Local Biz Marketing that Creates Walk-ins & Buyers

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Local Mobile Shopping

You’re a local business, and your profits depend on customers walking through your doors.  You’re in a great location based on the traditional demographics of marketing, but you’re finding out like many other local businesses that people aren’t necessarily displaying the habits of traditional demographics.

They’re shopping on the Web, even if they plan on buying local.  They’re reading product reviews, checking prices, sharing information with friends who’ve already bought the product or service.  This is the new and very competitive marketing arena, and you can’t afford not to learn the marketing tools that are effective in this marketplace.  And, you’ll only prosper if you put these tools into play.

Another error many business owners make is to keep thinking of Internet marketing as being done on large screens and desktops or home computers.  The fact is that much of the Web shopping has gone mobile, and it’s being done on small screens wherever the consumer happens to be.  Sure, it’s still done on big screens, and you must address that venue.  However, you must bridge the gap between the big screen and the small mobile device.  And, that’s whether it’s an iOS or an Android device.

However, it’s even more diverse than operating systems.  Your reach, to get to that mobile customer, must also utilize mobile apps and particularly text message SMS marketing.  So, what all is required if you’re going to be a highly successful local business marketer?

  • an Internet presence, blog, website, etc.
  • SEO, search engine optimization, so your site is found by consumers.
  • Google Places is crucial, so you’ll need to establish your Google Places presence.
  • Mobile versions/presentations of your Web presences.
  • SMS, text message marketing, to reach your prospects and customers where they are and when you want them to respond to your message.
  • Mobile app marketing for iOS and Android.

You see, there are prospects and customers right around the corner from your business right now.  And, they’re on their mobile devices shopping and researching products and services.  The goal is to get their attention when they’re at home, when they’re out, and to make sure that they know where you are and what you have to offer.  Then, getting a sale, offer, coupon or deal in front of them at the right time can create traffic through your doors.  There are a number of things you need to do well, but they’ll pay back dramatically in ROI.

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