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Local Business MarketingOK, you’ve probably heard this before, some consultant or a company offering you business training and solutions, and they’re telling you it’s a turnkey solution.  The thing about turnkey solutions is that they open doors that may have everything you need behind them or they may only give you access to the limited data and information the provider considers an all-inclusive solution.  It’s not deceptive marketing, as there are still a whole lot of “experts” out there who think of doing business in subsets.  So, their turnkey solution is to the subset in which they specialize.

A great example would be the seminars and courses still being taught every day around the country that expose the business owner to the Five Ps of Marketing:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • People

No, we’re not saying that these no longer apply, but they’re definitely not the “all-inclusive” bullet points that they used to be.  The Internet changed that, and then mobile devices and our adoption of them has changed the business marketing paradigm yet again.  So, you can’t just stand behind a podium and point to a screen with these Five Ps on it and say you’re going to solve a business’s problems in marketing and profitability.  A business is a complicated entity, but we’ve put together an exclusive LocalBiz Marketing Course that brings all of the facets of business together, including a more current version of the Five Ps.

  • Getting Started – This course helps our students to define their business, determine their products and services, pricing structure, as well as to identify their ideal prospect and target market.  We help them to determine the pain their prospects have that the business’ products or services will relieve.
  • Professionalism – From business cards to websites, blogs, networking and business structure, this course helps the student to construct a solid business plan.
  • Building Business – Whether you’re trying to generate sales leads, sell online, sell in a brick and mortar business, or get clients for a service or consulting business, you’ll learn about it in this course.
  • Conversion – Just getting a lead or luring a prospect into your business isn’t the end-all.  You then must convert them into a customer, and there’s plenty of information here to help you do that.
  • Marketing Today – While the Five Ps still apply, it’s definitely in a different marketing world.  We’re experts in all facets of Internet marketing, websites, blogs, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and SEM, Search Engine Marketing.
  • The Mobile World – Our population is going mobile at a dramatic rate.  We’re experienced in every type of mobile marketing to the many mobile devices and operating systems out there.  And, SMS text message marketing is a specialty.

There’s definitely a varied set of requirements to be successful in marketing today’s business, but we’re confident that we have developed the definitive course to take you successfully from A to Z.  And, all it takes is a click.

Get the LocalBiz Marketing Course Now!

Get the LocalBiz Marketing Course Now!

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