1. Charlie Lombard

    I plan to work hard and open my my mind to learning more to become successful in 2013.

  2. Daniel Eze

    I’m gonna work hard to learn more about the Anthony Morrison program by 2013.

  3. marie garbanzos

    I plan on working harder and learning more from your videos so that i can be succesful in 2013. Thank you so much for creating these videos. They give me hope to become succesful one day.

  4. Paul Hamill

    The steps to make 2013 a much better year then 2012 are going to have a lot to do with my affiliate marketing plans.

    1.) To run my affiliate marketing as a business that I own.

    2.) Set short and medium term goals that I want to meet. Setting goals is something I have never carried through with and I believe it is important to do so in both business and other areas of life.

    3.) To balance areas of my life will also be important to a better year. I tend to go either totally overboard on work or to much play. Balancing life will have very positive results.

    4.) To get away from needing instant gratification is also going to be important for me. I am going to have to realize the better things in life take patience,

  5. Nestor J. Gil

    I will read more information including Anthony Morrison’s books to become more informed.

  6. Denise Johnson

    Thanks for all your help in 2012. I learned alot and plan to be more committed and consistent in affiliate marketing. So much more to learn and I’m gonna stick with it !

  7. Ken Bumgardner

    I will get my actions in order to suceed and be more profitable this year.

  8. Ed Stuart

    Thanks for the vids and the opportunity to learn new techniques…kudos!! Hope to learn more on CPA as I’m really really interested in that type of marketing.

  9. Ashok Patel

    Hi Anthony,

    I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    I am learning email marketing + blogging and hoping to make my first sale in 2013.

    If I win, please donate the winning money to needy person. At this time, I am

    blessed and God is good to me.



  10. Ryan von Schwedler

    Sweet! I believe in giving 100% effort. Next year I am going to focus on expanding my internet business by marketing new offers and creating larger campaigns in hope of turning this venture into a source of income enough to get me out of debt by 2014…

  11. Rodney O. Baker

    First an foremost I will bring 2013 in by thanking an praising God for all of my BLESSINGS!!!! I will continue to fill my mind with positive information that you an others provide to become very successful!! Success to all an God Bless!!

  12. Christina Reck

    I have actually submitted my comment twice yesterday, but it was not published either time, so I will try this again. In addition, I have also re-tweeted and liked on Facebook.

    In 2013, I would like to revamp my Projected Business Forecast. I feel in the past, I have been to vague on my yearly goals, therefore, it has not been that much of a challenge to achieve. In addition, I want to work on my social media marketing techniques and find more reliable wholesalers to work with to develop more of a niche marketing approach.

  13. Richard

    Time to take action on ideas that I have implemented last month. Keep it simple and presentation needs to be updated.

  14. Marcus

    I plan to put what I get out of success connection to work for me in 2013,and hope to be more successful so I can also help other that need

  15. Claudia R

    Thnaks for your thoughts, you are an inspirational person to everybody.

    I plan to work and spend more time in my website and review your videos. Take some class online and prepare myself be my own boss.

    Have a Nice Christmas


  16. Shemika Johnson

    I plan on learning more, and being more Successful in my Business. And helping other’s in anyway possible. Focusing on my family and praising that man upstairs.

  17. Ariel Kaminski

    Antoni in the last two years I’ve been circling this market of internet business without having won anything, I’m now convinced that in 2013 along with you, I will find my way to success I decide not to waste my time with fake Gurus, you know how they work and got nothing in these false promises, missed being with you here in new York this year I could not go, but do not but I’ll be with you in this new year. Merry Christmas to you and your family. His friend and follower Ariel Kaminski.

  18. Michael Stone

    2013 is the year to open my music school. I feel this will help students to be more intuitive in all aspects of development and discipline.

  19. Joyce Aroda

    I plan to work harder and stay more focussed until I become successful. Thank you so much for all the tutorials in the program, for this is where my success is gonna come from!

  20. Shirlene James

    My salaried JOB (just over broke) usually requires 50-60 hours each week. The work week is supposed to be 37.5 hours each week. What happens….I am assigned more work than anyone could complete in the 37.5 hours—and I end up working nights and weekends to get reports finished by some near impossible due date. Next year, I will only schedule the 37.5 hours so that I can pursue the internet business more aggressively and have some time for personal enjoyment and family. The start of this will be at least one hour each morning put on my calendar after my morning workout. I will do my best to follow this. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! S

  21. jerry harrell jr

    I plan on putting my whole attention to being successful in becoming an entrepreneur from the teachings from out of Anthony Morrison’s program for the year 2013….May God Bless.

  22. michael shuttlesworth

    Because of school, work and family it was difficult for me to implement my plan and to dedicate the time to meet my goals. But in 2013 I plan to be dedicated to reach my goals and learn more about being successful financially and in life.
    Thanks again Anthony for your time and knowledge!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Clinton, MS

  23. Martha Murray

    From the very beginning of seeing one of your videos I started working on a business plan to take my website from no profit to profit. Your training videos have given me the kick in the pants needed to get serious about making money online. Every year my New Years resolution is to start an online business but somewhere I failed to complete it. In 2013, with your help, I’ll succeed.

  24. John Valdez

    I just gotta say that the blogs and information that i read are very interesting and i just got to a place where it’s beginning to make sence to me.I plan on inplamenting the stratagies and i hope i and everyone else suceeds in business and in life.Thankyou,

  25. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony I plan to be more active in doing more presentation and talking to more people and letting them know about what I’m doing. I love the ideal of helping others have success, because when you help someone else you help yourself. And thats the way of creating good relationships and having great success!!! As always thanks Anthony may you be blessed in all that you do.

  26. Dave Tini

    I plan on moving more slowly with my ads. Look at them from a buyers eye. Would I buy that product? That’s what I want to do in the coming year.

  27. Mary

    Anthony.. first of all I want to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… What I plan on doing is to study harder and to get to where I can make enough money so I can stay at home and enjoy life the way it is suppose to be…. I know I need to do this… I have so much info that I need to break down into little steps and get rid of the stuff that isn’t useful…. “Thank You” for all your uplifting messages to all of us to help keep us motivated…..

  28. Richard G.

    Hey Anthony I just bought an I Phone 4 and I love it. Wanna get my own business in ’13 and learn from the best( A. Morrison). Love listening to your speeches they are very educational and informal and they’re free!!!!!!!

  29. Robert Norman

    I have already started by changing my perception of my business. I intend to work very hard in the coming months to build and develop my business and to achieve my goals. Your help in this process has been so valuable and appreciated. I have so much more to learn and implement, and look forward to a successful 2013.

  30. Luis

    I plan on working harder and learning more from your videos, books and Anthony Morrison program so that i can be succesful in 2013. Thank you so much for creating these videos. I hope to become succesful one day.

  31. tammy gooding

    I hope to lean more on gaining success from these videos and Anthony, so i can do more in 2013.

  32. mike cilella

    I am going to learn as much as I can from Anthony and the IM market place to better understand this monster opportunity. I am also setting up a business/marketing plan to work from, getting me to my goals.;

  33. Alan Olson

    We plan on using the workshop in January to jump start our year and bring our efforts to succeed to the next level. Really looking forward to that. In addition, we have many projects in mind we intend to bring to fruition in 2013 which should allow us to meet our goals.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Great Holiday season to you and yours from our home!

  34. Edward Keley

    Merry Xmas
    Anthony hope you and your famely are having a great Xmas, on elaction
    day my home was broken into, and that next tuesday the thieves came
    back destroyed and ramshacked my home,but at age 62 I have returned
    to college at Brown Mckie I am studing Biomedical repairer all of my
    books are one an Ipad and the crooks took mine. I have been to many
    of your seminars and thank you again

  35. Matthew Nitz

    I am going to be focusing on building my list correctly constantly. To do that I am going to have to split test everything track everything and correct as needed and stay doing that and promoting on a consistent schedule.

  36. Cleother Rockett

    Anthony I am going to try it your way full speed a a head. I listen to every speech you send me by email and I do believe it can happen. So my new year resolution is to invest in your program for 6 months and see what happen. CR

  37. Jessica Chattopadhyay

    In 2013 I plan to take care of my family by using your videos Anthony. I plan to use your videos to help me succeed in all I am trying to do now. Work from home and take care of my family,loved ones, and to be able to help those who do not have the things in life they need to live and the less fortunate. I want to help in any way I can but by using your videos they will help me to succeed so that I may do that in life. I think my purpose in life is to care for others in all the ways I can financially and so much more. With your videos and the help you give to us from them this will help me to make my goal in life.

  38. Jason

    I claimed chapter 7 for a fresh new beginning in 2013. The recession and unemployment hit me really hard last year. So, im going to pick myself up and dust myself off and start all over again brand new.

  39. Robert Bradshaw

    I will learn to be a better internet marketing person towards my business that I
    have started this year on the cell phone business,Thank you for sharing your videos to the people who saw them including me.

  40. Paula Asaije

    I plan to
    1. Follow your instructions and advice step by step.
    2. I plan to really buckle down and study the craft learn all the ins and outs of the business.
    3. I plan to take my future more seriously
    4. I plan to become far more financially comfortable with your help.
    5.I plan to have residual income to ensure my success.
    6. I plan to have earned thousands of dollars and hopefully put a down payment on my first house by my 23rd b-day which is in April.
    So I have a lot of studying,taking advice from you,and working to.

  41. Pearle Pearson

    My plans for 2013 is to concentrate on developing an online
    business, and to stop purchasing every new program. By placing emphasis
    on several and work with those few will allow more time for success,
    and able to learn what to do with these few to accomplish goals.
    Money isnot everything, but I sure would be more pleased with it than without, To know the joys and comforts money can buy. pmp

  42. Dotun Sali

    I plan to focus more on having positive results. I will try to do things better so as to get better results. I will have more success in 2013

  43. robert cole

    Anthony,I have passed up on many opportunities to further my education in the business world,and my goal for 2013 is to listen to every one of your seminars and to acheive the success that you have had and still are having.Winners never quit and Quitters never win is a motto I have hanging on the wall behind my computer.I am going to acheive my goals in 2013 with your help.

  44. stann wonch

    I am going to comit myself to learn all that I can in the investment world with anthonys help of course. this will be a very profitable year for my company. I plan to employ help when needed, to keep america rooling during these rough times. I wish a great holiday season to anthony, his staff and to all his students and guest. to a great year I say, and I can only hope everyone else has a successful year with many more to come. thanks again anthony. mr.stann wonch

  45. Adam Markiewicz

    I am a realtor that plans on making it big in the fix n flip real estate market in Las Vegas. We have already been evaluating properties and locating all our non traditional money sources. And finding a strong team of, lenders, contractors, realtors, and so on.
    The biggest reason for making this into a reality, is that I can then help others to do the same, who would not normally have any idea, and leading by example better than speculation will help with confidence. Let make 2013 a year of sharing knowledge to further prosperity into many lives.

  46. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,

    I am eager to greet the New Year! I plan to set up my web site in January. I already have the domain name and hosting. I am getting the web site built because I plan to carry more than one niche on this particular site. I hope to developa weekly how-to, self-help blogs for people living in small spaces to optimise their space economically and aesthetically. I am going local rather than national–the present trend in online marketing, apparently.

    I also hope to begin making money from one or two ventures that I am currently involved in. I just circulated info that may bring me four contracts in one niche.

    Wish me luck. This fixed income has been a really heavy road for a long time and I am really looking forward to making some progress in early 2013. And again, thank you so much for all your interest and help.

    Continued good luck to you and Adrian and best wishes to you and your loved ones for Christmas and the New Year.

    Beverley Gallimore

  47. Delores Demoss

    I plan on to learn more from your videos and hopefully become more successful in 2013 so I can make a better life for my 13 year old daughter and myself. Times are very hard but with ur helping teaching me from your videos, I think I can make it. Thank you for everything that you do to help all of us.

  48. Anastashia Hernandez

    I will stop fearing success. I will tap in to my knowledge and skills and use them to build confidence and a drive that I haven’t had in a long time. I will stop worrying about what others think or how they may view me and only worry about how I view myself. I will walk in who I am and not what someone else wants me to be or thinks I should be. I will not fear my own strength and boldness, but I will embrace it and allow it to open doors that have been shut and close doors that shouldn’t have been opened. I will succeed in 2013 because I will not be afraid to be me!

  49. Ron

    My goal is to become more regimented and work a schedule to get systematic in my tasks so that they are done regularly and not sporadically

  50. Anthony Paul

    I will read/watch all your messages and begin to apply the suggestions you provide. The internet connection at home was sketchy but is being resolved.
    I will also read the books I have.

  51. Merle Cook

    I have changed my complete schedule for this coming year. Now for the first
    time I will be able to set a side a mimunum of six or more hours a week to
    make the best effort I have ever made to make my online program a success.
    I have been restudying all the information you have furnished and now
    it is beginning to make a lot of sense.
    This is the first time I have been this excited.
    I thank you for your blogs, I reallly appreciate some one being
    really concerned for my success. Thank You Merle Cook

  52. Lorraine Stoneburner

    I will work on blocking the negativity in my life and focusing on my success with Anthony Morrison! New montra: I deserve success…I deserve success…

  53. Joyce Knake

    Thanks Anthony for helping other people.
    I plan to continue on my path in affiliate marketing, learning something new every day. My goal is to do 1 thing every day to move forward towards that goal. It is so important that I reach my goal so I can help my family financially.

  54. Nobuko Karr

    2013, I will spend more time with your videos and educate myself and never loose HOPE, DETERMINATION, BELIEVING ALL THINGS ARE PASSABLE IN GOD! And GLORIOUS DAYS are head of us!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

  55. James

    I plan to devote more time to using your teachings to be more successful to make you proud of yet another student

  56. Shirley Lawrence

    I plan to get myself more organized and set goals each day to spend more time learning the systems that I have purchased from you and view the archives when needed. Your help has been greatly appreciated this past year! Thank you!

  57. cesar nazaire

    I plan toto have a better understanding of all your teachings and actually put them in action, so that 2013 is better at least financially and happy holidays. Thank you.

  58. Dexter

    1. I am opening my mind to your training and understanding of how to implement a strategy to make my 1st internet dollar online.

    2. Study the tactics that you’ve written in your books.

    3. Watch every video training that I have of you and Adrian and make some money.

    4. I will put all my efforts into making my goal of earning $5,000 in one month during the next six (6) months of 2013. I’m going to go from $0 to $5,000 in 2013 in one of the next six (6) months. When I meet the goal, I’d like you to re-post this email with the date and time sent along with a copy of the check or proof of balance in my account.

  59. Capt. John Lomen

    Always, Thanks Anthony for Your Help and Inspiration through the past year. I’m still not making much with my web site, but trying and learning more every day. Traffic is the key, and developing more and more is the drive for 2013! Bless You for your help with all the children at Christmas!

  60. Steve Longbrake

    First thing is go to Mississippi to get level 4 training with you, the second
    thing would be to use that knowledge and put it to work right away once I
    start make a income then I will be able to give back even more then I do now.
    That is what I plan to do in 2013. Thank you Anthony for changing my life and my families life. Happy Holidays

  61. Delia Lee

    My plan is to continue to help my elderly in-laws as they struggle with health issues and at some point in 2013 be able to attend your 3 day training class. Enjoyed the introduction seminar very much.

  62. Sue

    In 2013 I plan on finally earning my first money through affiliate marketing. Thanks for all your advice and help. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  63. Robert Ehrlich

    Anthony: Next year I am going to work up a new website and find a great product to promote. I will take the bull by the horns, as they say, and put the time in to make a success of it. With your help and advise I will succeed.

  64. Eloina C.

    Hi Anthony, I want to wish a very merry christmas and
    a succesful new year. I am so antious to start, but I don’t know how, for that reason I am waiting for your next seminar and personally talk to you and see if then I can do it. Have a wonderful christmas.

  65. Darletta Tabb

    I will put EVERYTHING together that I have learned from different people who handed down wisdom to me, to use to make me accomplish MUCH more and be MORE successful in 2013. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  66. Keri Haynie

    I am going to work harder to let more people know about what I am doing so they can feel free to know about the Anthony and have them watch these great video’s. Maybe one more person will be so great in what they do in there work from home business! Have a great week and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Keri Haynie
    Simi Valley, Ca. 93065
    ([email protected])

  67. Dorothy Foote

    In addition to studying, working with my coaches, and practicing what I’ve learned, I plan to stay focused and not allow myself to get discouraged.

  68. Stephen Morgan

    I am planning on making my new website I created on my own a huge success. I just started it november 26 it has some great clients and is steadily growing . Thank you Anthony for giving me the information to help me get this ebsite going and I look forward to having a successful website which is

  69. Drew Sherlock

    I want to really comit to 2013 on becoming a success in the affliate marketing bussiness.I want to attend more of your webinars and read all that I can to be a success.
    Your Brother also has a course that I just got ,so I hope to go through all of that to gain more understanding.
    Thanks again for helping us learn all we can.

  70. James

    I am going all out .. I have too I got ONE shot I just missed being able to take advantage of the best offer you’ve made to my knowledge; and missed the ability to jump on it by exactly 3 days! So I’ve already got something else going but the good thing is you are still a big help!

  71. Ken M

    I am really fired up to be succestful in 2013. I am going to work real hard and make it work. I’ve still got some questions I will need answered after I get finished with my home work videos. I do thank you and all your staff for the help I have received up to this point.

  72. Mary Brown

    In order to be more successful in 2013, I am going to stop opening all the e-mails from other people with “fast money” programs, and instead concentrate on what I already have from Anthony Morrison. If I’m to succeed, I need to focus on one program, and learn to do that one well. Thank you, Anthony, for all the time and effort you put into teaching us. Have a blessed holiday season.

  73. phillip a wilkins

    I plan on learning how to make money on line from Anthony Morrison or his brother Adrian Morrison in 2013. you and your brother are a god send. I am determined and motivated on trying to figger out how to become successful reading Anthonys books I bought his first book and his second book and I am about to buy adrians new book I saw on a informercal not too long ago. so between one of you brothers I am going to learn how to make money on line sooner or later.

  74. Peggy Anderson

    I am going to set a very realistic goal and work my butt off achieving it in 2013.

  75. Robert Evans

    I will work even harder to promote my website and to improve my affiliate marketing strategies. I will continue to read and listen to motivational and marketing strategy materials. I will set small goals to help me achieve larger goals. And I will continue to strive for success in all my endeavers so my and my families lives will be better, happier and less stressfull. I wish everyone here Happy Holidays and fantastic success in 2013.

  76. Linda G.

    I am studying much of your training material and I am coming to Mississippi for your wonderful training. I plan on being there in January…I am studying other ads and campaigns and doing lots of research for both of these items. I also will be able to give to more charities throughout the year.
    Blessings to you.

  77. Don Hall

    I plan to explore new avenues of making money with your program.
    Also I will continue to learn from success conection.

  78. Debbie O'Rourke

    I know I can be more successfull in 2013 if I learn the Anthony Morrison program.

  79. George Vernon


    I have to admit that I have not been putting much effort into my business at all. My reason is simply that I have been going through a series of major surgeries. The recuperation and subsequent pain has been very hard at times. I did not put this on here for a sob story or to gain sympathy. I just simply wanted you to know the reason why. I hope to attain more time to be able to start working at this and see how far I can take it.



  80. Tom Vaughn

    I plan on actually being more assertive and putting every effort into my training so that I can make 2013 better for my family. My wife has been so stressed out trying to take care of all of us on her own and I want to make things better for her as well as myself. I believe in Anthony and want the “good” life for a change.

  81. Elmer Sabisch

    So I hit like and I retweeted you about education. Because everybody likes getting things. But I want to give YOU what I can. It’s this; Another co. offered a training for half the price of your “Learn with Anthony” but I took YOURS for the main reason that I believe in what you do and the quality that I get from your books and S.C. that I watch every week. I also appreciate A LOT your attitude about helping people who are in need. Again, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  82. Barry Brooks

    Need to set up my time a lot better to doing my work….
    Making my study time also a lot better….
    Watching and learning with my new friends that are on my side.
    Just doing everything more like a Pro for 2013

  83. Ryan Collins

    I plan to finish all 3 levels of the course. I plan to have 4 websites up and running and learn how to drive traffic to all the sites.

  84. Deanna Martin

    Hi Anthony,
    Going to be more committed and get a set schedule for work. Treat this like a job, as I’m retired and have the time.
    I want to learn email marketing and how to build a list. Right now I working on article marketing and selling thru Amazon.
    Also want to finish your brother’s 2 books that I sent for.
    Hopefully I be more profitable in 2013.
    Thank you, Deanna

  85. James Martinez

    I will dedicate myself in learning Social Media and the
    influence it has over the success of every Entrepreneur
    in the Planet.
    Attitude, Not Your Aptitude, will determine your altitude.(ZZ)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,

    Peace on Earth,
    Jim Martinez

  86. tom

    Free up more 2013 work time. ๐Ÿ™‚
    1. No more cable TV.
    2. No more going to movies.
    3. Only 1 vacation – just a weekend one at that.
    4. Move office to basement, fewer distractions.

  87. Mildred Clinton

    I will be up and running for 2013 Anthony. Thank-you for the Christmas Gift advance and you and your loveones have a Merry Christmas.

  88. Larry Parent

    I couldn’t believe that you were down here to NAPLES,FL. ANTHONY!!! I had given up on the program,and lost motivation. I am trying to build myself up to see, which part of your program is best for me!! I got your program back in JULY, and really enjoy it!! Now it is a matter of what to choose!! I hate choices!! I am usually so at a loss, I cancel myself out!! But now I am on an upswing, dispite the, ‘FISCAL CLIFF’, and the hype!! If I can allow GOD to give me wisdom to maneuver through this catastrophy coming,… then anything IS possible!!!!!!!!!!! You have so much to choose from, it is only me that can try it all!! Hope to see you when your here in NAPLES,FL. next time!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Larry Parent,Naples,FL.

  89. Laverne Grayson

    My plan is to stay focus and work harder and become successful in 2013. I have been spending and spending money and now it’s time to get busy.


  90. Prema Rose

    I have written and am producing an animated symph-rock-tronic operetta, “The Microcosmic Cartoon Show”. This is a huge undertaking that has taken many years to bring it to the point of being on the verge of becoming manifest. The funding piece is the most challenging, but I am making headway. To be in full production is my goal for the year of 2013.

  91. Robin

    I will budget my time better. I realize just how blessed we all are to be here at this moment in time. Every second is precious and must not be wasted.

    I will begin my day even earlier, and be awake for the very early hour of sunrise. Rather than beginning the day with the TV and the morning news, I will instead use that time to meditate, exercise and get ready for a productive day.

    I will be much more selective about which emails I open and how much time I spend in the endless sea of emails that steal precious, non-refundable hours from my day.

    Opening these are not going to change a bit. Thank you so much for adding content, value and encouragement to my day.

    Joyous Holidays to you and yours.

    Robin Eagle

  92. Paul Tamboury

    I plan on working harder and learn more from your videos. so that hopefully we will be successful in 2013.

  93. Henry M

    I plan on using the information to be an Affilate Marketing Success in 2013!! Thanks Anthony MERRY CHIRSTMAS

  94. David McGaughy

    Hi Anthony In 2013 I am going to spend more time working on my websites & marketing. I need to learn how to tweak & fine tune Landing pages and ads so I am going to be looking at your software I want to purchase to help fast track me to my determined success. It’s going to be a great year! Thanks Anyhony & have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  95. Jeffrey Hernandez

    I’m working harder focusing more of my attention on what is truly important. I know that the most important thing in my life to be able to serve those who are less than I. I will be studying harder and working more diligently in order to be able to make a difference in the lives of all the people that I come in contact with. Anthony, thank you for this opportunity to increase my education. I am truly grateful and I want to take this opportunity for granted.

  96. darlene

    In 2013 I will spend more time on my business and learn with you on everyday. Next Christmas I will donate more money to the community.
    Thank you Anthony for your love and service to the world.
    Merry Christmas!

  97. Ayoola Ojo

    I bought your book through a tv show couple years ago.. Didn’t know what to do with it at first but now I know, in fact my new year resolution is Meeting or speaking with you; it would be an educational session because I am trying to format the fundamental stages of your success…. Into the African community so one day I will grow and be able to help others focus in this resource as a means to sustainable income.

  98. Ricky Daw

    I plan on trying to get everone of my members a tablet so they can work on the internet without having to depend on the library for the use of a computer.

  99. Helen Harden

    I am going to work smarter, plan my business, put my hours spent on the calendar, invest $5.00 a day, watch the videos over as much as needed, keep taking notes, communicate with my business partner, call my affiliate manager when I need to.

  100. morena engelking

    Hi Anthony,

    I see myself being successful online the year 2013,I claim this year 2013 as my Christmas miracle, my redemption year, the year that will change my life forever! Through all your help Anthony I am envisioning myself sitting in your office and being mentored by you one-on-one and taking a giant leap and finally being financially free and changing my life forever. I will not stop and work hard till I make it to the top like you Anthony,again Merry Christmas and once again thank you for all your kindness, generosity and patience in guiding all your students and relentlessly making we all make it to the top like you! Thanks again Anthony and God bless you and your family always!

  101. Cephas Moyo

    I will revive my commitment to succeed on online business by focusing on one mentor.i.e you Anthony, and carefully read and apply you success connection and persevere until I succeed. In the year 2012 I tended to be disrupted by looking at so many products and not committing myself on any of them.

  102. Pat Funderburg

    I have several of your books that I started reading, but got busy and didn’t finish them. Receiving your videos helps keep me on track.
    I plan to get more focused, read the books and do an action plan and set my priorities for more success. I really appreciate the videos you send and always learn something. So, focus, planning and taking action is my plan for 2013. Enjoy the holidays and keep up the good work you do.

  103. Sam Morgan

    Anthony, I have finally started my mentoring sessions and will continue with those and absorb as many Level 1 and 2 training sessions as I can. I am working towards legalizing my business (LLC, Accounting etc) and will continue working that as well. I look for 2013 to be a challenging year filled with learning/accepting new ideas and processes and hopefully making more money than this year. Happy Holidays to you, your family and all who read this blog. sam

  104. Yevonne

    I am going to be the next success story! I won’t be so afraid to look stupid, I will just do it. You can’t become better, unless you do it. I will add to my business and expand. Add new and bigger stuff! Thanks to Anthony and Ryan for everything they have taught me! Won’t be here with all of you!

  105. Helen Wang

    I will take fast actions to create my own products and then share them with the world. My success will grow as my contribution grows. Thank you Anthony for being an excellent example!

  106. Gerald Wilks

    My plans are to be more successful in 2013. Thanks for all the videos and help you have supplied. This will be a lovely year ahead for all of us.thanks again.

  107. Michael Herline

    First, I am going to quit procrastinating and focus on what I have to do to succeed with my internet business.

    Second, I am going study Anthony’s program again.

    Third, I am going to continue using the resources of Income EDU to learn more of what I can do to build my business.

    AND, I am going to use the resources that I have to do what needs to be done to succeed.

    It’s time to get real serious, take responsibility for my destiny, and just do it!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  108. Mark

    I am going to narrow my focus and stop chasing butterflies. I have read and watched videos to the point that I am neglecting taking action. So, my plan for the upcoming year is to put all my knowledge to the test.

  109. Cephas Moyo

    I will revive my commitment to succeed on online business by focusing on one mentor and one product & persevere until I succeed. Cephas

  110. daniel aubrey

    I think I am going to revisit all the classes I took with your online course and see what steps I can do to finally start making some money online.

    Happy Holidays

  111. Andrea Trowbridge

    Anthony, I am just getting started. I so much appreciate all the help and encouragement you share for us to be able to be successful. I am striving to not only supplement my SS and also be able to help others like I was able to before I retired. I plan to study and work hard and take advantage of the mentors so as to be the most effective. Thanks again for the opportunity to gain time and money freedom.

  112. Leroy Davis

    I actually felt like giving up this year. But I’ve decided that I will try even harder this year to be successful at internet marketing.

    I plan to read and study more and take whatever steps necessary to be successful.

  113. Margaret Morse

    Just starting – can’t wait to get further in my training. Successful in 2013

  114. Dianne Hauser

    The most important thing you have taught me this year is self confidence. That I can do this and I can learn it all. This year I created my website using PMI and next year I now have the confidence to go ahead and get it going and start making money. I can do this and it’s your encouragement and drive that has helped me to believe in myself that I can. You do alot of good for alot of people and I applaude you for that but sometimes it’s not money or material things that people need it’s just someone to believe in them and encourage them to do the best that they can do Thank You. Hope you and your family and coworkers have a wonderful holiday season.
    Dianne Hauser

  115. tanesha sharpe

    I want to learn more from anthony and be more motivated to make money online.

  116. RONNIE

    I am already signed up for your upcoming simanar in tucson,az the 8th of january and i am also looking foward to finishing my online classes with pmi hope to be makeing a lot of money next year

  117. jackie gardner

    open my my mind to learning more to become successful in 2013. plan on working harder and get more out of Anthony Morrison program. plan on reading more informational and more resources from you Mr. Morrison and
    this gives me more succes in what I do with my life. And thank you for your books and programs and agine I will be succesful in what i do 2013..,

  118. Jody Benson

    To become more successful in 2013 I plan to be more organized and to learn more from people that are already successful like Anthony Morrison.

  119. Serrane

    I am going to earne an honest and decent revenue online. I will invest in my success so that when I will be successful, like you , my mentor, Anthony, I will have the opportunity to pay it forward to even more people that I do right now. These are my best wishes.

    Greetings and all the best for 2013 for all of you.

  120. Beverly Grenier

    I plan to finish my physical therapy, get computer repaired and continue with what I set up after attending your seminar. I am excited to start and enthusiastic about 2013!

  121. Dottie Seavy

    Dear Anthony, you are so generous. Thank you for offering the gifts.
    My plans for next year are: have plans for the year, schedule business time, arrange my schedule for coming calls and business calls. Be ready to take full command of the business.
    Again, thank you!

  122. marla

    Hello Anthony,
    I like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you be blessed with what you have done to help others to be successful.
    Take Care.

  123. Barbara

    Well, 2013 can only be better than 2012. Although I have had exponential spiritual growth & have been shown major love & support from my family & friends in 2012…it has been the toughest year of my life, involving financial & emotional loss, grief & pain. I will fight the tendency to hide, give up & hibernate & just get back out there & start participating in life again w/ health & purpose. I am going to expose my talents & share them by finally formalizing my business, making it my sole way of earning my living. I don’t need the gifts, you can share them w/ someone else. I just wanted to say this for myself. I am grateful! Happy New Year!

  124. Martha Murray

    I started working on a business plan after seeing your first video. I guest it inspired me to get moving. This New Year 2013 will be the turning point toward online business success.

  125. Lyndon Flynn

    I have only been studying the videos, for a week now. I have been reading and listening to the different ways to be successful. I have learned a lot but I see that I need to learn a lot more. My goal is to take one day at a time. I plan on having 25 products on 5 different outlets. I mean Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and I’m wanting to set up email marketing. I know it takes time to set each product up to have traffic wanting to see it. I am counting the cost, of how will I continue, yet I believe one step at a time keeping my eyes fixed on my goal. I know I will have obstacles yet I know I can achieve my Goals. I set them Higher because even if I don’t meet my goal, at least it is high enough that I’ll have much more than if I made my goal so low and made it. I still will be better off if I only meet half my goal. Thank you for all.

  126. steve B

    Hi Anthony Steve here-Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year…! I have been building allot of mobile web sites for local biz in my area and working on my affiliate marketing strategies-My favorite site is using the theme you gave me- it is awesome I love it and I use it for Commission Junction great theme…! :{)

  127. Allan W. Buckingham

    I will manifest 14 million downloads on my blog in 2013, helping people!

    I claim fourteen-million free; powerful, self-healing e-book downloads on my authoritative, informational (30 pages of content) blog. This will supplement my income; help millions of people as I travel to different markets all over the world teaching healing Tai Chi to children and seniors gratis.

    Ten steps to manifest 14 million download in 2013:
    1. Complete On-line Business Plan (live); include five-year financial projections.

    2. Complete a simple Word Press Authoritative Blog, designed to post information, include minimum of 30 Pages of Content, download free books for my exclusive business Niche, and include links connected to selling self-healing affiliate products.

    3. Complete my first self-healing Free E-book for download on my blog.
    (Write a minimum of four free e-books per 12-month period.)

    4. Select appropriate Affiliate Programs for my special Niche.

    5. Merchandise each unique Affiliate Products link with in my free e-book and blog.

    6. Build and develop an on-line holistic, self-healing, Client Data Base using Social Network Contacts, Friends, family and Business associates.

    7. Integrate Social Media plugins, creating a powerful Facebook Fan Page, auto posting to both Facebook and Twitter, adding social commenting to my blog and social sharing.

    8. Organize on-line Back Link Relationships with other holistic, self-healing blogs, [Lends toward increasing network database].

    9. Outsource my Online Marketing Team for Blog Management

    10. What is the most important element of all? LOVE is the foundation that supports all my on-line marketing efforts!

    Happy holidays, wishing you love, happiness and peace

    Allan W. Buckingham

  128. Sharron Hudgins

    On July the 5th of 2012, I lost my job. Instead of being depressed, the next day I applied for online college. Do to my many experiences with greedy bosses, I started a journey. My journey is to create a business model which will emphasize opportunities within a business by sharing in the success with all staff. Because I believe the most successful people acknowledge “all” of their help!
    Now, December 2012, I am without a home, I have so many other issues coming against me it is unreal. Too many to list. Regardless, I will continue to seek my dream. Believe God will send my at least that one person to help me achieve my dream. Bottom line, no matter the obstacle, I will not quit and I will build on what I have learned so far.

  129. alexandrafg

    I plan to finish all of your books and pay more attention to your videos for a good 2013. Thank you for all your help.

  130. don jackson

    Planning is always in the future. I want to be an habitual do it now. What can I do today to be better when tomorrow comes because it is always today and never tomorrow. If I do something now, can it get me to another place when is now on another calendar date. All of my reading and studying has put me where I am. What can I do to be in a better place the next time I look up?

  131. Anthony Bianchi

    Anthony M.,

    We all thank you for your charitable contributions each and every year to the kids who are less fortunate than us at Christmas time. You’re a great human being.

    I’m a “Level 4” student of yours and as such I’m grateful to be starting off 2013 with a trip to MS to train personally with you. I just got back from doing a training with your brother, Adrian, over my B-day weekend in October. As you can see, I’m truly dedicated to making IM not only a career enhancement but have it become a new passion in my life. Therefore, I thank you, Adrian, and the rest of your staff for helping me to both learn and succeed in the world of IMing,

    Merry Christmas,

    Tony Bianchi

  132. Kendra Grayson

    Anthony, your resources have been a major inspiration to me and I have business success running through my veins. I’m going to share something with you and the readers of this post that will make me vulnerable (subjected to pain) but I feel that it just may help others; even if it is just one other person, it will be worth the ridicule I may get. I’ve been dealing with an issue for awhile but just today realized that I am dyslexic (major accomplishment writing that word!) and therefore has created a bit of a learning disability. Not that I’m not intellligent – I am (and not to boast) but in saying that I want to put it out there that just because someone suffers with this issue has no bearing on their intelligence. Things just get scrambled and it becomes more difficult to get things translated into the brain. I have wondered for so long why I couldn’t just take all that I’ve learned and know to make the changes needed to define AND achieve my present and future success. It hasn’t always been like this; I think an overdose of stress has added to this leaving me feeling like a failure when deep in my heart I knew I wasn’t. So, my goal is to overcome dyslexia, take the information and (your wonderful) inspiration I have gleaned over the years and live in the “Millionaire Status” I and all who are willing (and able) to do. Thanks Anthony, your time, resources and encouragement has not been a waste of time and this year, armed with the knowledge of what has held me back – all of that will come to fruition! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  133. Virgil May

    Hard work knows no alternative to success, but requires “smart” business sense to exceed beyond one’s expectations. I look forward to 2013 as it will give me the opportunity to meet the challenges that will be present regardless of form or type, and to use my God-given intelligence to persevere and resolve those challenges before me. Anthony Morrison’s materials have provided me the insight that made resolving the challenges from 2012 that much easier to negotiate and to prosper financially; I look forward to acquiring more materials feor the challenges to come in 2013.

  134. Corky Chavers

    We have more time to empower ourselves with website learning tools thanks to an error in calendars from antiquity. Financial independence for my family and educating my community is how I am entering 2013. Thanx for your support Anthony Morrison and your team.

  135. Virgil May

    Hard work knows no alternative to success, but requires โ€œsmartโ€ business sense to exceed beyond oneโ€™s expectations. I look forward to 2013 as it will give me the opportunity to meet the challenges that will be present regardless of form or type. Anthony Morrisonโ€™s materials have provided me the insight that made resolving the challenges from 2012 that much easier to negotiate and to prosper financially; I look forward to acquiring more materials for the challenges to come in 2013.

  136. Suzann Oseguera

    I plan on not trying any more. I plan on doing what it takes to become successful in 2013. No more negative thoughts. I plan on sending out the positive energy of positive thoughts and getting it done!

  137. Vincent Fricker

    My plan is to go back to school in March of 2013 to finish my certificate program at Salter College in West Boylston MA,to become a Message Therepist.

  138. Everett Arnett

    I have been working on learning more about ads. I need to know about getting good ads on FB, Twitter and solo ads. I really need to know more about Twitter and Solo ads. I’ve wrote this down so I can see it every morning and try to reach my goals next year.

  139. Randy Pons

    Hi All, I just wanted to wish You Anthony and your Family a Merry Christmas and Prosperous new year.
    Thanks your your commitment to my education. My commitment to you and to myself for the new year is to fully implement all I have been learning in order to bless the lives of many through the products I’ll be offering.

  140. Elizabeth Holiday

    I plan to focus more, spend a least 30 minutes a day developing a plan, and reading and listening to more videos.

  141. Bruce

    I plan to implement the goals and ideas set before me to not only conquer fears, but to obtain financial freedom. One of my goals is to build a trust for charities to help those less fortunate, those suffering from illness, and children from all aspects of life.

  142. Marie ROMULUS


    My goal is to learn more and I have a lot of to learn from these videos, and working seriously to become successful in 2013. Thanks for All.

  143. Brian Cukurs

    I plan to motivate myself to learn what you teach and make my life so much more successful.

  144. Judy Wheeles

    Merry Christmas Anthony! Here are my goals for 2013:
    I am re-reading your books, being more aware of my procrastinating tendencies, and taking more action. I will network more this year both on the internet and in person. The biggest goal is to follow through on all my actions. I’m great at initiating action, but weak on follow through. I know I will be successful if I make these goals a reality.
    Thank you for all your support! ๐Ÿ™‚

  145. Dianne Andrews

    Yes Anthony, for 2013 I look forward and promise myself to notch up, by brain storming for fresh ideas that would fit with my collection of hot action words to create winning adds.

  146. Shelia Carter

    I will be marketing myself more aggressively, both online and offline, and continue working towards my Bachelor’s degree, and also watching your videos to become more successful in the New Year.

  147. Steven Ruedebusch

    I will spend more time watching and learning to be more successful in affiliate marketing!!!
    Steve R.

  148. Rudy Arcega

    In order for me to be a successful internet marketer in 2013, I am commiting myself to stay focused in this business. I am preparing a daily schedule of what I must do (step by step) to be effective and start making money online. Starting with the basics, my schedule will include: improving my website, reading your blog, learning how to use the Lead Generation Builder, continued learning of e-mail marketing, keeping up with your Success Connection to (keep me motivated), and exploring other methods of social media marketing opportunities.



    WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE – I have been in several other businesses
    besides real estate; but, realize that this is the one that can get me
    to where I want to be – RETIRED! ……….hopefully, by March/April!
    I have a partner, which makes it more fun, and we have been taking
    the coaching sessions and have been studying this business so that
    we are very successful!
    THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY – this business has everything
    covered – I am totally amazed at how well you have it all orchestrated!

  150. Alfie Evans

    My devotion will be more hours spend on achieving my goals, absorbing techniqes provided by the Morrison team and following the paved road the team has already established instead of re-enventing the wheel.

  151. Randy Roden

    I will to attain my goals that I established this month after beginning my coaching program that you have established with PMI. I know I can achieve the success I desire and need by continuing to learn more and more using your weekly helps and the coaching available to me.

  152. Kathy Hauser

    I plan on trying to implement more of your techniques and learn more about blogging and email marketing.

  153. Ms. Devin L~

    My 12 year old is very good at the computer. I told him that we will sit down together every morning, learn the methods and use them on the computer. We’re both jazzed about it!

  154. Carmen Aldarondo

    I am going to actively pursue all promising business & personal opportunities to become successful not only financially but personally as well. I am going to apply everything I learn and become more open minded in the pursuit of my goals. Once I reach those goals I am going to help others achieve their goals as well.

  155. Monique Lange

    Your videos always give me new hope and my wish is to get a learning session with you Anthony, so that I can make 2013 a very prosperious year.

  156. Carla N. De Petris

    Thank you for your encouragment. I am really concentrate on one if your program. I like to be able to relly know how to use e-mail program
    Best wishes to you, Adrian and the Mississippi coach

  157. John Haynes

    I actually believe I found a niche that I can capitalize on. I have some software that I am using to prepare my ‘products’ and will be building a website and blogs for it soon. I have spent most of this year learning as much as I can from you and others, so 2013 will be putting it all into action for me! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  158. Terry Murphy Fort

    My plan to be more successful next year is to make it a habit of
    helping someone every day to be all that they can be. If my friends
    and associates are successful, then so will I be. The other thing I
    will do is become more organized, throw away or give away or sell
    anything I do not use myself and go forward with an all new program.

  159. Bob Weierbach

    My plan for 2013 is to continue to learn and apply the concepts of affiliate marketing (AM). I did a three day mentoring session last week and while I have had some modest success it is not the level that I want.
    In 2013 my plan is to continue my training, using the resources available form Anthony. and apply myself even more. Particularly in the area of mobile for AM.
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a prosperous 2013.

  160. Brenda Rice

    My job closed today, now I have time to finish the Education Center and get
    ready to graduate in Aug, 2013 hoping to start making money in Jan 2013

  161. frank kingman

    Hi Anthony, I just got home from the 3 day mentoring classes at your offices. It was everything I expected and I came home with a renewed commitment to do what it takes to be successful. The approach you have developed to deliver training with step by step guides and personal coaching is very effective and efficient. The people in your organization all seem to have a real “heart” for people. Because I am retired and got into this for supplemental income, my objective may have a slightly different focus than some. After the mentoring classes I am more motivated to press onward spend my spare time buillding more campaigns and working with the personal coach to refine my skills to build the business to a level that will provide me the resources to pay it foreward and help others to improve their lives also.

  162. Rob

    I plan to continue working with my mentor at PMI in 2013. I will schedule my work time in a more efficient and smarter way to insure that the education that I am receiving will provide the maximum benefit to my internet business. It is all about applying the education to real life and I need to be doing more of this and taking inteligent action to improve my business.

  163. Yvette

    Hi Anthony ,

    As you may be already aware that I have gained a lot of insight on what I need to do in order to become a successful affliate marketer . I am going to
    finally build My Website by obtaining a domain name and Hosting package.

    I am really excited about the launch that I am about to take because I believe in the system of internet marketing and I am going to make my decision on Who has given me the right video and the right product information on how to generate the kind of money that I know I am going to make. My decision will based on this motivating criteria in fact I am so excited about this phase in my decision because I know this is what will give me the upper edge to starting my own Internet business and seeing it generate money on Auto pilot,and of course I may be a little late with reading up on your books and videos marketing materials for learning sound techniques and gaining advice that I am going to purchase some of your books to start my personal library as a resource for gaining more insight . I mean my list is long for 2013,but this is where I am going to start.Looking forward to a /great Year.

    Thanks Anthony and Happy New Year to you and your Family.

  164. john palaca

    I plan on being as successful as you, and with your help I can see myself becoming a success in 2013…I really want to be the best at what I do… and with your help I can make a difference in my life as well as others…
    Thank you for your guidance

  165. klaus

    Will be signing up on your program real soon and checking out/listening to your latest updates and blogs.signing up to your programs and community to stay positive.the rest of this year and beginning of 2013.

  166. Karen C

    I’m going to use what I learned and will learn from Anthony Morrison and family to generate money in order to help my family and others less fortunate than I.

  167. Juan

    Hi Anthony, this year I am going to do it full time so I can figure this one out. I tried last year and I did figure it out. I know it works and it will work for me if I spend enough time on it.
    Thanks and happy holidays.

    Juan Sarmiento

  168. Clarice

    Hiya Anthony, I’s so Amazing what you do! I love helping people too especially kids. That’s why I am not only trying to open a Charter School and Physical Therapy Unit here in Okeechobee,Fl. but I am also going to get a Degree as a Advocate for Special needs kids too! Well- since today was not DOOMSDAY! lol! My New Year res. is: to put as much thought and dedication into your program as I do in all other aspects of my life. Even though God and Family will always come first in my life I know to be truly successful and a good provider I need to keep my eye on the PRIZE, and you prize would be extremely useful! I pray that you always stay encouraged and keep giving so much yourself as you have been, since giving is the greatest gift after all! I pray that God willing you can meet me and my 4 beautiful children as the future unfolds!

  169. Mark Headlam

    i plan to be more effective and pay attention to the details because i know i have it in me to be succesful at this craft.

  170. Matt Shumann

    I plan to get started with everything. I have spent all of 2012 studying the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and trying to put the it all together. I am finally feel comfortable on the process and will start on January1st. It will be a year long project to see if I can make it happen. Not hoping to get rich or make a ton of money out the door. I just want a little extra income to feel comfortable with my financial situation. I will keep you posted on what happens and any help you can provide will be great.

  171. Martha Shammo

    I plan on applying the knowledge I have learn from your books & videos to be successful in 2013. Thank you.

  172. Gary V.

    i will dedicate more time to learn internet marketing, and definitely use all your tools that you are offering to us.

  173. Heidi Henry

    I plan on putting on getting my barn finished and having riding clinics as fundraisers to raise money to buy tablets to give to hospitalized children.

  174. Terry Newell

    I wanted to learn affiliate marketing to have some additional income for retirement. But, I jumped in too quickly not realizing how much there is to learn – I didn’t even really understand the internet at the time. By going here and there and generally trying to learn everything all at once, I ended up totally overwhelmed. So I decided to start over in 2013 with one dependable source – Anthony. I dug out my notes & the information I was given at his seminar 2 years ago to review, and I’m going back over all the emails and instructional videos I’ve received from him the last couple of years. It’s making alot more sense this time around. I also plan on being organized, staying on track and following through/finishing what I started in 2013 . I’ve finally found a niche where I can do some good for others and myself, and I’m focusing on that. It’s easier to learn something – anything – from someone who wants to help you learn and Anthony does, so I know I can make this work if I stick to a “plan”. I haven’t found very many honest people promoting honest products on the internet – but they’re lined up everywhere you “click” to take your money. I’m glad I happened upon Anthony’s late night infomercial and purchased his book. I don’t absorb things as quickly or as easily as I once did, obviously it’s taking longer than I’d like, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Thanks for all the help. Terry

  175. Dee

    Anthony ,i want to beable to be successful,and im willilling to learn what i can and i recently i watched videos where you came to a few peolpe houses and helped them ,please Anthony if you can hel p me get started ,thats all i need

  176. Kathleen Cross

    I AM going to put all I have learned so far to work for me. My training with Randal was great and after all the other training in 2013 I know I can be successful.Your program is the only one I’ve checked into that I know I can make it work.Thank You very much!!

  177. delorse

    I plan to acquire more knowledge, to enable me to increase what I have. Life challenges will swallow you up. I must focus, take one step at a time, and on to the next hurdle. To reach my goal of financial freedom in 2013. Only work will accomplish this task.

  178. Rodney Cross

    I plan on going over all your programs and become great at Affiliate Marketing.I know my wife and I are going to do well, I want to retire in 2013.

  179. Diana Tamulevicius

    I am planing next year to be more succesful, to work hard, learn more about internet marketing and most important to crate a trust fund for the kids, who lost one of the perent during a year and need a help.

  180. ray salmon

    next year I am going to read & watch videos about internet marketing to further my education on how it is done!

  181. Ken Riedel

    For me the most important thing will to get more focused on exactly what I want to achieve and to efficiently utilize all of the tools I have at my disposal to meet my goals

  182. Kenneth Collins

    For 2013 I’m looking forward to it being an action year. I have a some seed money to get started, which was a long time coming. I want to start with email marketing learning what is needed to get started and branch out from there.

  183. Yvonne Strahle

    I hope to watch more of the training videos so I can become more knowledgeable in doing the different types of online advertising. I hope to make my first big paycheck in January. LOL Merry Christmas!

  184. colleen

    I am going to study the class room items again plus go back over some notes of mine to better my business for 2013. Along the way I am making a web-site to see if my ideas may work to help make my business better. I want to improve myself so I can improve my business.

  185. sindy barnum

    I am going to learn all I need to learn to enhance on a successful 2013.Thanks

  186. Jean Hill

    I am going to start by devoting at least an hour per day studying all the training videos on your website. Then, by following instructions and ideas given, I will commit to steadily progressing in setting myself up for success in 2013.

  187. Christie Hubbard

    Now that I have a lot of your tools and was fortunate to go through your 3 day course – I am very excited to learn more about affiliating marketing. I plan to be more successful in year 2013 – thanks to my new mentor and you Anthony.

    I plan to make independent income – so we don’t have to rely just on my husband’s income. In addition, I like to prove to myself and to my family that I can be successful.

    Have a Very Merry Christmas


  188. mike haley

    hi Anthony, I have been trying to make my first dollar on line now for about 2 years and I still have not done it yet. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. For 2013 my goal is to figure out what I am doing wrong and actually make my first dollar and hopefully many many more. Thanks for all your help.

  189. Rosario Moron

    This year I will be searching harder the web sites so, that I could help the needy & poor kids around the World that I will make it my business to learn by you Anthony and just keep trying my best in that there is !! Have a Merry berry Christmas !!

  190. Carol Collins

    For next year, I want to take the time to educate myself more, set aside the time period to watch more videos, research online, read the tools I received and weed out my email box!! (so it doesn’t overwhelm me so much).

  191. Mildred Clinton

    I feel I will be abled to handle more in 2013. Thank you for the message and have a Merry Xmas!

  192. mike garcia

    I plan to work smarter not harder for 2013. I plan to utilize the skills that I have been taught. Not only in business but life. Thanks Anthony!

  193. Kent Perkes


    I’ve been following your courses, building a website, and learning step by step to drive traffic to my sight. I’ve actually made a few sales on line and will continue to learn better ways for driving traffic to my sites because I know that’s the key success for online marketing.


  194. Jo Ann Edwards

    I plan to get my site up and running. My cup bowl is almost bare. I only work 64 hours per two week pay period and it is killing me. Have a merry christmas.

    Jo Ann

  195. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    My plan of action is to start accomplishing my business goals. I will be focusing on getting my online business earning five to six figures a month.Another goal is to become more creative with my income potential.And another goal of mine is to my time efficiently to make more money while working less at it. And I have several more personal and for my business.
    Have a great and safe Holiday Anthony and thank you.

  196. Juanita

    I plan on starting you back up this year.. it’s been a bad year.. on unemployment.. and burried my mother today last went under forclosure..lost my foundation but I have hope and faith! Sorry for closing my credit card out on you.. couldn’t afford it..Thank you Anthony! God Bless Always! Don’t want a gift just giving you a message.

    Best regards,

  197. Alice

    I plan to get organized and map out a realistic plan of action that is very detailed and I plan to stick to it. I will set aside a set amount of hours to dedicate to this business. To help me accomplish this I will also get my personal life and my household organized and under control. To gel it all together I will spend more time prayer with my heavenly father to help direct me.

  198. mathew

    Hi Anthony

    I am not waiting till next year. It’s about today. I am going to be successfull today and tomorrow will bring its own succes:)

  199. Robert Stafford

    Hello Anthony,
    I really enjoy your videos and your books. I have been “dabbling” in online
    marketing for several years. I have not yet achieved the success which I
    know is possible. Just a few little tweaks and strategies can make the difference between mediocre success and huge success. By learning from
    you and others, I plan to move my business out of the dock into deep water
    and sail away to what I know is possible.
    Thank you for your example and inspiration.

  200. Nancy Eurotas

    I have posted all my Goals and I will read them each day and make myself
    more accountable. Post my success next to the Goal and make another
    one. 2013 is going to be a GREAT YEAR. Thank You Anthony for all
    of the information and hard work for this year. Looking forward to signing
    in each week to you Business Success Program. Have a Great Holiday.
    Happy New Year….

  201. rita

    I would like to have a productive new year in 2013 an utilize my skills working on my artisan abilities an plan my sales an eyecatching displays.

  202. Ligaya Valonzo

    Dear Anthony:

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!!! You are really a blessing to all
    people who received your yearly Christmas presents. You are heaven
    sent to us, the less fortunate whom you shared your blessings. we are praying for your more success and blessing in the year to come.

  203. Virginia Ayala

    I am going to continue to listen to your viedo on email and get started on my bussiness, now that I am going to retire the next coming year and I need to get me my own computer somehow so I can listen more often verses borrowing one or try doing this on my phone, I been saving up so I can order some of the books and viedeos so that way I can help out my kids,, This is my goal for 2013, Wish me luck,

  204. Edgar Fischel

    for me, it is starting over at 55. i plan to do my best to follow the directions of anthony and adrian to overcome my outsourced job and make enough so that i only have to work for myself and spend more time with my growing family.

  205. maria fields

    I’m going to work more hours on learning how to become more successful with the Anthony Morrison program and that way I can provide a better life for me and my son, I Am going to do what ever it takes to make it and be one of your best students by 2013.

  206. Mike Johnson

    I plan on trying some of your ideas and solutions to increase traffic to my website. My business is not like the one you promote, but I’m confident that I could use the same resources to improve my success.

  207. Ellen Agius

    My plans for 2012 to have more success is to be focused on doing the actions that earn income, be consistent in my actions by taking daily marketing actions, listen to personal development daily and read daily, and spend more time of having fun and giving back to my community. thanks for your inspiration and training Anthony in helping others.

  208. Steven Ritter

    Everyone starts with I. Anthony, your motivation has me going in multiple ways, setting up my website, add affilate marketers, and reach for newer heights. Thank you, and God bless you for showing me a new way of life.

  209. Kathy Mc

    I plan to do thiings to boost my energy: exercise daily, think more positive thoughts and pray every day because God and Jesus are listening. Prayer is healthy for your brain, lowers your blood pressure and you get direction! Blessings to all…

  210. shemika

    I plan to work harder plus give back to my community in 2013. And read your success book

  211. Renee Halmon

    My goal for my online business in 2013 is to establish a schedule so I can focus on building a successful business. Thereby improving life for my family, myself and others.

  212. David Gilbert

    2013 will be new for me. I vow to get my first website up and running (lord knows I have spent too much time to act) as my affiliate marketing is lining up well, I will know it’s success after this weekend. Keep plugging along, don’t give up, and always keep learning, which you have been instrumental for me.

  213. Mona Lisa

    my goal is to put 100% into this business, i have learned so much this far,and i’am very excited to learn even more, to be on my way to a very seccussful year in 2013.

  214. Missy Gallaher

    I used my credit card to better my business as they say OPP other peoples money so that is my first big step and my next step is to watch all your videos and put them into plan and achieve my goals and make money to help myself and my family in 2013!!because of you Anthony, TO MY SUCCESS!!!

  215. Robert Karney

    Anthony, first of Merry Christmas to you and your family. What am I going to do in 2013 to ensure my success. I have establish time each week as my work schedule, and that has been hard to adjust to but I am doing better. We have developed a buget that will allow us to obtain some more software that will help. We are dedicated to revewing our susccesses and failure and how to move ahead. We are doing it a little bit at a time but we are learning. Thanks for your help. Robert

  216. Rita Taylor

    I plan on becoming successful and being able to accomplish more by working harder with all the information provided by Anthony Morrison.

  217. Juliene Stella

    I ll get my NY Real Estate licensee, open my studio, continue my education in NYU, read more about investments and finances, continue w my beautiful spanish and french, visit my family in Brazil in August, be connect to God and serve in my church.

  218. Imelda cacalda

    Hi Mr. Anthony,
    Before anything else, i would like to greet you happy holidays and have a wonderful success internet online. You wondering why i only now to make a response with you,coz my internet disconnected and no cp.i just used my cell .
    Anyway,i’d got chance to watch your video, and i’m inspired to make or try sccess online. if you could help me to make monney online. But the things is no experience to marketing internet.thank you

  219. sudha

    i want to be happy and keep others happy by doing acts of kindness,help others as much as can and will try to make a world better place for myself and others .Maximum joy you get is in giving and as much you give more it comes back to you .i think that is what you and i believe Anthony….have a merry Christmas and wonderful new year

  220. Shirley Lawrence

    I see where to ‘Like” FB but I don’t see how to retweet! Help? – Thanks!

  221. william pickett

    im going to invest in tony and work hard for my future and hopefully help others.

  222. Debra Hall

    Heya Anthony , my goal for the year 2013 is to be the best and far most successful affiliate marketing year ever and push my products , blog ,tweet,,post,paste and work Debroxtreme like no tomorrow , I’m pumped every week when I read and communicate with you and lets take this to the top like that small town boy who helped his family and i will do the same , look out 2023 here comes Debroxtreme blast off Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

  223. phillip

    You were the first person that I was ever contacted by to even have an interest and would very much like to start my business in 2013 with you as my mentor.look forward to a prosperous newyear and merrychristmas. Phillip


    You have a Merry Christmas, too! I will be trying to earn “personal” success so that I can “spread” the “wealth” to others.

  225. Carol Anwah

    Dec. 21, 2012 I have been reading books like Viral Explossion by Peggy McCAll and listening to the series of classes by the Transformational authors. I am learning more and more about marketing books online. And I’m ready for the new year and doing it.

  226. Greg Lefebvre

    2013 is going to be my year to start making a check to becoming a success in paying off my debts. To do this I will begin to learn and master trafficing as well as learning to be a business owner. I follow you for inspiration. When I can, I will join up for your programs, this 2013.

  227. Rodney Tatum

    2013 is the year i plan on spending more time at becoming a successful affiilate marketer

  228. Dan & Jeannine

    We are going to visit Ms in the new year and hopefully learn a new way to earn a living and to help others do the same

  229. Melissa Mckinney

    I plan on learning more from you but most importantly i am going to listen to my fans to find out what they would like out of me. Doing as much research as I can to keep my pages up to date and cover everyones needs.

  230. robert pascoe

    80% of successful people in life were mentored by someone and 80% of those that fail, had no mentoring or inpropering mentoring. I plan to read, study and listen to videos of those that are successful and apply their experience and knowledge to my life and add some prayer for guidance to be the best that i can be. you are one of the sources that i choose to follow to become more in life.

  231. Dale Neff

    Hey my friend,
    Always love the lessons you put forth. Happy holidays for you and your family.I plan to Focus, Focus, Focus!
    God Bless!

  232. darlene cortez

    I would like to buy the mentoring program you offered.
    I just bought your plan program.
    I would like to be trained at your inperson training at your office.
    Thank you.

  233. Michelle Collie

    My wish would be to have the money to live better and not be on food stamps,which you can’t do much with a limited income. If I had the extra money I would learn how to make money online and run with it.
    Really is sad when you don’t have the money to buy your family presents.

  234. Mark

    Well Anthony i have been following your lesson outline since i got introduced to the internet affair last March, which was taught by your brother Adrian. Needless to say it was a powerful three days. I have not achieved any success as yet, but my interest in this business will not fade. For the upcoming year my intention is dig a little deeper and take a bit more risks. Maybe then success will finally come my way.

    Thanks for all that you have done.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  235. ed curtice


    I am going to listen to coaches I have in your program so that I can have a hriving and successful internet business.
    I am going to surrond myself with intelligent people who know more than me.

  236. jim

    wow ? you are a humble guy ! …hopefully with your help I can get on the road to having a better life I am disabled and looking to get out the pitt and I wish you a merry x mas and a blessed new year……jim

  237. Rhonda McMillen

    I just attended St. Louis training weekend on 12/9/12 and have been going through the training videos and have set up a landing page, 3 email campaigns and will be doing mail chimp tomorrow and then facebook. For 2013 I plan to complete all training videos and add as many new campaigns and tools as possible!

  238. diane serroul

    THANK YOU ANTHONY for sharing your business strategies with us!
    I plan on inspiring others by networking so that we all become more successful in 2013!

  239. karen

    I am going to focus more on actually doing, and not so much talking, I am more eager to start making money, witch I have not yet. I need to be a doer, and not so much a thinker. I bought your PMI, DVD’s series and your books. and am ready to put it all to work!
    Thank you for your constant intervening with chats, emails, and pick-me-ups quotes.

  240. verna longendyke

    I am going to work harder in 2013 forget about my company bankruptcy and become succesful again…I really appreciate all the help you and Adrian have given me and if you keep it up I believe I will eventually stop being broke all the time and and start making some money..Verna

  241. janis Williqmson

    Anthony this next yr, I am going to try to learn and tap into every resource that you have out there I want 2013 to be my yr of success for me I want to give it my all I know if others can do it so can I..

  242. Keith R. Kindle

    My plans for 2013, Are to study your coarse and make it work on my behalf…As you know I am a Disabled Vet, I’m just getting by , with not much left aside to live of!!!!! I still hesitant on taking action just dive in head first.. I do want to make a bad discion ,and end up broke and homeless!!!!! I know thats how you started, but even as a MARINE its to much of a leap, and take that chance.. I have to learn, so thats what I plan, oh almost forgot, I want to get earning not just on my account, But my fellow military VETS and non-military, When I learn well enough , thats when I will make a nonprofit organization and help as many as I can!!! The pay it forward system I believe it works, and it wood make me fell great to help everyone start a new life… I think thats a good start… Thank You Lcpl USMC Keith R. Kindle!!!!!!

  243. Jeanine Hamm

    In 1302 i plan to pay attention to your good word learn all i can as you know this is not the young girl but big heart so hope God willing I will i will
    make the new year a Happy one for your mother,father aand faily as this gives me Faith in my plans. Lots
    of Love and a Merry Christmas Jeanine Hamm

  244. georgette Beltran

    Hi Anthony,

    I am not always able to respond to the emails that come my way because I am myself a small business woman. I am a composer/songwriter/music Director & producer/ singer. At this point I am promoting as well as marketing my product.

    One of my major activities at this point is linking up with some groups, so they can utilize my inspirational music in their charity fundraising. I am also marketing the product through other types of distribution. Next year, I will put my ” beautiful music” ( people’s evaluations) in the internet.

    I am wondering whether your Anthony Morrison Charity can help me get my product to more people. I have a very discounted order price for groups. Between now till the end of January, a charity group can order my CDs for only $ 425 per 100 copies. Normally, they can sell it for their charity project for $ 15 each.

    I would like to send you a copy of the most recent work that I am promoting, if you would like to hear it. The title of the new CD is FOR LOVE ALONE.
    Let me know what you think.

    Thank you so much.


  245. Denise Capparelli

    I plan on accepting everyone whether they are on facebook or not & letting others know that contest qualifications should not be based on whether or not you have registered with facebook.

  246. Sandy Owens

    I plan on becoming more focused and watch your videos, so that I can be successful in 2013. ๐Ÿ™‚

  247. Patrick Miller

    Hopefully I will be able to get more focused in 2013! And, of course I will continue to follow your videos and webinars. Happy New Year!

  248. Larry Johnson

    I am going to get more envolved in trying to understand the process of internet marketing, but I do need some help in going thru the step by step process, if you or you can find someone to help me out, I will hope you can help me. Thanks

  249. Jerry Mccord

    In 2012 my job and country kept me abroad a lot and out of the country,now that im back,I will devote more time to learn this business and be successful in the upcoming year because I got to see a ROI .

  250. Linda Cruz

    I will dedicate a few hours a day to become successful with my online business. Thank you for your inspirations!

  251. Marc Montaniel

    Scared money don’t make any money. This is one of the lessons I’ve learned so far since I started affiliate marketing three months ago. All this time, I’ve been doing a lot of CPV marketing, popups, direct linking and realize that I will not realize my goal of financial independence by purely sticking with this business methodology. So, next year I’m going to venture more with indirect linking, CPC marketing, focusing more on getting a squeeze or my own landing page prior to the offer landing page as well as pioneer into e-mail marketing at the middle of next year. In short I’m going to step up my level of internet marketing a notch or two higher to generate more conversions and eventually improve my ROI.

  252. Pat Williams

    My plan is to commit to a specific amount of hours to work and to study each week: make a calendar with all my commitments and block out specific days and times for work and study. The work and study times may be during the same day, but time specific for each.
    For these times I will keep a contact sheet/log of what I have done, where I have posted, and keep it updated to track accomplishments. These will be kept on a worksheet for easy comparison. Also one for what I have studied of your programs.
    It will not be so detailed as to cause lost time in tracking that could be used for productivity.
    It’s important to set up specific “dates” with oneself when working for yourself so that life doesn’t get you caught up in a whirlwhind and you lose valuable work time.
    I plan to Plan my Work and follow my Plan.

  253. charlie

    Hello, Mr Morrison. First finish setting up more affiliate acct,
    start bloggin, tweetting, if I see revenue comming in, then
    learning more about ppc, e-mail. ” WOW ” the list just gose
    on and on. Not only 2013, but for a long , long , time. Thanks
    Anthony. ” GOD BLESS “.

  254. Linda Gebhardt

    Working on a system for an ecommerce site that can utilize affiliate marketing.
    I went to the Professional Marketing Institute in Salt Lake and learned in-class some of these skills. Now I really am putting this all together. Website is pending.

  255. Jacqueline Christian

    Well Anthony, I don’t Twitter. The gifts sound fine. Between now and 2013 I am tying up loosed ends for family Christmas and expand a co-operative all volunteer (no pay) hurricane relief effort in my region : products/items/toys/gifts for Graybeards and Occupy Sandy projects. In January,’ learn more technical communications and media processes. Since I keep a low profile: many of your procedure I will refrain from doing. My intention is to create ads for mobile hand held devices. Retired, I need some income but also I need to protect my identity too. More time on Adversuite, review all the training DVDs, and just jump in with some ads. EWA wants me to do some senior dating ads and that is on the goal list. Google has emailed me to create ads for them too. That too is on the goal list for January. That’s about it. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.

  256. Pam F

    In 2013 I need to double my efforts and reach out for more help than I did this past year. I’m not where I’d hoped to be by now, financially, but I believe in what Anthony does and I’ll keep moving forward.


    i plan to work very hard on my mind to learning more to become seccess in 2013 and to do my very best at what i can do to be seccessful

  258. Scott Lazenby

    I’m finally going to start to take action on some of the ideas I’ve been kicking around for far too long now.

  259. Allen Nelson

    Im just now starting in marketing so im going to use 2013 to really open up and make my business very successful and hit it at a 110%.

  260. marie Hunter

    I will take one day every week to explore the book and the programs that I bought from you.Thank you for your desire to help others people succeed

  261. Larry Schmitz

    As soon as I get the check from my retirement account, I will finish paying for my mentoring, level 3. I am going to continue to learn how to make money from you. Failure is not an option so I will continue to process what you are teaching, put that process into action so eventually I will be out of debt and be able to give back like you do. Merry Christmas and God’s blessing to you and your family. Thank you for caring.

  262. Frank J. Acosta

    I’ve done the work learned from your books i recivied in my kit two years ago. THIS YEAR every check I get from my new job ( Just Over Broke) ๐Ÿ˜‰ I plan on putting $35 in a savings account and at the end of the year I’ll have my start up cash and away we go down the rabbit hole of internet fun making money. Thanks your books are the bomb!!

  263. Janie Rider

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year Anthony! I began with you in 2012, having watched your presentation at a free lunch, in Clearwater, Florida. I was so inspired, but due to up coming surgery the following week, I could not take your, intense class, in Tampa. I also spoke with your advisers, explaining my financial situation, being on disability, $941.00 a month, thanks to a head on accident with a 2nd offense drunk driver. They worked with me, and I came up with the down payment, and you got me financing on a monthly basis, for 24 months. I will in the year 2013, make you proud of me and my accomplishments! I have a 9 month window with the Government before I loose my disability. I have this month purchased my state business license, as a sole proprietor, and my County License. My goal in 2013, is to start my affiliate marketing sales, and with the proceeds, be able to afford some professional marketing, to help me sell – sell -sell! My ultimate goal for 2013, is to be able to afford a home, and newer transportation, as well as to continue to donate to the charities that I believe in. Thank you for your donations, to the charities you chose to contribute to, this Holiday Season. God Bless You!

  264. Diane Jones

    My plans for 2013, are to follow your teachings and to learn more and work harder towards earning my goals of becoming more independant for myself and my family. Merry Christmas to you & your family, and have a Happy New Year,,,,,

  265. keith black

    thanks, anthony,, for having these”get togethers” each week. because of you, and your brother, i am working on beginning my online business. the coming year i hope to achieve success by getting my domain names running with a growing list. and im sure with your help from success connection, we can “get together” and discuss my own success connection from affiliate marketing. please keep the information coming in 2013.

  266. Marcia Holifield

    I’m setting 2013 motivating goals, backed up with an action plan with accountability in place to keep me focused on my goals and my priorities straight, and stepping up with personal coaching to guide me through to a massively successful 2013. Thanks.

  267. Russell Bearinger Jr


    Im Going To Work Harder On Automating Adds.
    Use Google More Effectively Placing Add Banners.
    Put More Info At my Web Site ,so The Spiders That Crawl , Give a Better Rating !
    Also use The Great educational Info You Teach in Your Sucess Connection !

    Thanks ! Have A Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

    Russell Bearinger Jr

  268. Russell Bearinger Jr

    Theres No Twitter Button To Retweet on this Page ! I Liked on Facebook.


    Russell Bearinger Jr


    Im Going To Work Harder On Automating Adds.
    Use Google More Effectively Placing Add Banners.
    Put More Info At my Web Site ,so The Spiders That Crawl , Give a Better Rating !
    Also use The Great educational Info You Teach in Your Sucess Connection !

    Thanks ! Have A Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

    Russell Bearinger Jr
    Las Vegas Nevada

  269. Bernadine

    I love watching your videos, they inspire me to stride for more success. I am still working on it but I have hope that some day I will get there.

  270. Doc Robertson

    First, I would like to thank you Anthony for your gererosity, your compasion and the hard work that you do to help other’s fulfill their dreams. I have decided to give back to my community as well. I cleaned out my coat closet and came up with 12 coats that I don’t wear or need. I have also collected items from my friends and family. On Christmas day, I will take what I have collected and go to the city downtown and give the items away to the homeless. That’s how I plan to proceed in 2013. I just want to work as hard as I can on my success and every opportunity that arises, It is my wish and dream just to pay it forward. That will continue to enlighten me and bring me an abundance of joy. Also, I have found that the greatest amount of knowledge and emotional “wealth” comes from the most unlikely of sources. Thanks for reading this. Sincerely, Doc Robertson

  271. Rose Teed

    I plan to watch every single video published and take steps to make a successful business for myself and my family. Once I’m comfortable in my knowledge I plan to share it with others so that my friends can also enjoy the fruits of your business. I am excited and eager. I know it takes startup money and that’s where I get stuck. But I will figure it out. I have to.

  272. Sunny Black

    My New Years plan is to start at the begining with all the books and videos I have received and make a plan and a time when I can give this my full attention, take notes, ask questions. When I first started this program I immediately thought, this is too hard to understand and it is also going to take more money than I have right now.

    But, after reading Anthony’s daily ” helps”, I realized I had misunderstood so many things and I now ready to learn. When the student is ready, a teacher will appear.

  273. Ruby Grayson

    I really want to focus more on really getting the hang of this. I want to go to more seminars and watch all of the available webinars. I bought ‘Profits From Home.’ I am taking it with me when traveling during the holidays. I know I can do this!

  274. Carol Tinnea

    I’m planning on scheduling my trip to Mississippi for your advanced training. I’m going to devote more time to my IM business.

  275. Mark Porter

    I must start a new source of income for 2013. I have been planning for two months now. I will kick off my online marketing campaign in January. I am also training my sister in how to do the business since she will need it in the future. We both want to support ourselves and also provide for family members who are going to be handicapped throughout their lives. We have two of them.

  276. Joyce Latondress

    I am learning quickly to utilize my time with the implimenting of your technieques for a business plan. One thing I have found that is a great impact on people i to be “real”. Nothing supernatural or all knowing powers of glory. We are people helping people get what the need or want out of life. I already feel succesful. How, you ask? Just by taking steps to better my knowledge about how marketing works from the promotional point of view, since up till now I was the reciever not the giver. I am having way too much fun with this, when dose the “hard work” starts?

  277. Deborah Waltemeyer

    My husband and i attented one of your seminars a few weeks ago,before going i was i was on the brink of giving up.The speaker completly turned things around for us.I am back on track and very excited about the year 2013, I will succeed by rewatching your videos and applying what we were taught the motivation that i needed was rekindled ,i repeat my verse every morning with new vigor and set down at my computer and get to work.I am implementing what we were taught and fell we will accomplish our goals this next year. Your a great inspiration to all of your students,Iwill be one of your success stories in the near future .People like you are hard to find that put so much of themselves into helping others with all their heart,

  278. Bill Russell

    I am going to try to learn more from your videos and put more into practice.

  279. steve kilmnick

    I plan on working harder and learning more from your videos that I will succeed in 2013 .

  280. Rita Lecuyer

    I plan on redoing my website to generate some business with PMI. I am also learning how to use free ads as I have run out of money. So next year will be really challenging for me. I do not have money to even go to Mississippi to study with Adrian. Merry Christmas

  281. mike

    I plan on a breakout in 2013 to make a fulltime successful internet marketing business a reality. Thanks for your help and resourses in the time I have know of them. Your story of how you succeeded is a great motivator.

  282. Suzanne Brandt

    My plan is to get more out of your book and your videos. I need to read it again and watch your videos more. I plan to follow your advise, love your videos.

  283. Tricia Heaton

    Follow the steps that have been written out in the program.
    Take the actions as they have also been layed out in the program.
    All equals success!
    Happy Holidays!

  284. Mahlet ayalneh

    I plan for next year (if God is will) to get my 1st level education from you and try to work hard tobe successful. Marry christmass to you and your familly. By the way I love what you did for peoples who needs a help.. May God bless you.

  285. Paul Leski

    I am going to invest more in my bussiness and use what i learn from the anthony morrison program i also will buy one or two of your produce this coming year

  286. Joan Proctor

    Now that we have completed the seminar with Adrian, we feel that
    there is no limit to what we Can & Will do in 2013 and beyond!
    We are looking forward to our mentoring in Ms.

  287. Patricia Woods

    I want to educate myself on your products and give it a try to be sucessful.

  288. George Popovic

    I plan on getting my own computer this year. It is too hard to do this at my library because all of your updates etc. are longer than I can stay on line at the library. It will be excitting to finally be able to do the things you show to do. Not to mention make money too.

  289. Jack Proctor

    Anthony: My wife & I recently joined your program. We have “tried” other entrepreneurial ventures w/some success- we know we will be successful w/affiliate marketing between the great support system you provide and our own determination. Thanks for all the help!

  290. Dave Kuckhahn

    I plan to absorb more of your videos for better success in 2013. Thank you very much for giving me access to them. They are a very useful tool and may benefit me very much someday.

  291. Steve Hickey

    I plan on devoting more time in 2013 to training to develop greatly increased income streams.

  292. Christina

    I would like to be more successful and start a new begining, I would like for you to show me in person how to start this networking business. I have no knowledge on where and how to start. I very interested to be one of your student, because i’m determine to change my life as a strangling parent. Thank you and God Bless.

  293. Roy Bullock

    I’m starting the year, Jan.7-9,2013, with the one-on-one session in MS and from there plan to implement any and all productive ideas I can retain and bring back with me. The goal is to replace the income stream in 2013 I had while working, I recently retired from plant management. In 2014 and beyond I plan to increase my income a minimum of 20%/year to insure both my wife and I are able to retire as comfortably as possible.

    Thanks for all the help to date the training videos are awesome.

  294. Karen Pressley

    In 2013 I plan to maintain watching the video’s and reading more in your books and follow you on Tweeter. Try my best to be a better successful person in 2013 to get where I can help my family more and pray to be more debt free. Thanks for all you do and the time you give to others, I love giving to others. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  295. Bobbie

    First thing i am going to do is try some of the harder things first, at least to me and when i succeed with it, then i will go on to the least hardest and maybe i will have work myself up to where i need to be.

  296. Gary Monahan

    Happy holidays to you and your family, Anthony! For 2013, I will be concentrating on e-mail marketing, as I have already starting building an extensive list.

  297. Theresa Ballard

    This year I plan to take matters into my own hands.
    I will put into practice one of my favorite Quotes. . . .
    I also am going to take all negative phrases out of my vocabulary such as. . . .
    I can’t because, I would if, I don’t know how so, If only,
    I am going into 2013 with an even more positive attitude then I have ever had.
    And have claimed this NEW YEAR AS MINE!!!
    It will be one filled with many of the things I have not accomplished so far!
    FEEL IT!
    TO OWN IT!!!
    And for me I DO!!!

  298. Earl R. Everett

    I plan on listening to your tapes and reading your books and learn more about the Anthony Morrison program to be able to work and become more successful. Thank you Anthony Morrison and HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMASS. I plan on becoming a success in 2013. Earl R. Everett

  299. Sandy Marquart

    I will work closely with my mentor to learn everything I can to be a successful on-line business person in 2013. Thank you for providing the opportunity to learn and create a better life for us. Merry Christmas and Happy, Prosperous New Year!!

  300. Kathleen Judy Beller

    My Goals for 2013

    I am finishing my first educational product while I am off work for 3 weeks.
    I have researched my printing and packaging resources and they are waiting for my green light. Once I have a physical product, I am opening a Website with Amazon. I have 3 or four other products that I have been working on, but I must finish them one at a time, because I am working alone. I have also researched Affiliate Program links I can add to my website if they approve my website. There are many ways I can increase my website’s income. The secret is my products and website must be good enough to be approved.

    Then, I am going to purchase your 365 day training program if it is still available.

    I have been hired for an Art Teacher position beginning in January 2013 so I am also working on planning the class projects.

    I feel better about 2013 and our income has increased enough that I will have a little investment money to put into my online business.

  301. Debbie Sundholm

    I will be employed soon (had series of interviews) so I will have a budget for advertising CPV first. Then try the 800# offer, start a business profile on facebook & other social media. Take consistent daily steps learning, working it moving forward for a successful 2013:D *Thanks Anthony for all you do!*

  302. Roberta Guerra

    I am going to take the leap and do CPV. I want to purchase your cpv domination but right now I cannot. You emailed me a link for a URL scraper today that is affordable and I am going to try. I have looking into this for a couple of years now but was always scared of it. I tried Adian’s social commissions this year. I wasn’t successful but it has pushed me to take that next step and try direct cpv. I opened an account with them years ago but never took the next step. In 2013 I am going to take that next step.

  303. Diane Patrick

    In 2013 my focus is going to be on making money for my family (not for another company) and taking control of my own destiny. I need to ensure that my parents as well as my children and grandchildren are well cared for, both financially and by sharing my time with them and the only way to do that is to work smarter, not harder…and to do it for me.

  304. Andre Tentokolo

    Hi, for 2013 very very will need your help to make me rich like couple your studient. I want you to teach me realy..

  305. Robert Franke

    We started with you about 6 months ago running mainly PPV Popup ads. We recently started trying to build web pages and web sites to increase our money making potential. Thanks for all the great input from you and our brother.

  306. Paul Felshaw

    My wife and I just got married in July and I have got her excited about marketing through our websites. We are still new at this, but we plan to keep watching and reading your blogs and learning from you. Your programs are such a blessing in our lives because we both have a disability that limits our ability to work full-time. I have a part-time job and have tried to get a full-time job, but due to my disability (cerebral palsy) I am judged incapable even before I sit down for the interview. We are working with another fan of yours. Thank you for all you do!

  307. Theo

    In 2013 I plan to launch my internet business(Affiliate Marketing). In 2012 I acquired a great deal of knowledge and inspiration from the Success Connection. My strategy to become successful in 2013 meeting the following objectives:

    1. Becoming a regular here on the Success Connection

    2. Subscribing to the Mentorship Program

    3. Becoming Self Funded for this venture.

    4. Demonstrating deeper drive, ambition and motivation to accomplish my goal of establishing a successful internet business

  308. Sandra Anastasia

    Merry Christmas Anthony and of course your hard working staff,
    There has been several setbacks financially and comercially, but I remain optomistic. First off I need to establish a web address, quicken the networking to be succesful in the new year 2013. Glad the fear is gone for everyone. I think you have been so generous in sharing your ideas, and constant support regarding your emails… This year Anthony, I truly believe my plath to becoming a Millionare is today…. I am one of your students and one of your successes! Keep sending the videos, and I will dedicate my time to learning from you. God Bless you and everyone… Of course have a Merry Christmas… and Prosperous New Year…. Never giving up.. and always looking forward..
    Sandra Anastasia

  309. cassandra boyle

    Sounds like the year to really get into your books and be successful!

  310. Cheryl Birden

    I have not decided on which steps to make as for as executing a plan at this time. My maine focus is to enjoy and reibe from the benefits of this season. I just wanna say, thanks to VIPs such as Anthony Morrison and his team of affiliates ,people like me and you can hopefully live the American dream.Thank You so very much Anthony and keep spreading your good will to men and women around the world. Merry Chrstmas and have a prosperous new year; talk to ya real soon.

  311. PK

    I have committed to utilizing a team of virtual assistants to delegate more of the tasks that assistants with basic computer skills can do for me particularly in the social marketing arena. Not only does this motivate me to stay on top of my marketing but it also gives me a mini-mastermind inner circle to share and bounce ideas around with something I enjoy doing.

    Thanks Anthony for all your good work. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to all.

  312. Robert Darnell

    My plan is to become serious about learning all I can about internet marketing. I will continue to watch your Success Videos and put into practice any suggestions you may offer to enhance my ability to make money on the internet. I really appreciated your video where you taught the three individuals how to make their first online money. This was particularly inspiring to me because at least one of them was in my age group of 60+ and was able to learn the program. As a result, I will be joining and participating in the Success With Anthony Program in 2013. With your help I plan to be in a much better financial position this time next year. Thank you for motivating me to move forward at this stage of my life.

  313. amy stafford

    In 2013 I plan on starting my own business and becoming more responsible and successful. Thanks for the motivation.

  314. Albert Douglas

    I plan to implement all that I have learned in affiliate marketing and execute these for 2013. I hope to make this a reality by trying each system . Perfecting , implementing , executing , evaluating and working at closing at a ratio of 1:5.

  315. janice blain

    Yeah, we are going to do better this year and I got my mind set right! We will make this happen! You rock!!

  316. Tricia Heaton

    Follow the steps that have been written out in the program.
    Take the actions as they have also been layed out in the program.
    All equals success!
    Happy Holidays!

  317. Ipe Pereira Da Silva

    My plan to be successful in 2013 is read again your books, wacth all your videos, work hard, open my mind and put everything what I have learned in practice. Thank you Anthony!

  318. Don Jenkins

    I just turned 57 yesterday and retired last July as a school administrator and my plan is very simple…..I plan to start USING the books, videos and the years of training I have received from Anthony instead of thinking about it! It is time to put it all in motion. Thanks Anthony in advance for the success you will help me to achieve. Don

  319. FRANCI

    MeRRy ChristMas Anthony!…That’s awesome! I am sure those gifts will help bring the Holiday Spirit, as sometimes, that’s all it takes to make someones day a little bit brighter. E-pad may even help someone with their business…*-*…I am glad to hear the children will have gifts and hopefully they too will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy*New*Year as well. Gods’ little Angels*-*… As for me, depending on health, I am gonna try and focus on a way to better my financial picture. People on disability really do have to struggle and it occurred to me that I may be able to still have a life, even with my disadvantages. I believe that a persons brain can overcome challenges. We will see what the future holds. Even with chronic pain, I still think positive and pray that my life will get better and who knows, something good may still happen. MERRY*CHRISTMAS and HAPPY*NEW*YEAR…*-*…

  320. Glen Jones

    I don’t want to work harder in 2013 because I’m already doing that. I want to learn how to work SMARTER and see ROI from my efforts. I see lots of potential in the Affiliate Advertising program. I still need your teams assistance in accomplishing my goals for 2013.

    Take Care and Merry Christmas to you and the entire Morrison family!

  321. Bernice Adams

    I plan on learning all I can and never quit learning something new each day

  322. Dottie Hightower

    I will finally open the box I ordered from Anthony before I retired in March of 2011. Retirement has been challenging in very way. I know, with these tools, 2013 can be so much less so and many people can be blessed through my success.

  323. Rachel

    Happy Holidays Tony & Crew,

    Well, as my email address ~[[email protected]]~ kinda hints, I’m a “Never-Ever-Quiter”!!! Experience taught me that things get better with time if I keep at them, and that “Quiting” is a lame thing to do to “Anything” that you want to succeed in ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am excited, and looking forward to 2013 because it comes with chances and possiblities that present me with opportunities to better implement the things I have learned within this passing year. The more I apply the methodologies and techniques that I have so far learned, the more proficient I will become in using them to improve my business. Hence, by doing so, I’ll be able to create ease, energy and flow in my life that will sure bring me ever closer to being in sync with my desired goal~ a life filled with meaning, efficiency and joy.

    In 2013, my main objective-focus is on starting my own Business [which I had been working on for the last couple of years], and Tony, your teachings come in handy because I plan to do it both Online and “On-ground” ๐Ÿ™‚

    So as we speak, I am reviewing some of your videos starting from the days when you didn’t even have a name for your magnificently informative weekly video sessions, … that is how come I found about this one.

    THANK YOU, Tony!!! Thank you for your generosity especially with your knowledge, and know-how regarding the skills and tools to navigate the Online business maze. You give a lot of us great hope, and then some!



  324. Sharon Brown

    I will try to have more time reading and doing studies, and have more time for family. Love the ones I’m with for I’m very blessed at this time of the year in giving to others.

  325. PBJ

    Following the guidance of the plans steps and actions!
    The way to success.
    Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday Anthony Morrison!

  326. Rick Rutherford

    I am going to dust off my information and regain the success that I desire.

  327. Rickie Rollings

    I plan on continuing my education at ACOT, PMI, and through what I have learned from you and your brother. I have a very busy schedule since I also have a full time job, but I believe this will pay off big in the end.

  328. mark ortman

    Thanks Anthony,

    I will purchase the 365 program or another one, to get going, as I haven’t yet.

  329. Sheila Aldrich

    I am going to be more efficient with my time. Keep in my getting up early and
    working for two hours before I go to my day job.
    I have studied a lot on the PMI educational center so I am going to complete
    all the work and actuallY DO all I have learned. At the same time I am going
    to continue on my lyric and song writing 1) because its fun, 2) I have a voice.
    I am going to keep in my intention on a daily basis to achieve my goals including more spiritual improvement.

  330. Sheila Aldrich

    I am going to be more efficient with my time. Keep in my getting up early and
    working for two hours before I go to my day job.
    I have studied a lot on the P.M.I educational center so I am going to complete
    all the work and actually DO all I have learned. At the same time I am going
    to continue on my lyric and song writing 1) because its fun, 2) I have a voice.
    I am going to keep in my intention on a daily basis to achieve my goals including more spiritual improvement.

  331. Wendy

    I plan to have my business up and running with blogs and all. I need to get help from one of your coaches. Need a boost to get started. I finished reading book “Advertising Profits From Home. I really feel I can do this. In fact know I can. Just have to find the right time to get started. Personal issues have popped up. Dad has cancer, Brother is coming in from AZ, and job is a stressful event. 2013 is my year to come up “I feel it”

  332. Cynthia Jewitt

    My plan for 2013 is to dive into your videos
    So I can be successful in 2013. To prove
    I can do this. There are so many programs
    Out there but Anthony’s is the Best and fast
    to start earning a income from home. Thank

  333. eddie strickland

    Hi Anthony, 2013 is the year I make it! I am not going to slow down one little bit. I am totally gung-ho. I spend all my waking hours studying. I NEED to get my ads started RIGHT NOW! Yesterday has passed by and I missed out on it. I don`t want to say that at all ever again about any other day. I am desperately trying to find some campaign offers that Facebook will accept. I am also waiting for Katie to call me back about getting some coaching. Once I have that none of my effort will be in vain and nothing will stop me. I just need the guidance to put my energy into winning, not burning the rubber off of my tires and not go anywhere. I`m like “Edward Bloom” in the movie “Big Fish” where he says, “well I may not have much… but I have more determination than any man your likely to meet… I`ll work night and day for you”. Well that`s me in a nutshell. In 2013 my program is learn, apply and work hard continuously.

  334. Kathleen bajo

    Next year is a time for new beginnings. Focus on time mgmt. & keep in tune with current updates. ๐Ÿ™‚ work & less mutli-tasking on my research & study time. Work it. . Be more consistent. Work on a time table for the new year too. Thanks Anthony. Merry Xmas to you & your Ohana (family) too.

  335. Jean Navin

    I Plan to grow habging plants and sell them and also plan to
    join an all natural products called Ocean Avenue sometime
    in January.
    Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas & a Hzppy New Year

  336. Marjorie

    I found out my husband had ordered your books etc and i am going to give it a try. I need to make more money and get out of debt…so heres to the new year.

  337. Steve Le Baron

    Don’t just DREAM about Anthony Morrison’s Success Conection. Live my passions through Anthony’s video presentation and helping others to see the message in Success Connection. Happiness belongs to those that strive in looking for it.

  338. Joy Rustan

    Hello Anthony,
    I just bought your online program and I am implementing your email program into my life even as we speak. I have subscribed to your posts on Facebook and I just opened a Twitter account and am following you there also. In your last tweet, you said you made $830.00 today! Congratulations! I want to make that much money in one day too and soon I will! Just you wait and see! I am making a positive start and plan to be successful in 2013. I plan to make over $3,000 a month with your programs. I am willing to take any help you will give me just to be successful!
    Thank you,

  339. Wil Long

    Plan to open myself to new ideas to get this program moving forward
    So we can make some money.

  340. George LIBRES

    Thank you so much for showing this video and sharing for information might be helpful for who interested like me in 2013,it’s gonna be suprise I think learning and working so hard about in Internet focusing in what we are doing this video and earning of money for the real person.hopefully continue to inspired other people and sharing your knowledge about how to earn a proper money.

  341. lawrence mitchell

    Anthony I’m trying real hard to learn this program i spend all night after night trying to success

  342. Sylvia

    I keep hearing the money is in the list so my 2013 strategy is to sign up with a reputable online coach such as yourself and draw up achievable goals and implement them so I can start out the new year running instead of walking. If I execute my goals correctly I plan on making enough money by December 2013 with my successful business and that way I will NOT have to work 70-80 hour work weeks as a Retail Store Manager another Christmas season for someone else!! I’m READY!!!

  343. Anton

    Want to go on with my Success with Anthony program and I want to see if I can get some of your books in South Africa.

  344. Leonard Perez

    There is no greater gift one person can give to another person than to listen to them to understand. This is an approximation of what Stephen Covey stated in his book, “The Seven Habit of Highly Effective People.” For me to achieve the goals you will set before us, I need to be successful in understanding what you are teaching. And, equally important, my ability to understand and remember this information has a direct effect on the welfare of those living in our home. Establishing a profitable business is very important and I hope my actions during this training demonstrates that I did listen to understand. To quote my three year old granddaughter, “Papa, are you going to do gooder?” Be safe Every one

  345. Francois Brown

    Honesty I’m going to tell you the truth bro. I’m slightly reluctant to like & re-tweet your success connect videos because I believe you would have 100 automatic views from my network, and people would start looking into you because your products are authentic. This is a good thing though don’t get me wrong… its just that I’d rather promote your products while being in position to intercept commissions.

    This latter is now my old way of thinking. For 2013 I plan to engage a lot more with the success connections and with my own social networks. I’ve come to learn that i have more influence in my networks than I’m actually tapping into. Also for 2013, I will make sure that every 365 days starting January 1st will be dedicated to online work. I will not waver on a single day. And if it so happens that I miss a day due to life circumstances (because no one is completely perfect) then I will double up on my “to-do” or “goals” list for the next day.

    Operation “Increase Work Volume and” Output (this includes learning more about and sharpening my knowledge about the industry as well), this is what I plan to do to have more success in 2013 than I did in 2012.

  346. Diana Quack

    I am planning to do a lot more reading and working a lot hard with your Anthony Morrison program. I know with your help I can made it. thank you and Happy Holidays.

  347. Konisitutone S. Puloka

    I Koni, plan to dedicate an hour daily to my Buisness by reading and searching all the information that has been given to me, so that I can actually become as successful as the others before me!!!! I plan on doing this through Prayer, first. Then by Learning through reading…. then doing research to see what I read is valid….. Then apply what I read through action, then share with all my friends and family…… Then Thank the Great and Mighty Lord for all that he has already done……………………

  348. Teresa Braden

    I am going to devote more time daily to working on this business and to catch up on the courses I have already purchased

  349. Thomas J Russo

    May God Continue To Bless You And Family,
    I plan on spending as much time as needed since I am retired veteran. I will continue my PM I Lessons and get my niche on the internet as a lead magnet and develop a Squezze Page and a landing Page for some ibadly needed income.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Love Tom

  350. Veronicab

    My plan is to be open minded to move forward and focus and stay focus on the plan to take the steps I need to get to the next level to get to the goal . Stay positive

  351. Annette Underwood

    In 2012, I am committed to making my business my top priority. I will wake up earlier to get my day going. I will prepare the night before for my next day income producing activity. I will not miss an opportunity to share the opportunity with everyone I come within 3 feet of. I will not fear, but be confident!

  352. Lorraine Tomek

    I plan on buckling down and really get going in 2013. I’ve got a lot of “things” out of the way, and have learned not to be signing up at all these sites because they only try to sell their products and not give value like you do. Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013! Oops, sorry…Happy Holidays!

  353. Mary E Granby

    I am going to strive to be successful in this business 2013. I am going to look at and listen over and over again to all of the tapes and messages that you have sent and get this system down pat. It’s do or die now.

  354. Cassandra B

    I plan to work harder on perfecting my skills as a performer. I have been acting since high school and that is something I am truly passionate about. I took a huge leap of faith to relocate to another state about 4mths ago to purse my career and I’ve had a couple of bumps here and there but I am so determined to reach my destiny and live out my dreams. Personal development and coaching is very important to me, therefore; I will continue to increase my knowledge to better myself. I feel the more I learn, the more I can teach, uplift, and help impact someone else’s life.

  355. Theodora begay

    To be more commited and not lose interest like I have been doing this pa year… I would like to be successful in 2013! Thank you Anthony!

  356. Karen Spriggs

    I plan on prioritizing my activities to 1) faith, 2) home/husband, 3) my personal goals which include…a) improving my time in technology (online courses and investing), b) researching what works best for my students; c) expanding and focusing on community/social.

  357. Diane

    2013 will be dedicated to diligently learning affiliate marketing and also more about facebook. My son and I are planning to come to Mississippi in the spring to learn from you and your staff.

  358. glynn walker

    I will learn all I can about how marketing works on the Internet and launch my first campaign. This is a whole new inter-connected, constantly evolving world with so many “new gadgets” (marketing media) to learn about..

  359. Tammy

    I plan on getting my health back on track; loose weight to increase my energy level, increase my energy level, so I may be more productive., increase my productivity so I may increse my income. increase my income so I may travel and see my family, friends and make new friends. with the help of Anthony Morrison this will happen.

  360. Cecilia

    I find that starting early in the morning is best for me to do what is necessary to work on my business. Basically must be persistent, consistent in studying the videos and software I have purchased. I certainly appreciate all that you do in creating software for our success.
    Anthony I hope that you and your family have a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year.
    Thank you.

  361. Mr Green

    My plan for the new year is to stop being distracted by all the shiny objects everywhere. Focus on the info I have and take action. Have spent most of this year learning, now it’s time to make some money.

  362. Anthony Calderon

    Thanks to God and you Tony giveing me a hand were i learn and understand how to make bucks find success and more ways to create more income after all, help the ones i can, bless everyone with the help of God and my friends.

  363. Unique Dusset-Mathis

    My plan is to be successful with my website business so that I can be debt free to be able to hellp others who are less fortunate especially the children and the hostipals that care for them.

  364. Blanca

    Glad you have great plans to share your blessings! Bless you! Giving is the best part when sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am in the process of planning my baby steps towards being succesful in social media in the year 2013. I think I have tried to do a lot and did not make headway. So , this time I will take baby steps. I am going to zero in and have a plan. I do not want to feel overwhelmed, I just want to : 1) Start 2) Follow Steps, Strategies 3) See results I started but stopped. I am planning to start again and continue implementing until I see results. Please wish me luck. I believe in Affiliate Marketing, I just want to find my niche and master it. Thank you for the training and coaching you offer. You are disciplined and that is key to this business, so, I cannot wait to start again where I left off! Thanks again.

  365. Butch Moreto

    Procrastination describes the year 2012. After we ring in the
    New Year 2013, it will be a thing of the past. I join Charlie, Daniel,
    Zach and Marie in resolving to work hard with success as our goal.

  366. Michele McKinney

    Of course I feel that the first thing people should do in order to take that successful step, is to make sure they know exactly what it is that motivates them to want to succeed? From the smallest thing to the biggest thing as long as it motivates you to wanna be more if a success.

  367. rhonda faraimo

    I’m going to work twice as hard and stay focused on how to make more money in 2013. I plan to watch more tips and take advice from your videos because they re a helpful key to opening hidden treasures.

  368. rhonda faraimo

    I’m focused to make this year a success by prioritizing my goals and staying entirely dedicated to make them happen. Lets hear it for 2013!

  369. Roni Bulsara

    Hi Anthony , Adrian, Mom and Dad and entire family.

    Merry Christmas to you and a prosperous and healthy New Year to you all from the entire Bulsara family.

    This year I am hitting the ground running, pumping the pump and pushing the pedal to the metal.

    I NEED to make serius money using all the currently available tools and I need to be your mentee when you allow me to be because knowledge alone

  370. Roni Bulsara

    Wii not help me succeed but your Wisdom for to use that knowledge is the missing link for me.

    Thanks for your persistent effort to get my commitment to succeed.

    Have a great year.

    Roni Bulsara

  371. Will Brett

    I attended an affiliate marketing event in Houston, Texas back in September 2012.

    First, I will begin your “365 Days to Success Program”, January 2013

    Second, I will launch an “affiliate website marketing specialty” to help attract leads for the above program.

    Third, I will launch “Twitter affiliate website advertising specialtiws” January 2013.

  372. phillip combs

    I am going to start implementing some marketing.And using my social networking to start making money,which I so badly need.Thanks for all your advice

  373. fred

    2013: Take time to review more Anthony Morrison blogs and videos. Implement one marketing technique learned per month. Improve in IM marketing for continued success. Thanks and Happy New Year.

  374. Lyndon Flynn

    I take one day at a time. I look for the positives in life. Each day is a new day. I plan on being a success, for me. I am planning to win.

  375. teshoma berhanu

    some times dream with hard working and commitment in time and knowledge, will lead human to success world…here I am on that road with good source of knowledge and videos from you Anthony. so in the coming year my commitment is that what I just described at the binning…work hard, get more knowledge, set the goal and run to success. Thank you for your encouraging and hope in us to see or hear what we plan to do to be successful in 2013.

  376. Rev. Scott Ware

    Hello Anthony I bough your book over a year ago but being a nondenominational minister and a caregiver all my life doesn’t pay well enough to have extra income.So at the same time I had started a book that i just finished called From The Ashes. It still sits on the shelf awaking a publisher to bring it to the market. So my dream is to do your program ASAP to get on track where i know i need to be in life. Next year i will be 50. I think it’s a great time for me to take control of my financial life don’t you? I have a life partner and 6 pets that say YES.

  377. Tracy Day

    I will use the great tools that you have shown to me in December, 2012 and I will continue to learn and grow my business skills. I have learned an enormous amount of valuable information from you and I am always eager to be able to pick your brain. Thank you so much!! I look forward to learning even more in 2013!

    Happy Holidays! Thank you, again!

  378. Tracie Lane

    I have read and listen to your e-mails on a regular bases, and I will continue to get educated, choose the right offer, and decising to advertise and get traffic to my website to become successful.
    I also plan to use the practice priniple, use critical thinking and the snow ball effect to gain knowledge and ability to succeed.

  379. CarolAnn Browne

    This will be an exciting year, just the fact that all the doom sayers were wrong and we are still all here is a beginning. So to get up in the morning and be excited to be alive is wonderful. It gives me the gratitude to get organized and start looking forward to the days to come. To begin learning and applying the tecniques I have fortunitly come into my life. To have this opportunity and the chance to better my exsistance, with the understanding that with this knowlege and my persistance this will be a very good year.
    Have a Happy New year everyone CarolAnn

  380. Vicki Kirkpatrick

    2013 is going to be my year because I have decided to put everything into it. The DECISION leads to the success. I also belong to another internet company and one of the success tips is to read personal development books by successful millionaires. I read 10 pages a day. Many of these known authors also validate and comment on our very own, successful, Anthony Morrison. That made me feel even better that I am in the right place at the right time with Anthony. Success leaves clues everywhere. Also, I will refuse to let the dream stealers get me down! They don’t know what they don’t know. I will continue to read everything Anthony puts out but do it in a reasonable timeframe so as not to paralize myself from “doing” the business at hand to reap the rewards of my learning. Thank you Anthony! I have seem your teachings work – now I will make them work more so I can enjoy the beaches of the world!

  381. Evelyn Murdock

    Hopefully next year will bring my first profits, after months of studying and
    listening to videos. I am now following your “365 days” plan.

  382. Jason

    Happy birthday anthony, my b-day is on the first. I am very interested in affiliate marketing, i dont work currently, stuck at home in a wheelchair with rrms. I will be following ur leads i do need an income, i have two faboulous daughters 19. And 17. Once again merry x-mas and have a good b-day.

  383. clifton durham

    I do believe I could+would do a lot better in my quest of affiliated marketing if Anthony would only send me the books and materials I bought and paid for months ago. However, I will not give up on my dream to becoming a very successful advertiser.

  384. James

    I will not give in to the norm. Use everyday as a learning day. Read everything I can get ahold of to better myself. 2013 is my year of positive change.

  385. Michael Rossano

    I look forward to learning all I can from Success Connection and will do EVERYTHING it takes to make each day, a step forward to financial success in 2013.Thanks for all you do and continue to do!!-Merry Christmas from my family to yours and Good Luck to EVERYONE!!

  386. Chinise London

    In 2013, I definitely want to see more success than I have this year by teaming up and working with you “Anthony”. Wishful thinking is side by side. I have sent a reach out to you email to learnwithanthony. I feel like you are the one to take me out of this hole I have created for myself. I have more time to work on the internet and I will definitely try to read and learn as much as I can from you until you decide what day you will be coming to my house to coach me one on one. HAPPY HOLIDAYZ!!!!

  387. Avis Deane

    I have not been able to do much due to some health problems and having to move. I hope to do more in 2013 as I am doing better health wise so, I am going to spend more time with your videos and suggestions you have made and put your suggestions to work.

  388. Kandy

    Hi Anthony,
    I am going to be accountable to making money online in 2013,by blocking time in my schedule to make it happen. I have had a lot of trials in 2012,but I am believing 2013 will be the year for life to turn around and I can and will make it happen for my family and me.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  389. John Ditto Sr

    I am going to commit more time to make my business full time. I am going to commit to your business plan and attend more of your webinars and other training you provide. Everything else I have tried, failed. I was very impressed with your presentation of teaching three people to make money online. Sooooo…. LOOK OUT 2013. My time is NOW!!!

  390. Carlos M

    Well Anthony I’ve been following your teach to us and you absolutely right when you say that the more you know the more you can do…
    So really for 2013 I promise to my self and you that I will get all the knowledge I can get in the next year, because I just learn that “Knowledge is Power”

  391. Eric Rasmussen

    I will purchase your third book. AND read it.
    I will re-read your first to books. AND follow the steps outlined.
    I will dedicate time each day to achieve my goals.
    I will be independent. For myself and my family.

  392. Sarah

    My plan is to follow You, Anthony Morrison via your books and website. I keep falling for the other traps, but in 2013, I`m following you!!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

  393. Frank Harris

    Anthony Merry Christmas, In the Coming year I am going to put everything you have givining me all the videos I have watched all I have learned and put it up front I am tired of the Rat race so at the end of the coming year I plan to have my life total different from what my life is at this moment Mr Anthony Morrison I thank you for beliving in me and being my rock wouldn’t and couldn’t have done it with out you

  394. Anthony Canterberry

    I plan on taking masive action and implementing all the tools you’ve given us in 2013.

  395. Armando

    I am going to join your program this coming year, 2013!! I need to start taking care of my FAMILY& FUTURE!!

  396. Marilyn Johnson

    I plan being open to learning more and being more dedicated to learning how to have an online business. Hopefully 2013 will be my year to succeed!

  397. Grace Linke

    I love my learning process and can’t wait to learn more in become more proficient in becoming successful in the field of internet marketing. Each day is a new adventure and your videos are great. Thank you so much Anthony for all your help!

  398. morena engelking

    Hi Anthony,

    I will work harder and be more focus and razor sharp in trying to be more successful here in this coming year 2013! I will focus on all training you provide and thank you so forever Anthony for all your caring,motivation, help and always guiding us in the right direction!

    Morena Engelking

  399. Jerome Beeks

    , In 2013, I’ll focus more on the Anthony Morrison success strategies and work at duplicating his teachimg methods. This will mean using limited available time as wisely as possible…to read…and ask questions…about what I don’t comprehend.

  400. nancy min

    I’ve made my new year’s resolution which is that I’ll work harder to focus on Internet business. Thank you so much for your constant care for us.

  401. Monica.R

    Hi Anthony, wishing you a very Merry Christmas filled with joy, Anthony I poses some of your books and CD’s filled with priceless teachings, but I need your help to make some real money on 2013. Hope you still keep my last year Christmas message, Hi, Hi. Merry Christmas.

  402. Godfrey Onen

    My plan for 2013 is to watch all the videos on success with Athony and do my best to implement what i’ve learned. I want to be successful and help others too.

  403. Grace Linke

    I love the learning process with the videos and can’t wait to become proficient with the internet marketing business. Every day is a new adventure with Anthony’s system and I’m learning so much. Thank you Anthony!

  404. Colombe Lachance

    Hi Anthony!

    It took me many years to understand why I did’t have Prosperity in my live now I know where it’s come from; INSIDE OF ME, I AM ALREADY PROPERED AND BECAUSE OF YOU. You are giving us this rare opportunity in this life. We can trust YOU. 2013 will be amazing! Confient, ready and in good hands of sucess with You. Thank You for your gรฉnรฉrosite!!!

  405. Colombe Lachance

    Hi Anthony!

    It took me many years to understand why I did’t have Prosperity in my live now I know where it’s come from; INSIDE OF ME, I AM ALREADY PROPERED AND BECAUSE OF YOU. You are giving us this rare opportunity in this life. We can trust YOU. 2013
    will be amazing! Confient, ready and in good hands of sucess with You. Thank You for your generosity!!

  406. Keri Haynie

    I am going to work harder to get these great books I hear so much about and try and be a better guidance to a better year 2013.

  407. Elenita A Rayl

    I plan to really spare some of my very precious time to learn more about Anthony Morrison online business. wish I can understand and cope with it and have a prosperous 2013, God willing!!! Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  408. Jean Leavitt

    I plan of working on the things that I don’t understand so I can be successful at this business.

  409. Jaime Marquez

    I am going to dedicate more time into learning more about being successful. I plan to watch each and every video in 2013 and truly apply myself and insure my success. I plan to be one of your best success stories! 2013 is the year!

  410. Pearle M Pearson

    Anthony your support has given me the courage and determination
    it takes to pursue success for a financially comfortable life
    style for my family and myself. pmp

  411. Charlene AK

    Merry Christmas Anthony and Happiest New Year !

    Have much to do before driving to dad’s this afternoon,
    then to mom tomorrow. Have to get back to you later in the week. Wow, an Ipad, $100, who wouldn’t want that?!

  412. helen shawver

    I plan to spend more time reading and watching your videos in 2013. I had health problems in 2012, hopefully I will to have better health in the new year!

  413. Paul Krug

    I plan to get an internet business going and use the social commissions program to increase income.

  414. Bill Williams

    I plan to work even harder to attain my financial freedom.I will do this by paying attention to all of whats going on around me. Learning from individuals such as your self who have traveled this path.

  415. Cindy Onsurez

    I plan to talk to more people about my business to get more customers and prospects.

  416. katie scofield

    I will work on how i can become successful and make a lot of money.; I will try to learn more about how to become successful by working closer with anthony morris

  417. richard

    I plan on working harder and learing more from you so I can make my first money on line

  418. Barbara moore

    I am going to work hard and i am going to be a Rich women in 2013 Anthony and i going to learn all i can from Blog and Videos and read because you no the more you read the more you learn to be successful and thank you Anthony Morrison and have a merry christmas and a happy new year and God bless everyone.

  419. Chester T Ludwig

    2013 i will focus all my effort learning Anthony Morrison and Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing Tools to be successful and able to help others do the same.

  420. Mark Thompson

    The economy hit my business hard and I let up on effort for a while. I looked to you for some inspiration to get going again. This video more than others reminded me what’s most important in my success. Help others, and don’t give up. I will be returning to an orphanage in Haiti that I have been helping since 2000. I have done photography for them to to help generate support, but I always return inspired, with the feeling that they have helped me far more than any help I may be to them. I will also look to help those I meet in business and life here every day. Last but not least I’m going to refuse to give up no matter what the economy does. Thanks for the kick start!

  421. Julian Chambers

    I will have my family listen to Dennis Waitley’s Phychology of Winning. There is much study and planning as well as, earning a living basic job until this income kicks in. The kids will be in school, Thats just the beginning. Now Its time to live it.

  422. Keith R. Kindle

    Hello MR. Anthony Morrison & Family, At first I would like to wish all of you HAPPY HOLIDAYS.. My up coming year 2013, I plan on useing Mr. Morrison’s training , so I can get back some sort of life that has been taken from me due to my Disabilities. I want to carry on the way of helping people the it should BE, helping others enjoy LIFE not like me wakeup every mourning praying for a good day, it comes down to waiting for the mail if I get junk mail, thats a great day. THANK YOU Mr. morrison and family.. Lcpl Keith R. Kindle VETERAN U S M C !

  423. Lashada

    OK, Anthony I have been watching and reading your messages and made some money but 2013 feel like my year. My plan is to expand on twitter and facebook, I have did some posting on facebook thinking it wasn’t going to work but I had others help with marketing on to different groups on facebook. I didn’t know group pages existed on facebook and this have been very helpful! Also videos have been also been good cause it seems people tend to respond more from them!
    thanks Anthony 4 2012 success!

  424. Linda Bush

    In 2013 I will do better at setting goals and achieving them. I need to do better at setting aside specific times to work not let interruptions or temptations deter me from my goals. I will get more familiar with Facebook and Twitter and will start a weekly blog.

  425. Charles McGregor

    Happy Holidays Anthony, including a B-day shoutout just for YOU. Hoping your holidays bring you much love, you get some from here and I spread it around like you so graciously do for others. Thanks for sharing & caring the way YOU do unselfishly and with complete devotion. I have been honored to have been blessed in knowing YOU, learning so much from the trainings YOU do, and will strive to learn how to be a better marketer in 2013. I will do that by learning new and better ways to drive traffic to my webiste, get more click throughs, and hopefully have many more conversions that lead to some extra sales. Peace unto YOU every day of your life, from now and the years to come. Take care, have FUN, be safe. TCHFBS

  426. Betty L. Crabtree

    For the first time in my life, my knee surgeon required me to give my blood
    (2 pints) and have it held. This was in case I needed a transfusion when
    both of my knees were replaced. I didn’t need my blood and so someone
    else got to use it. I was 73. I have continued to give my blood these last
    four years. I’m now 77 and am blessed with good health. I will continue
    to give my blood – it feels so good to help.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.


    Betty aka Ruffles

  427. Oleg Leontovych

    I plan on building up my affiliate marketing website using tips and tricks that Anthony teaches us in his program. Such proactive steps will allow me to move closer towards my success in online business and in becoming financially independent. Thank you Anthony for your encouragement and motivation.

  428. george sierra

    going to dedicate myself more try to stay focus and follow you instead of jumpnig from one person to the other and try to get my girls to work with me make it a family thing hope you have a great xmas

  429. Basilio

    Be more focused & manage time better. Keep educating myself about internet marketing.

  430. Diana Burkhardt

    I plan to read your book this year and see if there is something I can use.

  431. Rick Falls

    I plan to get the help that I need to take things up a notch and serve more people in a much bigger way, and I will do that by connecting the right things with the right people at the right time.

  432. annie patrick


    my plans is to try an have a better life in 2013 than I had in 2012 and learn how to understand how to get along with others, and not be use like I have ben use. just keep trying to do better and feel better about things, just try to make a better life for my self god will see me thourgh it I know’ just keep pushing on an it will happen. when’ I don’t know , I’m just keeping the faith,

    annie patrick

  433. Patricia Fender

    I purchased your books & videos but read them and thought it was too hard and put them in the closet and did nothing with them. I am a recent widow and need money since I lost my husband. You inspire me and make me understand that I can do this, I plan on working hard at these programs and know that you have people that will help me, I know I can be a success at this. Thank you for keep sending me the emails and the information, I really appreciate it. Have a great holiday season, you deserve it the way you help everyone else. I am committed to do this.

  434. John hervan

    HI Anthony,
    I am going to focus more and truely put my best foot forward. God want me to be profitable and He has a break through for me in 2013!
    Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year”

  435. Juan

    I plan to increase my ministry to several areas of the country. I plan to have 2 to 3 Bible studies a week. I plan to help as many people as possible to begin to study the Bible and to live accordingly.

  436. Frank

    Anthony, Merry Christmas. I been with you and your staff now for almost 2yrs now. Love all the information you give out and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2013. I have finally reached a point in my business where I feel confident enough that if I follow your instructions I will be sucessful. So I’m planning on cutting down on the amount of hours in my hospital job and putting more time into by IM business. I feel by doing this and following your teaching I will be doing this business full time by the end of the year. Look forward to more great stuff in 2013.

    Frank Crofford, RCIS

  437. Sidi-M Fahim

    I plan to work very hard if could give me some help ,i will try to open my mind to learning more to become successful in 2013.
    i hope one day to see you in London

  438. Dan Walsh

    I absolutely need to become financially secure by joining Anthony
    Morrison Program in 2013 and purchasing your recent book

  439. clint

    I also will try to work hard & learn more about Anthony’s program and try to make money!

  440. clint

    i don’t have twitter. I’m not making that much money to afford it or a smartphone! ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I can learn Anthony’s secrets to the Affiliate marketing, I’d be better off! It’s a work in progress!

  441. Roland Ford

    My primary goal after months of study and learning from you, your brother and others is to launch my first website in the next two weeks and then go to work earning the kind of money in 2013 that will not only get me completely out of debt, but enable me to fulfull my longtime dream of helping underpriviledged and orhphand children around the world.

  442. Bob Vawter

    I plan to learn more so I can get this business off of the ground. I have to learn how to retweet etc. in order to ever win som