definitely keeps me away from all the negativity there is out there. Looking forward to start seeing the flow of cash coming in soon. Thanks you for everything so far.

  85. Sharon Jones

    Thank you Anthony for your message to stay Positive. I just purchased your Social Media Profit Program this past Week-End. My Husband had seen your advertisement three times, then he finally told me about it. We both said together what do we have to lose by trying your program. You see we are losing our home and living on his Disability Check only. My Brother-InLaw mentioned to me that I needed a business to work from home so I could take care of my husband who had surgery two months ago. Even though we don’t know where we are going to live, you helped me to keep thinking positive and not to let negative thoughts take over by keeping a positive mind. I am waiting for the program and can’t wait to get started. I put all my faith in my God Jehovah who states at Heb 13:5 in part I will by no means leave you nor by any means forsake you. I pray this is the Program that will help my family and others. Thank you Anthony for your program to help other people.

  86. Melody

    Hi Anthony, Having a positive mindset will produce positive results. I will try to think positive & grow my business & not to let negetivity stand in my way. You can’t be successful & be a negetive person. Thanks Anthony, you are always inspiring. Melody.

  87. Mary Ann

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m afraid people get the wrong idea about turning off what’s going on around them and that’s how we end up with so many uninformed voters. Take what you hear, be well informed and turn it into a positive. I don’t believe in turning off life or something negative and hope it will go away. I believe in making things happen and participating in positive change. I take what I hear and do something about it, like campaign for candidates who support my values and most importantly VOTE! That’s why I’ve been a Success with Anthony student, so I could take control and “be the change”. There are 3 kinds of people in this world…Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who didn’t know anything happened. Stay engaged in life, this is not a spectator sport.

  88. Joe Bosch

    An idea for a New Year’s Resolution.

    Every month get the family together to write a thank you note to someone we’ve all taken for granted. For example, the water company, the garbage collector, that neighbor whose house we go by on our walks to thank them for having such a beautiful yard, the TV manufacturer, the maker of the coffee pot or the stove, etc. Look around for beauty! Sure there’s ugliness, but there’s beauty too, and don’t forget it.

    Can you imagine what the world would look like if this caught on? How many companies do you think have a compliment department?

    I write. Two of my 10 suggestions to fix the election mess. 1. No campaign shall be longer than 6 weeks. 2. All incumbents must run in the first election, and if less than 50% vote, there’s a new election in 6 weeks, and “none of the above” can run in it. Put control back into the hands of “We the People” where the Founding Fathers intended it to be.

    For this to work, the schools MUST be forced to teach, Solid Citicenship, Simple Finances, Sound Decision Making Skills, etc.

    I’m still waiting to learn how to get lots of traffic to my website on a regular basis. If this isn’t the case, there isn’t going to be much income.


  89. Everett Arnett

    Great pep talk, needed that. I think I’m going to quit looking at internet marketing as being to difficult and start looking at it as a can do job and a way to help others around me.

  90. Laura Blaesing

    Hello, Anthony. I am a 54 yr old female unemployed and facing major health issues, I know I am, by no means, alone. I set about trying to find a way to make money on-line, and became so frustrated and disheartened that my ‘income’ search turned into playing games on the net, sitting around all day, and sleepless with worry at night. Then I happened on your site. The effort you put forth to help your members succees is second to none. Just as this e’mail deals with positivity, your entire presentation teems with support and a positive attitude. Thank you for the opportunity. I am just beginning, but am definately looking forward to positive things!

  91. robert

    I make it a daily item to check off. the weekly sch is set and each day I
    check the sch to see what is happening.
    1. I then start and if something changes, so be it.
    2. I set some time for reading the good books and meditation
    3. once a task is started, I work to complete it or find a resolution as what need to be done to accomplish it.
    4. It is the commitment of moving forward no matter what the problem is

  92. Sharron Hudgins

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for your own personal touch for keeping us focused on the positive. Sometimes it can be a difficult thing to bring ourselves out of the negative world around us, especially when trying to take on a new venture. Unsure feelings and slow progress can sometimes influence people to give up early.
    Personally, I am going to continue reading encouraging books. The one I am reading now is “Your Best Life Now” written by: Joel Osteen . This book has shown me I need to have a mental picture of myself being successful and expect it to happen. So this is what I plan to make myself do daily, if only for five minutes at a time throughout the day. Giving God thanks is also on my list, now matter I hard things get (I recently lost my home).
    I also want to consider what I want to write in a blog for advise to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Being that I was born and live on the gulf coast, and been through many hurricanes (including Katrina), I feel I can offer some useful information. No matter how bad things seem, seeing the aftermath reminds me things can always be worse.

  93. Don O

    to be as upbeat as Anthony!! To truly believe in myself and the opportunity before me!!!


  94. Jane M

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for the video; it has inspired and motivated me to continue to think positive in affiliate marketing. For the past month, I have been reading and reviewing your materials online, as well as your books,which I have downloaded to my kindle. I am constantly reviewing the paperwork I received from my mentor, including the stuff I’ve learned from the 3-day course. And, each week I have been experimenting with different ads in Lead Impact, POF, and Direct CPV, as well as split-testing those ads. I plan on continuing to get educated in affiliate marketing, and hopefully turn this business into a full-time job, while working part-time at my current job.

  95. Tom Guthrie

    I will endeavor to do the following:

    Stop focusing on exterior circumstances under which I have no control.
    Focus solely on changing that which is within my grasp.

    Find ways to more effectively structure the time I devote to my business; not getting too involved in one area (promoting) to the detriment of other areas (training, exploring other market and income streams, etc.)

    Be open to alternative means of income production; not allowing myself to become a “one-trick pony”.

  96. Faline Connelly

    What a coincidence! That is exactly what I have been saying the last few days!! Turning negative into a positive. Then, I met a nice couple that was saying the same thing! The young man had a terrible car accident leaving him crippled but now he walks, talks, and smiles a lot! I am grateful for all I have and now spend more time studying this business and less time watching TV or having meaningless conversations. I pray more and complain less. Staying happy,

  97. clark crawford

    1. begin day with prayer and 15 min scripture reading
    2. I am involved in affiliate marketing with two companies that teach how to day trade currencies etc
    3. I also am an a affiliate marketer for real estate hedge funds who look for real estate agents with particular types of listings.
    4, I stay positive because I love what I do and love helping people.
    5. I also stay positive by eating right and exercise
    6. I stay positive by helping those who are in need
    7. I love sharing the affiliate marketing side of trading and real estate; I also am personally trading and a real estate investor
    8. I find that when I am negative i am thinking too much about myself and my problems and just need to help some one l

  98. Kong Sourivong

    hey Anthony thank you for your blogged inspiring .every times listened.

    Thanks you

  99. Rod

    Action, Action, Action !!

    Anthony between you and Adrian I KNOW I’m going
    to make success and achieve my financial goals. I have two of the most dependable institutor’s to date. thanks for all the knowledge it really helps.

  100. Martha Ann Smith

    Hi Anthony
    I have purchased your book and training. I have not received the book yet.
    I plan to find the reason for the delay. I plan to return the calls I have received from PMI to get the help I need to learn to do the program. I plan to review all the original videos from your class in Atlanta GA. I am going to make a real effort to start doing all I can to make this work for me and my family. Thank you for all your encouragement and the helpful talks each week.

    Martha Ann Smith

  101. Gwendolyn Douglas

    I’ll learn more watch the video and read more book . keeping up the good thing work. i spend too much watch tv. thank you for help me support to look at the positive .

  102. Steve

    I will continue to take action every day. I will surround myself with glass half full people. I’ll smile more every day as this produces positive endorphins and uses more muscles in your body this burning more calories : ). I will laugh every day multiple times. I will huge my wife and two awesome children every day multiple times. I will live a life of abundance and give back to those less fortunate than I as I am a beloved in, “you get back what you put out two fold.”

  103. Pam & Hunter

    Hi Anthony, We have 6 children and 6 grandchildren. One of our sons is yer age and it makes me feel rather aged somewhat to learn from someone younger than 3 of our children. We lost our spouses over 5 years ago and we met online. We were married two months later because it was so right. We couldn’t be happier. His job allows us to travel together and therefore I needed employment online so I could continue to travel with him. There are many online scams out there and of course I fell for one. Then I fell for another one. Well, being tired of this, you came along and I was skeptical but my husband was even more skeptical. So we went to a meeting about your ideas and wealth motivation and well, obviously, we fell for it. Lock, stock and barrel. Even though it is not easy for me right away, I know we can do this. The more I listen to you everyday and the more I learn, the more I know I CAN! WE ARE, MOTIVATED TO CARRY THIS OUT! Can hardly wait for our first check. Wish we had you living with us to help us older people out for a few days, weeks, . I think a couple weeks would do it. Please come over. We will feed you and take care of you. Thank you so much for coming into our lives at a most needed time. 🙂 Pam and Roy
    His name is Hunter but everyone calls him Roy. Once again, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. darlene mckean

    Dear Anthony,
    What a wonderful weekend. My husband and I went a to a marriage conference.
    The conference was all about getting out of earthly ruts and focusing on the home.
    The Lord is now in charge.
    The people who count are the one that pay our bills.(that would be he and I)
    No more negative forces.
    Satin is a liar.
    God is not a God of confusion.
    We will be working postively toward become debt free this year.
    Thank you for your encouragement.
    May God Bless you,

  105. Joe R Reeves

    Anthony, Adrian did a fantastic job in Seattle. My wife and I signed up for personal mentoring and are scheduled to attend the MS meeting this month. Diana, my wife, is very possitive, but I am a little frustrated because the homework we have leaves me with some questions that I will not be able to get answered until we have our first mentoring session. While at our first workshop, I got the impression that we would be able to listen in on the Utah workshops, but found out later that we are in limbo until after our first session. All this time we are losing to start putting some positive energy into marketing dampens my positiveness. On the positive side, we have done our homework and even funded some of the necessary networks, ready for personal mentoring.

  106. Elena Dominguez

    Good! for you, one more reason to admire you dear Anthony, you are our he
    God our Good Lord is going to compensate you with blessings from high above, no doubt about that!
    I am just praying that all be right for you and your loved ones, everywhere you go, and everything you do!!
    Thank you for all you do for your family and all of us!!
    Your friend E. Lilia Dominguez.

  107. Shanay

    Hi Anthony
    Im Shanay this is my first time ever seeing one of your videos; Thanks to my husband and your right there is lots of negativity in the world these days im a mom of two kids. Me personally im going to have group disgustions to kinda get the feel where everyone is in today`s economy and how it has effected them and their famlies. I plan to teach my kids respect, common sense,and self respect. I would like to learn more about your investment so i can get started earning money.

  108. Bill Russell

    Spend less time watching TV
    Implementing the lessons taught on the Success Connection

  109. DeLois Weldon

    I am a widow, faced with the short future I have. I work with a Homecare
    business who helps the elderly in their own home. This has been very
    rewarding for me. The couple I work with is 92 years old. They have been
    through a lot, World War 11, the Korean War (of which my husband was in),
    and all of the ups and downs in between. I take care of them from 7am to 7pm, 3/4 days a week. I wish I had more time to persue some internet affiliate business to help me cope with my debt. I’ve tried, but with no luck.

    Thanks Anthony for your insight on different matters that concerns our world.

  110. Judith J.Gebora

    Hi Anthony, Since long time I am following your presence on the internet, I had have purchased a membership for your site. You asking to write down several things what I know I should change from negative to positive. After my sister died 4 months ago, I have to take care for my 80 years Mom, who leave in a different country. Last year in December I did last my home of 16 years due for foreclosure. Since then one bed thing follow the others in my life. Very hard to change for me my thinking in the right way experience these incident in my life. Any way, you are absulutely right when you tell us, the positive thinking will help a lot in the out look in the business life. For this, I will put in my mind, I can do it, I can and will build up my internet business in the coming year,even if it will be with small steps. I will clear out in my head, what things are or aren’t important in my life to keep me on this way. I will get a tutor, I know it is the way to learn the successful way.

  111. Bernice J Adams

    i am going to start talking to others in a positive way and leave the negative out…i am going to read more positive books and writings…positive positive positive……….

  112. Kenneth Collins

    I haven’t been active in this because of lack of money and actually using what I have. This week I’m going to set a side time for the business and learning from what being taught in the success connection and the programs I’ve purchased and work from where I am now so when funds come my way I will already be in motion and ready to direct the funds where there are needed to help with my progress.

  113. Mark Roth

    Anthony, thank you for continuing to put out Success Connection. It really does help me to keep engaged. This week I will put more time into learning by putting aside some of the daily distractions and focus on the task at hand.
    Have yourself a great day, and thanks again.

  114. theresa

    Hello Anthony…..:) you are so awsome….just purchased your laser list building and omg love how you have all the programs in one spot. I know can just look there and bam my program is there casue yes I do have more than one of your programs cause you are the best of the best. ok I see the big smile on your face and your curly hair getting all curly… oh I wish I had your hair. yes postive thinking at all times is how we stay positve no more my glass is half empty but half full. how I my negetive thougts will stay postive something you shared with us from the very begining.
    1. engage with people who are postive and most of all support what you are doing and know as well as you do you will succeed.
    2. if we are on low budget and free ads is all we can do look at the big bright light at the end that or ads will pay off and bam paid ads here I come.
    3. just like are thoughts stay postive if or ads are not working then we need to change how we present them with postive thougts for best results.
    4. stay in touch with our friend Anthony look forward to his weeklyl blogs and success connection. we all know after each one we see how motivated we get after each one I know I do.
    5. plan my day on what I will be doing either research, posting ads on forums or blogs, finding a new niche and doing some research on it.
    6. keeping my family on postive thoughts also. no more negetive, we are a postive family from know on.
    7. remeber happy feelings leads to positive thinking. which then leads to positive posting, postive research and positive results.
    have a great day ……

  115. Dianne

    Erasing negativity in my life as been a goal for several years now. I pick project; such as re-organizing my kitchen cabinets so when I open the cabinet I see everything in their proper place without things falling out or hard to find. This summer I pulled out outgrown clothes from my boys closet and dresser and toys not used and donated them to my church. I bought colored folders and organized my bills and important doc to eliminate my frustration when I need to find a doc without rummaging through drawers etc. Overtime these small independent project have an exponential effect on my mood when I walk into my house. I am more inclined read blogs, research and listen to Anthony success connections and webinars.

  116. Sean

    Hi Anthony – Having been unemployed and underemployed for almost a year now I have had many reasons to be negative (especially during the past week). However, this time of hardship has been a blessing. While difficult and financially stressful, it has allowed me to reevaluate what is truly important in my life and reaffirm what I believe in. Something that has always been a passion of mine is community service which I never had time for in the past. While I have made some basic contributions thus far to my local Rotary club, you have motivated me to push through the difficulties in my own life and the rampant negativity during this time of year. I am initiating new projects, new campaigns, and opening new fundraising avenues for my Rotary club and the community efforts that we support. Thank you again for the push in the right direction. -Sean

  117. John H

    Your message of a positive, upbeat totality(body,mind &soul) is truth I first learned in NA almost 30 yrs ago, and is found in all the truly inspiring literature out there ( I know, I’ve read much of it). My shortcoming for not putting it all together except in spurts and starts. There is something about the way you put this that is so simple, so graspable(?). I feel a comfort level with you and your message that I’ve not felt before. Thank you for being you.

  118. M J Fitzpatrick

    This week I will say STOP each time I begin to think negatively or begin to make a negative comment. If I can catch myself in the act, I can change it to what I want it to be – positive.

  119. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    That is a great idea. With so much negativity in my life right now, I need to think of something positive. So far, I have been failing in trying to sell stuff online. I will try anything to get a new idea, a good email list and positive inspring thoughts. I will try it. Thanks Anthony. Have a great week

  120. Evelyn Murdock

    You Success Connection came at a good time. My mind is filled with politics and negativity. My goal is to change my attitude and outlook on life. My yoga teacher expressed the importance of laughter and I agree;taking the situation one day at a time.

  121. Cathleen

    Hi Anthony, Here is how I will start
    Erasing Negetivity:
    1. Get out of house and greet others with Hi and Smile.
    2. Take action and not sit on the side lines.
    3. Set daily goals & check off as I complete them.
    4. I will spend less time playing games & commit to my future.

  122. Oleg L

    Hi Anthony. Thank you for your encouragement.
    Here are the things in my life that I will convert from negative to positive within this week:
    – listen motivational videos or audios every day with the purpose to find positive things that help me to move towards my success and implement those things as soon as possible;
    – clean my office from negative paper junk
    – monitor my negative voice by encouraging others to do positive things. Simple example is to send out email to my close supporter whom I have helped to find a day job and who always stays behind and helps me on the same challenge.
    – work on helping my spouse to overcome fear of losing income from a regular day job.

  123. James Waters

    Anthony, thank you for the reminder. I try to keep a positive outlook by reading positive success principle books. I know that there is room for improvement. That is always the case in my opinion. What I intend to do is devote more time to implementing the principles I have learned and be more patient with myself and keep myself as positive as possible.

  124. Merton Marley

    Anyone who is successful in owning their own business, whether internet, MLM,” “brick & mortar” stores, consulting, etc. know how important it is to stay positive and ignore negatives.

  125. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony!

    This was another wonderfully motivating video! I, too, get frustrated hearing all the negative stuff going on right now.

    Probably the most damaging negativity I hear, though, is in my own mind! This causes me to lack the motivation I need to keep on doing the things I need to be doing to have success. The results have been that I waste a lot of time on the internet doing things that are not productive.

    This week I plan to spend more time in the PMI classroom, reading your blog articles, keeping up with the Success Connection videos, and working on getting the rest of my landing pages planned and submitted to eBiz.

    I think I have been forgetting to share the last few videos, so I will also do a better job or remembering that!

    Thanks for all you do!

  126. Randy Hutchinson

    Hi Anthony,
    I am currently engaged in gearing my thinking for success, I am currently engaged in a course in IT, I’m going for the Associat’s degree. I’m currently as poor as a church mouse, everybody has to start from somewhere. Marketing is one of the best enterprises out there now,please show me how to work it.I am motivated,and gearing up for it,I currently getting rid of all those success roadblocks that I have.I am making a list,and checking it daily.Goal are important now,I will be engaging,a start in making the bigger ones happen now.

  127. Cassandra Marcus

    Just joined today and I like what I see so far some of the things that I am going to change from negative is being financially able to take care of myself and my family. start doing things on time change the way that I think, share my opinions with others when ask, and follow the steps that Anthony has shared with me to be successful thank you for giving me the opportunity to change my life.

  128. Faline Connelly

    Write down what I’m grateful for. Show positiveness to others. Speak positively. Balance aspects of my life so I have enough energy for all that is important for me. Pay attention to positive things and avoid negative topics, shows, or thoughts. Donate. Volunteer.

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