Success Connection #134: An Important Lesson

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This weeks $150 Winner is Donna Williams who posted on November 2, 2012 at 4:35 pm, Congrats Donna!


  1. Craig Upton

    Anthony I enjoy watching your videos. I would really like to get started in using your system. I would really like to meet with you in person just to see if this system is for me. I think timing is everything and with the Christmas season coming up on us, I would like to have something in place. Thanks for any feedback that you can provide for me at this time.

  2. Malinda Ohern

    Thank you for all your lessons. I am learning alot. Would also love for you to come to my house to. 🙂

  3. Yevonne

    I am one of those that would not do a video. I would NOT be camera friendly. Let me look and see what would work the best. Thanks!

  4. Malinda Ohern

    I want to do a video on Weight loss. I have no idea how to work clickbank. Any help would be great.

  5. Richard Short

    I want fiverr to produce a nice video about how to control your blood pressure naturally (diet and exercise) without taking prescription drugs, then I want to build a facebook page to put it on. Then I want another video promoting “The Truth About Abs” that I can put on my facebook page that is already up @

  6. King Richard

    Anthony I would love too meet u in person to get the ins and out of the Internet. Kinda confused with your material. Need u to take me through the steps nice and slowly. Have a burning desire to sell products on the Internet. I don’t know how to get started. I could use your intellect and wisdom. I hate working for others. I feel like I’m still stuck in the 80’s( back to the future) great movie! E mail me Anthony on how to find myself please

  7. C.Caldwell

    Thats what makes listening to your messages fun and worth while. I have heard about and read some articles about it but never thought to use it like you are suggesting. + = $. What a good idea!!

  8. Charles McGregor

    Great idea about outsourcing videos to I’m going to look at other optiions too at as I have not used that service but see where it could benefit me in my business. Thanks Anthony, have a good day TCHFBS

  9. stanley escolano

    All your success connection is very interesting. For a beginner its like
    a dog chasing a car. what do you do when you catch it.


  10. Juan

    Great Idea of using I’ll will do my video on the best way to loose weight, by getting Gastric bypass

  11. Joyce Knake

    Yes, I’m waiting for an answer from Fiverr about a question that I had before I submit an article. It sounds like a really good deal to me and also a cheap way to get something that I need. And it seems like a wide open space for people wanting to learn things or get started and people that want to sell stuff like that .Ex. How to lose weight , How to make different things like jewelry. I think it’ll be great.

  12. Bill Douglas

    Anthony, I look forward to your Success Connections as well as other tidbits.

    Bill Douglas

  13. Sharon N

    Yes, this definitely looks doable (don’t know if that’s even a word) for me. There is no way I’m getting in a video, plus I don’t have any way to make one. At this time, anyway. I also wonder where my comments go. I have posted a lot of comments, but never see them come up here when I check back. I usually watch each of your Success Connection videos more than once.

  14. carmilita

    Great video n I will like to learn more n learn how to get money please n thank you.

  15. Gary Hoppe

    Great tip on using for your YouTube videos! Cheap is good!
    I think I will see if someone could do a video for me for my website above and talk quickly about a topic concerning keeping reptiles as pets(an old hobby of mine).

  16. Sylvia

    You know Anthony, I am one of those people who would rather NOT be on camera doing a video. I have heard of before but I NEVER would have thought of using them to create a video for me. It’s like the saying goes “think outside the box” and I believe this is the answer to a lot of people’s hesitation on using YouTube as an advertising venue. Thanks so much for sharing this Success Connection Lesson!

  17. Vernon Miller

    Anthony I got your system some tmie ago. Needless to say I was some what unable to truely understand and put in place all of the information. Also I could not aford the mentoring program and like many wanta make money on the internet entreprenurs, I have lost my way. Please help me get back on track.

    Thanks for your time and understanding.

    More Love More Peace More Life!!!


  18. tina

    Thanks Anthony for the “$uccess Connection #134: An Important Lesson”
    Your videos are very helpful, but I don’t have it all down yet. I have a whole gmail folder just with your stuff you send me in it so I can watch them when I have time. They are such an inspiration and comfort knowing that you took the time to care about me and send me something. I will get there but it takes some $$ to do some of these sites to get up and running. Thanks for all you send me . your friend Tina

  19. Timothy Slazyk

    Ok, I just finished learning about Fiverr and have so many AMAZING ideas. Thanks for the video. The potential here is INCREDIBLE! Who would’ve thought! Can I make a suggestion? Download “JING”. It will be your new best friend. Now I’ve just increased my competition by telling you that but still glad I could help. I think that’s considered “Good Karma”. Learn about “Viral Marketing” at

  20. Chad Norman

    Thanks I learned one thing! Go to to have someone make a video

  21. Mark Roth

    Anthony, I’m apprehensive to work the video scene with my current knowledge and comfort, but I think this will be a great goal to set for myself. Thanks for the Success Connection.

  22. Lois A Souvenir

    I hope this will work. In any event it can not hurt to try and it won’t cost much. So here goes. I am going to try and take a small piece out of the last presidential debate and do a small skit. I will post it as soon as it is done. Wish me all the best.

  23. Don O

    Probably will not use but if I did I would probably film “fat” people –the obesity problem is out of hand in the US! These people are not aware of the health challenge!!

  24. Shannon Lewis

    I sent away for your info a long time ago and never did anything with it. Now I am ready and dont know how to start generating revenue. Ploease help.

  25. Tom Stowe

    I am making all my monies off gifting programs and similiar programs.
    I have spent thousands on affiliate networks and made 0 (zero) money.
    I am thingking all the gurus are crooks and just take my money with scams.
    I need to move forward.
    My son broke his neck when the paramedics move him and he has been in intensive care at the hospital for 2 weeks.
    The bills are billing up.
    I use fiverr and it is great. I get results with them. Thanks for the video.
    Your team is the greatest.
    Tom Stowe

  26. Ben Benson

    Hi Anthony,
    Well, I hadn’t really thought too much about doing a video on YouTube but now that you mentioned it it’s worth a try.I will have to think of something to do the video on. Here goes brainstorming. Thanks,



  27. Justin

    Hi Anthony,

    I think Fiverr is a great site for people who don’t have time, or a video camera, or have stage fright that can help them promote their products and post them on Youtube. An in-expensive way to sell and get traffic. I think it’s very helpful. I’m promoting my ClickBank product through PPC marketing, but it’s tough to get clicks since people are somewhat hesitant on converting and not completely sure of what they want actually works. I updated my campaign with a new ad title, etc so I’m hopeful this time it’ll work so we’ll see. I’m actually thinking about doing a video as you suggested with Fiverr, since that’s another great way to possibly get a lot of traffic and hopefully conversion. Thanks a lot for the advice!

  28. Lori Wiberg

    Just getting started and learning. This sounds good for in the future for me. Thanks for the videos I watch them and learn every week! I am excited to get started with my first ad!

  29. BRAD

    Hi Anthony, I was introduced to Fiverr about 1 month ago and I’ve been using them ever since. The idea of using them to create a youtube video is fantastic. The possibilities for that is endless. We can use them to create an introduction video, a crazy “get attention” video or even a customer testimonial. Be careful to hire someone who is reliable and has a lot of positive feedback.
    Thanks for the tip.

  30. Elmer Sabisch

    Yes I like your Success Connection. I watch for it and like this week I picked up a good idea. Thank you

  31. Christine Sexton

    Great idea, thank you for sharing this. Love the Success Connection information. Keep them coming.

    Thank you, Christine

  32. Kenneth Collins

    I like this idea, I haven;t picked a niche yet but I have thought a bout voip/netTalk DUO, working from home and weight loss teas. Fiverr is a good idea.

  33. Kathy Hauser

    Great advice for those of us who aren’t very good at making good videos. Thanks for letting us know about

  34. Aletha Smith-Forsythe

    I don’t have a website yet. I like the idea. I am going to try it.
    Thanks for the great tips.

  35. Rita

    You are giving me ideas about creating a video of myself singing..yes dear I can sing! I am having fun with my site & have been able to reach out & help some people with the content of my niche. Love your success connections.

  36. Kong Sourivong

    I would like to thank you Anthony for teaching me and other,

    I love to learn from your blog.

  37. Bob Vawter

    Thanks Anthony. Your advice is valued and needed. I’ll need ideas for a video but at least I am aware of your the concepts and can work toward them.

  38. Rory Kunz

    Love the idea and will be trying it soon. I first have to figure out a topic to work on but i don’t think i would have thought of using fiverr for a video. Love it.

  39. Barbara McKenna

    I love watching your Success Connection! I’ve been trying SOOO hard to make money. I’ve got alot of things started and work at it probably 16 hours a day because I don’t have a regular job. You Tube videos is yet another thing to think about and I will for sure. Thanks for your inspiration

  40. Jamie Seichter

    I liked the video, but honestly I don’t think that this is for me. Could be a good tip for my wife though.

  41. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    Great Idea on how to use fiverr. I heard the name before but was not sure what it was about.
    Thanks for the information.

  42. AJay

    I want to start a information websit where anyone and everyone can ask questions from home repairs to weight loss and more! And I want them to be able to get answers instantly!
    Annette Johnson 11/10/12

  43. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    This is really fantastic. I will definitely try it and I hope it will work. I had some bad luck lately so I have not been engaged in the success connection as much as I would like but I want to do this and I will go back a couple of weeks so I could see from icontact and see how I could build my list and finally get going. Keep the success connection coming.
    Thanks Anthony. I hope that one day I can meet you in person.

  44. Sandra Fallon

    I’m working on my website and I know what I want to do, but quite honestly Anthony I just couldn’t get into doing my own videos, this really, really helps! I want to use the videos to give free tips on topics that I am educated in and share the information, perhaps someone out there can benefit. Thanks a million!

  45. Mark Porter

    I am collecting the most useful advice for my business. I thought that the Fiverr advice was excellent. I can’t wait to see how it works. I intend to use some U-tube videos and also the Fiverr. It depends on the approach I want. One on one with those that express interest in my products and Fiverr for a general audience.

  46. Dan Ayers

    Anthony, thank you for this idea. I am one of those that would absolutely hate
    being on camera. I’d been thinking about this and you have already come up with an excellent solution. Thanks very much for all your help.


  47. Karen A Fox

    I truly like this great idea since I don’t want to make a video with myself in it! Clearly this can be put to use to just get people to your fan page also! Hope you are all well! Thank you for the great info!

  48. Joyce Rottschaefer

    I don’t have a website yet either but will definetely use the tip when I get up and running.- hopefully finished this week.

  49. Debbie Sundholm

    Thank you for the Fiverr idea. I would like several videos fitness and health related. I need my sons cooperation for the video. He will be the fitness model example:D

  50. tina houston

    I am going to do a video with me (personally) telling people about real estate investing and how its such a wonderful business and talk about tips and strategies that they can use to achieve financial freedom! I hope to win this contest! Thanks for the opportunity and great advice Anthony.

  51. Bernitha

    I like the video about build sent and profit emails but can not afford it right now maybe ofter xmas if it’s still aviable then I have order you book on hidden millionaire and prifit but didn under it of posting link so when i get the finanices i will oredr this one about build send emails

    love your videos

  52. Marc Montaniel

    Using to do videos on a gaming or weight loss offer seems to be more cost-effective than pure textual ads. So, I’ll definitely try this route for promoting these products and hope to cash in on this. Thanks Anthony for this ingenious idea.

  53. Thomas J Russo

    Good Morning Anthony, Your suggestions are always very help full, however as always we have to implement them. Thank you for this opportunity to communicate with you on an ongoing basis. The ideas you have our very valuable because they are tried and true. Thank you again

  54. Don Warren

    I love the idea Anthony. Thanks for the suggestion. I had not put Fiverr & youtube together like you explained.

    I plan to research topics on Youtube to see what’s popular and get a Fiverr person to create a new video on one of their most popular topics.

  55. Judy Wheeles

    Hi Anthony, thanks for the information. If you had not passed this tidbit along, I would have never known about it. Thanks for sharing. I’ll give it a try. 🙂

  56. Joe Bosch

    Never heard of them until now. Plan to visit their website.

    Thanks for the new avenue.


  57. Tracy Summerlin

    Yes Anthony! I see the potential this can make for me. I love that site, there are so many different promoting services on fiverr that can help us in so many ways. There is another simuliar site as well called “”. I just signed up with your new program a few weeks ago, and trying to digest all of the great information. Can’t wait to make millions and share it!!!!!!! Everyone have a great Thanksgiving :))

  58. Barb Lykins

    I don’t have a website, but I would use Wellness and beauty that is on my
    Facebook. I am interested in that line of promotion to help people with their
    physical health, environment health, and financial security.

  59. Vernon Stroppel

    I’ve not tried this yet, but I will be checking it out. I saw a guy make a video with still pictures, using about 8 different pictures with a caption on top of each picture, posted it on YouTube and got like 1,400 hits and said he made about $200 in a week. I did not see the profits, but I did see the hits.

  60. Dennisward

    Anthony, I wish I had the money to pay you to show me how to do the things you have done to make as money as you have made. Maybe one day I will.

    Thanks man,


  61. Rene

    Anthony, Thanks for your information. I will open the website to see how it works. I’m going to keep connected to your website to keep looking through the information you sent me every day, to get the system that’s right for me and that it can also handle deftly.

  62. Julie Bird

    My sales have been low and I might just use this for some advertising for my Herbalife website. Maybe it will help me get some sale. I’ll check it out and let you know!!


    Julie Bird

  63. James Waters

    Thanks for your thoughts about Fiverr. I will find a way to use this in my business.

  64. Bob Vawter

    Thanks Anthony I hope to integrate it into my busines Maybe it can get it off the ground for me.

  65. Larry Schmitz

    Hi Anthony,

    This is a great idea. I do not have a website yet but I will try soon.
    I am going to your 3 day training in St. Louis starting Dec 7. Looking forward to that also.

  66. Joyce Knake

    I put my first gig on yesterday. had some difficulty with the image and they let you know right away what’s wrong with your project. We’ll see what happens.

  67. Bobbie

    I get a lots out of your videos but still having problems and learning how to upload videos. I am not that good yet, but if you get some time or do it for my christmas gift to come to my house and get me started i would more than appreciated i would be beside myself. Thanks for everything!

  68. Ipe Pereira Da Silva

    Video on youtube is very important to promote everything! Thank you anthony!

  69. Marquis Montague

    Anthony, Thanks for learn about that this wonderful. I am interesting in how is works..

  70. Tina Frazier

    I think using fiverr is an excellent idea! I’m not ready for the camera right now, maybe someday. But I’m sure I could find a “ham” or two that would make me some videos. And I know the election is over, but it’s still fresh on people’s minds. And I think I could think up some spoofs that would attract some attention. And I think I very we’ll may do that. Thanks for the idea. As always, thanks for your help and inspiration! Have a great day 😉

  71. D.W. Shaw

    Hey Anthony; I just watched your training video a few moments ago, & I’m one of those people who don’t’ like being on camera! That Fiverr ideal sound pretty good. I can’t say for sure that I will use it right now, primarily because I don’t know what to ask someone to film I’m not big on YouTube but I hear you tube is big. Maybe I will borrow some one camera and film my sisters silly mutes,or something. I don’t know how that could make money on U Tube but hey why not, there are some pretty crazy video on U Tube. First time comment; D.W. Killeen Texas

  72. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony!

    Another great idea!!! I don’t have a video camera but my digital photo camera has a video setting on it. I have a tripod, so I could use it to set up the camera, then film away! Since my primary niche is scrapbooking and card making, I would probably do a short tutorial on a specific technique or tool.

    Thanks for the awesome idea!

  73. theresa

    Hi Anthony thank you once again, will look into fiverr and will get back with you theresa.

  74. Kong Sourivong

    hey Anthony, Thank you for blog. I learned from you every days is learn and gain knowledge.

  75. Dianne Yeager

    Anthony, as usual you have great ideas. My niche is fitness also and had I started affiliate marketing twenty years ago, when I was young and thin, I would have loved to video my blogs so the Fiverr is an excellent tool and venue.

  76. Cecilia

    This is a valuable lesson. Excellent idea as I do not have a video camera yet. Just starting to working from clickbank. Thank you Anthony.

  77. Ray Gonzalez

    Is there a way to see some of those video that have been posted to get a few ideas?

  78. Bobby

    Thank You For Sharing This… from one month I’ve just follow your recommendations learn from the courses of SWA and i admire you..
    Only YOU show us the way of thinking the way of possibilities how to do it, because most of the people don’t think at all…
    Everything for success is about how we think and you inspire me …
    I was tired of this lies and fake people.. thank you for everything.
    I hope someday to met you personal and share words with you..
    But it’s not a dream it’s a goal and i’m sure i will accomplished this.
    I’m waiting for the webinar 🙂

  79. Brenda M Outland (TTE)

    Hi Anthony, Another great idea! My late husband, who was a commercial photographer, used to give people a shiny new silver dollar when they signed giving him permission to sell their photograph.

    Brenda Outland, in San Diego

  80. Bill Munro


    This is an excellent idea for those who may be camera shy. I myself will
    probably make videos about marketing. I myself am not camera shy,
    however what I learn, I enjoy sharing that knowledge with others.

    I have other niches that I may make videos of. This is great for those who
    don’t want to get in front of a camera. Thanks for the info.

    To Our Success,

    Bill Munro

  81. Salik

    I think you are making a difference in peoples’ lives in so many ways… those that are willing to listen to what you have to say. It is all about taking what you learn in life from each good learning outlet—— if you will. And applying those things, and adding on here and there. You might have got some knowledge here, and then somewhere else; and you put it all together. Sometime just coming up with your own spin if you’re that kind of person… thinking out of the box.

  82. Lesley

    I am DEFINITELY someone who would never wnat to be on camera so this is a great idea for me.

    Thanks Anthony!

  83. Barbara Herron

    I have never in my life done a video. But you have inspired me to do one on a company that is all about health and wealth. I will see if I can accomplish this or I may chicken out. lol If I fail, may try Fiverr.
    Thanks Anthony

  84. Marik

    Hey Anthony,
    You the man! I’d never thought of fiverr to get videos. That is one more option from you to jump start my business.
    You’re brilliant in coming up with these simple yet powerful ideas.
    Thanks once again and stay blessed.


  85. Rhoseanda Tookes

    I really enjoy watching this lesson. I hope you never stop giving these golden tips or nuggets. The reason I’m saying this is because there are still people out there (like me) thats doesn’t have the time to focus on this industry like they really really want to only because of their 9 to 5 job. However, when you come along and give your valuable resources like fiver it save us a lot of time. I appreciate this and when the day come when I am able to fire my boss I will look back on how you made it possible for that to happen along with my actions and MOST of all I will definitely give back the same way you have in helping people. Thanks Anthony…I like YOU…LOL

  86. Angie Rinehart

    Hi Anthony,
    What a great idea….I am familiar with Fiverr but it never occurred to me to use it for Youtube, and since I’m one of the many who will NOT get in front of the camera…you have solved my problem!

    Thank you Anthony.

  87. Chris Nweke

    Hi, Anthony; thank you for the information I will like to use it. Only I have no website yet. And don’t know how go about it. I will like to promote weight loss when I know how to go about it on Youtube. I will like to use video to promote my business on line when I know what to do. Need step-by-step training. God’s blessing in abundance – Amen.

  88. David Bennett

    Cool new stuff and ideas r cool I’m just learning ,thanks for the info. David

  89. Bill

    I will use it to put information about security cameras, how to use them, pros and cons, features of the products im selling and also videos on where to install them so that way everyone who checks it out gets great content out of it and hopefully they come to my site for more 🙂

  90. Ron Hendrix

    I thought I could use my webcam to make a video, but you’re probably right, using Fiverr would probably be better.

  91. Keith Wright

    Hi Anthony,
    Just watched your latest video. At this time I do not plan to make any videos.

  92. Brianne

    Great info, useful and also outstanding layout, as share nutrients with plans and concepts,
    a whole lot info and inspiration, each of which I would like, because of
    offer this type of tips below.

  93. S Wilkinson

    I have 35 web sites up and will start creating web videos this week to promote them. Calvin and Patricia of IM Lovebirds produce great PLR and videos so I may incorporate some of this material in my sites with my voice over.

  94. Mark Peters

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for offering me this opportunity to unravel the complexity of internet/affiliate marketing, through the PMI success program. I am still indebt and will be for sometime to come, but this program has given me somw hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. A personal coach would certainly add to the brightnees as I go through this tunnel.
    With respect.
    Thanks again Anthony.

  95. Phillip S Hunter

    First let me say even though I am a lot older than you I have the up most respect for you and watched your success for many years even before you got involved on the Internet. I think it is awesome the way you have chosen to help folks succeed, share your wisdom and spread the love. I am retired now and am learning so much from you. I am a technical trained person and one of my immediate goals is to help all the people I can by providing them free information, some free PDF files, videos, excellent content, education and knowledge and if I make a little extra money so be it. It has never been about money with me I live the simple life and love to learn. I did really enjoy how to step in front of the traffic information you provided. I will try this one. What gets me excited is knowing I have helped folks in these terrible times cause the government sure hasn’t. Way too many hungry and homeless people and families for the land of the free.
    Thanks so much for all you do, I listen to you intently and hope to continue to help people on all my niches. I myself do not need much but I do and want to spread the love cause I believe it is the right thing to do. Again thank you.

  96. Dave Huston

    I created a Youtube channel and uploaded a few videos and waiting to see what happens. I think I will try using fiverr,com for some help. Maybe I can finally start earning online. 0 dollars so far, but it is a new year!

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