1. Connie

    My main goal for 2013 is to stop procrastinating. Have more time for friends and family and to be healthy, happy and make money.

  2. Marcia Holifield

    New Year’s Resolutions: 1) Become involved at church; 2) Mend some siblings’ (sisters) relationships; 3) Dedicate more time to helping my Mother 4) Increase success of my internet business.

  3. Shelia Carter

    My New Years resolutions are:
    1. Take my AVON business to the next level by recruiting and picking up new customers every day.
    2. Lose weight.
    3. Find love again.
    4. Improve life for my kids and me.

  4. Rosali Bullington

    My New Years resolutions are: 1. Work at least 2 hours each day during the week on my business 2. Study some facet for improving my knowledge of online marketing 3. Take time for myself, some hobby, each day for relaxation.

  5. Gary Bruce Griffith

    1) Health improvement change diet to Organic rice fresh vegies and fruit & Juicing>
    2)Start own online business in 2013.
    3)Get closer to immediate family & friends more bonding time quailtiy time.
    4)Get out of debt>
    5) More Exercise( swimming,walks,bike rides etc)
    6) Daily positive thoughts and affirmations to follow thru with new years resolutions and goal setting.

  6. Shemika Johnson

    I’m gonna be helpful to all needy people.
    Share my wisdom
    Let Gratitude be my Attitude
    Stay Focus
    And put God First.
    That’s my New Year Resolution

  7. Richard

    Happy New Year and prosperous business ventures everyone!! Hope 2013 will be full of hope and opportunities for all of you….

  8. Yevonne

    My most important resolution for 2013 is to build my business. One main thing that I am going to do 1st is quiet smoking, which in turn, will build up my health. That way as my business picks up, I can keep up. As my business gets bigger and better, I can then travel to a few places I have always wanted to go. That’s it! Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s to a wonderful 2013!

  9. Kathleen

    My New Years Resalutions
    1.)To loose ~50lbs.
    2.)back my internet business genorate enough income for me to live on.
    3.) Pay off some hurtful bills.

  10. Carol Amato

    Looking forward to keeping my goals big, yet achievable – 2013 will be my best year ever!!

    Thanks for your inspiration! πŸ™‚


  11. James Ivy

    Thank you Anthony well my main new year resolution if I had to pick out. One is to get in an more closer relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, secondly is to have success with my business, and last but not lease is to have more support from family to live life to the fullest with no restriction. As always Anthony its an pleasure may your New Year be the best ever!!!

  12. Maurice Tuck

    Top 3 New Year’s resolutions

    1. Elevate my business to an income of $5000.00 per month.
    2. Pay off all my bills
    3. Encourage someone about doing the same.

  13. Tom D. DeVisscher

    To keep growing as a good neighbor ! Loving the birth of grace blessed friendships ! Getting closer to buying your internet millionaire book ! I really love your advertising profits from home book ! I keep it and get lot’s of tip’s from it !

  14. Danny McClatcher

    These are my top four goals for 2013
    1. Spiritual-getting more in tune with God.
    2. Health-more energy and being activity.
    3. Relationship-being more involved with my wife and all of my friends even those I have not met yet.
    4. Financial-being financially free by or before December 31, 2013. By doing this I will be able to give more back to my community and charitable agencies.

    I really glad I listen to you message of goal setting in encouraging me to focus on a very goals and working my plan instead of trying to more and doing nothing at all.

  15. mattthew

    The first thing i wont to do is start my first campaign before newyears.(2)I would like to get me journeymans for electrical.(3) succeed in flipping houses.(4) succeed in my home improvement business.I can make these things happen if i succeed with you.

  16. Kathy Giambrone

    Hi Anthony,

    My motivation to accomplish several New Years resolutions, definitely comes from you. I first and foremost want to continue a healthy lifestyle and get in tip top shape by April. The next one is to become more financially independent . The third is to become a better servant to The Lord.

    I believe these are very easy resolutions, so I will continue on and hope and pray everyone does the same!

    Kathy G

  17. Charlie Lombard

    My Top 3 new Years Resolutions for 2013 are:

    1. To learn more from Anthony Morrison on how to be financially stable

    2. Focus on my education at my new school.

    3. Spend more time with my family

  18. Everett Arnett

    To reach my next goal. It’s to make $1000.00 a month on the internet. Reached my first goal now it’s time to move on to the next. To learn how to write better ads and learn how to get more traffic.

  19. Betty Zotta

    Main financial goal is to get my website out to as many people as I can.
    I want to catch up on my business contacts.
    Learn to balance my body, soul, and spitit for better health, after I recover from the neck surgery I recently had done.
    Show my family how much I love them.

  20. Glenn Vanden Bosch

    you asked for a couple of New Year Resolution.
    I only have two. 1. to make $1000.00 per month and 2. to upgrade to $3000.00 per month once I know what I am doing. That’s it. This just might take me a while. That is my Resolution.

  21. Regina Preetorius

    I want to make $2,000 a week.
    Loose 40 lbs
    Be done with Court
    Pay off the IRS and the State of Ga

  22. michael shuttlesworth

    I really never have a resolution because i hardly keep
    But this year I will take your advice and list 3 things I would like to accomplish:
    1. Finish my novel
    2. Get more exposure for blog
    3. Start making some money online ( as i have not done so yet )

    Take care and thanks again..Happy New Year!

  23. Ima Denmon

    Anthony, I’m sorry I didn’t get to watch this video. I’m having problems with my internet. Will check back in as soon as I get it fixed.

    Happy New Year to yo and yours.


  24. Emma

    Anthony, I am sick and tired of my dire finiancial situation. So my New Year’s resolution is to work digilgently following your program to get out of debt. I am approaching retirement age and I shudder to think that my retirement savings is barely enough to last for one year. So this resolution is a sense of urgency.

  25. Elmer Sabisch

    In the MIDDLE of the year I saw you on T.V. and bought your first 2 books, in May of 2011. I cannot tell you what I was going through. Too much to say. But I knew NOTHING about the computer. So I had to read your books over and over to understand what you were saying. I started out learning the computer and my resolution then, in 2012 and now 2013 is keep going. I am not a success story yet. But as it all comes together for me, I know I will be.

  26. Connie

    My main goal for 2013 is to stop procrastinating. Have more time for friends and family and to be healthy, happy and make money.

  27. Jim Taylor

    I am resolved to making income from the internet. I have too! it is the only feasable opportunity available to me in my circumstances.

  28. Mike Johnson

    First and foremost I want to improve my health and diet. 2) I want to improve on my business income in comparison to 2012. 3) I want to invest in my grandaughters future.

  29. Eloina Castaneda

    Hi Anthony, I hope you had a very nice christmas with your family. I can’t make any comment about what I am going to do this year in regards to this business of yours, because I have not started yet, because I don’t know how to do it, or how to start until I go to your seminar and have the training. Happy new year to you and your family.

  30. Phyllis Wilson

    1. Get up every morning at a decent time and go to bed at a decent time. You can’t work when you are exhausted. Thank The Lord for my blessings and ask Him to be with me each day. Have a PLAN before I leave the house.

    2. Have my day organized. Be energetic, motivated and truly believe in my product. Which I do. Know my candles and why they would be a benefit to both men and women. Also spend time checking Twitter and Facebook as well as my website.

    3. Enjoy being with my family. They are a gift from God and I intend to please him.

  31. Ranger Phillip

    My number one resolution is also my motto: He lives best who serves others. I will use the money I make through the internet to make a better life for myself and for my family but I will also use it to help others in need. Phillip

  32. emma sanders

    my goal is to be pay off old bills,buy a car cause i don’t have one.I’d also like to set up bank accounts for my 3 children.

  33. rusty strahan

    I am grateful to have a friend like you Anthony. My resolution list is very long
    but,If I only hit the top 3 thats ok,I’ll hopefully be able to fit in some of the others somewhere.I want to recommend an organization called Love a child.
    There is a husband and wife team in Haiti that is really trying hard to make a difference in the poorest nation in the world.Their name is Sherry and Bobby Burnette. They moved to Haiti to live among the people of this country.They feed most of the starving children over there and build Christian schools to teach and clothe and feed the children over there.The major religeon over is voo doo. They teach the children of these people Christianity and these children take it home and they teach it to their parents.
    You can sponsor these children. you can go to Haiti to get involved with what the Love a Child organization is doing. You can see these children grow into young adults that believe in Jesus.It really is a good place to serve God, help build community.It takes your time ,your blood sweat and tears.,or you can make donations of some of your money ,which really goes a long way. I plan on helping in whatever way the Lord leads me. Hope some of you do too.

  34. Alemu Sida

    Dear Anthony,

    1) I had already ordered two of your books “Advertising Profis from Home” and “Automated Profits from Home”. So in 2013,I am deermined to read and study them.

    2) In 2013 I will use your adveces and strategies in yiur books and generate income on the internet.

    3) Whatever amount of money I make on the internet,I am committed to pay the whole one week’s income to my church in 2013 and faithfully pay my tithe during the year and thereafrer.

    4) To live a healthy life and also be in good shape in 2013,I will enroll in gym and do exercises with professionals.

  35. paul barrus

    Need to supplement income just to pay for medications need to create a residual income
    Will spend at least 4 hours a day on internet business
    Will maintain a healthy lifestyle

  36. Harry Ketchum

    For 2013:
    1. Be more considerate of others.
    2. Be cheerful al all times.
    3. Stop procrastinating

  37. TJBusch

    2013: (1) Maintain and improve my health. (2) Stay out of debt. (3) Improve my online business to start generating income by end of 1st quarter.

  38. Dale Neff

    Happy New Year!
    All I am going for is to make enough to pay the bills and get by happy.
    God Bless,
    Dale Neff

  39. Geraldine Wells

    #1 resolution is to learn more about internet marketing
    #2 get my health back into shape, ( have neck surgery soon)
    #3 have my debts under control and have an income that full fills my needs.
    #4 have more time to spend with my grand children

    That is a beginning of my New Years resolution. Looking forward in learning as much as I can to achieve my goals.

  40. karen

    my news years resolution is to finally get my on-line biz. working and to finally make some money at it. and to buy a house:)

  41. Jeannie Gizzo

    My resolutions:
    I will not view myself as a victim on circumstances
    I will continue to give to those in need
    I will receive graciously
    I will hone my business skill into a money making machine
    I will remember to acknowledge everyone I meet as part of the whole

  42. Chinise London

    Hi Anthony! For my New Years RESOLUTION…..I want to get completely focused on manifesting a steady, great income online. Mature my mind to pull everything I have ever wanted directly into my path. Achieve total success this year in everything I do, I want abundance in all areas of my life. Anthony have a Happy New Year!!!!!!

  43. Patricia Powell

    My resolutions are to put God first; eat healthier and work on goal of 5%. To keep a gratitude list
    and work on learning more on internet marketing.
    Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Patricia

  44. James

    Work at least 30 hours a week . get my online adventure started. provide for my family

  45. Theo

    My New Years Resolution involves getting out of debt and Philanthropy

    Resolutions to accomplish

    1. Begin the Affiliate Marketing Company
    2. Acquire Funding
    3. Focus on these objectives 2-3 hours per day
    4. Volunteer time and give more to charity through the year (4-5 per year)
    5. Maintain positive attitude: Health, happiness will lead to success

  46. GT Stephenson

    I am going to work at getting out of debt, and making life a little more easy for myself and husband.

  47. Esther Hebert

    I have usually disliked making New Years Resolutions, mainly because I don’t keep them. This year is a new year.
    I resolve #1: To maintain good health.
    #2 Achieve my goal of $4000/mo from my internet business.
    #3 Do not give up.
    Thanks, Anthony.

  48. John Haynes

    The goal I already started is exercise for better health. I believe this will help me mentally, physically and emotionally. I have made a goal to ride the exercise bike 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week and to do circuit weightlifting 20 minutes a day followed by 5 minutes on the exercise bike to cool down 3 days a week.
    Next, I am going to be transferring songs I’ve written into recordings and making them into videos. Part of this goal is getting a new battery for an old laptop that has over 100 songs on it. Additionally, writing more poetry to express past and current hardships/occurrences of strong or unresolved feelings to aide in mental/emotional and spiritual health.
    Finally, I am going to utilize the things I’ve learned about the internet in the past two years to capitalize on financial/monetary gain in 2013 and reach the prosperity level that I desire so strongly.
    This is a somewhat short version – the more specific you are in your goals, the more you can visualize them. The more you can visualize them, the more likely you are to succeed!
    Wishing you all the best prosperity in mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health and a financially stunning New Year – John

  49. Rita

    Hi and Happy New Years Resolution. I have been living off of $400.00 a month for the last two years so my resolution is to work at this internert business which includes reading and research and my art business have a better life for me and my children. 2) Get a down payment for a house. 3) Move on from there.

  50. SteveLongbrake

    First goal would be to get more training from you in Mississippi for Level 4
    Second goal would be to take that knowledge and put it to use for my family.

  51. Deborah

    Not making any unrealistic resolutions. Just stay focused on my business and life. πŸ˜€

  52. April

    First foremost my financial status…I will get out of debt and buy a new car (really need one)!

  53. Daya

    1. Pay off part of the debt.
    2. Continue to learn Internet Marketing
    3. Generate some income

  54. CAROLE

    The affiliate marketing is all new and confusing to me. My plan 1. Coaching 2. Pracice the steps to make a campaign 3. Make some money from my campaigns.

  55. Sheryl Nalls

    My resolution for 2013 is to get my business going and make some money so I can quit my job and work at home and spend more time with my family. Thanks for all your help and have a Safe and Happy New Year!

  56. Donnie Gibson

    My New Years Resolution.
    1) Build a stronger and better relationship with God.
    2) Work on being patience, and having order in my life.
    3) Take constructive risks that’s gonna have a positive impact in my life.

  57. Charlie Washington

    For the first time in my life try to start to make money. For the first time get some customers. For the first time have a customer list. Finally when I make even five figure income invite you to dinner because so far with all the junk out on the internet I have trusted and hung in there with you.


    i will do gift wrapping and ask for donations and give it to my church they are rebilding from the hold thing we need help


    i will make money to help my church rebiuld we have church under a tant we need money to build thats how i will help in 2013

  60. Tom Dennis

    I Think That Ben Franklin said it BEST
    ORDER- Let all your things have their places;
    let each part of business have its time.
    This my only New Years Resolution…

  61. sam

    I will make 3 things works!

    1. Build a landing page that will be work as my leads Generating Page to build my email list for my business use…

    2. Really work on internet marketing for my business every day at least 1 hours.

    3. Get online income $100 each day by April 30,2013

  62. Louise Stephens

    Thank you for all your encouragement. 1. purchase the house I just moved in. 2. Put more into the activites of my three adopted sons. 3. Follow through on getting my business off the ground to make myfirst dollar for our future.

  63. mary

    i am going to try to smile more and try to have more patients with my mother.
    pray more, for help on my future
    try to find the right internet job to save my mothers home,before she passes

  64. Warren Thiele

    Anthony, Your advise is outstanding.
    1) Become a better student and master affiliate marketing; 2) Become debt free; 3) Spend more time with my family and friends; 4) Support charitable causes in which I believe in.

  65. King Richard

    1) Continue to be a Vegan( been a vegan since ’99 and going strong)
    2) Keep listening to A Morrison and his insights on marketing
    3) Keep reading the NY Times and become more educated than ever before and make more money than yesteryear!!!!!!!

  66. Rick

    Hello Anthony, happy holidays to you and your family, I know your mother and father are very elated to have a couple of sons, both who are successful.
    1.) Focus, Focus, Focus.
    2.) Earn $500.00 a day to start.
    3.) Thank my higher power each and every day for allowing me to wake in the mornings, and thank him for giving me the will and knowledge to better myself as a human being first, make more money second.

  67. Malick

    If you can post more about landing page building, directcpv, email marketing in your Success Connection and Blog.
    My main goals are those main areas where I real want to succeed in 2013 for my online business.
    Happy New Year to each of You Online.

  68. Tom D. DeVisscher

    Instruction how we get our picture on your answer list above like some people and a crystal clear instructions how to retweet on twitter a good retweet of your’s !

  69. Bill Munro

    Happy New Year To All. May God shower You and Your Loved Ones with Blessings from Above, Each & Every Day of the New Year. My New Year’s Resolutions are
    1. Invest more time on my Affiliate Marketing
    2. Spend each day on My Affiliate Builder learning something new each and every day.
    3. Finding ways to help the less fortunate.

  70. Cheri

    Happy New Year Anthony, my New Years resolution
    1. Get organized
    2. Get fit and healthy
    3. Learn this Internet business social media, I need to get my financials in order.
    Looking forward to learning everything. I can possibly learn.

  71. Joyce Knake

    Of course we all want to make money and have similar reasons for spending it.
    My goal is to put more focus into my internet business each day. To set little goals each day and at the end of the day , put down what I need to accomplish tomorrow. I know I can do better if I have a plan.. At least each day I’ll know where to start from where I left off. Instead of sitting down to the computer and thinking, “Well now, where was I?”
    My biggest Motive is to help my family who are really struggling. I want more for them than I do for myself. Best to you and have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

  72. Ex

    First, thank you Anthony for the opportunities for me to share these 3 things:
    1. An action taker, a maker of the opportunities no matter how small it is
    2. Changes in thinking / reacting / patterns / behaviors and learn
    3. Having one notebook recording daily on what I do each day about the 2 numbers listed above.

    Thanks! and Happy New Year 2013 to you too. Wish you all the happiness, health, success, and whatever you wish for will comes true.

  73. william ortega

    My most important resolution for 2013 is to build my business. One main thing that I am going to do 1st is quiet smoking, which in turn, will build up my health. That way as my business picks up, I can keep up. As my business gets bigger and better, I can then travel to a few places I have always wanted to go. That’s it! Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s to a wonderful 2013!

  74. Peggy Miller

    2. Buy a new computer and learn how to use it
    3. Train my new puppy for hunt and show

  75. Angelic Bingham

    New Years Resolutions Is 1) Keep God First 2) Focus on my new business 3) Get more traffic to start making money online 4) Learn & Buy more info. from Anthony Morrison.

  76. Glen Jones

    I have three main goals for 2013.
    1 Make God first and most important in my life.
    2 Make my spouse, family, and friends second.
    3 Earn $1,000 a month as an Affiliate investor

    May all Have A Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

  77. Chris Nweke

    I want to learn how to make money online in 2013. To be Strong child of God.
    To depend on Jesus to overcome temptation. Believing that 2013 will bring many good news for me and other people. I Believe that I will be successful by the Grace of God. Happy new year Anthony and everyone.

  78. M.A. Allen

    1.Try to make my health better
    2.Try to get a better place to live before Jan 20th
    3.To be more stable in making money for myself

  79. Leslie Alaman

    Become debt free….so that I may retire….that I may be more available for my wife and kids, and oh yes, to do well enough so that my wife won’t have to work either. To bless some who are less fortunate than my family and me.

  80. Tracy

    My new year resolution is to have an easy online job to help my family and to get rich and help the poor kids out there

  81. Ken M

    New Years Resolutions- 1-Get a closer relation with god and have him more active in my life. 2-work soper hard to get this internet bussines up and running. 3- Pay off some bills and do some traveling in my motor home.

  82. Luci Johnson

    1) I want a closer stronger relationship with God to know who I am in Him and understand all He has given to me through Jesus Christ!
    2) I am expecting to be blessed, so that I may be a blessing to others. It is more blessed to give than to receive.
    3) I will have the freedom I need to spend more time on things that matter most, God, family, and friends!

  83. Paul Hamill

    Top 3 New Year Resolutions :

    1.) Make responsible money online ( $3k Monthly)

    2.) Help my father with bills

    3.) To get my children back in my life

  84. Lorie Salvador

    1. Travel to Santorini, Florence, & the Bahamas
    2. Pay off my credit card debt
    3. Earn $5,000 per month as a Forex trader and as an internet marketer

  85. Daniel D Magniza Jr

    Make God as the center of my life and trust Him in all things I do.
    Ask God’s help in my life and to do things according to His will.
    Do my business the best I can to make it succeed.
    Love and serve God first, my Family next and service to every body.

  86. Mario Medina

    Hey Anthony
    First off just want to say thanks to you for taking your time to do these weekly blogs and posts. As far as resolutions I don’t do those only because it seems I constantly set myself up to fail. Where I noticed why I fail at most attempts is due to the poor follow through I have. Don’t want to make excuses why or use words such as but, because, …ect No New Year resolutions for 2013. Just looking to have a better follow through in everything I do! Being a internet marketer and making some fun cash is at the top of my list!!

    Thanks Again,

  87. Judy

    New Years Resolutions, love my husband and children even more!! Tell them everyday how much I love them! HOPEFULLY make lots of money on Anthony’s site,hope he is willing to teach me to make lots of cash! And I will help people who are less fortunate than my-self. Happy New Year to you All!!

  88. morena engelking

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks once again for everything ..A good person like you is the reason that motivates me not to quit and just keep going and pushing through till I finally reach success in this online business. You are an awesome person, a very giving and thoughtful friend to everyone!
    My 2013 New Year resolution is to work harder, stay focus and see a major breakthrough this year of 2013. I claim this year as my year of VICTORY to see success following me right down the alley..Thanks again Anthony for all your help, motivation and persistent guidance to make us all succeed like you!


    Morena Engelking

  89. Michael T. Vogel

    Main Goals for 2013
    1. Spend more time daily in the Word
    2. Spend 2-3 hrs a day on our business
    3.Stay focused on the things that matter and spend less time on those which are not important
    4. Believe that I can become successful .

  90. Terri Yoshinaga

    1. Focus on God. Spend more time praying, being still in HIs presence, listening and hearing what He has for me. Carrying out His plan for me.
    2. Be more like Jesus and be the light where ever I go.
    3. Get my business going so I am actually making some money.
    4. Bless others.

  91. mark

    I only have one thing that is important to me and that is to know God better through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ and allow Him to continue to be the Lord of my life. And everything else shall follow accordingly unto His plan…………goodbye 2012 hello 2013
    happy new year

  92. DeLois Weldon

    1. Be more determined to make it on the internet.
    2. Be a better caregiver to my clients.
    3. Learn more on the computer, (I’m still a novice)
    4. Help my children more, If I can.
    5. Be more connected with my sister/brothers

  93. Kwame

    My new year’s resolution is to do what i need to do in order to start making money online and to move out. Also i want to get the personal coaching with my “success with Anthony” and to become a greater child of God. ALL SHALL BE ACCOMPLISHED! πŸ™‚

  94. Ophelia Goring

    Hi Anthony,

    Belated Happy Birthday. Happy New Year.
    My New Years resolution is to earn enough, save enough to start this business. I’d like to pay off all of my bills. I’d like help from you to start my business without risking more debts. I just need a start. Thank you for listening.


  95. Rita

    My resolution is to cook new to me ethnic foods & eat less!
    First on my list are Greek Dolmades, stuffed grape leaves & then Japanese Sushi rolls. Feliz y Prospero Ano Nuevo Everyone!

  96. Stacey

    Thanks, and Happy New Year to you Anthony.I look for even more success with your program in the new year,along with better health for family and friends.

  97. Claudia R

    1. Thanks God for every day and every moment that I have in my life
    2. Take more time with my family
    3. Have a Financial Plan ans a short term goals for this year
    4. Have a one month vacacation

  98. Beverly Myers

    My 2013 resolutions are: 1. be in a true relationship with my God 2. lose weight and improve my health 3. Work on my business more and pay off all of my bills. I hope to do this with Anthony’s internet program. thanks Anthony.

  99. cedric anser

    I realty want to continue with u Anthony beclause I just got my laptop for Christmas so I am going to continue the program,because I need to makesome. Money.

  100. Veronica C

    Thanks Anthony for your help and support. I’m sooooh encouraged. Here’s my NEW YEAR RESOLUTION FOR 2013:-

    1. Continue with my relationship with the Lord
    2. To have Fired my boss by end June 2013, and doing Internet marketing full time
    3. Continue my education with Success Network and plying it to change my life.
    4. Continue to work with Success With Anthony – I look forward to have visited you (ANTHONY) for a 1:1 by October 2013

    6. I speak life and peace for you Anthony – You are a blessing in my life and he lives of many!!!!

  101. Bob Vawter

    1:)Stay healthy all year. 2:)Learn Internet Marketing and generate an income from the business.

  102. deloris harris


  103. JoAnn L.

    1. Get this business up and running like a well-oiled machine and producing a sizable income to
    2. Get out out of debt except our home and even start nibbling away on the principal of that.
    3. Take a few short trips with my hubby.

  104. Keri Haynie

    My 3 Goals are:

    1. To Loose Weight
    2. To work to get out of Debt!
    3. To work harder to make my business boom this 2013 Year!

  105. Michael Herline

    1. Stop procrastinating.
    2. Focus on what is important for my internet business.
    3. Show appreciation for my family and friends.

    Happy New Year.

  106. Yvonne Strahle

    Happy New Year to One and All!
    Our plans for the new year is try harder to put God first, try harder at the affliate marketing,try harder at being a nicer person. Good luck to everyone in their businesses!

  107. Gaye Noland

    New Year’s resolutions usually don’t last for long unless there is some powerful underlying meaning for the writer of these resolutions. Focus on one important goal that points your towards what is most meaningful to you and those around you that make life worth living.

  108. Susan Shinn

    2013 is going to be a very good year!
    1) start to excercise three times a week to lose
    60 lbs and gain confidence.
    2) family has had quite a few years of bad. I will
    make effort to make it much better and like olden
    days of family gatherings and get together a.
    3) get website together, and start following Anthony’s

  109. Sue

    Get my online business to next level! Work hard on this everyday!

    Get my mind and body in shape!

  110. Michael OConnor

    My Goals for this year are as follows:

    #1. Become more spiritually sound and become more involved at my church.

    #2. Start making at least $7,000 per month by May using the tips and tricks that I have learned for Mr. A.M.

    #3. Lose and keep off 80lbs and this will be done by August.

    Thanks for everything Anthony.

  111. Grace Salas

    Happy New Year to you, Tony, and to the Anthony Morrison community.

    My three top goals for 2013 are:

    1. Make more money on the internet to alliviate the “back against the wall” position I’m in.

    2. Get back on the healthy track – I’m a diabetic, just moved back to San Antonio, need a new doctor, need to get back on meds, continue the mental repair of a break-up (it’s tough on old folks), and maintain a positive attitude.

    3. Love myself, love my family (and show them), love my friends (contact), and above all love my God, my faith (action).

    Cheers and Blessings,
    Grace – San Antonio, TX

  112. Heidemarie Rowe

    Wishing you, Anthony, your family and the AM-team a Happy New Year and God’s continued blessings! Thanks fior all your encouragement.

    My goals include 1. Be a good example and coach in helping more people than last year to either become healthy or to maintain their health and vitality by following a plant-based diet and lifestyle as explained by the movie Forks over Knives.

    2. Continue to learn and put into action what I have learned already in how to bring traffic to

    3. Start writing another book and set aside at least 1 hour/day to read.

  113. Isidro

    1. I want to have a new business this year as early as possible with a monthly income of 40k to 50k a month.
    2. I want to travel around the world.
    3. I don’t want to work anymore, having with a boss is more stressful to me.
    3. I stay at home and focus on my Internet business.

  114. Diane Hoschler

    I don’t usually make resolutions because historically they get derailed by life. That said, in 2013 I want to:
    1 – get my life in order and back under control – one step at a time, one day at a time
    2 – spend more time with my husband and learn how to help him through his disease issues
    3 – be financially able to cover our living needs and work toward replenishing our retirement account
    4 – to be happy……….

  115. Beverly Fowler

    I need to be closer to my Father in Heaven by obeying His commandments, attending church, loving people more and paying a full thithing. Second, I will care for my body which is my temple and provide it proper rest and nutrition so I may function better at work and at home and be better prepared to serve my family and my friends and be a better example to all. Third, I will study to understand the things I need to know and put into action those things that will provide income from online so I may bless my life and the lives of others with the money earned.
    Thank you, Anthony, and may the Lord bless you with and wonderful New Year. Peace and good health to you and yours!

  116. bobby raines

    I am going to be more concentrated to my family and try to help them have a better Quality of life. Happy New Year to all and may God bless each and everyone of you.

  117. Paul Krug

    My 2013 resolutions are:
    1. Get an internet business going to reduce my outstanding debts.
    2. Eat and stay healthy to enjoy the new year.
    3. Make my priorities, God, wife, family, then friends.

    To everyone, Happy New Year!

  118. Ben Benson

    To get this business up and running and start to make some money.
    To create enough income from this business to pay off all the bills and become independent.
    To bring my wife home from her job and have her help me make this business grow.
    Develpo a “can do attitude”, and spend all the time needed to make the business successful.
    God Bless you for you efforts to teach everyone this biusiness. Have a Happy New Year!!

  119. michael kawchak

    # 1 is JESUS. # 2 is the Beekeeping operation # 3 Finalize our child’s adoption . # 4 stay healthy # 5 make some money # 6 pay off our bills and fix our house.

  120. Janice karber

    1. To live day by day as best as I can. You never know when the last will be..
    2. Eat healthy
    3. Exercise more

  121. marla

    My resolution for each year usually are very long and half of them are done lol. This year I wanted to keep like to keep a minimum and one is have a major financial improvement that I would not be stressed and worry to find where the extra money can come from. Home and yard improvement. Stay healthy. To make the year 2013 the best year ever with my little one, family, friends and my significant of other. To help others, to make sure my car is running okay and, lastly to get my music out.
    Anthony, and staff I hope you all have the best New Years Eve and New Years day.

  122. marla

    My resolution for each year usually are very long and half of them are done lol. This year I wanted to keep a minimum and one is have a major financial improvement that I would not be stressed and worry to find where the extra money can come from. Home and yard improvement. Stay healthy. To make the year 2013 the best year ever with my little one, family, friends and my significant of other. To help others, to make sure my car is running okay and, lastly to get my music out.
    Anthony, and staff I hope you all have the best New Years Eve and New Years day.

  123. Alan Olson

    and have a GREAT New Year to you and yours!

    New Year resolution for us include:
    1) Take what we learn when we see you in three weeks to jump start our business.
    2) Use the finances we gain throughout the year to grow our business and begin building a home for us and our twin girls.
    3) Maintain the health and welfare of ourselves, our family and our friends.

  124. Dina Protin

    I am giving myself 6 months to be able to quit my job for good.

    I am going to be able to work for myself and support my family.

    I am going to be a success

  125. Cheryl H

    Hi Anthony,

    Have not been on line lately, but was thinking today about the new year.

    1. Priority is to put aside 2-3 hours perday and be successful making money!
    2. Find a soulmate
    3. Become less self-centered and think of others more.
    4. Work 20 or less hours per week in my profession.

    Have a Great New Year!! Thanks for all your inspiration and help!

    Cheryl H.

  126. Shelia Carter

    I want to make life better for me and my kids in 2013 by finding a good job, taking my AVON business to the next level, losing weight, and getting a good car.

  127. Sandra McMillian

    Spend more time with spouse, daughter, grandchildren, and friends.
    Make more money.
    Eat and be healthy.

  128. Sherri

    1. Spend time on new business.
    2. Lose weight
    3. Stop starting things I can’t finish.

  129. Christine Sexton

    Better study in Gods word.
    Get into an exercise program (walking)
    Start making money in Affiliate Marketing

  130. Robert

    Hi Anthony what i would love to do is to finally get started whith the program and save my dream home, and relax so i don’t have another Heart Attack.

  131. Roy Bullock

    Resolutions for 2013:

    1. Have a very successful mentor trip to MS, January 7-9, 2013

    2. Utilize the knowledge gained in January to jump start my “after the 2012 retirement” business and utilize the support provided by the AM Home Team and the excellent software currently available.

    3. By the end of 2013 my goal is to replace my pre-retirement plant manager monthly income for 2014.

  132. Rebecca Yancey

    1) loose 50 + pounds by eating better and exercising at least 5 -6 times a week
    2) focus on my affiliate marketing business and spend at least 7-10 hours a week minimum on it.
    3) pay down my credit card bills, car, and student loan
    4) train for and complete the 10K race in April and get a better time then I did last year, and this will also help me in my first goal to lose weight and it will help me get into a healthier lifestyle so I can have more energy to focus on goal 2 and maybe put more time into advertising to meet goal 3 too.

    Everything is connected and one step will lead to the next until the biggest goal is met by many, many small steps. Do not forget to reward yourself for meeting your small goals because any step forward is a step in the right direction. Have a happy and successful new year!

  133. Sandra Anastasia

    Again Anthony, have a very Happy New Year.
    I am not sure how to submit the comment on Twitter, nor FB, I ‘m not sure where the link is on this email..
    I want to start the new year using my time more wisely, this would be my first priority, with children itt is easy to get tired and put things off… Then never get everything you want accomplished. My second priority would be to get my own computer so I can work from home and establish a Web Address.. my computer just went out…
    Thanks Again, with respect,
    SAndra Anastasia

  134. Cindy Weygandt

    Happy New Years Anthony and to all…
    Have to get over being discouraged,worked really hard for a year learning affiliate marketing then recently my computer crashed and had to have a new hard drive put in. Lost everything…Luckily I took notes but really feel like giving up!
    1. start seeking God first in the morning and His direction for the day.
    2. start building my affiliate marketing business again.
    3. help as many people as I can with their diet and weigh loss goals
    4. get into a regular exercise routine loose 20 lbs.
    5, tithe whatever I make online and help those in need.

  135. Alexander Kazan

    1) dedicate 3-5 hours a day to the affiliate marketing program
    2) make $50,000, by taking small steps to reach the target goal
    3) buy the sporting good item I have had my eye on for a long time for my leisure time.

  136. Rebecca

    1) lose 50 + pounds by exercise and eating right to improve my health by exercising 5 to 6 times a week
    2) dedicate at lease 10 hours a week to my affiliate marketing program, and as I get more money then I will have more time and motivate to meet my goal
    3) Pay down my credit card bills, school loan, and car payments
    4) participate in the 10K in April and beat my time from last year which will also help me meet my goals for losing weight, getting more energy to increase time spent in my business and in turn paying down my bills to be financially stable and be able to enjoy my free time and eventually take a cruise.

    All things are connected in goals and it takes many small steps to get to a larger goal but in the end it is worth it. One small step forward is one in the right direction. Have a happy new year and I wish you all success in the business and meeting your New Years Resolutions!

  137. Antonio Artist

    My New Years resolution is to save enough money to go back and finish college and give back to my community and the youth

  138. Millicent Thomas

    2013 Resolution:
    1. Get closer to God and Family
    2. Stay in great health and loose 30 pounds
    3. Make money from an internet business
    4. Stay happy no matter the situation

  139. Terry Francis

    My New Years resolutions:

    1. Accept the results of my endeavors in life but not to be complacent until I achieve what I want to achieve.
    2. Enjoy the company of others including family and friends and where there is an opportunity to give a helping hand, I want to give what ever resource I have which I can share to those who genuinely need them.
    3. Take a step to be financially independent and starting today 1st January 2013, I will take calculated risks and make bold steps. Of the two things I will move into one is affiliate marketing. My target is to earn US$2000.00 a forthnight apart from my current employment.

  140. Sylvia

    Goals for 2013: 1) Make more time for family and friends; 2) Work to be healthier…more active; 3) Research and sign up for personal training to get my online business moving forward; and 4) Stop procrastinating.. Happy & Healthy New Year to ALL!

  141. Mark

    My resolution is to first and foremost, continue to praise my God.
    Get serious about my online business and bless my family and others.

    God Bless. We appreciate you Anthony.


  142. Tom Stowe

    1. FOCUS, FOCUS on SuccessWithAnthony.
    2. WIN, WIN spend more time with SuccessWith Anthony.
    3. Learn to be a better person. Life is too short.
    4. Help others to make money and live a better life.

  143. Luis A. Deleza

    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Professor Anthony, first thank you for all the help you have given us students this year. May OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST continue to BLESS you and your family & friends.–Your student Luis,

  144. Sarah

    These would be my few goals for 2013:

    1) Stop smoking
    2) Getting into Anthony Morrison and really try to understand his principles so that I can make money online at home
    4)Cook more at home instead of fast food
    4) Exercise more

  145. James Waters

    My New Year’s Resolutions are:
    1) Take control of my financial situation;
    2) Develop a successful online/offline business
    3) Work on being a better person
    4) Work on taking better care of my family

  146. Janie Rider

    Happy New Year to All! My top 4 goals for 2013!
    1. Begin my Affiliate Marketing!
    2. Earn enough money in 2013 to get a home.
    3. Earn enough money in 9 months time to get off of Disability.
    4. Earn enough money to Buy Transportation.

  147. Darcey Brodeur

    New Years Resolutions
    1) Order your Books & start Learning
    2) Pay off old Debts ( after getting established)
    3) Make a Goal to achive a House of my Own

  148. Fred Harris

    1.Better tither this year
    2.Be Successful man as you in your system
    3. And do what you do and help other People out in need.

  149. Rita H

    Hi Anthony
    My New Year’s Resolutions are
    1. Putting GOD First in all that I do.
    2. Learn how to become an online marketer entrepeuner
    3. Purchase Anthony Morrison’s software.
    Thank You Anthony for the Motivation and the know how of all the important key steps that you have at your seminars, and webinars and your books.
    I will always continully following you.

  150. Klazina Cook

    I have been ill and have not been able to get my buisness going. I hope to be better in the New Year and be able to make some money on line.

  151. Larry Schmitz

    New Years Resolutions:

    1. Elevate my business to at least $5000 per month.
    2. Participate in the Anthony Morrison Mentoring Level 3 program.
    3 Maintain a balanced life with God, Family and Business.

    Happy and prosperous 2013 to all of you and your families.

  152. Marcia Brown

    Here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

    1. Get back to exercising at least 3 times a week.
    2. Write a new blog post at least twice a week.
    3. Get my long term business goals written for the year.
    4. Write short term business goals monthly and weekly.

    Have a Happy New Year!

    Thanks for all you do!

  153. Joe Kroepil

    Just finished school 12/16/2012 at Fort Myers.
    1. Set up Website
    2. Learn the program to proficiency and be a team player.
    3. Make at least $1000/mo each month
    4. Watch every video I can find, over and over until I get proficient at this business.

    Anthony, Thanks very much for your help and this opportunity.
    Joseph Kroepil

  154. Dianne

    My primary goal is to eliminate the negative aspects of my life and focus on my relationship with my children. Secondly, I want to build my website.

  155. Diana G

    1-be healthy
    2-pay my debt.
    3-Find a new job.
    4-spend more time w/ family

  156. Cecilia

    I too must keep my resolution reasonable and real otherwise I get overwhelmed. Continue to keep the faith and learning more about God. Continue to improve my health and help family to move to the next level also. Be persistent and consistent in working my business on a daily basis. Spend more time with family and friends. I thank you Anthony for the opportunities you made available to us.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  157. Cheri

    My New Year’s Resolutions for 2013:
    1) Always Keep God First, then Family and then Work

  158. Linda Llew

    Hey Anthony~

    Wishing you and your team a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013 and looking ahead to a F A N T A S T I C year for all of us! Keep up the good work.

    All the best,

    Linda Llew

  159. Deanna Martin

    Happy New Year Anthony, Going to put 1 foot in front of the other and start getting productive and start making $1,000 a month and grow from there. So I can help my children and grandchildren.
    Exercise more and lose weight.

  160. Willie Hardiman

    1. I want to lose some weight 20-50 pounds
    2. I will learn to earn more for my family and provide for them, better than I have in the past years by earning more money.
    3. Learn to learn to do these things from someone that knows how to do these things and that has done these things.
    4. Never forget this list strive to move forward to acheave these goals a little, each day of the year

  161. Deniece

    I agree with you Anthony keep my list of New Year resolutions short.
    I would like to; I will take nothing for granted, start profiting from my online business, help others more, and spend more time with my family. I am feeling very hopeful these things will take place. I am going to keep working at it. I can do it with the Good Lords help. Thanks Anthony for all happy belated New Year to you and your family.

  162. Jo Ann Edwards

    Hey Anthony,
    1. Keep God as the head of my life.
    2. To generate a decent income with my internet marketing.
    3.Giving back to my community.





  164. Cynthia G.

    You have spoken about new year resolution:

    Mine is as Folllows:

    1. To have money enough to purchase a laptop and wireless broadband of mine own.
    2. Join as a member and make money on line.
    3. For all the other things to be able to afford like a house and clothes for mine son and i. A nicer vechile.
    4. Help my son to be all he can be.

  165. Linda Greenfield

    I want to learn how to make money online in 2013. And To be A Strong child of God.
    To depend on Jesus to overcome temptation. Believing that 2013 will bring many good news for me. I Believe that I will be successful by the Grace of God. Happy new year Anthony And God Bless You Sir! And I pray everything works out so I can help my people also so many people going through a lot of bad stuff and no money, I pray to God everything works out!

  166. Diane Smullen

    My three resolutions for this year are: 1. Work harder on my network marketing.
    2. Get more motivated with my life.
    3. lose weight and keep it off.

  167. daniel gilreath

    Just to charity… do not need anything… maybe that I pad,,,I do not need that either… charity needs that more… you have a great day… Dan.. I do not even know how to use the I pad…..

  168. Liliana

    Free of debt
    Work at home
    Money Independence – wealth
    Share with my family and friends all my learnings

  169. Luke Pham

    My goal for 2013 is keeping healthy, help other people whenever possible, learn Anthony lessons in order to earn some money to donate to the church where I was born 81 years ago and raise funds for their Building Trust Fund. Thank you Anthony for your work.

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