Success Connection #144: Do Your Own Launch

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  • james kinard says: January 11, 2013 at 10:05 pm

  • Kacy Clark says:January 12, 2013 at 2:15 am

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    1. karla

      i love this video alot of great material and fantatstic content and ilove the step by step training in this video your
      a great guy anthony morrison i love your videos

    2. Theo Harden

      I would definitely like to hear more about launching a product. I have a brand new idea about a product and I want to learn how to advertise it properly. Thanks.

    3. John

      I would love to learn more about launching my own product! I like to learn more about it so maybe I can have some major success online this year.

    4. Beverley Gallimore

      Hi Anthony,

      I don’t think I am at that point. I want to help people make their living spaces more comfortable and beautiful, no matter the size. I am educating myself to be the best at that as I can be.

      But I imagine that many of your followers have secret dreams to do what you are offering, so my vote is to go with it!

    5. Paul Hamill

      I would be very interested in this. There are 2 things you can do with knowledge. First to obtain it and learn as much as you can. This gives myself a very good feeling about myself. Second would be able to pass it to others. This in a way would be doing both at once. It would be giving you the knowledge on how to pass your talents on to others. That would be very rewarding.

    6. Patti Southerland

      Yes, I would love more information for a product launch. We have over 200 videos that need to be marketed in education and just need a promotion launch strategy and a how to!

      Thanks Anthony,

    7. Roy Bullock

      A very interesting offer and it would be extremely helpful to anyone launching a product. I don’t have one in mind right now but it’s not out of my range of interests.

    8. David

      Sure! I am working on the affiliate marketing first, but someday I would like to have my own product launch, which I still need to figure out what product. It would be great to have other affiliates selling my products beside my own efforts. I still would do affiliate marketing but with the addition of ecommerce.
      Thank you in advance!

    9. Tim

      Hey Anthony! I think anyone who doesn’t want to launch their own product is leaving a lot on the table. One other heads up for the team is considering their business launch as the main product. What I mean is since we want to become authorities in our niche; we should focus on getting our web sites launched beyond Google, too. Think press releases. They helped me get top page one ranking with a high competition keyword that’s making me money now. Launches of any kind are good for traffic, backlinks and money. For the life of me, though, I can’t seem to bring the floating social button to the left over enough to click on it. Maybe it’s my monitor. Oh, well.

    10. Richard

      Yes, I’m very interested in launching my own product. More information would be great. Have a prosperous day!!

    11. Jim Brundahl

      As much as I would love to eventually have a product to sell, I am still trying to make my affiliate marketing profitable. Maybe in 6 mo. to a year.

    12. Sharon Nye

      I am not very creative as far as launching a product that I have come up with. However, I have children who are and I would like to launch products for them.

    13. Bill Munro

      Hi Anthony,

      Launching my own product sounds quite interesting, and I’d love to learn more about it. I have a burning desire to learn all that I can, from both you and your brother, Adrian. Keep up the great work Anthony, and I look forward to your next video.


      Bill Munro

    14. Percy lee Parham Jr.

      Dear anthony, I want to make money plain and simple.I look up to you for what you have accomplished and consider you a great person.
      I ordered your first book from the television program from tv.It is simple and easy to follow while allowing a path for growth.I lost my original information I had with Yahoo! which was always one of my greatest fears,being in business and then losing my accounts with no where to turn for help.Granted it was’nt much but still its been lost to me.If anything that has not only increased this fear but given it credit.At any rate I am increasing what always seems to be old knowledge as this industry advances.Being in control of my business and my life is what made me spend my last dollar to order your book and still does.With God’s help I truly will be one of your most successful students yet and i will never forget where i began.


    15. Bill Whitney

      I would also be interested in evaluating your software. I used to evaluate software when working for a computer software store as the manager. I helped to evaluate the first WordPerfect when it came out, as well as many other programs, such as the first lotus 123, Flight Simulator, etc. I guess I am telling my age here. I do have the experience and the knowhow. Would you believe that I am still very young? Lol

    16. Christine Sexton

      Hi Anthony, Yes I would be interested in more information to launch my own products and build and market my own website. This would make a great addition to my Affiliate Marketing efforts.

    17. Luis A. Deleza

      Hello Professor Anthony, and yes I do want to know how to launch my 1st product. Send me the information and I would like to try out your software if you sellect me to test it. The more I learn the more I earn! Good way to start the 2013 year of success. Thanks Anthony and GOD BLESS YOU!–Luis,

    18. michael shuttlesworth

      Yes most definitely! I have an idea but just have not been able to put it together yet. I have my own webpage/blog, but just not using it correctly.
      Was wanting to incorporate my writing service, now offered on Fiverr into my blog somehow.

    19. Rob

      Always looking for different ways to generate income on line.
      Please continue to provide us with new and interesting information.
      Definitely interesting in Product Launch educational materials.

    20. Vern & Migie Jensen

      We would like to promote books we have written, so this would be great!

    21. Lenora Salters

      Hi Anthony,
      I don’t think I’m up to par yet in order to be helpful to you with the marketer’s software testing. However, should this offer become available in the future, I would love to have this opportunity. Thank you so much for continuing to offer your help and guidance. I do appreciate your efforts.

    22. Gregg Doerfler

      I am very much interested in promoting my own product, and as a new student I know your additional software would help me very much!

      Thank you for the oppurtunity!
      Gregg Doerfler

    23. Val Cope

      I am interested in more information on launching my own products!

      Have a Great Week!

    24. FRANCI

      …WOW…That would ROCK!…any and all information is valuable. I would be interested to see what that entails. Testing software…hhhmmm…lol!…yep…*-*

    25. Gregg Doerfler

      Yes I am very interested in promoting my own product! A featured layed out direction would save a lot of time and steps.. As a new student your additional software would help us get our new business off the ground and up and running.

    26. Anne Gravening

      Yes, Anthony

      I would like to learn more but I don’t have the money for use of any of your products.


    27. Dale Neff

      My brother. You scared me when you held your hand up and said six or seven ft. high. I knew you are big but I thought that you where big in the internet world. HA. Yes sir I would love to learn more about a launch. I think that would be awsome.
      God Bless!
      Dale Neff

    28. Harry Ketchum

      Sorry Anthony, I have to much on my plate now to start promoting my own products;

    29. Janis Williamson

      Would love to learn how to create and launch my own product, I know with some teaching and help I can do it. Janis

    30. Richard Hilderbrand

      Hi Anthony
      I haven’t really given much thought about product of my own but I’m sure that you have students that would be interested in something like this and I know that I would like to follow this myself. My goal for 2013 is to work with you and get a business started online so anything you can do would be deeply appreciated.

    31. Thomas Gene Vickery

      Hey Anthony! Yes show me more on launch my own product’s. I’m already doing it,but I would to now more.I’m also doing affitiate marketing to right now. You may have soon me all over the internet. My Business name is TVICKERYENTERPRISES and I also go by my name Thomas Gene Vickery. Thanks for the Info. in this video,it was really great stuff. Bye for now!

    32. Steven & Sornela Ruedebusch

      Thank you for your comments, I am interested in developing my products. I need more help in learning affiliated marketing. My wife Sornela and I have just started in October 2012. We are looking for our first coaching consultation?

    33. jimmie goodman

      Thats a good topic to learn more about!!. I am sure more people have products and would like to get them out ther on a launch// thanks //jimmie//

    34. Lee Crawford

      I would be very interested because I have just started an online pharmacy, with the intent of selling quality, low cost generic and brand medicine that will be shipped direct to the customer.

      Also we are going to establish an Affiliate program to sell our products world wide.

      If you have any questions, please respond by email.

      Thank you

      Lee Crawford

    35. Robert Karney

      I am spending all my waking hour on how to do affilitate marketing. and I have a long way to go to vbeecome successful. Robert

    36. Denise Johnson

      Hi Anthony,

      Yes..I would love to learn how to launch my own product. I have so many ideas and want to create and introduce something different to the world of music 🙂 Its hard to know exactly where to start….but I write down my ideas… matter how “far fetched” or “way out there” they may seem 🙂

    37. Rickie Rollings

      I would like to hear more about launching your own product. I never realized how that could be used to make money. Very interesting!

    38. Alan Olson

      It would be a great service to have a “Launch Your Own Product” training for us. My wife and I are trying to do this now as a way of giving back to her native land something we feel will be valuable to them. And it is difficult and frustrating at times so any help or how to’s would be of tremendous help…

    39. M.A. Allen

      Hi Anthony,

      No, I do not have or wish to have my own product.
      Thank you for asking.

    40. Glen Jones


      First off, I wanted to know if you were only clad in a T shirt during the 1 ft snowstorm that hit Jackson this week?

      I think it’s a good idea to put together a training package for launching ones own product. I’m relatively certain that many of your followers have products or services that would fit into your thought process. I am considering to advertise my drop ship website in a pop-up scenario because of no SEO ranking.

      Take Care!

      Glen Jones

    41. Debbie Sundholm

      Yes I would like to hear more on launching a product. The 3winner names aren’t listed under the video this time-probably by mistake. I need to establish a twitter account soon. I use facebook alot. Thanks Anthony

    42. Elmer

      Sure, that would be nice. But what happened to the Face Book teaching. Was there not enough interest?

    43. Randy Pons

      Pick Me, Pick Me 🙂

      Hey Anthony, First off, Thanks for all your training.
      I am interested in learning about my launching my own online products.

      I have been watching you on JV launches trying to understand all the details involved in a product launch with High Roller JV partners. I’ve been watching you SMASH the Leaderboards (something I am just learning about). You and your team obviously know what you are doing… I want to learn from the best!

      Thanks, Randy


      Hi Anthony:

      Yes, I would like to learn how to launch my own product.

    45. Andrew G

      Hi Anthony – definitely a great idea for us to learn how to develop our own products….

    46. don

      this is great, Maybe some newbie like me have a hidden potential in this part of market, creating owns product!

    47. Bonnie Calhoun

      Still interested in affiliate marketing when time permits as well as launching my ideas and knowledge of women’s apparel.

    48. john

      I need to get things down pat what I started with affiliate marketing However; I would love to learn about marketing my own product. I would need to figure out exactly what that would be but it is something I have thought about very seriously before.

    49. L Burrell

      Yes! Anthony, I would love to learn more how to launch my products or learn more to advertise my own product. Please include me on your list on how to go about doing this new idea! Thank you so much for making things different for others….

      You are awesome and many blessings to you and all of us who are trying the best to have a better life changing for 2013. Happy New Year to all!!

    50. Art Throgmorton

      Hey Anthony…..I have built a full blown website through an educational site and website builder that I got through one of your promotions. I must say that I have been very pleased with the product and support I have received during this process. I am very interested in receiving more information on” launching your own products. ” I am always interested in increasing my knowledge in this industry. Thanks for all you do past, present, and future.

      Thanks again

    51. Quentil

      I have so many ideas it scares me. But to have a chance to learn simply how to launch my own product sounds…sound. Yes i would love to grab hold of that knowledge.

    52. Ricky Reed

      Thank you for sharing with us all: I do have books that I wrote and would like to do better in marketing them. I would love to have the opportunity to use your system and see what happens. I will visit Facebook and Twitter….

    53. Ebenezer Aduku

      My wife has worked for infants between 0-18months for over five years. She has become an expert. We would be interested in learning to launching our own products about infants.

    54. Don Wood

      Hi Anthony,
      Sounds great, I’d love to have an opportunity to follow your program as I have been laid off from work and desperately could really get into my own business online. Thanks

    55. Della Hicks

      Hi Anthony,
      New ideas are always appealing and carry the hope of increasing the profit margin. I would be most interested in both opportunities.

    56. Mark Roth

      Yes, I would like to learn about launching my own product. Many times I have had idea’s and just let them go because I didn’t have the knowledge to do anything with them. Being able to do something with an idea would be awesome. Thanks much!

    57. Sally Hornbeck

      I am so very interested in this, my husband & his cousin already have a product ready to go they just need a good way to get it out on the market to sell to everyone….

    58. Larry

      I think this is a great idea. I have actually put some pictures together and I am trying come up with examples and comments that relate to painting ones home and saving energy in doing so or even going into the painting business. That is what I have done for over 50 years.

    59. Sylvia

      Yes, I would be interested in learning how to launch my own product – becoming an advertiser instead of a publisher and making 100% commissions.

    60. Sebastuab V. Mekkadath

      I would be very interested in learning about marketing my own product/services.

      Thank you

    61. DeliaLee

      Yes, this was why I originally attended your introduction seminar. I want to put my jewelry design business on line for folks to see but didn’t see how what you did for others could help me.

    62. Mike Meltz

      I would like to more about your about the business so I keep following you wherever I go. Mike M

    63. Armando

      This is too weird. It’s going to be a month since I launched my first product/idea. I have gotten 211 hits (invisible stat counter embedded). I have made 5 sales. My point, I’m excited to learn more as I have many other ideas on products that I may sell via the internet. I can tell that you are good at what you do Anthony. I’m also interested in learning from the best. I also have also showed my product to my cousin who also has an idea for a product. We may partner up to develop his product sometime in the future as well. So, we can both benefit from your teachings. I’m eager to hear from you.

    64. Tyrone Johnson

      My wife has a great idea roasting a turkey.I would love to know how to market it. Thanks Tyrone

    65. Brenda Titus

      I would be interested in knowing how to be successful launching your own product – & if you have several different products or services to launch. This would also be helpful to my friend who is also trying to get a product line launched. Thanks for sending me info.

    66. Debbie Strickland

      I have a lot of ideas and would love the opportunity to launch them. I am retired and very much need to supplement my income.Help would be greatly appreciated and I am willing to put int he work to make it succeed.
      Thank you,

    67. verna longendyke

      I would like to learn more on all your software you launch…I am a newbe so
      I would need your help…Thanks You are my favorite I always read your material….

    68. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

      Hi Anthonny,

      I would really love this. This would really be awesome!! I have a recipe that is in my family for years and I would love to launch. Thanks for all your training. I am ready to dive in and learn all I can from you and your team. You are for sure the best,

    69. Rudy Arcega

      Yes Anthony, I am interested in learning how to launch my own product.

    70. Theo Harden

      Hello Anthony. I’m in the early stages of developing a product. I would really like to learn how to advertise it like a professional. It would be great if you taught more on that subject. Thanks.

    71. Joyce Reist

      I have many products I would like to promote but I just don’t have the funds to do it with. I still enjoy all your training sessions.

    72. Dr Joe

      Yes have multiple ideas and knowledge for info products, both for the general population and also for professionals, which should be a higher end product, thank you

    73. Robert Evans

      Yes, I would love to learn how to launch a product. I have several ideas for products so this would be great information to have. Thanks

    74. Steven Ruedebusch

      Yes, I would always want to learn more ways of supporting my family! Gods WAY I will learn and someday meet you and your family?

      Steven Ruedebusch

    75. Jeffrey Hernandez

      Anthony, thank you for the update. It is helpful to be able to know that I can put my knowledge of mental health to good use and share it with others. I look forward to hearing more about creating a product that I can use to serve my fellow man.



    77. Anne Martin Bell


    78. Andrea Trowbridge

      I am trying to get my affiliate marketing off to a good start, but am open to expanding my horizons. I think you have a good idea.that can help get get new ideas and products out there.

    79. David S.

      create the training, and any software if any, that would help your students. Your the best and THANK YOU.

    80. Debbie

      I would love to learn how to launch my own product seems very interesting. I’ve been following Anthony for a while and trying to work through some of the different programs he has and if I could do the successfully that would be great .

    81. Brian Davis

      I like the ideal of launching my own product ,but to go along with that how about teaching product creation and how to outsource the project.

    82. Anne Gravening

      Yes learning how to launch your own product would be an asset. I like learning new things I can use.

    83. john

      I am very interested in learning how to market my own product.the software sounds excellent.

    84. Mardi Blackshire

      I really like this post because I have been trying to come up with additional way to create streams of incomes. Thanks Anthony and Congradulations to
      •James Kinard
      •Kacy Clark

      you two are so blessed to have won this software packet. I’m excited for you please keep us posted on how you’re doing with this amazing new marketing tools!!!!

      Much Success to both of you and Thanks to you Anthony for making these offers available to us!


    85. frank

      yes! i am interested in learning about porduct launches.why? that would
      give me another income stream.

    86. Rodney

      Yes I would like to get the training to release my own product. I have a book concept that I am struggling with details. I would like someday to share the idea and see what you think of the concept.

    87. Ms. Devin L~

      Hi Anthony,
      Wow, this has come just in time. I am working on a project currently and would love to get it out to the public.
      Thanks for all you do~

    88. Xin Guan

      I actually have an amazon affiliate page, but never started advertising. Don’t know if this Launch Your Own Product program can help.

    89. Littia

      Hi Anthony , my and i joined empowernetwork, but i habeyo be honest, I’m so not computer savy , Iv been trying the best i can but still nothing??? I’m a on hands kinda person , to be shown on how it needs to be done!! I want to thank you for your faith in me, you have not given up on me. All i what to do is to be part of the marketing world !! I do have a idea in marketing in personal wine labeling for any special occasion, even for Holidays.

    90. Littia

      Make a memorial personal gift by personalizing wine label, pick any .style of your choice!! Valentine, Birthdays,Anniversarys ,reunions,new Business even a new life!! So come on and start creating and make a memory. !!!

    91. Benjamin Salo

      I have ideas so yes please teach us how to market our own products, I know we may need a blog and the skills I want to market can help others build there business.

    92. Kanchen

      I have lots of products that would benefit myself and others if I had the know-how of internet marketing. Learning to launch them would be FANTASTIC!!! I’ll say what others are thinking – PICK ME For This

    93. Vernon L Smith

      Anthony, thank you very much for this opportunity! READY TO LEARN!!!! I would like to share my knowledge and understanding of marriage counseling from a Biblical perspective with other people who are looking to begin a happy life together, keep the fires burning, or rekindle romance in their marriage. I look forward to hearing more about this wonderful program you are creating to reach the world!

    94. Tim Tran

      Hi There, I do have a product in mind that I would like to partner with you to build this together if possible. Once the product created, this would need a lot of affiliate help to get this going. Hoping to hear from you..


    95. Katheryn Bazar

      I would definitely want to learn more about launching your own product.


    96. Jim Long

      I have been exploring developing an on-line business for marketing imported wines and wine related accessories. Have already been in contact with overseas and North Amercian suppliers, so I have headstart.
      Also, I have created a domain already. With a program from you, I should be able to launch quickly.

    97. Heidemarie Rowe, RN

      What a great idea. I know that it would help me a lot. I did write and publish a great book but I need publicity to get it out to the people to
      benefit from “BOOMERS & BEYOND- Rx for the Golden Years.”
      Your teaching could be all I need to help many people as well as sell many books.
      Thank you so much, Anthony.

    98. FRANCI

      WOW….my own product?…I have tons of ideas…LOL!!!…as I always say, all information is valuable. While the whole concept sounds appealing, it does seem overwhelming, but again, you never know in life what path to take until you see your options. I would be interested to see what it entails. *-*… yes to testing software…LOL!!! *-*…

    99. Gloria Geter

      Yes, I retired and I have lots of useful information but I haven’t the slightest idea how to give it to the younger generation. Wisdom needs to be left here to help others, I am 63 years young and can’t leave here until I give my knowledge away.

    100. Tom D. DeVisscher

      All the knowledge we can get on product making our own launch adds to our growth ! It deffinitly can come in handy even if we are not ready yet we are ready to learn for the future lot’s of us ! Heartily yours ! I loved your last e-mail ! Build – send – profit – ! Truely Great !

    101. Donna Gowen

      This sounds like a great idea, I have some products I would like to promote. but do not know how to go about it so would very much like more information on the subject.

    102. Dianne

      You have been reading my mind! I have been involved in fitness since my early twenties; either long distance running, body building, racquetball, and cycling. I have been a size 4 at 122 lbs forever until I hit my 50’s and the weight does not come off easily. My affiliate marketing has been to help moms lose their baby weight because I can totally relate to their psyche since there are many similar struggles. I want to use your programs to document and log my fitness goals, workouts, equipment, and motivational blogs. This would truly be a blessing.

    103. Jay

      I am definatly interested in launching my own product. I have been working on this for three years and am no ready to launch and I think the general public is ready for it in light of the current political and economic condition in the country.

    104. Darrell

      I’m a newbie and frankly I have been afraid to jump into the pool. I do have an idea for a small ebook but I am a victim of information overload. I need all the help I can get.

    105. Mark

      Most definitely, Anthony, i want to promote my own product. Teach me, Teach me, Now.



    106. Cecilia

      Anthony, Learning how to launching your own product is outstanding. I would love to learn. Thank you.

    107. Nancy Eurotas

      I would love to hear more about Launching My Own Product and I
      would appreciate your help. This would be a great Learning Experience.
      Thank You Anthony

    108. Chris

      I definitely would appreciate a course on building and launching my own product! That’s my next step after I get building my list perfected! You’ve changed my life with the education and tools I’ve received from you! I’m not just saying that either. This Internet marketing business has become my passion! I really enjoy till this day your “success with Anthony” education course! It’s the one product and system I’m sticking to!

    109. carolina decorte

      I would be interested in knowing how to be successful launching your own product

    110. Zimma Shishkin

      Thank you Anthony, but I have no interest in it.I think it will be better to cance my membership from all. what you a traing to introduce to me. I appreciate very much for all our affords, but not send me any more your lessons
      Zimma Shishkin

    111. Ruby Grayson

      I have rental homes, but they are not always available. I would like ideas of how to market them with a message included when just one or none are available. If I know one will be available at a certain time, I could go ahead and market that home.

    112. Gloria Geter

      I need your help. I just started a fundraising shop and though I am excited I haven’t the slightest idea how to get people to it. Is so difficult when you don’t know the ins and outs of web interaction. Looking forward to seeing you AT THE TOP!!!!!

    113. Charlie

      Doing my own thing is what I want. Chasing around for everyone else to promote their products can make you crazy.

    114. Liliana

      Yes, I want to received more information about this subject, because I make Jewelry, but I do not know how is the best way to sell them.
      Thank you so much.

    115. Rebecca

      It is important to keep on learning and even if I do not have an Idea to market at this time a training may help me when an idea comes to mind. I am always interested in learning it keep the mind strong and in the end knowledge is power!

    116. Liliana

      Anthony, I am very interested to devote my time for testing your new software. I’ll help you every day.
      Thank you so much.

    117. shenetha

      That is a great idea i’ve been thinking about this for three months right on time

    118. Marcia Brown

      I just thought I’d comment again on this.

      I am not really interested in launching a digital product right now. But I have thought about a physical product. Part of my niche is card making. I have thought seriously about creating either kits or the finished product to sell. People ask me all the time if I ever thought about making and selling the cards I make, so I know there is at least a small market for it. I have never tried selling them, as yet.

      I really appreciate all your video blogs! Thanks!

    119. Selma

      Anthony, I have been waiting for this opportunity. I have a couple of ideas to launch my own product. Thank you.

    120. Wanda

      New to the program and can’t wait to get started. Lots of ideas and ready to go, but still not sure on what to do.

    121. evakovacs

      yes it would be nice from learning from are so clever.i wish you were here and show me how to do it. i still did not get it.

    122. Jonee

      Yes I would like to learn more about launching my own product. I have a few ideas for a blog and/or a short e-book.

    123. Angelic Bingham

      Yes! I like the sound of that, launching my own product! How do I get into something like that? Need more feed back please thank you.

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